The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991


Reverend Sun Myung Moon
East Garden, Irvington, NY
April 16, 1991

1. The Age of Uniting the High Level People.

2. The Age of Education.

Education means Divine Principle education. Every member must be a lecturer.

3. The Age of Settlement of the Family.

We settle the family in order to provide a good example and influence others through Tribal Messiahship.

4. Establishing the Tradition of Economy and Culture.

Seven years public life.
Three and one half years fundraising. Three and one half years witnessing.
Unified hierarchical system.

5. The Age of Practice and Result.

6. The Establishment of Preparation to Receive Heavenly Fortune.

7. Unification of the Supra-Religion for the Supra-Nation.

The Supra-Religion is the one religion which fulfills all religions. The Supra-Nation is the one nation which includes all nations.

8. Re-establishment of the traditional fundraising teams.

Members who did not go that course go through 21-day and 40-day workshops and then go fundraising.

9. Re-organizing witnessing teams

10. Perfect the Tribal Messiah movement with parental heart.

All the people living in your tribal area are your children. We should witness with that heart. That is the Messiah's mission.

11. Prepare the environment for the Messiah's settlement.

12. Clarification of the views of the Heavenly Kingdom and hell.

13. The importance of both life in the spirit world and life on this earth.

They are connected. The content of life on earth is the content of life in the spirit world. There is no division between these two lives.

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