The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Responsibility of the Tribal Messiah

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
East Garden, Irvington, NY USA
Mother's Day May 12, 1991

(On Mother's Day, Father invited members gathered at Belvedere to come to East Garden for Sunday service. There he spoke to them for several hours almost entirely in English.)

Today's title is "The Responsibility of Tribal Messiahship." Why do we need the concept of and the reality of tribal messiahship? (To be able to inherit the foundation that Father has given us.) Father has been talking to us about tribal messiahship many times over the past years. So, if you do not clearly understand the meaning of tribal messiahship, it is a problem.

American Unification Church members tend to not think about the restoration through indemnity course, but you must walk this path. The providential way of salvation means the way of restoration. Restoration has to come from the worldwide level, then proceed step by step. In other words, the Messiah should come only on a worldwide-level foundation, and from there connect to the subsequent levels of nation, society, family, and individual. Within that kind of framework there should be no opposition, particularly from other Christians. That is the foundation the Messiah should stand on to restore the smaller levels.

The restoration course is where the Messiah, welcomed by the world and centering on God, can complete the bases for the nation, tribe, family and finally complete the base of original Adam and Eve--God's original point. Since the fall, mankind has gone down the wrong road, multiplying Satan's dominion to the world level. Christians, by pursuing the path of persecution and martyrdom, reclaimed Satan's worldwide foundation, allowing Christianity to occupy the world in the last days. At that time, the whole world could have welcomed the Lord of the Second Advent allowing him to establish the true nation, true tribe, true family, and the true original Adam and Eve. This is the restoration course.

After the restoration course or recreation course centering on God, all of humanity could have recognized the completion of Adam and Eve's position. Such an event would be like Adam and Eve before the fall, and humanity could be completely connected to God's love. God's love means God's blood lineage. Mankind could reconnect to God's life, God's love and God's blood lineage. This is the completion of the original purpose of creation. You have to reach that original point, centering on God's vertical love, and graduate. Who can fulfill this recreation process? Not God, but True Parents--Adam and Eve. The first Adam fell and didn't complete that position. At this time, the third Adam must complete that position again. From there, he can pay back all of mankind's debt and liberate mankind.

The providence of salvation means restoring the past--going back to the original point. When did you do that? When did you receive God's love, God's life, God's blood lineage? Anyone who wants to go back to God must take this providential way of salvation; this included restoring the situation of the world after World War II, centering on America and Christianity. From there, restoration was to spread to the nation, society, tribe, family, and individual. This is the restoration course. After attaining that original point, each individual has to re-connect, centering on God's love, life and blood lineage. This is recreation. Anyone who cannot pursue the recreation course cannot reach Heaven, or live in the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. This is God's viewpoint! No matter how famous a person may be in Satan's world, he must return to God through the restoration course.

If the Christian world had united with the Lord of the Second Advent, Satan's foundation could have been overcome in 7 years and mankind could have immediately come back to the original point. All of humanity would have centered on the Second Advent--the nations, tribes, families and individuals. Standing on that foundation, Father could have restored the world so quickly in the absence of any persecution. It was a welcoming situation, where everyone would have united with and followed Father.

Instead, the established Christian world persecuted the Unification Church, so the worldwide foundation could not be established. When established Christianity came against Father, the world was immediately re-connected to Satan's side. Satan had the condition to renew his attack through a humanity united against the Lord of the Second Advent. Satan's forces attacked Father, who all alone had to go to the wilderness to re-establish a foundation and re-take the restoration course during his lifetime. The wilderness way meant Father had no family, no tribe, no nation, no world. He had to begin from the bottom, centering on the individual level, restoring 4000 years of human history through this indemnity way.

Having prepared a victorious foundation after restoring 4000 years of human history, can you imagine Heavenly Father's heartbreak when He again lost everything? The problem was how to recover this world foundation. I alone had to cultivate and recover the individual, family, national, and world foundation. I climbed through the wilderness while many satanic forces attacked me in Korea. The whole country came against me, followed by tribes, families, and individuals, fulfilling Satan's desire. Climbing up alone, I established the Unification Church. From the providential viewpoint, that was the new starting point for the religious world. I was expanding Heaven's foundation from the individual level to the tribal, national and worldwide levels.

I then came to America. Why? America had lost everything. I came to restore the worldwide foundation, but America and the entire free world united against me. The peak time of persecution was in 1976, with both the communist and the free world united against me.

I began by rebuilding the individual and family levels; based on that effort, I gave the Blessing, which is expanding throughout the world. People hated us, but then found, "They are wonderful people, righteous people, who know the true religious way." The persecution began to slowly subside.

When I came to America, the conservative movement was on the retreat. I rebuilt its foundation. I was in the Abel position, restoring the elder's birthright. Originally Abel was in the subject position, with Cain in the object position, but after the fall, Cain became the subject centering on Satan's viewpoint, and Abel became the object. The Abel position took up the indemnity course while trying to create the worldwide foundation. When I restored the elder's birthright position, the proper order was restored. Now humanity sees me as a prototype, showing the original way, and no one is against me. Both the free world and the communist world understand now. This is like the situation centering on the Christian world around World War II. No matter how much they have previously persecuted the Unification Family, now no one will be against us. They clearly understand that the Unification Church members are truly great religious people.

True Parents' influence is spreading out to the world. America is so ashamed that it can't even look at me after having persecuted me in the past. Until now the Western world was leading the Eastern world; but from now, centering on Father, the Eastern world will lead the retiring Western world. This is a realistic viewpoint! Western young people are searching for answers in the Asian world. They have already tried every kind of destructive fad: Hippies, streaking, free sex, drugs, drinking. Satan controlled everything and corrupted them, creating hell on the earth. How can Christian Americans follow such a way? They don't know how shameful this satanic way of life is.

Since my arrival here 18 years ago, I have been trying to correct this situation. I helped bring many youths to the Unification Church, turning them from Satan to God. They had so many problems by centering on a false concept of freedom--doing whatever they wanted. The national Christian foundation had broken down, taking with it the personal dignity of families and young people. America is completely controlled by Satan; centering on America, this is also the world's situation. Who can digest this satanic dirty lifestyle? American political leaders cannot do it. Only the Unification Church remains. Now many professors and students are uniting with me, centering on the campus ministries. Our campus ministers are talking about God's correct way, bringing denominational unity and reviving hope in Christianity.

Soviets too are studying the Divine Principle. In three days, they completely change their direction by 180 degrees. Could the American military do that? No. The only one who could do it was Rev. Moon. Now all high-level American and worldwide leaders recognize Father's situation. Within 10 years the Unification Church will reach the top mountain peak. No power can withstand us. Instead, they will respect us. It is a matter of time--from the individual to world levels, no one will persecute Unification Church members. Why? Because in the past they came so vehemently against us, especially in 1976. Before 1975 Father sent our missionaries. Why? So that the whole world could come against our movement.

I sent out trinities of German, American, and Japanese missionaries. These nations had been enemies during World War II. After World War II, America stood in the Abel position, England in the mother position, with France in the Cain position. Why? Because in the past France and England were enemies. America was born from England. So America and France were like twin brothers. France was the elder son, America was the second son. At that time, America came into the elder's position. Following World War II, America held the worldwide central position in the providence but Satan invaded it. How could that be digested, centering on God's viewpoint? I went against Satan, by sending out Japanese, German and American members to unite with True Parents and with each other.

Japan took Eve's position. Originally, Eve lost Adam, lost God, lost her ideal family, and eventually humanity. Now this was being manifested on the world level by a nation standing in Eve's position. What was planted on the individual level is now harvested on the world level. This is the harvest time. People are proclaiming that now is the end of the world. They see the confusion in the world and believe this to be a sign of the last days. Humanity cannot understand how Satan gained his foundation to control the world; nor do they realize how God plans to save this world.

How can the satanic situation of this world and America be turned around 180 degrees? To give America a different direction is not easy. The people have been living centering on Satan's lifestyle! It has been their tradition! American people are centered on externals and the way of the flesh while disregarding the spiritual world. This focus will take them to hell. They must follow the restoration course. How can you be lifted up to the original point? You cannot go freely, but must pay indemnity. Your sweat, tears and blood must be invested. Have you invested these elements to your full capacity? The way of salvation is the restoration course, or recreation course, centering on God's love.

This is the situation of America and American Unification Church members. Do you understand clearly? (Yes.) Americans look for happiness like the proverbial grasshopper; all of humanity is uniting with this sinful viewpoint. If you live that way you will go to hell. There are so many complicated situations in America that result in the breakdown of the family and the national system. This is the reality of America and the free world; they went the opposite of God's original way. What shall we do? Everything previously centered on Satan must now be centered on God's ideal. America is the center of knowledge, power and money. But even the unity of those three cannot control the satanic influences in this country. Who can lead America out of hell? Only the Unification Movement. This is what I am doing now.

After Father blesses couples, their families take a different way from the outside world. They can never divorce! Satan is most fearful about this point. It means that the world of the Unification Church and Satan are 180 degrees different. We are consummating the true individual, family, tribal, national and worldwide system. We have the truth and hold the key to the salvation of the whole world. You must be aware of this at all times. Without the Unification Church, the world cannot return to God's original point. The only way is through the Unification Church rising up!

The providential way of salvation is the restoration course. God wanted to save all of humanity centering on the Christian world, which was exactly the situation after World War II, centering on unity of the America government and the Christian world. The government was in the Cain position, with Christianity in the Abel position. That was a peak time for God's Providence, a time when the whole world could quickly overcome Satan's control. America was going the correct way, making one world centering on Christianity. But America and its Christian churches could not unite. If the government and the churches had united, the elder son's birthright position would have been restored, enabling parents to automatically appear.

But the churches failed to create the ideal world. They didn't have the true ideology, nor did they clearly understand God, their origin, or Satan. Without this knowledge, they couldn't control the satanic world or America.

If the providential nations had united into true brotherhood centering on Eve, they could have returned to original Adam, the father's position. By connecting with Father, they would have received the seed of new life. Following the indemnity course, mankind must go back to the father through the separated twins [elder and younger brother] and then through Eve. At the end of World War II, God's Providence was centered on England, America, and France. If they had united into one, they could have recreated the original relationship. Those countries--mother's nation, Abel's nation, Cain's nation--needed to visit Korea to connect with Father. From there, the original ideal of love would have been recreated. They would have received the ideal love, ideal life, and ideal blood lineage centering on God and True Parents. We are again at this point. The outside world is the wild olive tree; the Unification Church is the original olive tree. I am the original olive tree seed. How can we connect to it? Only through engrafting--taking the wild olive tree branch and grafting it to the original trunk to make a new bud. We can cut down the whole satanic tree! This is the one time we must deny everything and unite completely with God's true root. Satan's tree has been flourishing throughout history. After World War II, God had hoped to cut down Satan's entire tree from the world to the individual levels and engraft it to the true tree. From there, Satan's remaining foundation would have been cut down.

I needed to create a situation where all of humanity united against the Unification Church; this would allow God to cut down Satan's tree in one chop. That is why the Unification history was the indemnity way, centering on Father and the True Children.

History has never seen such incredible persecution. Persecution came from individuals, families, tribes, nations and the whole world. I received all of this upon myself in the central position, with the world crashing like a thunderstorm against me. You were following Father's way and also received some of that. Now that thunderstorm is passing and we can inherit our natural position. After the night, the sun rises. This is the turning point where you can clearly understand everything I have been teaching you.

Our time has come. Which way do you want to follow? Completely follow Father's way. The Unification Church blessed couples should look to Father, more than to America. Follow God's direction! God has worked so hard to separate us from the world; to take Satan's direction now would be so terrible! By taking the opposite way, you can understand everything, including God's position. We must take this seriously!

You didn't want to accept God's way, for you had been keeping Satan's way. How can you liberate yourselves and build the Kingdom of God? Through the way of agony. Be strong. This is the Unification way. You must turn around completely: 180 degrees!

You must go back to the ideal in the same direction from which you came. You know you cannot accept the former way. The only way is 180 degrees in reverse--the restoration course.

Please understand this comes from God, not Satan. This is God's love and is a fresh time. Clean up your situation; you need this kind of course constantly. Think of the future world. We are making the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Originally Adam and Eve followed the principle way during their growth period; you must do the same. You have to follow Father's word--the Parents' word. You must fulfill the Principle, otherwise you cannot reach perfection. You could fall down at any time. You must climb up, making a foundation. The Unification viewpoint is the Abel position and you must follow it. This is the Principle, the course of restoration.

I came to America for the sake of world Christianity. Centering on the Unification Church, established Christianity is in the Cain position and should have united with me. But America, representing the Christian world, came against me. Until now, everyone was persecuting me so severely. But now they are in a serious situation. How can they continue to be against us? They are turning back: 90 degrees, 100 degrees. We automatically stand in God's position to lead them. They are not qualified to lead.

Only Reverend Moon's ideology can lead the world. With our ideology of one world unification, we can transcend national boundaries and go anywhere. We are the only hope. In the future we will influence all of mankind. So the conclusion is clear. We also need to take the restoration course, which means we have to pay indemnity. We are not yet in the stage of completion. The surrounding world has not totally received us.

The American people made a mistake, and they must follow me to restore it. Rev. Moon must take the lead. Did you read "Inquisition"? An American wrote that. The government took the worst possible action. How can this be restored? It cannot. Grab hold of the American people. So many times they went against God. But, bearing the parents' heart, the heart of true love, follow one step behind like a servant. This has been God's situation.

No matter how great the American nation may be, you need the indemnity course. What is the indemnity course? Not your way, but God and True Parents' way. Only God and True Parents' way is the absolute way.

Now I am saying to you, "Go back to save your family." This is a new historical direction from God. This path has never existed before.

No matter how powerful you were in your past life, you couldn't go to Heaven--regardless of how much money, knowledge, or political power you had. Why? Because you didn't have true love or True Parents. Satan existed, but there were no True Parents. Open your eyes. Use your sixth sense to feel what is happening. Hear Father's viewpoint, look at True Parents' course. This is reality. You have True Parents and you cannot compare their value to anything in the world. So no matter how difficult your situation looks, you have to follow.

Now I must go to Korea. It is my mission to unify the Korean peninsula so I have sent delegates to meet with Kim Il Sung. I made constant conditions to help Kim Il Sung unite with the providential viewpoint, but he never did. I have built a material foundation for the purpose of saving North Korea. They cannot trust South Korea--only Rev. Moon. Now, if North Korea and South Korea open their boundaries, Kim Il Sung has no qualifications to lead in South Korea. But Rev. Moon could lead in North Korea, no problem. I clearly understand the communist viewpoint. I have analyzed every aspect. I can teach them and turn them around with ease.

Recreation is the subject and object way. In the past, the subject was following the object, but now we are restoring the original way. The religious world represents the mind position, while the political world represents the body position. The body and mind were fighting a bloody, murderous battle all through history. But now, the religious world will influence the political world. Father, representing the religious center, is taking the mind position.

Father created the International Federation for World Peace for the political world. The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace is for the religious world. The vertical mind world should control the body world. When they unite into one, an invulnerable, inseparable viewpoint will be created for the first time and then True Parents can occupy the world immediately and completely. The entire world will connect to God's true love, true life, and true blood lineage centering on True Parents. These will be the last days, as original Adam's individual viewpoint and the world's viewpoint become the same. Satan will no longer have any influence, as there will only be room for God's viewpoint. Even Satan must turn around and follow at last.

My conclusion is that both men and women need to indemnify as I have done. I indemnified everything, so now humanity respects me--you must connect your family and tribe to my foundation.

Many tribes will unite into one, establishing a nation. Presently, your relatives are registered in a satanic country; your mission is to also register your relatives in God's country. At this time, I am making conditions for the national foundation. The fruit is ripened; so I am sending out tribal messiahs to the four corners of the world. I have horizontally established the cosmic center on earth. Now, we will spread out that horizontal foundation centered on blessed couples. Your mission could be considered even higher than Jesus' level, because you have True Parents as the horizontal center. Spread out 360 degrees centering on Father. Tribal messiahship is powerful. The formation stage is the individual level, the growth stage is the family level, and tribal messiahship is the perfection level through which you will connect to God's level.

So fulfill your duty. People who cannot fulfill this mission cannot go back to God. After completion, you will connect to Father's place, and from there, to God's bosom. Jesus had to stay in Paradise, waiting to enter Heaven, until True Parents could become the horizontal center and tribal messiahship was established. By July l, you should sign the pledge, "I will do tribal messiahship, centered on God and True Parents." There will be an official application form for all worldwide blessed couples to fill out who want to participate in doing tribal messiahship work. The form will explain your responsibilities. If you don't submit one, Father cannot take responsibility for you. This is up to you.

Choose this tribal messiahship mission and influence your country within 7 years. Your constant focus must be to save people. If you do not fulfill that mission, it will be extended to a 21-year course.

Without tribal messiahship, you cannot save your blessed family: your tribe is in the Cain position surrounding your Abel blessed family. During this time you must restore the elder brother's birthright as Abel, with the younger brother, Cain, uniting completely.

Your couple must set the example in your family, never divorcing. In your hometown, you must proclaim the true family system--only one spouse. Otherwise, your relatives will accuse you when you get to the spirit world. You must establish the ideal family. This is the principled viewpoint. You must restore the American family system. Fallen parents made the first tribal foundation. Now, restored, recreated parents must make their own heavenly family. Heavenly love means never straying outside of your marital relationship. God and the original universe cannot tolerate a third party system.

As you are fulfilling your mission, please don't expect help from your nation, or even from other tribal messiahs--you must do it yourself. No one has helped me up until now. Everyone was helping Satan. No matter how difficult it was, I knew if I could not fulfill my mission, I could not overcome. That is Father's way.

As the tribal messiah, your absolute mission is to save your relatives--give them hope. Your relatives will gain the understanding, "We should follow that blessed couple. For so many years we were against them, but they never changed their direction. Now, they have won the victor's position and will save us." When you teach the Divine Principle, they will realize their need for tribal messiahship and be thankful to God for sending Rev. Moon to save them. Your tribe will follow one direction, helping to create one nation centering on the blessed couples. Through that foundation, the whole world will automatically follow the original direction, climbing over the mountain peak. At the peak, Satan will separate from you; but until you reach it, Satan will strike against you. There are many fatal snags awaiting you if you separate from Father's direction.

So as a tribal messiah, you must gather your relatives and teach them. Sleep less than anyone. Become the best to lead the farmers, factory workers, teachers, government officials--everyone. Make them your children. Satan has caused suffering and agony throughout human history; now God is becoming the leader for the first time. God is the real Father and real teacher. He is everything. We must inherit messiahship, centering on God's love, God's life, God's blood lineage.

Blessed couples are God's true children and must think about how to influence and take ownership. You must bring hope and liberation: the husband represents God and True Father, the elder son, the younger son, and the children. When you fulfill all those, you stand as the true husband, centering on God's love, Parents' love, elder brother's love, younger brother's love and children's love. The wife takes the same course, on the opposite side. The wife represents God's position, True Mother's position, the elder's position, the younger's position, and the children's position. You represent six positions.

When these are fulfilled, the couple comes together in a thunderous clap. Everyone will proclaim: "I recommend you to represent God and True Parents." How can you become that center? The couple's mission is to become a love flower. The Blessing represents every position and is the ideal center of love. Everyone will be drawn to that center just as when a beautiful flower blossoms, the butterflies and bees visit that plus/ minus, collecting the pollen. How can anyone be against you? To deny such a couple would mean denying the original purpose of creation.

Through fulfilling tribal messiahship, you will find your native county or hometown. Messiahship means you are to become the true ancestor of your native county, which represents the whole world. You must digest Satan completely, making it God's county.

This is the first time we will embark on this purpose, with True Parents as the horizontal center. So spread out horizontally to the four corners of the earth, becoming the central person of your county.

The tribal messiah's position is the second parent's position or Jesus' position. Jesus' position was a vertical, not horizontal, position. But Father has now fulfilled the horizontal position. God is in the vertical. Centering on Father, God's blood lineage is multiplying everywhere through the blessed families. Satan's world is saying, "Don't bear many children." But at this time, we will go the opposite way.

Go over racial, national, cultural and love boundaries, for God's family includes all of humanity. God is a spiritual, invisible Being who is represented by True Parents, so unite with them. God and True Parents' minds are completely connected centering on God's love. Until now humankind never belonged to God's true love.

But we are now making the original form--this is the recreation system. Your tribal messiahship position represents the completion of Jesus' position. As blessed couples, you are standing on a different level than Jesus, who never married. So, you are in the position to complete the second parentship. True Parents attained the third parentship. But you don't yet have the first parentship. You can appoint someone to the first Adam's position. To fulfill this horizontal establishment, you must complete Adam's family horizontally--Adam's family, Jesus' family, True Parents' family. Originally, Adam's family should have connected those three generations eternally. But after the fall, the restoration course appeared. Jesus came as the second Adam and needed to complete that mission during his lifetime. This didn't happen, so the third Adam had to complete the first, second and third Adam's mission within his lifetime. With this accomplished, you can complete the second parents' position centering on Father. That is the mission I am teaching you. You could appoint your parents to complete the Adamic family in the first Adam's position.

The horizontal national, world, and cosmic foundations centering on True Parents are built. Connecting to that are the tribal messiahs, spreading out horizontally. The first Adam could not fulfill parentship. We need tribal messiahship to complete the three Adam families--your parents representing the first Adam, you representing the second Adam, and True Parents as the third Adam. Then your nation, tribe, and family will absolutely follow the central nation centered on True Parents. Establishing the central nation is True Parents' mission. After fulfilling your tribal messiah mission, you will have your original hometown. Your family, you, and True Parents will horizontally complete the three parentships, preventing Satan from claiming that hometown.

Why do you need messiahship? Number one is: to save your parents in the first Adam's position. Your parents, you in Jesus' position, and True Parents must unite into one. Secondly, we must save our relatives because we need a hometown in heaven and earth. We end Satan's worldwide foundation by completing our hometown centered on God.

So go inhabit your hometown. After saving your first Adam, you can freely go everywhere centering on your parents' location. That completed family will be connected to God. The four corners of the earth will be connected to God. A godly atmosphere will spread to every nation, creating the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Tribal messiahship will complete Adam's family with Father as the horizontal center. Our mission is to restore the earth. We are to make the horizontal True Love foundation.

Father has taught you directly, preparing you to teach the tribal messiahship idea to your relatives. The fastest course is to gather your relatives together and teach them everything. They will welcome you as a victor. I am a famous leader in every area so automatically they will respect you.

Teach them about God's original world and mankind's original purpose. They will understand and follow the truth. You can say, "In the past you were against me. But I did this so I could save you. Now you can help me. Which way do you prefer? My way or your way?" Their answer will be, "We have to prefer your way--it is man's original purpose." The world is in such serious trouble that they will have to listen to you.

You can completely win over your hometown in three years! Atheistic Soviet leaders were completely turned around in three days. In the free world, people know God exists, even though they don't follow Him. Teach them about the real God and they will raise their hands and say: "We welcome you eternally."

Is this such a difficult way? No, Father has made it possible for the present situation to go more quickly. Your work will prepare you for your eternal life. You will never diminish by taking this way. Whatever investment you make now will become your own. Father always went the indemnity way; but, no matter how much indemnity we paid, the individual, family, nation, world and cosmic bases wasted away. But now we are in a different situation: we will gain ownership based on our efforts.

You must prepare for the spirit world. Why can't you do that? It is not a difficult situation. You have received the training and experience and have the ability to speak the most powerful truth! Why do you think it is difficult? I took a parental position to educate you and never received help, even once. Now, centering on parentship, I am giving everything to you. I never wasted time on sleeping or eating. Every moment was dedicated to saving the world. Take the same direction! You can do anything then, no problem. You can teach in the daytime and earn money at night, for example.

Do you want to go to your county or stay in New York State? The Korean, Japanese, and American situations are all the same. Our worldwide Unification system will be different from July 1. Kings and government officials cannot persecute you. You will find ministers, government leaders, presidents, and high-level officials in your hometown. Live in your hometown--not New York State or Washington DC. Live in your home county and the nation will automatically be restored. Make enough noise to shake your nation. In the future we will use our television center and newspapers to completely change everything.

So, children, go back to your hometown! You need a hometown. You need your parents for the completion of Adam's family. Your grandfather, your father, your younger brother, your elder brother were all against you; now, you will be the center of these three generations. You need 120 families. That is home church--360 degrees. When you do that, you are protected completely--Satan can no longer exist. Then that is it.

Satan fears the tribal messiah system the most. Tribal messiahship means three levels--individual, family, and tribe--making one team and completing the purpose of creation. There are three levels: formation, growth and perfection. Everything has three parts: each finger has three parts; between your eyes is a center point which makes three parts; you have both hands and the center in between which makes three points. The middle, or second part, is most important; Satan always attacked it. Satan always wanted to bend this middle point, but Father taught the straight way. With your mind and body always bending, you cannot connect to God. If you are at a 90-degree angle, you will go to a good level in spiritual world. But you must complete that angle centering on true love while on earth, not in the spiritual world.

You have to bear heavenly children; heaven doesn't have a national people. How could Father, during 21 years, make 12 more directions? One year has 12 months, doesn't it? Jesus and Moses had 12 disciples. If you have many children, it is not easy to raise them all, but as the parent you become sensitive to many different personalities. If you raise 12 children who represent the 12 types of humanity, you can compare: "Oh, that person reminds me of my third child. He has the same characteristics." You will understand 75 percent of that person's character. If you take care of 360 homes, you gain the experience to understand all the different personality prototypes. You can catch immediately--"This person is like this other person." You know how to melt that person. If you train yourself to understand many personality characteristics, you can connect to many different kinds of people when you go to spiritual world--immediately understanding both the higher and lower levels in spirit world. Then you can go anywhere--the doors will be wide open.

In the spirit world, you don't need the same things as in the physical world. Just by thinking of a place, you can be there immediately. Centering on your love mind, you can send out spiritual waves, "I want to be there," and you immediately travel there. You can meet someone who lived long ago: "Can I ask you a question?" "Yes." "How much different was your life on earth than mine?" It takes no time--just open your mind and you can understand everything. The spirit world is so convenient compared to the physical world. Our thoughts can create anything, if they are centered on love. With true love you can do anything. Mansei!

But if you don't become a true love center, you will have to turn back. You cannot hide your thoughts. If you make mistakes on earth, you become like a beggar in spirit world.

If you took the wrong direction on earth, how can it be corrected? In this world, you can connect to my teaching immediately, because your mind and body are both here. But in the spirit world, you will have only your spirit. If you did not fulfill the body's mission on earth, your spirit will be limping and unbalanced in spirit world. So can you fulfill the body's mission? I know clearly about spirit world. No matter how difficult your situation is on the earth, you must take the direct way, not the crooked way. Father's time is an historical time. Not everyone could meet Father during his lifetime.

Who can perfect yourself? Only you yourself can attain your perfection--not your parents, your spouse or your friends. You have to believe it yourself and make your own way--that is the principled concept. Parents cannot help you with that. If they could take your portion of responsibility, God would have been able to save Adam and Eve, and immediately all humankind would have been saved.

Why did God take such a long time? Because you have to walk along that road to perfection by yourself. A third person cannot do that for you. A high level in spirit world cannot be opened for you if you don't prepare. When you get to spirit world, you will recognize that it was your mission alone. Your mouth will want to ask, "Why am I in such a bad place?" But you will not be able to say anything. Imagine how serious you would be in that kind of situation.

Only through following God and True Parents' way, can you be saved. You can say, "I don't need my spouse, my children, or my parents to help me. I will recreate myself to that original point, centering on God." There is no hope going any other way. Is this clear? No one can help you on that restoration and recreation course. Restoration means we have to become the victor. Satan took control of Adam after the fall; now, you must control Satan, the archangel's position. You must go the way of indemnity, just as I have done. You too must complete your own recreation. The worst satanic parents initiated human history, but True Parents appeared and are destroying Satan's world. You are standing on their foundation. By following Father's direction, you will reach the original recreation place. But if you don't take the restoration course, you will always be unhappy. I went the restoration course, so you too have to go that way. That is messiahship. The first messiah is Adam, second messiah is Jesus, and the third messiah is True Father. They must be completed before Satan will retreat from the earth.

"The first shall be last, and the last shall be first." The world is now in that kind of situation. America was leading the world, but that is being turned around 180 degrees. The Unification Church was at the bottom, but now the world must follow. Once you thought, "I don't need the indemnity way." That idea will send you to hell. Get rid of it and you can go the hopeful way.

This morning I announced clearly tribal messiahship. Raise both hands if you will do that mission. God bless you.

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