The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Royal Family of True Love

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA
July 28, 1991

In the last several years the situation of the world has changed most dramatically. As you know, communism has tumbled down and I had to prepare internal and providential changes to generate these external changes. I have been very busy to keep up with the schedule of the Providential will and program and therefore have not been with you too many times. Do you understand and welcome me?

As you well know, the Unification Church has been occupying the position of receiving the most persecution. From that position we are rising to the position most welcomed by the society and nation. I'm sure you feel that change to the bone, don't you? We have witnessed the collapse of the left wing or communism, and watched the crumbling of the Berlin Wall. The right wing, or democracy, which is represented by the United States and the free world, should be prospering while the left wing is going down. However, that is not happening. The free world is also going down, following the path of the demise of communism. This is the real problem today.

Of the two thieves on either side of Jesus at the crucifixion time, one opposed him and one offered his support, introducing the terms left wing and right wing. During the time of the Second Advent, the left wing and right wing terminology will disappear. The Messiah shall stand victoriously in the center, forming the headwing, or Godwing. The left and right will unite with the central Godwing ideology. This is the conclusion and culmination of religious history.

The world is in absolute confusion today. The democratic world is in trouble and without solutions. The left wing is in disarray. Can the leaders of the free and communist worlds find a solution for lasting peace? No! Reverend Sun Myung Moon's actions will become the focal point for promoting peace.

The Unification Movement is a multi-colored movement with people from all backgrounds. Many governments have persecuted this movement and tried to wipe it off the face of the earth. But we have continued to prosper. Therefore, they now know they must either join or decline.

The popular opinion was, "Those Moonies are weird people. There is something wrong with them." But now world scholars and philosophers are studying Father's Divine Principle teaching and have completely surrendered to it. People thought communism would conquer the world. Instead, communism collapsed, and who went to the Soviet Union first? Reverend Moon and the Unification people. We are teaching the Divine Principle to the communists.

The surprising thing is this: Reverend Moon's strength has been studied, not only by scholars, but by government agencies such as the CIA, the FBI and the KGB. They have come to the conclusion that the Unification Movement it not a cult; on the contrary, it has a value system that needs to be adopted throughout the world in the twenty-first century. The ideologies of East and West have failed and the leaders have thrown their hands up. They must turn to me to learn my teaching and value system, which is centered upon God and exists absolutely for the future happiness of all mankind. This is their conclusion, not my conclusion.

Shall we talk about a bad topic or a good topic today? In order for me to speak about a good topic, I need good people to listen. Are you good or bad people? Have your actions been really good in the sight of God or are you only answering positively? Then you are actually bad people. We are at the final crossroads of good and evil, so we must evaluate ourselves.

Even today, you can make a new beginning. You may think, "I have not been so good, but here in the presence of Father, Mother, the True Family, the spirit world, and the beauty of nature, I will make a pledge to move toward the good side. From today on, I'm going to be an absolutely dedicated Unificationist."

Our title today is: "The Royal Family of True Love." Am I speaking about a conceptual idea that will happen a thousand years from now? Or am I speaking about reality? (Reality!) There are many of you who have not really believed in your heart the things Father has said. There are few Unificationists who have believed in Father one hundred percent. Is there anybody who can say, "Father I have been with you one thousand percent; I never doubted any of your words"?

The fact is, whether you believed it or not, Father's words have been fulfilled to the last iota. Was God's will automatically fulfilled? Not at all, because there is always a factor of human responsibility. That is precisely what the Divine Principle is all about. There are many Unification Church members in Korea, Japan and elsewhere in the world, but none of them had anything to do with the fulfillment of Father's prophecy. Only one person, Father himself, has fulfilled his five percent of human responsibility, leading to the fulfillment of the Providential will. Therefore, who will pioneer the new future history? Father himself.

On August 31, 1989, in Kodiak, Alaska, Father declared the Pal Chong Shik, meaning Eight Stages Settlement Ceremony. Do you know its contents? You've been saying, "I'm a member of the Unification Church," but you do not know Father nor the Unification Church so well. In that ceremony, Father proclaimed that the world would quickly and drastically change.

Then, on September 1, Father declared the age of True Parentism. If True Parentism had appeared at the outset of human history, there would have been no Satan and no evil; God's will would have been long established here on the earth. Satan's world has been flourishing, but when Father declared True Parentism, Satan had to retreat.

What happened after that? That same year, the Berlin Wall, the symbol of East-West separation, came tumbling down. Only five months later, Father went to Moscow and met with President Gorbachev in the Kremlin on April 11, 1990. Through this, True Parents set the condition for the second generation of the communist world to follow a new ideology and value system. So far, 3000 Soviet college students from the best universities have come to Father's seminars to learn the Divine Principle and have become incredibly inspired.

The Soviets are trying to imitate the Western economic system. But where can they gain a value system for their future? Only from Reverend Moon's Godism ideology. It is the hope of the Soviet Union. History has been made by men, often without God. This time history shall be made with a God centered-ideology!

What if the Soviet Union's dramatic acceptance of Father could happen in all the fifty states of America? What if each governor told Father, "Please come and set up the Unification Church in our state because only your ideology can save our people"? It would be a miracle. But it is already happening in the Soviet Union.

Recently members of the KGB confessed to Father saying, "We have been gathering information about you and your movement for ten years." They thought Reverend Moon was their archenemy but with recent changes they came to the conclusion that Reverend Moon is the greatest ally of the Soviet Union and the Divine Principle has the answers for the problems of the Soviet people.

While the Soviet Union is making this kind of foundation, what is the free world doing, especially America? This is a problem. Do you want to be defeated by the Soviet Union? (No!) No matter how they acted in the past, the Soviet Union has now changed their direction 180 degrees. This is reality.

In the Bible there is a saying that the last shall become the first and the first, the last. Father first came to the United States and put most of his energy into this country. In terms of God's Providence the Soviet Union is the last country. They are just now accepting the Divine Principle, but the last are becoming first. This is a realization of that prophecy.

Furthermore, established Christianity was the first, worshipping Jesus Christ and God. However, because they did not accept this last days truth coming from God, they will become the last, and atheists who accepted True Parentism and the Messiah will become the first. Those atheists will accuse Christians, asking, "You're supposed to be Christ's disciples, but what have you done? We have been atheists but we accepted the truth. We know True Parents now, we know true love now, so we are ahead of you." This kind of transition has been occurring at this time.

We are now having follow-up training for the Soviet students in seven different locations throughout the country. Over 2000 people have been attending these workshops. You applaud but your applause has no power because though one side is happy because Father has so much success, one side is ashamed thinking about the Church in the United States.

You have not been listening to Father too well and never really believed Father's message, but what about today? Can you believe the things that Father is announcing to you? (Yes!) Those who say, "Though I may have doubted in the past, I repent and from this time forward pledge to believe you with no doubt whatsoever," raise your hands! Now that I see you believe me, I have more power and fun to speak to you.

Belvedere seems to be a magic place. Everybody comes here and gets so energized and yells "Yes, yes!" to all I say. As soon as you get out of the Belvedere door, you begin to worry about your groceries, your trip to the drug store, and other things. By lunchtime, you have a thousand things to worry about. You wonder if you really saw Father and don't remember what you heard. You become your old self. In the meantime, one year is passing, ten years are passing, and your life is passing away.

Your life and your fruit is not Father's responsibility, it is not the Unification Church's responsibility. You yourself are responsible for your eternal life and your heaven. In the Bible, Jesus was passing through Jerusalem and saw a fig tree growing by the side of the road. He was in a hurry and crossed to the tree wanting to pick some fruit, but there was none. Jesus accused that tree and immediately it died. So don't die. You not only have your life, but you have to bear fruit. Ten years, twenty years membership does not automatically bring you fruit. That is not the way that God works. You must have actual fruit.

For example, many United States citizens claim to be patriots. But it doesn't make any difference unless they have some patriotic deeds to support that statement. This is true for saints as well. No matter how many good words you are speaking for the sake of humanity, unless you bear fruit you are not going to be regarded as a saint. Words pass away, but only fruit remains as real accomplishment. Reverend Moon is the same, no exception. If I just talked empty talk, it would not bring me any glory or accomplishment. Even I am worried about how much real accomplishment or fruit I am bearing throughout the world.

Great countries like the United States, Japan, the Soviet Union, the Republic of China, Germany, England and France are all fearful of me. Is it because I am some sort of criminal? No. What they fear is that I have made achievements they cannot even imagine, and in such a short time. So, when you stand on your accomplishments the entire heaven and earth shall surrender to you.

Have you heard about the Inquisition book? It tells what actually happened during Father's trial, proclaiming the truth about how the United States government conspired to put Father into jail. Yet, while he was on trial Father created projects like the Washington Times and Insight magazine, The World and I, and so on, in order to save America. I never sought revenge. In 1975, the United States was defeated in Vietnam and plunged to the point of lowest morale in American history. Liberalism was rampant. It was only through Father's support that the right wing could regain leadership of America. History will prove these things cannot be denied.

Though I supported the Reagan administration, the biggest irony is this: The Reagan administration is the very one which allowed the government to put me into jail. Under normal circumstances I should feel vindictive. Instead I created many projects to support the conservative cause. I do these unusual things because I am not working for myself, but for God.

Recently I spoke to the Washington Times staff: "I have invested millions of dollars in this newspaper. Many people think there must be some ulterior motive for this continuous investment even though there is never any profit. Do you know my hidden motivation? I have a divine calling from God." I clearly stated: "I created the Washington Times for the sake of the collapse of communism. That mission is accomplished so now is the time to deal with the domestic moral agenda: the decline of Christianity and the rise of secular humanism, the drug culture, the breakdown of families and juvenile delinquency. All these problems are your problems, not my problems. I could wash my hands and walk away, but I stay. The reason is you don't understand and even more you don't have a solution. So I am going to stay here and fight that battle to clean up America and save this country." They were very inspired to hear this.

Korean and Japanese people came to America only because Father wanted them to come. Were they welcomed by the United States and welcomed by the American members? Or did you say, "We don't need them. We have a Christian heritage and Korea and Japan are not even Christian countries"? No matter how proud you are you don't have the contents needed to move into the future world.

But I am different from you. I have a strong ideology. Once someone studies the Divine Principle they can turn completely around in only three days. Its power is much stronger than economic power. But you foolish people don't know what a strong armament you have.

Do you think white people are the supreme people? A very famous white American journalist recently wrote an essay claiming that Asian people have a much superior quality compared to the white race. Koreans kept their traditions intact through 5000 years and 931 invasions. Wisdom, power and courage enabled the Korean people to maintain their Korean identity. Although Asian people's skin is dark and their height is short, they have stronger human qualities within them.

I know very well that within American society they are worried about Reverend Moon's epidemic: "Don't catch that one. Rev. Moon will persuade you and brainwash you" and on and on. But actually, what I am doing is trying to save this country, both white and black people. Even though you never say it, white people subconsciously look down on other races. But I want you to know, and only Reverend Moon can say something like this, you are being defeated right now by the Asian people, in every way. Asian people's good characters are becoming more and more evident in American society. So you must wake up! God sent one savior, the True Parents, out of the Korean race. This is the most logical thing.

Korean people can quickly summarize the situation of the world, which country is going up or down, what people are good, what people are evil. God gave them special training for 5000 years. Out of that race came the True Parents. The religious world knows that there is no one like Rev. Moon, who within his own lifetime has prescribed the salvation for all of humanity, and is doing everything possible for humanity's sake, giving every ounce of his energy, sweat and blood and his soul. Yet, in parts of the religious world we still hear: "Oh, Rev. Moon, don't infiltrate Christianity!" and in the political and business world as well. People are very envious of Father's success.

Everyone had thought that Father and the Unification Church could never survive through such persecution. And when I went to Danbury, many members cried at East Garden. But I never cried. I said, "Why cry? I am not looking at the front of Danbury prison, but at the other side of Danbury, at what kind of glorious and victorious history shall be made." I kept working to make that prophesy come true and after Danbury it came true, didn't it? Now my name is being resurrected. Father once said at Belvedere, "The day that Rev. Moon's name is resurrected, this world will have salvation and true lasting peace." That day has arrived, amen!

Korea was the number one country against me. Because Korean people are smart, they know how to persecute well too. But presently the Korean people think there is only one person who can unite North and South Korea--Rev. Moon. They have said, "We have never seen a living saint since Taegun, Korea's forefather, but we have seen one in Rev. Sun Myung Moon."

Three consecutive forty-day seminars have been conducted for Muslim leaders--Syrians, Yemeni, and Egyptians. Mingling with other religions is usually a high offense, but they are allowed to come by their leaders. Could those Muslims listen to Christian leaders? Could Billy Graham or the President of the United States do that? Only Father can do that!

Last year, Father spoke in 10 gymnasiums throughout South Korea, as well as in the major cities of the United States, to the Korean people. I proclaimed True Parentism. They just listened with no objections, particularly the Korean Christians. In one gymnasium tens of thousands did a True Parents' mansei at the end.

How much transformation in men's lives has been brought about on the face of the earth because of one man? Until now, humanity had no hope. Now, True Parents' direction alone will provide them salvation.

Father brought more than 30,000 Korean leaders to the United States, across the Pacific, to attend a Divine Principle seminar and see Father's accomplishments. But people say, "Rev. Moon is a great liar. How could anyone bring that many people across the Pacific? Not even a government could do that."

You are very powerful individuals, but you don't know it. Why? Because you met Father. Otherwise, you might live and die in one place. By joining with Father you have been around all 50 states doing MFT or evangelical work, and furthermore, many of you went to Europe, Asia and Africa. If Father asks you to assemble in Korea in one month, it is nothing for you. You are well-trained to go anywhere in order to save the world and liberate God.

You have now heard all the prophesies which Father has fulfilled; therefore, you must become a true believer. Everything I have said has been achieved and is thus easily believed. So now I must give you new words.

Today's topic sounds easy, but none of you really think about how difficult it is to fulfill this title--become a royal family of true love.

Is the royal family centered upon man or God? If the royal family is humanity, then what is God's position? God is the royal family lord, owner, and subject. What is another title for God? King, kingship! Without a king there is no royalty.

Normally, is the king a man or a woman? Will American women say, "The king is a woman"? Does the king come first or the queen come first? (King!) Where there is a king, there should also be a queen. They are meant to be equal, but if the queen doesn't follow and unite with the kingdom's law and philosophy, she is certainly not entitled to queenship. The king and queen's children constitute the royal family.

In the Unification Church we are always talking about the restoration of the elder son's right--Cain and Abel. We are also pursuing the parent's right and the king's right. Do you know who should be the king of the Unification Church? God! But since God is invisible, He bequeathed the kingship to His son, Rev. Moon.

God is the King of Kings--the problem-making King of Kings. Why is Rev. Moon so controversial? Because I am the heir of the problem-making King. But I am making problems for Satan, pushing him out wherever I go. I have created so much noise that people hear about me and without even knowing me, want to spit at me.

I have been creating individual problems, family problems, tribal problems, national problems, world problems, spiritual and physical world problems, cosmic problems. I have been speaking out, year after year, until now I am over 70 years old, an old grandpa. God gave me the power to overcome Satan. No one can deny that any longer. Can you deny or accept that? (Accept it.)

Is Satan's world a nice place or a bad place? It is the worst place, and that is where you come from. It is a wonderful privilege to become a trouble-maker for Satan's world.

I infiltrated and overcame Satan's world, with God as my Partner. Satan has been trying to hide certain information from me, but spirit world informs me right away. That is why Satan dislikes me so much. Satan's side thought they had completely demolished us,. But all of a sudden they realized I was not only alive, but getting stronger. They were shooting at my lower body, but my head was way above, protected. So my head got the victory; this is why Rev. Moon's ideology finally received the name, Headwing--it means head won!

The whole world united to shoot at one target--Rev. Moon. But who protected me? (God.) They tried to break through the invisible shield of God and heavenly fate, but it was too strong.

Father has declared the victory. As early as 1979, the academic community attempted to knock my ideology down, but I won the knock-out victory over them. The only people still opposing me are those who are not informed. Suppose all the established Christians listened to a Divine Principle seminar for one week. Would they be turned around, changing their concepts and attitudes? (Yes.)

Since the liberation of Korea in 1945, established Christianity has been the major obstacle for the advancement of the Unification Movement. Since 1945, how many people have died and gone to spirit without knowing the Divine Principle and True Father? One billion lives ended up in hell because established Christianity blocked them. These Christians think they can go to heaven through worshipping the Lord Jesus, but when they go to spirit world, one billion innocent victims are waiting for them: "Because you opposed Rev. Moon, I could not end up in heaven."

Furthermore, Unification Church members also are going to be accused, because those in spirit world will say that you knew the True Parents, knew how to obtain salvation, but because of your lack of doing, you couldn't restore even your own tribe. Because of you, the True Parents' name has not reached every corner of the earth. Victims have been increasing every year. They will say, "You rascal--you too became an obstacle for us to go to heaven." What do you think? Will your ancestors welcome you in the spirit world, or will they be cursing you in the spiritual world? (Cursing.)

You are not here because you are eligible to become a member of the Unification Church. You are the representative of your tribe and of your ancestors. If you fail, you are responsible for the failure of your entire family clan. God chose you for this mission. It is a public mission, not an individual mission. A public mission means restoring history, from the individual foundation to the cosmic foundation, including God. Look at the miserable situation of downtown New York City? Who should save it? Should God or Father do it? No. That is your mission, why you were called by God.

You must take the repentance way. These are not Father's words, but God's words. Future generations will accuse you, "Did you do your mission?" You must repent and do your public mission.

How can you liberate these levels? You must take up the cross, and go the agonizing indemnity way, as Jesus did. This Grandpa went this way, step by step, and the next generations must each pass though the same absolute course. From now on you must take the way of repentance.

When I think about the persecution I encountered, it was God's way of protecting me: "Don't go astray, take the correct path." The correct way was liberating the individual level to the family, tribe, nation, world, and cosmic levels. Not the way of just individual salvation, as established Christians believe. What was my path centered upon? True Love. I expanded a rocky mountainous path into a superhighway. So, you must follow behind me, taking the true love way. Don't wander around--take the short-cut of true love!

I encountered so many walls and barriers along the way, but they have been torn down. You never understood Father's miserable situation during this course. Going to jail is no problem, compared to Satan's secret obstacles, which only Father knows about. It was worse than a head-on collision. How many times I smiled, but I was desperately fighting to break up Satan's world. Only I understood God and Satan's secret war, so I took responsibility for this mission. I stood at the center of the battlefield with every imaginable satan shooting at me, trying to destroy God's foundation. But I moved forward to liberate God throughout the free world. From now on, no more persecution appears on the horizon. I liberated everything.

When I came to America it was like a modern-day Rome. I proclaimed to Senators and Congressmen, "You are wrong!" I fought to become God's victor, restoring past history and making a foundation to restore the Christian second generation in the United States. Now the American government and American churches must follow my teachings. There is no hope otherwise. I am being recognized for who I truly am.

The satanic world has been targeting Father. However, Father repelled every one of those attacks and declared the victory. Parents, brothers and sisters, and relatives kidnapped their Moonie children. That phenomena occurred only in the Unification Church.

At the family level all families came against me; at the tribe level, all the tribes of the world attacked me. After winning the tribal level we rose to the national level, and all the nations of the world gathered to destroy us. Finally, all of the spiritual world came against me.

But now, the leading nations of the world no longer have any power over me. They said, "Rev. Moon, we don't want you!" But all of the worldwide opposition caused me to be raised up even more quickly.

Even hell's gate has been opened. I connected the bottom of hell to the highway course to heaven. You don't know how many miserable tears I cried to reach even those in the depths of hell. I threw a rope down and you grabbed it. I went the liberation course way, from the individual to the heavenly world, opening all the gates. It is done.

All living things on the earth have heard about me, even babies on their mothers' backs. Why? So much noise surrounds my life. How to reach everyone on earth was a major problem for me. Even a really good person who spends his whole life serving humanity cannot reach many remote areas. But, fearful Mafia figures are easily known throughout the world. So my strategy to proclaim my name even in remote areas was to make trouble and receive persecution for forty years.

People in the spiritual world will ask, "Did you live on the earth during this time?" "Yes." "Have you heard of Rev. Moon?" "Yes." "Is he good or bad?" "Bad, bad, bad." In established Christian churches, children are asked at Sunday school to write, "Rev. Moon is an evil person." They are singing, "Jesus Christ is our Lord. He is coming back on the clouds to save all sincere Christians and bring us up to heaven."

Your mission is to clean up evil! When did you understand and follow me? I was shielding you from Satan's bullets, because you didn't have enough strength. Now, your remaining mission is to clear up the darkness of the satanic atmosphere. Whose mission is that, yours or Father's mission? (Ours, Father.) You must walk on the road to liberation that I clearly taught to you. Pal Chong Shik was an important ceremony to transfer your satanic, stained blood lineage to God's side. You were connected to Satan's love, Satan's life, and Satan's lineage--a satanic trinity. The blood lineage is connected to the parents' life, which is centered on love. Man and woman become parents centering on love. The father and mother's love have give and take, forming a sphere of love. At the center point of that love, life is conceived. Centering on the parents' love and life, the blood lineage is connected. Even though a woman divorces her husband, she and her children cannot be easily separated, because children are the fruit of love.

But all of humanity is the fruit of the fall. Even though you wanted to go the original way, it could not be found. God and Satan's direction are 180 degrees different.

What does fallen humanity need? Messiahship! Only there can be found God's love, life and lineage. Through inheriting that, you can rebuild the original world, centering on God and true love. How can fallen humankind regain their former condition? Only by changing 180 degrees. What is the enemy's base? Satan's love, life, and lineage--Satan's love seed. That seed was multiplied, generation by generation, to the world. This is modern humanity's miserable situation. You cannot find true love, the true way of life, nor the true blood lineage in Satan's world. Instead, everyone says, "I don't need my spouse, I don't need my parents, I don't need to have children."

We must turn around 180 degrees! America was rampant with streaking, Hippies, the drug culture. Upon arriving here I agonized day and night, "What can I do about America's miserable situation?" It is like an overflowing trash can! Free sex, secular humanism, just enjoying life.

How can you guide people? You must inherit absolute life and absolute love. But where can those contents be found? American youth people are in mental agony, going down to hell every day. I could hear the sound of cries ringing out everywhere.

I looked toward America's future and saw only darkness. You don't how much I agonized over this situation. Someone had to bring enlightenment to this dark atmosphere. But one cannot find that kind of light in the established Christian world. The American government, American families and young people have no hope. Who can save this situation? Only Almighty God! Man's power is used up! Look around you--communism and democracy are fighting. Now Unificationists proclaim, "We will make the parents' path, resolving the fighting."

So, to help humanity's miserable situation you need Parentship, centering on God and True Parents. You need True Parents to clean up Satan's love, Satan's life, and Satan's blood lineage foundation.

What is the connecting place between man and woman? The sexual organ! That organ was originally to be God's love palace! It is meant to be the holiest place. Only after the fall did it become the most dirty place. God put it in a protected part of the body, like a hidden construction.

We must realize the most valuable foundation for life, love and blood lineage are all to be found in that organ--past, present and future history are all connected to it. Satan defiled the most holy place, planting his corrupted seed in the first human ancestors. That seed was bequeathed generation to generation. Springtime and summertime have already passed, and now the autumn harvest time is here.

In the Garden of Eden, teenagers corrupted the most holy place. In the harvest time, free sex flourishes throughout the world, like a weed. This concept must be totally destroyed. It belongs solely to Satan's side. The only way to banish it forever is to teach the Unification course. Through that you can win over your brothers and sisters, your parents, your relatives, your nation, your world, your cosmos, including hell. All these must be connected to the parenthood foundation. You must clean up Satan's filth.

We must change this painful history, creating the future of goodness. No matter how difficult the situation, you must beat back Satan's world. Now, courageous young people must stand up one by one, covering the four corners of the earth. This is what God wants! It is the only way to save humanity's destiny. Can established Christianity or the sovereign powers do it? Only those who understand the problem can do it. But no one knew those contents, because Satan blocked them. The only one who knows is Rev. Moon and his beloved followers. You are a small number of blessed people here, compared to the power of the world. But, be like Father! Father alone challenged the American government, declaring, "You must take the repentance way otherwise you will perish." They didn't want to listen to such an insignificant person from Korea.

Go the way of natural subjugation. I took that way through the court case here in America. I went to Satan's basement, Danbury prison, to open that too. From there I began the resurrection course. Now it appears that Rev. Moon is not the lowest scoundrel, but a man with worldwide connections. We have knowledge power, organization power, scientific and technological power. It is all for fulfilling God's mission.

I had to destroy Satan's foundation from the individual to the cosmic levels. No matter how powerful Satan was, he knew that he was unrighteously occupying the earth. I represented God, and proclaimed, "You are wrong!" Satan had to get behind God. God became the king of judges and placed his sentence on Satan, "Get out of the world! Rev. Moon is the righteous center of the world, My true love center!" Satan couldn't object because that was the Principled viewpoint. I made a foundation to the cosmic level through the natural subjugation way.

No more persecution remains. I restored individual ownership, family ownership, tribal ownership, national ownership, world ownership, cosmic ownership, and God's power on earth! You have to connect to this foundation! A purer atmosphere is growing on the earth. Proclaim that God is the King!

The liberation foundation has been made on the earth. After Adam and Eve's fall, kingship, parentship, and elder brothership were completely lost. Satan occupied everything. Now God is taking ownership of His original property. Now the worldwide economic and political viewpoint are connecting. The spiritual, vertical world and the physical, horizontal world are connecting. God's cosmic ideal family world is appearing! It is like a true love soccer ball that God can kick around--such an exciting world! Every point on the sphere makes a vertical axis to the central point. Therefore, all points can equally receive God's love. There has been so much inequality throughout the world because mankind never took the vertical axis position to God.

Until now, there was never an original nation. The original ideal hometown never existed! This mistaken world must be kicked back to the original world. Proclaiming and taking action for God is the Unification Movement way. The contents of this movement are absolutely centered on love. God's ideal, God's existence, everything is connected to that central true love place, the dwelling place of true love, true life, and true blood lineage. From where did humanity start? Not from the eyes, nor the nose, nor the head, but from your holy place--your sexual organ.

But is your sexual organ truly holy? Your blood lineage is stained, so salvation is not easy. People say, "If God has absolute power, why did He leave the world in such a miserable situation for so long? Why didn't He take away sin and raise up goodness? God has no power." Man's conclusion was, "God doesn't exist, God is dead."

Satan cleverly led mankind into secular humanism and free sex. Look at the misery of the American family system. Fathers and grandfathers have sexual relationships with their daughters and granddaughters. Satan has been accusing God: "God, look at mankind. You can't save them." What could God answer? How miserable God has been since He lost His Kingship. You don't know that, but I understood it so clearly! I proclaimed to Satan, "I will go the Principled way, centering on true love, climbing past the individual peak, the family peak, tribe peak, national peak, free and communist world peak. I made a new tradition uniting the races of the world.

I have built a worldwide foundation in the religious, political, and economic realms. I reclaimed God's ownership. How did I make that foundation? God worked in mysterious ways. I connected nations, cultures and races. I even blessed people from enemy countries. Korea and Japan are historical enemies, but Father blessed them in 1988!

At that time, Korean and Japanese leaders pleaded with Father to not go through with that Blessing. They reported that many Japanese were upset. The Korean nation responded the same, but I didn't care! They were in the archangel position, recommending that I avoid controversy.

Father started from the individual level, going the reverse course, rebuilding God's family, tribe, nation and world. Now God's original ideal, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in the spiritual world is appearing.

Do you like a victorious man? (Yes!) The individual and family victor is standing in front of you. Can you believe it? You doubted me every step of the way, so after 20 years I am way ahead of you. Now can you believe me or not? (Yes.)

So you have to go back to the original and the final point. The final point is not family, tribe, nor national level--it is the individual level.

You have to go back to the original place, your hometown! This is the Divine Principle viewpoint. Just obey. Now in Korea, members are spreading out to their home towns--Tong pang kyok pa! Your hometown includes formation, growth and perfection levels. Centering on your family, you must fulfill those three levels, and connect them to the tribe, nation, and world levels fulfilled by Father. You have to expand God's foundation horizontally. Satan will be driven out of every corner of the earth. When you build the foundation in your hometown, it won't take long to restore the world.

You have a welcoming foundation. Rev. Moon is so famous. The past persecution is now being balanced out. The American atmosphere is different starting from today. Until now your parents and relatives united against us, but they understand in the bottom of their hearts how wrong they were. But they have been hearing about Rev. Moon's patriotism in America. They will repent in front of you. No one will speak as tears flow on every face.

Going back to your tribe is such an easy way compared to Father's indemnity course. No matter how difficult it is, you have to go through this course, otherwise you have no hope, no eternal life, no future heavenly hometown. If you fulfill this point, your hometown will be raised up to heaven. We must restore the individual and family site. Don't follow Satan! Satan's world should follow us.

I clearly understood that I needed to settle in my hometown in Korea. Satan also understood, and worked through six successive Korean regimes to try to kick me away. But the seventh time Satan will no longer have power.

Now I am proclaiming messiahship. All people on both the left and right sides who don't follow me in the future will have no hope. No satanic power can eliminate or erase what I have done.

I am proclaiming the eldership right, parentship right, and kingship right. You have to know those contents clearly. Who is the elder son? It is Adam. Who are the first parents? Adam and Eve were the first, worst parents, and we are connected to them. How can the True Parents' way appear? Only through true love. The first parents ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of evil, bequeathing their evil blood lineage to all generations. Contrary to that, you must follow the true love way. But your body is connected to Satan's love, Satan's love, Satan's lineage! Is it easy to separate from Satan? It is so difficult.

The providential way of salvation is the restoration way. Restoration is recreation. When God created the world, there was only one concept. We have to go back to the zero point before creating God's side. So the Bible teaches, he who wants to live will lose his life, he who can lose his life will gain it. What is the meaning? To want to lose one's life means losing Satan's life--cut from Satan. Otherwise there is no way for God to connect to you.

Historically evil prospered and goodness suffered. These directions are being exchanged. Now, good people will go up, bad people will decline. This is the crossing junction time, the zero point time. The free world has lost its way. Communism took the worst direction and now stands at the zero point.

The free world, with its brothership system, must follow parentship, otherwise there is no hope! You came from the worst parents and fought between brothers. Now, you must make a new history, whose contents is good parents, harmonious brothers, good tribes, good nations, good world. This is the completion of God's original purpose.

When Jesus died he went to Paradise, but could not get into heaven. You can go into heaven only as a family, not as an individual! That is why we need the Second Coming. Is Jesus Christ coming on the clouds? Parentship was lost on the earth and must be regained on the earth.

God needs a love partner

So, where can the original true parentship, true kingship, and true eldership be found? At the center of God's palace, true Adam's perfected family foundation. Adam's body is God's dwelling place. God gives love to Adam vertically and Adam gives love horizontally. God doesn't need power, knowledge, or money. He can create those anytime. But one thing He can't make, is true love. Love implies subject and object. The established Christian world says, "Does an Absolute God need love?" But God says, "Like you, I need true love." God needs an absolute love partner, just as man does. Man's feeling is, "I want my love partner to be greater than me." Also, we want our children to be greater than the parents. Where did those two desires come from, originally? From God. That means God also wants partnership and childrenship. No matter how absolute a being God is, He needs a love partner and children and He wants them to be better than God Himself. Why did God create humankind? For love partnership!!

We have to return to the original individual and family. What is that? That is the eldership right, parentship right, and kingship right! Adam was meant to be God's true love partner. How incredible! Once connected in true love, there would be no separation. For the first time in history, Rev. Moon has appeared and proclaimed clearly that Adam's unified foundation is fulfilled in me! Unless you inherit that, even if the outside world becomes unified, you cannot connect to it. You have to go the reverse course, denying Satan's concepts. Can you find true love through free sex and homosexuality? If children deny their parents, how can they connect to the vertical Parents' love? How can a love tradition be established? When parents deny their children or couples deny each other, no love tradition is established. Satan separated everyone, sending them to the bottom of hell. God had to look down on that kind of miserable situation, so no matter how difficult the situation, I had to persevere.

Intelligent people, if they hear the truth for one week, will turn around 180 degrees, no problem. Communist ideology is so strong, but in one week's time Soviet leaders turned around 180 degrees. This is reality. The Soviet satellite countries recognize my desire to help them harmonize.

You must take the repentance way. The only remaining obstacle is too much pride. Every minute the American national debt is rising. The American lifestyle shouts out, "We are high-level proud people, leading the world." But they are spending too much money, and now, America is crumbling. You Moonies have been survivors, leading a humble lifestyle. I trained you like that. I never think of my own economic benefit, but try to solve the problems of mankind.

So, we have to go back to the original site--our hometown. I accomplished everything in America and became the victor, no matter how much persecution came against me. Now I have to go back to my hometown, because I am over 70 years old.

I made a new vocabulary--forgetting concept age. Even though I memorize some English in the evening, the next morning I can't remember. As a young man I could study 10 or 12 pages and clearly remember. I have to learn English because I have to pull back Western young people from Satan. You are still young, so you have no excuse not to learn Korean. You should read Father's speeches in Korean. Those speeches contain a wealth of knowledge, solutions to problems from the individual to the world level. Famous scholars are now studying Korean in order to read my speeches in the original language. Translating them into English is a shameful situation. Those famous professors will ask you how many years have you been in the Unification Church: "More than 20 years." "Do you know the contents of Father's speeches in Korean?" "No." "Then you cannot claim to be disciples of Rev. Moon." This is a serious issue, so I recommend that you please learn Korean.

You are so much younger than me. How can you be defeated? You have a good brain, so learning Korean in three years should be no problem. From now on, those who don't understand Korean cannot visit me in Korea. Shall you make a promise or not? (Yes!)

The Pacific Era is coming, but who will lead it? God needs someone like me, who follows Him no matter how much difficulty comes to me.

You now understand your course. The short-cut is true love. Even the highest saint needs a love partner. God knew, before He created man, that He needed a horizontal love partner. Man's mission is to harmonize horizontally. Man stands on the East Coast and woman on the West Coast. Man and women should understand their need for a love partner, and meet in the center. No matter how many material objects a woman collects, if she cannot find a man, she feels no value. In the Garden of Eden, Adam was a man of action, and Eve wondered, "How can I unite with such a trouble-maker?" But through their give and take with God, they could begin to take steps toward each other. Overcoming one problem, they could take one step, overcoming something else, another step--toward the central position.

Where is Rev. Moon standing? In the exact center place. When you stand in that direct vertical line, God's love will come down, uniting you into one. Man has initiating power and woman has receiving power. As you come to the center and revolve in love action, you make a sphere of love, eternally. Even God will follow that absolute love. Eternal true love is the center, not God. The subject and object form a partnership centering on love, embracing forever. You will revolve eternally, faster and faster, like a merry-go-round.

We are reaching the historical terminal point. Your hometown is where you will find true parents, true couples, and true children. That is the only place.

Now then, return to your home towns! There you will restore Adam's victorious position. God wanted to connect in true love with the first parents, Adam and Eve, but could not.

Your grandparents are the same forever! Do you want to be separated from them? (No.) How about your parents? (No.) How about your couple? (No.) How about your friends? (No.) You desire a completely unified family, surrounded by God's true love, revolving in love eternally.

In Adam's family, the Grandfather is God. Adam and Eve are the horizontal king and queen, centering on God. God and True Parents unite vertically and horizontally into one through a 90 degree angle. Humanity receives God's love through the 90 degree angle. Once the sphere of true love is created, everyone can connect directly to the center. There are no losers.

What is true love? Satan invaded true love. Illicit love will lead you to hell. Jesus said, "If you want to follow me, you have to deny your parents, friends, spouse, otherwise you are not worthy of me." The simple conclusion is that you have to overcome fallen world love in order to attain spiritual life. Once you make that foundation, Satan's love world will disappear and God's love world will appear. This is the Messiah's mission.

So read the Bible, because it will teach about denying yourself. Everyone has to go over Satan's line. Even Christians are connected to Satan's foundation. You received the worst love seed from Satan, through your sexual organ. You have to receive a new seed centering on God's love. This is the main point of your tribal messiah mission. You must inherit God's life, love and lineage. If you didn't make that connection, you cannot go back to your original hometown, the ideal world. Is it clear now?

You have to fulfill that mission. It is your homework. Can you follow me, going over the mountain peak, to the eternal site? In Korea, we are occupying the family site. Korea is the original nation, centering on True Parents. True Parents' native home is in North Korea, so how can we let Kim Il Sung occupy it? He will automatically have to leave, because I made so many conditions. He is in debt. Now, North Korea is welcoming me.

So on July, I proclaimed that the free world, communist world, religious world, and political world are united into one. I proclaimed that the mind world and the true love world have sovereign power. We are going to clean up Satan's world.

In the past you did not believe me. Now, no matter how strongly Satan's power persecutes me, I am going up, and the other side is going down. Satan can longer push us around. No matter how difficult the situation, we must overcome the fall! Our sexual organ is supposed to be the palace of heaven and earth--love palace, life palace, blood lineage palace. Father won the eternal love, life and lineage tradition! This is our unification family system.

When the vertical King of Kings connects to the horizontal Parents, it is so powerful. The third Adam's family is the central family eternally! Other families must receive their tradition and create one world culture. God's grandsons and daughters, true Adam's family, will be princes and princesses--that is you, humanity! True Parents centered on God, the King of Kings, are the royal family.

After the fall, many people wanted to become king. Every woman thought, "I want to occupy earth and heaven, including God." Actually, God wants to give us the position of royalty, fulfilling those desires. But after the fall, kingship was lost. The original mind was still connected to God, like a magnet. It was hidden by Satan's power, but when the absolute plus appears, it will pull all mankind's original minds to it.

Satan's world and concepts will try to prevent you from going to God's side. You must fight Satan's fallen lifestyle everyday, training your attitude. Which way should you go? Your nation's way, your parents' way, your culture's way? Or Rev. Moon's way? (Rev. Moon's way!) I don't know if you can do it. It is the most difficult way, to create the vertical love position. I experienced hellish waves of negative power coming against me, but I continued to stand at the center and proclaim the truth.

You must build your individual and family foundation, and unite it with your tribe and nation. This is your mission. All national, worldwide and cosmic conditions were fulfilled by Father. You will be making the horizontal foundation on earth. The family is formation level, tribe is growth level, and nation is perfection. Through that, every country will be connected to Father.

You have to go back to your family! Otherwise you cannot build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Now, I have to go over the peak of North Korea, Kim Il Sung. My hometown will include the individual, family, tribe, nation, and world.

I had to fight back up from the individual level when the established Christian world didn't unite with me. I was chased out to the wilderness alone, clearing the land, making fences, expanding the Unification Church. The United States couldn't fulfill the Providential expectation, and God's foundation was lost. England in the Eve position, America in the Abel position, and France in the Cain position should have united into one and then united with True Father! History was reaching its terminal point. The foundation of world Christianity was the bride to the bridegroom. This foundation was to connect to the Asian foundation. Why? Because Jesus Christ was crucified in an Asian area.

Father is creating the original true family for the first time on earth, the royal, God-centered family. This is the Kingdom of Heaven! You must feel the urgency of the last days. Go out in the tradition of Jesus' 12 disciples. Connect your foundation to the original Eden family system.

Father made a victor's foundation all the way up the cosmic level. What shall True Parents do now? Bequeath it to the true children. But the children didn't understand.

You must get a ticket! You must be registered in the original book of life. It is like a birth certificate. You must also register your tribe, centering on Parentship. Where can you get that certificate? Not from the national foundation but only from the individual and family foundation. So you have to go back to your hometown! Today! You have to pass through individual and family level perfection, making the original God-centered, true love centered palace. Then you will become royal palace members. You will have no more enemies, only praise. This is our last main goal. Shall you go to that settlement place or not? (YES!!!) Raise your hands! When you complete this, we will create the royal familyship, throughout the face of the earth.

Japanese, Americans, and Koreans, you have to forget your national concept. The only true way is the Love Parents' concept. A child has only one concept--to love and obey his parents. You have to go to the original settlement, your hometown. Tribal messiahs are in the position of Jesus Christ. Until you fulfill that foundation you cannot inherit the merit of the Second Advent.

There is only one time when True Parents are alive on the earth. All of your ancestors deeply covet your position. They endured so much suffering and persecution and died hoping to see the True Parents. The Christian world wanted Jesus Christ to return. How can their suffering be liberated? When God looks at their situation, He cannot stand it. But I understood how miserable their lives were.

The good parents' mission is to liberate that situation from the individual to the world level. It was such a heavy load, but now everything is liberated. The wind is changing direction. A hopeful time is coming. You only have to win your families. You must fulfill Jesus' mission. From there, restore the first Adam's position--your parents. Until now they have been so against the Unification Church.

Then, on the foundation of tribal messiahship, you can connect to the national foundation, which Father already fulfilled. Thus, the formation, growth and perfection levels can be connected directly, vertically, to the nation, world and cosmic center. The tribe center is not the center. The cosmic center is Father, who is vertically connected to God. Your ancestors will visit your relatives and witness to them. We will expand God's foundation on the earth.

Become good problem-makers!! What kind of trouble makers? True love trouble makers!! What is true love? True love means to invest everything, and then forget you ever invested.

Let me hear your voices! Will you go to original home place? Do you want to become the royal family? Welcome it with a mansei! If you are ready to go, raise your hands!

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