The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

29th Day Of All Things

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Main Ceremony, Day of All Things
World Mission Center, Bamboo Room
June 12, 1991

I. Procedure for Organizing the Holy Days Main Ceremony in America

A. Who can attend

1. Make a list of 1,000 blessed members (500 couples) eligible to attend.
2. This list should be selected from all blessings between the 36 couples and 8,000 couples, and from across the nation.
3. The list should be circulated to all who are on it.
4. Select the attendees for a specific Holy Day from the list of 1,000, print out the list and notify them months in advance.
5. The total attending should be between 150 and 200.
6. For each Holy Day, make a back-up list amounting to 25% approximately of the total meant to attend. The total back-up list would be 40.
7. There Is one representative couple for each blessing group, which attends each Holy Day.
8. Get Father's approval for the primary lists and back-up lists. In addition, ask Father for any members from outside America who should attend.
9. Particular families from the bigger blessings should not attend more than once or twice a year. The only exception Is the special representative couples. Those chosen to kyung bae can attend up to twice in a year; others no more than once a year.
10. Those not on the invitation list are not allowed to attend.

B. Preparation for attendance

1. Attendees should be notified months in advance.
2. Attendees should pray seriously for months In advance.
3. Attendees should bring a special offering.
4. The whole membership surrounding an attendee should pray with them and contribute toward the offering.

C. Conditions for disqualification

1. Family quarreling during preparation time.
2. A family member goes to spirit world during preparation time.
3. Broken blessing
4. Falling after the blessing.

a. The central figure who approved the blessing candidacy of a couple which fell after the blessing is responsible and must make an indemnity condition.

b. Headquarters should make a record of couples who fell after the blessing and the central figure who approved their candidacy.

c. This includes second generation who fell.

d. Satan's final weapon is sex.

e. In the Old Testament age, sexual offense was punished by stoning to death. Father is not yet clarifying what kind of judgement there will be for this problem in the future.

D. Meaning of the Main Ceremony and our Attitude

1. It is not an "alumni meeting."
2. It is a special offering for the liberation of the spirit world and the entire world.
3. The Offering Table (ideally) should be prepared upon the foundation of world unity.
4. It should be an offering of love.
5. It is very special, because it sets a condition for the connection of the spirit world and physical world.
6. Also it connects all our hearts together as an offering.
7. This offering is not on the family level: it is a national and world level offering.

E. Follow-up

1. Headquarters maintains record of attendees' names, locations and offerings.
2. The offering is to be used for second generation education.

II. Hometown Providence

A. Blessed couples without full-time providential missions should go to the husband's hometown together to fulfill Tribal Messiahship.
B. If the husband is doing a public mission and the wife is not, the wife and children should go to his hometown. If the wife is doing a public mission and the husband is not. the husband should go to his hometown.
C. She can return occasionally to visit her husband after finding a relative to take her place in the hometown while she is gone.
D. She can move back permanently with her husband after she establishes a Tribal Messiahship church with 120 members in the hometown.
E. If the husband is not an American. and neither he nor his wife have a public mission in America. then they both should return to the husband's hometown In his home country. However, if either the husband or the wife has a public mission in America, they should not at this time return to the husband's country, but rather should continue to work in their missions in America and do Tribal Messiahship where they currently live.
F. The Tribal Messiah as head of the tribe sets the tradition and standard for the entire tribe.
G. Now is the time for Tribal Messiah churches, not traditional churches. Tribal Messiah churches are composed of family, relatives and spiritual children.
H. By July 1 all blessed couples, including from the 36 couple blessing. must turn in the Tribal Messiah application form. The entire family must be united in heart with the Tribal Messiah pledge. The husband's signature represents the family.

III. General directions

A. Unification Church members should solve the problem of starvation in every way possible.

1. One way is that we skip one meal a week or even per day, and donate the money to our missionaries in poor countries.
2. After he left home, Father did not have lunch for seven years.
3. The money he saved and gave to poor people and students.

B. We must report to heaven each month.

1. Report our lifestyle level.
2. We must live under the median social standard. We should just feed ourselves and survive, that's all.
3. Private ownership must be for public purpose.

C. Ocean enterprise

1. Each blessed family must own one boat. A 20' boat will be available for $20,000. Each family must be capable of boat engine repair.
2. Each couple should establish a savings account for the purchase of their boat.

D. June marks the point of greatest difficulty economically. both for our movement and the world as a whole.

The situation will improve beginning in July. first in our movement and then in the world as a whole.

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