The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Fruits Of True Love And The Day Of All Things

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
The Day of All Things
World Mission Center, Grand Ballroom
Wednesday, June 12th 1991
Unofficial Notes

Who is over forty? There are mostly young people here. When we say Day of all Things, would that include man. This is a good question to ponder. From God's point of view, man is definitely included. All of God's creation is included.

Man is the reason and standard for the rest of the Creation. Does God have eyes? When God is all by Himself does He need eyes? Before God created, did He need any senses? When did eyes, ears, nose, hands and mouth came into being?

We are really tackling some interesting questions here. These questions would not even be considered in a Christian Seminary. But we can do it. The meaning of the Unification Church is to harmonize and bring together.

If nothing exist, senses are not necessary. God needed senses only after He created the objective world. God had no need to hear, see, feel and touch before the Creation. But this does not mean that he was not capable of seeing, hearing, feeling and touching.

If one has love, but no one to express it to, you might as well don't have love. God had all the senses before the creation but He could not use them. God is a God of personality, but does He need personality if there is no one around, no object? Everything came into being when God created.

That is the reason why man is created in God's image. Since man has God's personality, we have the same urges as God for an object of love form the individual up to the highest level, the "God level". We have five senses and they are absolutely necessary for True Love. True Love is the love that God can enjoy, it has nothing to do with the worldly love we know. Money, Power, Knowledge and position are not needed by God, He has that already. What God needs is an object of love. Without True Man and True Woman, God has no life.

A True Man is like a magnet. He is a strong plus and automatically the minus is attracted by the plus. It just can't help itself, it wants to go to the plus so badly. The best thing that God can have is an object of love, an object that can never be derailed.

Human beings want to have everything that God has. That is only natural because to be a true object of God, we must have everything God has. The common denominator between man and God are the five senses. Many times your senses wander all over the place and it is difficult to focus on something. But there is one occasion were your senses really come into focus, at the event of True Love.

At first your eyes make contact from a distance. Then, when you get closer you close your eyes and the nose takes over and eventually you start to taste love. What about God then? When He finds His object of love, He will do exactly the same. The best way to come closest to God is to have a True Love experience with Him. There is much poetry in the Bible. Why is that? God loves it!

Of course we must understand that this has nothing to do with the secular standard of love. (a Christian minister was sitting near the front and Father asked him a couple of times if he agreed with what Father was saying. The minister answered in the affirmative.) With God everything that He has made is holy. The color red is holy and diamonds are holy too. The shape of man remains unchanging from generation to generation and that unchanging element makes man holy. Everything unchanging and eternal is holy. A white man, a black man are holy if they are unchanging. If the unchanging changes, satan will start to dance with the changing.

The mind of man was to be unchanging, however, we know it is not. It changes many times each hour. This type of mind is lowly, not holy. Do you want to be a holy man, do you want to be a holy woman, do you want to be a holy couple? "Yes!" We must clearly understand the concept of holiness.

Can you command the color of a flower to change? No, not even God can do it. The flower will tell God that..."what is the meaning of this? You gave me the original color in the first place. Why do you want to change it now?"... Changes in the color can only be made by going back to the roots, change the seed in some way and after some generations the color of the flower can be changed. Man is the same, we must go back to the roots.

Only when our senses are in resonance with God's senses can man fulfil his purpose completely. Will all the creation complain when that happens? They also have five senses and may feel neglected. They have their own system of love and they unify their senses. When they come in touch with a True Man's five senses, they will feel fulfilled. Even the smallest insects have their five senses and organs to reproduce. They also love to love. In the orient we have a saying that even a flea has a face.

The same is true for the mineral world and the atomic world. They do have some way of communicating. The whole creation sings a song of love to find a mate. An orchestra of love surrounds everything. The one side says true love is OK, the other side says I surrender, KO me with your true love.

How wonderful it is to be born as a man. We live to eat the fruit of love. You will never get sick when you are grateful to the creation. Think of an old piece of bread. Even though it is old, the effort and love that went into making it is really amazing. If you are grateful to eat that piece of old bread than it will love you and appreciate you. You will never get sick with such an attitude.

How about a calf raised up caringly and lovingly by it's mother cow. You must eat the calf's meat with the same heart and love that it received from the mother. If you do that, you will never get sick.

All creation wants to be eaten by man so that it can go to a higher level. If you go to a banquet and only eat the choice foods and neglect the lesser foods, than the food will complain. You should start with the lower quality foods and work your way up to the choice foods. Then all levels of food will love you and you will never get sick. Please try from now on to eat with that type of attitude. You will always be a healthy person.

Eat with a grateful heart from the lower to the higher levels of food and no matter how much you eat, you will never get sick. The food itself will protect you and destroy the evil elements in your body.

Food becomes part of your body, even your lips with which you kiss your beloved, so there is no end to the value of the living food you consume. If you love food from Korea or Japan, you can't hate those countries because the food from those countries makes up your body. That food may even make up some element in your sexual part. The whole world is being mobilized to provide man with the substance he needs to live.

God is very happy to see a True Man and True Woman respond gratefully to the beauty and usefulness of His creation. A water molecule does not necessarily originate in the USA. It could come from any one of the oceans around the world. It is the same with the air. Those who create borders are bad people. How many times have we eaten our food without deep appreciation for it? By cherishing the creation, we will learn to love our own children. The vegetables we eat have senses to feel man. When they are eaten by a bad man, they shrink, they do not want to be eaten by such a man. Creation really cries when it is not eaten by a proper person. We can not see or hear it but it is absolutely true. However, they love to be eaten by a good man and they expand when that happens.

Father does not waste any food. When He drops something from His plate, He picks it up immediately thinking that it is the most important part of the meal and if He does not eat it He will miss the best part of it.

Women have the opportunity to love the food as they prepare it. They are just like chief priests making an offering on the altar to God. This is the secret why women live longer than men. They live longer because they receive the love elements of the living food as they prepare it.

From now on your kitchen must become a holy place where you can prepare food while you are dancing with joy. If you have that kind of attitude, you can tell the smoke to leave and it will disappear.

Birds chirp in only two ways, they chirp seeking for food or seeking for love. With man it should be the same, art, culture and education etc. is just thrown in as an extra. A couple living like this is the happiest couple. Now you know how Father kept His health. How old is Father now?..."71", No, 42! If you determine not to go past that age, you won't. This is a happy Day of All Things.

20 Million people are starving every day in this world and 60 000 people are dying of starvation every day. Bush and Gorbachev are not doing anything about it because they think it is not their responsibility.

But True Parents are responsible. It is True Parent's and the True Children's mission to feed the starving world.

All Blessed Couples will have one 20 foot boat and go fishing and live off the sea. Father prepared a prototype of an unsinkable boat some 20 years ago for this very purpose. All we have to do is reproduce it many times over.

People are scared to go out on the sea in bad weather. This is especially true in Alaska. Father is building 20, 27, and 54 foot boats. They are very safe and they do not sink.

Through Fund Raising Father trained us for the new challenges in our lives. We will be the flag bearers of the movement to save the starving world. Do you know that fish lay hundred's of thousand eggs but only less than 1% actually makes it to adulthood. in the wild. Imagine if we make salt lake fish farms in the future. We could produce an incredible amount of food.

For the years to come we can save some money for the boats that each Blessed Couple should have. We can do this by skipping one meal a day. Those who feel they can not skip one meal a day and save $20, 000 a year, raise your hand.

A 54 footer costs about $420,000. We have to follow Father's direction or otherwise we will decline. If you determine to buy a boat for your family at some time in the future, please raise your hands.

Many raise their hands. Father shouts "Kamiyama, how many boats can you build?

If you, rather than complaining shout Mansei, you will live a very long time. What is the unifying point between your five physical and five spiritual senses? It is True Love. Father expects now that the perfection of the Day of All Things will come and that all resentments will pass away. You have to be able to dominate any situation. You do not like a foul smell, but the plants that you love to eat live off that. You should be able to go to the worst smelly place and live a regular life there. How about having your breakfast, lunch and dinner in a Korean outhouse. If you can do that than you are really a holy man or couple and you can turn Hell into Heaven wherever you go.

If some one spat on you while you were fund raising but you loved him anyway. When you meet him again after some years and remind him that he once spat on you but you prayed for him and loved him all these years, he will be so amazed at that and he will follow you from that point on.

Those who beat their wives, raise your hands. If you do not raise your hands, Father can not forgive you. How about the wives?....

We should be grateful with the theme of this day and become Princes and Princesses and return to God. Those who pledge to become Princes and Princesses please raise your hands.

Thank you very much, God Bless You!

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