The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Realm of Life

by Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA

"This is an excerpt from a sermon given on February 24, 1991 at Belvedere."

Please be seated. Can anyone read the title of Fathers speech? Actually I am amazed that I myself have the ability to read this and make sense of it. They are characters with such deep meaning. The topic of Father's sermon this morning is "From the Realm of Death to the Realm of Life." Please repeat it with me in Korean. If the Fall did not occur in human history would this concept have come into existence? No.

Isn't it amazing that habits are almost completely different from East to West. For example in the East, you write from right to left, whereas you in the West write from left to right. The two ways should reach to each other and eventually they have to meet. Western civilization is a civilization of science, but they do not understand God. They deal with what they can see and they study deeper and wider. We can classify it as a horizontal civilization. The characteristics of Eastern civilization are that of a vertical nature. Until now throughout history these two civilizations have been in conflict.

All things revolve in a circular motion. This huge universe always revolves. The earth and solar system is also revolving. If things existed in vertical fashion alone, we could see a difference in their heights. They would have different levels. In other words, if things existed only vertically then there would be too much difference between them. One would have to look from below up and another from top down. According to the level all height would be different. There would be no way to realize an average or equality.

Vertical alone would be awkward and unnatural whereas if you add this horizontal revolving concept you find an equalization. Centered on the axis which is vertical, revolution and gives you equalization by making a sphere. That way you don't know which one is high or low; everything becomes the same height.

If it revolves would it choose an unstable orbit? No. It chooses an orbit where the distance on the horizontal and vertical axes are the same, making a perfect circle. Actually this is the principle behind the yin-yang symbol. It symbolizes revolving by pushing and pulling; therefore it revolves rapidly.

If a man by himself pushes, which way will he go? It is very difficult for him to move alone. But a man with a woman in front of him, standing in such a way as to pull him in a circle, is very efficient. You can go around with less power, faster. Who would initiate that motion, the man or woman? Actually both cannot, so one of them has to. If anything, it's the man. Why? Because man is taller and things are supposed to flow from higher down to that which is lower, not the other way. If there is a group of people, like an army regiment, does the leader go on the high place to give commands or stand in a low place and looking up give commands?

However, God's goal is to make husband and wife equal. What makes woman equal to man? Man is taller and stronger, while woman is less strong and less powerful than man. There are all sorts of differences between them. Men can run faster and they can lift heavier weights. There are many differences and externally it looks like men are superior and women are inferior. Men eat twice as much as women; they can't be equal. But when they "love each other", there is no superior or inferior. There is no taller or shorter.

A mother is like earth. When we plant the precious grain we plant it on earth and not in the air. Women symbolize earth. So a mother like the ground, receives the seed from above. Like the sun and the moon, the sun being subject represents man and the moon as object represents woman. It is very striking that women exist in one respect similar to the moon, becoming smaller and larger. At the mid-point of the month they become larger and become a harmonious object to the sun.

That is how the physical function in women is also. We see the monthly movements in women. Everything centers on the sun. The moon's cycle revolves around the sun and woman centering on man becomes larger and shrinks back again in the form of menstruation. Isn't that true? This is not a strange thing, it is the way we are created. Through the sun and moon, the Creator is showing us the relationship and when it comes to us we see their reflection in man and woman.

When women go through this cycle all throughout their life, is it for their own sake or for the sake of man? Well, it's simple enough. Remember, all exist for the sake of others. When you see the crescent moon, you can remember yourself and think, "Every day until the end of the month I become larger and larger like the moon." Your beautiful face becomes more radiant. According to the changing and size of the moon, a woman can recognize her cycle. These things are all part of the textbook to educate us and our children.

All things, like a big tree, grow not from the air but from the ground. It must always see the rays of the sunshine from the father and receive the earth's nutrition and from that they grow in a healthy way. The sun symbolizes father and the moon symbolizes mother. Very interesting, isn't it? It is natural phenomena.

The family is the nucleus of the harmony of nature. It is literally the center of all things. No matter how small a woman may be and how large her husband is, he cannot gain perfection or happiness in any sense without her. Only through her can harmony come to exist and the creation be equalized. Man and woman are small compared to the huge universe, but still they are a copy, a small microcosm of the solar system and entire celestial system. They are the same, only their size is smaller. Everything comes in the pair system, like the sun and the moon and all the animal kingdom. Even the mineral kingdom exists in the pair system. This is the nuclei, the real center. No matter how small, this is the real center of the whole cosmos.

If there is fighting at the center what happens? How much will it echo? The universe is destroyed if the family fights. All men and all women and all families want the center of the universe, don't they? It is only human beings that have the feeling that they are the center of the universe.

When you start moving at a very fast speed, what do you do? You aren't even conscious of whether you are up or down. All you have to do is just cling tight, right? As you spin faster, everything is directed toward the center. The faster and more you revolve the more efficiently the nuclei or the core is formed because it shrinks, isn't that true? If you are in fast motion you shrink.

What is the fastest motion? Love motion. It shrinks the most and expands the most and it takes power to do that. Love can accomplish that. If we want to own everything, which everyone does, the only way you can do it is through love. If you get love then you actually own everything in the sense that you don't want anything else. Also if you want to share and display everything that you have to other people, you can only do this through love.

This is the way God intended all things to be. Why is it that women grow their hair long and men cut their hair short? How would it be if men grew their hair long and women cut their hair short? Women need to be covered and protected by something always, so they grow their hair and let their hair cover them.

Man is the other way around. Women want to dress themselves nicely with all combinations of color, and emit a good fragrance, changing the combinations every day. If you really give this some thought, you discover a good reason. Women's love has a variety of directions, not just a single monotonous direction. There are all kinds of variety and changes within her as expressions of her love. Women express their love in a variety of ways. The man as center shouldn't be that detailed. If the center changes all the time it will be very difficult for everything to catch up with him.

If only vertical lines existed and there were only two people, one above and one below, it would be very difficult for them to become equal. This vertical line revolves, but what is the center of revolution? If the center is down here the motion will become very difficult. If you numbered these spots from top to bottom, 1, 2 and 3 on a line, number two is right in the middle.

Now comes the horizontal concept or horizontal line. If you number it as you did the vertical line, two again is in the middle. We can see why man is composed of duality. Within himself, man should be vertical and horizontal at the same time. Your mind acts as the vertical axis and your body is the horizontal axis. Mind is the "vertical me." The flesh body is the "horizontal me." These two aspects create dual characteristics. Everything exists in this same structure.

One eye is able to see, so why do we have two eyes? We have never figured out why the nose has two nostrils. We question having two ears also, even though we can immediately see they make balance. But think, how could we get two different noises into one ear? It would create conflict. But with two ears you can control it. One noise will go below and one noise will go higher. Sound moves with a wave-like function. Interesting, isn't it? These phenomena follow a natural living principle.

There are people who think, "All I need is me." They do not believe in getting married. But such are rejecting the system of the whole universe. Homosexuals and lesbians think they have one possible way of existence, but they have no way of existence. Because we know the universal Principle we have to protect it.

We have to educate ourselves. When we look at nature we can receive the simple explanation of why something is so. Then nature continually reminds us. Everyday look outside and remember you have to follow that natural formula. No one likes a formula. We all want freedom, but if you don't know this Principle then you have no freedom. You are trying to find freedom without knowing this, but the conclusion is that without Principle there is no freedom.

Is it freedom for a man to act in any way he desires? For example; if a man goes to another family and snatches another man's wife, is that freedom? If there is a man sleeping alone, can any woman move into bed with him and take control over his family? Well, what is freedom? If we have the Principle we can be free and without it we can't be free. You love freedom, but you must understand that without the Principle there is no freedom to look for. Principle means the natural system.

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