The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Directions to Americans - September 8, 1991

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 8, 1991
East Garden, Irvington, NY USA

Now I will give you the direction I gave to the Korean and Japanese members, and then it will be all over the world. Follow exactly what I tell you.

I. The Return to and Restoration of Canaan, and its Dispensational Meaning.

We must take tribal messiahship very seriously, but it would not have been necessary if Christianity and America had received me forty-six years ago. What you are about to accomplish would have already been accomplished by 1950, instead of unfortunately having to be postponed until 1992.

1. The purpose of the wilderness course was to separate Satan's world from God's world. This took 4,000 years of history, and now we must restore 4,300 years within forty-three years.

2. Now that you have gone through the wilderness course, you have to return to your hometown and restore your ancestry. a. Restore Elder Sonship b. Restore Parentship c. Restore Kingship d. Make three great victorious conditions--that means your grandfather, your father, and your brothers should want to serve you. You are Abel, who must win the heart of Cain.

3. Original Ideal Family a. 1) Heavenly Father King and Queen 2) Earthly King and Queen 3) Princes and Princesses

These three positions represent three generations and different levels of kingship: The first represents the past (grandfather), and is the heavenly position; the second represents the present, and is the father and mother's position; and the third represents the future, and is the children's position.

b. Husband and wife living in the true love palace. c. Parents and children in true love.

4. Establishing a new tradition that is 180 degrees different from the satanic tradition.

5. Complete absorption and digestion of the Cain-type traditions and realm.

6. Establishing a nation with everything turned into the environment of heaven. Even now there are sons and daughters of filial piety, but our standard for everyone--filial sons and daughters, citizens, saints, and holy men--has to be even higher than that of today's world.

II. Training

Organization Based on the Principle View: Neighborhood (tong-pan), precinct (li), town (myun) Town, county, state County, state, central government State, central government, Capital Congress Central government, Congress, world Congress, world, cosmos King's Palace, God

The Principle sees that everything is comprised of three. The eye represents God; the nose represents Adam and Eve; and the mouth, all things. Eyes have three parts--white, iris, and pupil. The ear also has three parts. Everything is created in three stages.

1. The Contents of the Organization.

Working alone is sometimes difficult, so if you wish, four people can form a tribal messiah group and work together, taking turns staying in each other's home town. If that doesn't help you enough, then you can form a 12-person group. If you are a really good organizer you can even make up to a 120-person group. Organize whatever works best for you.

2. Each tribal messiah has the goal to educate 120 families, then 360 families, and if you multiply that by two, 720 families. Once you get their agreement to be trained, you can do almost anything to teach them.

3. Many Korean members are from North Korea, and since they obviously cannot go to their hometown right now, I allowed them to select a second hometown. Once they establish that, it will immediately be connected to their original hometown when the north/south border is abolished. I am recognizing them as second son, and when the first son is restored, of course then you will have a first and second son. This pertains more to Korea, but in America also, even though you have your own original hometown you can select a second hometown. When they pay enough attention to the Unification Church, its teaching, essence, and true parentship, then that second town can follow just as easily as your original hometown. Your main task is to teach them the Principle.

Educational training

b. Itinerary workers. IWs conduct the revival meetings and so forth. Over 100 American members just went to Russia and did things similar to what I am now describing. You can do these things in your own hometown.

4. Unification begins on the individual and family levels, not the national, and works its way on up to clan, nation, and world. Use public meeting places and churches as the teaching rooms. In America there are a lot of churches so you have many teaching areas. In Korea you can live in churches temporarily, but in America it's a little different situation. However, maybe we can change the pattern so that people can stay overnight.

5. We will train and arm people with a value system and organization that is stronger than our counterparts in the satanic world. By doing that we can help develop and elect good leaders. You can organize an effective team and teach, centering on good people.

III. The Three Great Missions of the Tribal Messiah

1. Parents, Teacher, Owner, or Master I often use these concepts--they are basic concepts for you also to understand and use.

2. Owner equals kingship position, country level Teacher equals school teacher position Parents equal family

3. Tribal messiahship is your inevitable mission--your destiny, something you have to accomplish, not something you can give up or leave half-done. Jesus came as a Messiah and has to keep trying until he succeeds completely. He is in Paradise now, waiting to attain heaven. So once you undertake the tribal messiah mission you cannot quit as you wish; there is no quitting.

IV. Tradition of God and True Parents.

1. To live for the sake of others

2. Invest and invest again and forget that you invested, just like God and Parents.

3. Pray for perfection and dedicate your heart to achieving it.

These describe God and True Parents' tradition and are self-explanatory.

V. Steps of Recreation.

1. Creation of the Environment

Since God first created the environment, we also have to first create our environment because we are the messiah--the representative of God.

2. Subject and Object

There must be subject and object--otherwise there won't be any environment. The mineral kingdom has plus and minus parts, the vegetable kingdom has stamen and pistil, and the animal kingdom and humans have male and female beings. Why do they exist in subject and object form? For love--which is the whole purpose of God's creation, period! The very fact that everything comes in these two beings, male and female, is fantastic, mystical! How anybody could do that is mystifying until you truly understand love.

All of us have really suffered wanting to know what man's purpose is, but no one except Father ever asked both, "What is man's purpose and what is woman's purpose?" Father is the great discoverer of why man and woman came into existence: Because God had love in mind. So man and woman become one centering on love, or more specifically, centering on the sexual organs--love's essential organs, the place where the unification between man and woman becomes realized. There is nothing obscene about it. It is not the mouth-to-mouth kiss or a strong handshake that is the ultimate purpose of man and woman. No one can say, "I was not born for the sake of love." They say, "Yes, I am!"

So the concept of love was there first, and then God made man and woman. This is a very serious point, serious enough to divide the whole philosophical world into the two opposing doctrines. Why do we have to marry? So that we can become one centering on love. "Becoming one" may sound rather conceptual, but there is an actual point of becoming one through the sexual organs, and that is the real original palace of love, and of life and lineage too. So it is the most important and valuable place in everyone's life. This great palace of love, life, and lineage should have been established centering on God but the fall established it centering on Satan. That is the difference.

Did God create woman independently, with nothing else in mind? No, before God started creating women He already had a clear idea of what man was like. Woman's purpose in life is never for her own sake, as many people may think now. So "me" has nothing to do in God's creation; "woman" has nothing to do with woman, "man" has nothing to do with man, but woman has everything to do with man, and vice versa. God didn't give man's most precious thing to man--He gave it to women: "You hold it for him." Does the woman's sexual organ belong to her or to her husband? Similarly, the wife is the real owner of the husband's sexual part. This is a very great point here: you are each holding something very valuable for someone else. But you thought all this time that it was yours, so you misused it in many ways. That very satanic attitude is, "Oh, this is mine, I can use it anyway I please." God's tradition is the other way around: "Even though it belongs to me, it is not mine."

Why is there no peace today? Because everybody thinks that he exists for himself. If individuals knew that they exist for the sake of others, if man and woman only knew that they came into being for the sake of love, they would never fight. So whatever you have is simply not yours. Centering on love, I am not the master of myself; my master is my spouse. What a striking concept this is! There is nothing either man or woman can claim as "mine," not even one's little finger. It belongs to love.

Centering on love, everything you have belongs to your spouse. Can you say "My love partner is me"? Nothing belongs to man. So even if they pay you millions of dollars you can't look at a woman other than your wife and go wrong with her. Your organ is not yours, it is your partner's! If you misuse it you are like a thief. If you have someone else's bankbook and you spend it, you are a thief. The husband should never expose his precious part unless his wife asks for it. You may not use it any other way because it is simply not yours.

3. Corresponding relationships

Find material through which you can recreate--fund raise--and thus separate it from the satanic world. You must add your blood, sweat, and tears to it and offer it to heaven. Through this you can go up and inherit the elder son's position. You must win approval from Satan.

God did not become great instantly. He worked for it. To become great, something must be added. The more true love you invest, the greater will be the response to you.

Like God, I invest so much but then I forget. If I remember I cannot continue. So I forget, invest, forget, invest again, and it becomes bigger on an ever larger scale. Many Koreans and their government cannot figure me out. I put everything into America and they think I get nothing, but those people don't understand that something is brewing.

If a genuine friend gave you a present of love you know cost $100, then would you give back to him an $80 present? Not even a bad man would think like that. Because you know his true intention you want to pay back more, not less. Even though man fell, still he is born with a godly essence. We don't want to drain someone's resources and then go to spirit world. We want to give more than we receive and then in spirit world we receive that much more than we gave.

So you should have as a habit, invest-forget, invest-forget, continually investing. The one who always tries to do something for others becomes popular, the center of that group. Why? Because you resemble God and since God is the natural center, you also become the natural center. This is a formula: The more you do for the sake of others, the more you will come to receive in the future. That's God and True Parents' tradition.

Look at Unification Church members. "Oh I joined the Unification Church and dedicated all my effort and youth for ten or fifteen years, but what do I get? I'm so short-changed that I am not going to do anymore." Does this resemble God? If you had genuinely invested yourself, then the universe would have filled you up already, like air. If there is a vacuum or a low-pressure area, then the high pressure will gush in and a storm will form. If that is not happening to you then maybe you didn't work so hard during all those years. The inexhaustible, unlimited power of life should come in when you invest and invest and forget.

4. Connecting with True Love

Then we come to eternal life. Where does it come from? Men, women all go after true love because they gain something--eternal life. Without our spouse we cannot reach eternal life, so we must be so grateful to him or her. Not marrying is wrong. By marrying and making a relationship of eternal true love, you pull God in; God cannot help but come to you. Your life, through true love, will continue and prosper more and more, eternally. You know this already on an unconscious level.

True love always has ownership, so if you and your spouse have true love, God immediately comes and claims ownership. Wife and husband are each half and unite to make one sphere of true love with God as the original center. That means the whole universe, centering on true love, unites with God and the entire created world is your property. That is ownership.

You want ownership at a high level, don't you? You are greedy. Why? Originally we had that high position, and your original mind is always striving for that original point no matter how much your present fallen state resists. Adam and Eve grew up almost sixteen years, with their mind going in the correct direction. Humankind's greed to obtain these goals is an original natural characteristic. Despite the miserable situation after the fall, your mind clearly understands the high level it wants to reach: "I want all of the creation. Even the highest level of God, I want to occupy fully." Everyone wants to become a king, a great professor, and a parent of true love. God is the subject of these three goals: He is the owner of all the created world, the great teacher, and the king of knowledge and of true love. To be an object means to be a partner on the same level. We need strong desire to motivate us to reach that highest level and complete the original purpose of the creation of humankind.

I want that, no matter how difficult the situation. Do you know that I was creating The Washington Times during the court case? It was on tape that the American government wanted to kill me. They were my enemy--I understood that. But God has been forgiving and loving His enemies, investing and forgetting He invested in them. I followed God's attitude--I forgave everything. So much money has been spent for the Washington Times and all American activities, but we didn't take a loss. Why? I gave everything centered on true love so it expands everyday and touches all American minds. I want true love water to fill and occupy everything.

After people read the book Inquisition, they can change completely and realize that only I can resurrect another hopeful world. Through giving everything and then forgetting, through true love I have been making an atmosphere of re-creation. This kind of attitude will only bring you prosperity; you will not perish. Follow God and True Parents and invest.

God first made the environment for His children and intended them to prosper and fulfill their desire through the proper subject-object relationships: vertically, parents are subject and children are object; Cain/Abel, brother/sisterhood, and then husband and wife are horizontal, with the elder sibling as subject of love to the younger ones, and husband, to wife. But Satan occupied that first son's position so we stood in the younger child position. Regaining the original elder's position that God created us for is clearly the purpose of restoration. So think about the re-creation course formula way: You have to make resources, that is fund-raising work, go out and receive persecution, and defeat Satan on the front line. So, if you count that as a chapter, I have already given you a whole book about how to restore Canaan when you go back.

VI. The Foundation of Victory and the Foundation of Cain and Abel.

This means that unless subject and object become one, the realm of victory doesn't come to exist.

1. Children's Foundation a. Family Foundation

Unless both the husband and wife and the parents and children have good communication and can freely give and receive love, the family foundation does not exist. In other words, unless there is a good relationship between Cain and Abel, perfection does not result. So realize wherever you happen to work, you are not working there to receive the living expense. Let's say your value is $1,000, and you invest it in something and get only $50 or $500 back. Why would you do such a foolish thing? If you honestly put your genuine effort in a company or in a relationship, you will occupy the full thing, not in a negative way but in a positive way. You will be the center.

If somebody tries to eliminate you, he will be eliminated. You don't coldly evaluate your spouse, and decide whether to keep him or her--you absolutely receive that person. Likewise in a company where you are working, you are part of it, a partner; no one can erase you out of there--you are not working for money. Like me too, I go day and night and invest and forget and invest again, whether it returns or not. No one else can try to occupy my place. Someone can say, "Oh, I can do like Rev. Moon, maybe even better, so that place is mine." No, it is never possible because I as subject invested everything in the object, and no stranger can intervene in that subject-object relationship.

Dr. Alvin Weinberg is such a razor sharp critical person that he will never easily respond to anybody's good will alone, even mine. He said that he closely observed me and the Unification Church, and now is very proud to proclaim that there is no discrepancy between what the Unification Church claims it is and what it truly is: "I've watched for seventeen years and see this is genuine." Of course, since God is moved by me, it's not surprising that Dr. Weinberg recognizes me too. If I really expressed my pride in all the things that I have done, I can do it so much that maybe you would all run away!

I am treating you like my eternal bosom friends, and sharing with you all the essential things. If I felt that you were not worthy of it, how miserable I would be. But I trust you as intimates and reveal these thing to you knowing that one day you will live up to your standard. My grandchildren are very lovable, so I readily embrace them, but since they are only two or three years old, I can't share much with them. At least you seem to understand what I am talking about and you respond! So I miss you. I mean that. When you have to go away, I wish you would stay a few minutes longer before you go. Maybe you feel that heart, so you feel the same thing toward me. You don't want to leave immediately, but want to stay with Father even a few more minutes. This is the give and take of love.

b. Foundation of Tribe

c. Foundation of the Nation (Adam and Eve and Jesus' Foundation)

If Adam and Eve hadn't fallen, God's country would automatically have come to exist. But since this didn't happen, we have to do these things before we can restore it. If that foundation had been done in Jesus' time, Rome would have been absorbed and digested for the heavenly foundation.

2. Foundation of True Parents

a. National Foundation.

We are now restoring Jesus' work, which was to fulfill the national foundation, but my work is much more extensive than that. I have to first make a national foundation, then a world and a cosmic foundation, and then I return to God. Then beginning from children to the parental foundation, everything will have been accomplished. What remains now and is absolutely the last thing to accomplish is the Unification Federation for World Peace. Unification Federation means that countries will be on good terms with each other, like friendly neighbors. The whole world is coming into the realm of salvation.

We won't have to do tribal messiahship or anything like that. Whole countries will return to their original positions. Tribal messiahship is necessary to establish the national foundation, and that is what we are doing now. The Unification Federation will be a vertical relationship, and that will really be the end of Father's work. After that all I have to do is to enjoy and sleep. Centering on true love we can make the Federation for World Peace--that is our final destination. We will see the satanic world completely vanishing and only the heavenly world reigning forever and ever.

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