The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Leaders' Meeting - June 12, 1991

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 12, 1991
East Garden, Irvington. New York
Translator - Col. Sang Kil Han

Sit down, please. Have you lived well until now since Father saw you last? That is the Korean style of greeting: Have you been well?

Father asked the campus ministers to come. Have they all come? Please raise your hands, campus ministers. Out of 32, 28 are present. That is good attendance. Campus ministers, please stand up.

What is your average age? 30? 35? 40? Those who are over 30 years of age, please raise your hands.

Have you ever stopped to think really seriously about how important the campus minister's goal is? Those who are state leaders, raise your hands. Those who are both state leaders and campus ministers, playing those two roles, please raise your hands. Eleven.

What do you think? Is it an easy ore difficult role to play-that of a campus minister of the Unification Church? Difficult, but possible? That means you can do it. For those who do not work very hard, it is difficult. For those who work very hard, it is easy. It is that simple.

It is the same for any undertaking, not just the important undertakings we do. Anything even a very casual thing-has to be done with a life or death determination or else we cannot succeed at it. Since our responsibility here in America is so important, we might as well become that serious about it.

For those who are dedicated, this is simply exciting, challenging. Those of you who were with Father when Father first came here to America and traveled around for the first time and who are now campus ministers, raise your hands.

When Father talked to us at that time and told us that we had to save America, nobody had any real idea of what Father meant. People thought, "Why save America? America is doing well-America is strong and well. What do you mean by 'saving?"' But today, looking back, what Father said actually came to pass.

If we had really done the activity that Father had told us to do at that time, imagine where we would be today. We did what we did-a small amount. Still we worked very hard, in every state. We went around everywhere and made a heavenly problem. This served as a foundation towards the present time.

If we had done it per state, just concentrated in one state all together, instead of working in all 50 states, how effective would we have been! Instead, we spread around and didn't concentrate our power, so today, we have lost effectiveness. Nevertheless, that served as the foundation to influence the coming to power of the Reagan and Bush administrations.

How should we achieve a reciprocal relationship with them? We must realize that we need a stronger, bigger foundation to directly influence them. We have been timely. We have been going along and ascending just as their political power has. Father made that pattern of activity back then. That system, that organization-is it still active or is it just forgotten now?

Once we spread out, we should keep to that. Once we retreat, to go back to that level again will be much more difficult. Once we gain ground, we had better hold onto it. Retreating is really impossible. We should not do it. Do you follow what Father is pointing out? Father knew at the time and Father is still aware of what kind of result would have come. Why then haven't we retreated on our extensive foundation?

Everyone is in a position to be pursued for not doing his responsibility properly. Even though our number was small to begin with, Father told us we should have expanded. Not many people do the work. Specific people, actually, are the ones who do the work. Numbers are not the problem. How many American cities have a population of more than 20,000? A thousand cities or towns? More than a thousand? Twelve hundred people will cover all of America. If, at the crux of it, you have a good organization, you can exert a good influence over all of America.

Father sees very clearly at present that with your capability today, if you have two thousand people under you who can go around and make the kind of excitement Father made all over America, influencing America is a very realistic, practical matter. If you sit behind a desk, that is not really being a leader. Father doesn't really believe in you owning a desk. Throw away the desk. You should be on the road, talking, talking, and talking until your mouth is swollen, planting, planting, and planting, like a farmer. When you do that, then the organization is formed. Then you can take up a chair and a desk.

Father told you to have revival meetings. Why haven't you? Did Father say just to do it one time and forget it the rest of the time? Father meant for it to be ongoing. Father told you to give lectures eight hours a day, not less than that. We didn't come here to play. Did Father say just to do it once? No, Father told us to do it repeatedly.

We have to eat three meals a day. In the same way, we have to talk continuously in spiritual work. If you stop acting, that means you are stalemated and death will result. If you continue on actively, then there is everlasting life and prosperity. Growing, continuously growing, is the way to everlasting life. Once you stop growing, you die.

Before the age of forty, Father went to prison numerous times. If you sit still, do you go to prison? Why did the disciples in the early Christian church get stoned and persecuted-people like St. Stephen and the other martyrs? It happened because they were active and they never stopped.

The tradition that we are trying to make and follow is not the true Unification tradition if you just sit behind a desk and give directions to others. Father never taught you to do that. Do you follow?

Almost 3,000 Russian leadership types came here and have been educated. In five different locations in the Soviet Union, Father re-educated them in refresher courses during the summertime. After that, they can be thrust into leadership here in America. What if you campus ministers will be outdone by Russians? What if the Russians come here and teach the Divine Principle to American youth? Their English is very fluent. Father already knows that. How shameful that would be for you.

We need a reformation, a revolution in ourselves. Otherwise, there is no way, no hope. Father can call off all of us if we don't proceed. How to be born again. The power of knowledge and manpower, working power-that is what should move America, not economic power. You should be the prototype, the model. If you are in charge of a state, you are the model of everything. Make a big noise. Make heavenly trouble!

If you just sit and don't move so fast, it is no use. Father is asking Dr. Seuk: Chase them out! Make them move! Of course, by American standards, you are doing much better than others, but there is no such thing as better. If we keep going at the pace we are going, Father estimates it will take us a thousand years. How long do you estimate it? How long will it take? How many years? Time and tide wait for no man. Providential time is like that, too. It will not wait for anyone.

The world is getting to be one and what is the hope of the American churches? The American churches are in a miserable situation. The youthful energy is not there. Everyone is ready to go to the cemetery. No one has any hope in the existing churches. The only hopeful power in America is the Unification Church-your activity. That is the only hopeful way. We need a complete turn-around. We have the type of powerful armament that can bring this about. Our theory, our contents, are a world concept for highly intellectual people. Once they listen to the Divine Principle, it will be no problem at all. This is not a concept. This is reality.

The Soviet students' level of understanding is very high. Why? It is because of the world concept of communist ideology. American youth don't have a concept of an ideal world. Once those kind of high level people are trained for two or three days, they can completely turn around. This is the reality. Why can't you do that? Every day there are thousands of students around-if we can just speak to them one time on the school grounds, they will be interested. Open your mouths! We do not need the kind of leader who cannot speak out. You should have all kinds of excitement inside and a strong spirit.

You can meet students every day at your university. There are thousands of them all in one place. You should be able to present them with two or three titles or topics. "Which title do you want to hear? I will talk on all three. I can teach, no problem." We have those kinds of contents. You know that. You have that kind of powerful speech available to you. Why do you keep your mouth shut? Why?

In the sixteen years since Father came to America, if he had kept his mouth shut, what kind of result would have come to this country? I pointed out clearly that America had to repent, otherwise this country would perish. They didn't want to hear that. "What kind of man are you to come here making noise? We don't like that. You are Korean-one Korean man came and stirred up the country. We don't want to hear it." That is the kind of attitude they took.

Now look at the American family system, the state of the churches, the state of your hometown. Look at their situation, how miserable they are. This is the reality. The kind of people who are taking action are the real hometown-love people. Otherwise, there is no hope. It is your country, your brothers. Who can prevent this kind of situation? Only the activity of the Unification Church members' activity, working everywhere. Do you understand? (Yes, Father.)

I closed my eyes, I closed my ears to everything but the mission for almost eighteen years. Unless you take that kind of attitude, you cannot save America. Father's mission was always to develop the movement in America, never retreating. Now the Soviets are making preparations to make great results. Tens, thousands, will be coming in the immediate future.

I have influence in the media world-the Novosti Information Agency- and through them, I can move all the media world there. Do you understand? Izvestia is now publishing a new translation of the Divine Principle book. It will spread all over the Soviet nation, all at once. From now on, freedom will be coming there. The Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant Church and the Russian Orthodox Church are starting over again. The people understand that their past background is over, that their time has passed. They clearly understand that. They don't have hope. Out of all the churches the most high-level doctrine is that of the Unification Church. They understood that clearly. From the historical perspective, that is true. There are world-connecting contents in the Divine Principle. It is the number one, high-level vision.

The Soviet media people said to me, "Please, Reverend Moon, come talk to us." Taking that kind of position, they came to me. They have more power than The New York Times. The New York Times has a circulation of 2-3 million. Pravda is a public newspaper. All their subsidiaries print the same news at the same time, like propaganda. They have many agencies. Once something is written there, it will immediately cover all the Soviet Union; the universities, high schools, and primary schools, too. Every family will be connected, every remote village. That kind of phenomena is now becoming a reality. It is not like the free world, the American system, where there are hundreds of thousands of different papers all going in different directions. How can they unite? That is a complicated, difficult situation. How can the correct viewpoint come across? But you are the true owners. Not just anyone can take on that mission. Only certain kinds of people can accept it. What hopeful guys you are. Don't you think so?

Father came to America. In 1975, Father founded the seminary - UTS. At that time, Father sent out missionaries to 137 nations. The American leaders were sent to the seminary for academic studies. Father took that kind of action to make a powerful foundation. After that, almost a thousand people went through the seminary. We needed powerful leadership at the time of Madison Square Garden and Washington Monument, but I sent the leadership to the seminary. How miserable I was in having to do that, you do not know. How much I agonized over that, you don't know. It was not so easy. It was difficult, difficult, difficult. But, centering on Father, by taking action, a victorious foundation was made. No one can deny that result.

You know well Reverend Moon's situation. America was all in darkness. I couldn't find even one candle there. It was a dark situation. How can we break out of this dark situation? Reverend Moon had the Madison Square Garden and the Washington Monument rallies. Those kinds of rallies broke up the darkness.

This is the reality of the past and our activities then. Without that, our foundation now could not be here. It is the result of working sixteen years and more, day and night without rest, working hard, hard, hard and making that result, accumulating that mountain.

You have to have motivation, motivation, motivation. The university campus minister must embrace and revive American youth. How shall we do it? That is your mission. Shed tears for young people. American has many powers-economic, political, intellectual, military. But those powerful foundations cannot save America now. Now American youth are going under. You know that. How can you deny it?

Father knows the healing system for this problem. No matter how strong and powerful America is, nothing will help except Father's healing way. We need strong leadership. Our strong armament is the Divine Principle. That's true, isn't it? The Soviet people and the Soviet leaders completely turn around in a matter of days when they hear the Divine Principle. They go 180 degrees in the opposite direction. This is the reality. The CIA has visited us with the purpose of investigating us, but after they received that training theory, they, too, completely turned around. You should know what kind of powerful armament we have.

Soviet youth are standing in front of American youth. Soviet leaders are standing in front of American leaders. Time is running out. American people complain in that kind of secondary position, but this is the normal way, the way of those who have gratitude. This is the reality and the conclusion. Look around.

The Soviets are now igniting the fire. How about the American situation? You don't have that power, you don't have that motivating power. Until now, Father invested much money and manpower-all his power-in one country, America. Neither God nor Reverend Moon nor you wanted the kind of miserable, hopeless situation that is happening now.

The only hope is for members to resolve, "From now on, I am taking the way of persecution, the way of sacrifice." Otherwise, there is no hope, no way. This is Father's direction. Do you understand? There is no other way.

You have to know that. America's survival depends on it. How can we bring result, how can we put America's Christian background and culture to work? That is one problem. The other is how can we resolve the family situation in America?

Those are our two major concerns: to resurrect the Christian spirit and also to resurrect the family, each individual family in America. Who can have that kind of two-way influence? If we don't do it, no one can. Then there is no hope for this country. Other churches cannot do it, only the Unification Church. Do you understand? We have a way. Then bringing result and survival is no problem. We can automatically make that kind of foundation. No matter how difficult it is, we can connect any church in the Christian world. We have to break through that situation. We must take the attitude of only saving this America. Otherwise, there is no way.

This is like a cape, like Cape Cod. We went as far as we could in one direction and now we are turning. Once we turn around, we come back. This is this year. The world is completely corrupted. The Unification Church is in a difficult situation now, but Reverend Moon is our living center. From the center, survival will spread and then others will follow that trend. This is the pinnacle, the most difficult time: June, the number six. Wait and see.

After July and August, it will get better. The economy will get better. Without our taking action, there will be no hope in this country.

How can we make a reformation? A revolution? A new revolution and resurrection for America and the Christian cultural world? What kind of contents can make that kind of history? No other denomination has it, only the Unification Church. Do you understand? Influence them; move around. Only with that kind of phenomena is America's future hopeful. Otherwise, there is no way. You know that. lt. is clear. In this situation, will you continue on your way? Then you cannot bring hope to the United States' situation.

How many degrees do you have to go in a different way? One hundred-eighty degrees, not 90 degrees. It is not so easy changing your well-educated American cultural background and tradition completely, completely tearing it down, and making a new one, 180 degrees different. You have to think seriously about this. You have to think about how to go back to God's way.

What did you do until now? Only by changing your actions can you save America in the future. Do you understand? We have to take a new viewpoint, Cod's perspective.

What if Father were not here? What is this country going to be? What are you going to do about this country? It is hopeless.

Father is not so deeply interested in The Washington Times . Father can withdraw at any time. All he has to do is to say, "Closed." Then Father does not have to spend tens of millions of dollars every month. Father can divert that money into Russia or anywhere else. Father is investing millions of dollars per month into the media. Do you know what millions of dollars can do in a country like Russia?

In the last nine years, the Church poured eight hundred million dollars in cold cash into The Washington Times. 800 million. You have no idea how much money that is. If you deposited that money into a bank, the interest alone, at 10% a year, would be eight million dollars per month. At 12%, it would be even more. That is one hundred million dollars a year. This is just the money that the Church has invested in the American media. With ail the other money put together, Father has invested two billion dollars in the providence in America. This is a fact. How can we be the enemy of America spending that kind of money on this country, shedding tears for this country? Of course, two billion includes money spent all around the world, including Europe, but in America, our Church spent more money than anywhere else. If we had kept on buying buildings, what kind of investment property would we possess today? If we invested all that money in real estate, today our property, would be worth trillions of dollars. Father knew how precious, how painfully-gotten this money was, but Father knew that he had to safeguard the free world, the whole world against the invasion of communism, so Father fought against communism, fought against iniquity. Now we are getting results. We had to spend that money that way. It is not because Father did not know the investment value of that money.

It is hard to believe but true that in 1975, the liberal movement was rampant. In a mere five years, how in the world has that miserable America, who retreated from Vietnam, losing the war against a nobody like North Vietnam, brought the Republicans back again and maintained their dignity and brought the country around to the extreme right, as represented by Reagan? It was a puzzle. It is a fact, so no one questions it now, but who played the key role? Father did. If Father didn't actually do something to turn the tide around, it would not have been done. Only those who know, know, but we do. Reagan did not know how he became the president. He succumbed to the pressure and sent Father to prison.

If Father was an ordinary man with an ordinary sense of justice, he would have sworn that he would retaliate. Did Father do that? How could Father go on strongly supporting America in this impossible situation? It is because Father knew how God worked hard in America for 200 years. Father knew how America was chosen for 2,000 years. So, Father, walking in God's steps, following God's tradition, the right way of the filial son, spent millions of dollars just for that project alone, to turn the tide and save America. You don't know. What has America got against Father doing that? Even now, Father is thinking a lot of things that Americans should be thinking about, but they are not. Father knows somebody has to think about it, so that is what Father is doing now.

Father feels he has fulfilled his role, more than enough. The fact that he turned this country away from dangerous liberalism into the right direction means now they are pretty stable. They might not need Father as much as they needed him ten years ago. So Father's role is done, Father feels. Literally.

Look at Russia, how Father rendered help to Russia, who had no sense of direction. They did not know which way to go. Father brought them over and educated them. They began to see and they are teaching themselves. So from now on, we cannot expect leadership from either Bush or Gorbachev. They do not know where they are going. They do not know what is in store next year or the year after, let alone ten years from now. Evil planned to move in such a direction as the Gulf War, having Israel and the Arab nations turn against each other as enemies. Father saw the danger of it. One wrong move, and the Jewish nation, Christians and America, would have developed a rift and would have been separated, not united. Religion would have come into it and chaos would have resulted. The war would have lingered on tens of years. Millions of lives would have been sacrificed. If evil had had its way, its ideal scenario would have been to bring all the religions into it and start a religious war, a racial war, and America would have really been in a very difficult mess. Father controlled this, in a good sense.

How many Jewish people are there in the Soviet Union? All the black countries are Moslem and there are Moslems in the Soviet Union, too. If they went to war, it would have been very difficult. Thanks to Father's keen and serious awareness, Father worked through that direction and helped the first, second, and third Israels to unite. Now they will have a victory parade, yet they do not know where the real, literal victory came from, let alone saying, "Thank you, Reverend Moon. We fought the war, but you guided us in the right direction." As in the Vietnam War, there were anti-war demonstrations-in one stroke, they were all blown away. Father supported the war and saved America from repeating the mistakes they had made in the Vietnam War and we held support demonstrations.

You see what is behind this activity. America hasn't lost anything by having Father around. What did Father do that was so bad for America? Just name one thing. They are ignorant, they do not know. That is the problem. Ignorance is the greatest enemy.

In a spiritual sense, it is a formidable, very fearful thing that white people tried to opiumize the yellow race in China. Now they are reaping the result of that. What they have sown, now they are harvesting. Now white young people are the prey of drugs. Father is trying desperately to save that, too. Historians cannot come up with a conclusion. They will say, "Where is the proof?" But Father knows where this result comes from. That is the cause.

America could be enslaved in the future if there are not serious and responsible people in this country who love it enough to give their lives for it. An Oriental country could come in and simply take over. If you don't take heed and take it seriously, that means that automatically, it will happen. Koreans don't know what is going to happen to Korea. Americans don't know what America is going to be. Father knows where each country can go. Did you know that America would be like this? Father told you years ago.

Fifty-five years ago, when America was at the highest pinnacle of success, could they ever have imagined America the way it is today? Now they are so miserable, they are more miserable than they think, seen from the outside, by other people. How could this happen? And how could it not be prevented? It is an act of God, you see. It is not because of the American people's deeds-it was the trend of the world, the trend of history and Father told the ways to prevent it. If we don't prevent it, it is going to happen.

Look at America and the Indians. Millions of them were simply killed. Some of them say they got plague, but no, they simply were killed and the result of that is still to come. The result is for white people to be massacred themselves now. What is Father trying to do? To teach this to Americans and to teach them the ways to prevent this. God, knowing this, is trying to forewarn America, through Reverend Moon, to wakeup and prevent this. Father knows where God's heart is, so Father is taking the same course as God Himself.

Those American members here who did not hear Father say, "Lecture at least eight hours a day," raise your hands. That means you all heard. Those who did hear, raise your hands now. Did you or did you not do that? Even simple laborers work eight hours a day before they can make a living. What are we? If we don't do that and yet try to live, we are like a thief. That would be an appropriate name for it, or a parasite. Father scolded the regional directors for not having enforced this.

If there is no audience, speak, nevertheless, at the top of the mountain. If you are arrested for it and spend the night in jail, so what? Where in the Constitution dc they have the right to stop religious activity? What you are trying to do is very much in pursuit of religious activity. You are trying to teach God's words and will. We can fight against the authorities if they try to throw us in jail.

Those who say, "Yes, Father, I listened to you and I lecture at least eight hours a day," raise your hands. What is this? Are you determined to make the Unification Church perish or would you like to help it prosper, along with God? Which side are you on? Are you on God's side or the other side? Are you to prosper God's will or are you to stop and imperil God's will? Of course, you can say anything. It is easy to give the right answer, but can you save yourself and others by mere words?

We need to give our sweat and blood. Father already told us and showed us the example of hard work. How would Father feel, looking at this situation? Would Father feel misery and deep anger-or do you think Father would be happy? What do you think? How would you feel if you were in Father's position? Father has done his role. Father is 70 years of age. All this time, Father never had a peaceful rest. When a person gets to be 70 years of age, it is human nature to want to go back to his hometown. Father, too, wants to go back to his hometown. Father has been talking about going back to his hometown for three years and Father said that his time here in America is really, truly limited.

Out of those 98 business organizations Father founded here in America, to those who have not supported themselves or paid for themselves, including The Washington Times, Father will simply say, "No," and close the door and never think about it again. Still, Father has a little hope for each and every one. Imagine Washington without The Washington Today's Administration has asked Father to please continue to put out the paper. In order to do that, in order for us to continue, we've got to sell out everything to raise the money. Such a task. Not one millionaire in America will assist us for one month or one year-but Father has done it for ten years, spending millions of dollars every month, steadfastly for ten years. That is fact.

And you always wondered, "Oh, Father, if you help them so much, why do you help us so little?" Father said, "No, you are to suffer." Father chose us for the suffering field. As Father did, you must do, too. That is what Father has always told us. Korea said, "If you have such astronomical amounts of money, why don't you help Korea? Then Korea would turn around very quickly -- don't you see that? Are you not Korean?"

Imagine. Father must be crazy, Father says. He is being misunderstood and blamed by all the Korean people for spending money meaninglessly in a foreign country and not helping Korea. Father spent all the resources that he built up all throughout his life, two billion plus dollars and every bit of it was given to foreign countries, including America, most of it to

America. Now Father is hoping to bequeath this to everyone sitting here and have no regret about it, make no claim on it, and just return all by himself to Korea, still praying hard that America will take over where Father left off. Father must be crazy, Father feels. Father worked all this time to make this country live again, to save this country of America. That is why God took this country seriously.

This is not a "good" talk Father is giving. It is the truth. Now, should Father continue on pushing this America to nowhere, or should Father withdraw from America? What is your guess? What is your suggestion?

This Panda project in China and the millions of dollars Father has to spend every month in America- Father can't do both now, apparently, so which should Father continue helping? Should Father continue Panda, which is very costly, or should Father continue The Washington Times and all the works Father has been doing here in America-to no end?

This is an affluent country. This is a rich country. No country is richer than America. Did you know that Chinese parents have killed 60 million newborn daughters? They can have only one baby by law and they want a son. So what happens when a girl is born? They kill her. And nobody has to know. Then they try again. If they try again and a boy comes, then they have their one boy. That is all they are allowed to have one child per family. In China, that is the law. How sad this is. Father's money would be enough to save millions of lives if Father took the money he spends here and spent it over there. Father can feed two million starving people, no problem, with that kind of money.

How can we establish our dignity-our position? All the members here are like Americans to Father. You tell Father what hope Father can have working through you-through encouraging you, through supporting you and spending money on projects like The Washington Times. What can Father expect from you? What hope do you have? Americans will say, "Father, I don't want you even to speak like that. I want you to be nice, gentle, loving, and just praise us, even though we are not worthy. We will feel much better." You will say that. Father knows that. What kind of foolish thinking is that?

This is serious. As a grown-up, Father has to speak to you like this. It is a serious time for you. It is serious both for Father and for you too. You have to follow Father's recommended way. That is the only way to live. There is no other way. No other church, established or not, has the way. You have to make some kind of decision. We need to ignite a fire, a fuse. All Father has to say to Mr. Kamiyama is, ''Let's pack up." At one command, all the Japanese will disappear from this country. That's what you wanted to begin with, isn't it? Would you be in a position to say, "Thank you, Father," when all the Japanese go back?

Father can be very decisive when it comes to the point. Make no mistake about that. Father can decide. What do you think? Should all the Japanese members go back and let the American members run the operation? Should the Japanese go back to their hometowns and you become successful all by yourself? That means, success or no success, we just disband the Unification Church and go back. Three years later, Father can come back and start a brand new movement in America. Father can achieve hundreds of thousands of times better results in a single year than we have gotten in the ten or twenty years we've been working in America in the manner we have. It is likely, don't you think? Nowadays there is no reason to reject Reverend Moon any more. People are more enlightened. That means our old enemies are changing. How can this happen? But it is happening, isn't it?

Father cannot say that we are righteous members who carry on the tradition of heaven and can go straight to heaven. Father can never approve of that and say that the existing members can now go to heaven directly with him. No. This is why we need to change; to revolutionize. We need to become a brand new member. Go back to the time when you first started. Don't be an enemy to the church or to Father.

So what is your opinion? Should we just pickup and redo it or what?

We do need members, but a tree that doesn't have so many branches or leaves-where does such a tree go? It dies. That is what is happening to the Unification Church now. How many branches and how many leaves do we have on the branches now? We are not even thinking about making them either. That's really hard to think about, hard to imagine.

Maybe one way is for all of us to disperse to Africa and be missionaries there. We can really start the African AFC. Do you understand what Father is talking about now? What is your guess on Father's position-after what Father did for America, what Father had to go through here in America? Do you or don't you think that Father is really getting sick and tired? Father, like God, is getting very weary about this. What is your guess?

Will Father say, "I will continue to be stimulated, no matter what. I will make a perfect man out of you" ? Even God, looking down on us and being fair, after giving us all kinds of chances and we still don't do it, how must He feel? Father not only has the capability but also Father has the result, the record of bringing in ten times, hundreds of times more members than he has now. If Father wants to do it, he can do it. Or, he can simply change the country, perhaps to Africa. Do you believe that? Shall he do the same thing in Africa as he has in America? White people, black people, yellow people-they are all equal in God's eyes. Black people are not as arrogant as white people are. They are very pure inside. Do you really feel the humanity in black people? Most white people don't know it, but they are equal.

Is there anyone who is willing, if it is God's will and his destiny, to go to an African country and serve that country and live more humbly than they do, under them rather than above them? Is there any white person like that? All white people would say, "No, I have to be on top."

We have to understand in what a lowly way Father has been treated, mistreated. Father himself feels it. Father has a hot temper, but Father really suppresses and suppresses his temper. It is hard to believe that Father underwent such ridiculous treatment and still did so much for the sake of America, spending billions of dollars. He didn't just spend money either.

What should Father do? Should Father just completely forget about this or should Father direct this one focus once more and this time we will not just try to do it but really do it? (Yes.)

How many times have you said that before? How many times will you repeat that kind of answer? God doesn't need that kind of answer over and over again. Just one time. Reverend Moon is commanded by God to make result just one time and that's it. Do you understand? You have to be thinking about this.

For 4,000 years, God went the indemnity way, making that victorious foundation and expanding it all over the world for the Christian cultural background. From that one time, when they denied the second Adam, all the foundation of 4,000 years was immediately cast down, finished. The Christian world must look at that. During the 2,000 years of the Christian world, there was such serious persecution. Yet Christianity rose and rose. Who was that foundation for? It was for the time of the Second Advent. That was the purpose of Christian history. Christians didn't believe it and spit that idea out. During 40 years, Christians lost the results of 2,000 years of effort; now look at the results. No one can deny the phenomenon of the decline of Christianity. This is the reality. That is not the Christian world God and Jesus intended.

This is action and result. As it happens, while one place is going down, another is rising. During the time of the Western world's dominance, its purpose being the reception of the Second Advent, the Eastern world was going down lower, lower, and lower. One place goes down while one place rises. This is the universal way. The same phenomena is occurring in the relationship between the Christian churches and the Unification Church. No matter how much they persecute the center of the Unification Church, that one guy Reverend Moon, they are going down and the Unification Church is rising. Why? God protects Reverend Moon. He rose up, going to the family level, the tribal level, the national level, to America, the center of the free world. We are reaching the communist world, which connects 36 countries together. Once America is combined with the Christian church, the communist world is combined, and many religious denominations are combined, then all humankind will be combined into one.

After World War II, the world was really under America's sovereignty. At that time, that victorious, united world could have been made, a united world sphere. How much greater, how much more blessed America would have been. As a providential people, it would have been protected, its downfall prevented. But they lost everything and America has been declining ever since. God's always raises up the other side, so God raised up the Unification Church.

Now both the democratic and communist nations should combine into one, following Reverend Moon. This is like climbing to the very top peak of a mountain, but Father is standing on that kind of a high peak. The world cannot deny it. The American people don't know that. Only the new future world will show it. Now many people follow behind me and understand me. Why? During 40 years, Reverend Moon has spoken true contents, pointed out what was going to happen. After that, how can anyone deny Reverend Moon? This is the modern situation. Do you understand? No matter how much the American people are against me, it cannot continue forever. The kind of person who opposes me is diminishing. That opposite power is going down.

The book Inquisition tells very clearly of Reverend Moon's activity and how the American Justice Department went against him. They thought they would finish me, wipe me away, but they didn't know God's protection for me. You did not see what happened behind the walls of Danbury. Reverend Moon's power influenced that atmosphere, swallowing, swallowing, swallowing all the bad until we find ourselves in today's situation. You think about that.

In April of 1990, I visited Moscow and after that, how much the world situation has changed-just during that one year. Look at the American situation and the world and Soviet situations. How much has changed, how much has turned around, toward us? We are educating highly-educated and intelligent people from the Soviet Union, the highest-level students, who all speak English. 3,000 youth came here and received Divine Principle education, took the training course. Can you believe it? Along with them came high-level educational and governmental people, who studied Reverend Moon's Divine Principle. . Think about what Reverend Moon accomplished in just one year. How surprising it was. We could not dream of the kind of phenomena that are taking place now in the modern situation. This is reality. They turn around completely to the other side. How much of a difficult situation it was to turn them around the other way, you cannot understand. Who can make that kind of phenomena and result like Reverend Moon?

Recently, members of the KGB came. After receiving this training, they were very surprised. They did not know there was such a concept in the free world as this theory. Especially, they wanted to meet me, but they met Dr. Bo Hi Pak. The KGB, army leaders and generals all came. I don't have any weapons to bring about that kind of activity. Do you think it was easy or difficult to bring about those kinds of results? How difficult it was for me.

In the Soviet Union, in the past, we had to do underground missionary work. Now they are inviting me to their country.

Father recently appointed the one who used to be the editor of the New York Tribune to The Washington Times. The Washington Times has power. Do you understand? The Bush administration came to understand and reads The Washington Times.

Father told us to learn Korean by 1990 and that all the official meetings would be done in Korean. Trying to use English is not easy for Father. You should really learn Korean.

The Washington Times will really sharpen its weapons to save America and the world. Father went to Washington and met all these headstrong people like Ron Godwin, Don Sills, Bob Grant and Congressman Icord and told them that now it is their responsibility to revive and resurrect American Christianity. Father told them, "Through The Washington Times, I fought against communism successfully. So I must go on to my world mission." Father's work is saving the world. It is America's mission to save American Christianity. Father cannot do America's mission for them. They understood and Father formed a revival team and they are going to seriously go for big-city revivals. In July, they will do such major American cities as New York, Washington, and Los Angeles. They are going to have an all-out revival meeting embracing all Christian ministers, because they too are Christian ministers. We need to support them and prepare their base.

Now the plan is underway that we will go together with the big name ministries, as a joint revival team. The media are very misguided in this country and now since they know what they have done, they cannot go against Reverend Moon anymore. After reading this book, Inquisition , people know what happened and they know that there is a very serious teaching of Reverend Moon. Now they are demanding to know what it is why did all the Christian churches go against it? Now we will really make a big sound or noise. We will meet other Christian churches through the revival meetings and the media will help teach what Reverend Moon is teaching because people want to know. Do you follow?

This is happening now. Now is a timely opportunity for university campus ministers, along with the media's direction. This is the time Father needs you. Father is even prepared to stand right at the forefront. Father never works in a conceptual, wishy-washy way. Father is very direct.

We have to bring NCC in and all the other organized, powerful groups for reviving the Christian churches in this country. The media world will take part by reporting correctly.

Outwardly, externally, we will continue to promote this revival meeting and inside the campus, you will stir the campus up. This time we will mobilize all the parents who kidnapped their children and opposed us, as well as those who welcomed us. We will gather everybody to participate. Alumni and universities and relatives who have opposed our members and our movement-at this time, we have to have a showdown, once and for all. Is Reverend Moon a good guy or a bad guy? For what? For saving America? For helping America take proper action until now? Is this result bad or not? People will be sorry for having taken the position that Reverend Moon is bad. Once all the campus chaplains are connected and united, the world is no problem. In university chapels, all denominations are all mixed up. If we can make that kind of true attitude, then the outside world will immediately connect. The campus world can generate that kind of power. Every university has the main established churches present. Many of them have high-level children, the ministers' and deacons' children, attending them.

We are making a revival centering on those people. We are teaching the Divine Principle. We understand the times more and the situation. Once we have made that kind of foundation on the campuses, we can influence society, proclaim to all the Protestant churches that we are working for the survival of American Christianity and the Christian cultural foundation. The main purpose of campus ministry is to ignite that fire.

Work hard, take that kind of action. This is the reality and that kind of successful result is really possible. Can you do it or not? (Yes!) We have that kind of powerful teaching. Give it your fire, your spirit, your best, and the situation will be very hopeful. Satan's power cannot eliminate what Father's words can do. Understand? Can you do it or not? (Yes!)

This will take place in all 50 states. The fact that Soviets from a Marxist-Leninist background are now studying the Divine Principle and accepting it- Father's foundation made that possible. This is possible, too. This is a hopeful way. The important thing is to take action.

All the time, Father has been taking the most serious way. You have to make a decision. The only way is to take action. The last point is to take action. For God, take action. If you take action, God will take care of your situation for you and you need not worry. According to heaven, that is the way. You will get the prize. Go on that kind of adventure, take that kind of risk. Do you understand? (Yes.) Dr. Seuk, push them out. Accept persecution, don't let it make you lose that spirit. Don't retreat from the front line. Be on fire.

When we make that foundation, how wonderful it will be; how we can turn America around. No matter how much they come against me, Reverend Moon has that kind of confidence, because I am on the righteous side.

Don't you think Father is tearful? In Korean, we call that pisada, the one who goes through so much suffering and misfortune and is not rewarded, is continuously miserable. Sometimes he may be like your own father who worked so hard to raise eight children in the countryside. Don't you feel pity for Father? Father is saying Father cannot believe in Americans, he cannot trust them, because they think and act according to their own convenience, not according to the absolute standard. They like to interpret things expediently.

The strangest thing is-it may not be strange to you at all-but after being together some ten, twenty years, suffering together-when they leave, they don't even say good-bye. You happen to be on the same train or the same plane and they don't even say hello to you. This is unthinkable in the Oriental or the Korean mind. No matter how big an enemy you are, after being together ten years, you must say, "Good-bye. This is the reason I am leaving you." They say that and when that doesn't happen, then you really feel bad. Why do you think Father is tearful? Because Father never hated anyone. Father never thinks of that person in such an enemy way but that person thinks about Father in such a way and when you have to be treated in such a way by some people like that, we say it is pitiful.

Father is stressing another point-that Cain and Abel must be one. Sometimes people take a different way, but it is an historical thing that is happening. Unless Cain and Abel really come into unity of heart, Father has no position, the Parents cannot stand in their position. Father is taking campus ministry very seriously. These younger people are the hope of America; not so much the older people in America. Still, it is our young people who are the hope.

Christian churches are actually in agreement with us that we should help them to revive the Christian churches. They have nothing to oppose and that is what we want to do, to revive the Christian churches. Campus ministry will help. This is a Korean example, but in Korea, because of the slump of Christian churches in Korea, the ministers' own children, their own sons and daughters, have become atheists and communists. Father is determined to take them back to the church side.

Would you like Father to read out the instructions, or do you have it in your minds already? Please write down the following:

Instructions on the Day of All Things.

The Past:

To own material is for the purpose of or for the sake of saving people. In other words, Father is referring to the Old Testament era.

To restore men is to find the Parents.

The reason True Parents are suffering on earth now is so that they can establish God here on earth.

In other words, one is referring to the Old Testament days, the fact that we use physical material is to find the lost children. Number two is to have found the people for the sake of receiving Parents and that is what happened in the New Testament days.

This is the dispensational view of the past and the present.

The Present:

What we need the most is restoring elder sonship.

To restore True Parentship, to represent True Parents.

To restore Kingship.

To God, we are the princes and princesses. If we hadn't fallen, we would have been the princes and princesses of God. Please remember that. This is the way it is. It is true.

The Future:

The unification between mind and body. In the future, parents will give birth to children whose minds and bodies have been united.

The unification of families.

The unification of the nation.

The unification of the world.

Then next, the unification of the universe, means that the spirit world and physical world must come into unity. Unless we found or find a country, mind and body unification cannot come to happen.


Now it is a completely different caption.

The revival of Christianity: the re-resurrection of Christianity. Actually, revival is going back to what it used to be. Once it used to be high, now they revive it back to that standard. That standard does not apply to what Father says, but what Father means here is to re-resurrect. Christianity is dead; now we want to re-resurrect it. That means if you resurrect, you come into the Jesus position, like a revival. Re-resurrect.

A revival meeting is a resurrection meeting or party.

University campuses and campus ministers become one, connecting churches, CARP, and outside youth organizations like the YWCA and YMCA and other Christian groups together. The other groups are standing in the Cain position; the Unification Church is standing in the Abel position. As Cain and Abel unite and become one, then the Parents position can come. Otherwise, parents' activity cannot come about. This is the Principle viewpoint. You have to know that. The resurrection providence, or way, is the re-creation way. Re-creation means that the atmosphere after that is such that in the center is the subject/object position, automatically, the plus/minus being. That vertical concept is the vertical Cain and Abel. The horizontal Cain and Abel are husband and wife.

Joining together between students and parents. Now they are sort of antagonistic towards each other, but we have to restore that. If parents join in CARP activity, then it will be automatically extended to the revival meeting, the re-resurrection.

The second generation of existing Christian churches and resurrection.

By doing number four, five now becomes possible. Five is the re-establishment of the moral family. Father is connecting that with communism, which operated according to the dialectic. We reunify it.

Joining together with YMCA and YWCA.

The existing church will take up the role of the saving country, saving mission. What Father means in this is that the church, by resurrecting itself, will come to be aware that their actual mission is to save the country, so saving the church doesn't remain saving the church. They automatically extend to saving the country. The church activities should be extending to summit activities.

Now we begin a new caption.

Famous universities of top countries, American and Russian, for example, will make brotherhood or sisterhood ties. Centering on the 3,000 Russian members, we will invite American students.

American students will organize a Moscow students' group for the purpose of training. If we have a big revival meeting or a resurrection meeting anytime, we can bring Abel Russian students back and they can help us with it. American students will be trained in Moscow and the world.

Selection of world-class leaders.

Movement for American/Russian alliance. This will be a world alliance, going beyond the boundaries of thought. Communism, democracy-we don't want to recognize them. We will just go beyond that. Next, the leadership of Russia and students ought to be connected, so connect to Russian leaders.

Next, to connect with what used to be the communist realm, and make alliances. In other words, all the formerly communist countries, 36 of them, will all get together and become one.

Title: the Federation of World Peace and Call of Duties

The realization of an alliance of all Russian religions and arming with thought.

Izvestia will join together with other newspapers.

There will be a nationwide arming with Divine Principle.

To immediately increase the number of missionaries to Russia. The change of the Soviet system and the establishment of important personnel, leader type personnel.

A big organization for a world peace alliance is needed.

Bringing together the important religious leaders and the important political leaders for world peace. Unless these two become one, world peace can never be realized. Neither political nor religious organizations can do it alone, only by them joining together will you have hope for eternal peace. The preparation for the big August meeting and joining of the world level. In other words, by holding this big August meeting, world unity will be made.

The professors' world
The religious leaders
Political leaders

An American-Russian alliance for the purpose of rearming America's Christianity and for the establishment of the moral family. The Russian/ American alliance has those two purposes.

Inquisition and our Age: that means that now the world will come to know how America has persecuted religion, against the Constitution. They have left so clear a trace. We will make an issue out of that and let it help rearm Christianity.

The book Inquisition should quickly be translated into the native language in all mission countries. Each missionary should plan this.

Responsibility as a savior. Father means the Tribal Messiah, and his teaching to other people to enlighten them.

Utilizing this transition time. Now is a transition time, so we should never miss the chance.

Make a bold acclamation and the tradition of victory. You never can fail. Invincible should be the word. We should establish an invincible tradition.

To grasp the opportunity for worldwide public relations. To let our thought be known worldwide, we must grasp our opportunities and advertise to the world.

The Tribal Messiah era. We must establish value, marching forward in full scale.

The mobilization of -day witnessing on a worldwide scale. This time we really should wipe out the opposing force.

You should take a good memo of the Inquisition book. You will find it very, very useful. It is so very clear how the government planned the persecution.

The last. To bring the Unification Church into being the largest religious group in the whole of history.

Wishing you Godspeed. Amen.

Father wishes that you will take this memoranda for direction. Now you have a sense of direction, so read this carefully and follow that direction. That's what Father wishes. If America is Cain, America has no way to be saved. Our Unification Church position is Abel. With the result of their combining into one, then we can save the Parents' position. This is the Principle viewpoint.

Christianity, the established churches, must be combined into one with us. We clearly went over the conflict with the government, so the nation and our church became one in God's eyes, so together let us save American Christianity.

When we have accomplished this, then the foundation of Father's activity will become really strong; that means, of course, that the Christian churches will accept Father. That means everything-the whole problem will be solved. The Washington Times should understand this clearly and help by going together in the same direction. That is what newspapers are for.

CARP, campus ministry, and our church should really get together. There is no reason not to. With that understanding, Father wishes that you will do your very best and become a victor.

As a representative of campus ministry, can someone give the closing prayer?

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