The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Most Important String and Original Point in the Providential History

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Summary of the Speech by Takeshi Furuta
Belvedere, NY
May 26, 1991

The Chinese word for "providence" consists of two characters, namely, and . has a meaning of rule, control, or manage. This character has within itself , which means hand and which means ear. The sign under shows that the ear is not just one ear but three ears: God's ear, man's ear and woman's ear. The letter consists of which means king and which means village. Therefore, (providence) can be interpreted to have the meaning that God and God's children control the king's village (the earth) by listening with their ears.

Next, means history. This Chinese character consists of which means center, and which means human beings. In this case. however, is a little different from ordinary (human beings). So, it refers to the human beings who are more than ordinary as well as the human beings who lived in the. past. Therefore, (history) can be interpreted to mean something that is formed by God and human beings as the center. The Chinese character , which means above or upper, is composed of a vertical line and a horizontal line with a point on the right side. The Chinese character consists of (the sun), (ear), and (again). Therefore. it means that what people hear with ears again and again under the sun is the most . . .

The Chinese character , which means big or great, consists of (human being) and which means one, unity, or unification. That means that what is big or great is a human being that represents and has dominion over all things, The characters and combined together mean important. which by itself means important or heavy, is made up of seven horizontal lines commented by one vertical line at the center. From that we can understand that the children that represent the world are important. The character , which also means important or important key, consists of (west) and (woman), indicates that the women in the west are in important key positions. Incidentally, holy man are expressed by Chinese character as . holy or sacred) consists of (ear), (mouth) and (king). That means that the king of those who hear well and speak well is a holy man.

In that way. each and every Chinese character has some meaning. Because of such linguistic backgrounds, people in the Orient have the ability to see things and think more deeply, farther, and more widely. The people in the west have the tendency to show others what they have, but the people In the east have a tendency to hide what they have as much as possible so that others may not see them. When making a gesture to invite others to come, the people in the east have their palm downward, while the people in the west have their palm upward. Those differences in the ways of living and customs reflect the languages and cultures. The western people are analytical and likely to fail to see the whole and miss the essence. The eastern people first try to grasp the whole and understand the central essence of things. For that reason, the people in the east cannot help but become more religious, while the western people are more likely to be horizontal and materialistic.

Is it man or woman that has more possibility to have influence, good or bad, upon the humankind in the future? It is woman. American women, in particular. American women have the tendency to regard men as their servants. This kind of western women had better marry oriental men. They would have better children. Men in the Unification Church want to be blessed with oriental women. Western women in the Unification Church also went to marry oriental men. When asked which they prefer, western or Oriental, they answer that they prefer Oriental men, in spite of the Oriental men's shortcoming of being short, because they are more trustworthy. All over the world, the Unification Church is the number one in terms of the number of the members who are married internationally. It is more difficult to solve the problem of racism than to climb the high mountains in the Himalayas. But, within the Unification Church the problem of racism has already been solved. The key to the solution is to promote what I call the "exchange marriage." On the occasion of the previous Blessing, I married 2,400 international couples, mostly the Koreans and the Japanese. Of course, I did not force them to got internationally married. All I emphasized was that God's wish was for them to have international marriage and that those who would prefer international marriage would be given priority.

It is for the sake of harmony of humankind and world peace that I promote international marriage. Who can oppose it? I am the number one in this respect as well. The president of the United States cannot do it, nor can the kings. The fact that beautiful children are born out oaf the international blessed couples Proves that it is in accord with God's will. Those children will lead the world in the. future.

It is "secular humanism" that is prevalent today here in America. The word "secular humanism" sounds nice, but it is substantially no different from "Satanism." If that is going on, the relationship between man and woman become more and more like that of animals. Who is going to save this country which is in such a situation? The wealthy people in America, the politicians, or professors? It is Rev. Moon alone. I have been investing enormous amount of money in order to save America. And yet, the U.S. government has persecuted and imprisoned me. Why is it that I have been doing so much for the sake of America with the intention of working further in America? It is because America represents Christianity and the Second Israel and has the mission to defend and connect the First Israel and the Third Israel. The holy scripture of the First Israel is the Old Testament; that of the Second Israel is the New Testament; and that of the Third Israel is the Divine Principle. In that sense, too, the Unification Church is in an extremely important position in human history.

It is I that protected Israel at the time of the Gulf War. The Americans do not understand the providential significance of why it is important to defend Israel. It is because they do not know the meaning of the First Israel in God's Providence. On the occasion of the Gulf War, Syria was in a delicate position. There was a possibility that Syria would not stand on the side of the United States because of its anti-Israel position. President Assad of Syria is a notorious leader of terrorists, and he may have united with the Soviet Union and Iraq. For that reason, I made efforts to persuade the top Islam leader of Syria, and through him asked Syria not to do such things as attacking or resorting to terrorism against Israel. The American CIA is said to have been amazed to know that the information I had received from Gorbachev and that which they had obtained through their sources were the same. I heard that CIA has recognized my power.

In Latin America there are strong anti-U.S. sentiments. Brazilians are proud that there is no racial discrimination in their country, which they think is superior to the United States in that respect. When I visited Brazil this time, I was awarded a Medal Of Culture. On the other hand, the United States, far from giving me a medal, put me into prison instead. In Uruguay, the president and all the leaders in the highest positions in the country welcomed me. All the people from top to bottom welcomed me. When that news was reported to Argentina, the leaders of that country sent me the message that they also would welcome me. But, I declined their offer this time. Instead, I invited and trained the representatives from 15 republics of the Soviet Union. When I met them, they all said that when I visit their places, they will whole heartedly welcome me. African nations are saying that they will welcome me, too. The Bush Administration is now making assessment of my recent trip to South America.

I visited Washington, D.C. until yesterday. I spoke for five hours to the leaders of "American Freedom Coalition" and "The Washington Times." in my speech I said that the serious problems of America are mainly:

1) materialistic ways of thinking and living,
2) the decline of Christian church and other religions,
3) juvenile delinquency, sexual immorality, family problems,

I emphasized that the American people themselves should make efforts to solve them. I found Washington paying great attention, to me. Recently, when it was announced that the editor-in-chief of The Washington Times was going to resign, the White House watched the development very carefully, and invited the now editor-in-chief to lunch with President Bush. It is unusual for the White House to invite a newsman for lunch. That also indicates how important The Washington Times is regarded.

There is no one who loved America so much and did so much for America like Rev. Moon. Does Rev. Moon need America, or does America need Rev. Moon? In America today there is nothing in which people can put their trust and hope. Those who had hope in Socialism and Communism are now disillusioned. But, there is much hope in Rev. Moon's thought and movement.

In the near future I am going to Hawaii to have a conference with the Japanese leaders and then go to Korea. I do not have enough time to talk more under today's title. Even if I speak a lot, there is no meaning if you cannot digest them. You need to put into practice what you have learned. Those who are determined to practice my teachings, raise hands!

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