The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Business Leaders Meeting - March 9, 1991

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 9, 1991
East Garden, Irvington, NY USA
Translator: Col. Han

Summary of Major Points given at a meeting attended by members responsible for businesses in the Unification movement.

I. Overall Dispensational View

A. The Ideal of Unification of Mind and Body.

This shall be the foundation of our business operations. As you eat, sleep, work, and so on, you have to always be examining whether your mind and body are united. Those who can proudly proclaim that your mind and body already achieved unification, raise your hands. (No one.) Those who want this unity, raise your hands. (Every hand is raised. Father laughs.) God's historical desire, the goal of His dispensation, is that mind and body become one. All my teaching comes from already having carried this out myself. When you speak after the mind and body become unified, then it's as if God Himself is talking. If God talks, immediately some result has to show. This is why I make sure to act and accomplish before I speak so Satan cannot accuse or invade.

I accomplished the restoration of parenthood, elder sonship, and kingship, which is ownership, and then taught you. Until now, the spirit world tended to take advantage of the people living here on earth, but they have to help you now. If you firmly believe this and carry it out as I've asked you to, you will witness the result with your own eyes. I told the Japanese members, "Use this principle and see if it brings results." They reported, "Father, a strange thing happened; spirit world has changed."

Americans still think this is not real and don't bother to check the spirit world. When I say anything, the Japanese person will dash forward to try it and see if his head breaks or not. Then he reports, "Father, my head didn't break." But Americans will first wonder, "Will my head break or not?" They discuss it with each other, agree their head will break, and say, "Father, my head will break; I cannot do it." Then there is no miracle. After a long time of analyzing and discussing, you conclude, "We will take the easy way." But God doesn't want that at all.

Koreans place utmost importance on their own family clan; they really hold together. All the Moon family asked me to be the top of their family association. Whenever I visit any of the Moon clan, I am treated like an immediate relative. At dinnertime, they naturally serve me as one of their family. This doesn't happen in America or Japan. For a long time, God has been preparing the Korean tribe foundation to receive the tribal messiah. All the tombs of many generations of ancestors are often found in the same place.

Even God does not know you as well as you know yourself, so you don't need any supervisor over you. When you appear in front of God, He will ask you sternly, "Have you lived with your eyes, mouth, nose, and ears in complete unity?"

B. Division between Religion and Politics.

This is like mind and body--how can you encourage them to remain separated? Until now this country chose to separate religion and politics because there was no vertical standard. But now that the vertical relationship is well established, the time has come. This is a great change that this country has to prepare to make.

I have taught many famous professors and scientists that God exists. For example, after I spoke to some Russian communists about God for only two hours, almost all of them raised their hands to indicate that they had begun to believe that God does exist!

The world is heading more and more toward unification. Religion has great influence over many nations, so to be a significant political leader in the future, one must understand religion in depth. Look at the Middle East--we can see how the rift in Abraham's family thousands of years ago is still influencing the world and must be restored.

Our motto is "One World Under God," not just one nation under God. Since there are now 181 countries, there can be 181 different ways of thinking about one nation under God. God doesn't want separate nations fighting and going different ways. The properties of gold are unique and unchangeable, so it can make precious jewelry. Similarly, God absolutely wants one unchangeable nation forever with horizontal and vertical combined into one. How can we make that kind of country? Only with true love. This is an historical proclamation.

C. Unifying and opening up free traffic between the spirit and the physical worlds.

Centering on true love, all viewpoints--individual, family, church, national, world, spiritual, and physical--can be connected and unified. Otherwise we cannot reach the original place of God, the kingdom of heaven on earth with complete and absolute partnership, eldership, and kingship. Now our goal is to restore that system, which is beyond democracy. Think about how much all humankind wants to see that place and how much indemnity they have paid; but no one has known how to get there.

However, when someone like me comes, at first people may not like my words. They are like bitter medicine, but if you can digest them, you discover that you can grow yourself to have true love and become able to do anything. Then everywhere you go heavenly fate follows you, and nothing can harm you.

II. Our Lifetime Perspective vis-a-vis the Will of God.

A. Clarification of the standard of good and evil.

What is it "to be good"? One interpretation is that power is good, but actually the standard of good and evil resides in you. You choose to go toward either heaven or hell. Since your mind and body are separated, then you all have two contradictory perspectives within on everything. No one can disagree that the perspective on God's side is good and the one on Satan's side is bad. But how do we know which one is God's side?

God's way is to live for the sake of others, to invest and forget, over and over again. However Satan started centering on himself and destroying the heavenly order for his selfish benefit. Likewise, individuals on Satan's side put their own need first and most desire to enrich themselves.

You can see that your mind is like God. How many times has your body rebelled against, accused, and attacked your mind, but the mind doesn't complain and is always forgiving, just as God has been forgiving mankind. The attribute of always wanting to do more is from God. But the body says, "I'm the number one. I love Satan."

Good is to forsake the individual for the family, the family for the tribe, the tribe for the nation, the nation for the world, the world for the cosmos, and the cosmos' center is God. God Himself wants true love, so love is the highest level--higher than God. Everything that exists belongs to love, not God. If you ask your mind and body, "To which do you want to belong--God or God's love?" the answer is the same, equal. Everyone throughout history will answer the same way.

Families have filial piety centering on love; the patriot centers on love for the nation; the saint centers on love for the world. The holiest way in all heaven and earth centers on love. Jesus was to have given and received both God's love and the love of the nation. Then through him God could connect in love with everyone Jesus connected to. Each of us is to be such a mediator to connect people to the love of God.

Do you understand clearly that the way of goodness is the public way? I sacrificed all personal things and invested everything for the benefit of the whole. I was in jail many times not for myself, but for the nation and the world. God can most respect one who goes to jail for the sake of the world.

B. Clarification of the origin of our birth.

Until now, no one clearly understood that all humanity was born of Satan's selfish love connecting the selfish life patterns of father and mother and staining their blood. We had not known the terrible truth that we inherited the lineage of the enemy of God. The evil of Satan's world is stored up in your bloodline. How can God restore original purity to fallen man and woman and change their life, love and lineage? God has had to take a very long time--the providential historical way, persevering through man's many mistakes, step by step, through the Old, New, and Completed Testament ages. At last Rev. Moon is removing that bad blood through the blessing; the 6000-year-old wild olive tree is now being changed to the Tree of Life.

Unification Church members say: "Why did you cut that old wild olive tree? I want to change it." I answered, "With what? This is the same bad blood." Can God say yes if after Adam and Eve married they came back to Him and asked, "Can we come back under You?" Can a woman who marries a second time bring her old husband to her new husband's place? She must completely cut off from the old husband. Similarly, God wants you to completely cut off from your satanic love, life, and lineage, and you cannot do that by yourself.

How many ever think about our origin and realize that even 6000 years later we are still of Satan's love and blood lineage? American people say, "How can I know about what took place 6000 years ago? It doesn't concern me." But everything in a tree, every branch and bud, belongs to one root and one trunk. Knowing your evil origin is the beginning of freeing yourselves.

Unfortunately we started with evil parents in the beginning, so now you must go back to the original way by connecting to True Parents. From there you can become ideal. How serious should you be about this? When you were blessed you went through a little ceremony of transferring your blood lineage from evil to goodness, yet this is more precious than your life itself. This is not a religious ritual of the Unification Church. No, this new lineage is an antidote to a poison. The fall destroyed the family, nation, and world. Now that you know how much intense misery and pain it has caused, how can you even imagine falling again? How can you pay enough for such a priceless historical treasure as the chance to restore innocence?

Don't you think I have been enticed in America and in Japan, not to mention Korea? This is an extremely serious subject. You have to be proud of this new lineage, and preserve it as your pride for generations to come. You must determine to make ideal families using perfect original truth for the purpose of true love.

In the morning the sun rises and then the grass, trees, and birds follow its rays, all taking one direction. Similarly, when a man of true love appears on the earth, all creation will respect and gather around him, the center point of true love, and ultimately create the perfect atmosphere. That is the original natural action. How wonderful!

Everything has been distorted by our wrong birth. Satanic love has degraded our original nature, making even a handsome face ugly. Even if one hundred beautiful naked women are touching you everywhere, you have to resist. Can you do it?

You must understand how agonizing God's situation is. Suppose your beloved wife is attracted to make a relationship with your enemy. That anguish is God's heartache. Going heaven's way is most difficult: it is like bearing the heavy weight of Jesus' cross for 70 years and climbing up Gethsemane.

Our disappointment, disgust, and sorrow that we are of the lineage of God's enemy should be so intense that like a crazy person we would go out and lament our situation. It is as if God's prince and princess coupled with a dog-like person. Since the fall took place with and profaned the sexual organ, now profanity is directly connected with the sexual relationship. You have to absolutely determine to safeguard yourselves and never make that mistake again. It is the God-centered person, not just Moses' tabernacle, that is holy. And the sexual organ is meant to be the most holy, valuable, and precious part of the human body.

Why would God want Isaac to give the blessing to his younger son Jacob instead of to Esau, even though Jacob had to deceive Isaac? How could Tamar, who seduced her father-in-law Judah, receive God's blessing? If I didn't understand the fall, I could not give a clear explanation. The Bible, especially the Old Testament, has been a riddle, but now I can make peace among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, because they all use the Old Testament. Now you understand why we have to clarify the origin of our birth.

C. Life Career and Destiny.

Your life career is to prepare for eternal life. We were made to be nothing less than God's object, His partner of true love. God respects true love more than Himself and absolutely needs a partner for eternity, so how could we have a limited lifetime!?

Our original desire is to live forever centering on true love, but the world doesn't understand the amazing fact that this is indeed our eternal destiny. In the spirit world, centering on love we can go anywhere anytime. There is always enough and you can make anything. Love's primary attribute is to unify subject and object into one. Then you and your spouse can inherit everything from God. How precious and enviable you are! This cannot compare with anything else. How wonderful it is in God's original home country!

Training for the spirit world is our mission in the physical world. You will regret it if you don't prepare to adapt to the spirit world by living according to God's absolute standard. Do you know that if you are in the midway position you cannot touch God?

We want to taste the life hereafter even now, don't we? Suppose you become very loyal and do God's work, no matter how impossible it is. Alone in the middle of the night in the mountains you are caught by a tiger and go to spirit world. You go to a good place in the spirit world because you are made for the sake of God. You can be adventurous because if you really know substantially about the spirit world, do you fear dying? The worst that can happen to you is what you have been waiting for! It is much freer in the spirit world because there is no time and space. We all have to go sooner or later, and the best way is by sacrificing yourself for another. You would only be afraid of dying if, because you did not have original parents, you had not achieved the original child's position, and then become an original spouse and original parent. If you don't have all these you feel, "I want to make those original things, and then I want to get into heaven, so I will die once I have made that foundation." In your family you should learn to love all humankind through loving your children.

Homosexuality will not exist in the future. Satan has promoted everything against God's ideal of creation--free sex, family breakdown, homosexuality, and so on, but he understands that the ideal world is coming through Rev. Moon and constantly watches me, looking at everything. However, our weapon and medicine is the truth. We will automatically become victors.

Are you the strongest person? (I am trying, Father.) To try is just to be in the midway position. You must reach total perfection! It should be completely clear that you are an eternal being made in God's image, and are meant to have God's true love, life, and lineage. If you are going this way, you are successful. Till now business has had nothing to do with these basics, but now you can see why these are really the basics of business too.

D. Our perspective toward church and society.

Your families are to center on the church, not the other way around, and as you know, the individual is to live for the sake of the family. That is the public way of life. Our church members set out to save the country, not the church itself.

Many other Christians think by faithfully going to church they are saved individually and that is their final goal. This is really disappointing. John 3:16 reminds us that it is not only an individual, a denomination, a church, or even Christendom itself that God only wants to save. "For God so loved the world that He sent His beloved son." Any Christian can recite that verse, so why is there fighting among the churches? Our minds must be centered even beyond the cosmos--upon God. To focus on individual salvation is cheating, and such thinking must change because it goes against God. If the Jewish people or the established Christian world had exactly the same perspective as I do, they would have united the whole world. Already the world would be unified under God.

We view society and church from God's point of view. You already know this, but I just want to unforgettably impress it on your minds once more. Write it down on a clean piece of paper, recite it every morning as you wash your face, before you go to the office. Be clear about your goal in life. You are the soldiers of the independence army, which is even better than the Pilgrim Fathers. You are the fighters against Satan. Please think about how to go beyond the individual, family, church, national, world, cosmic, and even God's level to reach the level of true love. Only at that level is there true freedom.

American citizens don't know what real freedom is. Without God's law, how can you find true love? When a man has true love, a woman wants to give herself freely. A family system centered on true love should exist everywhere. Now you are hearing, "Yankee go home" in all the four corners of the world, but if you win true freedom, everyone will welcome you. Satan's concept of lawless freedom, of doing what you want to without regard for the whole, has undermined traditional values, morality, and religious faith, and is influencing young people all over the world. True freedom should produce good fruits, but since there are none, we know it's fake, and can never multiply goodness.

III. The Perfected World Centering on True Love.

We all ultimately desire the perfected world. In a perfected world, peace will come automatically.

A. Love is the very root of and reason for the creation.

Without true love, there is no peace, no perfection, no ideal. What is true love? Dr. Hendricks? (Love is investing everything for the sake of others and then forgetting about it--that is Father's way of life). Cast out your life for others and forget. Love never memorizes what it gives. The Bible says he who is willing to die will live. Why? Because that is how life began--God invested everything when He created life. Also Jesus said that anyone who loves his family more than Jesus doesn't deserve to be his disciple. Satan's foundation is everywhere and even families have been connected centering on fallen love. True love must center on God and Christ.

Why did God create all things? Because of love--such a simple but enduring answer. When God created women, don't you think He was thinking about man? That means that from the beginning, woman existed for the sake of man, and vice versa. When you say left, already the concept of right is there, even if you don't say it. Man has a protruding place. Why? To become one with woman. A real complete man lives his whole life for the sake of a woman. Man and woman exist to unite inseparably into one centering on true love. Can we find true love in American freedom? Absolutely not.

I am born on account of true love. Feel good about that. Since true love never comes from myself but from my object or my subject, I have to dedicate all my life to him or her, so that I can receive true love. If a husband wants to approach his wife and she is sleeping, he needs to really bow down from the bottom of his heart, because she is that precious. You cannot force her, like an animal. Would I approach Mother in an arrogant or a humble way?

I taught myself and actually lived this life. If there was an easy way, why should I choose a difficult path and make you go the same way? Americans never like Father's teaching because they think there has to be an easier way. I am harvesting true love grains so that these can be planted after I go to the spirit world. All must live this way--ministers, church leaders, no exception. Maybe you will only see I am right when you go to the spirit world. Then you will shout out "Mansei--now I have discovered the age-old truth!"

B. Investing to create better true love partners-- e.g., your spouse.

Do not complain about your own spouse, whatever the reason. By making your spouse better, you will in turn become more deserving of a good spouse. Even though you may be humble yourself, you want your spouse and children to be better than you just as God wants His object, you, to be better than Himself.

C. The individual exists for sake of family.

D. The family lives for the sake of the nation.

E. Country for the sake of world

F. World for the cosmos

G. Cosmos for the sake of God

H. God for the sake of true love

So the perfected world will never come about without your loving and investing for the sake of others, including your spouse, 100 percent.

IV. The Re-creator and Business.

The one who restores is the re-creator, and business is naturally in the position of the external world.

A. You must invest material and yourselves.

First we have to evaluate what we are investing in, decide how much investment is needed, and then prepare it. God created us with material full of true love and with our divine value in His mind. Likewise, we should re-create using material and money with great love in all the business we do. For example, don't write a memo hastily, re-writing over and over. With a lot of heart carefully make a clean one-page memo, without any mistakes, and then give it out. One way to invest heart in your business is to always write something with lots of love. If you make a mistake, don't tear out the paper, for example, as if it had no value, because it will cry if you do that. When you need to tear out a paper, you have to repent and treat the paper with value. Everywhere there should be this expression of love. Keep your office clean, with everything tidy and in order. If you go to the toilet, always clean it after you use it. Do everything with the utmost loving attention and care. If you live like that long enough, even the airplane will embrace you when you fly somewhere. If there is some terrorist aboard, you will immediately know something is wrong because the airplane will tell you.

So invest material and yourself into your work with the greatest possible love. If you prepare food with sincere love, then what a nice taste it will have when the consumer eats it and how nutritious it will be! People will love to eat that food, and even feel that healing takes place. A Unification Church bakery should produce goods that have a noticeable difference because of the love ingredients in them. How good you will feel after praying if you talk to the trees and rocks, and say, "You have waited for me for a long time, and now I am here." They will all join your prayer.

Anything that belongs to Father, like a handkerchief, is very precious. Everyone wants to own it because it is in a high level partnership or object position to me. I may scold you harshly, but your heart doesn't ache and very soon you forget because you know I invest myself in others and forget, so how can I scold somebody and remember that for a long time?

Therefore, whatever you do, no matter how menial, do it with all of your heart in order to connect with the highest love. Don't do it half-heartedly or with complaint.

C. When you invest your entire life and effort, then heavenly fortune comes.

D. Practice true love with an eternal perspective.

Throughout your entire life your focus should be to practice true love, to give to, serve, and help others rather than just making money. Your product should help the customer gain true love and eternal life.

E. God and man should work together in joyful intoxication.

For your work to have value you should do it in such a way that God can join you in doing it. At the end of your office hours, you should be proud of having made some improvement over yesterday or last month: How much less paper have you wasted, how much conservation have you practiced. When I use the toilet, I don't flush the first time, maybe only the second. How much money spent for water would be saved if all the world's population did that! The one who does will be blessed.

Use toilet paper carefully so as to waste nothing. Do you think the spirit world sees me and says, "He is stingy"? At night I put my socks in the corner, and the next morning before anyone knows it, I put them back on again because I am thinking about the person who has to wash them. Is this a sin? Is this too menial for Father? If Mother discovers something new everyday about my life, you can imagine that no one, including Mother, understands me completely. Now you always know you have not done enough.

Look at the incredible waste in America. When I eat at a restaurant, I always finish the bread because otherwise they will throw it away. If I drop a few grains of rice, I always pick them up and eat them. I never see anything as insignificant and feel that what I save can go to a worthwhile cause. When you really practice a life of not wasting anything, including food, germs don't bother you. That's why I don't get sick so easily. So sometimes what looks bad actually is what should be. Try it and you will see.

Do I look young or old? Old, but I feel very young in spirit. You have to train your bodies as you go along. Yesterday Mother said, "Oh Father, you came along shopping with me for the first time in 16 years." I felt kind of guilty, but can I be blamed for not wasting a lot of time and money in shopping? I have been putting aside gifts I received on various occasions to give to someone else, because I feel they are too precious to use for myself. Because I do that all things love Father. This is all part of business that is done jointly between man and God.

The graduates and undergraduates of the seminary practice catching carp each year. I made the nets myself, using materials bought from a wholesale store at the cheapest price and working late into the nights. In the airplane, I always clean the toilet. When the spirit world sees the leader of the Unification Church cleaning the toilet, do you think they speak ill of him? On the contrary, they respect and love me. This kind of attitude directly enables God to join with man in business.

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