The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Blessed Couples Conference Grand Ballroom

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Grand Ballroom, World Mission Center
Unofficial Notes

There was a 2,000 year preparation for Jesus, but the people failed to support. 2,000 more years were needed until today to have true parents give the blessing. God only recognizes true parents blessing as marriage. We must realize why the 1st blessing, supposed to be done in garden of Eden, never happened. It was due to the fall of man. Tainted blood became the satanic lineage; satanic love received from satan. Many people commonly ask "why didn't god save mankind in the first place?" There has been so much evil. But, it is not a simple work to fulfill this dispensation of satanic lineage. It takes time. The fall of man was initiated by satan, but man voluntarily united with satan. Therefore, no one can get rid of the lineage by themselves until messiah. God is not responsible for fall of man. Men initiated it, and man is responsible. Adam and eve, up to a certain point grew up in purity. But once they united with satan, god chased them out with no education. God's standard is very high and god can work only with purity. Any mixture of good and evil, god cannot work. Today, no matter how many men and women live in purity, we already received satanic lineage through inheritance. No purity can compare with Adam and even before the fall. God's standard is so severe that Adam and eve were kicked out after mixture of lineage. So, do you think god should say its o.k. and be lenient?

Blessed couples with children raise your hands. Do you have absolute confidence that your children are born in purity, raised in purity, and can succeed to Adam and eve? You're not sure about it. Do you think the procedure to enter the kingdom of heaven is changed in 6,000 years, or are they same rules.

There is a principle force that a magnetic line is formed from north pole & south pole. God's rules are more strict. Magnetic field can change; it doesn't work absolutely north pole. It slightly changes. But, god's love is absolute. Magnetic rule of nature can be changed. Rule of god cannot. Husband is like north pole; wife is like south pole. So, under true love, you conceived your children, and are raising them. Or, do you conceive children still looking around? Check your own heart. Without any doubt, I gave my child a pure birth centering on god and true parents. Have no doubt you are pure.

Are you American? Principle of parents, I have a mom & dad. Have you thought about the past? Is it a pure elementary school? Pure high school days? How about language I am using everyday? Is it pure, or are you enjoying dirty language jokes? Have you thought about your clothes? This material is not pure because it is coming from satanic world. It is spiritually filthy. Have you thought about it? Are you happy to pick up Macdonald's? Are you enjoying it? Or can you feel it is really not good enough for you, but you have to eat it? How about air. Prostitutes are breathing it; aids is breathing it; deviates are breathing it. Do you wish for a pure air all your own? And water, coming from factories and Hudson river with drug factories, and waste disposal, stool and urine water. You are drinking it. But say "god, is there any way I can avoid drinking this water?"

Think about it. In the garden of Eden, water was pure; air was pure; Adam & eve were pure, growing up in principle and true love. They could enter kingdom of heaven. Those people who are ready raise your hands. Your mind might be so, but the environment is not pure. To enter kingdom of heaven you have to feel so naked to enter in naked body among people dressed in tuxedo suits. You must feel that receiving a blessing you are not worthy of it. Going to kingdom of heaven we are not worthy. Have you thought my ears have been hearing filthy things; your whole body has been seeing it. It is part of the environment. What is the fall of man? Illicit love. Illicit love and true love, the action itself is different or the same. Action is same. When you move to right, eternal life; to left, into hell. To the right, you are closer to original state of mind and environment. In the original, nature was to protect you and keep you in purity.

The loving action between men and women is loved by god. Wife and husband must approve it and see it as righteous. That action is true love. When there is 4 guaranteed, your love is justified. When 4 is granted, no satanic power can say no and deny it. Satanic love cannot deny that action.

Father is giving you direct guidance so your blessed life can be judged by yourself. Is your blessed life filthy, or is it pure. Time has come to judge for yourself. From time to time make a mid-course correction. Liberate yourself from wrong doing.

True lineage of god is connected to the true love of god. Therefore, blessed life must not be a concept only.

Fall of man was the destruction of these 3 basic principles. That was the most high place - a palace. Satan destroyed it so no heavenly life can exist. Our every day mission is to restore heavenly life. Where is that palace? What is the difference between men and women? It is very simple. You know it. Men and women have different sexual organs. That is the love palace. That is life palace. That is blood lineage palace. Is that true or not. Once this palace is destroyed every 3 basic element is destroyed. Think about it. How great a palace god has built among us. Men and women need love. Love port. Men and women come to love port every time. When it is connected it makes new life. Blood lineage centered on love port makes new life. Why do we need parents. 1-love, 2-children, 3-blood line. It cannot be cut. One is origin, one is result. Line power of love connected completely cannot be released. You cannot separate: 1-absolute love, 2-absolute life 3-absolute blood lineage

You cannot change it. There are 3 parents. That place is absolute, one. For only one.

This is where your preciousness comes from. Blessed couples value is in maintaining the absolute love, life and blood lineage. Is there any one who enjoys seeing your spouse dancing with another, and enjoying it, and can say "behold, a holy man - holy woman?" No.

Do you dance all the time and change partners? Or change love partners? Who created that? Satan. Satan is choking you, and cutting you against heavenly love, heavenly life, and heavenly lineage.

How many times is fallen men repeating the action of fallen Adam and eve? So even when they go to hell they go head first.

Father lifted us up and put us in a different realm and category. But, you say "well, in America, I have a different culture." America is giving a bad tradition to share with the rest of the world. Since father is saying that, the established community says father go home, this is a democracy. Where is the hope. Father, or the established community? Don't even look in the direction of evil. When you walk in the street, turn your head away.

If your parents are living like that, spit on it and say "I am no longer your son or daughter, and you're not my parents". The greatest crime is satan killing off life and the tradition. There is no greater crime than to destroy true love. Adam and eve made only one mistake and the entire history went into hell. That history has not been liquidated. You are the same, you can kick satan out.

So, as husband and wife, you must live model heavenly life. Most important thing for blessed couples is not to create external beautiful house, or lecture divine principle. Most important mission is how can I create a heavenly family tradition. Adam and eve's father is god. So parents are the judges. Next, husband will judge wife; next wife will judge husband. Next children will judge the parents. Your children will hate the enemy of love the most.

Some try to deceive and stand up before god to say "I am so heavenly and clean." Among men these are deserving to be pushed and buried by a bulldozer. God hates that act most of all. True parents hates that act most, and unification church hates that act most.

Even murder, one precious life is important; but, next to destroying heavenly life, murder is nothing.

Today, father is talking to blessed couples because this is a special message. The blessing is the first step. When you received a blessing lots of opposition came. Time is coming when the nation will give you a blessing, and the world will give you a blessing. Our nation is true parents nation. Where is it. Father needs Korean unity. Right, left wing united; who is going to do it? Father will. Father has been rejected and persecuted in Korea. That is not my country yet. North and south Korea came against father. The most crucial nation of the world is Korea. Berlin wall came crumbling down. Most important is Korea today. Germany is horizontal unification - accomplished. Vertical unification must be done. Father will do it. German unification came about because Gorbachev worked out a deal with east Germany. Korea is vertical and internal. Satan can find only one ally, Kim Il sung. South Korea was so lonely. In 40 years, one by one, father brought all allies to south Korea. Moving toward historical direction, you came to a cliff. Rev. Moon said hold my hand. Father sends Gorbachev a letter and he translates it and underlines it in red.

Other people don't know where they are going, but father knows that he is going home. Home to the original world where there are parents, brothers and sisters. But not fallen. God centered parents, god centered brothers and sisters. So father gave us a title, tribal messiah. So Jesus; did he have a great homecoming, or was he kicked out? Has father done more than Jesus? Father has home town, and home nation. How precious the blessing is. Because of fall of man, the palace was lost. Due to restoration the true palace is restored. The unification of Korea can be done in one day. We can tell Mr. Bush we will hold a 600 million blessed couple banquet. Mansei. One night can turn America around. How many blessings are needed? Three (3). It is just a matter of time when Korea is reunited. Do you want to have your children participate in this blessing? We want our children there so they can be proud to be children of true parents.

The most great thing that came to god and that USSR and USA are under fathers power. When 3 nations come together the worldwide restoration will be fast. It is near. The spirit world is shaking America. Fathers instructions to Russian orthodox is that they can become god's champions when father trains them. It took 14 years to make Reagan president, bush 7, USSR will be no problem. Father will bring 2,000 gifts to your home church if you can gather 2000 to hear father. This is historical. All members will come to visit that place. Father will live in that town forever. A statue will be erected for father.

Father will some day be elevated to heaven, and blessed couples will one by one be elevated into heaven. Who will be the final couple blessed by father on earth? Everyone will come to see that couple. Could be black couple, or Asian couple. Will you complain it can't be a white couple?

What do you think if satan tries to use physical force to get Jesus to fall. Will there be a fall? No! Jesus would first cut off his sexual organ and then cut his neck. In order to save the future generation I will leave a great impact on future history. We will be the doctor to cure adultery and immorality. That is a disease and you will be a special surgeon to save the ill. Someone has to do it, or America will perish.

Now I order you to become a judge or supervisor of the unification church. If there is a hidden secret of any fallen act in the church, you expose it. Don't hide it. Father has spoken so strongly now. You become a good judge and a good supervisor,.

Pres. Bush declared a drug war and spent millions of dollars. If bush gave 1/10th of that budget to father, father would have done it a long time ago. Father has been misunderstood and persecuted by this country.

You will be embraced in your home town and called holy. When your mind and body are not united then your 5 senses go in a different direction. It affects all you do. How can you say to others "hey, you follow me", when you have not done it yourself. Father always speaks with mind and body united and never teases and never uses joking tone.

Body has to be 100% subjugation to the mind. Mind has to be 100% centered on heavenly father. After you go out this door do you go back to this worry, that worry? Before you eat lunch and want to witness to one person, does the body say "witness after eating and you can then witness to 2 people."? Body always has good excuses. Body's mission is to obey the mind, period! Always check if you are listening to body's order or mind's order.

American people love the sense of humor, the joke. But, who is joke's owner's. Mind or body. Have you ever thought about American joke, what percent of it is dirty joke, body joke. Which is more prevalent, god's joke or Satan's joke. The barriers of high morality and heavenly morality are broken down by satans' dirty jokes. Father said when he came to America he had to wipe the joke out of this country. Satan likes to get you to laugh. But it is no joke. Joke culture, abuse of freedom culture, dance culture - 80% or more is on the side of satan. Do you agree with father?

How difficult it is to restore fallen men into a holy man. Such a fallen, dirty, filthy creature. Father has so much sympathy for god. So, if I can have a holy arm, I can present it to god; if one eye is holy, I can present it to god; if I have half a holy mouth I can present it to god.

Always trivial matters are important; how to eat, how to live, how to die. These are important. At night reflect - did I obey my mind or not. This is one whole lifetime.

Body always says eat the best foods possible. Mind says no, I will share and give it to the others. Is your mind always going god's direction. There are 2 talks going on in your body. Mind talks, body talks. Mind feels comfortable in humble atmosphere. Father is dressed, but father never pretends to be an elite or high society person. Father stays in the middle, and can reach up or reach down.

As a youth, father dressed in army fatigues. You can dress as a beggar, but always think as a king. Father always thinks of our two worlds, here and there. Father is natural. Holy people are natural.

Ultimately, how do we die. That is the homework for all of us. That is the ultimate challenge for all of us. We must live correctly and we must die correctly. If you die for your own sake, your death is not a holy one. If you die for a nation, that is a good death. But, most important thing is not to die in gulf, but to live your life to love and serve god, true parents, parents, husband, wife and children. Then that will be a good death. Your grandparents represent the past world, your parents represent the contemporary world, and you represent the future world. When you love and serve them you represent the entire world.

Grandparents want to live with your grandchildren, you yourself want to live with parent, and children. Then you are living history. What about America. Only has horizontal direction which changes anytime 360 degrees. Horizontal direction has no center. Vertical has a place, history, past and future, and center (god).

Grandfather, grandmother represent god. Mother and father represent horizontal, contemporary action. You represent result.

One family had three sons, the last son is a member blessed to an ugly Korean girl which his family persecuted. After so many months and years later, parents are now comparing the other children and daughters-in-law to this Korean girl and saying it is like night and day. After years the parents have repented. Birthday came, and the elder son and daughter -in-law brought parents a big box with cheap stuff inside. The middle daughter-in-law brought a medium size box with make believe gift inside; the 3rd daughter-in-law brought a tiny box which the parents said was the most precious - inside was a big check so that the in-laws could eat at the best restaurant and enjoy themselves. The parents broke down in tears. Parents said they wanted to give all their wealth to this daughter-in-law because they knew she could live for others and would not do anything for her own sake.

Some think unification church makes people become like beggars; but, we are devoting our energy somewhere else in living for others.

A servant added his own money in order to fulfill his mission for his master. The master said this is not a servant! I can give all my inheritance to him.

That is the road to prosperity. Anything else is a road to disaster.

Did father come here to plunder America. Some people misunderstand and say father will put money into private banks. Father spends his own money for sake of America.

Some members will change missions only for salary. Has anyone given father a salary. For 20 years, I have not received one penny salary, but everybody comes trying to pick father like parasites, sucking the blood. Leeches; lice.

Die well. Father does not want to go to a hospital and die in a hospital bed. Father will do mission, mission, mission until god will say my son, you have suffered so much, come on.

When father is lifted up to spirit world you have to live like father - then when you pass away you want to see father in spirit world in a very high place. Father will say come on. But to others, they will have to turn around. Some say rev. Moon is like a crazy guy, but I don't care. What convenient talk. I like honesty completely.

Give every penny for sake of humanity. This sounds crazy and cruel. But, in terms of eternity, this is the best lesson. Physical parents say "get a big house, feed your kids", and true parents say "work for the sake of others which will ensure eternal life." Your family says "I am ashamed of you, rev. Moon makes you poor." But, father will not budge one iota; I am teaching true parents truth.

I have so many children I don't know how many I have. In east garden, when the true children were young, they seldom ate with father. As guests arrived, one by one they were asked to surrender their seat. The children were not so happy. Father said to them, "wait until you are 20 years old. You will understand father and mother." Now there are no words for their love for true parents; they say "father and mother you are living for sake of world, and I am so grateful to have true parents as my physical parents."

Hyo Jin writes all the love songs centered on true parents and cries when he thinks of father and mother. Just looking at fathers facial expression they know what father is up to. East garden staff, all together number 12 nationalities, living together in east garden. Father understands each of their habits; good or bad, their complaints, shortcomings, but father never says a word. Yet they fear him. When father comes back from a trip they have tears. Father never calls one staff to say this or that is wrong. Father is teaching them by deed. God is a silent teacher.

Father doesn't want to say much to us either. We are now grown up, dads and moms. When you look at your children, don't feel they are yours. Look at them as god's sons and daughters but your responsibility. Your responsibility is to be a good model mother and father. It is not easy to become an elder brother; it is not easy to be a younger brother. It is done by heart. Gradually let them understand your heart. Not by shouting and scolding. They are not so stupid.

Unification of mind and body:

Man = one united mind, one united body = true man woman = one united mind, one united body = true woman

How do men and women become one. Self-centered men and women will never bring unity or harmony. We are born for each other; your original creation (men) was not made for itself; original creation (woman) was not made for itself. They were made to become one centered on true love. What is true love? True love is god's love - it belongs to god. God invested 100% so we must invest ourselves 100%, too. We must god. Our partner, our spouses, we want them to be better than ourselves. Your children, you want them to be better than yourself. Every day invest more. Be like god. God created all things for the sake of true love. God is so close to you. He is not far away. He created me because he wanted true love. Why did god create man and woman. Because woman has what man needs, and man has what woman needs. So you swap. This god had in mind - true love. True love contents are unchangeable, united, unique, forever. You take that to the kingdom. All humankind has these characteristics. My wife's true love is centered on god. My husband's true love is centered on god. We have true love mind, and true love body. How wonderful they are. That is freedom place. Nothing can make obstacles in that true love. It doesn't matter how big ambition you have, only characteristic that is eternal is true love.

You need a high dignity within yourself. This is true love. Forsaking others is opposite to true love. Working and serving others is no problem to establish in society. Absolutely, most valuable thing is true love and living for the sake of others. Woman was made for sake of man; man was made for sake of woman. The press follows father because he has true love power. We can do that ourselves. At the center of true love is god. True love is shortest way. But it must be 90 degrees, otherwise there is no way.

With god at center, you have true parents love; grandparents love; parents love; and children's love.

Until now you want to make ideal world "for me"; now we want to make ideal world "for others".

I am talking English; why don't you talk Korean? Did you forget. When I speak English, the Koreans are in trouble; either way, the Japanese are in trouble.

True love begins in your heart. Because of that your family becomes a happy true love family, and society, and world. Father teaches, practices true love to bring a world of heaven. The religious world is nothing more than an expansion of your mind; body is expanded to political world. With mind and body united, it is easy to govern both. Mind is on the side of god = god's attitude; body is on the side of satan = Satan's attitude.

Invest more. Body wants to center on itself. Mind wants to center on god. Only you decide, god's side or Satan's side.

Even though we have had great religious teachers (Confucius, Buddha, Jesus), no one teaches true love more clearly than father. Father explains it very clearly. True love is gods quality of love; where god dwells, there is true love; you become a palace of true love.

Those who say they don't want to go to spirit world raise your hands. It's only a matter of time. Unless you clearly know of true love, your rail into the spirit world is wrong. You have to know it clearly here on earth. And go straight to spirit world. True love terminal is last destination. Father knows the rule so well he wants to teach it completely to you. Father is a locomotive and you can become a locomotive behind father.

Spirit world subway rail is so scientific. All you have to do is push a button, and it goes up and down, all 12 pearl gates are there and you can go into any gate with no problem, inside train you lean with god and share ice cream cone. Its a 3-way party. Amazing. I am telling you what the rest of world could not believe, and you listen so brightly -truly you are a different race. A true love race. You can be free anywhere; absolute freedom is assured.

Elder son's position = done true parents position = done kingship position = done spirit world made into Cain, you are Abel = done

Father invited 55 hard-line communists of eastern Europe to east garden, and their life completely changed. Coming to east garden was the highlight of life.

When hard-line communists can be turned around in 3 days; entire world can be turned around.

You are to be a holy person to your family.

Natural subjugation of tribe is tribal messiahship.


Important: love and serve and respect your grandparents, your parents, yourself, and expand it to nephews, nieces, neighbors, etc. Spread it to the 4 corners and create a true love atmosphere concept. Atmospheric phenomena is affected by this. Center it on the home. Look what father did. Step in father's steps. Same way. Cultivate the four corners of the world.

Today, father is giving us a heavenly concept.

In Korea, there is a complete change. The elders are in the Cain position, and the young are Abel. But, the root is centered on family in town. Father made 3,400 units. When natural subjugation occurs at root, family as tribal messiah - the whole country is restored. Gift of true parents picture to be hung in homes when home is restored.

In the past, spirit world worked for themselves. On the 31st children's day, father told them they can no longer do that sort of thing. They must come down and assist us. When you hang true parents picture, ancestors come down and bow down to picture. Satan cannot touch that home, satan is expelled. 3 o'clock in the morning is a complete spiritual atmosphere. Good spirits kick out evil spirits. When you lay the foundation at the root, (family), everything else is automatic.

In Korea, the older members are responsible to political; the younger are responsible for the churches. The center place - 2nd place - is always the most difficult.

When you go to your home town, the men are in the Cain position, and women are in Abel position. You do that. That is the reason father asked all blessed couples to come today. The united states is the beginning point of this application.

The fall of man came to the home; restoration must come to the home. This is the final barrier.

Use the textbook (above): love and serve grandparents, parents, your family, your relatives, society, nation and world.

Trinity system:

Centering on true parents we have a trinity - 8 people including father and mother - 8 members of a family; by doing so you are greater than Jesus; and by doing so you can go non-stop to kingdom of heaven. There is nothing else to do.

Father is going to visit all the heads of state of the world; brazil, central and south America; Africa.

We are ripened seed - go out and plant it, clone yourself; you need to fertilize the soil, it is smelly to prepare it; then help it along to sprout.

Father is not going to rest; father already planned 10-year plan. Father has to travel.

Father gives additional blessing to true love blessed couples conference.

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