The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Dividing Peak Of The Dispensational History

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 1991
Unofficial Notes

First Father ask how many countries are represented here today? There were a number of leaders from many different nations and even one Russian student was present. The Unification Church has mixed blood and culture (referring to the different nationalities and cultures). Has America gone over the boundary of culture and nationalism and united centered on Christianity? NO. American Christianity's background is primarily from Italy, England, and Germany. Therefore each denomination brought they own viewpoint. God intended to have a true intermingled unity, but that hasn't been achieved yet. As countries grew and became prosperous they grew further apart. Now there are 120 distinctive countries represented by the United Nations.

America is now standing in the second son position, but should restore the elder son position with Catholicism as the second son. In 1960 President Kennedy was the first Catholic President in America. 1960 was the year of equality of the second son (Christianity) and restored elder son (America). Kennedy's responsibility was to give aid to the whole world. Then on this condition True Parents could have come to America. But Kennedy died and on major U.N. leader (I couldn't catch the name, sorry) died because of this failure. America was founded by God for the sake of the world. 1960 was called the transitional year (outside viewpoint). But from God's viewpoint 1960 was the year for the victorious nations to give to the world.

From the viewpoint of restoration America in the son position should have lead the way with the support of England in the mother's position. However, this didn't happen so True Parents had to come and stand in the son's position with the nation in the mothers position, where Father leads the nation.

Why was there a problem with the America Indians? Asian's are the first born. Only Father has the solution to these problems. Father is the owner the DISPENSATIONAL VIEWPOINT. If America would have sacrificed itself for other nations then America would have been a great and respected nation. America would be quite different today if it had follow God's dispensation. Therefore we must reveal the principle of living and sacrificing for others. The only way for American Christianity to survive is to go the sacrificial way. The only way to restore the elder son's position is to back and restore past mistakes through living and sacrificing for others. Are there any young American people willing to shed their blood for others? NO.

Father asked the members from UTS, "How many of you are expecting salaries? How many of you have given Father a salary?". Many of members at the Washington Times are always asking me for more money. Many have packed up and left when times became difficult. But how can you compare your situation to Father's. Father has given up everything and sacrificed himself, his family, and nation to come here to America, yet Father is the most persecuted in history. Yet during the last 14 years Father has been working silently, under incredible circumstances and difficulty to place the last three Presidents in the Oval Office. Father couldn't speak the language and had no support, yet Father never spoke even one word during the 14 years of work, sacrifice and effort to protect this country of America.

Father came to restore what America couldn't do, ELDER SON-SHIP, PARENT-SHIP, and KING-SHIP. Reagan owes Father deeply, but he didn't give anything. Everybody has betrayed Father. Only God has been supporting Father. Everybody is in a position to praise Father. After America Father is going to Russia. Father has planted the seeds and now is the time of harvest. Outside people (religious leaders, politicians, etc.) don't have the faintest idea of God's providence.

This peak is for Adam and Eve to cross first then God can follow. Achieving the purpose of creation is done by Adam and Eve and not by God. Now the Messiah has to lead the way for all mankind over the peak.

After World War II the first chance to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth was lost. England (mother), America (elder son) and France (archangel) should have united centered on Father. If those three countries would have united, then the ELDER SON-SHIP, PARENT-SHIP, and KING-SHIP would have been restored.

Father has shown the blue print of providential history and the plan for fulfillment.

Bush and Gorbachev could of avoided the war completely by following Father. Now what are the consequences of the war? America doesn't know what to do from now.

Just listening to Father is easy, because we haven't paid anything. Always we say yes, even though we don't really understand. Only by shedding our own blood will we really understand what Father is saying. In the past some American members thought that Father didn't understand America and that Father should do things the American way. Father sent out I.O.W.C. teams all over America to make a big noise, but some people said that its better to do it in a more quiet way. Members have made many mistakes and sins.

124 couples blessing represents 120 able nations (120 United Nations assembly) and 4 represents satanic nation that were not part of the U.N. Because of this 4 Father has received so much persecution.

Giving the Blessing to American members was very difficult for Father, because we had so much sin. America has terrible problems with drugs and free-sex.

So far Father has blessed 24,000 couples, soon Father will bless 24,000,000 couples.

Father has up-rooted Satan's root and has plant his own lineage. Father has created many international and intercultural couples. We are the TRUE LOVE RACE. Throughout history satan has been murdering people. God has love for all people and through Father we can know God. God has been persecuted throughout history. Now we are going the way of indemnity. After study Divine Principle we can immediately understand the providential viewpoint and God. We can't compare our situation to that of God. God's situation is 1000 times more difficult than ours.

Father has gone over the peak on the individual, family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. The world is now tinted with Father's color. Now is the springtime of faith (religious spring). By just following Father we found ourselves on the other side of the peak. The Pilgrim's spirit is to take and protect only the seeds for the sake of the future and leave everything else behind. Father gave the direction for the HOMETOWN providence, therefore we should have the same spirit as the Pilgrim Forefathers.

The name Moonie is not a good name for us, we should be called WORLDIST.

Would you like to go to Korea to live? YES. We can give up everything and go to Korea and buy some land and bring our seeds for the future. Then we can have pride, that we were the first settlers of Korea.

Father's plan is to unify the CIA and the KGB. Already Father has asked Bush about this and he said yes. Recently one of the top KGB staff attended the Leadership Conference and then went East Garden, where Father spoke directly of his ideas.

Will mediocre Unificationist lead the way (of religious leaders, politicians, etc.)? We have the seeds, they don't. Ex-Moonie's don't have the seeds, even though they may say they still like DP We must harvest the fruit (people of our nation).

Father has done more for this country than necessary. Father has turned down Honorable Ph.D.'s, because the people offering them were excepting to receive 10 times more back from Father. This was Father's business sense and not my heartistic sense. (everybody chuckled) Father would only except them if they themselves would go the servant of servants course.

By not going the persecution way we are not following Father. Actually we are going against Father. Father and God have been persecuted the most and how can we compare our situation to Father or God. If we become an absolute object then we can stand in God's position. Father always bows down to God because God has suffered the most. Even I don't like to work hard and go the difficult way but because I know God and that this sacrifice will bring about a great victory for God, therefore I go forward.

We must plant our seeds in manure, a very smelly and dirty place. This fertilizer will help the seeds grow fast and strong, like bamboo.

We should not worry!

Father is going to Brazil and Argentina soon, yet there are many other nations asking Father to go. Father can't possibly go everywhere. Therefore Father wants to send somebody in his place as his representative. What kind of person will this be?

In Korea somebody built a large statue of Father, Father was surprised and told the person to take it down, because you only build statues of people that are in spirit world and Father isn't ready to go yet. However we should build the most beautiful statue of Father in our own bosom.

When Father first came to America, he had the mind of the Israelites when they were entering Canaan. When Father came and saw the potential of the land that God had promised (like Canaan). Father thought from now we must build the Kingdom of Heaven in Canaan. Father came with nothing except his seeds. Father came to give to America. Now Father is thinking of closing Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Hollywood, and the Mafia.

We must change the taste and hobbies of American young people. America needs something more stimulating than what they have (drugs, free-sex, alcohol, etc.). True Love is the only thing more stimulating. Drugs and alcohol are Satan's weapons. Free-sex is killing this country.

Your eyes are very formidable, so we must be very careful of what we see. Joking is a bridge for satan. Example; some person approaches someone else's wife and pats her on the back and says how beautiful she is. This is satan technique to test someone or try to lure them to his side.

Black and white race problem. The white people have been in the elder son position and the black people have been in the second son position. The elder son has exploited the second son. To restore this the white people must go down and the black people must rise up with the support of the white people.

The Word is very fearful!

Father takes the intercultural and international marriages very serious since they are more difficult. We should appreciate all international and intercultural couples.

To pass over the peak and then go back will cause incredible pain and agony!

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