The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Visit to Korea and Providential Action

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 1, 1991
Unofficial notes

Today is the Day of God's Eternal Blessing. It is a holiday equal in importance to God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day, etc. Members now have the authority to give God's blessings through the tribal messiahship providence.

The suffering and difficulties that the Unification Church has experienced in the month of June, as well as natural calamities (volcanoes, earthquakes) were due to the ending of one providential period and the beginning of another.

From July 1, all persecution will be finished. Father proclaims the tribal messiah providence. This is the beginning of God's Kingdom on Earth. I am giving you are given the position of elder son, and with this position comes the ability to give great blessings.

Be careful when you exercise judgment; what you say, especially in the hometown mission, can be particularly powerful, since you are able to call down the spirit world.

In the new dispensation you begin a new process of restoration of the positions: (1) Elder son, (2) Parentship, and (3) Kingship. On this foundation, Korea will be unified under Father. Later this year, I will launch the International Federation for World Peace in Korea.

All members should dress nicely. Continue to work hard, but be mindful of image. You have to smile more; no more frowning. No matter how difficult the situation to try to maintain a positive outlook.

Father has proclaimed that you are members of the Royal Family. Blessed families are princes and princesses. You no longer belong to any nationality--Irish, German, American, Japanese, Korean--nor denomination--Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism. You are members of the Royal Family.

The Royal Family demands new robes. Be mindful how you dress and how you carry yourselves. Create a new spiritual attitude. Recreate your minds in order to be leaders. You need a new start. Before you can dominate the world, you must be able to dominate yourself. Before you can dominate your tribe, you need to be able to control yourself. A revolution of heart and love, faith and determination are needed. A revolution is needed in order to liberate.

Train yourselves to overcome your fallen nature. Fallen nature will not come from outside the movement, but from inside oneself. Wake up from your deep sleep! Deny the old ways. Don't be like Lot's wife who looked back and turned to a pillar of salt. Take up your cross; it is the overcoming of fallen nature. Check yourself. You must go through the eight stages, from the servant of servants, to the position of God.

Your tribe will not follow a person who is prideful, so be humble. Be always grateful. Tribes people will not respect a complainer. Overcome laziness and egotism. To believe your way is the only way will turn off people. Jealousy and selfishness will inhibit smooth flowing subject-object relations. You must be pure, truthful, wholesome, and embracing, and then your tribe will follow.

In your hometown community, be the center of everything positive. Eventually you will become the elder son and later, they will see you as the parent. Eventually, the community will think of you as the king.

Before you die, you must clean up your fallen nature. Fallen nature makes you suffer and pay indemnity. A person of divided nature cannot enter the Kingdom. As you overcome your own fallen nature, you can teach others how to do it. On this foundation you can enter Canaan into the Kingdom.

On this level you can practice True Parents' tradition; you can be the channels to give God's blessings to 120 families in your tribes.

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