The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Yeon Jin Nim's Birthday

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 12, 1994
East Garden
Translator - Peter Kim

You have just watched a videotape showing the incredible national commitment of North Korean soldiers and the North Korean people. These people are committed to a fallen world ideology. When we turn around 180 degrees, we have to go beyond them, we have to do even better than they. That is our responsibility and duty and the purpose of our dispensation.

Father says there is another tape which shows various groups of people marching on and on. Repetition is important. In order to become an expert in any field, you have to keep repeating what you are doing. Even in the scientific field, you have to repeat experiments again and again. If we want to become an expert in our world, we have to do that. The American way of education nowadays is to stay away from repetition. Of course, we have to follow the trends of modern times and be willing to change our attitudes and ways of doing things, but if you keep changing and changing, where will you head for? Eventually, you have to come back to the original point.

When you look at history, you can see that the undeveloped countries follow in the footsteps of the advanced countries. Where will these undeveloped countries wind up? Since they are going in a false direction, eventually they will have to come back to their original starting point.

Humankind began with love, which was from God. Somehow, the portrait and color of love has been stained. Now love is a dirty word because of the Fall of Man. This is a fallen world. This fallen world started with false love and this fallen world will perish with false love.

Look at the reality of Kim Il Sung in North Korea. He has only 20 million people but he is now unsettling and manipulating the 250 million people of America. The North Koreans think that one North Korean soldier can contend with 20 or 30 American soldiers. That is their condition. This is the reality. North Korea is not an Iraq. South Korea is preparing to cope with the North Korean military force, but we have to go beyond that. The North Koreans do not know God. There is one ideology in the world which is centered on God and which has spread all over the world-not just a theology, an ideology-and that is Unificationism.

Right now we have an international youth seminar taking place in Russia centering on six nations. We call it two plus four-South Korea and North Korea make two, plus the four superpowers of America, Japan, Russia, and China. These young college students are gathered there to find a solution to world peace. However, no one could have gathered and given them one focal point. No nation or organization has been able to do that, but Reverend Moon has done it. The South Korean government has never allowed any students to be in direct contact with North Korean students for fear of the consequences. They did not believe that American or Chinese or Japanese power could organize both sides, but they believe that Reverend Moon can, so the South Korean government gave their permission for some South Korean students to attend.

Another interesting fact is that even Kim Il Sung, who strongly believes that all of his 20 million people are ideologically equipped with his juje ideology, is afraid of Reverend Moon's ideology. He hesitated to send his students to Reverend Moon's conference. Kim Il Sung knows clearly that Father is the one who eliminated the Japanese socialist or communist movement in the '60s and '70s and early '80s. He knows that Reverend Moon brought about the demise of communism through Gorbachev and that Father has influenced the ideology of young Chinese students, and that South Korean communist students are being influenced by Unificationism. Kim Il Sung knows Father's power. However, when Kim Il Sung looked at the general situation surrounding the Korean peninsula, he saw that if the four major countries of that area sent their representatives and he did not, he would look as if he lacked courage. Although he is hesitant, he will send the students.

As you know, Korean university students up until now have been deeply influenced by the juje ideology, and many became radicals. They are known as "pinkish communists"-they do not know the reality of communism, but they are sympathetic to its ideals. Now for the first time, even though they have been the enemy of the CARP movement in the past throughout the Korean campuses, some have joined our CARP movement and have gone through Divine Principle workshops and have prayed and now accept the existence of God. They were totally struck by how history has developed, how God has been progressing human history. Now over twenty radical, trouble-making students have come over to our side, and they are in Moscow with our CARP members.

This particular conference in Russia was sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Moscow University, and the foreign academy which produces all the diplomats. The Korean embassy in Moscow was opposed to this conference, but they found out that the entire nation was sponsoring it, so they went along. The Korean ambassador who opposed the conference may lose his job.

Why is Father telling you this? Father wants you to know where we are going and where we stand right now, because the second generation is responsible to educate these communists. We have to clean up the mess left by communism. The free world also needs to be cleaned up of its immorality. We have to be the ones to clean it up.

Communism has been spreading in and dominating the undeveloped, Third World countries because communists have a world ideology based on economic theory. It seemed logical to them; it was not merely random. Of course, the free world has been striving to build democracy on the worldwide level, but the free world itself is rotting and is reaching the end of its rope. Who is going to revive it? The free world does not know that Satan has been using our flesh, our bodies, to destroy the entire world. The free world is falling into hell. That's why we have all these problems of homosexuality, lesbianism, AIDS, free sex-all the social problems.

Originally, if there hadn't been a Fall of Man, human beings could have experienced a more fantastic and exotic world centering on pure and true love. Instead they take marijuana and LSD, or any kind of drug to fulfill their desire for fantasy. That's how Satan took the people away. There seems to be no way for them to come back. Who can make them come back? You, the second generation, must realize this fact. Even though you live in America, don't follow America's ways, because America is at the end of the road. If you take one more step, you will fall over the edge. You have to turn around.

That is the general situation in America. We have to turn around 180 degrees. This is the road Unification Church members will follow. Only after people reach the end of the road and realize that they have no where else to go, do they look for the root, realizing that the beginning was wrong? There is a movement spreading all over the world called finding the root-the real root. Because we did not have the original, genuine, real root to begin with, the direction is wrong. If we find this real, original root, we can correct the direction.

As you watch this tape, you see many disciplined people and all kinds of the things they are doing here in order to protect 20 million people in North Korea, but when it comes to our responsibility, we are not talking about 20 million people. We are talking about the five billion people of the world. We have to do more than they are doing. We have to take responsibility not just for our present world, but for all the people who lived in the past and all the dozens of billions who will live in the future. Therefore, we have to be more disciplined and trained than the North Korean people, and also we have to give more than those Christian martyrs and saints and heroes who sacrificed everything throughout Christian history, in Rome and other places of persecution. We have to be more than that. We have a mountain to climb. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that we have to have even stronger conviction than the North Korean soldiers and people in order to bring the victory to God, True Parents, and our dispensation. Do you understand? (Yes.)

When Father was young, around your age, Father had a much greater dream than you have right now. Father realized at around your age that the world was not the correct one. Father saw that all the people, all the leaders in the world were corrupt and were just really selfish people and that the world was not in the right shape. Father determined that he would go through any kind of difficulty, go any kind of sacrificial, suffering way in order to save this world. That has been his determination. That is where Father's endeavors came from, his endeavors to establish the Little Angels Performing Arts team and the Universal Ballet team and the Kirov Ballet team. By the way, we have inherited the name, fame, and skill of the most famous ballet team in the world. We now have a Kirov Ballet Academy in Washington, D.C. It is because Father realized that success in life requires repetition in certain areas.

Even when you look at the physical world, you see repetition. Let's look at our life in general. A 24-hour cycle is being repeated each day, 365 days a year. As soon as this cycle stops or is interfered with, the entire world will be destroyed. Centering on our heart, all the blood is circulated by the veins throughout the body by repetition of the heartbeat. When it comes to a skill like calligraphy, if you practiced making a letter "A" one time or one thousand times-which amount of practice would give you the greater ability to write an "A"? Obviously, it would be the one thousand times of practice. This is the most difficult part for Americans in general-to be trained by repetition.

Up until now, people have not been dealing with truth, so they were loath to repeat it, but now we are talking about the real truth. People should not mind repeating and repeating it. What about breathing? If you did not repeat breathing, what would happen? What about blinking? Could you stop blinking for one day? Could you stop walking? Walking is repetitive. We must know that. It is like a circulator. By doing this kind of circulation, you will grow and prosper, but if you do not do that, you will become smaller and smaller and finally disappear. If you draw a line and keep repeating it, that means you are prospering, progressing, but if you do not do that, you will diminish. Repetition will lead you to development and progress. Stopping will lead you into retreat and defeat.

By the same token, if you keep teaching the Divine Principle one thousand times, ten thousand times, each time you teach it, you will have a greater spirit. Remember, history is always circulating, repeating. Suppose there is a sine curve here. Imagine it is like a wave. The pinnacle of the wave will become even higher next time.

When you watch the kind of tape we just saw, you should have the determination "We can be even better!" Father came to America to fight evil. The entire 240 million people of America opposed Father, but Reverend Moon has been like this: even though he has been hit and knocked down, he stands up and challenges it again. This kind of repetition has taken place in his life. Each time he gets hit, he has experienced that certain degree of being hit, so next time, it gets easier. He became greater and greater.

When you play soccer or volleyball or football, there is always repetition. You can't just say, "Oh, well, I'm an expert. Whenever I throw the basketball, the ball will go where I want it." You have to practice millions of times. What about mealtimes-breakfast, lunch, dinner-don't you repeat your habit and motions of eating? What about going to the bathroom? People don't like it, but it is a necessary, repetitious step to take in order to live.

Think about it. The most precious organ in your entire body is your loving organ-yet that very precious loving organ is in the same place where the dirtiest waste from all of your body comes out. Isn't it true? Well, in order to grow plants, what do you need? Fertilizer. In order to become good people, we need fertilizer, too. For example, when your parents keep telling you to study more, to study harder, it seems like dirty fertilizer, but you need that. Do you understand? The people who will control or dominate the world at the last are the people who have the philosophy of training through repetition.

Think about scientific, high technology nowadays. It has almost reached the culmination point, the end. Now who is going to do the repetition properly and materialize it? Whoever does that is the one who will win and that kind of movement will win.

When you watch a tape like this one, those who are leaders should think, "Well, I am too old to do that, but I have my younger brother, my children. I will help them to become like that." But what if Father tells you to wear your jacket front side back? Will you do that? Well, suppose you have a concept that this is the evil world I am facing and I do not want to face my front to the evil world. Therefore, I have to wear my jacket backwards so that even if I turn around, my jacket is facing down the evil world. Sometimes you need those kinds of concepts. That is why the world of restoration is a great world. It contains the concept of repetition.

The American people in general do not have the ability to sit down like Koreans in the yoga style for more than one hour because they need to walk around and stretch their legs. That is not the way of restoration. The mind has to be set first as the center; then the body should follow. It is a kind of circular movement. Through circular movement, you become greater and greater and greater, but because you do not have the center, which is your mind set, even if you turn around, you don't grow. Your center is being moved around all the time. But in Father's case, centering on God's will, Father's mind is always set on the center. Whatever or whoever is there, Father is the center and whoever tries to come against Father will eventually be destroyed by natural principle. Each time Father makes a circular movement, he becomes greater.

A good analogy or example is when you transplant a tree. Should you keep transplanting a tree from one side of the lawn to another each day? No. The tree will suffer and struggle and die. You must keep the tree in one central place, water it and nurture it there, and then the tree will grow and prosper.

We need a certain amount of repetition in our lives in order to overcome and go beyond the world's level, in order to do better than they. Young people of the second generation, do you have confidence that you can do better than the North Korean youth? If what you are saying is true, you have to go through difficult situations such that you have to give up your life many times. In North Korea, if you make a mistake, they don't threaten you. They shoot you. That's it. That is why everyone is sticking their necks out to do their mission. No mistakes are allowed. But in America, we do not have that concept, do we? Once people are equipped with that kind of conviction and spirit, even if you are being kicked out of some organization or even the world, they will always return and repent to you.

Father is one hundred times higher than their standard, so Father is teaching them to come up even higher. Once Father finishes teaching them, Father will bequeath all he has to them. Therefore, throughout history, there hasn't been anyone who went through as many severe situations and persecutions as Father did. You young people must understand that. Father knows all aspects of human life. But you don't like that, do you? You don't like the difficult course. People of the developed nations do not like this kind of dirty, hard work, so they will go down and down and decline and in the end, the undeveloped nations who are equipped with a better spirit will be ahead. That is possible. Again, it is repetition. When you reach the pinnacle, where else can you head? You have to head down to the bottom. It is like going up and down and then going up again.

Make sure you have a proper center and then keep doing this repetition of circular movement. Then you will grow to be bigger and greater. But the bigger ones will get smaller and smaller. No matter how great America may be, America is no exception to this formula. The American people like the easy way, but the truth is not that simple. Precise machinery is not simply assembled. Therefore, Western civilization will be absorbed by Oriental civilization. Do you understand?

When it comes to lecturing the Divine Principle, if Father tells you to do so, you usually try one or two times and think you are no good and give up. You should repeat it one thousand times. Father is telling Reverend Pak that we have to continue our campaign of doing all kinds of speeches and giving literature out and our Women's Federation should do the same thing. Remember, from March 1st, Father is mobilizing another 50,000 Japanese women leaders. These are new ones-not the ones who already went through training at Cheju Island. This is a new batch of highly educated women, college graduates and above. These are 50,000 new ones who were witnessed to by the ones who already went through the training course a couple of months ago. They are the ones who brought this new batch of women leaders. Your responsibility is to bring them to the Korean peninsula. From then on, I will take the responsibility to educate them.

These are people who do not understand the Divine Principle but who have been persuaded to come to listen to Reverend Moon. What kind of effort, spiritual power and prayer does Father need? He needs more than the power of 50,000 people altogether. Where will Father get that power? Father will mobilize the entire spirit world. We do not really know that. That is why our Unification movement is still in this handful-of-members stage. We don't know that spiritual reality. That is why Father is now working in educating the founders or leaders of prominent denominations of religions. It doesn't happen just like that-you have to somehow arrange it in such a way that they will have to follow Father's directions, feeling no other choice because of spiritual world influence. In order to mobilize spirit world, Father has to be out in front of the spirit world, doing more than they. Otherwise, God is not going to give him the power.

In general, the old things belong to Satan; you have to come up with fresh new things, fresh new people, make fresh new movements. Then spirit world and God will come down and help you. A new movement, new men and new women means new momentum. That is the key. That is where God will come down and work.

Father knows the time period and the importance of this critical time. He knows where to go and when to go. That is why Father hardly sleeps but rather focuses on the particular time and project. Last year when Father came up with the Proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, almost all the leaders, including myself (Peter Kim), were scared of it. We were just shivering. Do you remember that time? That was the time when the Waco fiasco with David Koresh was going on, not far away at all. He was falsely proclaiming himself to be the Messiah. CNN and some of the media portrayed Father as a religious leader like him. It was a critical time, but Father's conviction was, "Well, you are proud of the Christian culture here in America, so now is the time when I will show the real Messiah." Father's determination and proclamation at this time was that if there was any Ph.D. or minister who came out against Father during this time and challenged him about being the Messiah, Father was going to grab him by the tie and challenge him in public. That was Father's determination.

You can't even find the words "True Parents" or "The Completed Testament Age" in the dictionary, can you? Nobody knows those words, so how can they challenge Father on it? There is no choice but to humble themselves in order to learn what it means from Father. That is the way Father and True Parents made a big sweep around the world.

Are you testifying and giving this proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, you of the second generation? What do you want to inherit from the True Parents? Wherever you go, whomever you may meet, you have to open your mouth with the proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age and tell them. We must be centered on True Parents. Suppose you have to put a sign on your forehead proclaiming this and Father asks you to go all around the world with it? Will you do that? Father doesn't see you as having the confidence to do that.

This is the time when we no longer need the Old Testament and the New Testament. This is the time of the Completed Testament Age. What are the teachings of the Completed Testament Age? We cannot find them in the Old Testament or the New Testament, but Father has given the contents to the 50,000 women leaders who went to Cheju Island because Japan is the Eve country. Out of those 50,000 women leaders, Father selected those who have college degrees and above, graduate students and Ph.D.s. He chose 1,600 people in order to send ten people to 160 countries in the world. In the future, the United Nations must consist of the Religious Federation for World Peace and the Women's Federation for World Peace. They must be like the organization's two hands.

You, the second generation, should march forth. Unless you are totally united and do your responsibility, you will lose the world. There are many different organizations and new religions preparing to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. Unless we rid ourselves of our old habits which we inherited from the American way of doing things and American society here, we will lose the opportunity to inherit Father's tradition. Our destiny is a one-way street. There is just one main street, so if we hesitate and delay, the people who follow behind us will pass us and go ahead of us to follow Father, who is way ahead of us all. We cannot stop the people who are coming behind us. They will catch up and go ahead of us.

When Father looks at the first generation, Father sees that they forgot the conviction they had and the determination they made and the spiritual strength they received when they first studied the Divine Principle. They had a tendency to go back to their old habits from before they joined and then try to enjoy their lives. But the time has progressed to the point that North Korea meets with Father-even Kim Il Sung and South Korea want to meet with Father, because otherwise, they know there is no future for them. We really do not know all that Father is doing, do we?

The world appeared to be pretty quiet in the year of 1993, but Father just made a sweep around the world. It is as if there is no one in the world who didn't hear the proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. If there is any Unification Church member who is hesitating to give this message out or hiding behind something, Father will give them a good kick. Instead of taking revenge on the satanic world, Father may take revenge on you! The people of the satanic world don't know the truth. You know the truth, yet you do not move.

As parents, as the first generation, we have the responsibility to set the standard and direction for our future generations. Otherwise, we will be punished. You didn't join the Unification Church just to feed your family, did you? You need Reverend Moon in order to meet God. Without God, the Unification Church doesn't exist. The same principle applies to America. Because of God's grace and blessing, America has progressed and developed up to this point, but the American people do not know the truth. We are the ones who have to teach them.

Once we have our TV station fully established, we can reach the entire country of America. Then we can educate the entire 240 million people of America. That means in 40 days, we can give Divine Principle lectures from page to page 30 times. Think about it. If I were to give a Divine Principle lecture beginning to end 30 times, what kind of changes would we witness? Have you witnessed the wave of change taking place in the former Soviet Union? You have seen it in the newspapers. Well, America is still in the sleeping stage, not knowing what is going on in Reverend Moon's movement, but you cannot be sleeping. America will not last if it keeps sleeping. You are the ones who are awake. You have to wake the others up. Read Divine Principle one hundred or one thousand times. Spirit world is watching you. If you stand still, you will see the phenomena resulting from that.

When it comes to the real core of your life of faith, you have to find your own way of religion. It is not just a blanket term "Unification faith." Within that faith, you have to find your own way of strengthening yourself, your own world of faith. If Midori-san here reads the Divine Principle 1,000 times, her spiritual level will shoot up like a rocket and she will experience many different levels of spiritual life and she will stay up there. Her personality will develop greatly. That is possible. This is no ordinary power. For that reason, Father is telling you to keep reading the Divine Principle, even memorize it. Do you understand? Then you can utilize it in any way.

In order to solve a math problem, you need a formula. Without memorizing the formula, how you can solve the math problem? By the same token, we must study the Divine Principle. Whenever you open your mouth, if your talk is centered on the Divine Principle, then every problem will be solved because spirit world will help you. If Midori-san is in the center here, then circular movement keeps taking place and getting greater and greater. The spirit world is centered on that particular spot and will naturally come there and go to that spot as if it were an antenna. Of course, every individual will have that center.

We have to do that kind of preparation in this physical world. Then when we go to the spiritual world, it is as Father described, so when we go there we can adjust ourselves easily to our past generations as well as the present and future generations. Unless we have this antenna centered on God and True Parents, we cannot communicate with people.

How many times have you repeated eating your meals? Just as we kept repeating our eating, three times a day, almost 2,000 times a year, almost 20,000 times in ten years and ten times that number in 100 years, it keeps getting bigger and bigger, growing and growing. By the same token, if you keep studying the Divine Principle every day, repeating and repeating, you will receive this source of life from God and spirit world every time you do. It is like meals you eat in order to grow. We can do better than the parade and performance we watched today if we keep repeating. Do you have confidence? You said yes. That means you can make repetition, right? Even if you take a wooden stick and keep rubbing it against a hard surface, what will follow? A total change, a totally different substance will emerge. When husband and wife make love, you are repeating. When you have a desire to do that one thousand, 10,000, even a billion times, you will see a fire erupt. Then the entire spirit world will be thrown into it. When you scrub a floor, your movements are repetitive. Repetition is not a problem. It's that simple. Even if you are young, start thinking that way.

In your school, suppose you have 80 people in your class who are your friends. If you have the determination that you will repeat prayers or study 80 times, once for each person, then you will become the greatest one in your class. You will become the leader of the class.

Think about how many times Father has prayed. What kind of repetition was involved in that prayer? If there is any particular subject to pray about, Father prays and prays about it. In Korea, we talk about when water drops one drop at a time from the rooftops. Even if there is solid rock at the bottom, eventually you will see a dent in the rock. Eventually, it will even make a hole. There is power there. Do you understand?

There has been much opposition and persecution throughout Father's life, but Father said, I will keep repeating what I have been doing on the family, societal, national, and worldwide levels. Father was consistent, repeating his actions. Now we have reached the end. Where can we go? Like a circular movement that comes back to the original spot again, like a figure 8, the world is coming back to the original place where we started and now we can go the right way around. It began the wrong away around.

You big-headed leaders think, "Oh, well, I joined Unification Church 30 years ago. I am qualified as a leader and I do not have to go through suffering any more." No. When God looks at you, you are not even like an elementary school kid to Him. Do you have the power of life within yourself? Are you sure that you are qualified enough that if anyone else is grafted into you, you can give new, heavenly life to them? That's a problem. We know that about ourselves very well.

We understand, don't we? It is like women cooking. If you just keep doing it and doing it, putting your effort into it, then you can come up with more delicious food. We have a Korean proverb that if you do your best, God will help you. Heaven helps those who help themselves. Once you keep repeating and repeating, you get bigger and greater. Father knew this truth a long time ago; that is why through prayer, Father established this worldwide foundation.

Do you understand the concept of repetition now? When you go to your office every day, you do things routinely, repetitively, don't you? But every day, do even one iota more than the day before, put a little more effort into it every day. Then it will become new and in that way, God will come to you.

As long as God is following you, as long as God is with you, your nation and the world will be safe. By the same token, if we do not repeat our efforts, we will diminish. If you do a lot in the beginning and then in the middle of the project or task, you slow down your efforts, then you are going down the drain. Even if you start small and add something every day, you will become greater and greater. That is the ideal way.

Why do things happen in this world in general? Because every object, every subject is going around trying to find its counterpart. That is why circular motion takes place in the world-in order to become greater and bigger. Every plus is looking for a minus and every minus for a plus. That is the way they grow. We all go out and somehow move around in the same way. We go around to find a certain object, certain work and certain things to do. Do you understand?

Have this as your habit-every day you will do one more thing than yesterday, one more than other people. That is Father's experience. When Father climbs up a mountain, Father sees the other people stop because we reached the top, but Father always goes up one or two steps higher than the other people. If other people stop early, it can be one hundred steps or ten steps further. It is that spirit of determination we are talking about. When spirit world looks down and finds people with that kind of spirit and determination, spirit world always watches over you and is with you.

What about sleeping time? Do we have to sleep ten more minutes than other people? No, we should sleep less than other people, getting up earlier than others. Even one minute earlier counts. That is the spirit we need. Father is sharing his secret with us this morning. Father has been living like that all these years. That is why the entire world is getting closer to Father and is within his reach. One more step, one more dollar every day, whatever. If we are dealing with a lot of friends, every day have a determination to give one more kind, heartistic word to make one more person feel happy. For example, if you have candy in your pocket, give the candy to one more person each day.

For example, while you are driving along, if you see a poor beggar, practice giving one more dollar to that beggar. If you don't have money, give him a handkerchief. It is the spirit we are talking about, you understand. Don't make them feel disadvantaged that they met you-make them feel that they gained something from you. That is where the world of Unification takes place. If that continues, repeating every day, if everyone in the world were doing that every day, what would you expect? The world of Unification would come about.

Even if you meet your enemy today and you feel like you want to attack him, do not think that way. Think: "Even to my enemy, I want to give one dollar, one more good thing." That's the spirit. That is a great ideology.

As long as you practice this life of the spirit as Father has described it, doing one more positive thing per day-ten or twenty or thirty years down the road, you will see thousands of people following you and respecting you. Try it experimentally. You will profit from it. Set a condition today-if I do more today, I will catch a bigger fish tomorrow. It is quite possible. That kind of phenomenon is taking place all around us. It is all interrelated. That is why sometimes Father says that if you want to give money to someone who needs it, don't count the money in your wallet. Just give it. If you feel the money will be used wisely or beneficially, give it. Who is the owner? God. God is always looking for a fresh, new start, for new momentum. He will use such gestures. Do you understand? If that takes place, God comes right there. Keep repeating.

After you watched that videotape, were you really inspired or were you surprised or shocked? Even if you were shocked, it is no problem. If you have the spirit of repeating one hundred times, one thousand times, you can become greater than they. It is true.

That's why whatever situation Father may face, Father never feels, "I can't do that" because Father has proved to himself that he can do it. It is merely a matter of time and repetition. Even at the age of 80, Father feels that if he kept repeating drawing and painting pictures, he could become a very great artist. You know Father's personality. If he just keeps drawing and doesn't sleep and spends more and more effort and more time and spirit than the greatest artist in the world, he is confident he will become greater than that artist. That is the truth. The same principle comes in there. Give and forget, repeat again, and forget. Forget-that is how you can repeat again. Then you will reach to the best, the highest.

American sisters in particular, you must learn and cultivate that spirit of repeating. Okay?

Everybody stand up. Let us bow to True Parents one more time.

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