The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

True Women: Foundation for Peace

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November 3, 1991
International Training Center Seoul, Korea

"This is an excerpt from an unofficial translation made by Malihe Zahedi."

There are more women than men; women live longer than men. What is the life of a woman? First she is a daughter, then she becomes a wife, and then she becomes a mother and leads a family. So far the women have come to have roles in every part of society.

The providence of God for restoration has been of the individual level and on the family level as well. Until now history has been centering on men and there have been great men. The center of groups and nations and religious have been men and God has been working to make these men great, and has worked with them. So history has been for men. But God says in the Bible that He "so loved the world, that He sent His only son so that "whoever" believes in him will be saved."

There is religion of servant, religion of son, and religion of parents father and mother which is on the perfection level.

What kind of person is a man of perfection? Because the center has been man, God has been working to raise men, in the family and society and world.

Among the men who were leaders, there have been evil men, too. This has been a fact. Also centering on the true love of God, there have been men of God.

Men have been representatives of family and tribe and so on. These men have been religious leaders. The archangel was in the servant's position. Through the fall, man went to the position of servant of servant, and from that position he had to be restored to the positions of servant, adopted son, true son and position of parents. So history is for the sake of restoring the original position. Religious people say that faith saves people. God did not create man by faith, but by love. So it is not by faith that salvation comes. History is a history of restoration, so faith is not enough we need to recreate.

Jacob got the birthright with the help of his mother. You all know that fact. He had to fight with the angel and overcome. Jacob was a man and it was a man who got the victory. Because Eve fell, not being obedient, women have to have absolute obedience.

You have to know that God has been shedding tears for women more than for men. Of course, they are both his sons and daughters, but his daughters have suffered more and Father's heart is more in pain for his daughters. History has been for recreation. Recreation is centering on man because man has a portion of responsibility and he should fulfill it himself. Women have cried a lot in history; we have to think about that. God has worked for women's liberation very much you have to know that. Christianity is a religion of "Bride" that is why it has been working for the liberation of women.

The mission of the Messiah is not to give money and provide a comfortable life. His responsibility and mission is centering on love. Because God is not seeking money, knowledge or power; He has them already.

Man likes love the most. Where is the house of love? Should love also have a house? The house of love is the eye; through our eye we can experience love. Our ear, also, is a house of love; our hands, our whole body is the house for love.

What kind of knowledge is good? Knowledge about love is the best knowledge. Also, the power of love is the best power. Love is good because our five senses are seeking that. It is not power or money that our five sense are looking for.

Outside people's marriage is based on money and knowledge. But Father matches, for instance, a Japanese with a college degree with a Korean who graduated from a village middle school. Father also knows that it is difficult. He knows that it has good points and bad points. But think about it: who would be a good president for Asia a person born of a marriage of two Koreans or two Japanese, or a Korean " and" a Japanese?

Love is a bad thing! [It's "good"!] It's "bad"! [It's "good"!] YOU'RE RIGHT! If I say something wrong, you can catch me!

Christians think that God is holy and so high. God has also been born why? For money, for power? Was He born for money? For knowledge? He is the vertical Father; our heart is resembling God. Mind is vertical "I". Mind is the inheritor of life, love and blood lineage.

Ideal is round. Why? For movement. If it is not round it cannot be active. Everything needs to be in a relationship of subject and object. God is subject and man is object.

Everything exists for true love. Do you think that if you give one time, ten times, or one hundred times and it does not work, and then you give up, it's true love?

In the whole world, Father knows women the best.

According to the original standard, you are still so far from true love, so why don't you try? Even you know well.

In some points animals are better than man. Consider flying: birds can fly, but man cannot. Consider smelling: dogs are better at that than man. But man is more precious and more important, because of love.

Now free sex is expanding; it's the work of the devil. He wants to destroy man; he is spreading man-with-man, woman-with-woman. It will result in mankind perishing.

At night in the street you can see men and women going to quiet places; what is the reason? Men go to a place to seek women; women go to seek men because of love for love.

Do you think that Father should trade off his position of Founder of the Unification Church for Mother, or trade off Mother for his position? (Trade off his position!) You know the answers very well! Because Christianity has been so narrow-minded, it has shed much blood, but Unification Church has not shed blood. Father went to prison but never died.

If you hold your finger close to your eyes you cannot see it. That is the reason you cannot see God, because He is very close to us. He is watching us from very close.

Love is a very precious thing. Men and women of our church do not hold hands before Blessing. Do you know that? Because love is precious and you cannot mistreat it.

We have to try to live without clothes comfortably. We wear clothes because we have no other way. We are still in the wilderness course. We have to forget our life in Egypt. We have to think of Canaan. We have to restore satanic things through indemnity. We have to throw away satanic things. I still remember the time when I had one set of underwear for many years. It was torn, but I sewed it with thread to keep it together.

Do you think that God prepared the table for Adam and Eve and called them to come to eat, or did they do it themselves? So members should do things by themselves. You are supposed to take True Parents' photograph to houses and do activity for that providence.

Until now I did all the talking and Mother has been quiet. Now you can complain to me, why do I not let Mother speak. Until now she has been following like a shadow. But now the time has changed. Now is the time for you to attend Mother.

Do you want your children to be greater than you? Give and forget, invest and forget. One hundred times, give and forget. That is true love. This kind of love makes a true woman. True love crosses the line of life. True man and true woman are the ones who give and forget. Heaven starts from there. God said that those who are ready to give their life will gain it and those who want to gain it will lose it. From that line, true love starts.

We are having this campaign [for True Mother to speak to the women in Korea, Nov. 20]. You can bring at least four people your mother, your grandmother, your younger and elder sister; that's already four people. You have to bring the women to the ideal world and make them God's daughters. You have to raise them as your daughter, sister, mother and grandmother.

The international marriage of Korean women with foreign men has been international marriage on Satan's side, but Father is now giving international Blessing. Now many young people are studying Korean, not for the sake of Korean language, but in order to study Father. It is for researching Father that these people are studying day and night. The world is becoming one.

Koreans call foreigners a "nom" [Korean word for someone not highly respected]. This has been to keep the one vertical line within themselves.

The only thing that women can control men with is love. You have to attend your husbands like a king. Our women need training. The hope and desire of all men is to be king; they want to go high and be attended as God's children. We have to become the firstborn of Heaven and keep that in mind. The ideal way of life is giving and forgetting, and forgetting and giving. God sent the Messiah not as a man, but as a man and a woman. Father sleeps for only three hours and he is still healthy. Because God is protecting him. By what? By love, not by money or power.

God created the world for love. Husband and wife and children centering on God make the Four Position Foundation. The world is created for that reason.

Now is the time for women. Father can resolve women's resentment. What he has to do is find a woman on God's side to fight with the women on Satan's side. The closest unity is at ninety degrees; 89 degrees is still far off. For being close to God we need unity on a vertical axis.

Are you ready to fast thirty days for your husband? All right when will you start? Tomorrow? Which one will you do: fast thirty days or do activity? If you accept that you will do activity, I will give you permission not to fast. If you do activity you can bring seven people. All right; if you promise, you must write it down: take a piece of paper and write down your name and address and give it to me.

From now, you can give your children to your husbands and go to the front line. You women should go to North Korea to restore Kim Il Sung. There is a need for the cooperation of mother and son. Also, there was the same cooperation before the journey out of Egypt started. Jacob, with the help of his mother, deceived his father and his elder brother. The elder brother of this nation is the President and the father is Kim Il Sung.

To fight and resolve the crimes and the evil things done by men, women need to work and cooperate.

Jacob's wives, Rachel and Leah, should not fight, but unite.

Now is the time for you to go back home. You have been like prisoners of war. You are free now and can go to your hometowns.

Father is doing everything according to a plan, and does nothing without a plan. Now is the time for cooperation of mother and son. Father has blessed Japanese sisters to brothers from almost every country. They are spread all over the world.

In the last days, everything is on the level of bearing fruits. You will harvest according to what you sowed. Free sex is the fruit of Satan's evil work. Unification Church people are the ones who want to remove this fruit and the tree from its root. Free sex and marriage among family members is the last weapon of Satan in order to destroy mankind. The Messiah is the one who comes to prevent that.

Because the fall happened first through Eve, it should be restored by Eve, too. Eve should stand in a mother's position. True Mother is the Eve. Japan is in the position of Cain Eve. So Cain-type Eve and Abel-type Eve should become one. Japanese women are all around the world. So, following Father, they have to establish a women's organization in that country and lead it.

Mother has gone through a lot of suffering. Her course has not been easy. She has given birth to thirteen children and has attended Father like God. It is not easy even for Japanese women.

Father has a character like fire. It is twenty times more difficult for Father to endure all these evil things. So you have to work hard. There is no way for a comfortable life. Because our life is not only on earth; we will live in the spiritual world, too.

Father knows the direction which America and Russia and other nations should take, so they should listen to him. Now they found that out and they are coming to him.

You have to work so hard for God that your shoes tear apart and your clothes tear apart. Because there are many miserable children of God and our work is big.

What kind of person is the Messiah? He is not a politician, he is not a judge. He comes as the parent of mankind. He is like a person whose children are sick. He does not say, "You must go to hell." It cannot be done by judgment. Parents try any way to save their children. If Messiah does not have a parent's heart, he cannot be the Messiah; he does not have the qualification to be the Messiah.

For going to Heaven, one should go through three steps of individual, family and tribe, and these three steps should become one. The number three is the central number of the universe.

Now is the time for you to become Messiah. You do not go for getting money, or for knowledge or position. Saying, "Oh, how can I go? I have no money, I have no job," is not a good attitude. You must go with love; you go centering on true love.

Father overcame all the difficulties and opposition and survived by love, and captured all the nations and established the organization for world peace.

Who is Messiah? Because the eternal life of man was destroyed, so eternal life should be found for men and women.

Are there any women here who have not had a fight with your husband? When you fight, you want to kill the person; which means you want to take away the person's life. It is because at the fall, eternal life was lost. Do you think that happy people fight? People who love peace they do not fight.

Father has been persecuted for saying that all the religions should be one. How do a man and woman become one? By money? No; if it's money, they will fight. Money brings division. Also, religions fight about money. They will fight to get donations. By power and knowledge, also, it is impossible. Only by love can this unity come. By true love only. What is true love? Have you seen it? True love is the thing that God likes the most. It is the love that the Messiah likes. Who is Messiah? Father and Mother. When all mankind accept and love them as their parents and unite with them, then they are the savior.

What is heart? It is my leader, my father, my teacher, my owner. It is the most important and precious thing. We have to become the king of peace by love.

What is the foundation of peace and love? It is not the world, not the family, but it's "me". How can we correct or restored the world? We have to look at ourselves. We are sick people; we have to harmonize our mind and body. The happiness starts from me, when our mind and body are united.

Why do we get married? For love. For receiving? You thieves! I have been talking about true love for more than ten years; how much do you know? If I give you a test and put those who pass the test on this side and those who fail on the other side, how many will be on this side?

You all want to be the first in love. There is no one who doesn't want love. But you have to know that God is giving the love; it's individuals who are not receiving.

Christianity does not know the way of saving the world and they think that they are very good. By their opposition, even though it seems that Father will perish, he is prospering. Will you follow him? Shouldn't you move according to Father's words?

So, as we said, the problem of the world, nation or family is not elsewhere but in myself. Our mind wants to be good and united, but our body does not follow. Who made it so? We did.

Mother has worked hard. She gave her whole self since her youth. She participated in all Father's speeches and through that she studied, and now she can give a speech by herself. She did a great job in Japan.

Imagine a woman who comes back home with a great victory; the husband comes to greet her like a queen and they love each other like a king and queen. Are the children happy to see that or are they unhappy? The children will be happy like the prince and princess. God is observing that love. Is he enjoying that? Is he unhappy to see that much love involved?

Until now, women have suffered a lot and have endured men's acts; they have a lot of resentment and sorrow. Now is the time for resolving those sorrows and resentments.

I did not want to wear a suit. I feel so bad to wear nice clothes, because I know there are still many members suffering. The Japanese people who are still suffering here Father's heart aches for that.

You have to attend your husbands and go to your hometowns. Do not think of living a good life yet. If you bring women, men will follow naturally.

In Korea we will establish the Korean Women's Association, as we have in Japan, and in the future we will make a Family Association. True Mother will lead the women's liberation movement from now on.

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