The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Day of Victory of Love Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1991
Headquarters Church building
Cheongpadong, Seoul, Korea
Day of Victory of Love Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon at the podium as Yeon Ah Choi Moon (Hyo Jin Moon's wife) reads this speech at the 29th Day of Victory of Love ceremony on January 24, 2012.

Father's Prayer

Beloved Father! Today is January 2, 1991, the Day of Victory of Love. It's now the eighth year since Heung Jin went to Your side. Thank You for the grace that allows the spirit world and the physical world to be connected on this day, allows heaven and earth to become one and allows the realm of salvation in the spirit world centering on the Christian cultural realm, Heung Jin centering on True Parents' children and the substantial realm of True Parents on earth to be connected.

Thank You for all your labor that allowed Heung Jin's ascension to the spirit world to bring the earthly world and spirit world into one, and to bring about all the global realms of transition.

Heavenly Father, I know that Heung Jin became a sacrificial offering in front of You in order to prepare an historic origin through which the spirit world could march in time with the victorious domain centered on True Parents' family on the earth. I know that the reason for Heung Jin's sacrifice was that you were concerned about connecting humankind's world of youthful experience that lasts up until their thirties because humankind bears a cross from the age of thirty for the rest of their lives together with Jesus. I know that all of Heung Jin's work in the spirit world up until now is being brought to a successful conclusion and he is fulfilling the duty of a loyal son for his Parents on earth.

Now we are in a new time when Parents will turn 80 years old, so for the next ten years, all the top religious leaders in the spirit world should band together centering on Heung Jin and Jesus and rally the righteous people and saints in the spirit world. Please order all of them to reign over the earthly world and steer all the religious realms to Parents' embrace, so that all the religions can return to the heavenly world together with True Parents victoriously. This is True Parents' order in the 1980s so please allow this to be conveyed to the heavenly world, conveyed, connected and brought into oneness before God, allowing for a kingdom of heaven of love to be formed.

Heung Jin and Jesus were unable to fully serve True Parents in substance on this earth, so now they should come to the earth and serve True Parents, thereby setting a standard for the entire spirit world and connecting the foundation of one single race on the earth, bestowing on the heavenly world a condition that it has inherited the lineage of heart that has formed a realm of oneness with True Parents and God. I earnestly long and hope for you to allow a unified authority for the spirit world to be achieved in this way.

Father, please oversee this hour and the entirety of this ceremony. I earnestly request that you personally lead this entire ceremony and offer this prayer in the name of the True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Father's Words

Today, you need to understand some things about Heung Jin. Teacher [Father] has to go through ordeals in order to pay indemnity for the external providential history up until Christianity, but in the process of paying indemnity, the Blessed Families of the Unification Church committed sins. During the 40-year history of the Unification Church, there were many people who committed sins as Unification Church believers.

What I'm saying is that the 36 couples, the 72 couples, the 120 couples, the 430 couples, the 777 couples, the 1800 couples, the 6000 couples, all these spread-out families have not followed the traditional way of Parents and have instead acted as they pleased. Who has to take responsibility for their actions? Just as God took responsibility for his son's and daughter's mistakes, Teacher has to take responsibility, and Teacher's family has to take responsibility.

It may have been different if I hadn't sent Heung Jin to the spirit world, but because he went to the spirit world, everything becomes caught up there. Heung Jin really thought specially about his father. He was very special when it came to the issue of his father's security. He did so without knowing why, but it was because he was the second son. He would form groups together with second-generation Blessed Children and raid East Garden, which was protected by guards. He would say, "You guys, let's see how good you are at guarding!" and go in like a bandit, causing problems. This was how special he thought his father was.

We should synthesize the things Heung Jin did before his death. If he simply died, then his death would be meaningless. I know that Satan meddled with Heung Jin because of his love for his father. At that time, Teacher entered Korea and held Victory Over Communism rallies and the final rally to be held was the Gwangju rally. At that time, spiritual mediums told Teacher to not go to Gwangju. They said that the communists were all gathered there, planning to corner President Moon [this is the respectful title used in reference to True Father by Korean society] and catch him, so I shouldn't go. Would Teacher not go just because he was told not to? Public people put their lives on the line. But heaven worked. The [venue] was so packed that the people seated could not even get out of their seats. That was the way for Teacher to be protected. And it was at that very hour that the accident happened.

I had to settle all of this for Heung Jin before he left us. I had the responsibility as his father to settle it. Just as God settled the cross that his son bore, I had to settle all these things and conduct the Unification Ceremony for him. I had to conduct the Unification Ceremony, but how was I to do so? It would not be proper to conduct the ceremony holding onto whatever I wanted. I had to conduct the ceremony while holding onto the genital organ. I had to conduct the Unification Ceremony for my son who was leaving without being able to fulfill the purpose of love in order for him to be directly connected to Jesus. Through conducting the Unification Ceremony while he was dying, I could go beyond everything that the devils saw from their perspective. Crying was not the matter.

Through Heung Jin becoming connected to True Parents' family, he could stand in a position of having paid indemnity for all things. This is because True Parents in 1983 stood on territory of a world-level victory after paying indemnity on the earth at a national and global level. Through sending [to the spirit world] a son who grew up in that territory, all those who could not connect with True Parents' family throughout the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages could be connected to Jesus and Heung Jin for the first time, brought together and united, and in that way connected to Parents' family.

That is how returning to the earth becomes possible. Thus, while giving my blessing to Heung Jin on the Day of Victory of Love, I proclaimed royal authority over 120 nations. This was part of what Teacher just prayed about. The last thing I prayed about was the mobilization of the sovereignties of 120 nations centering on Heung Jin. That was the substance of Teacher's official prayer. Thus, after that, the world has been changing quickly.

The question is whether Heung Jin died while trying to save his own life or while trying to save other people's lives. As a matter of fact, what I was grateful to see was that Heung Jin died in order to save Saeng Nyeon Ji's two sons. If that were not the case, then he would have had no need to turn the car to the right. If he had turned the car to the left, then Heung Jin could have lived. I went to the scene of the accident and was truly grateful to him. I thought, "OK, I can conduct a Unification Ceremony for you and send to you to heaven and to Jesus, who was the one who was sacrificed on the cross, without feeling pangs of conscience in any way whatsoever."

When I was there, I prayed, "Through Heung Jin going, a bridge allowing approach from the world of spirits to the earthly world was laid, which is beneficial to both the earthly world and the heavenly world. It was a course that True Parents' sons and daughters should exemplify as members of a public family." I feel like it was only yesterday that I offered that prayer, but it has already been eight years.

What does the title Day of Victory of Love mean? Teacher did not shed even one tear from the time that Heung Jin died to the time that he sent him off. Teacher had to defeat the power of death. Teacher had to set up the notice that he had defeated death with love, or the Seunghwa Ceremony could not have been held. The title Seunghwa Ceremony was derived from Heung Jin. What does the victory of love refer to in the title Day of Victory of Love? It is victory over death. If we were like others, Mother would have struggled and crawled around wailing because of Heung Jin's death, but Mother was not allowed to shed tears. The ceremony had to be conducted within three days. Our victory over death had to be proclaimed. That is why we have Seunghwa Ceremonies in the Unification Church. It is overcoming death and going toward joy. People who go through Seunghwa Ceremonies can quickly cross all the ravines of the spirit world. Seunghwa Ceremonies started beginning with Heung Jin.

What does wonjeon mean? It refers to Adam and Eve dying and entering the main palace. It refers to going through to a palace. The word wonjeon means palace. It's [where you] lie down in the garden in which Adam and Eve should have lain. It's called wonjeon because you lie down where Jesus and True Parents ought to lie down. If you pray at the wonjeon, you will touch heaven's grace. It is a place where you connect with heaven's palace and the palace of the future. In that place of connection, there is the base laid by the son who became a sacrificial offering and thus cancelled indemnity conditions that the Unification Church would have been required to set otherwise.

The title Day of Victory of Love infers that Satan could not point fingers even when [True Parents] had to deal with death. That was the sort of ceremony that we performed. Behind the ceremony, only absolute love could step on and rise above death. Thus, people who go through the Seunghwa Ceremony of the Unification Church cannot enter Hell.

The fight was caused due to the Christian spiritual world and substantial world not becoming one in spirit and flesh during the time of Teacher. Thus, all these things must be united and presented as a single conditional offering in order to set up the condition of victory. Centering on that, I was not sad. If True Parents had shed tears, a condition for Satan to accuse True Parents would have remained, so we were required to not shed tears.

Because of this, we did not show tears until we sent Heung Jin off to Korea. After we sent him off, it was OK to shed tears. The facts behind this – the incomprehensible behind story – were only known by Teacher. Of course, it is amazing that Teacher knew such things but what is more amazing is that Teacher put this knowledge into practice and paved a way that could not be invaded by the Devil. As the group of people who have received the Blessing and who stand on this public base, you need to realize how terrible of a place you are standing in.

The families who received the Blessing in the 1990s need to be in the vanguard. We are in a time of family restoration so entire families need to be in the vanguard. In families of the satanic world, entire families fell, so now we have to defeat families. Defeating your neighborhood is defeating families. Each family needs to keep a picture of Parents. Take down all the pictures of your ancestors, of your mother and father, and of your wedding, and put up Parents' picture instead.

If you put up the Parents' picture, the ones who come to bow first should be your ancestors. Why should it be your ancestors? Your ancestors were unable to attend the Parents. Therefore, good ancestors return to the earth to their beloved blood relatives. Because a time has come in which the spirit world and physical world can be transitioned, now Satan is also trying to follow the Parents. Therefore, when all the ancestors in the spirit world come and truly attend the Parents, they have to stand in a position of engrafting onto a son-type spirit in front of the Parents, a position of being reborn through the Parents from a spiritual standard.

If you do this, then all the misfortune that may arise in your house due to Satan's mischief will be eradicated. Satan gives sicknesses and then gives medicine for the sickness but God does not give sicknesses. God only gives medicine, not sicknesses. Therefore, the three generations of your family must bow in front of the picture. Heavenly fortune will protect the families in which people pledge that they are the blood relatives of the True Parents, pledging to attend them as the eternal true parents, not only on the earth but also in the heavenly world. Therefore, defeating your neighborhood is not just an idea. You can be victorious in your neighborhood when three generations of each family welcome Teacher's photograph in their homes. This is the nature of the national events that are to be held in preparation for the North-South Korean general election. If we do this, then the general election will be all done.

Teacher as an individual has paid indemnity for the entire history of the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages of Israel, and Teacher's family has stood on the frontline to pay indemnity for all the mistakes of the Unification Church. In that way, through the Unification Church moving with the assistance of the spirit world centering on the shim jung-type victorious conditions of the spirit world and victorious conditions of the earthly world, radical development was brought through this Day of Victory of Love. Think about this deeply, and change your hearts of cherishing the memory of a deceased person on this day to hearts of gratitude.

You should know that it is when you make a determination to take this grateful heart to make an all-out advance in order to convert heavenly families through defeating your neighborhood within the course of actual fighting that will unfold from now on that commemorating this day becomes significant. 

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