The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Responsibility of Tribal Messiah

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
East Garden
Unofficial Notes

If you don't understand the concept of Tribal Messiahship, it's a problem. American people have a tendency of not thinking about restoration through indemnity. Restoration doesn't come for nothing. You can't go to the Kingdom of Heaven without going restoration course. Restoration is the recreation course of being connected to God's life, love and lineage. The whole world should have loved and welcomed Father instead they went completely against Father. Recently 70 people representing 15 countries in Eastern Europe welcomed Father. They are making a contrary way. Now people say that Unification Church alone has great religious people. The Western world has done everything that Satan wanted-drugs, alcohol and free sex. Satan made the corruption way or hell on earth completely. Why is America like this? It is a shameful and serious problem. Father came 18 years ago to America to change this situation from Satan to God. American youth had a "freedom" concept to do anything they wanted so the family broke down. Now the world is completely controlled by Satan. This is the reality. Who can digest Satan's way? Can the government, the professors or the leaders today? Only the Unification Church can.

All these years the military, nuclear and political power couldn't change the Soviets. Now after hearing Divine Principle for 3 days the Soviets have changed 180 degrees. They are saying Rev. Moon teaches the real God. The Bush administration is wondering what's going on.

In 1975 the whole world attacked the American, Japanese and German missionaries we sent out. In 1976 everyone in the world was against the Unification Church. But now it is different.

American people are only centering on the flesh or body viewpoint, not the spiritual viewpoint. Satan is leading people by drugs and alcohol. What shall we do? How can we clean it up? Who can take responsibility for this corruption problem? In the restoration course, you cannot go freely, you have to pay indemnity. Only by shedding blood, sweat and tears. Unless you go restoration course you can't go up, you can't progress. Abel's position without Cain can't progress. In the Unification Church, Americans need to go an indemnity course. The providential way is a restoration course. God wants to save all humanity centering on the Christian world. This is a historical reality. However Christianity doesn't understand it's root. Also it doesn't understand clearly about God and Satan. Abel's position is controlling the religious way. Christianity doesn't know that. Blessed couples represent all mankind and should look at more than America.

The outside world is wild, denying everything. Satan is try to even kidnap people from our church. Americans didn't follow Father so the Soviets are coming. White people have to go under others. Millions of Indians and Blacks disappeared. You killed them! Now American people are taking indemnity way due to the opium root problem. There are many drug problems. America says we're number one, yet they are bringing hell to other nations. You have to know clearly our situation. You have to take indemnity course. You have to follow Father's words, otherwise you can't go through the completion stage.

The conclusion is clear, you have to go the restoration course, you have to pay indemnity. No matter how great American people are they need an indemnity course. Father always takes the severe indemnity way. When the leaders get together after Father gives directions they are wondering how to avoid it. You can overcome centering on God and True Parents.

This is a new historical course-go back and save your family. No time in history has this happen. Without going this course even if you have a lot of power you can't go to heaven. Father made all the conditions where the leaders of the world can believe in Father only. Father can go to N. Korea and even be welcomed yet Kim Il Sung cannot come to South Korea. Soon North and South Korea will unite. We should register in that country. Father is making conditions everywhere. In the political, industrial and business world, Father is famous. With Wacom, Father is recognized by the technological world. Right now America is controlling South America by using power, but they can't use that in the future. Recently Father visited Uruguay and Brazil. They want to help and follow Father. Also Father has made a big influence on the Bush administration. America doesn't know it but Bush know me very well.

Father is representing mankind in front of the Bush administration. Soon Father will combine the International Federation for World Peace and the World Federation of Religions centering on True Parents. Satan cannot come close to making that kind of foundation. Horizontally not vertically, Blessed couples should take land for Tribal Messiahship. By July 1st there will be a form for Tribal Messiahship. If you don't fill it out, Father will not take responsibility for you. For 7 years we need to make influence in our family. Why do we need Tribal Messiahship? If we don't realize it we cannot save our family. You Blessed couples should be surrounded by your tribe. Then in spirit world you will be surrounded by your family or tribe. Otherwise it will be miserable. Blessed couples must make new tribes unlike the fallen world which has made tribes centered on fallen parents. You should go home and make influence, teaching them Divine Principle. We should make one nation and one world centered on Blessed couples. Go back to your relatives. We inherited God's love, life and lineage. You are in the Messiah's position. I am in God's position. Make influence, have ownership; You are Father's children. Blessed couples represent everything, how can you separate? Father spits on the American family system.

After you save your relatives you can correct out or complete Adam's position. Tribal Messiahship is 2nd parents or Jesus position. You can bring Adam and Jesus family through the completion level horizontally not just vertically. Adam and Jesus did not make it through the completion stage. So Tribal Messiahship can complete that. You can save the family, the county, the nation. Tribal Messiahship is the completion of the first and second Adam. When you make the Tribal Messiah mission, you can have your original home. You can make your home and Satan doesn't exist.

Why do we need Tribal Messiahship? First is to save your parents or family and second is to save your hometown. We need your hometown in the Heavenly world. Why do we need Tribal Messiahship? To connect everyone to the life, love and lineage of God. The original viewpoint is that the restoration course is recreation. If you don't fulfill Tribal Messiahship you can't stand in recreation position. It is preparation for eternity. Tribal Messiahship is the completion of Adam's family and saves my family.

In the daytime you should do teaching and at night you can earn money. 3 hours rest is enough. Saving the world is our purpose. By July first, we will all be the same. We don't need national leaders. We will have become Tribal Messiahs. High level officials don't live in the downtown area, they live in your home church areas. You need hometown and your parents to complete the parents position. You need 120/360 homes to protect your area. Satan cannot exist then. Satan is most afraid of Tribal Messiahship. Father's teaching is straight but your mind and body is crooked. Make completion of this on the earth not in the spirit world. We need to know how to connect to all kinds of people in the spirit world. In spirit world you can immediately go to anyone and travel anywhere instantaneously. You can wish for a banquet for 1000 people and it will automatically be there. You have to believe in yourself. Have faith in yourself. Even God and True Parents can't take it from you. Why has God been taking such a long time people ask? It's because recreation depends on man's portion of responsibility. You have to do recreation or restoration course. Father cannot do it for you. Do you understand this? This is your mission. Those that pledge to be Tribal Messiahs, please raise your hands.

(Father spoke over 3 hours in English without a translator)

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