The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1994


1994 God's Day Addresses And Day Of Victory Of Love Leaders' Meeting Instructions

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1 and 2, 1994
Seoul, Korea
Part 1:
Notes From Father's Words

God's Day
January 1, 1994 in Seoul, Korea

[Father spoke for two hours at the midnight prayer, two hours at the Main Ceremony (Han Nam Dong) and two hours at 10 a.m. (Sae Gae llbo International Training Center). These notes were taken by Mark Brann, National Leader of England. In additional to the Korean leadership and congregation there were 200 leaders from Japan, 11 Regional Directors from the United States, and the leaders of the 40 nations in which Mother spoke in 1993.]

Han Nam Dong. 6 a.m.

The great providential victory won in 1993 was the result of True Parents' hard work all year. All couples must take after True Parents, by resembling True Parents in caring for members, society and the entire world.

When True Father began his United States tour, David Koresh caused a tragedy by killing dozens of people. The media was very negative to new religions, but True Father went against the advice of leaders, recognized the transition time, and proceeded with the U.S. tour and other activities.

The three years leading to April of 1995 are critical. We must establish the tradition. True Father will concentrate on Japan. Japan inherited Eve's position from Britain, but she lacks a Christian foundation. True Father wants to create this Christian foundation in Japan. WFWP Japan has a big responsibility in this regard. It must help-all women's groups in Japan. True Father will concentrate on Japan during this time.

To expand our ideals, WFWP must take a major responsibility in public activities, in Japan and everywhere. Women must embrace even tribal messiahs.

World War II made the final foundation to receive the Lord of the second advent, but this foundation was lost due to the Allies' failure. True Father indemnified this from the individual to the world level. In the process, he had to replace Britain with Japan. Also, France lost her position to German, and the United States shifted from the position of Abel to that of Archangel.

To receive the Lord of the Second Advent, True Mother's role is critical. Adam, Eve, Abel and Cain must work together: True Mother won the victory in the United States first, then in Japan. Then both connected to Korea. True Mother spoke on Republic of Korea campuses, where radical students supported our CARP movement. They look red on the surface, but in reality they are more pure. North Korean students are red inside and outside. True Father wants to bung harmony among these groups, centering on the love of True Mother.

If we allow North Korea to continue the way it is going, then it will go to hell. True Mother must embrace all these groups and make a youth organization for world peace in Moscow. CARP is Abel, and the other world student groups are Cain. Present students are Abel, and graduates are Cain. Through this organization we will reach out to the UN The UN needs a youth organization and a women's organization. Until now, the UN was mostly a political organization.

If this succeeds, True Father will call upon the entire world to substantially support the UN The University of Bridgeport, and all universities, should work with the true ideals of the UN Ivy League universities will support this. From these universities, new world leadership will emerge. Leadership for the UN will emerge as well. The UN leadership is in need of new blood. If the UN does not respond, then our organizations for world peace, such as the WFWP, IRFWP, SCOOP, PWPA, and so forth, will take that responsibility.

The entire world is aware that True Father has the insight and wisdom to solve the problems of North and South Korea and the Middle East. True Father is the only person who has enough moral influence in all the relevant different areas.

A family unit campaign will be the strongest campaign. The First Ladies all over the world will want to join WFWP, and their husbands, the Presidents, will support them in this. True Father will encourage such First Ladies even themselves to be ambassadors to the UN.

We must understand how significant the WFWP is. After World War II, the whole world awaited the Lord of the Second Advent. The seven years until the year 2000 is the critical time for the women of the entire world to stand with True Father. The role of Japan is critical. At the sacrifice of everything you must provide enough resources to support True Mother.

True Father called 1,600 Japanese college or university graduate sisters to Cheju Island for special training. Afterwards, ten will serve as missionaries to each nation of the world. The rest of the Japanese WFWP must establish 20,000 local church centers in Japan, connecting them to the home church/tribal messiah providence.

The goal from now on is: if there is no church center, True Father will send twelve people to set up a church (restoration of Jacob's failure). If there is a church, it must grow to contain at least seventy-two members (restoration of Moses' failure) or 120 members (restoration of Jesus' position). The total number for each local church is 160 members.

Each Blessed couple needs 160 members in their church. Only then will True Father begin their registration as heavenly citizens.

After Korean unification, True Father will only visit nations where tribal messiahship registration is completed. Then True Father will restructure the church throughout the world, including Blessed couples. Their Blessing was on the church level, not the national level.

Kim n Sung has three years to work with True Father. If he doesn't, his hope is finished. That's the providential viewpoint.

True Father strongly emphasizes that Blessed children must focus on studying subjects at college which fit them for Unification Church leadership in the future-theology, missions, etc., not economics. True Father is warning world Unification Church leaders that Godism is the priority for Blessed children, not more external subjects. Heads of all organizations must educate those in their areas in Godism.

WFWP, IRFWP, SCOOP, etc., all must work together. True Father made new organizations on Cheju Island, even connecting the love of nature to world peace. Everything is for world peace. The Lord of the Second Advent is the King of Peace.

International Training Center 10 a.m.

What shall I talk about? What's today? God's Day! It is the 27th God's Day. If there had been no fall, all Holy Days would have been established at one time. Instead, everything has to be established in reverse.

For the first time there is a family that meets God's ideal.

Everything relates decisively to the relationship of God and man. The problem has always been how God and man can become one. We are individuals, but we represent the history of our nations and races. Through our lives we need to remove Satan, showing that he is wrong. As long as Satan exists, we cannot go beyond the level of struggle and conflict. Conflict must be resolved in Savor of goodness. The Korean nation must be separated from Satan.

All historical conflicts still exist today. We've had four great religions and cultures. But they have had conflicts within and among themselves. Communism tried to put human beings first, not God, and failed. The religions have become secularized. All political ideologies, as well as religions, have failed to take responsibility for the problems of the Last Days.

Something had to come to bring God and man together. That's the role of the Unification Church. There are many relationships in the world today. There must be a vertical subject and object.

What happens if all Africans go to the United States? People can't do just what they want. There's a pollution problem. The Russians dumped nuclear waste in the Pacific Ocean. But the United States and Japan did the same. Soon world unity and cooperation will be necessary. Mass-produced goods can be distributed equally. Farming will become a kind of hobby. Now there is the EU instead of the EEC. Eventually North and South America will do the same. That's the way history is going. There has to be unity among the four blocs. What God hates most is what Satan likes. What Satan hates most, God likes (such as Reverend Moon).

Men have created a world which Satan likes. The problems of love have created so many problems for women throughout history. The key is man-woman relationship. All historical problems come from man-woman problems. When man-woman problems are solved, eighty per cent of the task of creating world peace is accomplished. We're trying to unite men and women. - -

You women, are you perfected or not? Are you good or bad? Your mind and body are fighting each other! Only through Reverend Moon can these problems be solved.

Before becoming an ideal husband and wife, men and women must become an ideal brother and sister. I could talk about the art of marriage for hours. You should pay $10,000 to receive this, but I give it freely. How much would you pay to find out about the solution to the mind/body problem?

The problem is man and woman. If we solve that we solve eighty per cent of the problems. Divorce came about because of the fall. The results of the fall have to be resolved in the Last Days.

The realm of unification is where we can see how to become one. Have you heard about any armistice between the mind and body? We accomplish it only by True Love. God represents the mind, and Adam and Eve represent the body.

On God's Day, True Mother should be in charge. Do you want her to come and speak? [YES! - prolonged applause.] True Mother only speaks from a prepared text. I know her; she won't come and speak.

Divorce means cutting off the root of love.

In the early days I told the women not to come, but they came anyway, climbing over the fence to get in. Because of this I was accused very much. Now True Mother leaves me with 50,000 women, so that she can go around the world. She doesn't worry at all.

The United States needs Reverend Moon. Many now beg him to stay.

There is freedom only where there is no struggle between mind and body.

When you've had a fight with your spouse you feel bad all day.

Do you know how happy we'll be when we achieve mind and body unity

Today's motto is "The Safe Settlement of True Parents in the Completed Testament Age."

God's Day reminds us that we must make a realm in our hearts in which God can settle.

Rest means death and destruction. I'm seventy-five, Korean age, this year.

True Father had to educate Dr. Pak's and Rev. Kwak's children, because they didn't do it properly themselves before they were blessed to True Father's children.

What God wants on God's Day is for husband and wife to be united.

Think of all women of the world as daughters of God.

Part 2:

The Safe Settlement Of True Parents And The Completed Testament Age

1. The Age of the Safe Settlement of the Individual

(1) It is the age to unite mind and body by True Love. (I become the person incarnating God and True Parents' True Love.)

(2) It is the age to unite mind and body by True Life. (I become the person incarnating God and True Parents' True Life.)

(3) It is the age to unite mind and body by True Blood Lineage. (I become the person incarnating God and True Parents' True Blood Lineage.)

# True Love, True Life and True Blood Lineage are a trinity. Families must be made by the persons who have mind-body unity on the foundation of this trinity.

2. The Age of the Safe Settlement of the Family

(1) It is the age to unite husband and wife centering on True Love. (My family becomes the family incarnating God and True Parents' True Love.)

(2) It is the age to unite husband and wife centering on True Life. (My family becomes the family incarnating God and True Parents' True Life.)

(3) It is the age to unite husband and wife centering on the True Blood Lineage. (My family becomes the family incarnating God and True Parents' True Blood Lineage.)

# Countries must be made by the families which have husband-wife unity according to these principles.

3. The Age of the Safe Settlement of the Heavenly Kingdom in Heaven and on earth

(1) It is the age to unite God and man centering on True Love. (My country becomes the country incarnating God and True Parents' True Love.)

(2) It is the age to unite God and man centering on True Life. (My country becomes the country incarnating God and True Parents' True Life.)

(3) It is the age to unite God and man centering on True Blood Lineage. (My country becomes the country incarnating God and True Parents' True Blood Lineage.)

# It is the age of the completion of the unity of God and man, centering on True Love, True Life and True Blood Lineage, which are God's ideals, in the formation of the individual, the family and the country.

1) I am the incarnated personage and completed object of the True Love of God and True Parents.

2) My couple is the incarnated couple and ideal object of the True Love of God and True Parents

3) My family is the living incarnated family and the substantial object of the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven and on earth of God and True Parents

4. The Four Great Heart Realms and Three Great Kingships

(1) Total achievement of the children's heart realm, brother-sister heart realm, conjugal heart realm and parental heart realm and total achievement of children's kingship, parental kingship and grandparental kingship, can be made step by step, but they can be completed through the love of marriage.

(2) World peace can be achieved by the practice of the four great heart realms and three great kingships

(3) I am the person of absolute couple-ism, absolute family-ism and absolute Heavenly Kingdomism. (This is the True Parents-ism.)

Part 3:
The Points To Emphasize In Our 1994 Activities

1. Women's Federation for World Peace

(1) We must restore all mothers (Eve) by our unity with True Parents. (Husbands must assist in this happening. Japanese sisters are the representatives of True Mother.)

(2) Especially we must work hard until April,


(3) The speech (True Parents and the Completed Testament Age) must reach all the families in the country.

(4) By the cooperation of mother and children, centering on True Parents, they must restore the father. ("Children" refers to physical children and spiritual children.)

(5) Women are the cells of True Mothers.

(6) Visit all the families and restore all the women

(7) Reinforce the tribal messiah activities which will influence all our descendants

(8) Lead your life not to have any mistake which makes for repentance.

2. Youth Federation for World Peace (will be established in 1994)

3. Preparation for the Blessing

(1) Utilize the alumni associations.

(2) Make 20,000 Unification Churches in every country.

(3) To witness to relatives, study and make a good strategy, and hold revival meetings.

(4) Make young people become the people of filial piety.

(5) Each country will soon have ten highly educated Japanese sisters.

(6) Restore the Korean residents in each country.

4. A Heartistic Renewal of Members.

(1 ) Love the country centering on unity between True Parents and us.

(2) Then, our loving country becomes world level, because True Parents are world-level.

(3) Surely make the victory of re-resurrection.

(4) Educate members centering on these 1994 Instructions.

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