The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Royal Family of True Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, NY
July 28, 1991
Summary of speech by Takeshi Furuta

In the past several years the world situation has been dramatically changing. Those external changes have occurred as a reflection of the internal changes in the providence. Although the Unification Church had been most severely persecuted before, it has become the most desired and needed church for the world during the past several years.

Since the Communist and left-wing forces have collapsed, the freedom forces on the right should be going well. The reality, however, is that there exist many problems within the free countries as well.

The remote cause of the division of the world between right-wing and left-wing is the fact that, at the time of crucifixion of Jesus, there were two thieves crucified on the right and the left of Jesus. At the time of the Second Advent, however, the right-wing and the left-wing forces come to get reconciled and unified, centering on the Messiah's thought -- Headwing Thought and Godism -- because the Messiah achieves victory at the center. Today neither Bush or Gorbachev can solve the problems of humankind. The key is how Rev. Moon is going to move. Today, when the Communist world is collapsing, the Unification Movement, with the teaching of its doctrine, is expanding into the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries.

Those of you who have never doubted Father's words, raise hands. What Father has said in the past have all been fulfilled. But, the words alone do not bring the result automatically. 5% of human responsibility has to be accomplished. Although there are many Unification Church members, it is Father alone who has accomplished his own responsibility.

Do you know the significance of the "Eight Settlement Ceremony"?

I held the ceremony in Kodiak, Alaska, on August 30, 1989, and declared that from then on the world would change dramatically. On September 1, 1989, 1 proclaimed "True Parentism". By proclaiming the True Parenthood of humankind, Satan could not help but retreat. As a result, the Berlin Wall collapsed on November 9, 1989, and five months later I went to Moscow and met with Gorbachev on April 11, 1990. Those conditions opened the way for the leaders and the second generation young people of the Soviet Union to come to learn Father's teachings. Among the young people, 3,000 university students who are the elite of the Soviet young generation have already attended the Divine Principle seminars. Many of them have accepted the Principle and even become our members. Also. having been given the direction for the future by Father, Gorbachev has been promoting the reform of the Soviet system. Furthermore. the participants in the American Leadership Seminar and the World Leadership Seminar held in the United States were invited to East Garden on three different occasions. They eagerly listened to my speech for a couple of hours. Even the antagonistic representatives from the 15 republics of the Soviet Union were able to get reconciled in that way. Among the leaders there were some who even said, "Our republic does not need any other religion but the Unification Church." Can you imagine that a governor of an American state says, "Our state needs the Unification Church."? It sounds like a miracle, but it is already a reality when it comes to the Soviet Union.

In these days. even KGB says, "Rev. Moon is the best ally of the Soviet Union and the one who gives the best solution to the problems of our people." The Soviet Academy of Science, which has the membership of 70,000 scholars, supports Father's ideas and asks for technical assistance. Recently, the representative of "Izvestia", which is a powerful newspaper with the circulation of 11 million, came to me and asked for permission to publish the Russian edition of the Divine Principle book. And, when I remarked, "The people of the Soviet Union must be hungry and thirsty for the Bible and other books on Christianity and other religions", they said, "It is Rev. Moon's book alone that can truly solve the problem of the Soviet Union. So, we would like to publish the book and cover the whole area of our country before other religious books come out. We are willing to offer you 45% of the profit." That is a true story.

While the providence is that advanced in the Soviet Union how about the United States? That is a problem. The Bible says, "Those who come first will become the last; those who come last will become the first.'' That is becoming the case of the United States and the Soviet Union. The same thing can be said of the Christians on one hand and non-Christians and non-believers on the other.

So far we have invited high-quality Soviet students to the United States and educated them. In the future we will invite the high-quality American students to the Soviet Union for education. The Divine Principle lecturers will be chosen from the Soviet students to educate the American students. What a historic reversal of position!

Already at present, 7-day, 21-day, and 40-day workshops are being held in seven places in the Soviet Union. 2,000 Soviet students are participating in them at their own expense.

How much did you believe in what I had said in the past? Do you believe 100% today? Those who believe 100%, raise hands. But, even if you believe 100% while you are here at Belvedere, once you go out , you may get involved in your own private affairs and become indifferent to what I say. At any school in this world, those who do not complete the course within certain period will become disqualified as students. You also are responsible for accomplishing certain required achievement for the will of God within certain period of time. Even if you get disqualified by failing to do it, neither I nor the Unification Church is responsible for it. In the Bible there is a story about a fig tree which died immediately when Jesus cursed it because of its failure to bear fruits. You must bear fruits so that you do not have to become like the fig tree. Even if you joined the Church a long time, you cannot bear fruits by doing nothing. Achievement is what makes the person valuable. I am not an exception. I have been making achievements all over the world. Heaven and earth will surrender in front of the achievements.

Have you read the book "Inquisition"? This book reveal all the truth, centering on my court case. The then prosecutors, political leaders , and all others who are criticized in this book are not able to sue the author of this book. It is because what he wrote are all true. During the period from the time when I was involved in the court case imposed upon me as a result of the persecution by the U.S. Government to the time when I was imprisoned in Danbury, I invested a great deal for the sake of America through such things as The Washington Time and many other instead of taking revenge against America. At the time of the presidential election in 1980, I made efforts so that Reagan might be elected. I did so for the sake of the American people whose morale was very low after the defeat in the Vietnam War. Ironically, it was the Reagan Administration whose victory I had helped that prosecuted and imprisoned me. Ordinary people would think of taking revenge against the U.S. Government. But, I kept on supporting the Reagan Administration and helped Reagan to be reelected in the 1984 election campaign. In 1988 I supported Bush, who succeeded Reagan. All that I did because I was totally dedicated to living for the sake of God's will, not for the sake of myself.

On July 22 this week, there was the inauguration ceremony of the new top leaders of The Washington Times. I attended it and gave a speech to the participants there. I said, "So far I have invested 830 million dollars into this newspaper. Why have I done so much? There may be some hidden motive, so people say. But, I tell you, I have done so much because God asked me to do it. That is all. There is no intention of mine other than doing God's will. The original purpose of starting this newspaper was to defend the United States and the free world from Communist aggression. Since that objective has been achieved. it is my wish that this newspaper will contribute to the solution of the domestic problems so that America will become the kind of country that God wishes." All the audience looked impressed.

Father has brought many Japanese and Korean members to America to promote God's providence. And yet, did the American members welcome them? Did they not complain against the Asian members on various occasions? The white people may think that they are superior to the Asians. But, as William Rushner of the National Review has put it. the Asians have many qualities superior to those of the white people. At Yale, many of the top students used to be the Jewish people, but nowadays the Asian students occupy most of those positions. The Koreans, in particular, are excellent. In the history of Korea foreign countries invaded Korea 931 times, but the Koreans maintained their national identity and tradition. Koreans are good at making judgment necessary for survival. at grasping quickly the situation. and at dealing with many things at the same time. It is quite natural and logical that the eternal leader of humankind comes out of this nation. In the history of all religions there is no religious leader other than Rev. Moon who has achieved so much in his own lifetime. Not only in the field of religion but also In the field of business, politics, etc. that can be said. Nowadays in Korea it is said that Rev. Moon is the only leader that can succeed in unifying North and South. Also. some say that Rev. Moon is the greatest hero ever lived since Dangun, the legendary hero who allegedly founded the first Korean nation. Some Christians predict that the Lord of the Second Coming will appear in Korea in 1992 in the person of none other than Rev. Moon.

At present a 40-day workshop is going on in the New Yorker Hotel for the sake of the Moslem leaders from Egypt. It is the third of its kind, following the one for those from Syria and the one for those from Yemen. Among the participants there are some who have not only accepted the Divine Principle but also have expressed the desire to participate in the Blessing next time. Thus, Father is the only one that can truly influence even the Moslem leaders.

Since Father came to this earth, the life of humankind has greatly changed. From now on, humankind will come to know that Father's direction is the only way leading to their salvation. In which direction are you going? Are you determined to go forward in the direction of saving humankind and liberating God? You should be able to believe in what you hear me say. Therefore, I give you a new order: Do fulfill your mission as the Tribal Messiah.

As those who are connected with the Royal Family of True Love, you are like the Heavenly special agents who are going to be sent to make troubles in this Satanic world. I have been the most controversial trouble maker in this world, and as such I have been most persecuted. But, thanks to the Heavenly fate which always protects me, I have been able to reject the attacks from Satanic forces and build the highway to Heaven. Most Christians believe that they will go to the Heaven, but when they go into the spirit world, they will find that they will have to deal with many spirits who are watching them with grudges because they were prevented by Christians from joining the Unification Church while they were on earth. By the same token, if you who know the Divine Principle and True Parents do not make actions to restore your tribe, you also will be accused by your tribe members in the spirit world. As the Tribal Messiah, you are responsible for your tribes. You have been called to fulfill the public responsibility. That is your position.

That is why I ordered the Korean members to go back to their hometowns and accomplish their mission as the Tribal Messiah. The current providence is the hometown providence. So, no matter how difficult, you must act to fulfill it. Otherwise, you will have no hometown to return to forever. I myself must go back to my own hometown. By restoring and recreating your own tribe, you have to see to it that True Parents, True Couple and True Children live in your own hometown.

In which direction are you headed for? Are you going in the direction of God's will or in the direction of your own wish? Discard your own notion, have the notion of True Parents, and become those who make noises and troubles in the Satanic world by means of true love.

Those who are determined to go back to the home places, achieve victory and become connected with the Royal Family of True Love, please raise hands.

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