The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Instructions To Leaders

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
World Mission Center Grand Ballroom
29th Day of All Things
June 12, 1991

I. The Past, Present and Future

A. The Past
1. First, the Old Testament Age was the time of saving human beings through the restoration of material.
2. Second, the New Testament Age was the time of finding the True Parents through the restoration of human beings.
3. Third, the Completed Testament Age was the time of establishing God on earth through restoring the True Parents.
B. The Present
1. First we need to restore elder sonship.
2. Second we need to restore True Parentship.
3. Third we need to restore kingship.
C. The Future
1. First, individual unification of mind and body.
2. Second, the unification of families.
3. Third, the unification of the nation.
4. Fourth, the unification of the world.
5. Fifth. the unification of the cosmos (the physical world and spirit world).

II. "Re-Resurrection!' of Christianity

A. First. we need a revival team (a "re-resurrection" team) to resurrect Christianity.
B. Second. campus ministers and the CARP movement must unite together and then work with other established Christian groups on campus.
C. Third, students and their parents should work together. Parents should work with CARP activities.
D. Fourth, re-resurrection of the second generation of existing Christian churches.
E. Fifth, the re-establishment of family ethics.
F. Sixth, unite with the YMCA and YWCA.
G. Seventh, all churches, by re-resurrecting, will realize and take up the patriotic mission of saving the country.

III. Sister relationships between major universities In the super-power countries.

A. First, the 3,000 Soviet students who have heard the Divine Principle should invite American students to the USSR
B. Second, a sister relationship between American and Soviet students. Soviet students should train American students in Moscow. Soviet students should help in revival meetings in America.
C. Third, selection and unification of world-class leaders from among these Soviet and American students.
D. Fourth, a campaign for an American/USSR. alliance in order to go beyond ideological boundaries.
E. Fifth, the leadership of the Soviet Union and the Soviet students are to be connected, and together unite with the free world.
F. Sixth, our movement should connect together and make unity with communist and formerly-communist nations.

IV. Organizing the International Federation for World Peace and the Call of Heaven.

A. First, work toward and practice unity among all religions in the USSR and arm them with heavenly thought. Arm the people nationwide with Divine Principle through the media.
B. Second, increase immediately the number of missionaries to the USSR.
C. Third, assign leadership personnel to guide USSR in how to change the Soviet system.
D. Fourth, hold a great event to organize the International Federation for World Peace.
E. Fifth, unify important religious and political leaders to achieve world peace.
F. Sixth, prepare for the August 1992 World Festival of Culture and connect religious and political leaders to the world level providence.
1. Scholars
2. Professors and educators
3. Theologians and religious leaders
4. Political leaders
G. Seventh, work for unity between Soviets and Americans. Through that unity, re-arm. American Christianity and establish moral families in America.

V. The Inquisition book and Our Age

A. Inquisition should be translated into the languages of every mission nation.
B. We should use Inquisition in our Tribal Messiah areas to educate people about True Parents and our movement.
C. Utilizing this transition time from the satanic to heavenly world.
D. Speak boldly and bravely about True Parents and the Divine Principle and establish the tradition of invincible victory.
E. Now is the time to grasp the opportunity to publicize our movement on a world-wide level and to do good public relations.
G. March forward to establish the value and importance of Tribal Messiahship in this Tribal Messiah era.
H. Beginning July 1, 1991 everyone should go out to witness for 40 days either in America or in some mission country.
I. We should demonstrate that we are the greatest religion in the history of the world.

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