The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


Truly Thank You, All Perfection Is From My True Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 6, 1994
Belvedere, International Training Center
Translator - Peter Kim

Father writes the title on the board: Cham Kamsa Hamnida Modun Won Songun Nauei Cham Sarangul Buto.

[Father requested that some non-Korean person translate the title and one American brother translated the title into English.]

The reason that he is able to read the Korean characters so well is because he has studied hard; this is the result. If you couldn't read it, it is because you didn't study. Is that true? Many of you are young and youth means that one is able to do anything. Once you make a decision that you can do it, then growth to perfection should not be a problem. Is that true? Compared to me, you are so young. Father is old and memorization is not as easy as when I was young, so don't forget your young age.

So you understand the meaning, let us go over the title of Father's speech one more time. The first part means thank you very much or Truly thank you, and the second is all perfection is from my True Love. All things depend upon True Love. The entirety of humanity, past, present and future all depend upon True Love, yet nobody knew the meaning of True Love. Do you know the meaning of True Love? Unification Church members know the meaning of True Love. Once we know the meaning of True Love we can live our lives striving for perfection and reach it and enjoy happiness. Even in the field of science there is always a formula and from such formulas, people gain knowledge and make it their own. Once you know something inside out, you are able to share that knowledge with another individual or object. That is why the Bible says, "The truth will set you free." How? By obtaining knowledge you are able to recreate your partner, your object. When it comes to Unification Church members worldwide, their center is True Parents and when we obtain knowledge through their teaching then we all are able to become the objects of True Parents. The words "True Parents" cannot exist alone, the words "True Love" are always needed in order to connect with each other.

When we refer to True Parents it does not mean one single male True Parents, but rather a True Parent representing all men and a True Parent representing all women. God looks upon True Parents, a male True Parent and female True Parent, as the ones who have passed God's level. He ordains them as True Parents representing all humanity. God gives a blessing to True Parents because He also needs True Love. Therefore, God places True Parents in the position of objects of True Love so that God is able to receive True Love also. All the religious people of the world tend to believe that God is omnipotent and that He is able to do anything He wishes. They fail to realize that God is unable to overrule the love principle because love doesn't come from within oneself, but rather from one's partner. Does God have love? God is the root of life, love and lineage; all the things that mankind desires are rooted in God. We resemble God, therefore, do we have love? (Yes.) Really? (Laughter.) Yes, we do have love, life and also lineage that is connected to the history of mankind. Are you able to see love? Are you able to touch love? We know that love exists by our feelings. Nobody has seen or touched love and yet we know by our feelings that love exists. Do you have a conscience? Have you seen or touched it? (No.) How do you know that you have a conscience? Again, by your feelings. Have you seen and touched God? How do you know He exists? Again, through your feelings.

What is the root, love, conscience or God? (God.) God is the central root. The reason that we are not able to touch and see God, love and conscience is because all three are totally a part of myself, they exist in a deep place within ourselves. That is why we cannot touch and see them, but nevertheless they exist. All three are a part of yourself and that is why you cannot see them. Your heart is beating every minute, but as you live your daily life are you always conscious of the fact that your heart is beating? Do you consciously remember it all the time or just take it for granted? Why don't you feel it every moment? Because it is completely a part of yourself. You may not be constantly aware of these things, but if you just touch your pulse you immediately remember it. Therefore, you need an object to experience these things.

If a woman appears in front of a man, he immediately feels something strong. As soon as you see your partner, your entire self is elevated. When your conscience confronts somebody who is evil, you feel anger; whereas your conscience feels close to a good person. Where is God? No philosophers or religious leaders have come up with a clear answer. Some believe that God is sitting in some throne in the sky, but then what do we have to do with Him if He is up there somewhere doing nothing? How far it is from God's throne somewhere up there to where you are? When we have something that is very precious to us, where do we usually keep it? Close to your heart or in a pocket close to you where nobody can see. If God were to become visible then a superpower like America would try to occupy Him for themselves. Everybody would rush to occupy God and then what would happen? Women would insist that men step aside so they could occupy God first and men would retaliate. Would you fight amongst yourselves in order to occupy God, too? The size of the population here in America is 240 million people, half of that number are women. Suppose that 120 million women were faced with just one man in this country, would they fight to occupy this man or not? (Laughter.) Therefore, Father concludes that it is a good thing that God is invisible! It's good news. Because God is invisible, Father is the only one who went after Him and found him. (Applause.) In order to find God you cannot have the mind of a thief, but rather you have to be the most righteous person in this world. The most righteous person is the one who is able to love his enemy, the enemy country, enemy world and enemy cosmos. Does Father love his enemies? (Yes.) Is this nation of America an enemy country to Father or a friendly nation to Father? (Enemy.) In order to save this nation, Father has given absolutely everything. Do you realize that? This is the problem. You know how Father has given every ounce of himself in order to save this nation. The American government is unable to manipulate you. Why does Father love America? America is a Christian nation. Why does Father love Christianity? Father came to fulfill the ideal of Christianity. No matter how famous Father may be, he still needs the container of Christianity. Do you understand? Does Father love Christianity? (Yes.) Does Christianity love Father? (No.)

The entire world from the individual, family, nation and world levels have tried their absolute best to destroy Father, sometimes persecuting him and putting him to the jail. After they have tried every possible way of persecution, they now realize that Reverend Moon is not somebody whom they should persecute. Unification Church members know that they must love Reverend Moon more than they love America. Why? We have to pay our debt. Without clearing our debt we cannot stand on the same horizontal level. Do you follow? The world is being destroyed and going down the drain. Yet, in this decadent world it is the Unification Church members who are preparing and coming out of this mess and cheering for True Parents. This is why we need to be so thankful.

Because of Father's teaching, we realize that America is rampant with all kinds of immorality and is going down the drain. American people in general realize that without help from Unification Church members there is no way to save this nation of America. Do we Unificationists have anything to do with free sex? (NO!) What about homosexuality and lesbianism? (NO!) AIDS disease? (NO!) Is that good news or bad news? (Good news!) That is gospel good news. Amen! Praise God! Father knows all the secrets of Satan and all the secrets of God. There are millions of Christians who believe that the Lord of the Second Advent is coming on the clouds and that the time has come. However, Unificationists are remaining very calm. Whilst ardent Christians are attending prayer vigils and shouting out in prayer, Unificationists are taking a nap. (Laughter.) When Father's word comes to us we instantly become serious, don't we? Is that true? (Yes.) I don't know, you know better than me.

What have we done in the last year? The proclamation of the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age was made. Who studied this proclamation? Father and Mother studied it, but whose Father and Mother are they? (Everybody's.) Not everybody's. They are Father and Mother for those who are truly united with True Love-the qualified ones. Do you have True Love within yourself? True Love is so important, it is so precious; therefore, I am asking if you have True Love? (Yes.) Show me. (Laughter.) Show me, show me, show me. If you claim to have True Love, then are you the one who is willing to put your neck out for the sake of True Love or do you shrink and hide to protect yourself? Which one are you? Are you so sure that you will put your neck out? Suppose somebody comes and chops your head off because you refuse to deny the Unification Church? Will you still go forward? (Yes.) Suppose you are at the guillotine and your head has been chopped off and is rolling away from your body. Your head should still be able to look back at your body and smile. (Laughter.) We always have to think about that kind of serious moment of desperation.

When Father began this course of dispensation, do you think that Father stuck his neck out or did he take an easy course? Easy course. (No.) When Father first came to America he had a choice. He could have remained quiet and do what he had to do, yet what did he do? He began giving America a strong kick in order to wake this country up and so people began to persecute him because Father criticized them. Then where did Father end up for a while? Danbury. Which route did Father take? The righteous way, which has been a difficult way. Obviously there have been fights between America and Reverend Moon, so who won? (Father.) During Father's court case the legal papers clearly stated that the prosecutor was the United States Government and the plaintiff was Sun Myung Moon. One person against one nation. In the end, who won? (Father.) Father had to go through the course of incarceration, but who is going down the drain, America or Father? (America.) The Unification Church members who have been following Reverend Moon will pass the course and go beyond the level of America. Yet those people in America who oppose Father can never go beyond the Danbury level.

White Americans in particular now face the task of going beyond this indemnity condition. Nobody can actually help them except Father. After Father came out of Danbury, did he condemn America? (No.) He has done his absolute best to save and reawaken this country and now Father feels he has completed his mission and has returned to the homeland. Father flattened Danbury hill so that American people can walk over it easily; there is no more steep hill for them to climb. Father came to America with the mission to love this country and Christianity; he has completed his mission and now returns to his country to establish his foundation for restoring the entire nation of Korea. This is the time that America should stand behind Father and give her support to Father. Father has to flatten the Korean hill also, in order that the Korean people can walk over it easily and American people can follow there, too. This is the Asian mission that Father has right now. White people are afraid of so-called "Asian power" because the population is large and each nation is growing, yet Father is the one who can flatten the hills and obstacles so that Western and Oriental people may all be united in the future and build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. While white Americans oppose Father, all the ethnic groups have become united with Father. All ethnic groups are following Father and leaving America far behind, so Father's task is to grab America and bring it close enough to Father.

Are you really truly American citizens? (Yes.) Do you really love your President? (No.) (Laughter.) This is not a laughing matter. If you are given a choice to love Reverend Moon or President Clinton, whom do you have to love first? (Father.) You say that because you are Unification Church members. (Laughter.) Thinking people in the society also consider Reverend Moon more valuable than President Clinton. Isn't the Washington Times becoming more famous every day? The Washington Times exercised its power properly by chasing seventy congressmen who were involved in immoral behavior and causing them to step down. At this time the Washington Times is digging into President Clinton's past, mistakes that have been covered up. When American people in general look at the situation, do they think that Reverend Moon is doing too much or would they encourage Father to go ahead and find out the truth? They all know that Reverend Moon is not an American citizen so, in a way, you should feel that a non-American is here, digging into these bad situations and coming up with the truth. There is no other choice because right now there is nobody else who is righteous enough or brave enough to do this except Father. What do you gain by opposing and judging your President? You may find yourself in all kinds of life threatening situations by doing so. Reverend Moon is labeled as a person who goes up against anyone who is unrighteous, so the entire population of 240 million American people have been judged at one time or another by Father. Therefore, even if he goes against President Clinton, they consider that normal behavior for Father. Father has the label that even though he is Korean, he is here to save the entire world.

In the last forty years who else, other than Father, has had a fight against the entire world? Father has fought against communism and its demise came about. He has been fighting against free sex and now Father has launched another fight against AIDS. The rest of society, as in the case of leprosy in olden times, has to be protected from those who have AIDS. AIDS is more fearful than leprosy was in past times because many of those who have AIDS have money and knowledge. We have to clear up this mess otherwise human history will be destroyed. Free sex is rampant throughout the world, particularly here in America. Even though people contract AIDS it takes eight years sometimes before it shows up in a person. It is a very serious problem and it may destroy all humanity. How are you able to guarantee your children's future? Can you guarantee that your prospective son and daughter-in-laws won't have AIDS? Nobody is able to guarantee this, therefore we are running out of time and we have to follow Father's direction. Many people with money and influence at their disposal have AIDS; we have to educate them. These are the people who are making this problem and it cannot be permitted. It is our mission to prevent the destruction of humanity. No matter how difficult the situation is around us, we have to march on in one direction of God's providence clearly. We must take action. Do you like that or not? (Yes.) It is the only way to save this nation of America because American youth, particularly, is having a bad influence on the rest of the world and bringing the world down. If this trend continues, the time will come that all the countries of the world will ban Americans. Even if America does not like Father's remedy, for the sake of the entire world, Father must pursue this route. Don't you agree? (Yes.) It's a fight.

It is publicly known that Reverend Moon is probably the only one who is able to undertake such a fight. Because even if the nation opposed his idea, Father has a strong enough foundation to go beyond national opposition. Do you support that idea or do you disagree? (Support.) Are you so sure that you can bet your neck on it? (Yes.) I have heard your "yes" clearly. This is our task from now on. It is our mission to stop the expansion of hell in our world.

Once Reverend Moon launches this campaign, do you think he will complete it or not? (Complete.) Once we complete this campaign the entire world will be united for this goal; that is the purpose. That is our next goal. American Christianity is unable to do this; there is no religion in the world able to do this, because they do not have a worldwide foundation. However, Reverend Moon has a strong enough foundation worldwide to undertake this kind of campaign. Shall we do this or not? (Do it.) Don't just say yes to Father, but if you have a strong conviction to be able to undertake this campaign, raise both of your hands. Why should we do that? This is the very campaign through which we can save our children, our families and our country. After saving the family, it can be connected with saving your country. After saving your country, you can save the world with no problem. This country is standing in that kind of important position. That is why the role of America is so important, otherwise why should Father remain in this country? Father doesn't want to go into all the details, but the kind of difficulties and dirty treatment which Father has received up until this point from this country is just incredible. Even when he was in Danbury there were those amongst the inmates who came to find Father in order to give him a dirty look, and visitors who came there also looked at Father with disdain. Father had to endure this kind of insulting behavior because he had a goal to save America centered upon Christianity and the world. Without such reasons there is absolutely no way that Father should have to cope with that kind of treatment.

We are the ones who know all the secrets of Satan, don't we? (Yes.) We also know the secrets of God. We are beyond the completion of religion and philosophy, so all we can offer is our thanks. The core of everything is True Love. Because of this True Love we can give thanks also. Do you have brothers and sisters? (Yes.) Do you have your spouse? (Yes.) Do you have your Parents? (Yes.) Do you have your children? (Yes.) What is the most precious substance between parents and children, between brothers and sisters and between husband and wife? (Love.) True Love; without True Love those relationships cannot occur. Make sure you wear True Love glasses. Through these True Love spectacles you are able to only see true children, true brothers, true parents, true spouse, true wife or husband-nothing else. Do you understand? Once you take off these spectacles, you don't see anything. Do the ordinary families in America wear True Love glasses? No, they don't have them. Do they have true childrenhood, true brotherhood, true couplehood, true parenthood? No, they do not have these things. Yet, as soon as they put the True Love glasses on, they change. The problem is where can we make True Love glasses? Who has the patent for True Love glasses? Reverend Moon. (Yes.) Really? (Yes.) Is this an enjoyable thing or a bad thing? (Good.)

Father's question to us is, shall we go ahead and prepare the True Love glasses for the entire population of America, or should we just forget about it? This is a serious matter. American people in general don't want to wear them, they run away from you and push you away. However, if you are persistent and strong enough so you are able to have them wear the True Love glasses just once, they will realize their great worth. It is just a matter of getting them to put them on. As soon as they really taste the value of these True Love glasses then they will fight you if you try to take them away. Don't you agree that this is the reality? (Yes.) Why do you sit still? You have to make a noise and follow after them to get them to wear the True Love glasses just once. After that everything will be all right. Why don't you take that kind of action? This is the problem. America is dying now, without hope. Don't you think that it is a good time for us to bet our necks and try to save this country? What if they oppose you and don't like you? If you truly realize that they are dying, even if they oppose you and deny you, you have to somehow cuff them, make them sit still and put the glasses on. That is our mission. We have to inject this True Love and then tell them to open their eyes. Instantly they will realize it is not empty talk, this is reality.

What is God? The things we like, such as childhood, brotherhood, couplehood and parenthood, all stem from God. Therefore, God needs them, too. God is our True Parents and we want to become True Children. Becoming children means imitating our parents, like their shadow. That is why we also need children, spouse and parents just as God needs them. In order to become one with God, we have to attach ourselves to Him and become one; then God and we are able to watch all four directions. Don't you want to become a partner of God? In order to complete God then He needs me as half of Him. Just as we consist of mind and body, so God is completely one with my mind. Therefore, God needs my body, which is the other half of me. Do you think that mind and body should be totally united into one or separated? (United.) With what? True Love. They are separated because of illicit love. True Love will unite them into one, this is the restoration concept. We lost the blessing and at this time we receive the blessing. In order to resemble God we have to adopt the attitude that every single person in this world is like God; we have to treat them as if they are God. We need to embrace them, keep them in our hearts, no matter how bad they may be, and totally unite with them; then you become like God.

Within True Love is the completion of children, of brothers and sisters, the completion of husband and wife, and the completion of parents. The extension of these four different levels is that you are able to see all different levels of society expanding to the world and eventually the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. Once we complete the four great realms of heart, expand it to the family level and combine together as a whole, then that becomes the entire world and whichever family goes in there you will, without any hesitation whatsoever, mingle with them and become one just like your own family. That is the Kingdom of Heaven. There are eight different levels: individual, family, tribe, community, nation, world, universe and God. That is why the Unification Church teaches that the individual must be ready to sacrifice for the sake of the family. Why? Because if there are eight members of your family, you as one of the eight, must be able to sacrifice yourself for the entire eight. This is the universal law. If we consider the value of one individual, eight individuals are eight times greater in value, so you must be able to sacrifice for the greater whole. By the same token, if by sacrificing yourself you are able to save your entire family, there is a greater purpose involved there. If your family sacrifices for the entire tribe which consists of hundreds of different families, then that is a worthwhile thing to do because through that you are able to save the entire tribe.

America is just one of the nations of the world and so when it comes to the salvation of the world, America should be ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of the larger level. Without this spirit America will go down. When the time comes that American people think that America should stand on the top of the world for America's sake, and that America should prosper, at the sacrifice of the entire world then that is the time that America will fail. That is the universal law. By the same token, Christians believe that when the Lord of the Second Advent comes that only Christians will be saved at the sacrifice of the rest of the world, but in fact, it is just the opposite. When the Lord of the Second Advent comes, even if the entire Christianity has to be sacrificed, the goal of the Lord of the Second Advent is the salvation of the entire world. Even if America and the world oppose the one who is working for the sake of the entire world, then eventually when the completion comes, the world will surrender to him. John 3:16 states that "God so loved the world," not that He loved one particular country or denomination. Even the Unification Church exists for the sake of the world and God, not for Reverend Moon. That is why with God's help and grace the Unification Church and Reverend Moon will never perish, but will only prosper; it is because of God's blessing and protection.

Once you master True Love and the relationships between these four different levels, it becomes your habit. Wherever you may go in the world, you will consider every person you meet as your family member. There is always peace and harmony there for you to enjoy. The practice of True Love should be your habit. You should enjoy practicing True Love; that is the level you have to reach. You should enjoy practicing True Love more than eating. Are you able to replace your meal with one life? One life is more valuable than the entire universe so how can you compare one meal with one person's life. What about one day fasting? Do you have that kind of habit? You have to become crazy about it. If you are really hungry and you begin eating food, do you eat like a crazy person or do you still try to maintain your etiquette and eat slowly and politely? You should feel that kind of joy and excitement when you practice True Love. Once you make the practice of True Love your habit, then no matter where you go here or in the spirit world everyone will welcome you. Once you complete the practice of True Love on all four different levels, then you can even boast in the spiritual world that you have completed the practice of True Love and that you are now like God. The entire spirit world will agree with you.

If somebody asks you how you are able to occupy God, you should be able to answer that wherever you go you find people who you consider like your own family and that you treat everyone just as you treat your own family members and, therefore, you are able to occupy God. You may wonder how you will be able, in your lifetime, to go around the world and practice this until you find satisfaction. If you want to accomplish this within your family then you need all the different models of objects: true child, true brother and sister, true wife and True Parents. Who is that object? Your partner. How convenient that is, so we should be so thankful. Now you see why we need to be thankful. We have to become ideal couples and an ideal family. Don't look to find God someplace out there. God is within yourself. Even when you pray, talk to your mind. If you follow the root of your mind and conscience, God exists there along with the root of love and lineage. There you will find God's True Love.

Once you master this formula in your home, your society, your community, nation and world, no matter wherever you go you should always be able to feel grateful. It is like the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spiritual world. Therefore, can we think about divorce? (No.) Once all those young people taste this very precious treasure they will come after it just as bees go after honey. Once bees taste honey, they cannot get away right? This morning Father's teaching clearly shows us how to live our lives in the Completed Testament Age. Father has shown us this is the perfection of the four great realms of heart. American women are usually too proud and when they see men, they consider them as their slaves. They behave like queens, commanding their husbands, but Father denies that kind of action. Upon seeing her husband, a woman should have the attitude that she is seeing God who is there to complete herself. Your ideal partner is the one who makes you complete and helps you to find God.

Do you understand clearly? Don't treat your husband lightly. This is not Reverend Moon's talk; this is the universal truth. Suppose your family becomes like the one Father has described on the blackboard here, don't you think that would be a happy family? All humanity began from two people, Adam and Eve, so when you look upon your wife she is like your daughter, your sister, your wife and your mother. Once this couple is united, these four great realms of heart are complete. Since you clearly understand the formula that Father has been teaching you, you know what kind of life you have to live from now on. Once you reach this goal, you complete the safe settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. Father can then visit such a family without difficulty and settle within your family. The entire universe and God can come and rest in your family. No matter where you are, it will be connected eternally. Now you understand this clearly. From now on, no matter what, you will strictly follow this formula and complete yourself and our motto The Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. Those with that kind of conviction, raise your hands, please. (Applause)

As you raise your children remember that they must be raised as God's children. Your brothers and sisters must grow up as God's brothers and sisters, couples and parents are the same way. If families are formed and completed in such a way, this entire world will become God's world. You are only able to do this by living an exemplary life such as Father has described this morning. Your children will grow to become God's children, brothers and sisters, couples and parents. Usually you meet your future spouse around twenty years of age so you don't know your spouse's past. The only way you are able to experience the kind of life your spouse had before you met is by having children and watching them grow. Through this you will experience your wife or husband growing up. Any woman is the wife of God and the mother will become a true mother. That is how we should think. Your family is the place where all the secrets of God are now revealed, through your children and through husband and wife relationship. Only within your family will you find this. Because of the Fall, these three generations were unable to be connected. Therefore we have the responsibility, as people who are in the position of Adam and Eve, to be connected with Father and raise your children to be connected in the way that Father has described here and fulfill the ideal of God within your family. This is our responsibility.

We have to be logically clear in our understanding of this formula because we represent God and True Parents within our family. We raise children just as Adam and Eve were supposed to ideally raise their children centering upon God and True Love. Once we fulfill that goal within ourselves we will automatically be elevated to the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world. Without the Fall, this kind of family would have been completed naturally. Our only difficulty and task is to go out and reach those satanic children and people, restore them first and then come back to our family and fulfill the ideal within our family. It is like a Cain and Abel concept. You have to love the Cain side first and then embrace the Abel family. This is the restoration course viewpoint. That is the difficult path we have to go through. It is like being in the position of God, even if it means we have to sacrifice our children, we have to save the world. If we just stick with our own children and do not take care of the outside world then we can never save the world. This is the formula. The formula which Father practiced himself was coming to America, leaving his entire family behind; instead of loving his own family, he gave every ounce of his love and energy for this nation and world. Now the time has come when his mission is completed and he is returning to his homeland to establish his foundation there. We follow the same principle. America is the Cain country. We understand this and how we save the world, right? (Yes.) You heard Father's teaching this morning and have shown your conviction and given your promise. When the time comes for you to enter the spiritual world, this very promise that you gave this morning to Father will become a condition whether you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven or not. To secure the safe settlement of True Parents we have to secure the physical environment, otherwise how can we receive True Parents in a safe place!

Let's join in prayer!

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