The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

God's Day 1991 - Midnight

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1991
Seoul, Korea
From Col. Han's notes and a translation by Bernhard Quandt

Father's Prayer:

"Now we are about to send off 1990 and usher in the new year of 1991. Father has already been on the earth for 71 years and during this time, has restored 7,000 years of satanic history through indemnity. This has been the central focus of God's dispensation. Now, the history of the satanic world has been eradicated and we must begin the God-centered history of the New Age. To do so, we should realize and perfect God's own country on the face of the earth. Since all the conditions of satanic opposition and persecution towards God's dispensation have been erased, we must now arm ourselves with Headwing ideology and bring it back to our native land. It is the time for us to build Heaven on earth. We should invest all that we have, no longer as indemnity, but as offerings to God, so that God can claim ownership for the first time in history.

This year of 1991 is the beginning of the decade which will see Father's 80th birthday. By shedding sweat, tears and blood we should decide the ownership of all things on earth and return them to God. Through serving both the vertical and horizontal Parents, both our mind and body will be resurrected. We should determine ourselves and pledge to march forward to these goals.

Korea, as the Adam nation, must accomplish unification. This is our imminent goal. The creation was the central aspect of the Old Testament Era; the children in the New Testament Era; and the Parents in the Completed Testament Era. Until now, God owned nothing. Now, centering on True Parents, all the blessed families must decide what belongs to God. We should accomplish this within this year.

Morning Speech:

What's today? [God's Day.] So there must also be a Man's Day and a Woman's Day, or Parents' Day. Throughout history, you will never be able to find a day which is called "God's Day"--only in the Unification Church. Today is the 24th God's Day, From the historical perspective this is the Age of the Unification Church. We have several holy days, but this is because of restoration. Originally, all things and all people would have been related to God.

When could we say that our original ancestors would have attained perfection? The state of perfection is when a man truly understands the value of a woman and a woman deeply understands the value of a man. Such a man and woman, in becoming one centered on true love, would manifest God. That was the original ideal of creation. When God becomes the center of their love, the direct dominion of God is established. This center would have performed the perpetual spherical motion of true love. At that point, an absolute protector would have come into being to safeguard this center's movement. The unity created by this love would be such that the individual cannot run away. A home is established by such love.

So when a man reminisces about his homeland, his thoughts naturally turn to his parents and brothers and sisters. Since all the relationships of love in our family are the source of our life, when we think about our homeland we are thinking about the source of our life itself. Of course, if one thinks of one's homeland, one thinks of nature and the environment, but above all the heart of one's parents. The place where we received life is where our roots are. We cannot deny our roots. That is why every man, after visiting foreign countries for a long time, longs to go back to his homeland.

The place where heaven and earth meet is where God's root begins, and when that happens, the entire spiritual world is like an audience, supporting and applauding that relationship. The relationship between the spiritual world and the physical world is like two sides of a coin--the inner side and outer side. Where is your heart? It always wants to live, rest and play in the inner room, or "un tong" of love. This is roughly compared to the living room in Western homes, although not exactly because the "un tong" is where the parents reside: they live there, have meals there and sleep there at night. And that is the one room in the entire house where the whole family socializes. It is where you can feel your mother's love and where all your brothers and sisters gather together to rejoice, talk, consult, and be scolded--it is the very center of family life. "Un tong" is where you can find your family's love, so your mind always wants to live there.

Professors who teach school, teach the same thing over and over again. Pupils want something more than this. A food prepared with love tastes special. SO why do we want to go back to our hometown? Because our heart wants to be where there is love.

Our body, compared to our mind, is almost worthless; as time goes by our body becomes like crumpled waste paper. It does not last, whereas our mind and our spirit last eternally. The purpose of life is to grow our mind through our body, not the other way around. Our minds have much greater value in comparison to our body, so please do not place importance on the body, but place the utmost importance on the mind.

Even though someone may be our own parent, or our own husband, wife, or child, unless true love is in the relationship our minds will not feel close to each other. The relationships between parents, husband and wife, and the children do not automatically foster a deeply loving and affectionate feeling. There needs to be true love before one can feel that.

If a child leaves the sphere of love, leaves its parents and runs away leading an immoral life, the parents feel sometimes it would have been better if he had not been born. If you leave the sphere of love you lose life. There are many kinds of love, but which is the most precious? The true love of parents is a vertical love and therefore cannot move about horizontally so much. There is only one place in the whole world where the children can receive the parents' love--that is under this absolutely vertical point. This is why no one can sever the love between father and son. The relationship between parents and children is so strong that no one can go against it or change it in any way. I have 14 children, but each is different in the way they laugh and smile. When a couple cannot have children, the flow of life is cut off. The husband's and wife's love for each other is horizontal and can more easily be separated.

There is a national custom in Korea called "sebe," which is offering greetings to the parents. On the first day of the year, everyone gathers together and visits their parents to offer the "kyong be." This is a custom which no one can omit--the day where heaven and earth are watching. In Korea there are many holidays where one offers the "kyong be", but this "sebe" is the most significant.

It is a human desire to be carried on the back of eternal and unchanging true love. Even a grown man or woman want to be carried on the back of true love, as a small baby is carried on the back of his mother. Every person's original mind would like to enjoy the security of the "un tong."

Jesus said that heaven is in your heart, or mind. Your mind was created of such high quality because heaven is meant to dwell there. We should be able to not only love mankind and all things, but also the one who is in the vertical relationship to us--namely True Parents. Otherwise, we cannot stand in the object position to God's love. So, we have to become people absolutely centered on the vertical. Does your nose want to live in the sphere of love? It wants to accomplish the vertical direction of love with your body. The liberal thinking is, "Anybody can receive God's love"--not so. We have to satisfy precise conditions before God's love operates.

Today, I'm talking at a bit of a tangent--it's a bit of a mixed salad I am serving up. That's not bad. It is all to do with God's Day. We even have to breath with love. Ask your hair where it wants to grow and it will say, "In true love." When we follow back our human roots, they originate in God. Our love must be rooted in God's love.

What kind of love do you want? Flat and smooth like a porcelain plate, or deep and round, like a soup bowl? Do you want an elegant sophisticated woman or a countryside girl for a wife? If you want to kiss your wife maybe she'll say to go clean your teeth, wash and come back. Mother did that to me many times.

So in reality it is not true you want to be in the Unification Church with Father, is it? [Yes!] The beautiful women don't sit in the front row, but at the back. The others come to the front and want Father's attention.

When you go to the spirit world you'll find everything I am saying is true. The law of love is that there must always be a center of love--parents in the family or the president in the nation. In Unification Thought there are three subjectivities--parentism, teacherism, and master/ownerism. The president, or king, should love his nation from these three positions. We should treat not only our parents with love and respect but also our teachers. The teacher is someone next only to our parents, and sometimes we have to show them even more respect than to our parents. And we should treat our teacher like we would treat our own parents and our own king. These three are interchangeable, and in fact, are one entity. This concept must be the basis of our thought.

What does God like--money, or knowledge? No, God is the king of the entire world. What God loves most is true love. Does God eat? In the spiritual world will you eat? Will you have to go to the toilet? Yes, in the spiritual world everything is there but it goes back to the original elements right away--there is no need for digestion. If you have a heart of love, whatever you want comes! Do you want to go to the spiritual world or not?

When birds come to Hannam-dong, I like to have bird food here so they can eat, Once I saw pigeons go away empty-handed and disappointed, so I asked Mrs. Kim to always put out bird food. When you walk over grass apologetically it is happy. Everything in creation responds to love. Because I know this principle, I am the head of the Unification Church.

Do you like it if I praise you? Of course! If you are proud of a friend and you praise them in front of everyone, they become better. The better that person becomes, the better you become. So, should you praise the Unification Church or others or not? [Yes!]

Try to forget your enemy as fast and as completely as you can. We all lived in the fallen world before we joined this church, so we all have fallen memories. The worse memories are those connected with love. You must completely erase all fallen love memories from your mind. They are your dire, formidable enemy. We should train ourselves to distinguish between true love and the enemy's love. They are never the same.

Those who endure to the end will be victorious. That's the secret of the Unification Church. A person who has repeated a certain work a 100 times becomes the master of it. When you touch your beloved, do you want to touch that person again? Yes, over and over. The way to success is through repetition. We have to be adamant in our relationship with Heavenly Father; we must cling to Heaven and persistently ask Heavenly Father. But usually, when God scolds you once in a big voice, you retreat and never speak with God again. Don't do that to God, and never do that to Parents either. When Parents scold you, you must always return, just like a baby who cries after being scolded, but always goes back to the mother. Only that way can you maintain your love with your Parents and with God. Then God says, "Oh, you are something else! You win, I lose!" Actually, God likes to lose to you. True Parents like to lose to you as well. If you are more strong and more loyal in pursuing the dispensation than True Parents, they will say, "Oh you win; you're better than me." Father and God want to be able to say that to each of you.

So we have to persevere. I have persevered to pay the price for thousands of years of historical indemnity. That is what my 70 years of life have been about--persecuted over and over again--not because I was wrong, but I was willing to pay the price. In the same way, since you are living together with me, you get persecuted and receive hardship, so you have to tolerate everything until the last minute. I have prayed for 70 years but never for individuals. I pray for the nation and for the world. I have prayed powerfully and tearfully many times. Put yourself in God's situation. Would you like this kind of prayer? [Yes.] When I pray, my prayer is sometimes for 10,000 years in the future. I pray for people to emerge from the Unification Church who are greater than me. God is looking for the true man who, centered on true love, is willing to shed tears, sweat and blood. God has been miserable throughout history. It is as if He saw an evil man abuse and then kill three generations in front of His own eyes. When people were martyred in history, God suffered more than the person even. God knew He had to separate man from Satan by such a course. God always wanted men to forgive and love their enemies.

So please, don't be like a mechanical toy; rather have a dynamic personality with a strong true love seed. Unification Church members must be different from other churches--be absolutely centered on God's love. Other churches do not have that passionate love between father and son; whereas we, in the Unification Church, know that God is our Father and we also have True Parents. So we have both the internal and external Parents, and as sons and daughters who are deeply connected with them, we live together, we rejoice together, we suffer together--live or die we literally become one with God and True Parents.

True Parents went a very difficult way, a thorny narrow path, until Satan had to give up and couldn't follow, and even God said, "I wouldn't have gone through that." When that happens, you can claim everything back from Satan. God is looking for champions of true love. With that foundation, victory can be made. I have paved the way in Korea and in the world, but it is just a condition. You have to break through at the local level.

Now is the time for us to march forward and build the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. How can it be done? In North Korea, everyone worships Kim Il Sung's picture, recites poems and sings songs dedicated to Kim Il Sung's name. It is the same thing in South Korea, but instead of Kim Il Sung's picture, we put up our own True Parents' picture, and call out with even stronger voices that these are the True Parents; Kim Il Sung is a false parent! If South Korean people, joined by all the Japanese, Americans, and the world's population, proclaimed "Our True Parents are here! Our external God is here. That's their picture!" then all of our ancestors and the entire spirit world will come to help and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth can be accomplished overnight. So, liberate 12 disciples, and then 120 disciples as the foundation to liberate your tribe.

So when God comes down in vertical love, this is an historic time. You may speak about this theoretically, but in history, it has never happened until True Parents came. Then, God's Day was able to be proclaimed. I am talking about the real origin of God's Day. In order for God's Day to be proclaimed, His absolute vertical love had to come down through one point. To fulfill that one meeting place is the whole purpose for God's creation. The reason we cannot forgive Satan is because he destroyed this place where Heaven and earth meet.

The relationship between North and South Korea is like mind and body. Spirit world is not well-organized yet, but by the time I reach the spirit world, it will be. The way of Principle is to follow step by step, never loosely. That is why you have to be very accurate in establishing your condition of love toward True Parents. When we seek the nucleus of love we have to deny our body, home, family, material possessions, everything. I went the way of adventure, dedication, and uncompromising attitudes toward evil. Now, I have won acclaim in Moscow and a new era can be established.

Blessed couples should not only be blessed within the church, but again blessed on the national level and finally on the worldwide level.

You should try very, very hard to completely inherit True Parents' victorious foundation. I cannot just give it and you receive it, just like that. Will you be received gloriously in Heaven? How big your heaven is depends upon how many heavenly families you bring together with you when you go to spirit world--at least 120 families. That will be your tribe. The Kingdom of Heaven will come centering on Korea, where we live attending to God. I laid all the conditions, now you must be more dedicated to your 120 spiritual children than to your own children. Then the Kingdom of Heaven will come. We must become True Parents' representatives. Those who pledge to go this way raise both hands.

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