The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Let Us Inherit The Realm Of Victory Of Our True Parents

Rev. Moon
The 32nd Anniversary Of Parents Day
World Mission Center New York, New York, USA
Monday, April 15th 1991
Unofficial Notes

More than 5 billion people live on earth but all are very confused. No one knows their origin, and history and thus no one knows the future either.

The reason for this is because the beginning of mankind was unclear. If the beginning had been clear, there would have been no confusion. But history started out on the wrong footing and thus the standard of good and evil is not clear causing much suffering and tragedy for all of humanity and human life became miserable.

Goodness is declining even though everyone want things to be good. What is the reason for that? This is an important question and we have to ponder it deeply.

Good and evil is always engaged in battle. Many Kingdoms come and go only because there is a lack of understanding of Heavenly Standard and tradition. All rulers want to stay in power and they want to be good. However, for an unknown reason their Kingdoms are destroyed and they themselves perish.

What is the principle that is running the good and evil situation. Since there is no clear understanding, there are no clear rules concerning good and evil. There are many different standards of good and evil. Every country has a different way and standard of enforcing their laws.

The amazing thing is that each individual has a God given conscience. All of humanity has to make a choice of which way to go. Everyone's conscience has the power of judgement to determine the goodness of their particular nation and compare it with other nations. Man's conscience would always be attracted to follow the highest standard.

What is the purpose of education? Is it to educate the mind or the body? (Most answer the mind). You have not been listening properly, Father just explained to you that the mind is trained and educated by the conscience. So education is for the body. The body has to be trained properly and led in the right direction.

When you meet people, your mind will tell you whether the person is a good or evil person. There must be absolute unity and harmony between your conscience and your action. Conscience and Spirit World are unchanging, it is the body that is always changing. Your conscience has one standard only but your five senses change all the time. Evil invades most powerfully through your five physical senses. Thus there is no stability in human life.

The eye can see one action and interpret it in many different ways. If your standard is not correct satan will take advantage of this in the worst way. The body always wants to eat the best food and rest the most. The body always fights with the mind to get the best of everything. It will lead you to the head table of a party and tell you to take the best food which may be reserved for others.

On the contrary, the mind always guides you the humble way and guides you to follow the protocol to please others. What is the root of the mind? Have you seen your mind? Can you feel your mind? Are you sure your mind is living with you? Yes? How do you know? Is the root of the mind visible or invisible? Of course it is invisible. It has also a clear purpose , direction and goal. Would you not want to become a filial Son, Patriot, or Saint? The mind will always take you in the highest direction so that you can become a Saint. This will not change in a billion years. The more you follow the direction of your mind which is guided by your conscience, the more you will develop a noble character. Than you would always be respected.

The original root of conscience is also the original root of nobility. Your conscience must run parallel with the original root of conscience. When that happens, would the American Constitution be the limit of law? NO!

What is the goal of conscience? Is it knowledge? Even knowledge is changeable. In fact it changes all the time. In the medical profession one doctor may tell you something is good while another will tell you to the contrary. There is much confusion and contradiction in the world of knowledge.

Is the goal of conscience Money? If you have $1 billion in your pocket, how would your pocket feel? Would it feel happy, peaceful or restless? It would worry for someone to come and steel it. There is no peace there.

Father gave a 100 million Won check to a minister. He was so jubilant because he had never seen that much money before. Father told him to keep it and bring it back in a week. He went home happy and excited but after a few days he became so worried and even scared so he returned the check sooner.

Would the goal of the conscience be power? How can you keep power? To keep power you almost have to be absolutely evil and strong. There will always be someone else to chase after you to take your position. This has nothing to do with happiness.

God is almighty, so He must have some idea of what a peaceful life should be. The key to a happy life is: 1. Conscience 2. True love

These two are connected to True Life and True Lineage. Do you have life? Who is the owner of this life, is it you? No your life belongs to the Universe, the root of all life. To be part of the Universe is the highest and the best. There are billions of cells in your body and each cells wants to be No.1. God arranged it so that each cell actually can be No.1, each cell has certain unique characteristics which make it No.1, each cell is the best.

Conscience is No.1 and True Love is No.2 but they are almost one. One exist in the other and work together to create harmony. Love can only be seen in action and love travels very deep, not shallow. Love is like a shaft or an axis. Everything revolves around this axis and love glues everything together in harmony. The conscience's goal is love, love is most powerful and inspiring. Love covers all things and resolves all things. Love is greater than any power in the Universe.

Love creates filial piety, brotherhood, patriotism and Sainthood. Only Love can do this. The conclusion is that the root of conscience is love and love will create Beauty, Truth and Goodness. Love is so flexible, it can make everything into one.

On the Great Adventure Play land roller coaster everybody screams on the way down. No one will tell you to stop screaming, no old person young person or in between. No one will complain. All races and even strangers become one in a situation like that. They even may embrace and kiss. God gave the greatest gift of all to mankind and that is the True Love Conscience.

That is the reason God made Men and Women. The greatest gift of all by the Creator is love. Taking away love equals death. Our conscience takes us to True Love, it knows the shortest and quickest way. True Love always hits you in an 90 degree angle, there is no loss or waste in that situation.

Father already spoke about one hour and He even forgot what day it is. But it really does not matter what day it is if there is True Love, with True Love we will celebrate a Universal Day.

To have Love manifested more perfectly God created everything in Subject and Object. Your root conscience is the subject and you are the object. Father said in English that in translation many important points of the speech do not get translated. Father does not feel so good about this so He speaks in English many times. It's like someone goes to a restaurant and orders a juicy steak. When the steak comes with sand sprinkled over it one can not really enjoy it. That's how Father feels sometimes if the translation is not correct.

In 10 generations from now, all nations and races will be connected directly to True Parents Family. Do you like that?

Conscience and love are the most important qualities of life. Do you agree with that? YES! Do you like equalization? YES! I do not believe you.

The unchangeable mind wants unchangeable love. How about love in the USA? It has no center. Americans get hit by love but are soon burned out. America needs a love revolution. How can we infuse True Love into America! Can we do it with money? Everything America is experiencing is fallen perverted love. No one wanted that, not God, the conscience True Love etc. We need a revolution solution. That comes through the Messiah. We exist in two layers, the mind with God as its Master and the body with satan as its master. When the Messiah comes, the original Mind and Body will be spawned for the first time. The Messiah brings men and women into their original state where they have never been before.

The worst case scenario is that satan invaded mans body and has multiplied his children and thus the evil world came about. Satan has always been a plus force, in the subject position, but now, with the Messiah around, he will be knocked down.

The Messiah is looking under the love cover to find plus and minus united in love. The Universe is our best Policeman, always protecting the good people. When there is thunderstorm you will hear and see it. Plus and minus grow so big and eventually they clash. As long as there is no clear subject and object positions, there will be division. School science books say that plus and minus repel each other. Father found out that this is not true. This is only correct if there is no clear subject and object.

Before marriage the boys and the girls hang out together in different groups. When the time for marriage comes, one boy will get married and separate from the boy's group and never live the same way again. When another boy comes to challenge that the married boy will tell him "get behind me satan". The same is true with the girls. We see the Universal law of protection at work here.

Another law of the Universe is that when a perfect plus comes into existence, a perfect minus is created. This plus and minus together create a bigger plus which attracts a bigger minus, and so on.

Father always puts Himself in a perfect plus position. Anyone coming against Father will either shatter into pieces or become a perfect minus. The USA hit Father and because of that it was shattered and is declining now at a rapid pace. However, if conscientious people rise up, the whole world will change.

The most evil nation, Russia uplifted Father and treated Him royally. Father was the perfect plus and the big minus harmonized with Father. You have received the Blessing and have become a plus. Those who stand against you will shatter. Those who will harmonize with you will create a bigger plus together with you.

Even during the Gulf War Father made suggestions to Gorbachev and Bush. Yesterday George Bush declared April (May??) 4,5, and 6th days of prayer to give thanks to God for the few lives that were lost during the war. On April (May??) 7th at 3pm all Church bells throughout the country rang (will ring) to give thanks to God.

George Bush made two original declaration documents to have a historical record of these events. In these documents he quoted the Bible, especially the Book of Psalms extensively. Two copies, one was sent to True Parents. ( Dr. Pak really painted a vivid picture of that Declaration, Father told him not to "over advertise" this).

The body is Satan's strongest weapon which he uses to pervert God's Ideal. Adam and Eve are in Hell now. Immorality became rampant because satan killed off man's conscience.

Rich people usually focus on the body. Satan blesses them because they are doing his thing. You can't get rich without overriding your conscience. Thus satan can use these people and the money for his own desires. They become his tools. God wants you to find a way for your conscience to feel free and happy. Money will never get you that freedom and happiness.

Unificationists have been chosen to eliminate even prostitution and revive peoples consciences. You must shatter the evil plus or make it a minus. If you stand as absolute plus, no one can hurt you or defeat you. So you have a very good reason to glorify and praise God and the True Parents.

Incest is also a problem. Father and even Grandfather and daughter. Mother and son and brother's and sisters enter into strange relationships. We must resolve these strange problems.

The True Conscience Kingship and the True Love Kingship is to be established by the True Parents. Those two are the most important. Satan can not survive the True love, True Life, True Lineage and True Parents. When all this is set up, humanity can live forever. We must restore the ownership of the Conscience Kingship and create three Palaces.

The "True Love Kingship Palace" The "True Life Kingship Palace" The "True Lineage Kingship Palace"

Satan destroyed human personality. Why do you need me? I am pretty old already and a Grandfather. You need me because I am the True Parent. True Parents are the most precious people who bring True Love, Life and Lineage Power.

The realm of victory started out on the individual level but it has now expanded to the Universal level. You are the students and you must receive a diploma from True Parents. That diploma has no equal on earth in degree of difficulty. You must become True Children.

Satan now is bargaining with God. "I'll give up all the creation, the whole Universe and all mankind if you give me Rev. Moon. But God said "NO!" Can you give your child, wife, husband in exchange for all of New York City? Absolutely not! There is nothing more important than the True Love Vibration.

If you want to save some flowers from a hail storm and you are really sincere and mean it than God will chase away the clouds based on your hearts desire and stop the rain or hail. Than even the flowers will say to you "thank you son (daughter) of God. So how much more should you love your spouse and children? Love in the family is most deep and powerful. It compares to no other love in the creation. Looking through glasses of conscience at the USA, Father has no shame looking at America. America has been won over and Father wants you to inherit that victory. You can inherit it by fulfilling your Tribal Messiah Responsibility. You will become the ancestor, the Abraham of your own tribe. Because Father knew all this, no amount of persecution could stop him from doing god's will. Father has received so much persecution and He has been victorious over it. His body is witness to the many gold medals Father has won. If you follow my course, I will give you these medals.

If you do not believe me now and go to the Spirit World you will not be able to see Father in the eyes. You will be so ashamed. Father knows the Spirit World so well. Gorbachev and Bush may know how to run a country but that is not enough. They need Father's help. How can they really know Rev. Moon? They must study Father's life. Father has survived this long, no one can touch Him now. Soon then entire Humanity will recognize Father as the Victor.

The Unificationists are very conscientious, they deny the body and are morally as clean as snow. Father received a report about an oriental doctor on the West Coast. Some of our members have been helped by him. He found out that 1000 men and women lived at the World Mission Center. He expected this place to be a place of immorality and sin. He sent someone out to see what was going on. This person could not find anything wrong and the doctor eventually joined the Church. He had never witnessed such a high moral standard.

A new breed has been created on the face of the earth. Most people can only dream about this but we have made this a reality. Thank God that He has given us this beautiful life. This is the worst threat to satan, but the greatest victory to God and mankind.

Please realize that you can't diminish the foundation and tradition that Father has set up through you. True Parents have suffered incredibly to bring the providence this far but now we can build God's Kingdom right here on earth as well as in Heaven. Please understand the preciousness of the realm of True Parents. You can even succeed the True Parents by fulfilling your Tribal Messiah Responsibilities. Father is the main Tree, you are the branches and even look the same. You are going to restore the elder son's position, the True Parents position and the True Kingship position.

Father always told us that the Spirit World is coming to assist us. But now also the Churches will come to assist you because the Spirit World is pushing them to follow you. You will experience many miracles in your own lives in your family, community and your Home Town because of the spiritual support you are getting.

So far we have been living with a persecution mentality. When we spoke in the past we always wondered how people would respond to us and our hearts were pounding. But now when you talk it will be their heart that will be pounding.

In 1992 we will celebrate the 33rd anniversary of Parents Day. The next two years are very important. Jesus was 33 when He died. Now we move on to the heavy weight division and can knock anyone over.

Did you imagine that Father would go to Russia in His life time? Father said that he would and He did. Will you really believe Father's words today or will you just consider them? You must absolutely believe and trust Father. If you have the honey, all will follow you to get it. You must give it but you will never run out of honey. Father makes the honey and there is an unlimited supply.

Today's conclusion is this:

You absolutely must come to the conclusion that you must follow Father and obey Him, than you can have life and happiness abundantly.

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