The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Speech at East Garden - September 8, 1991

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Sept. 8, 1991
Unofficial Notes

Did you like that report about the Washington Times becoming a 7 day newspaper? The conservative party must depend on the Washington Times now. During the Gulf War, the Times played a crucial role. In recent times Father's guidance to them helped them make the right decision at the right times. Recently, Father gave direction to leaders worldwide to chastise the Russian coup leaders. Only a few people can change the tide of today's world. All throughout history the tide has been influenced by a few people. Especially after the fall of communism, people know that their direction is not guaranteed. America's own president has no idea how to lead this country.

How does Rev. Moon know? He predicted the fall of communism. He told about what would happen to America with the moral decline. So the religious, academic, scientific people of the world are listening to Father now. Father is giving hope to the world. Everybody wants peace. He is showing the way to a unified peace. Father gave a clear definition to peace that they never heard before. The Unification Church centering on Father is on the top of the world. Father has shown the world clearly the way to go. Now someone has to pull everyone like a locomotive. Unification members are that pulling power. The world already knows that we have that powerful direction.

Everyone in the world knows that America position is to help the fallen communist countries. Only Unification members are in the dark. People around the world tell us that we don't know what we have; that we don't know how to apply it. We have the armament to turn atheistic countries to theistic countries. Maybe we've been obedient but we don't have a good idea where this is all leading to. Father role is already done, and we don't even know what he has done. That is our situation.

You know the 8 step ceremony, which step are you in? You have to climb up or walk vertically. But to climb vertically you have to use all your strength. Like Father has climbed up, we need to climb up. Are you practicing restoration through indemnity. Do you believe it? Just like Jesus' disciples you have to re-indemnify, restore by indemnity. What step are you in? Individual, family, clan...?

As far a the perfection of the individual, has your mind and body achieved unity. If you mind and body has not achieved unity can you go to heaven? If an individual's mind and body cannot come into unity, can his family come into unification? Has the United States & Japan come into unity? If we all existed by ourselves without Father can we unite all races or even the mind and body? It's a mind chilling situation. If Father wasn't there, we would have no base to achieve unification. Think! What if Father is not available?

Not everyone who goes to school, graduates the same time. Some fool around and flunk out, some go study with a life and death attitude. Can Father leave you on your own to practice the ideal? Without Father's help, can we practice the ideal? Can you sow from your own harvest, that is the question? Some grain is real grain and some looks like it's the right shape but it's empty or rotten inside. That kind of grain cannot yield harvest.

Politicians have been suppressing religious people. Now Father has made that right by putting the Inter-Religious Federation for World

Peace in the mind or subject position and the Federation for World Peace in the body or object position. God wants religious people to lead the people in the political position. Before there was no center and scientific, political and religious people were like enemies. It's an amazing event, now they're all harmonizing, relating to each other and none are criticizing Rev. Moon.

The Rev. Moon tree, what is it?

1) He is the man that God loves
2) He tries to love God in a greater degree.

No matter how much he is on the verge of dying, he keeps on working. If you experience severe setbacks, can you keep going? To achieve our goal, you have to give up your life, your spouse, your children and your nation. How many times are you prepared to die for the sake of the Will of God? Even Jesus asked to God, why are going to give me up? He confided that his will was different but nevertheless he would do God's will. All of us have lived as we willed, but now we have to be reborn and resurrected.

When the American government indicted Father, he didn't have to come back. There was no extradition treaty between Korea and the U.S.A., but Father decided to come back on his own so that there will be a way for America to be saved. Father came back and went to prison. That opened an avenue for America to repent. Father went through an incredible ordeal. When God accepts America's repentance, America will live. God has always sacrificed his loving son or daughter to save a greater number of people. Why? Because of the fall. You are walking around so why do you need to be saved? You are alive but you are dead. Even though people don't want it, they have inherited Satan's love, life and lineage. You have to die before God can lift you up, in order to leave that realm.

The Bible says that unless you receive the Holy Spirit, you can't be saved. We are not born by the Mother alone, you need the Father and Mother both. The Holy Spirit is like the mind and we are like the body. Once we make unity in a subject and object relationship with the Holy Spirit, we will receive Jesus' love. Our body should be object to the Holy Spirit, then we can have spiritual rebirth. Now we need spiritual and physical rebirth. Your mind and body needs to become one. You hear what Father is saying but what is he talking about? When we born again through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that gives us a condition to be born again by Father's body. Since Jesus body was lost, the 2nd Advent occurred to give rebirth physically also.

If you really love Jesus, if Jesus feels pain, you feel the same pain. The same is true for Father, if he feels pain, you feel pain. If we don't feel connected, it means we still have a distance to be restored. We have to close that gap between us and True Parents while we are in our physical body. Now in our physical body we have to become one in heart with Father. Somehow even with as much as Father has been teaching us, this point has been eluding us. If you see a person whose mind and body are not fighting with each other, then that person is one with Father.

Your mind and body are born again through love. Any person who had drinking, smoking, homosexual problems etc...once their mind and body are united and connected to Father, they will come to hate those problems. How can the homosexual be saved? By being reborn through the Holy Spirit. Then somehow he doesn't like to do it anymore. The mind says "no", then he doesn't do it anymore.

What if you try and try and you can't do it? You have to try harder. Don't underestimate the power of prayer to help your mind and body become one. Forget about all other things. Just inherit parents love, life and lineage. We have to go back where we started from and then go in a new direction. To be reborn is not easy or simple. When were you reborn again? Can you remember the date? Heaven knows, Satan knows and now all human beings know that Father pioneered that road.

The satanic world began in the mother's womb so the ideal world will also begin in the mother's womb. The satanic world will continue to diminish.

You must love Father more than anybody else. That's what Jesus said. Not just on joyous occasions but bear our own indemnity to come be like Father. This is a spiritual process. To cry, miss Father so much, then get reborn.

We have 2 wars to fight. One is the vertical, to be reborn and the second is horizontal, to oppose the satanic world. Father is fighting Satan for us on every level for us. Vertically and horizontally Father has pushed Satan back so we enjoy a more favorable atmosphere. If we haven't done it before, if we're serious, we can unite with Father by becoming a minus.

To say "I will die but I won't go" doesn't work. Chances are that you won't die anyway but that's God's problem. We have to be prepared to die. Each person here has already gone past life and death. Then why does Father always chase us to an uncomfortable position? It is because we are like a dirty cup. Father empties you so that he can fill you up with clean water. First Father wants to pull what's bad out. If Father says "go" , we should go and forget our spouse and children. Once we do that we won't need to suffer in the satanic world anymore. If Christianity had supported Father, we wouldn't have to go through this. This is why Father is chasing Blessed couples away from the comfort of their home. We have to symbolically be crucified. When Father went through that there was much persecution. Still we can't evade that. Now at least there is someone to take care of your children. Korean members suffered the most. He told them to separate from their spouse and children. Our formula course is 3 stages. Each individual must go and restore the clan, that is tribal messiahship. Father restored in the position of Adam, elder sonship, parentship and kingship thereby pushing Satan away. Adam was elder son, true parent and king but he lost all three positions. On the 20th of July the royal family of True Love was established.

You can go to your home town and resurrect your father and mother. Then they can stand in the position of restored Adam and Eve. We are in the position of Jesus' family. By doing that we can get rid of the fallen position of Adam and Eve. And we can get rid of the failed Jesus position and connect directly with Father. The first, second and third Adams will vertically come into one horizontally.

The sons of the three Adams (Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament) will come into one. Through your hometown you can make that foundation. If you connect that branch of yours to the main trunk then all of your clan will be alive. What is Tribal Messiahship and how does it work? It puts your parents in an unfallen position, out of the satanic dominion. Even Jesus' disciples were in the satanic dominion. The perfected Adam created a victorious ground both physically and spiritually. Also by doing Tribal Messiahship resurrection of spirit world can be accomplished. We must go to connect with the ancestors in spirit world.

One thing for sure you is you must be a clan Messiah. This is so you can make your own land, your native land, so your parents are not your enemies. Unless the hometown where Father is born is restored it is not his hometown. You must feel God's heart by restoring your hometown. Unless you do that you cannot go to heaven. Canaan can be restored by directly connecting to your hometown. You can enroll as an Israelite belonging to one of the 12 tribes. Our tribe's ultimate goal is to realize a nation. We must understand that when the Israelites went to Canaan, they went as beggars. They were digested by the Israelites. We have to set up the Godly tradition not to absorbed by the satanic tradition. We are in the elder's son's position and the satanic world is in the younger's son's position. If you take your inner sovereignty with you they will listen to you. They are individualistic and we are holistic. Therefore they will absorbed by us.

Father's Direction given in Korea to the worldwide movement 8/29/91

1. Return to Canaan (Restoration of Canaan and Dispensational Meaning of Tribal Messiahship)

1) The course in the wilderness. The time is 43 years. Korean history is 4,300 years. The purpose is separate from Satan.

2) Restore our ancestry and return to hometown.

a) restore elder sonship

b) restore parentship

c) restore kingship

d) restore 3 great victorious conditions by having your grandfather, father and brother serve you. Cain should be subjugated by Abel.

3) Original Ideal Family.

a) Heavenly Father, king of heaven and earth.

1) Prince for 3 generations representing past, present & future

b) Husband & wife living in true love palace.

c) Parents & children in true love.

4) Establish the new tradition which is 180 degrees different than the satanic tradition.

5) Complete absorption of Cainistic tradition.

6) Founding of a Nation (Turning it into heaven)

Our standard of filial piety, royal subject to the king, sainthood and holy man should be higher than the world's.

2. Organization based on the Divine Principle view.

1) Contents of organization

1) neighborhood, precinct, town

2) town, county, state

3) state, government, king's palace

Four people or 12 up to 120 can team up to work together to do Tribal Messiahship. Work alone but if you find it to your advantage you can work together.

2) Tribal Messiahship

Accomplish 120 families. Once you get their agreement, you can do anything to teach them. Then 360 families then 720 families

3. You can select a 2nd hometown. In the case of N. Korea you can select a town in the South.

a) Main task is to teach Divine Principle.

b) I.W.; revival meeting

c) Unification goes up from individual, to family to clan etc...

d) Use churches as public meeting place and training site.

e) Train and arm with thoughts and organization which is superior to world level. By doing this we can win over the general election.

3) Mission of Tribal Messiah

1) parents --------- family

2) teachers -------- school

3) Owners, kingship - country

4) This fate is inevitable-no quitting, no giving up halfway.

4) Tradition of God & True Parents

1) Live for the sake of others

2) Invest & invest again and forget it.

3) Pray for perfection and dedicate a lot of hearts for perfection

5) Steps of Recreation

1) Environment

2) Subject & object relationship

You have to be in either a subject or object corresponding relationship. The purpose of life is love. The unification of man and woman is holy. Man and woman come into being for the purpose of love. Centering on love, there is nothing that a man or woman can claim as their own. Everything belongs to your spouse. How can you look at another woman? Your sexual organ belongs to your spouse. If you misuse it, you are a thief or burglar.

3) Three and a half years fundraising. Use all things to restore yourself. The true spirit of fundraising is you have to add more to the offering from yourself and then dedicate it to heaven. You can get the stamp from Satan when the three most opposed to you, give you approval. America, Russia and China must recognize Father. That's why he is working so hard.

4) Connected to True Love.

The more you do for others, the more will return to you. The power of life will come when you invest yourself. If you genuinely invest in others then you will be filled up the way a high pressure fills a low pressure vacuum. Life of True Love will continue to prosper more and more. Your spouse is your partner that helps you gain eternal life. To be eternal you have to get married. You get married and connect to eternal life. Your mind breathes on a higher level

6. Foundation of Victory & Cain/Abel Foundation

Unless the subject-object relationship become one, the realm of victory does not exist. Foundation of victory only comes from Cain/Abel relationship.

1) Family foundation

Good give and take between husband and wife. Whenever you work in a company you are not working for a paycheck to make money to survive. You are the internal partner for that company. IF you invest yourself you will be the center of the company. No one will want to get rid of you. No stranger can come and take over your position.

When you go away, Father misses you. And knowing that we are unworthy, we also want to stay a few minutes longer.

2) Foundation of Tribe

3) Foundation of Nation 4) Foundation of True Parents

a) National foundation

Unification Federation for World Peace is still left where countries become neighbors to each other. The whole world will return to the original ideal. The satanic world will be completely banished. What if the Egyptians had followed the Israelites into Canaan? The Israelites would have been in a subject object relationship with the Canaanites instead of being absorbed. The world would have been unified right there.

Father has just given you the contents to reach the goal of the ideal world.

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