The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Glorious Children's Day

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
November 6, 1991
Chong Pa Dong Church, Seoul, Korea

Transcription and translation by Malihe Zahedi from unofficial tape

Today is Children's Day and the title of the speech is "Glorious Children's Day."

With the word "glorious" there can be no mistake or failure; it has a meaning of "perfect" and "victorious." It means that there is a center to be attended and followed. When we say "Glorious Children's Day" it means that there have been un-glorious days until now. Can there be an un-glorious Children's Day?

Centering on our first ancestors, our history has not been a beautiful, good and virtuous one, but an evil and bad one. But children have always had the hope and desire of changing such a sad and sorrowful history to a glorious one history.

Before thinking of Children's Day, we need Parents' Day. That is why in our movement we have Children's Day, God's Day, Day of All Things and Parents' Day. Why don't we have a day of husband and wife, and day of brother and sister?

God is the center of glory and subject of glory. Because a subject needs an object, centering on a glorious and perfect subject, everything can become perfect and glorious. But because man and creation could not stand in such a position, God could not become a glorious subject. So God has not been in the top position of glory and honor, but has lost all His creation. His environment and life have not been glorious and proud. God has not been a happy God, but a sad God. Because of that everything in the creation is in lamentation. God is also lamenting.

All this happened because of God's children, so man has the responsibility for restoration. This is not known by outside people.

What is the Unification Church then? We are saying that God has not been a glorious God because of man. And we should make Him a glorious God. The liberation of man means the liberation of God, and that is our movement's mission.

Who brings peace? It should be brought from the individual level. Then who can bring peace on the family level? Or to the world? It all starts from the individual. Everything starts from the individual.

When we say individual, there is individual man, and individual woman. So, to bring peace we need an individual man of perfection and an individual woman of perfection. However great you may be, to form a family there should be a man and woman united.

What is the liberation of man? Centering on the Divine Principle view, man and God can be liberated. That is the mission of the Unification Church.

Who am I? I am a representative of the world, nation and family. Everybody wants to be the center. For that we need unity of mind and body. Is your spirit perfected? How about your body? Is it perfect? If one thing is perfected and we follow that, and try to tune ourselves to that, we can become perfect too.

Our mind wants to be good, live for goodness, speak and do good things. Can our spirit live well by stealing? Can it live happily on that money? No! Our mind wants to live virtuously. Our mind wants to speak well, then it's happy. So what our spirit likes is something that everybody likes.

Looking at all people, we know that all mankind's mind is the same. Do you think that the mind of a Western man and that of an Oriental man are the same or different? (The same!) How about the mind of a black man and a white man? (Also the same!) How about the mind of our ancestor who lived a million years ago? Was it the same as our mind now? How about your mind and mine? (It is the same!) There may be minor differences, but the fundamental point of mind is the same. Hearing this you feel happy, right?

Father has worked so much for God. Nobody has worked as hard as he, as nobody else has really understood, and worked hard in that direction.

This has brought han [This Korean word means grief and sorrow] for God and True Father. Unification Church members know that and that is why they want to listen to Father--or don't they?

Listening to Father is not easy. Following Father is also not easy. It is so difficult to follow Father. But it is good, right?

Imagine there is a professor with five or six doctorates. To get him to sign to say you have passed is not easy. You have to go to the bottom and work very hard and he finally may or may not give his signature. Of course it would be good to get his signature easily, wouldn't it? You would feel very good to get it easily, right? (Yes.) But you shouldn't feel good; if you do you are wrong! Because you are centered on yourself, you feel good. It is the same for following the church. When you are centering on yourself the way becomes difficult. Of course, the way is difficult but we have to go that way happily.

Father knows how much more difficult it has been for God. For Father it has been difficult but for God it has been much more difficult. How old is God? How long will He live? The six thousand years in the Bible is symbolic but life on earth has been going on for a few billion years. How has He spent these years? Happily or unhappily? He has been unhappy because He lost His children.

What is a child? If we talk about children for hours to the person who has no children, he will not understand. By having children, the parents can have the heart of parents.

Is the heart of parents and the heart of children the same? Alright, parents can forgive children if they make mistakes but can children forgive the parents if they make mistakes?

In our movement the parents-in-law and the daughter-in-law become one. They make so deep a connection that outside people are surprised.

Why do we need sons and daughters? Because at this point love can reach its perfection. The children who do not have parents are miserable because they cannot develop father's and mother's love within themselves. In a family, because there is a father, the daughter can come to a realization of men's world, for her husband looks like her father; same nose, two eyes, ears, lips and body type, and so on. Because there is a mother, the son can have an understanding about his future wife. So because of the father, the daughter comes to have love and feeling for men. Because of the mother, the son feels that a woman is lovely like his mother.

So why do we need parents? God is heavenly and spiritual, man is earthly and physical. God is invisible and man is visible. Invisible God can bear fruit through the visible. God also needs an object.

The upper side is spiritual and the lower side is physical [[Father drew a diagram.] The heart of parents is the heart of heaven. Children cannot know the parents' heart unless they themselves become parents. When that happens, at that point, the unity of parents and children can be a glorious one. That is the unity of the upper and lower, or spiritual and physical. The reason why children with no parents are miserable or unhappy, is that they cannot understand the spirit, because they cannot be united with the upper part.

Looking at children, they are so excited as they grow up and they learn about everything. But children are not so excited about the other sex. They fight with each other and they prefer to be with children of their own sex.

Is your mind and body united? (No.) That is why you cannot see God. If both eyes are not focused on one point you cannot see clearly. It is the same with our physical body and spirit body. If our physical and spiritual eyes are not united we cannot see God.

Have you seen love? You cannot see love, but a lover's eye can see love! A lover's ear can hear love's voice! There is nothing ugly to a lover's eye, to a lover there is no bad smell. Do you think that a woman who kicks her husband because of smelly feet has true love?

Women are so picky about things. Sometimes Mother tells me: "Oh your feet smell, go and wash first." Then I say OK and follow her. Men and women are different and that is a good thing.

Why do we need love? A man is the other half of a woman, and a woman is the other half of a man. They can complete each other not by money, power or knowledge, but by love. One plus or one minus is not enough, but together they become one.

Man and woman representing East and West, children representing back and front, and God and children representing up and down can unite centering not on money, power or knowledge, but on love. Parents' love is to give everything to their children. Also, children want to give to their parents. From this point, we understand that God also needs to be perfect, which means he needs to have a perfect object.

However great I may seem, if I do not have love, I am not great at all. What has been God's grief until now? It has been the fact that He has not had a perfect object because of the Fall.

The parents' hearts long for their children to grow up, get married and have children. Why? They want their children to experience the heart of a parent.

God's han is that he does not have this. God's han is that He could not see the love which can unite back and front, up and down, and left and right. God is invisible man and Adam and Eve are visible God. The unity of God and man centering on love is the unity of spirit and body. Left and right, up and down, can also unite centering on love. God's purpose of creation for man was to create a perfect object, in order for God to perfect His own love. You have to know that this is the absolute truth.

Father traveled throughout the spirit world, to all the corners of the spirit world, and found out that this is the only truth. It was so obvious there, but nobody knew: the truth that parents need children and children need parents. That is, to unite the visible and invisible world centering on love. It was so clear.

Man and woman grow and learn about each other's world and they are very excited. They marry each other to discover the deepest and most secret thing about each other--not about each other's hair, or things on the surface!

Father speaks about strange things but these things are necessary and good for you to know!

There should be love between brothers and sisters. They should love each other and encourage each other. When they see a woman they should say: "Oh, she looks like my mother." Or when they see a man they should say: "Oh, he looks like my father." A husband is like a father--the nose, lips, ears, body; even if he takes off his clothes he looks like a father. Is there any daughter who says to her father when he kisses her: "Oh, you are a man, don't kiss me!"? This man, her father, and the man she will meet in the future as a husband are the same. So there is a need for the parent-child love relationship. The love of brother and sister is a model for the perfection of all the love of the world. Centering on this love, all the love of the world can be unified.

Only centering on God's love we can reach the position of God. Left and right (husband and wife), back and front (brother and sister), up and down (parents and children)--all directions can meet centering on love and this is also the place where man can meet God.

The present world is at war because it has lost such a central point of love. That is why we need parental love, that is, True Parents' love.

If you know this principle, there is no need for the teaching of filial piety, there is no need for the teaching of religion. So all we need to do is understand and realize this principle, and learn this kind of true love. If all mankind knows this, there will be no war and no fighting in human society.

There is only one point which can unite all mankind, up and down, left and right, and back and front. All can gather centering on this point, which is God. Then there will be no question, "Where is God?" The most invisible point is the closest point. That is where the six directions meet and bring all things close to each other. This relationship forms a round shape, which is good.

Which is better: a round face or a long one? (Not round or long but oval, a face like Mother's, she is very beautiful.) Her beauty is not hers. She is beautiful for her husband. This you have to understand: a woman's body, her big heavy hips, and her breasts are not her own, but they are for the sake of her children. There is nothing for the sake of herself. Misuse of any public thing brings indemnity, so women who misuse their body for their own sake will pay indemnity. Everything exists for the sake of other things. That's why our teaching is to live for the sake of others. That is the proper way of life. Mother's beauty is not for herself, but for her husband.

Today's speech is "Glorious Children's Day." So, on such a glorious Children's Day, we will make the determination to realize the glorious words and will of God during our lifetime. Those who will do it for sure, raise your hands, or you can say Amen.

God's blessing be with you.

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