The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Love and Conscience

by Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Parents' Day Address
April 15, 1991
World Mission Center in New York City
Translator Dr. Bo Hi Pak

So there is God. Let's say that God is almighty. If almighty God is thinking eternal lasting peace and happiness, He must have devised something other than those items. He must be thinking much more deeply about something that will not endanger or threaten human tranquility and life. What is the most precious thing in human history? Conscience is the most precious, because conscience is the origin of life. Centered upon conscience we can talk about love; and a new element of love comes in.

Throughout history, conscience is also connected to the lineage. Conscience is such a precious treasure for human lives. The conscience is invisible. You have life don't you? (Yes!) Is it your life? Or whose life is it? (God's) Universal life or your own private life, what do you think? (Universal). Your mind and body, especially your conscience, belongs to the universe; because it is coming from within the root in the universe it is sharing the root. You ask your conscience, "What kind of ancestor would you like to have? Would you like to have your own father and grandfather, or country or nation and tribe that kind of ancestor would you like to have? Or would like to have a universal ancestor?" Your conscience would respond, "Universal, absolutely. Why don't I belong to the universe and a universal being?"

Number 1

When you become famous, you want to become number one. Everyone competes with number one. In sports for example, you compete with number one. In life, you want to compete with number one to become number one. That is human nature. But in your body, there are billions of cells, and every cell is number one. When you exercise, that particular cell that is number one for exercise starts to move and becomes number one. Every cell has certain characteristics; in that given characteristic each cell is trying to be number one. Conscience is most important, number one.

Then what? What is number two then? I don't know; I'm asking you. I want to hear your answer. What is number two? Number two is love. Conscience is number one, love is number two. The next most important element is love; but love and conscience are virtually one, because conscience exists in love and love exists in conscience. They are working together in one harmony, trying to be number one. Do you know how much love you need? Can you see love? Let me see your love. No one can see the love reality. Love action is a phenomenon. The essence of love cannot be seen; only love can be identified through the phenomenon. It appears through certain loving action. Through action, love can be manifested.

Do you think love is traveling on the surface, or is love traveling the deepest possible depths? Which one? (Deepest possible depths.) Sometimes you have to have something high, don't you? Love is like a shaft, a center or axis. When the wheel turns, everything turns around the axis. By the same token, everything in the universe turns around love. Think about wheel there is a center. When the wheel turns, the axis in the center turns, but it is stationary all the time it stays in the same place all the time while everything else is turning very, very fast. By the same token, love is that axis.

Different character

Even though the human conscience is of noble character, at the same time different men and women have different types of conscience and cannot unite them. For that reason, the Almighty created a catalyst, to enable them to become one that is the element of love. Love brings them together like glue. So therefore conscience's ultimate direction and ultimate goal has to be love. Conscience is driving man toward love as their ultimate goal. The love Father is speaking about is the most powerful and at the same time the most inspiring. For that reason it can step over, create a bridge all over the area.

No gap can be created by love; love fills everything, every hole. Therefore, by stepping on that love staircase you can go all the way up to the highest possible realm, that is greater than any emperor or king, greater than any power. Love creates incredible virtues; toward the parents, love creates filial piety. Among the brothers, love creates brotherhood. Then love also creates patriotism; love also creates the next level, sainthood. Nothing else can bridge all of these things into one harmonious line except love. Love is unique and is the only thing that has the power to bridge from the level of pious son all the way to the saint.

Root of conscience

We came to the conclusion therefore that the root of conscience is Almighty God and that conscience's goal is love. Love will create all kinds of harmony, all kinds of beauty, all kinds of goodness, all kinds of happiness. Love is so flexible that it can turn and bring the front and rear into one, left and right into one, up and down into one, it's almost like Disneyland. There is so much turning, riding, going in all kinds of directions with everybody riding in and enjoying the many different kinds of rides. Conscience and love are like that. A roller coaster goes up to the top of the hill and then starts to go down, with everybody screaming and screaming together.

Then is there anyone who will say, "Why do you scream? Stop! Don't yell, silence." No; even old Grandpa and Grandma will scream also at the same time they laugh and smile with everyone the feeling is one, harmonious. In that kind of situation, old grandma hold young grandson, or even a strange young man, or hold onto someone else's wife they are just absolutely so flexible. On a roller coaster everyone is united it doesn't matter who that person is, in that particular place you kiss and nobody will blame you. (laughter) White one kiss black one, black one kiss white one, white one kiss yellow one, yellow kiss red one it doesn't make any difference go ahead. Everything good!

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