The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Speech To Blessed Couples - February 21, 1991

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
New Yorker Hotel New York, NY USA
February 21, 1991

Do you know the meaning of the word Blessing? The Blessing should have been consummated by Adam & Eve. Because of the Fall the Blessing was lost. Jesus came to consummate the Blessing, but because of the crucifixion He was prevented from accomplishing it. Now after 2000 years the True Parents can give the Blessing, and you are the first fruits of this glorious event. In all of human history, God only recognizes the marriages given by the True Parents. As the children of the fallen Adam and Eve, mankind became a part of Satan's love, life, and lineage. This is a big problem. Many people have asked the question, "Why did God not prevent evil", even denying God in the process. However, the restoration of God's lineage takes time.

Man voluntarily united with Satan to cause the fall. Man must take responsibility for the restitution of the fall. Before the fall, Adam and Eve were growing up in a state of absolute purity. There is no purity that can compare to the purity of Adam and Eve before the Fall. Once they fell, however, God showed no mercy and kicked them out of the Garden of Eden. God's standard is the highest and purest. God cannot work with a mixture of good and evil. God's standard is so high that once the pure Adam and Eve made the mistake of illicit love, they were driven out. Do you have confidence that your blessed children are pure, like Adam and Eve before the fall? If you say no, then can your children enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Has God altered His standard? Has God lowered His standard today? God's rule of love is more strict and stringent than the law of magnetic fields. The Principle of God, God's love, is absolute.

The rule of nature can be changed, but the rules of God cannot change. Husband and wife (Blessed Couples) are like the North and South poles, connected and pulled to each other. They have unwavering faith towards each other. When you gave birth to your children, were you of one mind and heart towards God. (Some raised their hands saying yes!) You say yes, but God is laughing at you. Think seriously about your past, your habits, your way of speaking, even the food you eat--are these pure? We breathe the same air as prostitutes and criminals. Did you ever want to just stop breathing because of this reality? You have be to crazy to think that the same Kingdom of Heaven that awaited the pure Adam and Eve before the fall, is for us. Maybe your mind was pure when your children were conceived, but the environment is Satanic. We have to feel so unworthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is like a great banquet where a tuxedo is required, but you come with only your naked body. You must possess this sense of shame and unworthiness. Your bodies, captive to the Satanic environment, are in the realm of sin.

The action of true love and illicit love are the same. God must approve the act of love. You must have four stamps of approval for true love; God, your husband or wife, your children, and even Satan. Father has given the blessed couples so much direction. Each blessed couple must reflect on the standard of their blessing. Has your love been pure or illicit? The key to religious life is self criticism and reflection. Your blessing must be the place where true love is practiced, or it is just a facade, a falsehood. The Fall of Man destroyed the Palace of God. We must rebuild that Palace. What is the difference between man and woman? They have different sexual organs. Your sexual organs are your love palace, your life palace, and your blood lineage palace.

If you misuse your sexual organs, then all 3 palaces are destroyed. Blessed Couples must maintain Heavenly Love, Life, and Lineage. Today we can even see wife swapping practiced in American society. This is absolute hell. It cuts off all love, life, and lineage. Even hell would be too good for people who live this immoral way of life. Father has saved us from this type of lifestyle. We must be indignant to see this immorality. Even if our own relatives are living immorally, we must reject them. There is no greater crime than the destruction of love. Adam and Eve's one mistake caused such grief and suffering for all humanity. Husband and wife will stand as judge to each other, and your children will also be your judge. Sometimes blessed members try to deceive their own spouse, hiding their sin, but proclaiming to be heavenly citizens--it is so shameful. God, True Parents, and the Unification Church hate the act of illicit love. Murder is nothing compared to illicit love.

We must receive 3 Blessings in our lifetime. The first Blessing was given to you by Father as Holy Matrimony, under great persecution. The second Blessing is the Blessing on the national level. The third Blessing is the Blessing on the worldwide level. We must be successful Tribal Messiahs on our hometown level, go to the home-nation level, and finally the home-world level. Korea is the nation of True Parents and it is your nation. We must work to unify Korea. The first step in this process is for the major worldwide powers to be united (USA, Russia, Japan, China). Father is still persecuted by North and South Korea.

Father came to America to influence the world and help unify Korea. The unification of West and East Germany was the horizontal unification. The unification of North and South Korea will be the vertical unification. Gorbachev was influential in bringing about German unification. Now through Father's efforts Gorbachev has cut off from Kim Il Sung, and now North Korea has no allies but Satan. Father has lined up all major nations as allies of South Korea. Before, 30 Communist nations were helping Kim Il Sung, and he was the Crimson King. During the last 40 years Father has been taking away Kim Il Sung's allies, one by one. Is Father listening to Bush and Gorbachev, or are they listening to Father? They are listening to Father.

Father gave us the incredible title of Tribal Messiah. Even Jesus was kicked out by his own hometown. We are in a higher position than Jesus. Jesus could not restore the hometown or the home-nation. The Blessing is so precious. Without True Parents there is no such word as Blessing. Father restored the 3 palaces. There is nothing greater. Father can see the day when 60 million blessed couples will descend upon Korea, and grabbing one Korean family each, turning them around in an instant, thus restoring the nation of Korea in one day! The national level Blessing is good to be in Korea. Where should Father hold the world level Blessing? Russia or the United States?

We have to return to our hometown. Blessed couples destiny is Hometown, Home-nation, and Home-world. So go to your hometown and win over your clan. You can put True Parent's picture in every home. Our goal is not our own well being. We are in Egypt and we must go to Canaan (hometown), and make a Godly clan in our hometown. Next is home-nation. Now that Father has Bush and Gorbachev under His influence, the Unification of the Fatherland is near. This is the Gospel--the good news! Spread out and shake America. Your own relatives will admire you and push you to the center. We must change our personal agenda. From today we are the front line soldiers. We must be ahead of Father. Father needs that kind of Blessed Couple.

Father told Gorbachev that Father could take responsibility for the revival of the entire Russian Orthodox Church, if Gorbachev would send 1,000 Russian Orthodox ministers to Father for training. Russia will then move ahead of the United States. You should not allow Russia to move ahead of the United States in that case. Determination has no meaning without action. You must create your own manpower and money foundation, as Father himself has done.

(At this time Father sits downs with Dr. Pak and addresses the Blessed Couples with an air of informality and closeness).

You don't appreciate what Father has done for you. Because Father speaks to you so often in America, you keep expecting more and more from Father. In this way, you do not set down your own roots. You must stand in Father's place before America. You must replace the True Parents. It is better for your own life and stability if Father goes away from America for a long time and allows you to grow up! (Father asks those who went abroad for the 40 day condition to raise their hands)

Your 40 day condition abroad brought such great blessings to you, did it not? Father always gives you the direction which will bring you the greatest blessings. This condition was part of the process of your homecoming. I am sure you could repent and reflect deeply from this experience. In the future Father does not want to speak to you in this type of gathering. After you been successful in restoring your hometown and have 1000 people prepared to meet Father, Father will accept your invitation to visit your hometown and speak to your victorious tribe. Father would actually come with a carload of gifts for each person. Such a restored hometown would be like the Mecca of the Unification Church.

If Jesus had received the Blessing, no power or temptation could have caused him to fall. Jesus would have been so serious as to castrate himself, and kill himself before he would violate the Principle. You are in a greater position than Jesus! You must be the doctors to cure the immorality in America. You must pledge that you will never fall! Each of you here should also be the supervisors of the Unification Church, rooting out the hidden sexual sins even among the Blessed Couples. There are too many hidden sins among the Blessed Couples. You must find it, repent, and root it out of our Church. Our lives are precious and holy. People will love us and respect us for our pure way of life.

Father is looking forward to His 80th birthday, and the year 2000. Father has His own 10 year agenda perfectly planned out. Father would like to spend the next 10 years flying around the world, visiting Heads of State. Father is desperate to build one world under God. Actually, the origin of unification is the unification of yourself. You cannot ask people to be like you if you are not united in mind and body. Whenever you make a decision your mind and body are both stating their opinion. You must allow your mind total 100% control of the decision making process, with the body relegated to 0% of the decision making process. The body must surrender to the mind. At night, when you reflect upon your day, you should ask yourself, "Did I follow my mind today?" Our mind should be like a compass--always pointing towards God. The mind is inclined towards God's side, and the body towards Satan's side. The mind can imitate God's way of life, whereas the body always stands on the foundation of the individual. Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is in the midst of you. Now Father is clearly explaining this reason to you.

The ultimate question is "How do we die?" Correct dying is always for the greater purpose. That would make your death a holy death. Father thinks about his own dying. Father does not want to retire from His work, and just die of old age in a hospital. Father wants to continue working for God until His last breath. If we live for God's Will and serve the family, the nation, and the world, then it is the correct life. Americans' culture of love is not vertical--there is no axis. Grandparents do not live with their children and grandchildren. Unification Church members are not rich because we are devoting our energies in other more public directions. Father knows that each of you could be rich and successful in a worldly sense if you focused on it, like other people in society. Father knows that this is one of the complaints you hear from your own family, "You will never be rich following Rev. Moon." That's OK. We have to imitate Father's way of life, not our own parent's way of life. When we follow Father's public way of life, then when we die we can be close to Father in the spirit world.

Father teaches by deeds, not just words. Look at your children, not just lovingly as your own, but as belonging to the world. You must set the example for them as a good parent. You don't need to hit or scold your children, but teach them through your example--in a more heart to heart way. An individual with his mind and body united is the basic unit, the true unit. Through this process, a true man and true woman become one. God is eternally giving to us, His objects. Therefore we can be eternal beings through this eternal give and take action originating from God. An absolute plus can make an absolute minus. Father wants to bring about world peace through teaching and showing true love. True love is like a train track connecting the physical and spiritual worlds, leading straight to heaven. We must change ourselves to fit onto that track. Father is the locomotive. Father completed all the Messianic work--1) Restoration of the Elder Son 2) Restoration of Parents 3) Subjugation of the Cain Spirit World. The only thing left for Father is the task of the Unification of the Fatherland.

The 2 key elements are mind-body unity, and true love. Each of you should become a model member and saint before the people of your hometown. The 3 stage process is Blessed Couple, Tribal Messiah, and elevation to True Heavenly Citizen. The textbook for being a tribal messiah would be written by serving 3 generations of your physical family; grandparents, parents, husband & wife. All tribal messiah work is an extension of the love in a home of three generations.

Father has reorganized the Korean Unification Group into two groups. The older leaders of the Church have been replaced by younger leaders who will do the Abel type, Church evangelizing and witnessing. The older leaders are now going to work on the Cain type political work (such as VOC & Unification Thought Institute). Father wants to completely envelop Korea from these 2 sides. Now in Korea, the goal is to put True Parents picture in many homes. Good ancestors from the spiritual world descend each morning to these homes to bow before True Parent's picture. When these good spirits descend, the evil spirits in those homes are moved out!

In the tribal messiah providence the wife (Eve) is in the Abel position, and the husband (Adam) is in the Cain position. You need the restoration of your hometown to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Registration for the Kingdom of Heaven begins with your hometown. The Fall of Man came at home. The home must be restored.

Do you all have your trinities? Father is the head of each of your trinities, like Noah and his 3 sons. If you unite in these trinities, Father will appear spiritually to you. You have to clone yourselves in America. Become a pure seed to be planted here. Father has already provided you with the smelly fertilizer.

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