The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Birthday of Our True Parents

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True Parent's Birthday
February 20, 1991 World
Mission Center New York
Unofficial Notes

The topic of today's message: The Birthday of Our True Parents. Do you know how old True Father is? The 41st anniversary of the 30th birthday [Dr. Pak]. Blessed couples raise your hands. Those who are going to be blessed raise your hands.

What is the fall of man? It is nothing more than transforming yourself into the realm of death, going from life to death. When you read the Bible, Jesus says, " leave the dead to bury their own dead." Do you think you are living? No in God's eyes everyone is dead. Human history began with the history of death. What happened to Adam and Eve? Adam, Eve and the succeeding generations were destined to hell. This is the very miserable course of human history. What is hell? It is nothing more than a human trash can.

Who is living on earth now? They are those living hell. All of us are suffering from an incurable disease, in one sense. This is the Satanic lineage. We are bound to Satanic sovereignty. We are the fruit of the love of Satan because of false love. We are victims of a Satanic slavery. This is the thing which God hates most, because this is based on false love. It is the false-love disease. We are the fruits of the love of Satan because of illicit, false love.

The human race has been brought down to the bottom the pits. How can this be restored? This is the work of salvation. How could we accomplish salvation? Since we fell through Satanic love, restoration must go in the opposite direction, so we must center our love on God. What is the difference between the love of Satan and love of God? Satan's love makes the body master, trampling upon the mind. The body is the master, doing all kinds of atrocities and the mind is the slave to the body. This is the fallen state.

The mind should be the master over the body. But in fallen man this is the opposite, because Satan has made it this way. How painful this life must be! What about yourself? Who is the master? Is the mind controlling the body or the other way around? In a way we are all in struggle, fighting within ourselves. All the good work of saints and religions have been created to restore and strengthen the mind, to restore it back to the original position. Through this we can have a true, happy life. This is the purpose of religion.

The work of religion is to booster the strength of the mind so it can subjugate the body. No matter what the name of the religion, they have all been working for this same good goal. If that is the case, then all good religions have to have something in common. This common thing is that they are trying to suppress or torment the body. This is the work of religion. Therefore, all religions are working against the craving of the body. Whatever the body wants, religion say, "No."

In a way, the Bible has contradictory statements in it. Those who seek their life will lose it. If you try to live, you will die. In other words, if you live for the mind, you will live. But if you are willing to give up your body, you will find life. Religions have incredibly harsh rules, 7, 40 days fasting, pray vigils all night and don't sleep, also celibacy for life: they don't marry.

In Catholicism, the most noble and sacred fields are the priest and nuns, they would not marry for their entire life. Buddhism also, they would go to the mountains and live by themselves for the sake of religion. But then when we look at the harsh discipline in this teachings, how many American can live this way of life; all night prayer and celibate lifestyles? There is a very little chance to succeed in American society today.

American society is pursuing the body's freedom, the body's pleasure; it is the body-society. We can observe this here. Why should we torment our own body? Because my body has become the stage of Satan lives. Satan always uses the body, becoming arrogant, showing off and saying, "I'm supreme, I'm number one." This is Satan's way of life, an arrogant demonstration through the body. Furthermore, artificially intoxicating oneself, for example, the use of alcohol and the creation of a drug culture. In so many ways, American life is artificially intoxicated. They intoxicate themselves living an artificial life, smoking tobacco, etc.

There is an external environment which engenders this use of alcohol, drugs, smoking and sexual abuse; the craving of the body. These luxuries are vain glories. People forget about the mind and the body's desires come first. What about your fingernails and lipstick? Father has said you can use lipstick modestly, but you have gone in excess. It looks like their lips are crimson red because they ate a rat. [Laughter] And eyelashes... Father is not against beauty, but when you overdue it, it becomes a Satanic instrument. Manicures, red fingernail, black nails: some people want yellow, red and blue eyelashes. Pink lips are okay, but it has gone beyond crimson red to purple lips [Laughter]. At each change Satan is delighted. Truth never changes, so anything which changes from morning to night is not truthful. So you can see in our society how many Satanic influences are rampant out there. Satanic nets are the realm of death and our society is in this realm. Who will conquer this? The only hope is the appearance of the true religion and the leader of the true religion. They can transfer the society from the realm of death to the realm of life.

Step-by-step salvation: servant-of-servants, servant, adopted son, illegitimate son, true son, mother's religion, father's religion and True Parents religion. This line [vertical] line represents the fall of man. The work of restoration is accomplished step by step, going through the eight stages. Each stage of religious development thinks, "That's all." At each stage a new religion is developed and they consider this the final stage, but this is not the case. Each should be looking forward to the next stage. Religion has been making steady progress throughout history. Even though the contents of religious teaching, the Bible, the Quran, etc have many common elements, each religion has its own mission and should prepare to for a higher religion. "The oldest religion is the best," this idea is wrong. "The newest religion is no good," this concept is also not correct. When the True Parent religion comes it will be the newest religion.

This sounds like a revolutionary statement. Jesus Christ came as a true son of God, but this should not stop there, it should be elevated into the True Parents religion. He should also bring the True Father and True Mother religion. Christians are saying Rev. Moon is a heretic because he is proclaiming that Jesus should have been married. But this is absolutely true. God, at that time, wanted to have the True Parent religion, the ultimate religion.

Religion is a hospital, if there is no patient, then no hospital is needed. If there was not fall, then this world doesn't need religion. Then each person would automatically be a Son of God and reach the level of True Parent of mankind. However, because of the fall, all kinds of struggle occur. All kinds of religions came to exist, each saying only his own ideal is correct. There has been incredible struggles in history, even between religions. When the True Parents religions appears, we are entitled to be intoxicated, naturally not artificially, so this religion gives incredibly uplifting true joy; stronger than smoking, drinking, or drugs. This will be a natural intoxication.

Once you reach the True Parents religion, you become completely reunited with God, then Satan has no power over your life. This is true liberation and freedom. You can eat as much as you want, drink as much as you want. Why? Once the True Parent religion is established, this is the first time there is unity between mind and body. The mind is in the father position, the body is in the mother position, this is subject object position. This is like the bone and flesh, it cannot be separated. By true love, only with the True Parents religion, the mind and body are completely united.

In the fallen world, Satan separated mind and body; the body is now the master. In this situation men always commit crimes. Man can be completely liberated only through the True Parents religion. Basically God has the capacity for unity, while Satan always divides. The Bible says those who harmonize will bring the Kingdom of Heaven. Satan always criticizes, whispers something in your ear, something bad about others. Talkative persons commits more sins. Father doesn't like a person who is too talkative.

When Satan comes some talkative people say, "Is that so? Okay I'll go and kill him." But the less talkative person says, "Is that so? But aren't you Satan?" [and shoos him away].

American women talk too much. Oriental women are talkative too, but far less. The five organs of your body can become as either Satan's or God's instrument: the eyes, mouth, ears, every part of the body; even feeling and thought too. Those who only think of themselves become the instruments of Satan. Those who think of others and God are used by God and tend to be good.

This is another criteria. God has been the one most tormented: criticized and cursed with all the bad words being directed toward Him. But each time God does not respond. He never forgets them, He is just patient and withstands these accusations. He disregards those statements, only pursuing good statements and good deeds. God alone is the one who can do this, this is why He is God.

You want to be in the image of God. Then you have to act like God. When you hear so many negative things, be patient, digest them and support only the good things. What if someone gave God a box of Cuban cigars. Would he think, "I've never tried one?" and would he be tempted? On the other hand Satan would pick one up immediately and smoke it. Satan would say to God, "God, look at me! Such a wonderful cigar. You don't know this kind of good taste." He would be dancing around with the cigar and would say, "Look at the world, the people are following my way of life."

God listens, but doesn't listen; he knows but pretends not to know; he sees but pretends not to see. What about whiskey? Father doesn't even know the names of good whiskeys or good beers. Satan is bringing bottles of whiskey and showing them off in front of God. "Look at this gold color," Satan would say. He deliberately leaves half a cup on the table and goes to the bathroom. "God, look at this! It is so delicious. What about it, for a change, at least one drink with me?" God sees and pretends He never saw or heart it.

An even more incredible example is cocaine. You are on a high, on a trip and Satan would say, "God you don't know this kind of joy. This is heaven. I feel so high." God will not be shaken, not by one iota. God will say, "Get behind me Satan. You don't know my one secret. I have a far greater heavenly intoxicating agent. It is natural, not artificial, and will last forever. This is true love."

[Father took the example of Bo Hi Pak, (he is over 60)], if true love comes inside he looks like a 20-year-old boy. The whole energy is focused at one point, that is true love intoxication. There will be a heavenly explosion. If we are living in true intoxication and are really intoxicated by true love, how happy we will be. Yes or no? Do you think Father tried smoking, drinking or drugs? No. Then does this mean he never had any fun? He doesn't sleep very much, no entertainment, no sports, just working morning and night. Does he have any fun? Father is intoxicated by one thing, True Mother! [Applause]

You Unification Church members gave up your bad habits. What fun is there then? Rev. Moon has no carnal fun, but further he is persecuted even today! Father said these never bothered him at all. He is intoxicated by true love. I don't need anything else, that's the joy of my life. Today is the 71st birthday but he looks 20-years-old.

Once you reach the true love basket, you find everything. The basket is too small, you have to have a room full of true love. It is not empty, nothing is not available, everything is in the warehouse of true love. Water is sweeter than anything in the world, much sweeter than whiskey. When the entire earth is covered by true love then even water is superb, everything will be intoxicating. May I ask you one simple question? Do you really like Father. [Yes!] You are crazy aren't you? All the women raised their hands, so will you fight with each other over one man because there is only one Father. Will mother feel good or bad when she sees this?

In history there are amazing things happening in the Unification Church. Your own parents kidnap you and lock you up. But as soon as you can you run back into the Unification Church. What power is pulling you? True Love. When you try to separate two lovers, they say, "I'd rather die than be without my lover." Is your love the Church, Father and Mother stronger or weaker than the love of lovers?

Why do you come back? The parent's love is the root-love. Religion is the home of the root of true love. Only here can you reach that true root. Once you reach the root then the trunk, branches and all parts of the tree will prosper. Compared to other America youth, do they have root? So, without the root can they survive? So in a way they are rotten branches, rotten leaves, with no flowers because it is not connected to the true root. This is the American culture background. This is Satan's background. It is our mission to change this.

If someone gives you a cigarette will you put it between your two fingers? What about a can of beer or whiskey bottle? Everyone has an innate desire to live a good life. But when you come here, Father completely shuts this out. Father doesn't give you any comfort but pushes you down to hell and is looking to see if you survive. Even your own parents will not follow you. Your parents thought their child is lost in hell (the Unification Church), but you are not going to stay there. Suddenly you will be coming up and the world will be going down. Then the world will be calling, "Save me," and you can respond, "Don't make so much noise!" You will be on top and they will be on the bottom.

You will go up and up in order to liberate God. People will cry out to you, "Save me first." So day by day the anti-Unification Church elements are perishing. There are more praises of the Unification Church. When we say "Unification" Church, well what are we going to unite? Unification of mind and body, unity within the family, between nations, and ultimately unity between God and man, bringing God and man into oneness. What will this achieve, what is the reward? The reward will be the visitation of the true love, from God to the world, nation, society, clan, family and to yourself. True love will say, "This is my home." It will be the originally settlement place for true love.

When a moon rocket is launched at Cape Kennedy, there is a the first stage, second sate and finally it will be in orbit. At this stage it will move effortlessly around the earth. Where is the settling place of true love? It is the true home. What is there? True Father, True Mother, True Husband, True Wife and True Children. That is it! Do you have this true love in your home? What? What? You don't have confidence when you answer. When you say yes, then everything has to be clean: no tobacco, no beer, no needles in your arm...

Let's say one person has lots of material wealth and he thinks he is happy. But if there is another person who only has true love, who is happier? Even if this person don't have a fork or knife, but only dirty wooden chopsticks, if he is full of true love he would be happier. From the value point of view, from God's point of view who is happier? You know all the answers.

True Parents have been giving and giving true love. But it is very rare that a child gives back filial piety. This is rare. What about your own father and mother, even God wants to see this and would down to you and said, "You are even greater than me," if you are really giving true love. Are you becoming that kind of person? If God sees someone give, give and give true love, even then only crying out for the sake of others, then God will come down and bow down to you saying, "My son, my daughter, you are even greater than me." This is not just the relationship between parent and child, but also should be the relationship between husband and wife. You may not have enough material things but God will want to come down and live with that kind of person. You are then made into a new creation.

How wonderful, because through you God will recreate the world and mankind will receive salvation. Amen or Au-men. A-man = # 1 man. "Au" is the middle position. "Au-men" means the baby position in Korean language. Amen! Amen!

What is the topic today? The Birthday of Our True Parents. Do you need True Parents? How much? Amen! Father forgot to add the word "true" to the title of the speech. But now you know this is "true" parents and "true" birthday.

In order to reach the position of True Parents, they have shed the most tears, experienced the most suffering, the most hardships and worked the hardest. In the history of mankind nobody can compete with the True Parents. Father lives in the same Satanic society you live in. How much temptation did Father have? Temptation such as: I want a Ph.D., I want to be president, I want to be a saint. All kinds of temptations.

Satan uses all kinds of weapons to try to destroy Rev. Moon; he was tempted by money, power of the world, women by false honor. The worst temptation came through his own parents who thought, "My own son is going the wrong way." Can give up your own wife and children? Father was victories though all these temptation. The title True Parents was not originally given to True Parents. This was the goal.

True Parents were blessed in 1960. How many years had God been waiting for this event. The Bible says 6,000 years, this is symbolic. Scientists are saying 4.5 billion years the earth was created. The final 25,000 years is where the human species was created. 5 million??? Were people getting married during this period? Sure, this is the way the human race continued. But what kind of marriages were these? Why were these "false" marriages? Because all these marriages were born in the lineage of Satan.

History is like this, it is Satan's life-lineage history. Now for the first time God's life-lineage was established. This was at the time of the True Marriage in 1960. Now God's life-lineage has to overcome Satan's life- lineage. Where were you born? In which family tree were you born? Satan's lineage! Your original root is Satan's, centering on Satan's love, life and lineage. Do you understand?

This includes the roots, branches, leaves and many flowers. All the parts and the essence are all connected to the root. How can we cut Satan's influence completely from us. Your mind, your five senses includes Satan's life and lineage. How can you cut from this enemy? If you are cut, how can you survive? How can the resurrected part be connected to God's love, life and lineage. God cannot exchange, or change this lineage so easily. Do you understand.

You were in that kind of situation. You are the Satanic stock company, but the stocks are not tradable on Wall Street, not anywhere. This is even worst than Satan. Satan doesn't have stock, but you do. You have all kinds of complicated colors: red, blue, white, black. But Satan's color is either red or black. Satan is giving you camouflage, particularly your eye colors. There are so many eyes in this world that commit crime. A poisoned snake is bad because of poison, but your tongue is even worse. Your tongue can speak so many kinds of Satanic language. Jesus said the Satanic realm is the wild olive orchard. If there had been no fall, then God's love, life and lineage would have starter, once established it is everlasting. This is the true olive tree.

Father doesn't like the "s" and wants to spell seed as "ceed." In order to have a true seed you have to have a True Father. A True seed gives us True Father, he is the savior. What is the mission of the Messiah? It is not just coming for the Kingdom of Heaven. He comes to bring the true seed, to eliminate the Satanic seed. This is the true mission of the Messiah.

The Messiah comes and God prepares for this day. He sent prophets and made many religions, but they are to be ready for surgical operation. God creates the controllable olive tree. This is the wild olive tree that is controllable, this is the chosen nation.

This time came at the end of WWII. Even though this is wild olive, it is controllable. This is the Christian culture, centering on the United States, and the world could have been united centering on the Christian doctrine. In this way restoration could have been accomplished at one stroke. The Messiah would appear at that moment, germination would occur and this becomes a new tree. This was God's will at the end of WWII.

Our goal is to become a true olive tree. There is one criterion, your love for God must be stronger than the love of anything else in this world. Only then can you become part of the true olive tree. This is the grafting process, cut the old olive tree and engraft a new lineage bud. This is why Jesus said those who loved their wife, parents or children more than him are not worthy. Jesus is asking us to deny all Satanic love.

This grafting process will then become a branch and then a new olive tree. The tree has been growing for 6,000 years. The fertilizer is the saints. The olive, the fruit, then has nothing to do with Satan. It will be plucked by God and stored in the Kingdom of Heaven. In order to reach this moment, 6,000 year of Biblical history have lapsed, including the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Completed Testament.

The Old Testament was the age of when the things of creation were used as a sacrifice. The New Testament era is the children. Then by sacrificing the sons of God we come to the parents era. Christianity doesn't know the ideal or True Parents or God's ideal, so they oppose this. Because of this the foundation was nullified. Father came and rebuilt this foundation in 40 years, both 4,000 year and 6,000 years have been indemnified.

Father's life includes the indemnification of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament era. All the mistakes of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras have been indemnified. The past 40 years of Father's life, in the Unification Church has cleansed and rebuilt this foundation.

Last year Father celebrated his 70th birthday. This is equivalent to 7,000 years and all has been indemnified. Father started from Adam's family, then Noah's family, and Abraham's family... all history has been indemnified. Also the mistakes committed by the Unification Church itself, Father has had to pay the price. Because you are the offspring of a false parenthood, so even your own parent's ancestor's sins have to be indemnified.

When Christianity wasn't doing the right thing then Islam was born. When Islam wasn't doing the right thing, then Communism came up.

Kim Il Sung is the worst kind of communist and he is the only communist leader proclaiming himself as father. But the two father are distinctly different. The false father is shedding the blood of his own people. But on the other hand, True Father is shedding his own blood for the salvation of others. You can see that between the two fathers there is a 180 degree difference.

Behind the true father is S. America and N. America. Behind the false father is the Soviet Union and China. If in 1952, the United States and Soviet Union had listened to Father things would have been very different. But at that time the United States didn't fulfill its responsibility as a Christian nation. Now in 1992 - 40 years later, the United States is united with Rev. Moon and with Korea. Father is trying to do what was not done then: to win the Soviet Union and isolate the false father, then liberate him. Father is dealing with the Soviet Union, China and Kim Il Sung. They used to be united, but now these nations are divided. The Soviet Union is on the side of the United States. China is also trying to become part of the fate of the United States. If the United States would abandon S. Korea it would not last long. Father is here in America to hold on to America.

Father has been engaged in a lonely battle. He came to the world of death and is trying to bring it to the world of life. This is the lifelong struggle of Rev. Moon. Iraq, Iran and Syria are the original cradles of civilization. Christianity was born in the middle of all these religions. Because the 12 tribes of Israel could not be united, the Roman empire occupied Israel. All the tribes in the Middle East are originally from one tribe. Islam is now conquering the entire Middle East.

If all the 12 tribes of Israel were united, the Roman empire would dwindle. Christianity would have first gone eastward, not westward and united all the religions to the east. The unification of world religions would have occurred at the coming of the Messiah, 2,000 years ago. Religion represents the world of the mind. The political world is represented by the realm of the body. First religions will be united and then the political.

God's original plan was for Jesus to be victorious. Originally uniting all eastern religions and then moving towards the Roman empire. Father is doing this now. First unifying all the religions of the world, then the political sectors. Do you follow?

The religious problem is only part of the problem. There are economical and political problems too. He comes not just to solve the religious problems, but all problems. Through the Assembly of the World's Religions and the gathering of political leaders of the world this can be accomplished. Furthermore he is interested in computer and technological fields, cultural, academic and media worlds. In every field Father is interested.

Jesus was crucified on the cross. There were two thieves, one of the right and one of the left. Centering on the nation, all this has to be restored. First the chosen people: Judaism and Israel (representing the right and left) should have been united centered on Jesus. The right thief accepted God and thief on the left cursed God. There was totally division and Satan drove a wedge between them. So because of this Judaism and the Israel nation were lost.

Jesus was crucified, and by his suffering death he entered heaven. Not as a living Son of God. Who shall receive these blessings? Barabbas received the blessing and is behind Israel. Therefore Christianity and Islam became enemies. Abraham's offspring represents the Islamic religion, after Judaism was kicked out of the Middle East, Islam got the victory.

Abraham had two wives. His first wife Sarah could not bear a child, so he took a second wife. These two wives should have been united in the family of Abraham, but this was not so. The crucifixion, was the same pattern at the time of Abraham: the right and left were divided and the upper and lower were divided.

The coming of the Messiah is expected through Christianity. When the second coming of the Messiah occurs, his first mission is to unite the left and right. Individually, the mind and body will be united. Then Judaism has to be tamed by the coming of the Messiah. He is the one who overcomes the failures at the time of Jesus Christ.

If the acceptance of the Messiah was done after WWII, then there would be no communism today. So for 40 years Father had to rebuild that foundation, during the period of communism and during the cold war. In addition, the false father established his kingship by gunpoint. There has been so much opposition to Father. Father knew we are repeating the fallen history again and again. As an individual, the entire world has rejected him. But still step by step he is overcoming all those difficulties. The polarization of the whole world is simply because of the division of Korea. One is on the side of the free world and to other on the side of the communist world. Sixteen nations came to save S. Korea during the Korean war. This was fulfilled when 160 nations, united and participated in the Olympics (even the Soviet Union). Father invited missionary from 120 nations and united them with the athletics - the best sportsmen of their nation - from around the world. At that time Father spent over 4 million dollars. This was like Jacob, embracing them with true love. At the time of the Olympics this was the first time the right and left were united, without boundaries.

Father came to America in 1971, the U.S. was defeated in 1975. Anti-communism was at its lowest level (Pres. Carter). In 12 years Father completely turned around the liberal atmosphere. At that time Father supported Reagan and predicted he would win in 1980. During this time the conservative movement became dominant In 1984, Father was in Danbury from where he commanded the Unification forces to support Reagan again.

Reagan was not interested in the SDI, commonly called star wars, program. How can we shoot down flying missiles? The founder of SDI, Gen. Grant, asked Father to save this program. He said he would help to support the defense program. The Washington Times was mobilized, then Reagan was convinced and announced this at the state of the union address. This was the basis of the Patriot missile, an offspring of the SDI program. Today people say, "Thank God for the SDI program."

Furthermore Nicaragua, was the one communist nation connected to the United States. [This was different from Cuba, an island geographically not connected.] Father was in prison but still he said we should not abandon the freedom fighters. If Congress doesn't give money, we will. We made a front page editorial to supported this project. This was the first time for an front page editorial. Then the congress gave 27 million dollars to the freedom fighters. This is Father's doing.

Lee Shapiro, made a special film on Nicaragua called "Nicaragua is my Home." This film was shown at the White House and on PBS. This turned around public opinion. Today Nicaragua is now free. As soon as Violetta Chamorro became president she wrote a letter to Rev. Moon to thank him. Then Father asked Lee Shapiro to make a movie about Afghanistan. He went to the front-line, but his weapon was the movie camera. His film was on the back of a camel. During a Soviet helicopter attack Lee ran to save the film, risking his life, and was shot and killed. The helicopter landed and took all the film. Father has asked the KGB to get back this film. The Medal of Freedom was then given to Lee.

If President Bush had listened to Father's strategy from day one of the Gulf War, the war would have been over. Both Bush and Gorbachev are listening to Father's recommendations. Father's job is the unifier: left and right on different levels: family, society, nation, world and cosmic levels, including Christianity and the presidential system of this nation. More and more they are coming closer to Father's side. In addition, we are winning over communism. (You will see the film tonight.)

Total indemnification has been done. Right now, be united with Father. Amazing phenomena occurred, all the left-side people came to Rev. Moon at one time, saying, "You're on our side, aren't you?" The United States says that Rev. Moon is on its side. Satan is looking at this, wondering what is going on. Father is holding both the right side and left side, then turning around. God is in the front and Rev. Moon is on the back.

Satan's final plan is wanting to make a religious war. Saddam Hussain is riding on Satan's tail, thinking he will control the world. He is like Hitler, his ambition is incredible and appetite insatiability. He is trying to use Islam as his weapon. There are good Muslims, but he is just trying to use Islam. No politician talks about God more than Saddam Hussain. [But it's just talk.]

But the real Islam is a good religion and has a good prophet. The Grand Mufti came to the AWR and made a pilgrimage to Korea and sent his best 40 followers for a 40-day workshop. If someone listens to another religious theology, usually you would be beheaded. They said they came to America with one father (the Grand Mufti) and now they are going back with two father (the Grand Mufti and Father).

Islam is not a bad religion, only Saddam is a bad prophet. The Grand Mufti's of Egypt and Yemen also want to send their disciples for 40-day training. Only because of the war this is delayed. During the workshop the disciple of the Grand Mufti knelt down to pray five times a day. Unification Church members have a lot to learn from them. Father is uniting all religions. The Grand Mufti said Father Moon is the person sent by God, then he went home and told Assad about Rev. Moon.

In war Father is always a mediator. Father turns things around, right become left and left become right - so watch out. He told the Soviet delegation, "If you accept God, you can do better than the United States."

So many people have heard Godism, Head-wing ideology and Divine Principle. The CIA and FBI found out that Father is the best promoter of Americanism. Father said he supports Godism. But they said Godism is Americanism. Yet there is another ideology: True Parentism.

AFC rallies were organized in all 50 states to support the U.S. troops. Even one sister organized such a large rally. Father said, "How great even one sister is." Nationwide 300,000 people attended these pro-American rallies sponsored by the AFC.

When Father came to America he would talk and your eyes looked like a three- day old fish. Today they look like diamonds. It gives Father immense joy. You must remember one thing the time has come when we can move even Kim Il Sung, also Red China and the Soviet Union and even Japan. All this happened because of Divine Principle power, the message of salvation. Father is giving all credit to God.

Now Father will stop making noise. His mission is finished. You must go back home and you make the noise. Have a strong gut, don't talk in a normal way. Now go back to your home, your family members will welcome you. There is such a freedom-atmosphere. Freely you can expand your mission. The blessing is your property.

At the time of Jesus the providence was not fulfilled. But in Father's time, complete unity with the power of the president and Christianity has been achieved. Father can bring the unity and ultimate victory on earth. United States is on one side, Soviet Union on the other side, Father is in the center. Just go home and bring your father and mother to heaven on earth.

What Father has done from the individual level up to the top, the fighting world has been done. The model is here. After Father has done this much, were should he go? Just like you he is going home. All the unity has been done, then the destiny is to return home. Father's glorious homecoming is very near. First restoration of the elder's position, then authority of kingship, True Parents' position . Where were they lost? At the level of husband and wife; and children and parents. All restoration is occurring in the family. Now Father wants to give this to you. First you will receive the elder's son's position. You will have the conviction that you will inherit everything Father has won, up to the cosmic level. You can inherit this, because the relationship between you and the True Parents is a true love relationship and this will be eternal. When there is unity and restoration of the elder son position, then the struggle between Cain and Abel is finished.

Your position is not Adam's position or Jesus' position because you already have a family. You will restore your own clan, becoming a tribal messiah. This was lost in the Garden of Eden and Father is giving this to you. This is the elder's son right. You must expel Satan.

You were born from your family but how can your parents be restored? This is a big problem. You don't have a hometown, if your parents are not restored. After you restore your parents, then you have a hometown. Parents live in our hometown and this is the foundation for hometown. Father's hometown is Chungu, this is not your hometown.

All people have a hometown and they are connected to the nation and world. The original Adam would be automatically a king. But he fell and lost his faith. How can we restore the original Adam's foundation? Adam was to be a king, Jesus was a king. You have to go home and take back the parents right, centering on true love.

Father would like to explain one more thing. Everything is harvested as it is sown. God, Adam and Eve and the 3 archangels were present at the fall. Eve was taken by Satan, Adam followed Eve, so God has to follow behind fallen man. Satan is leading the march of history. Satanic individual, family, society, nation and world. God cannot follow and has nothing to do with these Satanic elements. So God uses religions to divide.

After WWII God divided into Cain and Abel. Originally we received a false seed. The true seed comes only when the True Father appears. Satan also created his own lineage. Eve is like Satan's wife. This is the way history is sown and this is the way it will be restored.

England, which is Eve, is an island nation and longing for a continent, a masculine representative. But Eve gave birth to Abel, the United States of America. Cain is France. England and France were enemy nations. During the WWII Eve was the center, and Cain & Abel (U.S. and France) were united. Through this God restored Eve, Cain and Abel were united and this was fulfilled. This was called the Allied nations. The Axis nations: Eve was Japan, Germany was Satanic Abel and Italy was the Satanic Cain. Japan, with quick speed overran Asia. Germany thought that they couldn't let Japan rule the world. Singapore is English territory. Japan thought it wouldn't be a problem. France is unstable, going this way and that. The Satanic power originally won 70% of the victory. But in the final stage, the Allied nations completely demolished the Axis powers. After this happened, history moved to Asia.

The Vatican initially was chosen but was not successful. Then the United Kingdom failed. Then the United States failed. Now it is moving to Asia. So we have to find equivalent nations in Asia. Japan = England and Korea = Italy. The pope was given the mission to unite Christianity, so the dispensation moved to the east.

Initially Christianity began in Asian Minor, then it moved to a peninsula, then to an island, to United States, and finally to Korea and then Asia - back to the originally starting point. Korean is exactly like Italy. The modern day Roman empire, the United States, is governing Korea.

But where is the Adam country? That is Korea. Who is Adam. Who is True Father? That is Rev. Moon. If the Christian missionaries in Korea had been united then everything would have been okay. If the American missionaries had welcomed Father, then in 2 or 3 days the entire nation would have been united with Father. Rev. Moon's teaching is completely different about the second coming, they couldn't accept that Christ would be born again from a woman. But Rev. Moon was chased out to the wilderness of the world.

How can we restore the lost world? For this Father had to chose a new Eve, Japan. The Japanese god is a woman god, Amateratsu. This was the Satan's side, Eve's position. After Great Britain, Japan was chosen. Even though the United States failed, it will be used one more time because it is a Christian nation. If God loses this Christian foundation then God loses the foundation to reach the world. Then the third-Adam foundation would be completely lost. America was given this second chance by me, not by God. This is my responsibility. I had to choose America again.

Father came to American but had nothing but persecution. Has any one person welcomed him? Has any single country welcomed him? No. Even though Father already made this decision to designate these countries with these missions, Satan wants to take these countries back.

In order to save the United States, Father brought missionaries from 7 former enemy countries here to let them save this country. Father has put his entire energy here in America, because it represents Christianity. He was working to save Christianity and the correct political system, the presidency. This is what Father has been doing for the past 16 years. In the United States Father has won over these persecutions. If he had not been involved in the selection of the correct presidents, then Eastern Europe would not have been liberated. Even the Soviet Union is now coming to our side. This is the dawning of a new day.

In the history of mankind, the enemy nations came together and saved a former enemy; this has never happened before. Satan has completely surrendered. Satan has no way to directly confront Father. So Satan is using drugs, alcohol, free sex, selfishness, terrorism, homosexuality, and materialism - these vain glories. So many teenagers are falling, because Adam and Eve fell at this young age. This is environmental hell. How can we save this? Only one movement can do this, this is Rev. Moon's movement.

We need Unification fertilizer. Then we can overcome immediately. Then the heavenly kingdom will be dawning immediately. The New Yorker, on 8th and 34th St., this is the beginning of a new revolution. We are going to clean up New York.

With the unity of Japan, German and the United States we can restore the world into the right economic system, political system and religious system. Economically speaking Japan has advanced. Fallen Eve took all things from God's side to Satan's ,side but now this is being restored. Their purpose is to unite with Adam. Only Father can bring the unity in Korea. Adam's country is going to be more politically important than any nation in Asia.

This unity will be seeded by true love and will grow within seven years. The true seed is given only by True Father. Ultimately he will then unite all countries. In the north there is the Satanic father. God, Adam, Eve and 3 archangels - 6 entities initiated history and now history will be restored based on 6 nations. This day is at hand. Amen.

The final ultimate mission is the unity of the homeland. In N. Korea, Kim Il Sung is now isolated, Soviet Union and China have both left him. So now N. Korea is wooing Japan and winking at the United States. Japan is a group of five islands but this looks like the body of a naked woman even without a bikini. So because of this beauty, America, the Soviet Union and China are all proposing to Japan. Father is bring all these archangels to Adam's side so they don't look at the naked woman any more. Korea is Adam and the matter has already been decided. Therefore Father blessed the second-generations members of Japan and Korea.

If Father gives a detailed lecture, it takes about 13 hours. But you are smart and will study the Divine Principle. Father's life is walking down history, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jesus... solving every problem and he won complete victory. I like a victorious person. There is only one thing left, a glorious homecoming. Anyone who is ready to inherit Father's victory, ready to go home and bring this victory to your home, as a tribal messiah, those who are willing to suffer, you will be lifted up.

All the blessed couples, this is your glorious homecoming. In your home there must be True Parent's picture. Not because Father wants his picture displayed, but because it invites the blessing of the spiritual world and your ancestors in the spiritual world. Blessed couples will do one miracle after another. Spirit world is now the Cain, Father restored the Elder Son position, now they have to come down and assist you, to make your family, clan and nation one. Satan is automatically pushed out. Go home and stake your territory. If you don't stake you territory now, other people will come and claim it. Communism is no longer an enemy. They will try to take over the blessing. They are so desperate to study Father's words. You are a new seed. A seed doesn't talk, but you can use all kinds of technologies for your battle.

Don't look for Father. First plant seeds, then you will have something to show. You have no time to look for Father. Restoration of Elder sonship, True Parentship and Cainship: this will be done in your tribe. This will be God's true love-domain. Those who listened and want to obey every word, if you pledge that every word will be fulfilled, raise your hands. Amen.

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