The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Second Blessed Couples' Conference

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 21, 1991
World Mission Center, New York, NY USA

Do you know what the Blessing is? The Blessing was supposed to be consummated through Adam and Eve. If there was no fall, the Blessing of God, given as heavenly matrimony, was to be conducted in the Garden of Eden. Because of the fall, God has been preparing for 4,000 years until the time of Jesus Christ. Jesus came as the only son of God, but he was supposed to be elevated into the True Parents' position. Then there would have been a Blessing conducted, officiated under his auspices. However, because of the crucifixion that was not possible. So for another 2,000 years, the coming of the Messiah, the second Christ, has been awaited by humanity. We live in the first time in history that the Blessing is able to be given out, because of the consummate work of True Parents.

God recognizes only the Blessing given by True Parents. Because of the fall, the children of Adam and Eve have all become the recipients of the satanic blood lineage instead of the heavenly lineage. We have satanic love, satanic life and satanic lineage.

Many people ask, "If there is a God, why couldn't He save mankind in the first place?" They deny God, thinking that there must not be a God, otherwise how could there be so much evil in our world? However, you know that the restoration of God's lineage is not simple work and takes so much time.

The fall of man was initiated by Satan, however, man voluntarily united with him and the fall was consummated. For that reason, no individual here on earth is able to get rid of their satanic lineage themselves. Only the coming of the Messiah can accomplish this job.

Adam and Eve had been growing up in absolute purity. But once they got mixed up with Satan and received his satanic blood and lineage, God without any hesitation or mercy chased them out of the garden. God's standard is very high. If there is any mixture of good and evil, God cannot work. Today, no matter how pure some men and women may be, there is no comparison to the purity of Adam and Eve before the fall of man. Even though we may live a pure life, we have already inherited the satanic lineage without even knowing it. Do you think in restoration today that God should be very flexible, thinking, "Well, I can accept this much of a mixture of good and evil?" On the contrary, God has to be even more severe in securing His standard of purity today than in those first days of Adam and Eve.

Those Blessed couples who have children, please raise your hands. Do you have absolute confidence your children were conceived purely, born purely, brought up purely and that they absolutely far exceed Adam and Eve's standard before their fall? If you say "No", doesn't it mean that your children, brought up as they are, are not entitled to enter automatically into the Kingdom of Heaven?

The principle of God's love and His rule is absolute. Do you have untiring faith between husband and wife, and through that absolute true love have you conceived children and given them birth, or have you been looking around, thinking about this and that? And in the meantime your first child was born, second child was born, third child was born while your mind has been moving around in so many different directions? Which do you think is true? You may say, "We are pure, Father." But have you thought about the fact that you are American? Have you ever thought that you have your physical parents? Have you ever thought about your past? How about the language you are using every day? Is it an absolutely heavenly, pure language that you were using continuously from the beginning?

When going out to eat at McDonald's or a coffee shop, have you ever thought "Well this is really not the food I deserve. I need something more pure, something kosher, heavenly food." Have you ever thought like that? Have you ever thought, "Not only am I breathing this air, but all kinds of satanic people, prostitutes, homosexuals, and incredible criminals are breathing it." When you drink water have you considered that this water comes from the Hudson River and on that river there are all kinds of factories creating filth and pornographic things. You have to drink this water to survive, but if there was any way you could avoid it you would do so. Have you thought that way?

Think about the Garden of Eden. It was ecologically pure, and Adam and Eve were pure. Everything was absolutely heavenly. Only by growing up in those circumstances under God's rule of the Principle and True Love, would they enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Are we entitled to the same Kingdom of heaven? Anyone who thinks so is a very crazy person.

Then when you are entitled to enter into the Kingdom of heaven, you must feel so ashamed thinking, "No, no, no, I'm not worthy to be here." It's almost as if everybody showed up with tuxedos and formal wear and you showed up at a banquet with just your naked body. How shameful you would feel! Do you think your distance from belonging to heaven is greater or narrower than the naked person at the tuxedo party? (Our distance.) You must feel unworthy and shameful even to have received the Blessing. Furthermore, though you are heading up to the Kingdom of heaven, you should feel unworthy of it. Tremendous sin has been committed by your body, not even all because of your own doing, but because of the environment and the satanic life of society.

What is the fall of man? It was illicit, false love. Is the action itself of illicit love and true love different or the same? The action is the same. When you move to the right there is eternal life, when you move to the left there is hellish life. The original right means the heavenly direction, closer to the original state of mind and environment. The original nature is supposed to protect you and at the same time help you maintain a heavenly situation. Your act of love must be approved by God first of all. Also the husband and wife should guarantee that the action is the righteous one. Then Love itself should also approve your action. Through these four guarantees your love action is justified and approved. Then Satan himself cannot deny your action. Neither can satanic man, satanic woman or satanic love deny your action.

Already this morning Father has given you enough guidance for you to evaluate and judge your Blessed life up to this time. You can see whether you have lived a righteous Blessing life or whether it has been illicit and filthy. The time has come for you to make your own judgement. The road of faith is always one of self criticism and self-judgment. The important thing is to gain liberation for yourself from any kind of wrong doing. The true lineage of God, the true love of God, and the true acceptance of God must all be there for your blessed life. Otherwise it is superficial, existing in words only with no content.

Your true love palace, life palace, and lineage palace is at the center of that true love action. The fall of man was the destruction of these three palaces. We have to put the pieces back together to create the original palace. That is our everyday mission.

Between men and women, what is the difference? It is very simple--men and women have different sexual organs. This is your love palace, your life palace, and blood lineage palace. Once this palace is destroyed, all three elements are destroyed. Think about what a great treasure God has given us. Centering on love, man and woman connect into one and make new life and new lineage--our children. Why do parents love children? Because they are connected to their love line, life line and blood line. Uniting and becoming absolutely one, love, life and lineage become a strong rope connecting everything. That place is the true palace. If you keep that place pure, everywhere you go, the whole universe will follow. Even God will automatically follow. Are there two owners or only one owner of that place? (One.) Absolutely! This is the focal point of our human value. For blessed couples especially, maintaining this heavenly love, life and heavenly lineage are of essential value.

Is there anybody here who would be overjoyed to see their wife dancing with another man? (No!) What about women, if you see you husband holding another woman, would you look at that and say, "Behold, this is a holy man!" (No!)Absolutely not! But sometimes there are wife-exchanging parties going on in this society. Who created that kind of tradition? (Satan.) Satan is choking you and trying to cut your neck. He cuts off the three most precious things love, life and heavenly lineage. Adam and Eve did only one mistake, and then God said, "No more! Get out!" But how many times are American people repeating the Adam and Eve act over and over? Numerous times. So even to go to hell, they must go upside down with their heads down. You originally belonged to that generation, but Father lifted you up and put you into a different category entirely. But then you say, "I am still American. American culture and tradition is great." Do you say that? (No!) America's crime is very great because America is a leading nation of the world and they are sharing the most incredibly bad, satanic tradition with all of the world. I came to save those Americans. What do you think is Reverend Moon's way one of hope, or do those Americans who continue to go in the same direction have something better? (Father's way!)

There is a lot of horrible crime going on in this kind of society, but the most horrible crime is that Satan is spiritually killing so many people by killing off true love, life and lineage. There is no greater sin or crime than to destroy true love. Adam and Eve made just one mistake and entire humanity has gone to hell. That history has not been liquidated or restored. You are in a position now to prevent, cut off and destroy the evil, satanic way of life and to kick Satan out. Therefore you have to lead the model, heavenly life as husband, wife and children. The most important thing for the Blessed couples is not to amass a fortune or to have a beautiful house. Even just appreciating Divine Principle is not as important as maintaining and continuing this pure lineage of True Parents, your God centered lineage, from generation to generation. Passing that on is the most important mission for the Blessed couple.

The heavenly position is such that when anybody sins, the parents become the judge. Adam and Eve's Father was God, so Heavenly Father judged them. By the same token, parents are the judges of their children. Next to parents, the wife is judged by her husband, and a husband is judged by his wife. The next judge would be the children. The enemy of love is always hated by those closest in your family. God hates the fallen act most. True Parents hate that act most. Compared to this crime, even physical murder is nothing. One person's life is important, but it is only like one branch. Spiritual murder is an attack on the root which affects everything.

This Blessing that the Church gave, which our True Parents gave to you, is the most important one. But that is not the end of it. The society is still against us. You were not Blessed within a heavenly atmosphere--there was a lot of opposition from the satanic world. Therefore the time will come when the second Blessing will be given by the nation. Do you have a nation? Ultimately the world will give out a Blessing. You have to receive three Blessings within your lifetime.

Where is your nation? My nation is True Parents' nation. What about the fact that Korea is two Korea's at the moment? Father is trying to accomplish the unity of one Korea, and in order to accomplish this goal, Father needs all the major powers of the world to be united the United States, Japan, the Soviet Union, China and so forth. Father has been rejected and persecuted by Korea. It is not yet my country. In order to unify Korea and really make it True Parents' Korea, Father came to America to digest this country and guide the major powers of this world. Right now the most crucial nation in the world is Korea.

The Berlin Wall has been symbolic of the difficulties of the world. Last year it came tumbling down. Now the most important, crucial line is the 38th Parallel.

East Germany and West Germany represented horizontal unification. South Korea and North Korea represent vertical unification. Horizontal unification has been accomplished. Who should be accomplishing North and South Korea's vertical unification? (Father.) The German unification came because Gorbachev negotiated with East Germany, and together they joined with West Germany and made a deal.

Korea, however, is a vertical and internal situation. Kim Il Sung was the protege of the Soviet Union, but Gorbachev cut him off. So Kim Il Sung, the so-called father of North Korea, has only one ally--Satan. In South Korea we have True Parents centered upon God. The United States backs South Korea and because of Father's conditions, Gorbachev now supports South Korea. Now China and Japan are also supporting. This is a great triumph and accomplishment. Look at how much change has come about. It used to be that North Korea not only had Satan as the boss, but also had the support of the Soviet Union, Red China and all the communist world, over thirty different countries. Kim Il Sung was very proud, thinking, "Nobody bothers me!" For forty years he was the Red King, like a blood king. In South Korea however, Reverend Moon was very lonely because his only ally was God. Father and God in South Korea worked to bring all the allies to the south, one by one.

Other people do not know which way to go or what direction to move in, but I know very clearly. I am going to my home country and also back to the original world. Who is waiting in the hometown? The parents and ancestors, brothers and sisters. But my thinking is not that you will just return to your satanic, fallen hometown. You should make your town into a God-centered place and create God-centered parents, ancestors and brothers and sisters. After all hometown work is completed, then a home nation is created. After home nations get together, they can be created into the original world.

So Father has given you this title of tribal messiah. Do you think Jesus was able to have a great homecoming or was he virtually kicked out of his hometown and his home nation? In this time we are going back to our hometown and home nation, but now you have been blessed by True Parents. How precious the Blessing is. Because of the fall of man, the three palaces have been lost. But now because of Father's coming, the three palaces have been restored. There is no greater thing that you can expect. Now, when the True Parents have their own hometown and home nation, then you will have your own hometown and nation. The basic principle is the same.

We must be blessed three times, but we have got only one Blessing so far. Next time we get the Blessing of the nation and after that, of the world. We will pass all boundaries of Satan's blood when these three Blessings are accomplished. That is our hope.

Korea's unification is just a matter of time. So when you have the right to receive the nation's Blessing, will only the husband and wife go? Or do you want to take all your children with you? Your Church Blessing came under opposition and hardship, but when the nation gives you the Blessing, this will be a nationwide celebration. You will want to have your children with you. Let them be proud all together to be the children of our True Parents, proud of being a blessed couple's children. What about the worldwide Blessing? Where shall we receive that one? (Korea!) Korea is too little! Korea is the base for the national level, not the world. It will be in the foundation of the Western world, in a country which represents the world. America or Russia? Who will chose that place? (Father.)

You can bring the Blessing here if you can convince Father to come to your country. From that time on in the entire world, homecoming and hometown restoration would be a matter of fact. Would you like to see Father's home? Why? Because only in that one place did God plant true love, true life and true lineage.

So we have to return home. Look all over the world for a base where all people can gather in one place. From your Blessing there at the worldwide level we go back to our hometown. From the world and national foundation you go back to the hometown foundation. That is the road we take to return. Do you understand?

But we don't have that worldwide foundation, nor a national foundation either. All we have is Father's home, in Chungju. But that does not represent the world or the nation. We have to make those independently. That means everybody has to make their own foundation. Father doesn't want to help everybody. You should feel, "This lost world is mine. I have to restore it completely." This is your responsibility. Hometown is our final destination, isn't it? My determination must be, "No matter how difficult it may be I will reach that place."

How precious you blessed couples and blessed families are. You have to find your destiny, which is going to your hometown, your home nation and home world. When you return to your hometown, you're not going there just to live. No, you are going to mobilize your clan to the God-centered ideology so they can really accept our True Parents. You will be a tribal leader. That is why Father gave you the title of tribal messiah. We are not going to live just for our own well being, having "my house," "my fortune" and "my children." That is not your goal. We are like the Israelite people living in Egypt. We have to make our exodus out of this satanic world and go to the land of Canaan. The most precious blessing that comes from True Parents is True Parents' power. The United States of America and the Soviet Union are under Father's influence. Therefore only one country needs to be added to this ring. When South and North Korea join into one and unite with Father then everything will be consummated so quickly. This is the greatest blessing of all. Once these three nations come together the worldwide foundation will immediately be laid.

Father's lifetime goal, the unification of the Fatherland, is quite imminent. For this the entire spirit world is mobilized. Today the greatest and best news that I can share with you, all the Blessed couples of America, is that the reunification of the Fatherland is near!

We need to unite into one, spread all over the United States and stir up this country! You have many kinds of spiritual armaments which Father gave to you. You can use them to become a champion and clean up everything completely. Your relatives in your hometown will respect and support you as their center. Do you understand clearly? You have to liberate your nation and the worldwide foundation.

I assembled the blessed couples today because I would like to say this very clearly how important your positions are, how important a mission is in front of you. By doing so you can follow my instructions to the letter. Which way do you think--"Today I listened to Father, but now I am going home and my agenda is different. I'm going to work for my children and with my little savings I want to buy a home." Is that a true Blessed couple? (No!) Today Father is making you a front line soldier. Father does not yet have a restored hometown; it is still in North Korea. You have no nation; Father does not yet have a nation. We don't have our world, so we have a big job ahead of us.

Therefore we work together, but you must not be behind Father. You must be ahead of Father, telling him, "Yes, Father, you just stay there. We will do it, you don't worry about anything." That is the kind of blessed couple Father needs.

Even under persecution here in America, Father made a tremendous foundation. Compared to that, everywhere Father went in the Soviet Union, the leaders and churches welcomed me, immediately uniting into one and standing for God's purpose there. So are you going to fall behind the Soviet Union? Are you going to be defeated by the communists? (No!) Your determination will be shown through your result, not through your talking. When you get back home, you must create your own economic power and manpower. Why? God lost all humankind and all creation. In this time we have to take the reverse way.

If Father is staying in America continuously, you will just keep saying, "Give me more Father, something more," without appreciating what you have received. You will not be putting down your own roots into the ground. If Father is not here, you know, "Well, Father is gone so I have to rely on myself. Between God and me, with nobody else, I've got do it." American couples have been ordered to go to a 40-day mission outside the country. Those who went out and fulfilled your mission, raise your hands please. After your 40-day experience, did you learn a lot and feel grateful to Father, or did you lose and come out disadvantaged? (We gained.) I am sure you came to this conclusion, "Father, please forgive me. I repent because in the United States I take everything for granted. I now realize blessed my country is and am sorry for not having done my best." This is a process of homecoming and returning home.

I feel instead of assembling blessed couples or major leaders in New York for this kind of meeting, I will be waiting for an invitation, saying, "Father, in my hometown I am a tribal messiah and I've got 100 people (or 500 or 1,000 or 2,000 people) to listen to you and accept your message. Will you kindly come?" I will say, "Okay! I'll be glad to go there." I am sure that among you, you will be able to do it. Wherever that kind of meeting happens, it will be an historical event for that town.

There will be only a limited number of couples blessed by True Parents. You are the truly lucky ones. You've never realized that the day will come when everyone dies and goes to spirit world, and a final couple blessed by True Parents will be remaining on the earth. Think about it. Do you have confidence in the kind of precious position that you have in being blessed by True Parents? We never know, that final couple remaining here on earth could be a black couple, or an Asian couple. Would you complain, asking why they couldn't be a white couple? They will truly be historical persons.

Your position is, in a way, higher than Jesus' position. Let's say that Jesus was able to receive the Blessing. Would there be any fall or any mistakes in the life of Jesus? (No.) It's unthinkable, right? But you are in a higher position. What if Satan had physically forced Jesus to fall. Would he have fallen or not? If worst came to worst, like a kidnap and rape for example, that kind of method was applied to Jesus against his will to commit the fallen act, what would he have done? I think Jesus would cut off that part, then cut his neck and say, "That's it." Why is that? Because he would want to leave a standard behind, in order to save the future generations. He would give up his life in order to leave a great impact on the future and history. You are going to be the doctor to those who commit adultery, iniquity and immorality. Adultery is the worst disease in this country. You have to become a surgeon and make many operations. Unless you can do that America will perish. Families have broken down, all society is breaking down. Immorality continues to grow. Where will the future generation go, except into decline? Those who will say as a blessed couple, "Father, please trust me. I will never leave the Principle and I will never engage in fallen acts", raise your hands please.

Now I order you to become a judge or supervisor of the Unification Church all over the country. If there is a hidden, secret fallen act in the church you have to expose it, judge it, properly treat it, and repent for it.

Father has not spoken this strongly before. Under false parents all kinds of iniquities have been committed. For that reason True Parents have had to expose and give this truth, spelling out the guidelines of the family, so that you become a good judge and supervisor. Do you understand? This is our mission.

Father's order is to save America, your country. Father has been misunderstood and persecuted by this country. So you must be welcomed by your hometown because of your deeds and holiness. Your life is holy in the eyes of the secular world. In that capacity go to your hometown, gather the people, embrace them and love them and there is no one who will not respond to you.

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