The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

To UTS Students - March 15, 1991

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Address at Unification Theological Seminary
March 15, 1991
Unofficial Notes

One seminary graduate should bring three new graduates. Through this we can save America and then the world. Father wants you to clearly understand the purpose of UTS; to rehabilitate and restore the country of America. America was founded on the foundation of Christianity, but now there are many problems: drugs, juvenile delinquency, the brake down of the family. Godism is the only way to bring this country back to God. This is the sole purpose of establishing UTS.

Since Father's imprisonment in Danbury, he has established various organizations which inject a great deal of influence in this country, particularly in the field of politics and culture. Once you graduate from UTS then you can practice what you are supposed to do. You will have a strong foundation out in the field. Unificationists are the only ones who can restore Christians and this country back to God.

Then UTS graduates are the ones who should have confidence and conviction to save this country. Father wants to see the alumni strong and well organized for this purpose.

I want you to understand, Father has been bringing political leaders and students from Russian; congressmen, and ministers of the government. They went through the ACC conferences and they were deeply inspired. From over 80 different universities, Moscow U. Leningrad U., etc. and they received Unificationism. About 1500 have so far come, but Father's goal is to reach 3,000 by July this year.

Out of this project, which Father is still doing, one lesson we have to learn, is that these Soviet college students, who have never experienced being out of their country, can comprehend and speak English well. Usually the competition is 4:1, they are well trained in speaking English. Let's examine how many college students in American can speak Russian, can they go to Russian and listen to lectures in Russian? Through this we can see how much the Soviet Union has been preparing to dominate the Western world.

Soon within a month or so, Father will launch another project. This will bring to America about 200 deputies (congressmen and ministers of the government) from the Soviet Union has 15 republics. Father would will also invite many American political leaders, CIA, FBI and they will stay 4 days and study Unificationism. He wants them to understand that Father's ideology is filling the vacuum in the Soviet Russia. The only path left in terms of educating the leaders, the KGB and CIA.

They will all have to pass Divine Principle tests. Father will use the UTS members as his representatives. American, German, Japan... through this we can control everything.

The time is coming, among you, UTS graduates, you will have to compete to see who will be in the leader's position. UTS graduates should become national heads, and leaders of countries.

Korean students stand up. There are 16 Korean students. Father's final approval is required, Young Whi Kim's is not enough. Father is planning to take-over a major university in this country. He will open the gate for Korean, Japan and American students to go to Moscow and study. He wants to see the best students coming to UTS, we have to raise the standard here.

Japanese students, 68. How many in the language course? Study hard, okay? [Speaking in Japanese.] Up to this point the Japanese Church is engaged in economic restoration. Father is establishing 12,000 churches and they will be set up on a tithing basis. From now on you will have a wonderful time. All worldwide leaders will be UTS graduates. Work hard and study hard to be a Japanese leader. You will set up the tradition in Japan. You will be world IW material. The direction of the spiritual world going to Asia, not the Western world. Asian people are becoming one and will dominate the world. Who will control this culture, only God and Godism. This is a clear decision. Only one organization can lead, the Unification Church. you connect into this through graduating from UTS.

China, Soviet, American. China = AA, Soviet is .... three archangels...

We have the strong armament power, the DP ideology

Father is making a plan to invite Ivy League students to Moscow and have the Russian students give them lectures in English. You have to be able to speak Russian too. The Soviet CARP leaders, from Gorbachev down, they recognize that Godism is the only ideology which can unite the country and unite 1.8 billion people, living in 24 different countries. You can see you need to speak Russian.

Suppose the time comes and there is a rush of political leaders and students coming to Soviet Russia, and at the same time the former communists will come to be educated in Godism, then the free world too will want to come. Then America will take the initiative when the time comes. American leaders will come to Moscow to be educated, following Father's direction, even Gorbachev and other leader will come and give their speeches and the American leaders will feel they want this back in America.

Even now, when Father brings the college students and professors, Father is not the sole sponsor. Foreign Relation Department(?) and the Leningrad Institute are working together with Father. The 15 ministers of education in the Soviet Republics and high ranking government officials have to give their permission to allow them come to America.

As you can see, there is a vacuum, particularly in Soviet Russia there is a vacuum of ideology because they now have abandoned Communism. When they look at America they see all kinds of corruption mixed with democracy. Then they recognize Father's foundation in the midst of this corrupt democracy. Particularly the high ranking leaders, they have the desire to adopt Father's entire strategy, so they will not have to go through the mistakes of America. They don't have to waste time, they can do it vertically from the top level down.

This time almost 240 students came. But out of the 1500 who have already finished, about 60% are children of high ranking government officials: politburo, KGB, etc...

When I read Moscow Times... Father made the trinity organizations all countries...

The only hope is to connect with Godism. How can they connect with the UC?

You are very useful people studying here. Who built this university? Father. In the past America stir-up to oppose me, now they stir-up to welcome me. This is our time. The time has come, let's grasp it. Do you know what I mean?

In the beginning of UTS Father used to come here almost every day. He started this seminary from scratch and he felt he had to lay the foundation to teach the students. So please understand that Father said, for anyone in the UC, our goal in terms of mission is: 1. laying heavenly tradition, 2, heavenly education and 3 practice Godism, in action. Then what is the heavenly tradition?

Sudo: lineage, love and life centering on true love. Where does true love come from? Only from True Parents. It is simple enough. The fall of man was caused by bad parents centering on false love. Every individual is connected to Satan's lineage, without exception.

Satan's side high level ..... one nation under God, no we want one world under God! America is not the world center. In the past, you respected General Washington, but from the point of view of the English he is a traitor. Every nation must think of God's view point. Centering on God we can make a unified nation and world.

Americans are centered on the individual, centering on themselves only. This is Satan's concept. No matter how famous or rich a person is, this doesn't connect one to God. This representative country is centered on individualism. God doesn't have this concept at all. God is centered on True Love. Satan is taking everything away and completely opposing God's side.

The American side is rolling down, centering on man. Men doesn't like women. Homosexuality is accepted. Who made this that way? American people don't like this. Satan made this because it is 180 degrees opposite to God's idea. How can we make that kind of atmosphere in this country? When Rev. Moon came here, "Rev. Moon go home..." and when America went out to the world people said, "Americans go home."

The 240 million Americans, drank champagne, danced when Rev. Moon went to Danbury. But their country will disappear. Jim Baker, is Father's enemy. How can this kind of American leader continue to stand? If this continues you are helping America to have no future, you are destroying the foundation.

The Reagan administration, I helped that guy, I made him president of the U.S. By my Grace! They think of me as an enemy. Danbury was the 20th century crucifixion time for me. Do you know what I mean? The spear was pierced into me by all the world, not just American people. Reagan misunderstood.

In 1992, who can make all country united? Not CIA, not Bush! but the Washington Times has this power. One man can do this, you are looking at him. God looks down on America and spits it out. You Moonies have to take persecutions, deeply you have to be pushed down. Not at a 45 degree, but deep, deep you have to be pushed down. This is one of the secrets of the indemnity course. Taking indemnity: one side is going up, but all the world's people don't want this.

All countries are against me, centering on American, Japan, German. I am not Korean. Completely the Korean people were against me - centering on Carter. He said about Father, there must be something bad he has done, otherwise make it up. His name is Carter - cutter... But who dropped out? Carter did.

In 1975 the American army retreated. Did anyone open their mouth? But the situation is changed. No one spoke out against communism, only one man, Rev. Moon, did. If Father didn't come to America, then world communism would not have surrendered....

History will know me, but America doesn't know me. In 1975, at the time of the Vietnam war it was a miserable situation, I had no money, no manpower and no foundation. Many people criticized me, asking, "Why did you take this foolish way?" No matter how you are kicked out, hit back with your fist, even if it is broken. One time hit back and one time they will be pushed.

At the time of the court case, we had no Washington Times. But now things are very different. This is historical, not a concept, it is reality.

The vertical is extended higher to the top. Everywhere the horizontal is connected to the vertical. The vertical connects to every horizontal beam. Human life is like this concept. This is the main problem.

Centering on this view point is the point of attendance. With the democratic world leading the world, there is no hope; in communism - no hope; with Christians - no hope. In American they are standing on a Christian background. But if the Christian culture has that kind of leaders - no hope. In the Muslim world - no hope and also in the Buddhist world - no hope. The only hope is in the Unification Church. IFWP and IRFWP - one is mind-side and one is body-side; mind and body reaching out to the world in two parts. *****That kind of world foundation is at this time. Centering on the mind side only, there is not hope. Bush needs a push, push Bush.

If the root connected, straight to the top. American doesn't have this concept. American doesn't have a root. What is you birth. Only bush branch, i.e. horizontal .But only vertically can you reach up. Every trunk must be connected vertically. We don't have that kind of traditional root. This is reality. Independent, American is really proud of this, but that is your burden not God's. How about UC, does it have a root tradition. Centering on True Parents there is a true root: love, life and lineage.

Centering on true love, then automatically connected to True Parents. You have vertical parents and horizontal parents, these two parents should connect and then you have a double root. Mind-side is the vertical way, focusing on vertical parents. Horizontal way. Centering on God's love you need a horizontal place. 360 degrees...

Centering on man and woman, centered on true love. Vertical love, one side man and one side women, then up and down, right and left, rear and front are the same. Vertical is the connected place. I can catch that, not centered on me, but on True Love. Original point is love. My starting existing being is love. Love goes through, from the trunk.

You absolutely vertically and horizontal one. Western world people doesn't; have the vertical. That's true. We absolutely need vertical, from there we can connect to the global place.

In America there is burning sickness but there is no doctor or fire-fighter. Who is the vertical center. Billy? Swargart?

What is Rev. Moon's mission. Setting the vertical standard clearly. Then evolving and no change. Horizontal way is not good. Centering on the vertical, then turning. Horizontal is no roots. This is how the solar system works. Centered on the vertical, it is standing forever and will not fall down. This is forever. Absolutely you need vertical concept.

I want to resemble a global faith. Most ideal existing is the global one. Woman's shape is round, flesh is fat. American women is eating too much. Water represents woman, man represents land. What is a peninsula? Man's sexual organ.... Western world, visiting the Eastern culture? Where? The sea coast. Japan is the island

Sun represents man and moon represents woman. Teeth is 32, 4x8, vertical, horizontal connecting....

Spiritual world physical centered on one, One time making small but one time make small, this is the vertical line. Centering on me I have parents, I want to have children. Why? Parents are not enough, who do you need children? The top place is parents, the bottom place is children. We have to resemble.... Otherwise you don't have a center. Vertical place connect after... forever.

Why do you need this? Man's sexual part is vertical. Right is man and left is woman. Why? To balance. You can compare everything with this formula. Why do you need brother? To make global. Vertical world absolutely need horizontal. Father I want to take you place. Were the horizontal and vertical connect? The most parallel, at 90 degrees.

Equal, unify and harmonizing, from where? Centering on True Love. More and more lines, implies more global. Therefore having many children is good. Ideal form is global. Why? complete circle. Every space is taking that vertical place. Soccer boll rolling. This is equality. All universal want to be more round, global. Do you understand? Then every you can unify, harmonize. But centering on himself, this concept you cannot do this.

You need to be global: right-left, up-down... Centering on this person... more hopeful. How can you make equalization, without vertical. Without vertical you cannot make equalization. Impossible. Equalization; all trying to be equal. Equalization place is dictatorship comes.

How can we make equal, but this that type of action (in America) they destroy, saying we don't need children, or brother. They have no idea and completely break the society. Do you understand? Equalization is dangerous. Freedom is most important, after this centering of be equal. Freedom cannot make....

Equalization, freedom cannot live. It must stand upon principle. American freedom system is without law or principle. This is wrong! Taking freedom, you have to stand on the principle view. And taking freedom action, you have to take responsibility. If you say "I don't care," this is not freedom. Taking freedom makes you go in a providential way, good results. Result is good, making harmony.

American you need parents, children, wife and husband, brotherhood (wife's side and husband's side) otherwise you cannot make global. God created the original formula from the global concept. Every thing resembles this global pattern.

Absolute vertical love is centered on one, not two. American women can't understand this. Centering on love you cannot hide anything, you forget everything. Wife's sexual organ and husband's sexual organ meet. Most valuable excitement. But money can be lost. I need horizontal, front-back, right-left. The vertical is only one axle, other collision.

Absolute authority, God is following love-power. God is absolute authority. True love is following God or is God following true love? I don't know. Number power is true love power. Rev. Moon has power. But without true love power I cannot take actin. This power connects subject and object. God has enough power, so making this...

Centering on true love, God wants to make that kind of partnership forever. Centering on true love, this can be forever. Christian world, God can do anything, from this concept came dictatorship. What is God, God is our parent. He wants to teach you. He wants you to follow the absolute true love way.

Not proud, but please true love visit me. How can God stop... God's being started. This is the deepest question. Why God started this world. God originally growing up, same way. Universe is growing up, God is the same way. How to make a bigger one, push down. This is the true love way. Putting down, putting down, the it grows up.

This is like moving. This is universal construction. God's concept is true love concept. God's position is alone, but human kind is there, HS SS.. does the eyeball say sometimes I'll help? No it is forever helping. Everything, every movement of the body is working automatically, forgetting what it has done. Do they request payment? You yourself forward true love. Man is created by true love.

Do you American people have an ideal family. No. God wants to spit it out. Individual, centered is love, family is centered on love, nation, patriotism is centered on love, saints or holy son means the same. This concept of true love. Where is true love in America. There is no vertical place. There is not space.

God's true love ideal, formula and foundation. You absolutely you need parents, forever, you need couples, children forever. One makes family system, then you pass to the spiritual world, you cannot separate. One time connect to true love, inheriting everything. No matter how big husband or small wife. No matter how famous one is, no problem.

Every must be unified and harmonize. Me, centering on love, centering on inheritance, on love and live and blood lineage. I am the number one purpose for God's love. How satisfying. Human mind is too much greedy. Occupy everything... God includes me, connecting to love, then going down is okay and going up to the top is okay.

The true love concept is broken down. This What is Satan? God's true love enemy. You don't have this concept at UTS. God's enemy means my true-love enemy. Satan is God's true love enemy. This is the providential view point. God hates love the worst love.

Most hidden, secret place Satan is braking out. You are trained too much in an American habit. American atmosphere belongs to Satan. How can this nation stand on this worse love? This is your whole life-time homework. Even if you pass to the spiritual world you have to continue. How can the original parents unify? How can the family system connect. Otherwise you cannot get into our spiritual world. How far from that point are you from Father's position?

You cannot go the easy way. Otherwise you cannot pay back. How could Father turn around America. God will spit out, fire will destroy this country. Why did Father visit. Is that foundation here? Otherwise no hope. If this is following the American way, no hope. You are over 60, 70 what are you doing? This is a serious question.

You need the absolute vertical, you need parents, grandparents and me. Three generations of vertical. Parent's wife and the children. Grandparents' position is God's position. Parents position is more than position representing all the hope. High level spiritual world, low level.

In American old people go to the old folks home? Do they want to go there? Who made this? Satan wants to take away this position. Old people are the God position. When you see your old people you should think of them as your own grandparents. Parent's position: respecting grandparents, parents... why? so they embrace and true love can embrace that family.

The family is the test, or training course if you are going to the heavenly kingdom. Your family is the most important core: grandpa, parents, and me. Three generations and expansion to the world in a horizontal direction. Family is the core of the ideal world. If American people take this concept, then immediately it would resurrect in a few years. Here at UTS you would be taking this position.

This is the standard human being, talking standard, looking standard, God looking from the spiritual world would think, "I want that kind of son." If you accomplish this, they you have the universal fate-way. Family is the core center of the ideal world. Ask yourself this everyday. Do you have this kind of family?

How difficult situation we are living in now. How can we clean up this? How can you turn this around? It is difficult. If you don't have that kind of system, what do you do? In most other civilizations the king is God.

Outside the people change but in the UC people don't change.

Mind is vertical, originated form the God-parent true love. Only one way to unite, 90 degree, this is the shortest. Even one degree different is not he shortest way.

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