The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Royal Family of True Love

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 28, 1991
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA

Your mission is to clean up evil! When did you understand and follow me? I was shielding you from Satan's bullets, because you didn't have enough strength. Now, your remaining mission is to clear up the darkness of the satanic atmosphere. Whose mission is that, yours or Father's mission? (Ours, Father.) You must walk on the road to liberation that I clearly taught to you.

"Pal Chong Shik" was an important ceremony to transfer your satanic, stained blood lineage to God's side. You were connected to Satan's love, Satan's life, and Satan's lineage a satanic trinity. The blood lineage is connected to the parents' life, which is centered on love. Man and woman become parents centering on love. The father and mother's love have give and take, forming a sphere of love. At the center point of that love, life is conceived. Centering on the parents' love and life, the blood lineage is connected. Even though a woman divorces her husband, she and her children cannot be easily separated, because children are the fruit of love.

But all of humanity is the fruit of the fall. Even though you wanted to go the original way, it could not be found. God and Satan's direction are 180 degrees different.

What does fallen humanity need? Messiahship! Only there can be found God's love, life and lineage. Through inheriting that, you can rebuild the original world, centering on God and true love. How can fallen humankind regain their former condition? Only by changing 180 degrees. What is the enemy's base? Satan's love, life, and lineage Satan's love seed. That seed was multiplied, generation by generation, to the world.

This is modern humanity's miserable situation. You cannot find true love, the true way of life, nor the true blood lineage in Satan's world. Instead, everyone says, "I don't need my spouse, I don't need my parents, I don't need to have children."

We must turn around 180 degrees! America was rampant with streaking, Hippies, the drug culture. Upon arriving here I agonized day and night, "What can I do about America's miserable situation?" It is like an overflowing trash can! Free sex, secular humanism, just enjoying life.

How can you guide people? You must inherit absolute life and absolute love. But where can those contents be found? American youth are in mental agony, going down to hell every day. I could hear the sound of cries ringing out everywhere.

I looked toward America's future and saw only darkness. You don't how much I agonized over this situation. Someone had to bring enlightenment to this dark atmosphere. But one cannot find that kind of light in the established Christian world. The American government, American families and young people have no hope. Who can save this situation? Only Almighty God! Man's power is used up! Look around you communism and democracy are fighting. Now Unificationists proclaim, "We will make the parents' path, resolving the fighting."

So, to help humanity's miserable situation you need Parentship, centering on God and True Parents. You need True Parents to clean up Satan's love, Satan's life, and Satan's blood lineage.

What is the connecting place between man and woman? The sexual organ! That organ was originally to be God's love palace! It is meant to be the holiest place. Only after the fall did it become the most dirty place. God put it in a protected part of the body, like a hidden construction.

We must realize the most valuable foundation for life, love and blood lineage are all to be found in that organ past, present and future history are all connected to it. Satan defiled the most holy place, planting his corrupted seed in the first human ancestors. That seed was bequeathed generation to generation. Springtime and summertime have already passed, and now the autumn harvest time is here.

In the Garden of Eden, teenagers corrupted the most holy place. In the harvest time, free sex flourishes throughout the world, like a weed. This concept must be totally destroyed. It belongs solely to Satan's side. The only way to banish it forever is to teach the Unification course. Through that you can win over your brothers and sisters, your parents, your relatives, your nation, YOUR WORLD, YOUR COSMOS, including hell. All these must be connected to the parenthood foundation. You must clean up Satan's filth.

We must change this painful history, creating the future of goodness. No matter how difficult the situation, you must beat back Satan's world. Now, courageous young people must stand up one by one, covering the four corners of the earth. This is what God wants! It is the only way to save humanity's destiny. Can established Christianity or the sovereign powers do it? Only those who understand the problem can do it. But no one knew those contents, because Satan blocked them.

The only one who knows is Rev. Moon and his beloved followers. You are a small number of blessed people here, compared to the power of the world. But, be like Father! Father alone challenged the American government, declaring, "You must take the repentance way otherwise you will perish." They didn't want to listen to such an insignificant person from Korea.

Go the way of natural subjugation. I took that way through the court case here in America. I went to Satan's basement, Danbury prison, to open that too. From there I began the resurrection course. Now it appears that Rev. Moon is not the lowest scoundrel, but a man with worldwide connections. We have knowledge power, organization power, scientific and technological power. It is all for fulfilling God's mission.

The liberation foundation has been made on the earth. After Adam and Eve's fall, kingship, parentship, and elder brothership were completely lost. Satan occupied everything. Now God is taking ownership of His original property. Now the worldwide economic and political viewpoint are connecting. The spiritual, vertical world and the physical, horizontal world are connecting.

God's cosmic ideal family world is appearing! It is like a true love soccer ball that God can kick around such an exciting world! Every point on the sphere makes a vertical axis to the central point. Therefore, all points can equally receive God's love. There has been so much inequality throughout the world because mankind never took the vertical axis position to God.

Until now, there was never an original nation. The original ideal hometown never existed! This mistaken world must be kicked back to the original world. Proclaiming and taking action for God is the Unification Movement way. The contents of this movement are absolutely centered on love. God's ideal, God's existence, everything is connected to that central true love place, the dwelling place of true love, true life, and true blood lineage. From where did humanity start? Not from the eyes, nor the nose, nor the head, but from your holy place your sexual organ.

But is your sexual organ truly holy? Your blood lineage is stained, so salvation is not easy. People say, "If God has absolute power, why did He leave the world in such a miserable situation for so long? Why didn't He take away sin and raise up goodness? God has no power." Man's conclusion was, "God doesn't exist, God is dead."

Satan cleverly led mankind into secular humanism and free sex. Look at the misery of the American family system. Fathers and grandfathers have sexual relationships with their daughters and granddaughters. Satan has been accusing God: "God, look at mankind. You can't save them." What could God answer? How miserable God has been since He lost His Kingship. You don't know that, but I understood it so clearly! I proclaimed to Satan, "I will go the Principled way, centering on true love, climbing past the individual peak, the family peak, tribe peak, national peak, free and communist world peak. I made a new tradition uniting the races of the world.

I have built a worldwide foundation in the religious, political, and economic realms. I reclaimed God's ownership. How did I make that foundation? God worked in mysterious ways.

I connected nations, cultures and races. I even blessed people from enemy countries. Korea and Japan are historical enemies, but Father blessed them in 1988!

Father started from the individual level, going the reverse course, rebuilding God's family, tribe, nation and world. Now God's original ideal, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in the spiritual world is appearing.

So you have to go back to the original and the final point. The final point is not family, tribe, nor national level it is the individual level. You have to go back to the original place, your hometown! This is the Divine Principle viewpoint.

Going back to your tribe is such an easy way compared to Father's indemnity course. No matter how difficult it is, you have to go through this course, otherwise you have no hope, no eternal life, no future heavenly hometown. If you fulfill this point, your hometown will be raised up to heaven. We must restore the individual and family site.

I clearly understood that I needed to settle in my hometown in Korea. Satan also understood, and worked through six successive Korean regimes to try to kick me away. But the seventh time Satan will no longer have power.

Now I am proclaiming messiahship. All people on both the left and right sides who don't follow me in the future will have no hope. No satanic power can eliminate or erase what I have done.

The free world, with its brothership system, must follow parentship, otherwise there is no hope! You came from the worst parents and fought between brothers. Now, you must make a new history, whose contents is good parents, harmonious brothers, good tribes, good nations, good world. This is the completion of God's original purpose.

When Jesus died he went to Paradise, but could not get into heaven. You can go into heaven only as a family, not as an individual! That is why we need the Second Coming. Is Jesus Christ coming on the clouds? Parentship was lost on the earth and must be regained on the earth.

So, where can the original true parentship, true kingship, and true eldership be found? At the center of God's palace, true Adam's perfected family foundation. Adam's body is God's dwelling place. God gives love to Adam vertically and Adam gives love horizontally. God doesn't need power, knowledge, or money. He can create those anytime. But one thing He can't make, is true love. Love implies subject and object. The established Christian world questions, "Does an Absolute God need love?" But God says, "Like you, I need true love." God needs an absolute love partner, just as man does. Man's feeling is, "I want my love partner to be greater than me." Also, we want our children to be greater than the parents. Where did those two desires come from, originally? From God. That means God also wants partnership and childrenship. No matter how absolute a being God is, He needs a love partner and children and He wants them to be better than God Himself. Why did God create humankind? For LOVE PARTNERSHIP!!

We have to return to the original individual and family. What is that? That is the eldership right, parentship right, and kingship right! Adam was meant to be God's true love partner. How incredible! Once connected in true love, there would be no separation.

For the first time in history, Rev. Moon has appeared and proclaimed clearly that Adam's unified foundation is fulfilled in me! Unless you inherit that, even if the outside world becomes unified, you cannot connect to it. You have to go the reverse course, denying Satan's concepts. Can you find true love through free sex and homosexuality?

You must take the way of repentance. The only remaining obstacle is too much pride. Every minute the American national debt is rising. The American lifestyle shouts out, "We are high-level proud people, leading the world." But they are spending too much money, and now, America is crumbling. You have been survivors, leading a humble lifestyle. I trained you like that. I never think of my own economic benefit, but try to solve the problems of mankind.

So, we have to go back to the original site our hometown. I accomplished everything in America and became the victor, no matter how much persecution came against me. Now I have to go back to my hometown, because I am over 70 years old.

Where is Rev. Moon standing? In the exact center place. When you stand in that direct vertical line, God's love will come down, uniting you into one. Man has initiating power and woman has receiving power. As you come to the center and revolve in love action, you make a sphere of love, eternally. Even God will follow that absolute love. Eternal true love is the center, not God. The subject and object form a partnership centering on love, embracing forever. You will revolve eternally, faster and faster, like a merry-go-round.

We are reaching the historical terminal point. Your hometown is where you will find true parents, true couples, and true children. That is the only place.

Unite three generations

Now then, return to your hometowns! There you will restore Adam's victorious position. God wanted to connect in true love with the first parents, Adam and Eve, but could not.

Your grandparents are the same forever! Do you want to be separated from them? (No.) How about your parents? (No.) How about your couple?

(No.) How about your friends? (No.) You desire a completely unified family, surrounded by God's true love, revolving in love eternally.

In Adam's family, the Grandfather is God. Adam and Eve are the horizontal king and queen, centering on God. God and True Parents unite vertically and horizontally into one through a 90 degree angle. Humanity receives God's love through the 90 degree angle. Once the sphere of true love is created, everyone can connect directly to the center. There are no losers.

So read the Bible, because it will teach about denying yourself. Everyone has to go over Satan's line. Even Christians are connected to Satan's foundation. You received the worst love seed from Satan, through your sexual organ. You have to receive a new seed centering on God's love. This is the main point of your tribal messiah mission. You must inherit God's life, love and lineage. If you didn't make that connection, you cannot go back to your original hometown, the ideal world. Is it clear now?

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