The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Mainstripe And Point Of Origin Of Dispensational History - Part 2

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 2, 1991
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York
Translator - Col. Sang Kil Han

Is the topic of Father's sermon this morning the same as last week? Do you remember the sermon that Father didn't finish? What was the title? The Mainstream and Point of Origin of Dispensational History. That main stream is actually not a string but a stripe. Like the American flag which has red and white stripes. How many stripes are there on the American flag? [Thirteen.] Including Jesus with his disciples there were thirteen. Why does the American flag have thirteen stripes? Father believes they represent Jesus Christ and his twelve disciples. That is a great original starting point. You never thought like this, did you? There are fifty states now, but that is not the limit. How many more states would you like to add? Would you mind 100 states? You couldn't add on by fighting, but voluntarily, in search of love. Because they want deep love, other states would come to America and join. When it becomes big, you will sort it again and then it will continue to increase. That would be nice. Center on God and combine horizontally with True Parents and from there multiply many children. Expand into a big family. From there a family grows into a tribe and a tribe into a nation, a nation into the whole world and then spirit world connects into that and makes one. What kind of stream combines into one? What kind of stripe combines into one? When two can combine into unity, they cannot be separated. What kind of power and contents, what kind of love originated to make things combine into one? That's the problem.

Everyone likes power. Power emerges when the center is one. To have power there must be one center. The characteristics and attributes of power go up and become big, but it does not permeate horizontally. Love power is good, it is number one. All things melt with it. Love knowledge is good. Love money is good. It could go on forever and everyone would welcome it. Take out love and everything separates.

How many states does the United States have now, fifty? The Hawaiian Islands are also a state aren't they? In Hawaii, Anglo-Americans are a minority. Who is the majority? Orientals. Of those who go to Hawaii, many come back because the majority there is not Anglo. Father wanted to find out if there is any disharmony there. Father decided to settle there to make harmony among the people.

Reverend Moon has power, doesn't he? He has knowledge, too, and money too! But how can all those things be combined into one? What kind of origin can combine those three branches? Only God's true love. What an amazing, great thing this is within me! Within God! We have to know that. There are many people here; we all have to learn this. After learning we have to bequeath everything. For knowledge, power, money and true love, it is all the same. Centered on true love we can connect everything. If you follow this way with every kind of people, there is no arguing. Everything welcomes you. The original world has that kind of purpose. Centering on true love, everything automatically unites. Do you understand?

Centering on the American country, the flag has thirteen stripes. The center is Christ and the center of Christ is God. What is God's center? Not knowledge. That is not the gospel way or saving way. Knowledge does not have the power to save. Through true love's dwelling place, the saving way is opened. You don't need to teach that, the connection is always there, forever, with true love. Love cannot be separated from its result. Any pieces that are united through love cannot be separated. If one cell is here, love power is following it. Why doesn't it escape? Love pulls in and makes things embrace into one. Love has that kind of power in any activity. Do you understand?

Would you like Father to give you the whole sermon in English? Your distance to Father becomes less then, you cannot go around it.

Looking at the American flag we see the stars are white and some of the stripes are white. The red stripes are like a stream of blood. The white color represents the right wing and the red color represents the left wing. Altogether there are thirteen centering on God and Jesus' love. What kind of personality do they have? Love personality. Do you understand? What is God? God is the vertical True Parents. What was the point of Jesus' mission? To become the horizontal True Parents, to make vertical and horizontal completely combine into one point, one dot.

The original point of combining is only one dot. Within it, everything is included. That is the original root of everything. The center root is then connected to the center trunk and the center bud grows from there. That connects to true love. Every person has that original root. You have that sense. The extension that is inherited from generation to generation is that bud. Do you understand? Every existence has that kind of root, trunk and bud. That is one bud. It connects everything. The trunk is absolutely straight and vertical, connecting to support the horizontal development. The horizontal growth is going up and up, not going down. Every branch is growing up, up, up, up, up. There are branches in low places, middle places and in the highest place, centering on the trunk. Every branch combined with that trunk takes the same direction. All branches together make a circle. Why? All life elements make a circle in the tree. It is like blood veins circulating through the body, which move in a circle. That is the element of life essence forever. It has the same structure and contents throughout all humankind. All humankind has the same construction.

Father often thinks while looking at the flag that it would be very nice to have 160 stars. If Americans listen to what Father says and live by it they can attain 160 stars. What do you think? Would it be nice? [Yes.] The most important question here is, can blacks and whites in the outside world become one?

Branches are not perfectly straight, they are shaped more in an arc. Why is that? It is so they will go around back to the root. The magnetic field is like this also. The bud is here. When the tree dies and decays where does it start dying, from the root or from the top? [From the top.] Then it comes down. Right here is where they turn back to earth. If all living things don't become like that, the next generation cannot come. They absorb all the nutrients from the past generation. They inhale and exhale. Even in walking we use both legs, one step after another and keep a balance. Love is right at the center. If man is the right foot, woman is the left foot. What is your choice? Do you women want to be the right foot or the left foot? [Left foot.] Really? What about American women? Are you walking for the same objective and same purpose, not just "my" purpose? For women it is a little less strain to be the left foot rather than the right. In other words, a man always has to bear the center of the weight and direction. When they go they tend to go around. That is why when you're lost in the desert, though you mean to go straight, you always move in a circle. This is how you go astray. Everything is in motion.

Women are smaller in stature because man is the center, and they have to go along with him. If they were equal in size it would be difficult for a woman to go along with a man. Women, being smaller, will always be behind when she walks with a man. If a man wants to balance her he has to go around in a short diameter. Father has only been talking about these small and menial things and it has already taken fifteen minutes.

So, we absolutely need thirteen stripes. The Western world believes thirteen is the worst number. Why? Because of Jesus' death on the cross. That was when man lost hope. The number thirteen has been completely occupied by Satan, not God. God was chased out and Satan came to occupy everything. So we will kick him out again and makes this America's favorite number. We will again center it on God.

America is a Protestant, independent country. It is the only such country in the world. In the past, America was dependent on the English. The English occupied everything, but George Washington was against that. Washington, America's leader, was against the king. That means betrayal. Do you understand? To betray means to go astray, go sideways, not following the mainstream. He said, "We have to take action and make a revolution against the old system. We have to go another way." That is what Washington, the leader, proclaimed. It caused such terrible fighting. How serious the situation was at that time. It was seemingly hopeless. How could they stand up and defeat all of England's navy and soldiers? This is a strange ambition. Anyone who was not God-centered couldn't do it. God sent Washington to save this country. America was the first nation built by God. This was a new start for an ideal nation. One nation under God. However, the final purpose is not one nation under God, but one world under God. American people don't know that. One world under God is God's ideal. American has a powerful foundation standing on the deeds of many countries. People from other countries came to America for the purpose of finding one nation under God. Man cannot accomplish that centering on himself or his own value. He can't have the concept of occupying everything. So someone was sent to break through this barrier; that is Reverend Moon's activity. One nation under God is God's viewpoint and will.

This is a big problem. America is standing on a high level, but now America has to be connected to a global position. Other countries must follow, to make what? To make one world under God. One nation under God is not enough. That has been finished. After that the nation has to go up to the world level but American people don't know that. At the time of the second advent that door will be opened. At that time we must deny everything. All personal things have to be denied; the family system has to be denied, the nation has to deny everything, the world also has to go the way of denial. What is happening inside America is in accordance with that phenomena. American young people have no concept of parents. They don't have the concept of ideal husband and wife. They have no concept of the nation or the world. It is a vacant place. Why has this occurred? Who made this phenomenon? God did. The time is coming when everything will be completely denied. God knows that. Everything will be denied; sexual denial, man-woman denial, parents-children denial, nation denial, race denial. This will be the terminal point. All day long people will think about that "hippie" activity.

Men take off one cover, women two covers and say "I want to go streaking." This is shameful. God originally looks at that routine circle shape. You know that at three years old. You understand man and woman look different. You know, "Man has something like this and woman has something like that." You know which group you belong to. Every baby understands this. When they reach twenty years old, women's bosoms are big and their hips are wide. All the time men have wide shoulders and are so strong. Their hips are narrow. Men and women in birthday suits, completely naked forever. But separation cannot make an eternal foundation.

Why do we need four angles and a rounded circle? Think about this idea. Your mouth can open into a circle. Everything has a very round shape. Especially round is a woman's body. Artists draw woman's body, using a model. The shape is a good shape; round. Everything wants to touch that available, beautiful thing. Don't they? Because of women's hips, they walk like this. [Laughter.] Their hips are much too heavy. They make a balance with the center this way. They have to do that or they fall down. So their hips swing from side to side. Father is talking about variety.

The thirteen stripes are an important concept in America. How do you like that? Do you like this number thirteen? Until now the number thirteen has been bad. From now the restoration of the number thirteen is originated, and it will come back into the viewpoint of God's perspective. The number thirteen is number one. In the Orient, the number four is a very bad number. Six is also a bad number. It is Satan's number. Why is four bad? Satan took away and occupies the four position foundation. Orientals really take four as an ominous number. That means true love was lost.

From the beginning, what did the eye see? Bad parents. Humankind has seen bad parents only. They have smelled bad parents only, felt and touched bad parents only. They have only known the bad parents' contents. The original mind at our root doesn't like that. The foreign root was founded by Satan.

God created centering on true love. That original love is God's dwelling place. Once it is set up, nothing can cause the separation of this original power within me in the deepest place. Do you understand the deepest place? What if there were one cover, two covers, four covers over everything? With such covers you cannot make an influence on others. God doesn't like that. Originally it was to be very small. Instead, Satan rotated the body and gave it expansion, expansion, expansion until it surrounded the original mind. Satan says, "You, humankind, cannot cover again. I will occupy and surround all four corners, everything. From here I will make all humankind belong to me." So instead of God, Satan has become king. He imitated God's creation, didn't he? You have to know that. Your eyes are Satan's eyes. Your nose is Satan's nose. You inherited everything, all five senses from Satan. That's true.

How can we deny the five senses? In the religious world we were told don't see prosperity or beautiful sights. Don't look at anything outside. Deny everything. Turn around 180 degrees. Kick out yourself, kick out the nation, kick out all the world and original things too.

This is absolutely the terminal time for humankind, the time for denial. "There is no God." Satan made that concept of atheism and used it. Do you understand? The thief on Jesus' right represented the Christian world and ultimately, the entire religious world. The thieves are fighting. One side is the powerful political side. One side has less power. Constantly political power has killed religious people. Why? Satan's power surrounded the mind. This is shameful. Don't activate it again. Satan's power doesn't permit growth. This is the religious viewpoint. The separation of mind and body started the fighting within humankind. Why? The original ancestors had two owners or subjects. On one side was Satan, standing on the foundation of flesh. That is his root. The original root of humankind was created there. The external became a plus. Inside was a plus, too, and they came against each other. Do you understand?

The absolute God doesn't have an opposite side. Originally the flesh body was to follow the opposite side, the mind, which is standing in the plus position. That was to be the way of the original human ancestor. After the fall, the human ancestors went completely against God's way. It was not God's way, but Satan's way. Everything belonged to Satan, but today there is an internal stripe connecting, a thin stripe. It pulls back automatically. So how can they deny, making that a vacant place, a zero place? The string to pull the body is there. The flesh body has to be denied. It is too weak. Deny the individual personality, the family personality, the nation, everything. Take the fast way, the way of agony. Satan doesn't like that. Satan wants enjoyment. Like a grasshopper, dancing and singing, "Enjoy the world, all four corners and everything; full up our subject world." It is like the story of the ant and grasshopper. Americans have the attitude of the grasshopper. They like dancing the twist. Twisting is not the straight way. Twisting is twisted! Satan is represented by a snake. It is the crooked way. The snake's body is wound up with the tail, the middle and the head all going a different way. But Satan's purpose doesn't have any possessions. Now, American people don't possess anything, they have lost everything. That is the last of Satan's phenomena, now going on all over the world.

Here AIDS is a very fearful word. That is the free sex world's most fearful disease. How can it be denied? If we go back to the original love and sexual place, AIDS will disappear. That is good news for Unification Church. The Unification Church has to proclaim this information about the sexual organ. Make a revolution in the sexual world. No free sex. Connect to God's original love, to that foundation. In there, love is standing in the vertical position. Do you understand? First set up that vertical point, then you can make that horizontal branch, the children. Do you understand? Children; big one, small one, middle one. American people don't have this kind of vertical sexual concept. Everything is horizontal, even shaking hands. In the morning they greet everyone, "Good morning," everywhere. That's good phenomena but it needs to be centered on God. This kind of phenomena is centered on Satan.

All over the American country God looks down and thinks how miserable a situation this is. "Good morning", "Good morning", making friends and after that automatically taking a kiss, soon dancing and touching the sexual place. This is completely a sex-centered world. Married husbands and wives have no tradition of God. They need to make a foundation. You need to understand that phenomena so clearly. Don't make any connection between boy and girl. Don't touch hands. A boy thinks, "I am a boy and you are a girl." What is the final connecting purpose? What is the terminal point? To kiss and touch that third point. That is why the Unification Church does not permit that. Don't touch until you marry. After marriage, how much do you invest touching that hand? You want that meeting after marriage. You become so strong, completely united into one forever. Parents cannot separate that kind of man and woman. Even a beautiful woman or handsome guy cannot separate that man and woman. That is hopeful, true love. It possesses a vertical underground axis. Do you understand?

Once you take that axis position, no one can move you away from it. If you move out you fall down. It is absolutely straight. The absolutely straight way is such a pitiful place. It is such a lonely place. You have to have the horizontal. Make this horizontal way the global way. On the left hand, right, front, everywhere. Can any people touch your deep place.? No, no, no! Never forget. Cover those things with the round surface. Standing on the vertical alone is so lonely so God gave us horizontal love. A global surface is the ideal place. Why? If you kick a soccer ball, it rolls everywhere until it stops. Every place can establish the vertical position. I can make that vertical position any place. That is a peaceful place. It is a place of equalization. Do you understand? It is a harmonizing place. No one can deny, saying, "Don't take the vertical." At that time take the vertical and immediately everything will flow to the horizontal. What can take that kind of initiative? The true love center can do that. If Reverend Moon takes that true love position, the whole universe becomes vertical centering on God. If we put God on top we immediately go the vertical way. Everybody can do that. Do you understand?

We need both the vertical and horizontal forever. Both have to make a circle. That is their purpose. All is harmonized and unified in a revolving place. We need to take this small axis position and automatically everything will make harmony, immediately the vertical position will appear. At that time, how proud you will be, "At this time the universe combined with me, follows me, connected into one. Who is the center? Not the universe, but me!" How wonderful! This is ideal existence! Do you understand? Without that phenomena, action cannot take place anywhere. But true love can do that.

You have this stripe in your deepest original mind. But you don't think about it, you always forget. You have forgotten everything. By what is Satan's power terminated? Repentance and change. You have to know that. The fallen generation belongs to Satan. Your eyes belong to Satan's eye, your sense of smell is Satan's, your mouth is talking Satan's words, your hearing too belongs to Satan. All your five senses are hitting your mind's ideal point and trying to take it into Satan's selfish world. That fighting has continued all through history. Until now that fighting didn't stop. We have to stop it there! From this terrible place we have to show humankind real hope.

Many varieties of religion exist on earth but they don't know that. The original mind didn't know that. How can they solve the original mistake that resulted in the fighting we still have today? Only one person knows-Reverend Moon, and until now, he has not been so well thought of. Some rumors have been told about me, "Reverend Moon is very bad. Moon has a mafia. The leader of the 'M' mafia is Reverend Moon."

In America is there any more fearful religious leader than Reverend Moon? Only one guy is standing here making problems all over the free world. "How can we cast him out?" people ask. If Reverend Moon is cast out, automatically God will follow him. Why? Reverend Moon has the vertical point of view. If he moves here automatically God follows his position. Otherwise God breaks down, and has no powerful foundation. Reverend Moon goes everywhere and so God goes everywhere, making harmonized action. Why? Through true love power. It is the shortest way. God and Reverend Moon connect in true love every time. The shortest line is only the vertical line. Do you understand? Only the vertical line.

We need to have ninety degrees. Ninety-one degrees is different from the shortest vertical line. True love is the original short cut to the vertical. That means that God and humankind's true love center is forever combined into one. Not just any kind of people can be permitted to occupy this point. This point is the true love point forever. Reverend Moon is moving following the vertical line. Reverend Moon came to America and God followed him here. If Reverend Moon leaves America, American Unification members think, "Oh Father is not here, the whole atmosphere feels vacant, zero." You feel that way. You think, "This place is too melancholy. It is too lonely. I cannot express it clearly. Why do I feel this way in my mind? I cannot move around or feel freedom." You shrink. Is that true? You ask, "When will Father come back here?" and you start counting. One or two days pass, one month or six months pass and still I don't come back. Soon you will think, "I will go visit Father's place." Your mind thinks that way, doesn't it? When Reverend Moon goes back to Korea, many people will think they want to go there too. You have that kind of mind, you cannot control it.

American people will tell you, "Don't do that!" America is powerful and will make many obstacles, but it won't matter, your mind can fly over them to go back to Reverend Moon. All Unification members have the mind to make one with the center, Reverend Moon. That is a strange phenomena, isn't it? Outside people cannot understand the deepest meaning so their conclusion is, "Reverend Moon is a mysterious guy." Every day they meet but don't want to separate. Is that true or not? I don't know, but you know well what Father is talking about!

You cannot attain that position just through education. When you strive toward perfection you are automatically connected in that way. That stripe within your mind is following that effort. No matter how powerful a nation may be, or even if the power of the cosmos wants to break that stripe, they cannot. That is Reverend Moon's thought.

The American government wants to cut this stripe and separate everything. But it cannot, no matter how sharp the sword. Trying to cut that stripe is like trying to cut a rubber band. It will just bounce off. No matter how long one tries, the rubber band will always spring back to it's original place. No problem. God understands the true love rubber band. God Himself cannot cut it. So God's concluding position is, "I will follow you forever. You are a true love rubber band. No matter how strong a power I have within me, I cannot cut it. This is the most valuable thing, I will protect that." God Himself will absolutely obey and respect this true love rubber band.

Ask God, "God what do You need?" He will say, "I don't need money. There is enough money everywhere." God can make every creature. Using His power He can make a diamond mountain or a gold mountain. He says, "I don't need that kind of high place, do you want that? You need a golden diamond field everywhere but I don't need that." Answer clearly. Does God need money? [No.] God can make anything He needs. In Korea, the word 'mani' sounds like money. The sound is good. It means much, so mani money has a good sound-"much, much money." So absolutely God needs money, right? [No.]

God made man and woman as subject and object. Man is on the right side and woman is on the left side. There are two kinds of parallel lines. What connects the two? How can these two separate lines be joined in a way that will not allow them to separate forever? Automatically a magnetic power exists. The south pole automatically feels drawn to where? The north pole. The north's magnetic power is drawn to the south. Why do they respond in such a way? That is the essence of the original existence. Man is walking this way and woman is walking this way. When they meet, they feel excitement. Who is stimulating them? All day they concentrate all six senses. Man looks over to the left and says, "Oh, woman!" and a woman looks over to the right and sees, "Oh man!" Automatically their bodies also recognize each other. From there they make unity at three points. On this straight line they make one dot and three points. This line connects two points. Who can make three points? Who can create three dots and set them up in the universe? Can man himself do that, set up three points and surroundings anyplace? No, he cannot do that.

So man stands on the right side and the woman on the left. Then starting at the same time they move toward the third place or meeting point. That meeting point automatically becomes the center. The woman will say, "I found you are a great guy."

The man will say, "You're more than a great guy. Meet me immediately on the left side." Their eyes, their feelings, their smell, their talk will mingle and unite, circling faster and faster and faster. Their hearts will make a powerful pounding sound. That sound will be heard all over the universe. The universe will say, "You are making the start of an ideal male and female. How wonderful that concept is. I like that!" That sound will automatically be broadcast like an electric wave which can't be seen. It makes a powerful stripe as it hits every cell. Each cell will say, "That's not bad!" They will feel intoxicated and it will be good. Think about that. The man will touch the woman and say, "That's not so bad," as he touches her mouth, her ear, her whole face. Touching is good even down to the deepest place. You feel a strange power. The first touch feels good. The second time an overwhelming feeling covers you. Then you go on. Sensitive touching satisfies the hand's life-style. If you are touching everywhere, a wife will ask her husband, "What is that? There are two things with something in the center. That's strange. What's that? It's like a ball." Touching that gets a woman excited. Even looking at it is good. The smell is good. Touching that one place is good.

Women have a secret place. If a woman welcomes you then everything opens. Night time, day time, any time you will be welcomed. Man and woman can be completely united through their sexual organs. A man has the giving place. The woman is the receiving place. Where can a man and a woman be connected into one? Through the sexual organs. At that time a woman and a man complete one circle. Next, they make a circle to cover all four corners of the world- one circle for the east, one towards the west, another south and one covering the north. With this circle becoming bigger and bigger, all the vacancies will be taken up. Eventually it will become global making every variety of circle. What a wonderful feeling, to have every corner of the earth filled up with that kind of circular relationships. You have that kind of mission-to fill the world with men and women guided by such a concept of true love. Do you understand?

You eventually all have to pass away to the spiritual world, don't you? Anyone who says, "I'm not going to the spiritual world," raise your hand. No one. A small river runs down and down toward the sea, creating a current and joining with others to make bigger and bigger branches of the river. Soon they join the mainstream and at last join the ocean. Water that joins a small stream eventually goes to the ocean. The black current travels for 5000 miles making a circle. Did you know that? It makes a circle-having the same basis for universal existence. All things there harmonizing with the opposite or subject position. Complete subject-object positions cannot disappear. Divine Principle teaches that kind of concept, doesn't it?

So every person has that stripe deep within them. A woman's stripe can combine into one with a man's, and that way it becomes strong. So strong it cannot be cut by anything. This is sovereignty, power. Nothing can cut it. You must obey it and follow it. You cannot separate forever. Men and women have that kind of stripe, that kind of thread which is always connected with God.

How can you connect into one? Not with money, not power, not knowledge. Only centering on true love. Don't forget! Both men and women have that kind of power to build a nation of true love, harmonizing and creating equalization. They can create a peaceful world, a world full of happiness. An exciting world.

Lacking that true love, how can you make excitement? How can you make a peaceful world or a world of happiness? You cannot do that. Only centering on true love can you connect everywhere.

If, centered on these clothes this morning, I connect forever with my true love partner, then how precious is even one piece of that clothing. Connected with love, everything becomes valuable. If you lack true love, no matter how beautiful a diamond ring may be, it has no value. Arrange yourself every day to have a beautiful appearance, but never lacking true love. Otherwise all those precious diamond rings or jewelry can just be cast out. Is that true? American women know it. No one wants to recognize someone lacking love. That sense is real in me, in the family, in society, and in the world.

We need a true love axis spinning in a global fashion. The ideal position is only one place. All the created world and human kind can be connected into one point by true love, and settle there in love's dwelling place. If you make that kind of foundation, any being, including God cannot remove it. God wants to follow that kind of moving love. Do you understand?

Men and women have a stripe. This woman's background connects to the first female ancestor of humankind, the so-called Eve. Man's stripe is connected to the so-called first male ancestor-Adam. In Korean, the concept of Adam means "man made wall". Eve in Korean, means "have to work to prepare everything to come back again." Adam means "wall." That wall has to be torn down. That's a strange language! Koreans describe the act of the fall saying that Adam and Eve "picked and ate." Like picking a cherry or picking an apple out of a tree and then eating it. Without their even knowing all this biblical background, when someone commits adultery they say they "took and ate".

Those who do not have all these stripes, strings or thread (they all mean the same thing) raise your hands. There are many invisible strings and threads we inherit from our parents or even from grandparents whom you might never have seen. What is your wish? Do you want the string which connects you to God and your parents to be eternal or temporary? [Eternal!] In America, do people have that concept of eternity? What about the ties or thread between brothers and sisters; do you want that to be eternal also? [Yes.] Somehow that sounds strange to Father. Do you Americans really mean that? What about between a man and a woman? Is there such a string existing? If you are husband and wife, yes. Do you want that to be eternal or temporary? [Forever.] But American people's concept is not like that.

What about the inseparable string with your country? Do you have that? [Yes.] What about your connection with the world? Even though we cannot see it and sometimes cannot even feel it, but something still pulls us in that direction. The mind, with the speed and accuracy tens of thousands times more powerful than a computer, is always evaluating and measuring the strength of your string with the world. How does the mind work? It contains the original measure or standard. All you have to do is apply that and measure yourself.

What about something like a radio wave. It's there even though you cannot see it. It may be strong, or it may not be strong, but it is very much there, and it is always connected to us. When a typhoon blows or a mild wind blows the wave length becomes different. The action of the waves becomes different. That happens with man. We have many kinds of strings and thread to keep in touch with other people. They have different shapes and strengths. Each of the millions of stars in this big universe sends a special wave or string connecting to each individual person on earth. Depending on how it varies, our four hundred billion cells within our body are affected, sometimes becoming happy. There are literally millions of different waves which we cannot see, but they are there. If you turn the radio on, waves come in. There are threads or strings of waves all moving back and forth. Different waves, different frequencies, different strengths, all passing through. If there is an antenna along their path, they kiss it and continue on. Each keeps his own wavelength. They never collide with each other and stop. Is this far fetched imagination or a scientific explanation? This is the way it is.

So many waves come to us and towards us, but do we have an antenna which will catch them? The most ideal antenna would be a golden antenna. Is that true? What is the "golden antenna" in the human world? For picking up true love waves, what do we have? What is true love? What kind of expression is it? If we compare true love to gold and diamonds there should be golden true love and diamond true love. Nothing can top the brightness of golden true love. It's the best. Nothing can be harder than the hardness of diamond true love. It's a different quality of true love. When you scratch over pure gold, does the scratch mark remain there or not? Yes, it does. It is soft, but it is never changing. It never changes its color. What is it that is more never-changing than gold and is harder than a diamond? What is it? The personality made centering on true love. That kind of true love is more valuable than gold or diamonds. All spirit waves want to meet and kiss that antenna! It never goes away, never fades, never perishes.

The true love center is like gold and diamond. All things and all beings, certainly all mankind, want to find their own direction and perpetuate and fulfill themselves through True Parents. Only by going through True Parents can they do that. As long as we prepare ourselves to catch that wave coming from True Parents and from God, we are instantly connected.

[Father draws a humorous looking man on the board.] This looks like an Oriental face. The body also is Oriental. Notice the feet are rather small. [He draws another.] Do you love an Oriental teacher? That means me. That Oriental teacher always hits American women, always brings her up as the subject and hits her and hits her again saying, "She is like this" and "She does that." You know that for any metal, especially pure gold, the more times you strike it, the better it becomes. Do you agree? You know how the Japanese make their samurai swords. They pound it ritualistically. They put a lot of spirit into it and continue pounding day after day and month after month until it becomes a masterpiece. Do you understand? Have you ever heard Father saying, "You relax today. Take off your clothes and just lay down and take all the naps you want. It is your day off." Has Father ever given you one day like that in the many years of the Unification movement? No, he tells you that every day you have to work hard and take action. You cannot relax or escape. Your heads really resisted those words. You didn't enjoy hearing them at all, but your bones became stronger because of it. Because of those strong words you have settled down in a stable way. Through time those words will gradually work their way up to your head. At last you will become like that, thinking, "I will work harder and put more power into it."

Do you know how hard God trained Father? Father says he doesn't even want to think about it. If Father had a mind like the merchants in this world, he would try to escape from the coming of a man like himself. When do you know God loves Father. That is when Father is in the worst condition, like jail. Let's say Father is really exhausted, then God comes and loves him so much, that after a while Father liked to go to jail because that is where he would experience the love of God. When Father is so exhausted that he cannot even think, he just sits on his own, then God talks to him . He doesn't even want to hear, but he cannot help it. God tells him, "Tomorrow such and such a thing will happen, you'd better know it." Father knows that. Because of that, the other inmates understand that Father is an unusual person. They came to understand him. In Hung Nam prison this was really pronounced. Father knew a couple of days ahead of time, who was going to die so Father would tell them and it would surely happen. Sometimes for dinner, hardly a dinner, but whatever the evening meal would be, maybe Pollock soup, but two thirds of the fish was hopelessly spoiled and bad, so Father would tell them, "Don't eat that or you will certainly get sick." Believing him, they wouldn't eat and those who did would get sick. Then everyone understood he was an unusual person. He was a person with a strange power. To them it seemed strange but not to Father. Someone who was in jail at the same time as Father wrote a book about him. The name of it is "Holy Man in Prison." He observed Father, and wrote about things that Father doesn't even remember now.

Now, knowing what is good for us, Father is telling us to suffer. Every time Father talks to us he cannot mention anything except to suffer. He wants us to meet God. Prison is a place to meet God. Satan's world cannot connect freely. There is a border line there. In prison there is no boundary line, God can connect with you freely. Jail is the lowest and worst place. Without going through what God has always experienced we cannot really meet Him.

In Japan, during a fierce money earning era, one member lived in a van for thirteen years. Can anyone in America survive that? Could American women survive that situation? Can you do that? It is easy to say yes, but try to live it. He or she had the support of spirit world. As long as she was in the van, she was told everything about what was going to happen the same day or the next day. But if she went home, it was pitch dark and she never knew what was going to happen the next moment. However in the van it was so light, God was there. So she chose to live in the van for thirteen years. The only way we can understand God's heart is to go to such places.

[Referring to drawings on board.] Here's an Oriental and here's a Westerner. Is there any string which connects them making them one? Now there is a rumor that there is a real man living here in America. When you hear that, do you imagine that real man just loves white people or does he love all people including Asian people and even those Eskimos who seem to be forgotten? A real man can think thoughts and reach to white people or extend to black people and Asian people, including Eskimo people. Do you understand? He can reach out to people in the spiritual world in the same way. At last when he reaches the universal level, he will go back down. When one side is taken care of then the opposite side has to be taken care of too. There is always preparation. A real man appearing here will recreate a real woman, and so recreate the universe. He has to make that kind of different woman. This is the creation concept. As soon as a complete plus appears, automatically a minus appears. What is that complete man; that absolutely complete plus? He is okay in every position. What is the contrary word to complete man; imitation man? [Fake.] What is a real man? How about Reverend Moon? [Real man!] A completely real man? [Yes.] No, no, no, until now, not complete. Satan is still against me. That kind of power remains in humankind and comes against me and I digested them one by one. By the appearance of the book, Inquisition in America, intelligent people read it and it changes their understanding.

This is a time of transition from the dark days to a time of light. Now if they find any point, they will come out and say, "Reverend Moon is not bad after all. In fact he is good." This string and thread, which is the original point has as its terminal point, what? What is the most important element in man? What is the most important point in the universe or in spirit world? What is the important point in God? What is the common denominator even within my own family and sons and daughters; the thing that applies to everyone? What is that common denominator? Diamonds, knowledge, power, those things are almost nothing compared to it. You may boast of your billions of dollars of wealth here, but when you go to spirit world you will be asked, "So you are rich, eh? How much do you have? How many acres of land do you have?" You will not be able to speak. An immense territory, your hometown territory is waiting for you forever. How much land do you have to possess before you can be proud? How many years do you have to spend to study? We studied so many hours and years but how much knowledge did we get? We don't need that. In the spirit world you can study for a few hours and catch everything. So you say, "I have a doctorate degree from Harvard, so I am qualified to go to heaven." Father says that is foolish.

What about power? Yesterday Mr. Ju was explaining that in Washington, DC there are many statues. All the statues are directed to the White House, it shows they are power oriented. Any president of the United States, who has tremendous power over the whole world, could he go to spirit world and say, "I am the President of the United States, open up the gates of heaven!"? All things would ignore him or spit him out. He will be asked, "Do you have the passport signed by God? Did True Parents approve it?" So power is not important in the spirit world.

On the contrary those who cried and wept for the sake of the poor people, and constantly tried to help them, who lived for their sake and loved them, those kind of people will find a certain door into heaven. One gate is for those filial sons and daughters who really suffered all his or her life to serve their parents. That kind of person will never go to hell. The clan or group of people who served for the sake of the country and really suffered, were imprisoned or died, they will never go to hell. Also, a holy man, who serves and eventually dies for the sake of the world, the world cannot deny him. The gate of heaven is opened for him.

That common denominator is a very important element. It applies to everything. It is true love. What is true love? Here is one way of explaining it. True love is where we are willing to go, gladly abandoning even our own life in the fallen world, where we don't even mind forsaking our life in the old world, only glad to go that route of true love. How tedious, even tired God must be because God had to maintain this criteria of love all throughout human history. Through all the different types of fallen history, Father had to deal with that love. We are only concerned about one generation, our own lifetime here on earth, seventy or eighty years and true love is what we're talking about. Those who do not know what true love is or never hear of it, certainly have not practiced it. That kind of person, compared with God, who has been suffering so much while trying to establish true love here in the fallen world, can that kind of person walk into the spirit world and say, "Where is God, I am his son"? Can you do that?

It's been almost forty years since 1954. In '54, '55, '56 and all those different years, different kinds of people opposed Father. Father had to shed tears and pray for them. Father had to not only persevere, but try to bring them around. The only way to do this was love. Every year a different person opposed Father in a different way. Every moment of each year, Father tried to appease them. If Father was as short tempered as you and wanted to retaliate towards those who came against him, like you do, Father couldn't even have continued living one moment. But knowing God and inheriting His traditional love, Father cannot retaliate against anybody, he only tried to be more loving. They were demanding for Father to love them more. Father has been living like that, thinking that he must improve himself because it must be his shortcoming.

What is the strong string or thread? That strong string would center on Reverend Moon, Father knows that. What is your answer-to cut every string that is not worthwhile, free yourself from all strings and come strengthen that string between True Parents and you. Would you answer yes to that? [Yes!] Knowing your answer is positive, Father confidently brought all of you together here, Easterner and Westerner, and Father made a matching and married you in peace. So if Father raises you up it is okay. If Father brings you down, it's okay. If Father makes you go around it's okay. But, eventually who is it that takes responsibility of the consequences? If Father raises you up, who takes the responsibility if you do wrong? If Father brings you down, who takes the responsibility for those consequences? Of course, Father does. Father is forever in the subject position. You are standing in the objects position. We all connect into one and take a long, long time. In that there is forever life, forever law, forever family, centered on unchangeable true love. Isn't that true? You know well; more than me!

So you all have strings connecting you with your physical brothers and sisters, your parents, someone who you loved, all sorts of strings. But we would like to replace those with a stronger string. The only thing you have to do is just connect it. You are ready because you're connecting point is ready. How powerful would that string be connecting you to God! You feel, "I am so happy as a child of God!" Vertically connected into one, that is the ideal dot, the stable position; one place. After that vertical position is established, the horizontal is automatically made. At first man is ignorant about that, but after he grows up he begins looking and saying, "What is that?" In there is brother's situation, parent's situation, grandparents and relatives. He learns the concept of caring about them. This expands to the concept of concern for the nation and after that the world.

The whole world wants to connect to a pair centered on true love. The mineral world is a world of plus and minus, they connect centered on love. The insect world has male and female and centered on love they connect into one. What kind of part does that? The most important part; the sexual organ. The animal world, male and female connect there centering on love and the same thing with man and woman. Why was man and woman born? For love; forever centering on true love. You have reached that kind of true love purpose. On one hand, a woman cannot become a complete person by herself. She needs a partner. The same is true for man. Man absolutely needs woman and woman absolutely needs man. For man what is the most precious thing? Not gold, not knowledge, not power. The most precious, most valuable, most absolutely needed thing for man is woman. For woman, true man. That is absolutely the most valuable thing. Do you understand?

In puberty, your mind is striving to become global. Your mind wants to embrace everything. There is no obstacle there, you want to welcome and accumulate everything. At that time what purpose do all five senses focus on? True love partnership. A woman says, "A man is the most valuable one for me." The strong thread that connects there pulls everything in. It pushes nothing out. Automatically, "Look at her eye. Your nose is most beautiful." A man has bold power. Woman has gentle, soft power. When the soft one and hard one hit together, an explosion is there, centering on true love. "I am the happiest one in the universe! How happy I am!" Laughing and dancing, going around everywhere. At that time, the whole universe surrounds you. You don't know that they are dancing in spirit world. Even the tree and the grass are dancing. That's good. How much happiness and satisfaction! After finding that, how much pride you will have. You will feel everything is made for you, that everything belongs to you. Everything wants to touch your hand. Everything is concerned with the central person. You want to stand in that kind of position, don't you? Even small women and ugly women too! That kind of love is so powerful, it makes a big wind blowing the sea into big waves. God will say, "Look at how happy I am. For the first time I met my eternal partner in the created world!" You cannot be separated. "You are my partner forever!" No kind of existence can change your position. Happiness is there. That is real freedom. American people's freedom sounds good but the contents are bad. If people live in a principled world they can find freedom. If a country has organizations based on systematic denial can people find freedom? [No.] There is no form of protection there. That is the most fearful place. Centering on himself, can a person do whatever he wants and call that freedom? No. If I take whatever I want and eat it any time, is that "eating freedom"? No. Originally we are to eat for divine love. Then automatically whatever we put in our mouths, the taste will be wonderful and our mouths can welcome everything. If you eat selfishly, even your mouth will want to spit out the food.

White people and black people need unity to find freedom. The freedom people have sought until now is not based on unity, and it doesn't follow any formula. Using a formula of unity, a person can connect with the natural world. This is a universal formula. It is the concept of divine law. Can we deny universal law and, centering on the self, find freedom? No. We must follow the Divine laws. Only in that way can you get freedom. The original axis of truth is what Reverend Moon is always talking about. In that you will find true love. True love connects completely-every law. There are no obstacles. You cannot find freedom or eternal welcome any other way. Do you understand? The place of true love is where you will find eternal freedom.

When you take that position, your parents will look at you and feel so much joy. They will say, "I feel so good. I respect you." That is the couples' correct place. "My husband is my key to eternal freedom. At night I can do anything." Centering on the wife's heart of true love, they can connect into one. After that action, everything will welcome them forever throughout their whole lifetime. True freedom is there. True freedom will connect to true happiness. Also there, family happiness will connect to and be experienced all over the whole world. Every place will become part of a happy, peaceful world. That kind of situation is what our church calls heaven on earth. Father wants to go to a black family and feel welcomed, "Welcome Reverend Moon!" Blessed couples can do that. Reverend Moon's true love initiates that kind of valuable action where he can be welcomed every time. Look at that phenomenon. I initiated the action which brought that result. When I look at that, how much happiness is in me! That's true.

Every blessed couple wants to visit me. Every morning at the breakfast table, and lunch and dinner, everyone will prepare hoping Father will come to their place. God will hear you asking, "Please, please." This sound will accumulate and fill up the world. That kind of family is a connecting place. When you look at that kind of father who is sensitive, you feel understood. At that time you will shout "Mansei! For so long I have sought the kind of purpose that I feel in this moment." What a happy sound that would make all over the universe. It would make one wave going all around the atmosphere and at one point burst out. It's like an explosion. It would be that powerful, touching all existence. The whole universe will be concerned with the center of that phenomena. You will be and will feel that kind of value as the center of the earth. How happy you will be! When you experience that tears will fall automatically. After that, your mouth will be laughing. First will come the feeling welling up in you and after that you will laugh. You will not laugh before the feeling. The whole universe will harmonize with that kind of action. [Father does a little dance.]

No matter how many people throughout the world come together against me, I cannot take the easy way. Instead I push more to connect more strongly. Once I stop, I inhale and then exhale this natural world. The universe exists by taking action, by making relationship and creating harmony. After taking some kind of opposing action, you can reach in and make a connection with something that will last eternally. Do you understand?

So in the history of the dispensation the most important thing is to exchange that old string, to change from all the old ties to new ties. Until now, we have lived in a fallen world. No one can deny that and we should be aware of that. The age of new creation is coming. This is a time for expressing our agony. If we don't experience this it is wrong. This is the time of recreating hope.

How much you need to be trained according to the standard of how Father was trained by God! God promised Father all the glory of the universe and the very next moment he would find himself in jail. Over and over again this happened. When Father went to Danbury everybody cried over the situation. But Father didn't. Father saw that moment from the other side of the wall where the Unification Church would be much better qualified to have dominion over the world in true love.

In Jesus' time, restoration was centered on the establishment of the vertical axis. But at the time of Father's imprisonment in Danbury, the cross was for him to become the center and spread out horizontally, to spread out wide and broad by making each one qualify as Tribal Messiah. Father knew that clearly before going to Danbury. Father was standing in the horizontal center. The long horizontal line was equal to the high vertical line. I am standing in the center representing the vertical line. Not any kind of guy can occupy this position. This is an eternal position, do you understand? From this position Reverend Moon can grasp right wing and left wing. That kind of time is already close. I understood that in Danbury.

After resurrecting Reverend Moon's name in America, new birth will spread. Now is the time to do this with the aid of the book Inquisition. Did you read the Washington Post article? They criticized the book's contents. Still they said even if what that book says is only fifty percent true, then Reverend Moon has been unjustly sent to jail by the American government. They cannot deny it. We know 100 percent of the contents of the book are correct. So Reverend Moon's name is being resurrected in the free world. America is being reborn. So after fourteen years, Reverend Moon's influence will reaching the top of the world's foundation. Do you understand?

In 1998, it will be fourteen years after 1984. After sixteen years it will be the year 2000. So imagine in nine years from now, by the year 2000, how much Reverend Moon's name will be resurrected. How much more people will understand and respect him. Think about my visit to Moscow last year. In one year how much things have changed! Think about that. America will respond in that kind of way too. In the year 2000 people will ask, "Who can lead centered on God?" God-ism will turn up everywhere.

That string and the original point we lost because of the fall will become important to people again. In dispensational history the most important thing is to restore these two. We must find enough value and importance in them so we will forget our past glories-anything that you thought was worthwhile, any ambitions of the past. You can forget about the past and with more ambition and more pride, invest yourself into making these new ties. Of course everyone wants to achieve this, but it is complicated and takes a long time.

What is it which is simple and can still achieve all these things meticulously? Father thought about that. It is none other than international marriage, especially international marriages where the spouses are from enemy countries. By wedding them and making a successful life, we restore all things at one time. So the grudge of each enemy nation will be dissolved by couples from enemy countries embracing each other in love. Father thought that for countries like Germany and England, Japan and America, Japan and Korea, and Orientals and Westerners, there was never any better symbolic and eventually substantial restoration. Families might really complain, "Why do you have to marry the spouse from the enemy country?" But Father's perspective is different. Centering on true love, recreating that relationship can be done in seven years. This is what Father aimed for and now we have it. Seven years is what it takes. It will also take perseverance. Don't open your mouth, don't complain, don't even utter any words during this seven years. The fallen world is now against God. If someone meets this restorational phenomena but continues in their old way is a bad guy and cannot follow God.

After one day, two days, three days of getting persecution, your mind is making the sound, "You are bad, compared to American daughters-in-law and sons-in-law". Who made that kind of valuable tradition, that kind of high level action? The guy saying, "Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad" will automatically go down. Eventually he will reach the bottom, the original standing place and say, "I am sorry. Forgive me for everything I did, for taking the wrong direction. Please forgive me. I will make recompense for everything."

He will come to say, "Look at that daughter-in-law. Mansei. Glorious God, she endured victoriously all during this time. How great. You have shown me the way of goodness. You have introduced me to the victorious way. You are indeed good my son and daughter".

Do you understand? It takes seven years. Most families fail during the first three or four years. Until now there were many enemy countries and for forty years Japanese son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws were often unwelcome. In the beginning they make trouble. After that we begin to hear the sound of happiness from every corner. Then parents open their mouths and say, "Well done." The relatives will say, "You have done well in our family. You have become like a son. How wonderful it is to have an Oriental daughter or Oriental son. We don't like American sons and daughters. They deny everything." It happens automatically.

Our members first have to deny everything while creating a welcoming atmosphere. Everything, must be denied-their youth, their country, background and culture. The way America is going is not so good. Not so good or not so bad, which one? Not so good means bad. All the time you say, "Not so good, not so bad". That is complicated. You use that too much.

Every family and relative will question "Why a Japanese son-in-law or daughter-in-law?" Parents, brothers and sisters question too. This is like God, taking action, and after continual action they will fall down. The wilderness will become flat. What a great power is making this result! How enjoyable it is for me. I am thankful to God and thankful for True Parents, thankful for my husband and wife forever. It's great. I like that. The Oriental woman's skin feels good, it is so soft. The American women's skin feel so coarse in comparison.

International marriage is so wonderful from the Unification viewpoint. How wonderful? It can embrace people from all over the world. We want to reach further and further afield. This is wonderful. We will reach down, down, through the center of the earth to the universe and finally make it whole. How wonderful. There will be no enemies there. Every place will welcome you. "Come here, we've been wanting to meet you for a long time." Is that true? There are more than 24,000 blessed couples all over the world. They are the tribal messiah center for all of humanity. In their countries too, the same negative concepts exist. We have to cut all these. Do you understand? Cut away all these strings at one time. Only the couples who follow remain in there centering on Father and God to make the four positions. They connect and stand strong against any stones thrown at them. Those who throw the stones will lose everything. Watch the enemy side-they will loose their sight, their hearing, their sense of smell, their concepts, and they will become simply a vacant place. At last they will say, "What shall I do? I have a variety of diseases. Where can I find treatment?" They will look over all four corners of the earth and eventually they will realize that the doctor to solve that disease is a disciple of Reverend Moon. They will come to understand. At that time they will crawl to you like an animal. At that time they will welcome our inter-marriage. "Welcome if your wife wants to come here, day or night or for a long, long time. You did it and now I welcome you. Please come in." They will embrace you and you can give them the injection. They will pledge, "Forever I will follow you. You are my center."

Yes, we have to change it and what is the most important thing? True love, true life and true lineage. All are the same T. L. The true love lineage automatically combines to make a trinity. "T" from true means God crossing that bridge. "L" from love is man crossing that bridge. The "up bridge" and "down bridge" make a circle centering on true love, true life and true lineage. Do you need that? How valuable is it? Can you pay for it with your life? Our blood is still connected to Satan's blood. But we must think about making God's vibration.

Summer weather is here and it is hot. This is the time when outside people take vacations. The other day I stopped by Washington. I went down the main street in Washington on a Friday in the evening time. There were no cars and no men. It looked just like a vacant place. They all go out to vacation somewhere else. Reverend Moon is working hard. In the summertime Father doesn't take a vacation, but goes out to sea and catches fish from very early in the morning. From early morning to late evening Father stays out. Why? People are starving all over the earth; over two million people a year. I am working to supply that kind of root and foundation to feed these people. Go to the ocean, the ocean is connected to every place.

I made all the preparation. I made the boats and connected with that office there, so that forty family people can be centered in missionary work and connect with ocean businesses all over the world. They are centered in key countries. Yesterday you heard Father's sermon here. Water is powerful. If you connect with water power you can liberate the starving world. Do you understand? Water is everywhere.

Are you a true love center? [Yes.] With what? [God's love.] Connecting to True Parents. You had bad parents. From bad parents bad love began. In there is connected bad life and bad blood lineage. How can you completely deny yourselves and make a zero point? The crossing place or junction is the zero point. Do you understand? Go through that and take the other way. Without going through there you cannot reach the righteous way. You have to go through that zero point to complete restoration. How can you reach the zero point? You have a concept. "I didn't know that; I forgot. Even though I went to high school, I forgot everything. Father teach us." The most friendly guy forgets everything. People take their dates out and later, "Oh, I forgot his (or her) name completely."

Completely re-learn everything. Forget zero. Is taking the zero point the easy way or difficult way? Answer me! It is very, very difficult. How can we erase all the past and return to the zero point which is the same as the original point? That is international marriage. Satan is very upset, telling the modern world "Don't do that, don't deny anything!" When you stand in the position of denial you stand in the zero point. That is God's side. That is the way of persecution. Persecution is not bad when it can return you to the original point.

Man cannot separate everything. I am the center and everything is coming against me. When a man and woman are joined together in international marriage, they can stand and make a victorious center. Western people and Eastern people will combine into one. The Western world and Eastern world used to be enemies. Now we are changing them to true love partners. Digesting this is no problem. This is the most valuable way of denial, taking the side of God. Father understood that. Yet at the start, everything in the world, every kind of existence came against me. But the last victor will be me. Satan's side is defeated at last. As one side goes down, the other side is ascending into heaven. Both the name and reality of Reverend Moon are going up to the clouds. Unification love power surrounds me like a cloud. My way is the way of salvation. That is actually reality, not just concept.

American leaders are now welcoming me. That too is reality. The high level Soviet world is now welcoming me. While I was in the Soviet Union, leaders from all fifteen republics visited me and received a good education. We made a great impact. When they left, they asked, "Please visit our country. We will welcome you and treat you like a king. No matter how other powerful nations may treat you, please come to us. If you want to speak, we will give you the national television center." They made these recommendations to me! They showed their appreciation. Satan's world's strings were cut away.

Now America's CIA says, "We need Reverend Moon. Don't go home." Before Father went to jail, all American leaders and American people said, "Reverend Moon and all you Asian people, go back home!" The same sound covered the whole free world at that time, especially coming from white people. People from twenty five nations were targeting me. I was this lonely guy, representing God's place, getting shot at. Every arrow hit me, every bullet. Who protected me? God. However, instead of hitting me that bullet will go back to their children, their parents and at last their nation. This is why America is dying. America is perishing isn't it? There is no brake. So who can put the brake on? Reverend Moon. But how difficult it is to make that powerful brake. Father received persecution and had to make many sacrifices. It is not easy to choose and take this way. Do you understand? This is reality. If Reverend Moon passed them by, what would the American people do in the future?

You have to know that through true love you have received everything. How many times have you inherited Satan's life? How much do you want to cast him out. God wants that to take over every place. Father went to Danbury of his own accord. Think about the Justice Department. After their indictment against Reverend Moon they thought he would never return to the United States. Immediately after Father heard the news in Germany, he traveled to Korea for one night and then returned directly to America. They were amazed and fearful. That result is bad and is connected to America's decline. That is the historic result. America did this.

The tide of the white people has overshadowed the oriental, but now centered on Reverend Moon, the current is changing. At this time Reverend Moon is outstripping the western world. This is one of the phenomena through which God creates universal destiny. No one can stop this fate.

Reverend Moon is a smart guy. How can he ride on God's fate? For him fate is like a horse. Father got on God's fate and traveled on it. As he rode he was persecuted, and as he ran he was hit. Educated Americans can't do this. Exhausted they fall down saying, "I cannot go there. This is not freedom's real way." Nor can they continue through dinner or through their sleeping time. They reiterate, "I don't like this" and finally fall down.

This course is like the Olympic games Reverend Moon is making the training hard, providing strong discipline. Americans are undisciplined. They are like the grasshopper wanting only to be free. But what we really need is strict discipline. Do you understand? How strict is the discipline of the Divine Principle viewpoint? If you cannot be strongly disciplined you cannot take number one place in the competition and receive the Olympic prize. These phenomena will continue forever. In that there is hope. Otherwise there is no hope.

In the last Olympics the Soviet Union was number one, America was number two and Korea was number four. West Germany was number three. Satan's side was number one, through the Soviets. West Germany was number three. The free world was number two. Korea was number four. So Satan's side is up there and America is going down. That is bad. The spirit is the same. The American spirit is ebbing as the vertical concept is being lost. However, since Reverend Moon came to this country the vertical concept is getting stronger. Man and the vertical concept have to become completely one, more than in communism. Communist people came here and for three days received Divine Principle education. They took these ideas in completely.

Those who have received the blessing, raise your hands. You stand in the position to cut away everything. Cut away all old ties and traditions. Re-connect with the new lineage. The meaning is long life. Long life has a long distance to travel. A long life can control long distance no problem. In the spirit world there is no time, no space, no distance. The only center is true love power. I understand the existence of that kind of love world. It is absolutely valuable there, you would not exchange it for anything. Standing in that position of true love power you can control things so that when you go to the spiritual world, you can connect with me immediately in the king's position.

All through history what was Cain and Abel's mission? That of elders which is the king's realm; the elder position. Parents are in king's position. Family, parents, and True Parents are the center. By centering on God and True Parents, you connect into one and grow day by day. The spiritual world is united centering on True Parents. From now on that kind of phenomenon is going to happen on the earth during the next twelve years, from 1988 to 2000. From the time of the Korean Olympics, it has become Reverend Moon's space. Reverend Moon cast out the net of Korean love of relatives. No matter if Kim Il Sung is against me, he has no more power. I made that restorational condition. Many delegations, five delegations met Kim Il Sung. He sent great gifts back to me. Any kind of people: political people, diplomatic people, business people, professors, technologists, they didn't understand. Just me. The Korean government now understands. That's my responsibility, not the Korean government's. So I connect with the Soviets, that is not United States' mission. It is Reverend Moon's mission, True Parent's mission. America is connected in this. Satan's power connects both countries. God doesn't want that. Immediately Reverend Moon has take back the Soviet Union and the world, to God's side. He has accomplished that.

KGB leaders and high level military generals are now asking, "What shall I do." I will connect them. During the last seventy three years the KGB killed and slaughtered many people. Now every village, every factory, every area is saying, "We cannot remain a part of such communist activity." They chase them out. They want to clean up. Almost 200 million people died. The German situation is not comparable to the Soviet Union. That is Father's last job. I will educate them too. How fearful is Satan's action. But we will clean this mess up and make it into God's world. Do you understand? This is my mission. This is not the CIA's mission or America's mission. This is my mission, I have to do it.

Father is making unification of the American side and the Soviet side too. This is reality. Is this the easy way or difficult way? Making unity is the solution. Twenty years ago, Father started the underground movement. My missionaries went everywhere. You didn't know that. You think Father just takes the normal, happy way. No. We are so serious, otherwise we cannot overcome Satan. We need the indemnity course. This is the final conclusion. Unless there is this action, there cannot be restoration. Ultimately I will have visited Japan jails, Korean jails-the North Korean jail represented the worst communism of all, and an America jail. The last jail is perhaps a Soviet jail. If Father doesn't take action for fear of the future, then who could solve the problem? Father is waiting to go to jail again in the future. Father has to digest that. At the time of the Moscow rally, Novosti immediately recommended, "From now we will make education the way to turn around Sovietism. It is the only hopeful way." They understood well. Now we're making a foundation in Moscow and from there we will expand out. We are bringing the leaders to America to educate them here. The money I spend clearly has a pay back. The Novosti agency welcomed me. But so much happened during our short visit that we need two months more to digest it all.

People cannot always easily agree with my recommendations. So first I approach the professors. For example I visited Moscow university and made a professors organization representing Soviet professors there. Immediately they connect with other professors. So already we have had 300 people visit here from Moscow University. Soon Americans will visit Moscow University and make a rally representing all universities. In the communist world it is no problem to gather that kind of crowd. "We will do it, if you want to. Why not?" We will stir up a good problem in the Soviet Union. People will wonder what Reverend Moon is doing at Moscow University. Initially there will be little harvest.

The problem is that the political bureau centered on the communists and the KGB. So we have to immediately combine two aspects. Communist organizations want all the young people to become its members. Every university is concerned about that kind of activity on campus. The campus is the education place of Marx-Lenin theory. Now in their place, students will be trained in Unification thought, the Godism training course. Why not make such a change? We will make all the preparations. What shall Reverend Moon bring about? Hope. "We will do it." We need quite a bit of money, but they will say, "I will pay."

During the three days of education, Soviet teachers and theoretical leaders kneel down saying, "Please, we understand. We Soviets understand clearly this is not a place of hope. This has been Satan's foundation for seventy three years. We understand. How many have perished on the earth? We did not do well. Reverend Moon please hurry and make retribution for that decision. What shall we do?"

Izvestia represents all the Soviet newspapers. Three people including the chief at the center, and the general manager came here with a group recently. After a meeting they came up as representatives. "We read the translated contents of the Divine Principle. We looked at our situation. We have to make corrections." They asked me, "Please can you do it Reverend Moon?" "Okay, I will. But after a certain point, you will have to do it."

We want to have professors representing all Soviet regions writing this in the paper. Almost seventy million people read that paper and learn from it. It is the most powerful people's paper. We can connect to Novosti agency's information, no problem. They want that kind of participation now.

Also, Divine Principle is now going through translation for the Soviets. It will go through the daily newspapers and the television centers, the radio centers. At one time it will burst out. Why did they say to me, "Do you know in Soviet area they take freedom of religion seriously now. Many Christians are sending books to Soviets. Bibles are being sent by the hundred, thousand volumes!" It is like a flood going into the Soviet Union now. The Russian Orthodox church must start up again. But their present concept and spirit is not so hopeful. We know well that before people read our doctrine, they criticize it. But after that they recommend Unificationism and Divine Principle as number one. Once people read Divine Principle, every other religious book is automatically cast out. The Soviet world has the best chance to survive with Godism. Their country has only one paper, not several only one. That is Izvestia. This is not just talk. It is being done.

Think about the Soviet people and Soviet area. Thirty six countries were connected to the communist world. That's almost two billion people. So at one time you can influence two billion people with the Divine Principle.

The three most important L's in unification are life, love and lineage. You have true love, true life, and true lineage. Before the blessing is a ceremony where you go through a junction and change your blood lineage. But you do not know the meaning of the contents of that ceremony. You now have blood lineage ownership. True love and true life ownership-you've got it. But you didn't know completely the contents. At least the effect is good, not bad.

At that time, there is a kind of "vacant place" made that we have to fill up later by our effort. Our effort is most essential. Shed tears, sweat and blood. This is your mission, to dedicate and sacrifice yourself. Father did everything already. Do you understand? You have to go over and fulfill your 5% by going the way of indemnity. That is your responsibility, not Father's. Raise up your family, each of you. Raise your family, your tribe and your nation. Your mission of 5% still remains. When you accomplish tribal messiahship you will automatically connect to the vertical center of the world which Father has already established. New branches have survived reaching all four corners of the world. The new branches connect and graft starting new life. True life, true love and true lineage connect there at the new bud. The new bud grows up into a new branch, new flower and new fruit. Soon the harvest is coming. Invest there. Harvest time is when we can make ownership. All humankind wants to discover their terminal purpose. God will harvest and put it in a warehouse at the end of the days. You have a key; a true love, true life, true blood lineage key. We can tell our relatives, our tribe, "follow me." Automatically it will open there. The nations of all four corners will be free, no problem. Do you understand? That time is appearing. How can you deny it? Is it acceptable or exemptible? Acceptable! Do you follow me? Is this fair? Will you do it? [Yes!] "I like these three TL's forever. Combined within me, we can get into all of the created world on the earth, the spirit world, my territory, my free foundation. How wonderful this is. This great, great big universal meeting! Awesome! Every time awesome, forever." Centering on love, we can use God's creative power. We can make everything with the love concept at the center.

I want to see several hundred thousand enthusiastic people at one time in a large hall. Then we can immediately make it a love center. We'll have beautiful chairs and podium and good equipment everywhere. How wonderful! I want to make great preparations for food. Imagine, a hundred thousand million people in one place, one banquet, all wearing golden clothes! How wonderful it would be with everyone looking so good! Your tongue would just hang out. Even your tongue wants to reach out to taste true love too. Once your eyes see it you would just want to leap and jump in. "Don't do that! I love more!" Your love partner wants to meet you there. Automatically your eye is standing in the position of king centering on love. There is settlement there centering on love, like God's partner. At that time with everything centered on love we could make everything beautiful. This would be a natural phenomena. Talking would be so good, feeling is so good. Even when it is time to sleep your eyes will stay open. Spirit world doesn't sleep, do you understand? They go through the night dancing everywhere, making melodies-like my granddaughter! No one taught her!

Your spirit mind will forever fully enjoy the spirit body. There at last you will be able to celebrate my re-birthday. You will be able to greet me again and have a re-birth day centering on true love.

This time we learnt the reality of true love. In spirit world the air is love-air. We eat love-food and wear love-clothes True Parents, our real parents give us centering on true love. How wonderful these clothes are. You will want to kiss them. There will be so much love. But even one hundred times more than kissing your clothes you will want to kiss your husband. One time you kiss your husband you will want to bite him. Even if you draw blood, he will fall down laughing because there is so much love. He will say, " I understand. Thank you. What a wonderful woman." That's true.

What shall Father talk about? Father says if you kick him in love he doesn't mind, if you pinch him in love he doesn't mind either. Isn't that true? If you become an invalid because of love, you know, if someone kisses you and bites a chunk off, when you go to heaven, that part that was bitten off will go ahead! It goes a step ahead of the rest of the body. The mouth of one who kissed so well in true love will go to heaven first. If you love in a balanced way you go to heaven in a balanced way.

Think about love-air. It will feel so good you will want to breathe in and out so much. "This is so good I welcome all air. Love atmosphere you are forever!" Is that true? Of course, preparation was made for thousands of years before people came into the created world. Centering on love, the preparation is your part, your ownership. That is now my house-world, centering on love. My relatives, tribe or my country-world.

Reverend Moon is a smart guy isn't he? He is a handsome guy too! That's true. Father's face is strong, looking from the side he looks strong, like a wrestler. Father's weight is 210 pounds. You think, "That much weight?" It doesn't look like it because I am a well harmonized person. So many woman look at me and think, "I want to make him my husband, what shall I do?" I have turned down many women all over the world. In America too, women follow me. They can't kiss me, but have to keep a distance of one meter. If one time they kiss, next they will bite. But Father can't afford to lose so many bites every time they kiss Father!

Time passes so quickly. Now do you understand Father's point? True love. Everything is based on true love, do you like that? Can you become a small king or a full king? [Full king.] Baby king or adult king? [Adult king.] You know the answers well. But can you actually do that, can you become a great king? Then you have to take a proud position. "When people visit me, I will fill up anyplace, everywhere and be proud of it. I'll fill you up."

After that you are talking about happiness, freedom and a peaceful world. Why not? You can do that. Do you understand? You have to welcome your parents and relatives. Until now you couldn't do that, but in this time we are welcoming that. You can automatically connect to your tribe at one time. Engraft all at one time. Not just a small branch, but a great big branch. Making a big branch all at once is tribal messiahship, no problem. After making that connection we can quickly step to the national level. Then with three kinds of nations connected we don't need a country. Do you understand? As more and more unify, there will be expansion to the world-level.

So let's make a conclusion. We should take as the most important things in dispensational history these three things: true love, true life, true lineage. We should do our best to deny the rest. We simply have to deny all and re-connect here to true love.

[Speaking to one Japanese brother.] You love white people don't you? [Yes.] Until now you hated them. I hated white people before I understood the Divine Principle. After you understand, then you have to love, you have no choice.

So now we know, Father has been dealing with the most complicated situation, trying to set it right. Father spoke something which in seven days even the highest scholars would have to study to grasp because the level that Father is teaching on is so big. Father didn't learn all these things from somewhere else. Imagine how many questions these high level scholars asked Father during the science conference! These scholars are really something else. Each has his own particular summit or field where they have no teacher. They are the teacher themselves and still they ask so many questions to Father. Every time they were flabbergasted by Father's answer. Gradually they turned around and came to respect Father. It didn't happen over night, it took time to become like that. For eighteen years, nothing bothered all the prominent scholars more every year than the theme "Absolute Value". It really bothered them. In the beginning they rebelled against him but Father wouldn't budge. The amazing thing was, that as rebellious as they were, the ones who stayed succumbed to the truth, then, boy, this was different. They were different. They completely jumped into it without reservation. Father has seen a professor who really shed tears. He was so glad to see Father, he embraced him with tears. More than you. And he didn't even have the extensive training that we have had. He lives far from you, but he has that kind of heart. We cannot evade the conclusion, now that we know and have seen the effect of practicing this truth, through True Father and many others.

So the month of June is full of green and your cells become full of life. Those who say, "Father, I will take responsibility for myself and my country", raise your hands! Bless you! Amen!

"Amen" means a man is number one man, centering on true love, how wonderful, how amazing such a thing is when it appears on the earth! God looks at that and feels so good!

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