The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Word About God

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 7. 1991
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA
Translator Sang Kil Han

There is a collection now of my speeches, consisting of Volume One all the way up to Volume 200. That is the record of my speeches which have been recorded. Before that, there were speeches which didn't get recorded. Those 200 volumes contain everything all the words, the blueprints I gave you.

Even though there are 200 volumes, if you really understand the contents, they are simple. Become like God. That is all. It has taken me 200 volumes of speeches so far to try teach you how to become like God, but that is the gist of my entire message.

Just as I worked here, if this teaching would be implanted in at least 180 countries, then the whole world would have hope and could be restored. You must understand that this is the time of the cosmic spring. Now I can take these fruits and seeds, planting them.

Adam and Eve didn't fall just as individuals. They fell on the family level. So the Blessing begins the new families, planting new seeds in a new area. Since this is the Springtime, this seed needs to be sown in order for the bud to come out. The seed itself doesn't know anything about this. The one who plants the seeds, the master, knows what to expect although the seeds know nothing.

The blessed families have been assigned to a new area with the instruction: Become a tribal messiah. Save all your own tribes. Once you go out and undertake that task of tribal messiah for your own tribes, you must do it no matter what, even to the point of death. Before you accomplish your task, you cannot return to me. Resignation from this task is not possible. No one can quit. This is the destination of all human beings. We must continue to live this way of life.

Once a relationship exists between the father and children, it can never be severed. I am talking about the relationship between the True Parents and true children. This is different even from the secular relationship between parents and children. You must understand that because you have been reborn, you have been restored from death already. You have gone beyond your fallen life and become a new life. This is the ultimate way. In other words, if you fail this way, there is no other way to take to get to heaven.

When I harvest the fruit, then all those fruits namely, you must have all the ingredients that I have been looking for so that when your seeds are planted, the same kind of sprout comes up. In order to do that, you have to have everything within that seed. If I sowed that seed, can you harvest the same kind of fruit? How are you going to educate your blessed children? That is the question.

The number 70 means the age of resting, time of sabbatical. Therefore, this last decade of the twentieth century is my resting time, or time for sowing seeds. What I need to do from this point on is to go about contacting, talking to, educating the heads of countries, presidents and so forth. Then the whole world can find the way to go over from death to life.

Therefore, I will make a presentation of the books of my words to each national leader. I will say, "Please study this and fulfill everything which this book directs. That is the way your country can find new life. It is up to you to determine how to translate this from the Korean. Once it is translated into your own language, you should broadcast the contents over your own television networks. If you do that, you will find a revival of your nation." That is what I will say. Also I will have scholars endorse my works; let the media broadcast them.

Let Mr. Gorbachev make this possible, also Mr. Bush. Another way to think of Mr. Bush's name is Push. Push means the center. Bush needs to be pushed up. This is the time. So shouldn't you be reading the texts of my speeches? Listening to me now, you may understand what I am saying, but you need to study the contents over and over in order for the meaning to really sink in and become clear to you.

Come to think of it, God Himself never gave such long, arduous sermons as Reverend Moon has given. I have certainly spoken the most sermons of all religious leaders in history. I myself am moved by the words which I spoke many years ago, when I study them.

I happened to notice a speech which I gave on February 22, 1971. That was 20 years ago, and at that time, I gave all the directions which needed to be followed. Therefore, Unification Church members really have a heavy responsibility to remember my teachings and carry them out. Now I am repeating and expanding on some points which were not so clear before. That is why I am saying them again. But it was amazing to me to see that twenty years ago, I gave a sermon which was essentially the same as the one I am giving to you today.

Do you think it is possible to understand the deepest meaning of the words I have spoken after they have been translated into English? Isn't it much better to be able to read my words directly in the Korean, feeling the heart-to-heart closeness through the Korean language?

The only way to inherit that feeling, that original life, is to hear the original language which I speak. Translation is not much more than an introduction to my thought. Exactly when I will go to spirit world is not known by anyone. That is a serious problem.

Later, after I am gone, after I spoke to you so many things and you will know that you never obeyed fully. You will know how seriously, how ardently I spoke to you on so many different occasions, and that you didn't pay serious attention, didn't do enough to fulfill. When I am gone, how are you going to deal with your regret? Imagine.

In a few more years, you will see teenagers in high school, middle school children, learning the Divine Principle everywhere in the world. You will live to see that day. Then they will all come to you to ask questions, seriously wanting to understand the deeper meaning of Principle, the meaning of my speeches and teachings. When you have to reply, "I really can't answer that. I don't know," what a shameful situation you will find yourself in.

Your own blessed children will ask you, "How much did you follow Father's directions?" They will say, "Father said many times in his speeches that Unification Church members should learn Korean. Why didn't you do that?" Can you say, "I didn't like Korean." That would be too shameful. Think about that.

On the other hand, what if you make every effort to do everything I directed. What a different situation you will find yourself in. How proud of yourself you can be! You can say, "I worked, I wept, I was persecuted at this and that time."

You will be able to tell your grandchildren the names of towns where you worked, where you wept in the service of restoration. Your grandchildren will say, "I want to visit the place where Grandpa's tears dropped down. I want to step on that land." At that time, your pride will be in how much persecution you endured and how long you continued. Do you understand? Many Korean leaders have visited America. What do they talk about with the most pride? The past times, how much persecution they endured. They are not proud of earning money, studying, or anything like that.

How much persecution, how much did you sacrifice? This is what puts you in the highest levels of spiritual world. I have known this well. All my life I have taken the hardest way, way of persecution and sacrifice.

You are planting the future generations now in your families. How great will be the seed you harvest? That is your serious situation. Seed making completely one. That is the natural way. I have always understood this point, so no matter how much the free world opposed me, my gaze was fixed upon the terminal point. Step by step, no matter what was required. I have never slept very much at night throughout my adult life. God's situation didn't allow Him to rest. We have to take the way which is like His. That is the way of filial piety.

How do we sow the seeds? Whatever we plant is what we will harvest. I have done my very best to plant here in America during these past 20 years. Now at this harvest time, you should not disappoint God or me with the fruits of that planting.

I know what are the weak points of contemporary Americans in regard to their relationship with God. Therefore, I matched many Oriental women to Americans, not in order for them to follow the American way but rather for them to have a deeper influence, to help Western people become more spiritually influenced. Maybe if the Oriental wife finds it impossible to educate her own husband, then she must concentrate on the children. At least they must be educated in the right way. If the elder people don't meet the criteria, they will become rotten, but the children are the next generation, the future of America.

A woman with such a sacrificing mind is a truly holy woman. She took a man from an enemy nation as her husband, dedicated everything she had throughout her life to educate that person. Only a holy woman's mind could do that. Only 45 years ago, the United States and Japan were at war. Now Japanese and American people are becoming harmonized, peaceful and loving each other, giving rise to a new world in the future. This is what I have done.

Especially you American women, you must understand your position. The Japanese members didn't come here to follow American tradition. They have an even deeper mission of planting the root of heavenly tradition and to help their American spouses follow God's way.

If that doesn't work or bring forth the desired results, I am thinking of yet another measure. This country was originally settled by the Indians, correct? When I went to Hawaii, I learned something. The total population there consists of 30% Japanese, 28% Caucasian, and the larger Japanese population is persecuting the Caucasians. When I heard that, I didn't feel bad about it. How deeply anguished I am. I almost had the desire to pour oil on that persecution to let it burn even stronger, but I knew I couldn't do that. Instead, I thought about what would happen if all those 28% Caucasians intermarried with the Japanese and followed the tradition of the Unification Church, and come to mainland America. Then restoration could be a quick process.

We are the ones to make the tradition now. Once we establish that tradition, anyone who joins later must follow it. No one can complain. My portion of responsibility towards America has been more than fulfilled. I have already done my springtime planting. What harvest will I see? That question remains. As you know, Jesus cursed the barren fig tree that he encountered on his way to Jerusalem. I expect that the seed which I sowed will bring a good harvest, namely you. That you will come up with a good harvest when you grow.

Now you have been planted. That means you have been given the Blessing. You are going to give birth to many children. If you have children that are not so good, then you have to quickly educate them well. We have to teach them how to bow (kyung beh) from the youngest age. Teach them from the smallest level about God, about the world.

Tell them never to follow the way this big country is going because it is the way of decay. Tell them not to be afraid of being different from other people. You have to teach them all of these things.

The main purpose in educating them is to chase away the devil from this country. That means if you give birth to a well-made child, then you don't have to worry about so much. But if your child is not so well-made, then you have to do a lot of supplementing by education. Now the role of Unification Church wives is on two levels. One is to educate the heavenly children, and also to do away with the devil's society.

Those of you who have children, raise your hands. The responsibility is yours to educate them, but actually they don't belong to you. They belong to the world, to God. They are the subjects of God's kingdom, they are not your children. America needs those children, but they are beyond America. They are heavenly citizens. Do you understand? They must grow up with that kind of purpose. Otherwise, in the future, your family will have no hope. Only hell. Do you understand?

You must understand this particular time in history. We have to foster the family which is fit to inherit all the traditions, and to be the true ancestors of all the future generations. We must do that by keeping our family in the right way. If we are not in the right path, then we have to move them, transplant the seedlings to the right way, give fertilizer, take out the weeds. Do all the gardening necessary within your own family. You have to pay attention to your own family. Don't just expect them to automatically spring up to become a perfect family. You have to work hard at it.

Now I am giving you, allowing you, the command to look at your own children. Now that I am going over the pinnacle of the hill of restoring the elder sonship, the parentship, and the kingship. Now I am giving you permission to look at your own children so that you can educate them to become perfected. You must establish yourself as the king of your own family. Your family is not supposed to be a democracy. You should be the king. You have to teach your children, too, the way of the future.

Those who pledge, "Between my spouse and me, I pledge that we will grow our family to be this perfect seed which you can give a passing grade," raise your hands. Don't miss this special time in history, make a success. I want all of you to succeed in this endeavor. That is my prayer for you.

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