The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Fruits of the World of Faith

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 7, 1991
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA
Translator Sang Kil Han

What is the center of heaven? It is the mind of heaven, of course. What is the mind-center of heaven? We know that it is God.

A country has a certain historical tradition which is built up with a lot of effort. Then everyone is expected to follow that because it is the best way of life. That is the mind of that country.

Then what about the world of people? Here on earth there is a center, which is what we call the king. King, Messiah, you might say, that person who is the center of all mankind. Through him the directions are given; the center is found. So all have mind and body relations, but here mankind, centering on the mind part, which is the Messiah, and all humans are external beings. This comprises human beings. Just as one individual is comprised of internal and external, mind and body. When we say "man," there are only two varieties, man and woman.

For the earth, who plays the role of center, setting the tradition and the way? It is man. When we say "heaven," that too involves man; even though the center of heaven is God, God and man must form a mind and body relationship, internal and external relationship. So God Himself is saying, "The whole universe is Me."

How can He say that? In the same way that I can say, "My mind is me, the whole of me." Of course, I have a body, but since the mind is the center, then the mind can claim to be the whole of the person.

The body is essential, but we can understand that the mind is "me." By the same token, God says, "I am the universe." So when I say "me," already that means a unified position. When the individual says "me," it includes all his different parts, his torso, his arms, and so forth, yet it is basically his character which is the representative aspect of himself, that "me" of which he speaks.

Therefore, all the other members, parts of his body, are centered upon that person's character. That is how his mind and body unite, harmonize and equalize.

When an individual is perfectly united, then at that point, he can say that his eyes represent his whole self, and no other member of the body complains. When the eye directs a certain thing, the whole mind and body are drawn to that direction. All other members of the body are unable to see. The eye has the function to see, so the eye sees in behalf of the whole body and the eye represents the whole self at that point.

The same can be true of the sense of smell. So when an individual is completely united, when it comes time to smell, the nose represents the whole self and no other part of the body has any complaint.

What is the difference between man and woman? Can a man breast-feed his baby? Obviously not. It is only woman who can breast-feed the baby, but the husband still says, "That is my baby." Can you imagine his wife saying, "No, the whole baby came from my body, its flesh and every part of it. And after birth, I have been the one to feed it. Therefore, it is more my baby than your baby." Does anybody put up such an argument? Of course, obviously, the husband and wife experience complete unification in love. So whoever says, "It is my baby," it is natural. Of course, the woman nourishes the baby from her body.

But by the same token, even though we understand God, that God is great and important. But when a man represents God, just like the eye represents the whole body, in a certain way, then that man can claim, "The universe is me." Here we can see clearly that by coming into unity, by becoming one, the result is equalization. Unity first, then equality.

Everybody who lives in a house says, "It is my house." There may be five or six family members living together, but they don't say, "It is my father's house," or "It is my mother's house." Each person says, "It is my house." That is because the family is living as one unified group centering on love. So when everybody proudly announces "I," it is said on the foundation of unification within that family. Do you agree to that?

Each American claims, "This is my country." Why is that? Maybe they should say, "This is our country." Is the country divided between 240 million people. What does that mean, actually? When he represents the country on the foundation of unity, when all the people are united and he is a part of that unification, then he is equal and everything is harmonized. Then he can say, "It is my country," and everyone understands that.

Someone might say, "This is my universe," meaning, "I represent the universe." When that is said on the foundation of unification and harmony, then the universe will agree, "Yes, it is yours. You are right."

Let me ask you a question, don't each and every one of you want to be number one in the world? Anyone who says, "No, Father, I don't want to stand out like that. I'm different." If Satan can find anyone, it is such people who say they don't want to be number one. How can that be? Through such a person, Satan could really conquer the world.

If a country or the whole world is full of people who say, "I don't want to be number one," then Satan could claim that it is his country or his world. Even though these man are under satanic control, and Satan could do virtually anything with them, yet men want to be at the top, to be number one. Here Satan has a headache.

Then where the urge to become number one is the greatest, most powerful is when each person centering on love wants to be ahead of everybody else. Doesn't want to be number two. When that happens, then the whole world will benefit. All people want to be equal, don't they? Also they want to harmonize. The races want to harmonize, black and white together. So equality, balance, and want to unify at the end. But those who do not want unification but want separation are fighting all the time.

Now in today's world, the most important issue is that of peace.

Someone might say, "I represent the free world," or "I represent such and such a world." But today, when someone claims this, he is not accepted. He is denied and attacked because when he claims that he is the world, he says that in a very much different way--he is not harmonized, unified with others, yet he claims, "I am the leader. You must follow me." Only when one is completely unified and proclaims freedom can everybody go along with that. This is because everyone covets freedom, too.

In Alaska there are a lot of brown bears, which are famous for their fierceness. Suppose you happen to be up in the mountain and you are very tired, panting and puffing, and all of a sudden a big brown bear springs up out of nowhere, growling and threatening. Out of a group of ten people, nine of which have no thought but to escape, one person stands up with authority, acting perhaps like a dictator at that time.

Survival is the key point here, no other. So this individual in a dictator-like way goes out and fights and wins over the bear. The other nine people don't mind a bit that he never consulted with them about how to deal with the bear, once that bear is defeated. At that time everyone is fully supportive of that brave individual, even to the point of saying, "Do whatever you want to me, too, because you saved my life." They are that grateful.

Communism, for instance, has a dictator. Almost all the communist countries have a dictator. That dictator says we all need to be farmers and laborers and we will do away with everyone else, such as landlords, owners of factories, and so on. They annihilate those people so they are not harmonizing or equalizing. There is no one who likes that kind of action of killing others. What if, then, communism through the dictator says, "Now the farmers and laborers will really unite together. Let us liberate the landlords and owners of factories." If the purpose was directed there, who would mind?

Freedom and dictatorship as well, if they are dedicated to propagating equality and harmony and unification, then they are necessary, even to many, many years. So in the United States, all this drug abuse and free sex, do these represent the spirit of harmony and making peace for the country?

No, these actions are nothing more than self-serving, self-loving acts. That is all the individual comes to care about. Therefore, nobody else has any part in it. It is a crime, a sin, and it is nothing other than Satan's dancing floor, Satan's arena. It means destruction for all, so no one wants to support it. They want to eradicate it.

Then what kind of person is Reverend Moon? You might say, "He is the boss of the whole religious world." You could say such a thing. If you call him "boss," or "head" or whatever, his purpose is to bring down all the walls between religions and even those non-religious people and to bring them into harmony and make them equal and united in a rightful cause. Then that boss is a good boss and everyone should encourage him, saying, "Please do that in my behalf."

Even a strong person may oppose that boss because he doesn't agree with him, but others would try to stop him because they can see that he is thinking mainly of himself, while the boss is thinking of the whole purpose. Like all four directions--east, west, north and south--when you go around and stop at a certain place, there is always a place.

Some people accuse me, saying, "Reverend Moon just wants to take the whole world to himself." All right, let those people fight me. Don't you want to take the whole world to yourself? Same concept. Centering on love, same. Everyone else just wants to and thinks about it, but Reverend Moon takes action, bringing everyone into peace and harmony. Who is the winner? Those who just sit and think about it, and then criticize the one who not only thinks about it but stands up and acts, putting everything into it. Who will be the potential winner? No question, the one who does it will be the winner, especially when what he wants to do is the right thing. Then the one who just sits and tries to stop him will be the loser.

Right here within the Unification Church we put every effort into our work, like crazy, from youth to middle age to old age, we work to unify the whole world and harmonize and equalize. On the other hand, suppose there is a man who says, "I am a graduate of Harvard and I know what history is like. What they are doing will never work."

Even though he may be convincing at a certain time, in the long run who will be the winner? It will be the one who does act. The one who criticizes because he has a certain advanced degree and he knows better than other people, no matter he may say he will lose to the person who works with conviction, day and night, without even paying attention to his detractor. The hard-working person doesn't even retaliate because he knows that his purpose is clear and consistent with God. That's all he cares about and does.

That person will eventually win, no matter how severe the criticism he may go through.

The one who criticizes, versus the one who acts, serving and working for others all the time. Stop to think. Is a Unification Church member supposed to stop at a certain point and not do any more? Or are you supposed to, destined to continue to do more and more, even unto death?

Once you are determined to live the second way, will you end up as a loser or a winner? So we are gathered here, people of all five colors of skin. Is there any one president who, like Reverend Moon, who wants to embrace all the five different colors of skin and can actually make peace and harmony with them?

Is there any president in the whole history of the United States who could do that? No, there has not been one among all the forty-one. What about Reverend Moon, is he thinking about that, or is he actually doing that? Then who sits in the loftier position, the presidents of the United States or the True Parents?

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