The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Day of All Things and the Fruits of Love

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 12, 1991

The topic of Father's sermon this morning--Man mul-e nal gwa sarang-e kyolshil. Can you grasp the meaning in English? "Man mul-e nal" means "day of all things". "Sarang-e kyolshil" means "the fruits of love". When Father says "love", he means true love. It is distinctly different from secular love.

Those who's age is over 40, please raise your hands. So, you are predominantly very young people--like blooming flowers. You love all things; whereas the interest in all things of those who are over 50 years old declines. So we give flowers to women, and small animals to young boys.

When we say all things, is man included or excluded? It depends on how you define all things. But in this case, we have the concept of the Creator and the created; so everything created includes human beings.

So whom do all things resemble? (God, man.) With man as the standard, God created everything else in man's image. God is the vertical standard for all created things. From this perspective, does God have eyes? If God was alone in the beginning, for what would He need eyes?

Before God created all things, including man, did he need eyes to look at something, or ears to hear, or a nose to smell? No. Then when did God's eyes, ears, and nose come into being? This is a question most theological seminaries would never dream to ask. But the Unification Church is qualified to ask this question and prove the answer. The Unification Church's mission is to unify all religions. In order to unify, you have to stand as a center principle, in a subject position, relating to and harmonizing all other things. That is the meaning of unification.

When we seriously think about God, we realize that when He is alone He doesn't need eyes or ears, because He has no one to behold or listen to. We can reason safely that only when He began creating the object world, would He start needing eyes, ears, a nose and other senses.

It is reasonable to assume that before He created, God did not have a need for these things, but that doesn't mean He didn't have them--He did have them internally. Would God have had love too? Then God could had said, "Oh, how wonderful am I!" and caressed Himself, "Oh, how nice!" and looked at Himself in the mirror. It is not difficult to understand that although God had love, it didn't mean anything until He had an object. Imagine a woman who never marries. She has love, but she cannot express it, so it is the same as if she doesn't have love. What does she need the love for? For her, it is not significant.

For love, the realm of object is absolutely important. Without the realm of object, love itself has no meaning. Even though God had all the senses internally, would His hand be as visible as our hands today before He created the realm of object? Everything exists for a purpose, and God had no reason to have a hand. God is a God of personality, but can He have a personality without an object? So through legitimate reasoning we conclude: Only when God created the object world, did His own senses became active. Since man receives all his characteristics from God Himself, man's urge to dominate all things--govern the countries in the world and so forth--comes from God. God also wants to govern His own country, His own people, and have one-to-one contact with His objects. We inherited that urge from God. We, too, need an object.

Then what is the most precious thing for man? Even from an external viewpoint, man needs 5 senses--to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Isn't this true? But what is absolutely necessary and precious for these senses to be centered upon? Centered on love! And what kind of love? Not the kind of love we see today, but love which God can approve of and be a part of--love that God can enjoy.

God doesn't need material, nor knowledge or power, because He can produce as much as He wants; but only love, because that is what He can only have with someone outside of Himself.

Now we can clearly understand that when God has a perfect man and a perfect woman centering on true love who are perfect images of Himself: character-wise, true love-wise, and lineage-wise--He cannot help but follow them because without them, God has no purpose in life.

It is like the pull of a magnet. God is a strong, absolute plus, and the minus is automatically drawn to that, in spite of itself. So wherever this perfect Subject is, the object or everything minus will simply follow in an orbit. God must have had that world in mind when He created. This was His principle of creation--the best thing God can have and needs is love, and in order to have love there must be an object. That object follows the subject in such an unmistakable orbit that derailing is not possible. God must have created that sort of perfect world. That is why man has an absolute desire to possess the same eyes as God has, so that he can see God and His love. And the same nose as God's nose, the same ears as God's ears, and so forth.

The perfect man is always wanting to have the perfect things which God has, because he and God are meant to be partners in love. It is an absolute desire in man because he recognizes in his heart that he is an object of love for God. Therefore, in order for him to become object of love to God, he must have everything that God has.

So what is the bridge, the common denominator, between God and all of His objects of love? What can spark God and the creation together? It is the five senses. Our five senses perceive in different ways--you can see one thing and hear another. When is it that all five senses come into perfect unity, centering on one focal point? When you see lots of money or attain tremendous knowledge or power? But wouldn't it be true, not only for God, but for a man too, that when a perfect woman emerges, perfect in every way--lineage, heart, blood, beauty--his five senses will move toward her in perfect unity.

Wherever our eyesight travels, so automatically does our hand. Our nose wants to get closer and smell it, while our mouth wants to taste it. Isn't it interesting to note that the nose can't smell far away, but the eyes can perceive at great distances? Then, as the object gets closer and closer, the nose takes over, then the eyes close, and then the nose takes over. This is perfection. Have you seen any truly loving couple who has their eyes and ears wide open to each other when they kiss? No, the eyes and ears surrender to the nose and mouth, who say, "We will be doing most of the contact--you stand behind us." The eyes and ears will say, "It is okay with us."

You may have imagined this before, but when Rev. Moon says this, is it far more thought-provoking, exciting, realistic and stimulating? (Yes!) Everything develops a mystique. This whole world was so hateful and dirty to look at, but all of a sudden we want to look at this new mysterious world. How do you feel, women, about that kind of a world of true love? It sounds good, but it is not real or practical, do you think? It is real! So how would all of you like to really embrace your beloved spouse and really love him or her with your whole heart and shout, "Mansei!"?

What about God then? "Oh Father, you are talking about men, maybe, but not God." Or does God when He finds His perfect object of love, do the same as man does? (Yes, and more!) That means, the person who can feel these things can be closer to God than anyone else. God will say, "Do you want to represent the standard of the strongest love?" Then each person will say, "Yes, I want to stand in that representative position." God too, would like to kiss the one whom He loves. Then the existing churches, whose concept is far away from that, might say, "Oh, you are talking about secular things." But these are truly holy.

Some scripture in the Bible is poetic. So do you imagine God enjoys poetry or not? We read poetry with lots of love phrases, describing eyes like a dove, lips like cherries, and so on. When God recites that kind of poem, is it secular or lowly? (No!)

Does the color red, with its mystical, holy quality, belong to the lowly world, or the holy world? (Holy!) Why the holy world? Because it is unique and unchanging: nothing else is red but red, and it endures forever. Diamonds too are unique and exist forever; therefore, every man cherishes and wants to own diamonds.

Is the form of a man eternal and unchanging, or changing? Unchanging! Generation after generation after generation it stays the same. If man's mind stays the same, which it was supposed to, then everyone would be holy. But when man's dedication, loyalty and love toward God started changing, then lowly and vulgar things came to exist. After the fall, how impossibly and disgustingly changing man's mind became.

It became lowly, never holy.

If man's form never changed, even through thousands of years, and his mind never changed as well, then both of them would have carried the name of holy eternally. So white people, whose color is unique and never changomg, and black people, whose color is unique and never changing, are both holy. But no matter how proud white people are of themselves, if their children commit changeable actions, they are secular people. Only an unchangeable person qualifies to be called holy. Do you understand? No matter how difficult his situation is, he is the holiest of all.

So the general shape of man's hands and face--his form--will never change. Those should not change, and neither should man's mind. When it does change, it becomes Satan's dancing floor. Satan can do anything in that changeable land. Is there any woman here who wants a changeable husband? Certainly not. Even though she may not be perfect, she still prefers perfect man.

Well, if a woman wants that kind of a man, and a man exists like that, the questions remains, "Is she herself unchanging?" Do you women want your husband to be a holy man or a secular man? (Holy man.) By the same token, do you want to be holy women or secular women? (Holy women.) How about a holy couple: "I am united centering on eternally unchanging love"? The years should follow man, not the other way around. Man should be the eternal life center. That kind of man is a holy man, like God. God controlled Himself through thousands, millions of years. No matter how much the seasons change upon the earth, God didn't follow the years but the years followed God. This is the true understanding of holiness.

The concept of holy is clear and enduring. The concept never changes as long as God is there. Wood can be holy temporarily, but we don't expect wood to last forever. And when we command a flower, "Please change your color from red into white right away?" it cannot do that. No, even if God gives a command, the flower would be bewildered and say, "God, you created me according to a certain principle. Do you want me to change?" And God would say, "You are right."

Only if it goes back to the root and changes something there, can a flower change from one color to another, perhaps over several generations. If it were grafted onto something, then it could change. What about man? Man is the same. I just gave an example through the flower. Fallen man cannot help but go in a fallen direction, so this is why the Bible says you must go back to the root and graft onto the true olive tree, or else you will remain as a false olive tree.

So the common denominator between God and man is the five senses. Once we have the proper relationship with God, then we can return to the original purpose for which God created us.

When man returns to God by himself, all things will protest, "What about us? We too want a common denominator with man and with God." They would say, "Please share that with us." So, all things too have eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth, a sense of touch--all five senses. And they have their own system of love, a pair system--male and female elements. Through that love principle they can unify their five senses.

When all things realize, "Yes, we too have the basic set of five senses as a common denominator with God and man, even though our class may be lower," they will say "Thank you, amen!" Flowers are either male or female--it has to be either one, because there is no third. Through male and female connecting and multiplying the generations can continue, otherwise there is no way. If flowers don't engage in reproductive action, they will stop at that generation.

When man kisses a true flower, it is so happy. Can you imagine this? The keenest senses are these male and female senses which respond to love. Let us look at one class higher: the insects. If you go out to a field and examine the grass, you may find hundreds of different kinds of insects. Do they have eyes, ears, mouths, noses? And tentacles? They do, invariably. What about their sexual reproductive organs? Their ears hear certain sounds, just like man, and their nose smells certain smells. It is not different from man, only the class is different. When these tiny insects reproduce and lay eggs so tiny you cannot see them, will the parents defend them with their life? There is a clergyman in the audience--what is your answer? (Yes.) When an insect reproduces its own kind, in the form of eggs or small larvae, will it trample its own offspring, or cherish them and help them to grow? (Cherish.) And do they love each other with great pleasure and enjoyment, or only do so because they are forced to? They are the same as humans!

There is no way for us to deny that God shared everything with His creation when He created. He gave this common denominator of five senses not only to man, but to insects, to flowers, to the mineral kingdom and to atoms. Do they have eyes too, like us? Something comparable to the eyes, let's say. If some living thing has no eyes, ears, nose, or senses, then there is no meaning to being alive. You may think, "Well, they can exist just by themselves." But there is no such thing as "just by themselves". Everything is created to exist in pairs, like God and man. So, everything is intermingled in love with one common denominator--the five senses. When male and female are perfectly in love, whose voice would call out the loudest: "Oh, we are happy"? Would it be the animals, or the insects, or the vegetables? Whose exclamation of ecstasy would be greatest? (Man!) How about beetles? How about pigeons? How about cats? (Laughter.) So, God has dispersed these characteristics, starting with man. Each animal has different sounds to utter their happiness. Sometimes an insect has a long antenna to emit this kind of love energy response. (Eeeee! Ooooooh!) It is like an orchestra! The love sounds become an orchestra that literally shakes the universe. In the evenings, especially as summer turns to autumn, all the frogs and insects come out to chirp and make different noises, but in a harmonious way, like an orchestra. They never cease making harmonious music throughout the night. You may wonder, What are they doing now? They are kissing, calling out love signals. That is a love action orchestra. Is this secular and lowly, or holy? I don't know--do you know? (Holy.) How do you know it is holy? Because they will continue like that forever, never stopping, generation after generation. It is eternal. God created it that way, so it is holy. So, the clergyman, do you agree with this? Everything you have heard so far is okay? (Amen.) Amen means number one man, A-man!

How wonderful to be born as a man. Why is man so happy? Because man eats the fruits of love. We eat vegetables, fish, animals, even flowers--those flowers are the fruit of love. How happy is the human being who eats the pure fruits of love and lives! Those who live on the fruits of true love will never become ill. For example, here is a piece of plain bread, but it is the fruit of so many things--where the wheat was grown, the hands of people who made it into bread, those who brought it over here, with heart, to his table. When he is grateful to that bread as he eats it, he will never get sick. But if he complains as he eats, then he may get sick. Is that true? A holy man who eats the abounding fruits of nature, the fruits of love of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms will stay healthy as God intended him to be. If you eat with tearful eyes and a sympathetic, loving heart those vegetables and animals who come to your dinner table will say, "If I remain as I am, I can never get higher, but being eaten by you I can become a part of you and get closer to God. Please eat me. It is my honor." It is very logical reasoning. Let us take the example of beef. A small calf is nourished by his mother with lots of tender heart, and grows and eventually becomes meat to be eaten by man. If the man eats that beef with an equal heart, a sympathetic, loving heart with a higher goal, then that man will never get sick.

When you eat choice food and leave the piece of bread, but go back and take it up again in your hands, and eat it while thinking about the fruits of love, then that humble bread will shout out a big "Mansei" from happiness! This really happens! Some people just sit at the dinner table, bringing their fork and knife to attack the most delicious food, and then throw everything else away. That is a secular person. The holy man would look around and give equal appreciation to the food, starting from the more lowly food, truly valuing it, while progressing on to the better food. Such a holy man will stay healthy.

If you eat like that, then humble food will be so excited to go into your body that he will pledge: "Yes, I'll go into your body and eat up all the bad bacteria in your system." It is enduring truth, too, that nothing sweet can be a medicine. Medicine is always bitter. You have to think about the preciousness of the food as you eat each piece, chewing and swallowing them one by one. Start eating from the more humble food.

Those who want to get sick, raise your hands! If you practice what I said today, if you eat with that attitude, no matter what you eat or how much you eat, and even if you wish to get sick, you'll never get sick. Food that might ordinarily disagree with you, if you eat it with a grateful heart, will say, "Let's protect this body. We have a holy owner, so we have to protect him!"

How do you feel, good or bad? (Good!) So, eat some spinach--a lot of people here don't like spinach. It is not tasty, but as we appreciate it, eating it leaf by leaf, it will become so lovely. We say to our food: "We appreciate you being available to me," and then begin eating. It will feel it is being upgraded closer to God, which is its true wish.

Your lips have elements from all things; the fruits of all things eventually become the cells of your lips. Those lips are used to kiss your beloved. Then the elements that come from the food itself will be really grateful, shouting: "Hallelujah, amen!"

Here in America especially, there is nothing which doesn't come from all over the world. We eat food that comes from all over the world, and it is so proud to become a part of us. How wonderful it is! That kind of person can never hate Korea, never hate Japan, never hate any other country, because if he hates some particular country, he had better take out his cells which come from Korean or Japanese food. What if those happened to be the cells of the tip of your tongue, or the most sensitive part of your reproductive organ? That is true--why are you laughing? Father is giving a holy talk--those who laugh have a bad secular concept.

"The whole world is being mobilized to supply nutritional elements to me. How wonderful I am in light of the whole world!" We were created to be welcomed everywhere! Would God, the Creator, looking down at us, be happy at our enthusiastic response, our pride and gratitude that the whole universe is mobilized to support us? God will endorse that, saying, "Yes, that is why I created you--to be a center of the world." For example, if you wash a dish in a sink full of water, those particles of water come from all over the world, not just America. Five oceans combined to make that water. Isn't that true? Can we say, "This is American air"? No, for the most precious things, such as air and water have no boundaries. Who made boundaries? Bad men! Boundaries protect a man's power, as is America's case. When I speak like that American people don't like it. But I still teach the truth, whether good or bad, because God only protects righteousness.

We ate countless numbers of meals up until now. How many times have we eaten with deep appreciation of how God created the universe to support us? All things are the fruits of numerous generations of love. So, as we eat, knowing how much we cherish our own offspring, how grateful we should be to these vegetables and animals, which are our food! How much have we bowed down to them in deep appreciation? As we cook do we understand how holy a process it is?

My question was, do all things have senses, our common denominator, or just man? (Everything does.) So, when they are about to be eaten by an evil man, they shrink away. They don't want to be eaten by a mean-spirited, bad-looking man. But if they are eaten by good and true persons, they are elated. Have you lived in deep appreciation of what comes to your table? As you cook such holy material in the kitchen, dance with a grateful heart and the kitchen becomes a dedicated, sacrificial holy place. This world is the real world. It is women who have more opportunity to deal directly with these foods, which are the fruits of love, so they live longer than men. A woman who understands the value of food to its fullest extent is like a chief priest whose privilege it is to make an offering to God.

Spiritually speaking, food can actually weep. We can't hear or see it crying, since we are not in the same position as God or a true person. There is no way for us to know, but it is a reality that food cries. In order to understand this, we must arrive at the place where we understand all things exist as holy beings, as fruits of love. Man's position is a being who mediates between the world of all things and God Himself, and fulfills his responsibility to the utmost to bring these lower level beings to a higher level, through himself to God.

When birds chirp, there are only two kinds of chirping. One is in search of food: they exchange information. Second, they search for a spouse: love, that is. There is no other kind. What about man? Man too should have only two purposes in speaking--in search of food and in search of love. Art and literature can be connected to that, but those are extra activities.

So when there is a steak and an English muffin on your plate, if your hands extend to the English muffin first, in appreciation, then everything will say "Amen" to you. And the chairs and table on which you sit and eat are happy to serve the princes and princesses of this world. They become holy too, set for true love. That kind of couple is the most happy couple in the world. You want to be like that, don't you? Until now, you didn't know that, but from now on, you understand everything clearly! So follow this way from now on! (Yes, Father.)

Do you know how Father maintains his health? How old am I? (Seventy-one.) No, forty-two! If you determine in your spirit that you will never go beyond the age of forty-two, and maintain your body like that, then you become someone like Father. Mother is the happiest person. You, too, give an enthusiastic ovation. Why? Because the universe is built like this. Can we say no-men or amen, that those couples who live like this will be truly blessed?

This is a happy Day of All Things. We now know that we are the glorious object of love to God, for whom all things exist to support. We shall become the mediator for them to bring themselves up to the level of God. Amen!

When I sometimes drop some food from my chopsticks or fork onto the table, without thinking twice I pick it up immediately and eat it. Sometimes this is considered to be not such good manners, but I never mind that. When something drops I feel it is the most precious ingredient at the whole dinner table--"If I miss that, I miss half the meal." I want to give due recognition to the food. So the value of the food increases--everything says "Amen!" There is no room for getting ill. We have a saying in Korea: "Even a flea has a face." So, even germs have a face to maintain--they can do bad things but only up to a point and not beyond.

I became a black person, didn't I? There is not one day I didn't go out to the ocean recently, fishing from very early in the morning. Fish can be a tremendous human resource. They can lay thousands or even millions of eggs, and every one of them can hatch. The natural birth rate is 0.8 percent, but if you artificially hatch them, it can increase to nearly 100 percent. Imagine the staggering numbers of fish! Now, 20 million people on earth are starving. 60,000 people are dying from starvation every single day, and the President of the United States doesn't think it is his responsibility. Neither does Gorbachev. Only True Parents feel it is their responsibility--our mission and our children's responsibility.

So this morning, I spent a considerable amount of time right after pledge to talk about this subject to all blessed couples. I asked that all blessed couples buy a boat and practice living on the ocean, catching and eating fish. Buy a trailer and a 20-foot boat. We have been making beautiful, unsinkable boats. Absolutely safe, A-plus boats. I have been preparing for this time for the last 20 years. We have a good prototype boat; all we have to do is stamp it out. So, many people are afraid to go out when the ocean is rough, especially in Alaska. But I always say, "Shall we go out?" and we go out in any kind of weather. Everyone said, "Only steel boats can handle that weather," but I built fiberglass boats, which are completely safe. I have pioneered so much in ocean enterprises, so we could inherit this foundation. I see that we can now bring ocean water to the highest mountain with no problem. And we will hatch and raise fish, right on top of the mountain. Those who are blessed couples, raise your hands. Those who are not, raise your hands. Those who are not blessed couples, are you supposed to be here? (Yes!) In the future, you will be blessed. So all Unification Church members, will you buy a boat for your family? What if you have no money? For years to come, you can skip one meal and set money aside to get one boat. I foresaw this happening and have already prepared for this. Father skipped lunch everyday when I was young and yet had the most energy. I did this for seven years. I made the foundation, all we have to do is just follow it. We cannot say no; there is no reason. For whom will we do this? For our own sake, or to please Father? More than that, for the sake of humans starving to death all over the world. We have to help those people! That is our mission. Those who disagree with Father and think they have a better idea, raise your hands.

So, Father taught us how to fund raise. How wonderful that we will become standard bearers of a strong movement to save the starving world. We will catch fish and exchange them for many other commodities. We'll be exemplary families so others can follow us, and we will teach them fish farming. Those who say, "Father, I can skip one meal for the whole year, and come up with 20,000 extra dollars, I can go fund raising and mobilize all of my resources," raise your hands. I feel it is possible. Training is the most important thing! You can then do anything. I will train you: "No matter how difficult the situation I will reach the goal, I will open the door, I will make it happen!" We have to follow in Father's wake, or we will fall to the bottom of hell. Can everyone do it, or not? (Yes!) Those who determine themselves internally: "Yes, Father, I will eventually buy a boat for my own family" raise your hands. Mr. Kamiyama--you saw these hands--such a beautiful phenomena! Can you make that many boats? That is your problem. How many boats do you need to make per day? Your name means "God's mountain". Noah built a boat on another mountain, Kamiyama has the same meaning--you have to make the ark!

So, what is my sermon topic today? The Day of All Things and the Fruits of Love. Can we feel God's love? What about here on earth? Is the blessing of God's creation here or not? We are totally surrounded by love. What a wonderful atmosphere we are living in. We must bow down in thanks to God. Food, clothing, air, water, trees, --green, blue, and red colors! We are surrounded by love. How much value God gave to us: "You are my children" means we are God's princes and princesses. We are living in God's palace and royal gardens. How wonderful we are!

We are living in a godly enjoyable atmosphere, with God's creatures--eating and enjoying the fruits of love everyday! Mansei! Don't ever cry or complain! If you live the way I have just described, you will live a long, long time. Heavenly fate will protect you. A love king will have a long life, because nothing will harm him. Look at me: no matter how much people come against me, I never fell down even once. I overcame every time, and now at 71 years old, I am still standing strong and healthy in front of you. How wonderful that God created us!

Your physical and spiritual five senses are united centered on true love power. Without true love power you cannot completely unite the mind and body world--they are separated and fighting in the fallen world. Your body must be centered absolutely on the mind--that means no complaint. Your body must always take the minus position to your mind in the plus position. Your mind will stand in the front forever, with the body as its partner in the minus position. It is especially important how you unify these sides--physical and mind. You do it entering on the axis of true love. God is the vertical axis. Do you understand these positions?

As a result of my teaching this morning, I expect that the perfection of the Day of All Things will come to its completion. The regret of all things will fade away from this time on. On a hot summer day, we will say, "Ah, how wonderful the water is, it is purifying everything." Drink water with a renewed attitude. Then if even if you drink a lot of water, no problem, it will say "Mansei" if you have that gratitude. The air will love to go into your lungs: "Mansei!" Our work is holy, because we are surrounded by love fruits. Every morning we are awakened by sounds of love. Every morning will be a mansei morning!

You sometimes say that something stinks. But do you know what vegetables thrive on? Those things which have a foul odor. How is it that you like vegetables, but you don't like the source? How foolish and inconsistent that is! Sometimes if you go to an Oriental bathroom, you can look down at your own feces. Sometimes I saw flies alight on my feces, so I wondered about those flies--"You are so wonderful, because I wouldn't go so near to that but you do." Those flies were having their breakfast, lunch and dinner. So have your meals served in your bathroom--a Korean, not an American bathroom--why not? That is a holy man, really. That means there is no such a thing as hell--hell is heaven, too. What kind of bacteria would want to harm him? When Father commands the bacteria to get behind him, they obey. Those who live a life with that kind of attitude, are they a happy or unhappy person? The ones who say, "Oh, I would like to have that kind of a husband--I will be the happiest woman in the world." Would you try to live that way, then? And if the wife became like that, the husband would rejoice wholeheartedly. The holy man and holy woman who lived their lives recognizing all the holy things surrounding them, and abiding by holy attitudes, specifically the holiness of food and love, are such a wonderful couple!

How did you like this speech? I thought that this was an appropriate teaching for the Day of All Things. So everything is living according to the rhythm of true love, everything except fallen man. But if we learn the rhythm of true love, we will walk proudly and joyfully with lots of hope, thankful to everything.

When we go out fund raising and are persecuted, don't retaliate but respond joyfully with love. We don't return hatred to them, but rather love. If you later bump into that person who spit at you while fund raising, and say, "Oh, a long time ago you spat at me, didn't you? How much I prayed for you, how much I liked you." He will be amazed, "How is that possible?" After he spat at you, you sold 10 times more, so you were thankful for him spitting at you. That is a good way to make him completely surrender to you. How can he not surrender? What a strong power true love is!

Those who lived by their own law, rather that according to God's law, and beat their own spouse, raise your hands! If you raise your hands, Father will forgive you. How about you women, who may not have struck their husbands physically, but did something else, like really nagged your husbands, or put him in a difficult position, raise your hands. Father will forgive you good for nothings, on the condition that you never do that again. You people, who are supposed to be holy but behave in such an unholy way, how ashamed you must be in front of your spouse!

How wonderful is the value of man's existence! God made such a wonderful creation, and we eat the result of that creation, the result of love. What a wonderful position we are in. Man can imitate the sound of any animal, with no exception: Baaaa, Meow! Sheep, cats, you name it. And man has the ability to classify the minerals, plants, and animals, from high to low. The animal world can't do that. Since man is the only direct object of God, we are capable of doing that.

So God's partner of love--complete love, not just partial love--is man. When God looks down on man as the center of the whole creation He'll shout, "You are meant to be my only love partner!" That is man's purpose of creation. God is the subject, and we are the true love partner. God will live with His partner forever. This is the theoretical conclusion--centering on true love, we are connected to eternal life. Not secular love! Not American love! Not free sex! Eternal love! Through that the created world will be automatically connected to eternal life. Why was man given this priceless value? We lost everything! You didn't know these things, because they were taught clearly for the first time when Father appeared on the earth. When you understand truth and follow it, you will attain freedom! Your result will be the fruits of love. Humankind must make the same results as the creation--our eternal purpose is the fruits of love.

So we should be grateful for the theme of this morning, the Day of All Things--that through practicing this truth we will become perfect people--God's princes and princesses, returning to Him with all blessings. This is man's responsibility and purpose. With this awareness, we will make this result at this time. Raise your hands if you will do this! This is a beautiful morning!

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