The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Realm of Death to the Realm of Life

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Unofficial Notes

If the fall didn't take place the concept of today's speech would not have come into existence. Western civilization is a civilization of science but they do not understand God. They deal with what they can see, That is a horizontal civilization. Eastern civilization is a vertical civilization. Throughout history these two civilizations have been in conflict with one another.

All things in this world revolve in motion. This huge universe always revolves. The total movement involves revolving. It revolves by pushing and pulling.

If there is a man all by himself which way would he go? However if there is a man and woman they will go around and around. It is very efficient, they will go around with less power. Who will lead this, man or woman? American women say woman. If anything it would be a man. Man is higher or taller, it would flow downward. Doesn't the leader of an army go to a high place to give commands. If God says to the woman you lead after 3 years she would give up and say God can you please change the rules and make man lead. Sometimes a woman is taller than her husband. You must respect the fact that your husband is taller. Do you realize that? Do you recognize that?

What makes them equal? There are all sorts of differences. One is stronger and taller. Men eat twice as much as women. But when they love each other there is no taller or lower. Mother is like the earth. When we plant the grain we plant it in the earth. So woman symbolizes the earth. So mother, like the ground receives the seed from up above. The moon also represents mother. During monthly cycles they become larger and smaller. We see monthly movement in women. Women centering on men become larger and smaller due to menstruation. Everything revolves around the sun. The creation is showing the relation between man and woman through the moon and the earth. Is the woman cycle for herself or for the sake of man? All things exist for the sake of others. When you see a crescent moon, it becomes larger and larger, like yourself. Very few women think like that.

Maybe Father is the first to educate you about these things. All things like the big tree grow from the ground but receive sunshine from the sun. There is harmony in nature no matter how small or large. So the small man and woman is a microcosm of the solar system. They are the same only the size is small. Everything is in a paired system, the animals, plants and minerals. They are the nucleus of the cosmos. If the center fights, what happens to the universe? The whole universe is disturbed. All men and women want to be the center of the universe. Do minerals, plants and animals feel that they want to be the center of the universe? It is only humans that have that particular feeling.

So we can see why through motion balance is maintained. Just to be on top or the bottom you get bored. If you move fast in a circular motion, you are not conscious if you are up or down. The faster you revolve the more efficiently the nucleus is formed because it shrinks. What is the fastest motion? The motion of love. It shrinks and expands the most. Love makes that power. If you want to own everything, the only way you can do that is through love. The only way you can display things is through love.

It is not natural for man's hand to go inside a woman's. Woman's hand are so soft and flexible, man's palm will just envelop it. Woman's hand are so soft, if you just squeeze it, it just smears out. That is a natural phenomena. This is the way things are. The way God intends it. Why do women grow their hair long and men short? Something should protect women. Man is the other way around. Women change clothes, put on fragrances. Women have a variety of ways to express love. These kinds of things you can't find in a library. Once we're reminded by Father, we can't live without it. How close is the relationship between man and the solar system.

We can see why man is composed of duality. Man should be vertical and horizontal. The mind is vertical and the body is horizontal. Everything is the same. In the tree, we notice vertical and horizontal. We observe nutrients coming to leaves and branches from the sun and from the earth it gets nutrients from the soil. From Divine Principle you get nutrients. Why do we have 2 eyes or 2 nostrils or 2 ears? One is enough? It is for balance. You can control how and what you hear, see or smell.

If there is such a person that says that all I need is me, that believes in celibacy, the whole universe will drive her out. Homosexuals and lesbians think that there is one way of existence.

Would you demonstrate against them? Yes. Why, because we have to protect the principle.

We love freedom but what is freedom? You're free to do wife swapping aren't you? No. The conclusion is that without principle there is no freedom. Do you welcome that statement, that there is no freedom without principle? Oh, somebody's trying to bind me. It's not binding. Since women are shaped and built beautifully, it follows that they should follow a beautiful principle. How fearful is red fingernails and red lips. It looks like the cat's mouth that just ate a mouse. God is the king of cosmetics, everything is naturally provided.

If everybody gave their rings in we could feed the 60,000 people that are starving every day. Father will live hoping to see that day. So history should be ready to meet the pacific era. Giving people are excited and receiving people are happy. Listening to Father is not dull, is it? All things in nature are fun or exciting.

Do vertical and horizontal love want to meet each other. Why do men and women like love? Because they can expand or multiply. By become a larger family. Without love you cannot reproduce. Where do men and women meet. Where do they join. The sexual organs. It is strange indeed. But at the same place is the source of the whole problem that causes the nation to perish. Especially beautiful women and handsome men have to be careful. There's no device that can control it. There are no brakes. But the woman that dedicates herself to her husband has no worry. It is the most fearful thing, more than a poisonous snake. Especially American youth must bear it in mind. Externally American women walk elegantly but spiritually they walk defenseless. 70% of broken homes is women's fault, not men. We must warn ourselves and warn others, that this is one mistake you can't repair. If a beautiful woman smiles and doesn't know the principle, the devil can work. Even men use beautiful women to get their goal. In the key to love the woman is the owner of one side and the man the other. Unfortunately everybody's keys fit everyone. Which do you want, a bag of love only 1 key can open or a bag of love anyone can open? If another woman tries to occupy your husband, would you let her? When you come in contact with another man or woman, it's a scar. Is the average man or woman in America today ready for heaven or hell? What do you feel when you see a woman prostitute on 5th Ave. You should be boiling mad.

Both man and woman need children. Man without children is like a vertical line and woman without children is like a horizontal line. You need a subject or object, in other words a spouse. Who says they need only one arm or one leg. By the same token, what if you plugged up one eye or ear or nostril. If that is ridiculous, then living alone is ridiculous for those Americans that don't believe in marriage. Some people said Father is chauvinistic but after listening to him today you have to admit you are wrong.

The vertical absolutely needs the horizontal. Woman absolutely needs man. When Father matches you, if he matches a strong woman with a strong man, she will break. If there is a sharp woman, he picks up a stupid man. When Father sees someone and sees how is sole is wearing he can tell that person's character. That's why Western people need a teacher like Father. Absolutely woman and man need each other. Not it's nice but a must! The same with children. If a woman doesn't gives birth to children, she cannot become perfect.

How many children do you want to have. Which is best, to have more children or less? More. The more children you have the more ideal your sphere becomes. The more sons you have the more full the spheres. On earth, we feel how can we feed and educate them. But in the spirit world, it is totally different. In the spirit world there is no problem with taking care of the needs of the children. Too many children is bad, don't you think? The less children you have the happier you'll be. The more you have the better. Father knows that better than anyone else. Did Jesus pick up only one disciple because it would be less headaches? Why is Father trying to bring together so many Koreans who don't want to be second to anyone, so many stubborn Germans, so many proud Americans and so many Japanese that don't show what's on the inside. In spirit world you can look at someone's forehead and know their value. In the spirit world you know faster than a computer. How much love that person received from God is a source of pride. Also which person gave much love. No one on earth has taught about love so detailed and accurately as Father.

Unification Church members may struggle here but in the spirit world you will shout that you belong to True Parents. You see a sermon doesn't have to be hard and boring. So how can you realize harmony, unity and equality forming a perfect sphere-a real round globe. Father doesn't like American football. The football goes in a crazy way, that's the American culture especially in regard to morality. That's why people all over the world say "Yankee Go Home". Do you ever hear stories of a Korean or Japanese man molesting an American woman? But American men in other cultures always makes problems.

Do you understand you need vertical and horizontal and that you needs lots of children. All moving objects have a subject and object. This formula fits individual, families, and nations. All things protect subject and object which is the core. The universe protects whatever subject and object are formed correctly. If it is not formed correctly, the universe will repel it. Why does the vertical need the horizontal? In the center everything is equalize, unified and harmonized. Everything in the universe is a paired element, women should never be found alone. In the front should be your son and in the back your daughter with husband and wife side by side in the middle.

We are passing from the realm of death to the realm of life. Love and lineage is the same category as life. Death has no core of love. The crux of the problem is love. To fit and harmonized with all things we are created like we are. Your mind wants to claim itself as the center of the universe. So since you are like that, you can say everything in the universe resembles me. Every woman feels you are the top, according to the original formula. So it is not bad to feel I am the center of the universe, it is legitimate thinking. The ideal family is the grandparents, parents and children united into one. That is why Unification Church is necessary. What do we unify, equalize and harmonize the center with - True Love. We are all gathered here to unify centering on True Love. Centering on True Love we have already solved racial problems and inequality problems. So through Unification Church everything has been unified, harmonized and equalized.

Grandchildren should carry their grandparents on their back. Grandparents and grandchildren should compete who will carry who.

You are adults only by your head. America will be heaven when the grandchildren compete to carry grandparents on their back. It is a natural way to carry your grandparents. If you can't serve your grandparents you will have regret. Take care of your grandparents according to the laws of creation. The realm that lacks all these things is the realm of death.

Which is closer to heavenly law, Oriental way or American way. Senior citizen homes have no place in our family in the future. That is universal law. How can you not love your own grandparents and yet love the world. If you really listen to Father if your grandparents are in senior citizens homes, take them out and feed them. Something good will happen to you in three years or more. In the spirit world your grandparents are more beautiful than you are. Practice carrying your wife before you carry your grandmother. How can you carry them without it coming out of your own heart? Sons and daughters would rejoice if their parents carried one another. The transformation from death to life is serious business so we have to do something serious.

By carrying each other you make the transformation from death to life miraculous and easy. God and the universe will welcome your action. God will say you are more wonderful than me. I bow down to you. If your spouse is too heavy than carry their arm or leg as a symbolic condition. This kind of fighting of who will carry who will lead to heaven. The wife should carry the husband's father and mother. Never hesitate whenever your father or mother wants you to carry them on your back. You should not feel awkward.

This is good training. Carry everyone on your back. You will become the topic of the town. Then America will go the way of heaven. It is correct, absolute and right. No dictatorship can control it. Once your grandparent is carried on your back they will adore you. Unification Church can visit senior citizen homes and ask them if their grandchildren ever carried them on their back. If they say no ask them if you can carry them. If they ask why tell them that Rev. Moon says this is the only way the both of us can go to heaven. Do this wearing your best clothes. We've been living too complicated lives, the heck with indemnity. The newspapers will say we are studying something new again. Those that pledge to carry your grandparents on your back raise both hands.

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