The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Our Mission During The Time Of World Transition

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 23, 1991
Belvedere, Tarrytown. New York
Translator - Col. San Kil Han

Father's title today is, Our Mission During the Time of World Transition. Through the study of history we learn that no matter how big this world may be, things always start from one person. One man can influence the zigzag course of history with the direction he maintains and the ideas he lives by. What are the elements which make the most difference in the direction of a mans life? His way of thinking and his faith. He doesn't know about the future so he has to go by faith. Many times he is torn between the two. Which perspective should he use to maintain his direction? Should he choose a human perspective (thought) or God's perspective (faith)?

We find human level thought mainly expressed through politics. Political ideas and religious ideas have been the two types of thought steering mankind. In the medieval age political and religious thought merged for a time but that value system crumbled and gave rise to humanism. Still later humanism gave rise to materialism. Since then these conflicting thoughts have influenced people.

When spiritualism or God centered thought crumbled it changed the quality of the world's ways. We saw the rise of Protestantism which went against Catholicism, which was supposed to be the orthodox faith. History witnessed how the Protestants disobeyed and the two fought each other. Eventually the Protestants came to America. America was the first independent country to be centered on Protestantism. Since then the presidents have represented that religion. Kennedy was the first Catholic president. Centered on Protestantism God gave America and its presidents the initiative to unify the country under that banner and spread it throughout the world. America was equipped and prepared by God to unite the world centered on this one ideal of Protestantism. America was built up and God expected it to do well just as He expected Catholicism to do well in medieval times. But as Catholicism failed then, Protestantism failed here in America. This was the situation America was in right after World War II in 1945.

America, with its enormous background should have absorbed the religious thought of the Orient, but America simply didn't have the religious content to do that. The Unification Church came into being with the ability to accomplish what America was unable to do. We can imagine what would have happened if the two had united together. But, history saw America go against the Unification Church so the Unification Church had to maintain its independence and go its way alone, maintaining itself while fighting all the antagonisms up to this point.

The Christian cultural realm must inevitably go back to the east. Why? Christianity started from Asia and then went in the direction of the east. It later came to America and created a spiritual foundation. Christianity doesn't have the physical foundation because it lost Jesus and his body. To restore this, Christianity must restore a physical foundation and that is why it must return to the east. Who makes that connection? According to the law of indemnity, who is the one that separated it in the first place? It was the first Israelites, those who were on God's side. Therefore, the second Israel which is Christendom is expected to indemnify that failure and bring the spiritual and the physical foundations into unification. The first Israel separated from Jesus' body, so the second Israel has to combine into one with Jesus' body in the spiritual world. That was the mission of Christianity. Christianity must re-indemnify this realm of re-unification which includes indemnifying the separation of Jesus' body and spirit. This process includes digesting the religions of the east, namely Buddhism, and so forth. But Christianity could not do this. They were to prepare for the coming of the second advent, but when they failed who was the baton handed to? It was given to the Lord of the Second Advent who himself had to prepare his own way because of this failure.

At that time what was it that Reverend Moon must do? It was the very time in which Christianity had the opportunity to be brought into unification. That was the seven year period after World War II between 1945 and 1952. The unification realm could have been accomplished by the third Israelites on the world wide level, not by east or west alone. But that did not come about.

After forty years lapsed (1945 to 1985) we are back to a significant seven year period (1985 to 1992) for re-indemnification. We are in 1991 so we have one year to go. The Unification Church is the place this very mission needs to be accomplished. This is the will and expectation of God. There is hardly any good foundation. Reverend Moon who has not been helped, only opposed and even persecuted has to work out the way to accomplish this goal which God expects. This is something God has been trying to do for 4000 years since the time of Jacob. The Israelites beginning was 4000 years ago. Starting from the Israelites' individual level to family, clan and nation, God wanted to unify the Israelite country. God sent Jesus 2000 years later and expected him to digest even the Roman Empire. Jesus very well could have done this. God expected him to and made all the preparation for it.

Jesus did not accomplish this though and when he died his foundation was lost. Christianity should have traveled to the Asian area at that time, but it did not. Therefore it traveled in the eastern direction which brought it to the western country of America. In Jesus' time, everything was prepared. The goal was not impossible. God had already created the highly developed realm of Oriental religion; Buddhism, Hinduism and the like were spiritually already very close to being united. But it wasn't fully accomplished. The mission failed and it had to travel the reverse way. Its the reverse way in every count. For the individual it is the reverse way, as well as for the family, clan and nation.

Christianity continued to be opposed and martyred and Christians suffered to indemnify its failure. When it reached America it became independent for the first time. This was the first country for the second Israelites. Even though Christianity represents the second Israelites they still couldn't combine both spirit and body. They had mostly a spiritual foundation with no bodily foundation. In Jesus' time the physical foundation was lost in Asia. In this time we will go back and accomplish that unification in Asia. Now we must accomplish what Jesus was supposed to do and combine the spiritual and physical foundation.

This is not something which we can only talk about and reconcile. It is something we must inevitably go and achieve. This is our fate. No matter how advanced and successful Christianity may be, unless it absorbs the physical foundation on top of its spiritual foundation, it has no goal. It cannot go forward.

Because our age falls in this specific realm of time, we live in the Pacific cultural realm. Why Pacific? Because the origin of history centering on Jesus took place here. It is an inevitable conclusion that Christianity must face the east and that is the reason the east has opened.

When Christians become one with Reverend Moon they will have more than enough content to accomplish their God-expected mission. The unification of the spiritual realm and the physical realm will be achieved. Not much effort will be needed for them to become one under Christianity. Automatically they will be fused and the goal will be accomplished. Because the spiritual and physical foundation did not come together in the past, the world has been blocked on every level from individual all the way up. What does that mean? That means Reverend Moon had to re-indemnify the entire 4000 years of history which was not accomplished here. How can an individual live for 4000 years to do this? He had to indemnify the 4000 years of accumulated failure on the individual, family, clan, race levels, up to the world level in a mere forty years because a man cannot live for 4000 years, not even 400 years.

Based on a religious foundation the Unification Church is countering the political realm as well. As Father mentioned earlier there are two sides, the political world which is ideological and the religious side, which Father has to counter with. What does that mean? He has to use religion to deal properly with the world of politics. Through the PWPA, the Summit Club and with the help of the media world, Father has been dealing with the political side of things. With the establishment of the Federation for World Peace on August 28th in Korea our movement reached its culmination. The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace was accomplished one day earlier on August 27th.

As a result of that, nobody can undermine or think little of Reverend Moons foundation today. All advanced nations including America, Russia, Japan, China and even the vast expanse of communist countries, do not know which direction they should head in. In the past they knew, but now they do not, why is this? Because now history is not continuing in the fallen realm. In other words, from now on history is not for the fallen world, but the restored world where only Adam can go. The archangel side is always limited, it cannot go perfected Adam's way. Until now Satan controlled love. Now, a different day is coming centering on Adam. The future of the world is connected to the perfection of Adam's realm. You have to know this point clearly.

So the characteristics of this time include the established nations going down. They cannot continue to prosper in the same way they were before. Now America is experiencing a lot of difficulty and is coming down. Germany is no exception. In the case of Russia, it literally came down. It is very interesting. Father expected everything to be taken care of by the end of November and it happened just as expected. Now we have only one year left until the end of the seventh year, 1992.

The major task was done within three days. Father, centering on himself with mind and body in unity has opened the way and now the world is coming into one. After this is accomplished no one can effectively block the path of the Unification Church. They cannot oppose and stop the Unification Church anymore. There was a proclamation of tribal messiahship, the great movement to the hometown on the first of September, 1991. With this distinct change of time, Unification Church members need to go bravely and boldly forward. Nothing will be in our way. The time has changed. We go forward and they will retreat. What is a tribal messiah? [Father draws on the board.] Here is a tree, this is the earth and these are the roots of the tree. Father's path and condition is to win over the individual victory and make it as a condition for the victory on the family foundation, the clan foundation, the national foundation and the world. Here is the right wing and here is the left. The right and left fought for a long time. Who made peace between the two? By establishing the vertical standard, the fighting between the two can be reconciled. Father himself fought personally to win over these foundations. He has been growing these foundations as the base to make peace between the right and the left.

Why did Father come to America? [Drawing again.] This is America and this is the right wing realm. Was there even one person in America who welcomed and supported Father? All opposed him. It was the same way with the left wing, communism. They even got together and opposed him. What about the religious realm? Was there even one person in that realm who welcomed Father in this country or anywhere in the world? Even Korea opposed Father. Why? You can look at it like this. Korea heard the world opposed Reverend Moon and Korea is a country which follows the world. All these countries opposed Father to an extreme degree. All by himself, Reverend Moon went this way. What about Unification Church members? Did we really help Father? Most of the time Unification Church members did not know where they were or what they were doing. Father personally made all the foundation that has been accomplished today.

Look at the Washington Times. No one in America helped to create that. Without Father's guidance for the Washington Times, this country couldn't have found a direction. Literally nine hundred million to one billion dollars has been spent to activate and run the Washington Times. Did we make any part of this money and give it to Father, saying, "Father, please use this to continue the Washington Times"? The world thinks it is true that Reverend Moon really exploited young Americans by making them go out and sell flowers. The amount of money that American members raised was not even enough to support themselves with food and shelter every day. Father brought tons of money to this country to accomplish his goals. So how can they say Reverend Moon exploited the youth of this country? Because of this Father was persecuted.

Now we must look back and understand the time we are living in and what Father did in this country. Father worked to bring America into unity at the highest level like what God expected 2000 years ago and again in 1945. Father came to accomplish that and put all of his energy and might into this one goal. Because of this one goal all he received was persecution. That is how Father lived here in America. We must see that clearly.

Father was not just working on that alone though. At the same time he was thinking about the fall of the communist world. America represented the spiritual realm which was on God's side. The communist countries represented the body on the satanic side and the two fought each other. To come into unity they had to center on something. God and perfected Adam are the ones who could be at the center of that unity.

Now we see the rise of the headwing ideology, a unity of the right and left wings. Headwing is the thought of Reverend Moon. Headwing is horizontal. Now we don't foresee so much opposition from outside people towards the Unification Church and its path, do we? It was only a few years ago in 1989 that Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung got together and tried to eradicate Reverend Moon. The Japanese fellow arrested with a bomb in his car is still awaiting trial here in America. More than twenty people were dispatched to carry out this work. Before that was even settled, Father visited the archenemy's castle, which was Moscow. The CIA and FBI told Father, "I wouldn't go if I were you." But one thing Father didn't do was listen to their advice. They do not know what is ahead of Father. Look how much change is taking place. Look how much the world has changed since Father visited Moscow. The Soviet government completely crumbled down. This is reality. China too. Kim Il Sung's coming to Father's side had that history also. Kim looked all over the world and saw what was happening.

When Gorbachev met with Reverend Moon and embraced him, he asked Father which direction to go in. China too, was expecting Reverend Moon to be helpful to them. Kim Il Sung saw this so he opened up totally. There was actually no head of state ever welcomed in such a way by Kim Il Sung, from the bottom of his heart. All of these things have taken place in a rather short time before 1992. It is a source of wonder, almost like a miracle.

The providence is now going to the world level. If America had welcomed me after World War II we could have made the world level foundation at that time. But at that time they went against me and chased me. Alone, I had to take the path of restoration for forty years. Now the outside world conditionally has the national foundation and from now we will see the expansion of the world foundation. The outside world foundation is already connecting the American side, Soviet side and China side, Japan side to me. Do you understand? We are in the center to connect and control all over the world. We are standing in that kind of time.

It is with the headwing that Father is now dealing with horizontal problems. With tribal messiahship he is addressing the vertical situation. Once we get momentum, these two will move together strongly and the world will come into unification. Give and take between the right side and left side will lead to expansion. It will create a victorious atmosphere on the earth.

Its like two forces; one a centripetal force and the other centrifugal. One is pushing and one is pulling, but the center is one. It will create momentum quickly. Centering on Reverend Moon, the individual ages of family, clan and the like will lead to unification. This is why Father positioned the tribal messiah.

This tree is Reverend Moon. The old world means the opposing world, there was no supporting world. So now the old world on each level has been brought up by Father. He is on top now. Then horizontally he connects his branches like so. Do you follow? Now is the time to complete that. Now the time has come that all parts of the world can connect with this tree. How? By grafting. Tribal messiahs are another big branch. All the tribes will graft into this one big tree because there is no other or better thought than Reverend Moon's. So we have a strong idea armament. From inside and outside, all the conditions have been made to bring unity. Therefore when Father kicks the big existing structure, it all crumbles. All the things in the Satanic domain will fall apart. What is your guess-do you think that what Father has explained really is taking place? [Yes!]

Now is the time of world transition, not just local transition. The whole world is about to change so everything is moving now. We are living in that kind of time. Did you understand this is the turning age of the world? How can we live and what should we accomplish in this age? Now we can really stand up and march forward in the same direction with utmost confidence. We read about Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible, but now America is be coming the same. We cannot have any hope in America as it is today. America will keep going down because of what is going on here today. GM, the legendary, biggest automobile company recently reported 75,000 people will have to be laid off. Why?

For the Unification movement to have the world foundation, everything else must step one level down. That way everybody will follow the Unification movement rather than any other movement. That includes the Unification Church too. They too, will return to the starting point. Other people may be confused and disappointed but we are not. We know exactly what has happened and why we are standing at the point we are. So we should not despair even though working may become difficult, because we know it is our fate to accomplish this and bring America and the world to True Parents. We are bold because we are chosen for this time and God is right behind us. In other words, God will have no one if He doesn't have us. We have to have strong confidence in ourselves that we are the re-creators. We create anew. No wonder it is difficult. We should not expect something easy. Until now we have taken the indemnity way, but that has disappeared. In the recreation center God helps anytime, anyplace and anywhere. He can do that. Do you understand? There is no Satanic side against us. We should be bold and have utmost confidence that what we do is right and what we do will work.

Father looks at all the members and sees they look kind of miserable. You think, "Christmas is coming and I don't have anything. There is such a heavy schedule to keep" and all that. But this is normal, it is nothing to worry about. And you are young! Father's young age was gone fifty years ago!

We can only imagine the desperate, miserable, difficult task Father faced in pitch darkness to prepare this forty years of re-indemnity. We can only imagine what Father had to go through, but perhaps this is the same thing we have to go through so what are you going to do? In that long, long forty years Father accomplished everything, even to Father's own criteria, everything. Nothing was left undone.

After Father saw Kim Il Sung the world literally boiled, especially Korea. Who is Kim Il Sung? He is the second advent on the satanic side, the side opposite to God's side. Korea is divided into north and south. The bad father, or worst father in the whole world and history is in the north-you know the people of North Korea call him Father. However, the good father is living in the south. Literally millions of people have been "purged" (executed) in the north. A number of four million has been quoted. Did Father purge or execute even one person?

This is what has happened. The worst father, Kim Il Sung reigned as king for forty years but has now come down. After forty years of terrible persecution alone Father has now gone up to that position. The world is in utmost chaos and nothing is clear. No one knows which direction to go in. Only one, Adam knows where to go because it is his time.

Why doesn't President Bush, who boasts leadership of this big important country, meet with Reverend Moon and see what happens? Father will not propose a meeting saying, "I want to meet you." It is America, the administration, the President himself which must come down and propose to meet Father. That is more natural.

Father told the Chinese Premiere, "If America boycotts us, fine. Let us do this work by our own hands." Japan too. Moscow also. We must understand and the world must understand what Reverend Moon did here was done all by himself with no else's help or guidance. Father came this far by being opposed.

Now it is time that we represent Father in many, many ways and accomplish the things that are left to be done. Compared to the major work Father has already done, we are left to do the small chores. It is small work compared to what Father did. Reverend Moon has a set course to trod, whereas the world does not have that. Step by tedious step Father walked. He did not soar up overnight to reach this level. He paid four thousand years of indemnity. Now Father is thinking about what way he will go after we follow. Father's main concern is what form, how and with what results he can bring the unification of North and South Korea.

Actually, both have something in common. Even South Korea fears Father's thought. They fear it because they don't understand it, but they know it is powerful. North Korea is also very fearful. They are fearful so they just tag along and cautiously hang on to Father. Nobody understands what Father and Kim Il Sung discussed with each other. You might say, "At least Dr. Pak knows or Mother knows." No, the North Koreans invited everyone into a different car and they surrounded Father like so. There was no one else except Father. This was how they did all their important talking. Of course, they tried their best and were always successful to persuade Father, right? [No!] Do you think Father was persuaded by Kim Il Sung or was Kim Il Sung persuaded by Father? We are all dying to find out the contents of their talk, right? It's a secret only Father knows.

If the satanic world has compromised with him, do you think Esau and Jacob's transition has come about? They paved a new road to Father's village and they painted Father's old house. They made the village completely new. They put new tombstones at Father's parent's tomb. You can imagine they did everything to welcome Father. They brought all Father's relatives from all corners of the country to one place and several times they threw banquets. Father thought to himself, "How can the world change like this, from the worst to heaven in a mere seven days?" Something no one could imagine actually became reality in seven days.

All the North Korean citizens saw the big stories about Father in the news paper and are now thinking "Reverend Moon certainly is the one to bring about unification". They are very hopeful that North and South Korea will soon be united. South Korean people too, don't know how, but believe somehow that Reverend Moon will bring the two counties into unification. Until now, from hearing what other people said they thought Reverend Moon was the worst person alive. They thought he was the number one worst guy, but they know differently now. Reverend Moon is the only one standing on the most high peak. How do you feel hearing that kind of statement? [Great!]

We cannot deny the fact we are right on the threshold, the new time is right in front of us. It is completely different from before. What happened to bring about this transition time? This is our responsibility, so what should we do? We should represent our Father and completely inherit the foundation which Father built. All we have to do is stand firm on that and act as the messiah.

It is like an exodus from Sodom and Gomorrah to the ever hopeful new world of victory. We all must march together strong and bold. Father gave up and threw away everything; his home, family and everything, during this forty years. When the time was right everything came back to him. This is what will happen for all mankind. First we give up, then all will come back to us. When we are treading this way, every day is difficult and we almost want to give up. It is so desperate and difficult but we will gain back a hundred times over when the time comes. We should have that absolute faith.

Name one place Father didn't go, including prison. He didn't go to only one prison, but many prisons. Every time Father went to prison he didn't say, "Oh I pity my family." Father never thought like this. Father never even thought about his hometown or his family's well being. Father never even thought about Korea which is his home country. Father's only thought was, "What do I do next? What is there after I come back from prison?" Father thought ahead in these small steps. Father always knew and told himself that since he is the only person who knows this way then he should go and do it by himself. Now Father is spreading this out and giving this foundation away. We didn't do this, but we now we know what we are about. Your goal should be clear by now.

The only thing you should be thinking about is how to accomplish and complete your tribal messiahship and how you can accomplish the home church messiahship. That's all you should be thinking about. It is not something you have a choice about. Just as you have no choice but to live day by day. It is our heavenly fate. This is a schedule nobody can change. Even if we die doing this, we are still better off.

When Father heard he was indicted he was in Korea and the lawyer told him he didn't have to return to America. "Everything will be peaceful if you don't come." But Father didn't choose the so-called peaceful way. Father immediately returned to America because he saw this was his path. If his family opposed him, even if his wife opposed him, Father decided he would travel alone.

Alone, only with God. On one side, one man and on the other side one God combined together vertically into one. You have to take a course with the same meaning. As such, there is no way of reviving or waking up America. There is no way to repair it.

America will come down. It's individual families, communities, society and the nation as a whole must come down. Can anyone help them or revive them? Even though it is sporadic and not united, if you plant your good seeds in your tribe, they will one day prosper to fuel America. If Father were you and he had to do this mission like you are supposed to, he would work with the same intensity he did for forty years and accomplish it in maybe four months. Why? Because Father made a foundation all over the world.

Humanity welcomes him now. No organization can have power against me. They welcome me and us. Until now they looked at Moonies as so bad but after a long time of watching us now they are saying, "Moonies are not so bad." They see Father blessed oriental women to western men, who then live in such a hopeful way. Western people cannot find that themselves. They will see that a western race mixed with another is the most beautiful combination-couple life-style. They are amazed. People are admiring Moonies now, "We are proud of that Moonie center here." According to the spread of the foundation that expansion will happen nationwide. This is reality not concept. The time has come. Kick out what gets in your way. That has been Father's position and attitude. Go forward to do God's mission no matter how difficult it is.

Whatever obstacle is waiting ahead of me, I will tear it down. This morning Father talks like he is speaking about a dream. Sometimes Father feels as if it is a dream himself! "How did I reach here?" Father feels, "I don't know!" Have you ever been to the circus and seen the acrobats? They do superhuman work. It's life and death. One wrong move and they will die, but they don't quite know how they do it. Only afterwards, when the audience breaks into a roaring applause, does the acrobat come to his senses and realize, "Oh, I've done it." It is like the applause Father got from the spirit world!

Worldly people did not budge but the spirit world is in an uproar. As much as the satanic world is calling him bad names, good spirit world cheered him on. Father hears both sounds, but only one side matters.

Many of the people who opposed Father here, especially in the last fifty years have now gone to spirit world. They look down and think, "We made such a big mistake. How can we repent for thinking that way?" They come down to the earth and help their offspring. They try to make up for their mistake with that kind of activity. For those who went to spirit world after opposing Father, even their ancestors will kick them out saying, "You are the one who opposed so you help him." This actually happens.

So all in all, our time has come. That is the point. One day there will be a big storm coming and the only way you can overcome it is by becoming an even bigger storm. Otherwise you will not survive. In one year we saw a lot of things change, right? At this rate imagine how much the world will change in three years! A day may be coming very soon when all the roads Father travels will be lined with people standing on both sides of the street holding pickets saying, "Welcome Reverend Moon. We welcome you." This is not a day dream. This is something that might soon happen.

Do not ever take tribal messiahship lightly. You have to think that you are running out of time and with that mind be serious about tribal messiahship. There are 360 homes in Home Church. 360 is not a big number at all. If you get 120 of your relatives and extend that number into in-laws and their children, 360 will soon come about. Just let them agree with your teaching. If they say "I agree" that is condition enough. Have a flag there so they can hoist a flag and then get a memo from them saying, "I welcome you to train my own sons and daughters." Let them go to Unification Church to listen to a Divine Principle lecture. That's all. Then 360 will be done.

Still today in Korea they are all puzzled. Outside people thought their relatives had perished, lost everything and didn't accomplish anything when they joined the Unification Church. Now their relatives have come back home and they don't talk like losers. They talk and everybody listens. They talk like no president talks, but in a very high level. They work very hard and go everywhere making many connections. They takes action to influence the area and create an expansion of the village to the whole county. That is what our members are demonstrating in all parts of Korea. Korean people are amazed, "How can you be like this? Where did you learn this?" Quite frankly, most Korean people are not well educated or successful in any way. But even Korean people accomplished success after being Unification Church members for twenty or twenty five years. What about American people? All you need to do is stay here three years then go back to your hometown and do the same thing as the Korean members are doing. Right? In ten or twenty years here we have learned so much. American people are proud that until now they have been number one and leading the world. "How wonderful and powerful we are!" So you have to do well. Can you? [Yes!]

So that is our responsibility. All we have to do, is for three years bear what Father has borne for over forty years. "No matter what happens I will bear his burden for just three years and not let him carry my burden." If we started doing this then nothing else should matter. Everything else would fall into place and be solved. There may even be a miracle to save America, which is surely headed to destruction, it if every one of us can do like this. This is what Father did in Korea. Now it's your turn. Give your husband, give your wife, give your children for three years.

This is a time of conscription. In three years, if they work with all their might and move around their clan, we know that the whole world will begin to move. When the western clan is mobilized Father will give you the direction to go to Korea and work there. Do you think they will or they won't all go to Korea and work? We may not know how ardently every religious person is eager to find their Fatherland, just like the Israelites. The Israelites really tried to get their Fatherland back, didn't they? Likewise, all religious people are dying to see and live and die in their Fatherland. When they find out there is a fatherland for them, they will go through life and death to go there. We should understand that. This is why Father told us many times to learn the Korean language and even learn their customs.

Then we can speak to Koreans when we get there. Many people wondered and puzzled, "Why does Reverend Moon intermarry eastern and western people? What does he get as a result of that except for a lot of problems and a lot of bad publicity?" But when their time comes it will be a pride of the world level. Now we can see clearly that international marriage, and those who keep their family in the exemplary way, will become a standard or model for international marriage in the future world. Father will point them out for all to see saying, "Take after them and be like them." In the future our families will need the tradition of that family result. Father has married you for the future; to bring in millions of people, not just one couple. Today Father is amazed at the good way your children look. All the children of international marriages are so beautiful, aren't they? So intelligent too.

How many years should Father tell you to act in his place? One year? Two years? Three years? Like Father lived for all his life. What do you think would be an appropriate number of years? How about three years? If we live like Father did all his life, for three years, how about it? That means we sleep, not in bed, but anywhere, with clothes on, not off. You know how intense a life you must be leading to do this. Father doesn't say don't take a bath, you can, but how many baths would you take if you lived like that? Imagine living like that. That is our responsibility.

What is our reward for that? America is in despair and is totally giving up, but it may rise again. That is our reward. How can we bring the American standard of living to two thirds of what they are maintaining now? That is a big task. When they do this and Americans travel everywhere in the world and work for the sake of others, do you think America would change?

What about Father's standard of living? Father's standard is the highest in the world. Father intended that. But what happened after Father came to America? He had to go to the lowest place, prison. You can't go lower than prison. A peaceful life in prison might not be so bad, but even while he was in prison the whole world came against Father. That is the worst situation you can imagine. Father volunteered for that and went through it to the last day. Father went through every miserable situation but today finds himself in the greatest position. It is nothing other than a miracle.

What if all Americans could live with just two thirds of the standard they have now? They don't have to give up everything, just one third. Father gave up three thirds. He didn't even have zero, he had minus. He was indebted. If America not only devotes everything it has to the world, but even borrows money from others to give it for the sake of the world, do you think America will perish? On the contrary, it will blossom. We're talking about reality, not a dream. What can make this possible? Nothing other than religious fervor, especially the Moonie religion. Once they understand the contents of Divine Principle and God's history, do you think they will follow Father's direction? [They will follow it.] Why? Because that is the way to life. If we don't do it now we have to do it in the spirit world which is more difficult. It is a hundred thousand times harder to work from spirit world.

What pushed Father to accomplish his work? He could work like that because of the knowledge he had. Father knew if he didn't do this now, he would have to do it later anyway. If we don't do this and then go to spirit world, we won't be able to bear looking at Father and many of our own ancestors as well. They will accuse you. Has Father accomplished his mission? With all confidence Father is directing us and ordering us to do it too.

That is what Father is doing this morning. The results are unmistakable and guaranteed. We'll get the results Father said we will get. We should pledge now, "Yes Father we will follow your tradition. I will follow your way of life for three years. I will dedicate myself in that way for the sake of others, not myself." Those who pledge this, raise your hands. Father wishes God's blessing upon all of those who raised their hands.

Now is the time of a great transition in history. We must abide by this responsibility and to live up this change and new historical direction.

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