The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Royal Family Of True Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
The Belvedere Holy Rock
July 28th 1991
Duration of speech 5 hours and 40 minutes
Unofficial Notes

Do you remember the last time we met at this rock? Right after the victory of Washington Monument. I want to apologize to you because I have been so busy and we did not have the opportunity to fellowship.

Did you follow the historical events that took place in the last couple of years? For all these external things to happen internal conditions had to be made first. Father spent much time making these internal conditions.

We have been most persecuted in the past but now the time has come where we will be most welcomed. You can feel this to the bone.

The Fall of Communism

You witnessed the collapse of the Communist Block and the Berlin wall. But that is not the end of it, the Free World is also collapsing. This represents a big problem.

At the crucifixion the phrases left wing and right wing were born. At the Second Coming this terminology will disappear and we will proclaim Headwing or Godwing

The world is in confusion today. The Democratic World is in deep trouble and they have no solutions to the problems they are faced with. Can Bush or Gorbachev find solutions to the problems. No! Only through Father can solutions come.

Please understand that the Unification Church has been under prime investigation by the US government. The government tried to wipe us of the face of the earth but they could not do it. We will continue to be the focus of this government but in a different perspective.

There used to be an opinion that only strange people join the Unification Church, however, we now have the highest level scholars listening to Divine Principle. Even the Communists are listening to Father and studying Divine Principle. This is truly amazing.

Investigated by Everyone

Top government agencies have investigated us in the past. In America the CIA and FBI and the Russian KGB have put us under the closest scrutiny and studied our movement. They all have come to the same conclusion that the world should adopt our value system.

Both the Eastern Communist World and the Western Democratic World thought that they could rule the world. But now they have come to the conclusion that they have to come to Rev. Moon and the Divine Principle.

Here I have gone this far into my speech and I haven't even given you a topic yet. Shall I give you a good topic or a bad one? If you are good people I can give you a good topic, but if you are bad, should I give you a bad topic? I want to give you a good topic because you are good son's and daughter's of God.

However, if you have only been giving lip service to Father, you have actually been bad. Only you know whether you are good or bad. Ask your conscience. There is great turmoil now and the evil history of the past and the new history of the Messiah are clashing. You are at the cross road, the center of the turbulence. We must evaluate ourselves and know clearly where we are at.

Become absolutely Good

Raise your right hand if you think that you are good. Now raise your left hand if you think that you have been bad. You are worse if you did not raise their hands at all.

Look at the beauty of the creation, the trees, flowers, river, the air, the sun. Everything is so pure and beautiful. This is a good time and place to have a new beginning. Lets make the determination to become an absolute good Unificationist from now on.

Father gives the title of the speech at this point: "Royal Family of True Love". You may think that this is a concept but it is not, it is reality. Many people have listened to me in the past and have not believed me, that includes members as well. Even from the early members, not so many have believed me 100%.

Regardless, all has been fulfilled even though you have not believed in me. How was this possible? Things do not just happen by itself. Nothing gets accomplished without the fulfillment of our 5% responsibility. Father is the only one who fulfilled his portion of responsibility.

There are many member especially in Korea and Japan but also all over the world. However, none had anything to do with the completion of all things. Only Father himself has fulfilled his 5%. (Father now relaxes a bit and moves the beverage table from the back of the stage to the microphone).

Eight Stage Settlement Ceremony and True Parentism

Have you heard of the 8 Stage Settlement Ceremony? Do you know the content of it? If you do not know Father, you do not know the Unification Church. This Ceremony, Pal Chong Sheck, took place in Kodiak, Alaska on August 30th 1989. All the conditions to go through the eight stages from the individual to the cosmic level had been fulfilled.

Based on that Father declared True Parentism on the highest level, the cosmic level. From this point on the world was going to change. Satan now had to retreat.

On Nov. 9th 1989 the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. And five months later, on April 11th 1990, Father was in Moscow by personal invitation of the Head of State Gorbachev. Now the second generation Russians had been given a condition to follow Father's Ideology.

The elite of the Russian College Students have been selected to study Divine Principle in seminars. Most all of them were so inspired and many of them joined instantly. Gorbachev declared the end of communism. Now he must be wise to import the Godism Ideology.

God's History only

History from now on shall be made with God from now on. Father invited Russian lawmakers, politicians, scholars and journalists. They all came and all 15 republics were included. Some of them were even enemies who would not even talk to each other, but when they came to East Garden, they became brother's.

Some governors told Father that they needed a Unification Church in their republic right away. Can you imagine this? How about the 50 governors of the USA asking Father to do that?

The KGB is the best in Intelligence gathering. They confessed to Father that they investigated the Unification Church for 10 years. Now they have come to the conclusion that Father is best for Russia. The Divine Principle is being taught in the highest levels of Russian education, such as the Soviet Academy of Science. In other countries similar things are happening.

3 Million Russian DP Books

Father invited many journalists to come to America. Many came from different publications. Three journalists came from Isvestia. This paper has a circulation of 11 million copies (compare this with the 900 000 of the New York Times). They want to set up a printing press to print 3 million copies of Divine Principle in Russian. They would sell them for a price of 5 Rubles a piece. This is a price that anyone could afford. The advertising for this Russian DP will also be run in the Isvestia paper.

Their motivation for doing this is very noble. They know that the Russians have nothing much to read and they would grab anything they can get their hands on. They are worried that Billy Graham or Jerry Falwell and other's will come in when the borders open up more in the future. That scares them because they know none of them has the answer to their problems. Only Rev. Moon's teaching alone can help the Russian people. So, before the Russians are being confused by literature that can only make things worse, they want to cover everybody and make sure they read Divine Principle first. Isvestia even promised to turn over 45% of the profit to Father. This is not a concept, this is reality!

What shall we do with the free world? The Bible surely is proven to be right again. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Father came to America first and spent most of his time and money right here. But look a America now, they were the first, and now they are the last. This will all be recorded in history.

Two Billion blocked

In the future, the atheists will accuse the Christians who did not follow True Parents. "Because of you we could not follow True Parents and because of you we are now in Hell". How miserable the Christians will be when they go to the Spirit World. Since 1945 it was the Christians that gave Father the hardest time and delayed his providential mission. Every year about 50 million people die, so from 1945 to now about 2 billion people have died who had no opportunity to know True Parents. The Christians think they will go to Heaven, but 2 billion people will wait for them and accuse them. There will not be a nice reception for the Christians in the Spirit World. Father devised a new program to bring students from the Ivy League Universities to Moscow to study Divine Principle there. The lecturers will be Russians. What historical shame for America. Right now in Russia we are holding 22 different workshops in 7 different locations. 2000 guest are attending those workshops. These people are really committed and they pay their own way and workshop fee.

Your applause does not have any power because of the failure of the USA. But you can give a power clap for Father's victory. In the past not so many people have believed me. What about today, do you believe me? Yes or No? Yes!

Now that you believe me I have more power to speak to you. Today is a nice day and you may want to eat lunch. Should I give you a long or a short message. Long or Wrong? I know that you are getting all stiff now. I could have written all this down and mailed this speech to you. No! One thing I have to give to you, you are good listeners. However, after the listening there is nothing. You forget as soon as you get outside the Belvedere Gate. Now 10-20 years have gone by and still you have not learned. In Universities they kick you out after 2 years if you don't perform.

Only what you do will count

Father is not responsible for your salvation and life in heaven, you are. In the Bible Jesus cursed a fig tree that did not bear fruit. That fig tree died immediately. Don't be like the fig tree that does not bear fruit. It is very serious if after 10 or 20 years you have not brought any fruit. Only when you bring fruit can you become a leader. Knowing Father and Divine Principle is not enough to give you credit in Heaven.

If you say you are a patriot, you must prove it. For Saints it is the same. the word eventually will pass away and only your accomplishments will stand. Talk alone will not stand nor will it bring glory. Father has been following this law all his life.

All big countries are fearful of Father because he has accomplished so much. Russia, Germany, France, Briton and many other nations do not want to deal with Father because they fear he will take over their country.

In the Book Inquisition the truth was finally told of how the American government conspired against Father to put him into prison. But even while Father was in prison, he worked hard to save America. You know the list of projects he started while in Danbury.

In 1975 America was defeated in Vietnam and the moral of this nation was the lowest in it's history. Five years later Reagan became president with Father's help. In 1980 the Conservatives wrote off the Liberal States in the Northeast including New York. Father negotiated with the Republican party to keep their offices open. We then helped campaigning and eventually won all the States.

The Reagan Administration Irony

The News World (Father) then predicted that Reagan would win by a landslide. Everybody thought that we were crazy, but when Father's prediction became reality, everyone asked "How did you know?" They were told that Rev. Moon had a hot line to Heaven. Reagan himself could not believe. He said that Rev. Moon believes in me more than I do.

How ironic it is that this administration put Father into prison. But instead of getting revenge, Father supported America even while in prison. Why? Only because of God. Father knew that Russia wanted to take over America. But this would not happen as long as Father was in the USA. Father spared no energy spiritually, physically, financially or politically to save America and he succeeded.

The Washington Times

On July 22nd 1991 Father initiated a change at the Washington Times. Now Young Whi Kim the former president of the Korean Church is now the president of the Washington Times. Father was present at the meeting when this was announced. People were surprised. Father addressed the employees making his desire very clear.

"I have invested $830 million in this paper. You know my hidden agenda, God asked me to do this. Every month I have been giving you $7 million. That makes each of your papers an $8 paper. What kind of paper is this? Why do you think I should continue? Rev. Moon is not crazy. I created this paper for the sake of the collapse of Communism. This has been accomplished so now we must focus on the problems of America. The Churches, immorality, Family breakdown, drugs, political corruption etc., this is your problem, not mine. I am not even a citizen of the United States. I am only here because you have no solution to these problems". The employees and editors were quite inspired with Father's vision and his desire to save America

Oriental Members

How many Japanese members are here? About half! They came because Father asked them to come here. Did you welcome them? You white people, do you think that you are supreme? Say Yes or No! - No!

William Rusher, an American wrote that there is a genetic superiority in yellow people. Just look at the Chinese. How can 1.2 billion Chinese survive, or the 800 million Indians. What about the Koreans? They have a 5000 year history. They were attacked 931 times but still remained a homogenous people. They have a superior quality in them. The white or the black people would have intermingled with other people in the same situation.

Many people are very much scared of Father, but all he wants to so is save them, the whites and the blacks alike. Only Rev. Moon can say what he is going to say right now. You white people are being defeated by the Asians. You blacks and whites must wake up.

It used to be the Jewish people who occupied the top 10-20% positions in our top Universities. No longer is this so, now these position are occupied by Orientals. True Parents must come from Korea. They really are the root of oriental culture. Just recently facts have been discovered that Koreans started the Chinese culture.

Koreans are very sensitive, they know when to move forward or to retreat. This is already a well known fact and is not restricted to the religious world. The same is true for the political and the business world. The oriental people can handle many different missions at the same time. You Americans are alright if you just have one mission. Two or three missions are too much for you and you can't deal with that.

But you have more power than an atomic bomb. An atomic bomb only explodes ones, but you can explode may times over.

Korean Christians

Everybody thought that the Unification Church and Father would disappear when Father went to Danbury. But look at what really happened, Father made conditions for the whole world to be resurrected. The time of salvation has truly come and you can ascend with Rev. Moon.

Koreans have persecuted Father more than anyone else. They are very smart and knew how to do it well. However, now they say that Father is a living Saint and the only one who can bring unity between North and South Korea.

The Christians in Korea are saying now that Christ will come to Korea in 1992. Many still believe that Christ will come on the clouds. But if He comes in the flesh, who would be qualified? Only Father! The book of Revelation says that Christ will destroy the Anti-Christ. Communism is the biggest Anti-Christ and Father destroyed it. This is enough evidence that Father must be the Messiah.

Moslems want to be Blessed

Three groups of Moslem Leaders came to study Divine Principle. According to their religion this is a cardinal offense punishable by death. But they are coming because their leader came as well and gave permission for everyone else to come. Now the Moslems understand about the importance of the Blessing and they are asking Father if they could join in the Blessing as well.

Only Father can do something like that. No Gorbachev, Bush or Billy Graham could do anything like it. Last year Father traveled throughout the country to proclaim True Parentship to the Koreans. No one opposed Father, not even the Christians. They heard a new term, True Parents, which is not even in the Bible but they did not oppose.

Father has brought 30 000 Korean leaders to America to show them what Father has done. Do you believe me or do you think I am lying? Father's goal is to bring 100 000 Koreans to America.

You are powerful individuals because you met Father. Otherwise you would be like a worm, living and dying in one place. Here in the US many people live on the East and West coast. Many people die not seeing the other coast. Here Father is bringing over many people from across the ocean.

If Father is in Korea and he decides to call all the American members to come to Korea within 30 days would you go? Yes! Raise your hands if you could not go (there were a few hands). Now you have heard all of the prophesies that Father has made and that have come true in the last few years. Now you need new words pertaining t the future now. Or do you want to have lunch first? Do you want me to continue? Father could finish in 10 minutes or talk for a thousand years.

"Royal Family of True Love"

Royal Family of True Love sounds very good and easy but it is very difficult to achieve. What is the foundation of the Royal Family? God! He is the Royal Family Lord, owner and subject. He is the King and without a King there can not be any royalty. Is the King a man or a woman? Man! The King comes first, then the Queen. Together they are one but she must unite and follow the King's direction. Then surrounding them is the royal family.

We talk about Elder Son Restoration, True Parent Restoration and Kingship Restoration. We know that God is our King, but God is invisible and gives this privilege to His Son, Rev. Moon. God is the King of Kings, the problem making King of Kings.

If I have kicked Dr. Pak to the ground but he becomes the King (which will never happen, says Dr. Pak), I will have to bow down to him (which will never happen, says Dr. Pak).

Be a Problem making King

Father is the problem making King for the satanic world. Satan's world is the worst place. You must become a controversial trouble maker and spy in the satanic world, that is good.

No one has a better communication network than Father. He has visible and invisible lines. Satan hit Father with all that he had, T.o.T., which means Time on Target. But Satan could not defeat Father. He set up the Headwing. Who protected Father? God, heavenly atmosphere and heavenly fate.

Headwin(g) = Headwon. As early as 1979 our victory was won. Only the uninformed are still opposing us. As the Christians are being accused for blocking 2 billion peoples way to the Kingdom, we will also be accused because of our lack of doing. Will your ancestors welcome you or curse you? You are not here because of your own merit. Your ancestors brought you and if you fail, they fail. Do you think they will like to fail because of you? If you stay in one place too long it is a sin.

Raise your hand if you have no sin

Only American people can save America and New York. Those who think they have not sinned, raise your hands. You must absolutely believe in me and follow me. My way is the True Love way and that is the short cut.

Until now I have faced many obstacles but I have pushed them all down. You do not understand my miserable situation. I had many head on collisions but because I have a True Love Head, I won over all of them. How can we kick in the gates of hell and open the Spirit World up wide?

Christians believe that Christ will come to save everybody and at the same time they sing songs to oppose Rev. Moon. Your mission is to change that.

Pal Chong Check, the ceremony that completed all. You must transfer your blood lineage from Satan's to God's. You must get out of the satanic love, life and lineage. You must go 180 degrees in the opposite way. Why do you need the satanic world, the Messiah's world is here. Please inherit the original life. We received the satanic seed. Now we must change it to the Heavenly seed. Your sex organ is the most holy love palace.

The prison is Satan's basement, the worst place. Father went there and opened the gates of hell. We must claim all ownership from the individual level to the cosmic level. To do that we need our Original Home and Original Nation. We also need our Original Holy Palace, the sexual organ. You do not know how miserable God is, only Rev. Moon knows.

Father claims the world of Technology

For a long time Germany and Japan resisted Father but now Father is taking their technology. machine technology from Germany and electronic technology from Japan. How could Father make the conditions to win these Technical Worlds. It's a mystery, Heavenly Fate.

You Americans must learn Korean. For you a Cheeseburger smells not so bad, for me it smells not so good.

We have gained the victory foundation over the Left and Right Worlds. Based on that Christ can appear and start the Head World. The Kingdom of Heaven starts from the individual. You have to go back Home. Home Town is your destiny.

When you go there after 20 or 30 years, they will ask you why you came back. No matter how difficult it is, you must follow me and go through your Home Town, otherwise there is no hope. You have the Elder Sonship, True Parentship and Kingship right.

Adam and Eve the first parents were bad parents. Christianity's way is wrong. I chose to go to prison. If I had not done so, there would have been no hope for America. Father's way is the teaching way, the way of education.

God's Kingdom Center

The point of Creation is God's Kingdom Center, The Palace. (a baby echoes Father and Father says it responded better than the adults. Now all echo Father). We must return to the original palace. Father knows best, He is the best fisherman, farmer etc.

Now Father made a new proclamation, "Go to Home Town". Forget the concept of the ages. I learned to speak English so you must learn Korean. You must read Father's words in the 200 original volume of Father's speeches. All solutions are in there, from the individuals the cosmic problems. With Father's words all can be resolved.

If you are 20 years in the Church and do not know Korean, you can not be my disciple. Without indemnity (as Jesus said "bear your cross") you can not be my disciple.

You have to go back to your family and Home Town and establish a new tradition based on your Kingdom Center and your love and lineage palace. This will be the beginning of a One World Culture.

Not so many people know it but I received three presents from Kim Il Sung.

The Christian basement must be connected to the oriental world because Jesus lost His foundation in the orient.

You can't multiply in the Spirit World thus you must have many children while you are here on earth.

Say Yes to Home Town

Your True Place of Settlement is your Home Town, raise your hands and say yes if you will go there. You must stay in your Original Settlement Home Town and be a good (God and True Love) trouble maker. Go to the Original Home Town Basement and work your way up.

Let's chase out all the Blessed Families and bring new hope to America.

Father concludes the speech by having four Manseis, one in each direction North, East, West, and South.

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