The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

True Mother's Role

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
November 27, 1991
Hawaii, USA

(taken from unofficial transcription and translated by Rev. Sung San Lee)

The re-creation process is the providence of restoration, therefore perfected Adam and Eve have to be restored. This process has continued up until now. The purpose of all of human history has been the course of restoration to re-create Adam and Eve. To re-create a perfected Adam, through the years God had to develop a foundation for the individual, the family, the tribe and up through the national and universal levels. Finally, by Abel subjugating Cain and taking the elder son's position, True Parents' position can be restored, and next the kingship position. When Jesus came two thousand years ago in Israel, his position as restored elder son was on the national level. Because he could not successfully accomplish the elder's son position on the worldwide level, at the second coming the Messiah must accomplish this.

True Parents completely subjugated Satan on the worldwide level. There is no Satan left who can invade either the communist or democratic realms. After completely restoring the elder son's position, True Parents' position and the kingship position can be restored. True Parents already proclaimed True Parentship in Korea. Also True Parentship was proclaimed throughout the Korean community in several American regions. Father also proclaimed it at the "Assembly of World's Religions" in San Francisco last year.

After the proclamation of True Parentship, kingship and God's kingdom are established. Therefore, True Parents were able to give the blessed couples the right to be tribal messiahs. The tribal messiah position is Jesus' position. Adam's position, Jesus' position, and True Parents' position, these three create the kingship position on the earth for the first time. Do you understand?

This is the last stage, the last foundation that must be laid. As True Parents, in the perfected Adam position, no Satan can accuse or invade True Parents' family. Through the fall, Adam was subjugated by Eve. As a True Parent, in the perfected Adam position, the Messiah must make complete victory over all Satans on all levels, from the individual to the family, tribal, national and universal levels. Father completed this victorious foundation, therefore Satan's world has completely, dramatically collapsed.

After the perfection of Adam, Eve also has to be perfected. Based on Adam's perfection, Eve can be recreated, and Adam has to restore the Eve position. This is the restoration course, because at the time of the fall Adam was subjugated by Eve. This condition is restored by indemnity at the time of the second coming of the Messiah. Therefore, when Mother in the Eve position is at the same level of perfection as Father, then the whole dispensation is completed. Until now, Mother has completely followed Father; she has been totally united with him. She is Father's shadow. Now, after Father's victory as a perfected Adam, Satan can no longer accuse or invade. Therefore, Father has to raise Mother to Father's level.

Mother, in the Eve position, started this course in Japan. Japan represents the Eve country and Korea represents the Adam country on the national level. Therefore, Japanese and Korean women must be completely united together. Mother, in Eve's position in Japan, became the number one woman, and in Korea, completed this in forty days. During Mother's recent visit to Japan, she spoke to seven thousand representative women from the "Women's Federation for Peace in Asia." Also in Korea, Mother spoke to fifteen thousand representative women. Within the forty days, she gave many speeches in different levels in each province. The final event took place on November 20. On the foundation of this victory, Mother completely fulfilled her mission. In a period of twenty days, the Korean national historical level of the "Women's Federation for Peace in Asia" was initiated. Then, a final rally in was held in Seoul. Such an historical event was never held in Korea before.

The woman's position is different in Korea and Japan. In Japan, it is like Leah's, in Korea, it is like Rachel's. These two women have to be completely unified. Historically, Japanese and Korean women have been bitter enemies. Through Mother, in the campaign in Korea they became completely harmoniously united. Centering on True Mother, Father asked six thousand Japanese women's representatives to come to Korea by the end of this year to receive education. Six thousand Korean women will also participate, making a total of twelve thousand women as a symbol of Jesus' twelve disciples.

The number twelve represents all humanity. Those women are completely united with Mother, and because of this condition of unity, Satan can no longer claim women. The Western world represents the archangel. That is why there is so much homosexuality in the West. Japanese sisters are married to brothers from all over the world. This is to restore the archangel position. Japanese sisters will be married to men from one hundred and sixty nations. By April of next year, young men and women representing one hundred and sixty nations will be married. Those one hundred and sixty nations, from all six continents, will be represented in the "Woman's Federation for Peace" and must be completely united with True Mother.

By next April, in our Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Father will expand the foundation of the "Women's Federation for Peace" to a worldwide level, to be organized on six continents. During a conference and a rally Father will proclaim the "Woman's Federation for Peace" to the world. All the world's women will belong to Father, as the representative of Adam, through Mother. All men are in the archangel position. By restoring all those women into True Parents' family, men, in the children's position to those women, will be restored through them. When Adam and Eve fell, they were taken by Satan's side. At this time Father, the perfected Adam, completely restores Eve by going the reverse direction. Brothers and sisters embrace and follow Father, going back to God: all men in the archangel position follow Eve. This is the universal turning point. This is Mother's Age, until Father is age eighty. After age eighty, we will be entering the original ideal world.

In America, the women are already queens. American families are separated; children go their own way. They don't know where they are going. If all women unite with True Mother, then all the other children will follow their mothers. The fathers and husbands, who are in the archangel position, will follow True Father.

Father and Mother will ask all the blessed women to be mobilized for three years to their home towns as tribal messiahs to restore all their relatives. The women, as tribal messiahs, will restore their children, and then all the husbands will have to follow.

Satan already knew this and that is why he has divided families. In the last days the family has to become one centered on God. The biblical revelation prophesies that in the last days mothers, fathers, and children will be one another's enemies. How can they be unified into one centered upon God? This is God's will, and this is what Father is doing. So man, as the husband, is in the archangel position for three years. The husband and wife need to be separated for three years. So when Father calls all blessed wives to come to Korea and Japan you will be immediately mobilized.

This is the Age of Mother. Within three years, Satan has to be completely separated from us. The number three is always a problem. When the Israelites left Egypt they had three days to separate from Satan. Jesus had a three-day separation period after the crucifixion. When Father mobilizes the blessed wives, the husbands should not complain. They have to take care of the children and support their wives. This is Principle viewpoint, not Father's words.

Until now in fallen history, the man has always been the one in power struggles, the one to wage war and engage in evil activities. Women have to resolve all the problems through women's power. Women do not like to wage war. God does not have a war concept.

This is the final transition period. The whole spiritual world will support Mother's efforts to successfully make this foundation. All women's problems of the past and present--prostitution, free sex, and so on--have to be completely resolved centering on God, True Mother, and women's power.

After the unification of North and South Korea, a new family tree will be registered. From that time on, you will become a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, and everyone who travels to Korea will have to speak Korean, the mother tongue. This is True Parents' language. In the ideal world there is one language and one culture. All women will follow True Father and True Mother. Their husbands will have to follow them. After the registration of the new family we will be in the adopted children's position, as step-children centering on True Parents. Then, new life begins: new couples, as husband and wife. How complicated it is to follow the formula course. But this is the Principle, so it is absolutely true.

All men and women should think of nothing else but God as their vertical Parents and True Parents as their horizontal parents centering on true love. Adam and Eve's responsibility, which they failed to fulfill, was to united absolutely with the concept of God as the vertical Parents and True Parents as horizontal parents, centering on true love. There is no concept outside of these three; through them begins a new culture and a new language. A particular nationality's thinking, such as just Western or just Oriental, should not exist. Any other concepts are Satan's. Is it easy? Satan's blood lineage has been on the earth for thousands of years.

You have to unite with Mother completely. As elder and younger brothers, there should not be fighting between Korean and Japanese or Oriental and Western. They have been enemies, but now in total unity they will be completely embraced by Mother. They should love and support each other in God's true love. Mother will embrace both children and bring them to Father. Through the four-position foundation we have to return to that ideal. Humanity will return to God, and God will bless them.

The reign of Kim Il Sung has to end. Father has to help him surrender of his own desire. Kim Il Sung is the false Adam on Satan's side, the false Christ. Father represents God's side. True Father cannot fight with evil. So the false Adam, Kim Il Sung has to surrender of his own free will. So when Father meets with him, he will offer him the idea of how to do it and give the direction. If he doesn't agree, he is finished.

You did not know what was going on in the world, and how God's providence is developing. This is the transition time of the destiny of the universe. If Father did not understand this, there would be no hope for the world. How difficult the course of restoration is! Do you need Father? Do you need Mother too? Father speaks to you as the representatives of the whole Western world, so you must unite with these words. I am now returning to the Orient.

Hawaii is midway between East and West. Hawaii has so much Japanese influence (representing women). America, in the archangel position, has to follow Hawaii, representing women, and united with Asia. That is the purpose of revival. No matter how much America tries to exert control or influence, it still has to follow. As the archangel nation your lifestyle has to go down below the Korean and Japanese lifestyles, below the Adam and Eve nations' level. This is the Principle viewpoint. America is declining. She must quickly unite with Japan and Korea. Brothers who are blessed to Oriental women are very fortunate.

When you are blessed to Japanese women, do you regret it? Is it difficult? It is not so easy to unite completely with the opposite side.

To save the world, Father made international marriage. By next April, Japanese women will be blessed to brothers throughout the world. Those couples will come to Korea and the women will march to North Korea. If six hundred thousand women march into North Korea what will Kim Il Sung do? Unification women should work harder than communist women. If Father calls you women, would you like to come? Do you really want to go, or just because you are being asked? You must have that kind of attitude.

This is the final period, the final stage. God prepared everything. By the spiritual world's power, Kim Il Sung can be changed. He can be taken to the spirit world even tonight.

This is Mother's Age. Father is preparing to put Mother in Father's place. Women have been sad throughout history.

If what Father has been speaking about happens, would America be saved? There is no other way. Father has been trying to save America, but America has tried to kill Father. America, the Soviet Union, Japan, North Korea, even South Korea were Father's enemies. In Satan's position, they all tried to kill Father. The parent has to take responsibility for that. True Parents have had to restore all their mistakes. It will not be so long now. You have to attend and serve True Parents and you have to pay the "Heavenly Kingdom tax." The children and the nation have to be prepared for the Kingdom. The people of the world will have to come to Korea to register.

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