The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Influence the Tide of World History

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 8, 1991
East Garden, Irvington, NY USA

We are now in the position to see that it does not take many people to influence the tide of the world; rather, one or two people can shape events. The tide of history has always been influenced by a few people who represent many.

The Soviet Union is now witnessing the fall of communism. Secular humanism, the guiding philosophy of life in America and the free nations, is failing. The fall of these previously-held concepts as well as the religious thought under-girding them lets all know that their direction holds no guarantee of success.

The Soviet Union and China are declining. The United States thinks it is leading but its reality indicates weakness. There are many problems in the family and everywhere. Nobody would have ever believed that America would become like this.

What leader knows how to lead his country in these times? Even the American president does not know. Here Reverend Moon looms up and people begin to pay attention, asking "Who is he?" We all know what has transpired. For years I predicted how communism would fall, and now history has brought these things to pass. I also proved to be very accurate in predicting America's future. Now many people in the world are beginning to pay attention to me. Look for example at the recent conferences in Korea, where scholars, scientists, political and religious leaders gathered from around the world. I showed them the clear way to bring peace in the future unified world. Now, everyone believes in me because of what I have done in the past.

This event fosters a lot of hope for the future of the world. Without one way, you cannot achieve one goal. Everyone says "We want peace," but we must have one way to pursue this goal. In Korea, everyone saw for the first time how peace can be achieved. I gave a very basic definition of peace, yet even this flabbergasted people. Now the Unification Church, centering upon Father, has literally come to the apex of the world. I have clearly shown which direction the world should take.

What everyone now needs is the pulling power, the locomotive. Someone has to pull them toward that one direction of world peace, and that one locomotive power should be none other than you. All the Unification Church members must be that power.

Now the world knows that it needs a very clear direction. America and the free world have a Christian background. Based on its New Testament and Old Testament foundation, America is in the position to reorganize itself based upon these newly revealed facts. America is also in the position to help the communist countries reorganize. All of this is now apparent. Everyone around the world knows. But the ironic thing is that only Unification Church members are in the dark. They still do not know clearly what is happening.

The Divine Principle has solved all the difficult points in the Bible. Therefore you are greatly empowered. You should be able to turn people from atheism to theism. And in the future you should be able to lead the world.

You should be full of power now. You have the armaments, but don't know how to apply them. You don't even know what you have. That's the problem. You have been so-called "obedient," and have followed Father. But you haven't had the slightest idea what all this is leading to. Now, as you have witnessed, all of Father's important dispensational moves have been accomplished. But you don't know the fact that Father has already done this! Maybe you thought you walked the horizontal way, but actually you haven't climbed up. So now you should climb up, vertically, rather than walk on the horizontal plane!

When you are walking horizontally, you can see fairly well where to go. But when you climb vertically, it takes all your might, every ounce of energy to go forward. There is no time to leisurely look around. You must climb at the cost of your life.

Are you on the same plateau as Father? No; you must continue to climb. You are aware of the Eight Stages Ceremony (Pal Chong Shik), but at which stage are you?

Restoration by indemnity means that we first pay the price and then we proceed up one step. Do you practice this way of life? To begin with, do you believe it? You say "Yes," but are you paying the price and then moving up?

Just as there are cycles, such as the time of the first coming and the second coming, you have to re-indemnify at each level. Then at what stage of the eight stages are you now? The individual, family or clan level? Are you at the perfection stage of the individual level? You have to measure your position with your own ruler. Have your mind and body achieved unity? If not, can you still go up to heaven? Can an individual whose mind and body are not in oneness expect his family to come into unity? According to reason we must say "No."

Have American and Japanese members come into oneness? Thanks to Father, who all by himself has created an overall harmony, everyone here has survived, and are sometimes even getting along very well. But think about it. If I was not offering myself, then you would not be connected to any center; you would be independent. You then have no base to achieve unification, at any level. Not even at the individual level and certainly not at the family level or country level.

If I am not here, can you achieve the same results as today? Just think what it would be like if I were not available. Unfortunately we cannot simply go up to heaven: "Oh Father, you are in heaven; so am I." Not everyone who goes to the same school graduates at the same time. Some students really follow what the teacher teaches and practices, making effort day and night. Others goof off all the time. Some flunk and have to do it all over again, taking many years!

What is your own assessment? What do you think about yourself? Can I leave you on your own and you will continue to foster and protect God's ideal, teaching it to other people without my help? Can you do it by yourselves, just as I have been doing it by myself? The seed has been planted and now it is harvest time. So can I now harvest? Is that grain now ready to be sown again, so it can also bear fruit? When you harvest grain, some seeds are healthy, and when planted they will bear fruit. But some grains, although having a perfect shape, have nothing inside; they are decaying. Such grains cannot produce healthy crops. There are all different types of grain even in the same harvest.

I am harvesting at all the different levels--individual, family, nation and world. I have established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace centering on religious people, and the Federation for World Peace centering on political, diplomatic leaders. The political figures are like the body and the religious people are like the mind, even though in the past this proper order has always been reversed. Politicians have always suppressed true religious activities. I corrected that this time in Korea, making unification within each side and then between them.

Political groups have always influenced people away from the position of the mind, and this should not be so. Now that I have set everything in the right position, great changes can occur. The religious people, who are in the mind's position, will take a leading role over those who are in the body's position. Who in the religious sphere has done this before? Without becoming one with Father, this cannot be done.

These newly unified religious people will exert influence in their own countries over other religious people too, and then eventually exert God-centered influence over all other activities. They have just made such a beginning. In America, for instance, centering on the President, all the different religious factions can come into one arena and unite. They can understand that something may be imperative for the country's well-being and then respond. But until now there has been no real center. There is nothing that God wants more badly than the true center. God wants some person and group in the spirit mind's position to have subjectivity over those in the body's position.

It is nothing short of amazing that people representing science, politics and religion all gathered together in Korea in August. You know what their relationship has been like until now. No one of them could follow or respect the other. They were downright enemies. Religion and science have been enemies to a great extent. Politics and religion have also been enemies, and as well as politics and true science to some extent. Now these three will get together, embrace and welcome Reverend Moon without criticizing each other. Most importantly, none of them will criticize Reverend Moon. This is an amazing historical event.

But to me, this is not amazing at all. It is something that should be happening everyday in your own city, your own village, your own arena. Everywhere you go, you should reproduce that. What is odd is that you have not seen this happen in the past.

When you go back to your own hometown and find scientists, politicians and religious people, can you play the role which Father has been playing all his life? Can you harmonize them? Can you make them accept you as their center?

There are a lot of trees in America and a lot in Korea. They are not different trees, but similar. For example, the poplar tree in America and Korea is the same. If you engraft an American poplar into a Korean or Japanese poplar, it will become even stronger. Now, even an individual cell can be cloned. But what about a Reverend Moon tree? A Reverend Moon tree is big and strong and nice. Did we become its branch or seed so that we can be recognized as a small Reverend Moon tree?

How can we define a Reverend Moon tree? First of all, he is a man God loves. That one man that God loves so dearly does not just sit down and receive love from God. In fact, he tries to love God in ever greater degrees. No matter how many times he finds himself on the verge of death, he doesn't die. He lives again and always tries to do even more to fulfill God's will. What about you? If you experience a severe setback, do you just simply die? Or do you live again, because you are a Reverend Moon tree? To achieve God's goal in this world, we must give up our lives, our wives, our children and even our nations to go after God's will, just as Father did. Are we ready to do this? Think about it deeply. Don't just say "Yes Father." It's not that easy. It's life and death. Will you still say yes when you go through the greatest torture in prison? You can only imagine how painful it is if they use pliers to pull the nails off your fingers. Can you still say "Yes, Father" then? That's a very serious situation. How many times are you prepared to die for the sake of the will of God?

Even Jesus asked God "Why have you forsaken me?" What about you? Are you going to be better than Jesus? He then said, "Nevertheless, not as I will but as You will." He acknowledged that there was God's will and his own will and they were not necessarily the same. "I don't want to die; I want to achieve my will for God," was Jesus' will. But to let him die was God's will. Can we also say, "Not as I will, but as You will," to God? How many times?

All of us have lived "as I will," but now we have to die and be resurrected. We must be born again. When the American government very unjustly indicted me, I didn't have to come back to this country. There is no extradition treaty between America and Korea. I decided on my own to come back, because it was God's will. I saw that America could be saved as a result of me going to prison. So I said, "I will go God's way gladly." Going to prison opened up an avenue, the only way for America to repent. I came back and sacrificed myself, like dying on the cross. Now there is a way open for America to repent, and when God accepts their repentance then America will live again.

This is the grand rule. God sacrifices His own loving sons and daughters, putting them to death. As a result of that He saves a greater number of people. God has been doing that ever since history began and He did it to Father. Why? Due to the fall, man inadvertently received Satan's blood lineage, life, and love. To be in God's lineage, man must give up all these things. It is like dying. You must first die before God can lift you up. That means you must go beyond the realm of this satanic world. You must free yourself of these three powers Satan's love, life and lineage. That is the starting point for the heavenly site on the earth.

If someone asks, "Are you going to save your life or give up your connection to Satan?" you must be able to say, "I will give up my life and thereby give up Satan's connection." Everyone wants to be saved, right? But you are already alive, are you not, so why do you need to be saved? You are alive but dead, so you must leave the realm in which you are and move into a new godly realm. In order to start a new godly love and life, you need to live or die for this purpose.

The Bible says that unless you receive the Holy Spirit, you cannot be saved. When you receive the Holy Ghost, in other words the Mother, then you will come into a new realm. The Holy Ghost is the feminine God. What about Jesus? What gender of God is he? He is the husband God, the earthly God. Since Jesus died without fulfilling all things that he was to accomplish, the relationship became vertical between the husband and wife instead of horizontal. The husband and wife relationship should be horizontal, but in Jesus' case he went to heaven and the Holy Spirit continued to work on earth. The area in between became Satan's realm.

Now the Father and the Mother must come into unity in true love. You must become conceived anew by the Holy Spirit (in the Mother's position), and thus "reborn" as a new you. And Jesus' male element, fertilization, is also part of the process of your rebirth. The Holy Spirit, representing the mind's position, and you, in the body's position, become one and receive the Father's seed. You must receive love from the Father's side before conception takes place. This is the meaning of being born again. You must become one with the Holy Ghost, and then Jesus will come down and inject love so a new person can be born.

That is exactly how the fall took place between Eve and the Archangel. It is the same pattern, only this time it is Jesus coming down, not the Archangel. That is the meaning of being born again in Christianity. But that rebirth is a spiritual rebirth. Now in substance we have to be born again. That comes at the time of the Second Advent. Mind and body will become one for the first time and will receive the inheritance from our Father, physically as well.

This has already been demonstrated in the early days of our church and even now. Whether you are a man or woman, it doesn't matter, you miss Father so much that you even cry. That is complete oneness. Your role should be played with passion toward the position of the bridegroom. You must go into the mother's womb to be born again. It is relatively simple to explain what takes place. But it can be very difficult to actually go through this rebirth process. But you haven't taken this serious step, have you?

Simply, you are born again spiritually through Jesus and the Holy Ghost. It is an important condition to be reborn through Father--to have this horizontal connection with Father. Otherwise you cannot complete the process of being born again, and cannot fulfill the course of restoration.

Spirit men who have never been born again must come down and connect with an actual physical body to experience this born-again process. Then the spirit man is born again: his mind and body are both perfected, and salvation is complete. If you really love Jesus, when Jesus feels pain, you will feel pain too because you are part of him. You have to be that close. You are part of him because you are his children. The same thing occurs with Father. When Father feels so much pain, you have to feel the same pain or else you are not one with Father.

In the same way as you are a fetus in the mother's womb, you are the result of the father's sperm, so you should feel the father's pain also because you are connected. But are you like that? If not, it means you still have a distance to go before you are restored. You must close that gap now while you have a body. When a person dies with a certain amount of gap, this gap could continue on for hundreds of thousands of years in the spirit world. So while we have a body we must become one.

As much as Father taught us, it somehow has been eluding us. We still tend to think, "Somehow I will go to heaven." We have to be more exact, and really know what it takes. It's a science. You can discern the person who is very exacting from one who is not. His mind and body do not fight each other so much. Of such a person we can say, "He's one with Father." When mind and body are born again through true love, a person is free. For example, suppose a man used to love drinking very much, but now his mind and body became one, through true love. So he is well connected to Father. Then all of a sudden he realizes he hates to drink wine. Cigarettes, homosexuality, all these lose their allure. If a brother or sister who joined the Unification Church continues to have homosexual experiences, they will go directly to hell; there is no way they would return to heaven. We must understand this clearly. Then how can one be saved? When one becomes moved by the Holy Spirit, one no longer desires those satanic things. Re-birth through true love occurs, and one's mind now says, "These things are no good." It's the end of the dispute. You must become like that.

What if you tried and tried to make that happen? Then you have to try harder. You have to cry and cling to God to make it happen. You have to pray. You have to deny your body, even to extremes, and you have to ask God to make your mind and body become one. Prayer is essential. Don't underestimate the power of prayer. Pray. Ask God, beg God. Forget other things. All you want to do is experience Parents' love, inherit Parents' love. Forget everything else. Seek Parents' love, Parents' life, Parents' lineage.

Isn't it the Principle view that since we started at one point, then we need to return to that point, change course and go on? We need to continue to deny ourselves until we reach that zero point again. Then new life can begin. We need spiritual parents and physical parents, and then we need to connect these two into one. Father's difficult mission is to connect and unify these two worlds and make a victorious atmosphere in the spiritual world. To become the owner of this physical world, Mother is the most important.

The original point is Adam's couple. We went the fallen way but we now have to come back to that original point, losing all of Satan's world: nation, tribe, parents, brothers and sisters, even myself. We then must reconnect with Father's new seed in the mother's womb, and be reborn as a new child. This is fallen people's formula course the way to go back to the original point.

When you think about it, when were you born again? Can you remember? Otherwise you cannot claim you have new life, a new world centering on true love. To be reborn is not easy. Heaven knew and Satan knew, but no human being ever knew the way. But now many human beings know for the first time in history, because I pioneered the road of knowing and applying this. The satanic world must depart now. It began through a mother's womb didn't it? So the new, sinless, born-again world should begin in a mother's womb.

Here is a new Adam. You must become one with Adam and be born again through him. Therefore it is an absolute rule that you must love Father more than anybody else. That's why Jesus said that people must love him more than anybody else, otherwise they will not go to heaven they will not be worthy of him.

This is not simply to be done on a joyous or comfortable occasion. Each must bear his own cross, paying his own indemnity to become like me. You wish it would happen automatically, but it doesn't happen like that. You have to pay your indemnity to become like me.

This is very much a spiritual process, isn't it? To become completely one with Father, to love him, means we have to cry so much because we miss him so much. After that we are born again, and must go through the horizontal path where we have to fight against the world, accomplishing restoration through indemnity. So we have two wars to fight: the spiritual and the horizontal. Who among us is working very hard towards accomplishing these goals now? Of course we cannot simply do it by ourselves. Only Parents can give us rebirth.

I am working very hard to make this process as easy as possible for you. I am chasing Satan as far away as possible. Therefore you don't have to fight Satan so much, because I have already has defeated him, from the individual to the country and world level. At the country level, people do not oppose us so much because they understand what Reverend Moon did for America.

Both vertically and horizontally Satan is being pushed back and as a result of that, we now enjoy a very peaceful atmosphere. Now I have founded the Federation for World Peace. If you have not done anything before, but now become dead serious to fulfill this. Then you can become completely one with Father and he can re-create us. You should not be plus in front of Father because Father is plus, and two plusses repel each other. You have to be minus, denying yourselves and believing in and following Father; then you can become one with Father, and Father can do many, many things through you. You may feel you might die in accomplishing your mission, and say, "Father, do you really want me to go?" If he says, "Yes!" then you are still willing to go. The chances are that you won't die if God is guiding you. But that's God's concern. We should be ready to die for God's will, correct? All of us here are special people, but what is our qualification? Each individual should have passed the life and death border a long time ago. We should always be ready to die.

Why do I always nag you and chase you into a very uncomfortable position? You are like a cup with dirty water in it. I would like to throw that water away so I could be free to refill you with pure water and you could be a different person. Do you understand? You may not see yourself so clearly since you had that water all your life. But God cannot tolerate many of those dirty elements inside you.

Perhaps you joined the Unification Church fifteen years ago. You suffered so much. I know that, and now say, "Let's suffer all over again." You may respond, "Must we, Father?" But we had best do it again. We want to empty ourselves once and for all and then Father can work much more easily with us after that.

Blessed couples may say, "Oh Father, you blessed us, so I'm not going to depart from some of these things." Or will you say you will go at any cost, forgetting your husband, your wife, your children? Once you have done that then you don't have to suffer in the satanic world again. Your heavenly life begins from there.

If Christianity and America had supported me, I would not have had to go through all this. My family took all this persecution for forty years. All you blessed couples are now at the growth stage of this remaining process. You have to follow my path of the cross.

This is why I am chasing the blessed couples away to the couples' homes. Once Jesus was crucified there was no way for us to evade going that same course. We may not be crucified literally, but we have to be crucified symbolically. So if I have gone the same course, there is no way for you to evade going this way, even though it may be only a short time. When I went through that difficult course it was under terrible persecution, much more difficult than now. It is much easier now, but still you must go this way. There is no way to avoid it. If you go now, there is always somebody who can take care of your children. But when I started this course this was not so. I had to fight every inch of the way. Now, no one will persecute your children when you leave them behind.

Because of what I did recently in Korea, the Korean members will suffer perhaps more than any other members, but the Principle stays the same. Leave your wife and your children, and go. What about the organization, HSA? It doesn't matter. One individual will go and recover the clan and then come back with the victory; that is tribal messiahship. What we have done on the individual level and the family level, now we are doing on the clan level, which is our perfection level. Formation, growth and perfection are our formula course. That is our organization, too. Wherever we go there are always three levels of relationship. Now we are working on the clan messianic mission.

Now the time has come for each individual, by going through this course, to return to the original home. There will be no persecution there. I have restored three great rights: elder sonship, parentship and kingship. By doing that I pushed back the satanic realm from the original Adam's position, the position Jesus would have been in if he had fulfilled. The third Adam, the completed Adam, the Second Coming, all these are synonymous. Adam was the elder son, wasn't he? Also, Adam was to be True Parents and the king originally. But he lost those positions.

On the July 28 you heard the pronouncement of the Royal Family of True Love. The course taken from now is that of true love. The original Adam's course is making the vertical line, based on true love. This same straight line will connect all families, centering on true love. The individual position is small compared to heaven's position. The tribal position is bigger than the individual, the national is bigger still, and world bigger still. But all will have one center of true love. The world direction is connected with the individual direction by the true love line: the love direction. Satan cannot follow this way because we are going 180 degrees different to his direction.

From Adam's family, a new age starts, creating a new tribe that will ultimately connect to the world. Heaven's side will gradually collect all humankind through true love, by people understanding the true way.

Now the communist world and the free world welcome and want to follow Reverend Moon. That means they have to cut from everything that is not God's ideology and concept. If we multiply the individual, family and clan restoration then the whole world will come to exist within God's realm automatically.

Adam's purpose was to establish a nation, not simply to remain on the family or clan level. Now we, by accomplishing clan-level restoration, will automatically be able to make a country connected to the root. Ultimately this big tree will connect everywhere through engrafting. The tribe forms the branches, which are connected to the trunk and root.

You are in the original Adam's position, given to you by Father, and he has said to go back to your hometown to become a tribal messiah. By doing that you can resurrect your own physical father and mother, and they too can stand in the position of restored Adam and restored Eve. You are in the position of Jesus' family whereas Father's family is the True Parents' family. Through them everyone is automatically connected to the same realm horizontally. By doing that you will eventually rid yourselves of the position of fallen Adam and Eve, and restore Jesus' position. You will establish a successful position directly connected to Father's position. By doing that the restored world will automatically come to exist. The first, second and third Adam will horizontally come into unity. There is now no spiritual atmosphere that will work against this course. The sons of the first Adam (fallen people), and the sons of the second Adam (the Christians, restored half way) all become one with the third Adam's children's position. We can make this connection through the tribal messiah foundation.

All you have to do is connect your branch into the main trunk. Then your clan will come alive. As a condition Father has already pieced these three together. As soon as we connect ourselves then all things will come alive.

That is the strategy that works. Father's tree has all the conditions within it. We connect with it, from the root, by simply doing what Father is asking now.

All parts of the world will be directly connected with our native land. Today, your hometown is still under Satan's dominion. But once you go there and achieve tribal messiahship, then your hometown will be restored. You don't have to do anything special because of what Father has already done. By connecting through you with the true root, this will be achieved.

The parents' concept consists of three parts: the fallen parents, the second or Jesus' position parents, and the perfected parents. We are at the perfection stage of the parents' concept now, so we can fulfill all three parts.

The second or middle position is always important because it is the connecting point. As a result of that, Adam can resurrect, Jesus can resurrect, and your original self can also resurrect. This is the outline of why the tribal messiah is necessary and why it works.

What is the actual meaning of the tribal messiah? First, it is to let your own physical parents stand in an un-fallen, restored position. Some of them are in the spirit world, but they are still under satanic dominion, right? Jesus' disciples, both in the spirit world and on earth, are still not completely in the heavenly domain. Perfected Adam has created the victorious foundation to connect the spiritual and physical realms. So you too can connect with what Father has achieved and connect your tribe to it. Then the whole spirit world can be resurrected. We must do tribal messiah work so we can connect with the spirit world.

To connect these three--the formation, growth and perfection stages--you must carry out tribal messiahship. By doing that, each level will be connected to the true root, and the resurrection of all spirit men becomes reality. This is what Father wants to accomplish.

The Second Coming is the perfected Adam, and the position of Jesus and the first Adam will be included in it. Your tribal messiah work will directly connect all your ancestry to the concept of perfected Adam, which connects Jesus' branch, Adam's branch, and Father's own original branch. Adam's domain was small, Jesus' was a little larger, and so on, but each is still connected to the mission of Adam and Jesus. The core of each centers on Adam's family, Jesus' family and the third Adam's family. The restorational value is connected with the numbers of people who center on each of these three. But ultimately all are connected. The end result is that we will have the same value as everything perfectly restored. Father wants all of us to reach this.

One thing is for sure, even though you don't understand exactly what Father is saying because of the problem of translation, you must restore your fallen clan, as the clan messiah. You can make your own native land a heavenly hometown. Your parents will no longer be your enemies, but on your side so you have your own foundation to stand on too. Then your whole clan will be blessed.

Father's original hometown must be restored too. Just as I must have my own hometown, you also must have your own hometown. You must feel God's heart by returning to your hometown and working in it. Otherwise you cannot live in heaven.

We have to restore Canaan. Because there is no persecution, Canaan can be directly connected through your own hometown. The providential time makes this possible. All you have to do is enroll your tribe in the Israelites' position, as belonging to one of the tribes. A tribe's ultimate goal is to establish a nation.

When the Israelites went into Canaan, after wandering in the wilderness for forty years, they were more like beggars compared to the Canaanites. The seven Canaanite tribes were rich, with cattle, homesteads, pretty daughters and good sons, everything. The Israelites were in the position to digest the Canaanites, but they were digested by the Canaanites and Jesus had to severely suffer as a consequence. We are to set a godly tradition. We are not to go back to Satan's tradition.

The difference between that time and now is that we are in the elder son's position. The satanic world will automatically stand in the younger brother's position. The big difference between you and your brothers to be restored is that they are individualistic but you are holistic. If you use your good subjectivity, then they will listen to you.

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