The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Unification Church And The Land And The Sea

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 1, 1991
Belvedere, New York
Translator Col. Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's speech this morning is The Unification Church and the Land and the Sea. Where has man gained dominion today, on land or sea or in space? Yes, on land. How much water is found within the human body? Two thirds? Three quarters. In a way, man is like a bag of water. He consists of water. What do we take in the most, food or water? [Water.] All grains also have lots of water in them. Since we are living on land we are depending on and exploiting the land. We weren't born with all the nutrition necessary inside of us. We depend on an outside source. We are born small but we absorb and absorb and take and take and thus become big. You eat steaks don't you? When we slaughter cattle and eat their flesh, do we just eat the cattle itself or are we eating something along with that? It's good to our taste. It means we are getting the best part of the cattle and making it a part of myself. Just think about it, in the animal kingdom, do you find any species of animals that eat as much variety or as much quantity as human beings do? There is nothing human kind does not eat or absorb. Centering on man, many forms of the creation exist, for whom were they created? We have a saying in Korean. We live to eat or we eat to live. It is interchangeable.

Which is the country that pays most attention to the sea even though they are living on the land? Which do you think is greater, the number of animals living on land or in the sea? Have you ever counted them? You can only think about it. Do the fish of the ocean come to the land and eat the grass and feed on the animals of the land? No. Of course there are a lot of fearful animals in the ocean like sharks and killer whales and huge animals. Even though there are a number of fierce animals in the water, has anyone heard that they come on shore to occupy the land? How grateful we should be to the ocean then. It is really the source of our life.

Where does the water come from originally? Does it come from the spring or a river? Where do we get it from? Think about it, unless water is evaporated into the atmosphere to form clouds, where can we get water? Could the Hudson River exist without that cycle? Could the Mississippi River, the pride of America, have come into being? Does the Mississippi belong to America? No, before it belongs to America, it belongs to the ocean. Where do you think we get rain? Without water all the conditions on the land by which a man can live would not exist. If there was only one kind of tree on the face of the earth, how unhappy we would be! Would animals like only one kind of tree like evergreens or just deciduous trees? If there was only one kind of grass it would be so complicated. Is there anyone who feels, "I like the desert, I don't like greens" or "I don't like rocks"? Sometimes rocks get in our way but without them it would be very inconvenient for us. Even rocks serve a purpose. When rocks form a cliff underwater and water swirls around and all things end up on the bottom, scavenger fish, such as catfish, come down and vacuum up all the food in that kind of area. Nothing exists without reason and everything exists for good reason, including things found in the ocean. In turbulent water with rocky cliffs, small fish will collide and die there. Bigger fish then come and feed on them. That is what happens where the current is too swift and the small fish can't maintain control.

In the ocean we see a clear chain, a small fish is eaten by a bigger one and that fish is eaten by little bigger one and that one is eaten by a still bigger one. There is a very clear pattern. Do you think they feel sorry or good when they eat a smaller fish. Good! In the world of fish, anything smaller than their mouth is gulped down. In a fish, is there any part which he does not need? Would fish exchange their eyes for even a hundred human eyes which are supposedly much more precious and valuable? Even if a smaller fish were offered everything that the ocean has in exchange for it's eyes, it would say, "No, I will not exchange that for my own eyes." Looking at this we wonder, did they come into being like that, by themselves, or did someone plan this and then create it? If a tiger came and ate anything it wanted to during the daytime, would other animals be able to exist? Surprisingly we see tigers spend most of the day sleeping. They never prowl around twenty-four hours a day, eating. They wait until midnight and about two hours from that time they wake up and go out to find food, whereas smaller animals prowl around in the daytime and when night comes they go to sleep. Large predatory animals hide themselves in the daytime and work only a few hours at night.

Man, however, eats everything, even whales. There is nothing on the land man does not eat. Man goes after all creatures walking on four legs. Man also goes after birds that fly in the sky. It is only man who goes after fish in the deepest part of the ocean, animals that can only tee found in the highest parts of the mountain and even birds that fly miles high. Man goes after every one of them. Do any fish, no matter how big or skillful, hunt for a bird that flies? Eagles and some other species of bird feed on fish, but if they had plenty of food on land they would prefer that. Which species has the privilege of eating all other things whether they be from land, ocean or air? It is only man.

Why are Americans bigger in size and stature? Because they have been feeding on beef and other animals generation after generation. Those people who are obese and are getting fatter and fatter until it becomes a problem are Americans and other meat eaters. See how many cases there are in this country. For those from the Orient it is a strange and surprising sight to see a man who is as big as a drum. Father one time saw a big woman who was sitting on two chairs. Like the biggest animal becomes a king of all animals, by the same token we can imagine the biggest woman will one day become a true mother! Vegetarians never get that big. If someone asks you, "Is there any meat you haven't eaten?" Can you answer, "Yes, there are many things I haven't tried"? You have seen the movie Shogun, haven't you? It swept the country in 1978. It showed the Japanese eating raw fish. The Westerners thought the Japanese were hopeless barbarians, that they were not civilized. Today a lot of Americans go to Japanese restaurants and eat sashimi. When they eat sashimi they never use a knife and fork because it's unsavory. They use chopsticks and carefully hold up the piece of fish and look at it and say, "Wow, this is expensive!" Then they gingerly drop it into their mouths and appreciate it. They just drop it in and the taste of it is something else! You don't eat this with a fork. With a fork you have to carry your food. You either carry your mouth to the fork or carry your fork to your mouth. Those who never tried eating sashimi will never understand. You know when we were young we used to roast soy beans, toss them up into the air and catch them in our mouths. You will never know how much fun this is unless you did it yourself. It is exciting so it makes the taste very good. Father did that a lot. Even now Father misses the roast beans. If he had some he would toss them in succession so that they land in his mouth. Sometimes with a mouthful of roast beans, he would stand above a small pebble and shoot them out. When he hit the pebble he'd feel so good! And when you go to the bathroom, which is a different type of bathroom than what we have in America, the kind of bathroom you used to have 100 years ago, but everyone in Korea still has, you can look down at your droppings. Then you gather saliva, phlegm if you have it, is better, and you try to drop it down and hit the droppings without hitting your own body! If it comes down just the right way and lands on a bull's-eye, you feel good! Sometimes you try three days to hit on the bull's-eye and smell, oh no, it doesn't smell so bad at all, but after three days, you feel so good when you finally succeed in hitting the bull's-eye. So seriously you bomb it. Hit it and after that you feel so successful. Why is Father telling us this? Depending on how a man plans and achieves that plan, happiness comes from that. It is a happy occasion when you plan something and then accomplish it.

When man lives a long life on earth and then goes to spirit world and calls, "All the flesh I've eaten on earth, now assemble", all the animals will assemble in front of you. All existence lives for the sake of something larger than itself, and those things which are larger exist for someone else still larger. The world is simply not the strong eat the weak like Charles Darwin said. That is a dead wrong perspective of life. It is not the strong eat the weak. It is the owner of the universe, the one who created the universe, created all things for the sake of man, period. Things were created with that specific purpose in mind.

So has man conquered the ocean or not? Did or didn't man conquer the land? Of course he did. What about space? He did that too. The flow of culture or civilization is like a winding river. A river starts from a trickle and becomes larger, bigger in width and deeper. It looks like a snake doesn't it? Why does a river wind? What is your answer? In order for it to become long and wide. That is why the river winds. Which is the longest river on earth? [Nile.] Which is the widest? The river has to become long and travel far and then it embraces a large amount of animals. The river chooses to travel in a winding pattern. When there is a valley, it follows all the valleys around the mountain. There are many tributaries, smaller rivers to feed on the large one-. Would American water and Korean water get married or not? Would Americans put up a fence to keep out clouds made from evaporated Korean water, saying "You are contaminated, don't come"? Would it work? No. No matter what a man does, nature works by itself. Among water there are many elements, but is water dirty or clean? Think about it, three quarters of an animals mass is water so when they die, where do they end up? They supply water, don't they? Where does it end up? In a river under the earth. Water says, "There is nothing I haven't conquered. Green grass don't be proud of yourself. If I wasn't a part of you, you would never be as green as that." Is this true or not? It is. Even in the driest desert, once in a while a big rain comes.

It really is an ideal setting that God provided. When it is hot all the clouds gather together. Everything is balanced. Even though it is hot weather and a lot of clouds gather together, when it stays hot, then there is all kinds of water coming at the same time. But in the evening it cools down. What would happen to your body if water proclaimed that "By the great king of water I will concentrate only in one area!" Your nose would not exist anymore because it is water. If all water came into a man, he would simply be another big drop of water. Tigers drink water by lapping. Have you see that? Cattle are too big to do that, they almost siphon water in, but tigers drink water by a stoke of the tongue. Even big tigers. They don't drink like human beings do, they can only lap a few drops at a time. Is there animal you can name which does not take water? There is no exception. How precious or expensive water is! Which is more precious, one's life or water? Water is almost as precious. Everything we see beauty in and see as useful, was made possible through water. Now we want to feel appreciative towards water.

Today's topic is the Unification Church and the land and the ocean. Which is more important, the land or the ocean? Have you ever stopped to think like that? Through Father pointing this out specifically we can come to think, "Why didn't I think of that before?" If there is no water in an area of land, it becomes a desert. All the scenic beauty in the United States and all around the world, like beautiful mountains which boast huge cedar trees and all greenery, none of them would have ever been possible without water. All the streams and brooks and waterfalls, how properly they fit in with the scenery, flowing through it. All are the works of water. Think about the huge amount of snow up in the north and how it gradually melts to supply a steady flow of water. All these things are works of art of water. The ocean has traditionally been nourishing all the living things on earth and creating all the greens, supplying food for all the animals. That is what the ocean has been doing, nourishing all creatures including humankind too. Should we be proud of it or grateful for the fact we have water in our body? Should America be proud of being the strongest country or should it be the one most appreciative of water? [Most appreciative.] You should be humble towards water and very grateful for water.

Water goes as high as it can, all the way up to the sky, but then it seeps down to the deepest core of the earth as well. It goes not only high and deep, but also wide. There is no space where living things do not owe their life to water. There is no where water does not occupy compared to the human conquering of the world. Wherever water goes all living things must follow. This is true. Which would be more precious, pure air or pure water? In this perspective the most necessary thing for human kind is water, number one. And what is the second most important thing? Air. And what else do we need? Sunshine. To sustain life these are the three elements necessary; water, air and sunshine. Why do we go to the beach to get lots of sunshine? [Father draws on the board.] This is land, this is ocean and this is the seashore. Why do we have to go to the sea? The man who lives on land wants to go to the seashore to get in contact with the water and have lots of good air to inhale. That's what they want to do; get water, sunshine and air.

[Father writes some Chinese characters on the board.] Depending on which line is wider, this connotes sunshine, this connotes speaking. Most people use this one but Father says it has to be this way. This means scenery, which has sun right here. This 'kyung' means metropolis where a huge concentration of man can be found. This is where the king lives and the president lives. The highest being in human society would live right here. This second word is father. Actually this is the way this word is analyzed. This means father. This means to reach fatherhood. These two words together is "scenery." There is no other way to express scenery. It has a "sun" in it, "metropolis" in it and "reaching to fatherhood" in it. So when you go to the seashore you have good water, good air and good sunshine. While you're swimming, do you feel thirsty like you need to drink McCol or cola or anything like that? Actually as long as you are immersed in the water, you don't have to drink a drop of water. This is because all your cells, instead of taking water through your mouth, take it in directly. Do you remember Father spoke many years ago for sixteen and a half hours? During that time he never went to the bathroom. You might wonder how this is possible. It is because the water dissipates through sweat. Likewise the body absorbs water too. Usually you don't have to take water to the seashore, but many do just out of habit. They think they are thirsty. If you really are thirsty just immerse yourself in the water. Like a whale, just stay under a few seconds there then come up again. If you do that often enough you never need to drink any water. Maybe you need lots of water because you're sitting in the sand and the sand absorbs your water, not the other way around!

Again, the most important elements for sustaining human life are water, air and sunshine. Wherever water goes, air goes too. What about in the ocean, is there air underwater or not? Yes, there is. Father went to the ocean; has Father's skin become darker or lighter? Which do you like; lighter or darker? [Darker.] Do you like white people or black people? One reason you like darker people is that throughout history, perhaps the race that killed more people is the white race, not the other way. It's not reasoning, it is a fact. When you go to spirit world there are not many white people in heaven. The gigantic universe is fair. It is not unfair. It is fair and balanced. Which would you prefer, more men than women or more women than men? You might say, "More women", but what would eventually happen if you have more women than men? What if there are more men than women? Isn't it surprising that some families have lots of daughters? All they have is five, six or seven daughters. But on average there are about the same number of men and women in the world. Why do you think some people lose their husbands or wives early? If you become a widow or widower of course you feel sad, but you never thought, "I am greatly taking part in balancing these numbers of men and women." When there are too many men, a few men will go to spirit world so that the number will balance out. It's true. Is there any better way of explaining it? Have you ever gone into it to determine if this is really true? Of course you haven't done that, have you? So everything is working for its own balance. Do you think those who lived the longest on earth are necessarily the happiest people? Not necessarily. Everything is fair. If you go to spirit world earlier, it's not necessarily bad because you sin so much less. You will find that in the spirit world you would have to work less to offset it and indemnify your life. It's true. You might say, "It's not fair that old person is still living, he's useless. Why does he live a long time?" and here is a young person who is very promising and he dies young. Is it unfair? No. From the big eye of the universe it is a fair act of balancing.

Those who are dozing off in Father's sermon this morning, how can they doze? Where else can they get this precious kind of talk? Father wonders to himself, "Oh, he must have worked very hard last night. What would he have done? Maybe he went to rob something in the night time. What did he do?" If he has done something worthwhile and as a result of that he dozes, fine, he can be forgiven. But if he didn't do nice things, yet he is dozing off, because this is valuable and precious, the punishment going to him will be even greater. That's always the way it is. The world is fair. When Father says this, that very person who was dozing off now feels ashamed and bows down. Not even reaching that degree of repentance is the person who is yawning, "Oh, I had a good sleep." That is something we should be ashamed of. The universe will look down on that kind of person.

When you go to a firing range the focus of your attention is the target. There is nothing but this point at the center which matters. When someone hits that everybody is in an uproar. Though we have a small congregation, this meeting is more important than the Christians of existing churches, even though millions of them may gather together. Which is more valuable, a huge church like that or this small handful of Unification Church members? You already know.

Have you ever heard of or seen any minister who takes the ocean very seriously and goes out to the ocean every day and explores? What about women, do you think men love the ocean more than women do? Yes, it is true. Woman is like an island, men represent land. Women automatically want to see the land centered on someone. Women do not really care so much about the ocean. Do they like catching fish or catching anything? No. There are two very different responses from men and women. If you have an 80 pound striped bass on the line, the man is so excited he wants to plunge right into the water and embrace it and catch it. Whereas women look down at it and ask, "What is it? It is big." They want to retreat. She is afraid of the teeth. She's even afraid of the splash!

The blackfish like Father caught yesterday have an amazingly strong set of teeth. They can crush anything, including the hard shell of a clam. There is all kinds of attention you have to give in catching different species of fish. To catch blackfish you have to be the most sensitive. We use crate for bait. [Father draws picture on the board.] Everyone knows what a crab is, right? Father is showing you all the detail. The eyes stick way out because he has to see far. They look like an antenna. Take the live crab and cut it in half and use it as bait. It is attached to the hook like this. This is the line and the man with the pole is here. The blackfish will come around and take this bait away. It's really amazing how he does this and then gets away. You have to time it right. Be careful and when the fish strikes you have to land it. Father's record catch is a whopping fifty-two blackfish in one day. Yesterday Father wanted to break that, but he caught forty-two. If he caught fifty-two fish and each one averages two pounds, that is 104 pounds. If you get five dollars per pound that is $520. Wherever you go, you can live on fishing; striped bass, tuna, any species. There were seven men on the boat and altogether they caught sixty-two fish. Father caught forty-two, so the other six people landed the remaining twenty. This is usual and always true. Father catches more than two thirds of the total catch all by himself. Halibut fishing in Alaska is the same.

The highest boat price of tuna is $37 per pound. Can you believe that? Insane, but true. Eighteen years ago when Father first caught tuna, the boat price was ten cents a pound. Who brought this increase in the price? Father did and everyone knows it. The fisherman are very respectful of that. Fisherman like Reverend Moon. Without that raise in the fish price they would have gone out of business. This is one example that Father knows more about the ocean than anyone else, how the fish live, many things. The only thing Father didn't catch is a whale, of course. It is now forbidden to catch. If Father was given permission to catch a whale, just imagine how many whales Father could catch! There are lots of big exotic fish in the Amazon River. They need to be caught too. Why does Reverend Moon catch fish? Father simply wants to find out about the species of fish which God created for us years and years ago. "My own Father who created these, after millions of years, what is remaining and what do they look like?" Should Father continue this exploration until he gets old or should he quit catching fish? If Father catches all these kinds of fish, later on he can say, "Anybody who catches the same fish as Father caught bring it here." When Father says, "All Unification Church members who caught the same species as Father caught, have them stuffed then bring them all to one place like Seoul". Seoul will be full of all species of fish, a museum. Those who respect and love and try to become one with Reverend Moon will all come and appreciate this museum aquarium. When Father catches a fish, do the leaders here want to take it to the taxidermist and make a trophy? When later asked, you can say, "This is the original fish which Father caught on this certain date here in America." In years to come can't you see the value of that? People will want to come from all over the world to see. If you have lots of these mounted trophies of the fish that Father caught, the more you have the more America can be proud of. But if America doesn't have it, and only says, "I don't know where they went" later on, then really you lose face and value.

It was 1962 when Father built the first boat. Father sees that the future food supply of mankind lies in the ocean not on land. Fish will not only be caught, but bred and farmed in the ocean and fed to man. You can achieve an endless supply of food from the ocean. Fish farming will bring in thousands of times more yield than a ranch on land. Here is an example. The biggest tuna Father caught was 1,273 pounds. Almost a record size. If you catch one tuna like that it provides one year's wages for a high salaried person. Catch one fish and you can live off of it for the whole year. If Father was a professional fisherman and he had to make a living from it, he would make it a point to follow the tuna. How many do you think he could catch? Many. How much money could he bring from it? You can figure it out. If it is $38,000 for one fish and you catch 100 fish. . . it is in the millions of dollars. Of course if you fish seriously for the whole year, you can live comfortably for your entire life. We see the magnitude and impact of this already. But women don't see that, they tell their husbands, "Don't go to the ocean like Father says, don't be a fisherman. Go to college. You have to go to school and make a good salary. That is better." Look at how much a fisherman can receive in just one month. That is a problem. Each one wants to be a rich person, don't you? Everyone wants to be a millionaire. There are many things you can do. If you have no place else to go and make a good living, all you have to do is go to the ocean and learn how to make a good catch. Better yet, you can have an island and build that island to be a better kingdom than anywhere else. You can do that by catching fish. Its so resourceful.

[Father draws another picture.] This is a small boat with an American flag. Here is a man and a smaller figure which is a woman. Father has been out on a boat for sixteen years now, he began in 1976. Father spends a great deal of time on the boat, but Father never just spends time, you know that. Father is thinking deeply about many things. What do you think Father thinks about when he goes to the ocean? Now Father has seen so many boats out working on the ocean, he can explain what is wrong and what is good with each boat design. He knows how to make them better. Now Father can make the most beautiful, most convenient boat for fishing. Do you understand? That is the most important thing-convenience. That boat is the One Hope. One Hope boats are the one thing which Father did that I don't understand so much." Starting from that most beautiful boat of that size we can go bigger and bigger in size. Father can make any boat in any size. Father already made a foundation. Recently Father bought a factory trawler boat where they can do their own canning and processing. Now we are rebuilding it with our own equipment and techniques. Father can do anything with a boat as far as shipbuilding is concerned including net making and distribution of nets. Our company can make any kind of boat, no problem. We are now researching submarines. In the future five family members will want to live in a good place. Which is the best place? The mountain top is not the best. The middle of the sea is, down under the water. How can you live there? The most useful thing for that is a submarine. Do you understand? You can go to the most deep, cool place, going down, where there is no heat. You can look at every kind of fish, day and night. Surrounded by all those colorful fish swimming and dancing, how wonderful! Starting here from an American port, there is no boundary, you can go everywhere freely. What a convenient way of living. What do you think? I like that. I will live like that until I have to go to spirit world. How wonderful you are when Father makes that foundation and leaves it for you. For you, not for me. "For me" means only one man. "For you" means for everybody. Do you understand? For you I research everywhere. In doing so Father never relied on anybody. Father pioneered strictly by himself. How much Father thought about the ocean you can only imagine. Ordinary fishermen are different. They bring in the fish, just count the head of the fish and that's all. That's the end of it. But for Father, he thinks about the future of human kind, the future of the Unification Church and many things related to that. There is nothing Father didn't contemplate while fishing.

One day Father went bluefishing all day and through the night. He reeled in fish after fish. Father knows that no one could possibly catch more bluefish than he did that night. He caught 400 plus fish. Why did Father do that? Because Father needs a record. In order to check with God he needs a record. Don't you think it is strange, from the fish's point of view there are other hooks and other bait, other people have poles, but the fish come around and instead of biting them, the fish bite Father's bait. They are sensitive to smell. There is something different about Father's bait. How wonderful it is, when Father catches one fish that represents a certain number of mankind being restored. Otherwise, they will just become expendable.

Do you know how Christians survived by using the fish through Roman persecution? That's a good fish Father drew. Christians used this symbol and survived. That's the secret emblem. As soon as the fish submerges, no one can see the fish. All they see is the horizon. The Roman Empire had such great prosperity, but the Christian world was like the bottom of the sea. This is how the Christians survived. All anyone could see was the horizontal water line, but submerged under that, the strong Christian empire was being built. Once the Romans come down they cannot go up again. They simply perished. Whereas the Christians came up, up and up and soon conquered the Roman Empire.

One time in the middle of the night there was a big message letting him know where to assemble the sea. Father did and Father went to sea in the greatest storm in the middle of the night. Usually it takes two hours to reach the tuna grounds, but it took Father eight hours that day because of the rough, high seas. How tedious that was, but he had to endure. There-in lies every secret. While Father was cruising to the fishing grounds with the sea rolling so high, Father knew even the Coast Guard would never like to come out in that sea. There Father proclaimed ownership of the ocean, "Here the ocean is mine." Father proclaimed even to God in order to lay the strongest unswerving foundation for the future world to come and to make a foundation for ocean and fishing life, "I am doing this, heading towards that goal." When Father reported that to God, even God said, "You are doing right, Amen!" He would never say, "It is too rough, don't go."

So American women, do you all love Father or not? [Yes!] Maybe just the women here love Father but what about women outside they don't love Father do they? [One day.] Someday.

Since Father came to America, he has fished in all three oceans and there is hardly any fish that Father has not caught. Father knows as a fact that none, not even the most successful person in the fish industry can ever match Father's deepest heart and dedication that he has given to make his own foundation in this ocean world. Not talking about members of the Unification church, but in addition to them, outside people understand Reverend Moons unusual effort for the ocean. Now they know his high standard.

You all wish you had a boat also, don't you? One day you will have a house all your own and in front of that there will be one or two cars. Would you like that or would you like to have a car and at the same time, a boat along with it? [A boat.] $20,000 is what it takes to get a boat and for you, through your fundraising, it is not an impossible amount to make. If Father builds the boat on his own time and money and people and gives it to you, it isn't your boat. That's Father's boat isn't it? $20,000 is the cost of the boat with no one making any profit. That is the cost of materials and labor. With $20,000 you can get a beautiful twenty foot boat. Those who want to own this boat can come and serve two weeks. Certainly you cannot, on your own, by yourself with $20,000 build a boat in two weeks. But we can. Father has already now started a prototype which will cost $20,000 and take two weeks to build. It has an egg shape, this is typical of the shape of Father's boat. [Father draws picture.] This is the contour. The bow is like a wide apron. Can you imagine? No matter how fast it goes, unlike any other boat, it is pretty dry. It doesn't take on water. All the passengers sit right here in the stern. When you go slow then you get a little wet, but when you go fast you never take on any water. The Coast Guard was really amazed at our boat. They were really praising it, saying they had never seen a boat like that before. A wave looks like this, there is always a valley and a peak. But this boat is so fast it goes from one mound to another mound of the waves so it has no time to take water in.

What is the topic of Father's speech this morning? The Unification Church, land and sea. Not see, but sea. Scenery and sea, with two eyes you can see them both. The One Hope boat is number one in catching fish and it is a very convenient boat too. Everyone acclaims the One Hope boats agreeing they are number one. This is why Father never sold any boat he built, any of the hundreds of them. One time there was a serious offer. The Coast Guard wanted to buy seventy-two of them or they asked if we could build them for them. Father didn't go for it. When we sell it to other people the ownership becomes mixed. Father didn't want that to happen. All the boats in the future belong to the Unification Church automatically no matter who owns it, because we never sold them. Later we will screen customers carefully, to see who welcomes the Unification Church and then maybe we will sell it to them. But Father will sell them to no one else.

Father has pointed to Mr. Pak. Mr. Pak is head of engine maintenance. He is a very skillful person. He can fix any automobile, any engine, and also the engine of a boat. So he will prepare. In the future if you have a boat, at that time that kind of man can be very useful. Do you understand? If he visits your home you must treat him well. Give him a good lunch and good dinner. After, you have to learn all about the engine yourself. You should know how to drive the boat and how to repair it. I have to teach that to all American Unification Church women. How about that? Great? Mr. Pak's face is one you have to remember because when your own boat has a problem, you know you can depend on him. Those who welcome this let's give a hand to Mr. Pak.

So this is your responsibility. First, see to it that the boat is in good condition, maintaining the engine and the hull. Secondly to prepare completely for fishing. All the gear and all related things. One time Father went to New Orleans. I called and they immediately prepared everything. When Father says to prepare, you should know how to prepare and be completely ready to go fishing. That way Father can catch a lot of fish. In the future it will become a good, big business, not just sightseeing, going to different places and staying on the beach, but fishing. The main activity of going to the seashore should be fishing. Fishing tourism will become a big business in the future. What we will develop is a wonderful niche, something other people don't do. That is, we not only invite them and put them in the best, safest boat and go to the fishing grounds and catch the fish, but what they catch we can package and ship by air back to their own home. So the very fish he caught will arrive at his home. Also, this boat is unsinkable. It will not sink. One time forty passengers got on the boat and they were jumping up and down. Even though it took on some water, it never sank. It cannot sink. That was a twenty-eight foot boat and the twenty foot boat will be the same. Just looking at it Father feels it is so good, you can pay $20,000. It's that good.

Once we own this we need not worry forever about how to make a living. With that Father knows you can take any part of the sea and be able to make your own living. This is why Ocean Church was designed and this is still necessary. So far, a lot of fishermen catch a lot of fish, but they cannot sell it. The middlemen exploit the profit. Not with us. For anything we catch, we have a land force, a strong sales network for fish all over the world. Don't you know that? We have a huge tank and we are selling live fish. We've been doing that for tens of years now. If you can keep the fish alive you can command at least three times the price over fresh fish which is dead. Blackfish, for instance gets a mere sixty-seven cents a pound boat price because it is so plentiful. It is fresh but dead, sixty-seven cents a pound is almost nothing. Whereas if you keep it alive, bring it to the tank and sell it as live fish, then you can get five dollars a pound. What a big difference there is. That seven point five times more money you can get. If you really take this seriously, all you have to think about is how to get this twenty foot boat. Then take it seriously and go out to the ocean and catch fish in a timely way and sell it on land. You can make enough earnings. You don't have to dock it in an expensive harbor or slip either. This is a portable boat, you can carry it on a trailer anywhere, to the east coast, west coast, to lakes, down south, anywhere, including South America. You can cultivate your fishing sites all over this big land. Do you like that? Really? I didn't know that! How wonderful Unification members are!

This is what Father thinks; so long as you are a member of the Unification Church, you have to think about this so seriously. You may say, "Father I have no money", but even if you have to sell one leg of your wife or one of your wife's arms, you should. Father is not asking you to sell everything, just one! You cannot ride on a woman to go to the ocean, you need a boat. The boat is so necessary! So let's go the democratic way; we all agree with Father; all blessed couples of the Unification Church should maintain a boat in the future or else they cannot be in the mainstream of the Unification Church. How about that? [Yes!] You said "Yes" and yes means Jesus. That is how we say Jesus in Korean. Here in America, Christians really love Jesus, don't they? They do. Just as they cannot forget Jesus, we cannot forget saying, "Yes, yes, we will take on a boat." Together with Jesus you cannot go to the ocean. But, riding on a boat, along with Jesus, we can go to the ocean.

Already two hours have passed. Look at American history. One hundred or two hundred years ago at most, they came and they had nothing. They came with bare hands. One thing they had in mind was, "I should build in this land of opportunity, my country, better than Europe where I come from." That was always in their mind. So they started creating mansions. You see so many mansions in the United States. They built estates just like the royal estates in Europe all around this country. "I have a great mansion, it is so good, I am proud of it." This is the history of America. America has been doing this the last couple hundred years. Once they built a main mansion they couldn't walk the distance to their neighbors on foot. So next what did they create? Carriages. Not just a one horse carriage, or two, but four or six horse carriages. There was an era right after that. But today who owns the best made automobile? It evolved. Who goes fastest? Before the automobile era there was a horse carriage competition. They wanted to see who could make a better horse carriage, faster and more comfortable with more dignified looks. Then Ford came and started building automobiles. So then came the age of the automobile. Since everyone owns an automobile and they are pretty equal it is nothing to be particularly proud of. So then people's zeal for a status symbol took them to boats and yachts. If you own a boat you are better than your neighbor. In the beginning people wanted a sailboat. Then it developed to a motor boat. This is a real chair and when you sit on it, it is a very good feeling. Then they talk about how strong their boat's engine is, how much horsepower it has, how fast it can go, if it is dry or wet, all these things they discuss and wish they had a better boat. Many families now own boats. After this it will go to airplanes. Then to submarines. [Father draws a picture of one.] It looks like a whale doesn't it? There is nothing which Father did not create. In Korea Father built this, and built an automobile of course, and built a boat, even built an airplane. Did you know that? Father actually built a full airplane. It was one of the first airplanes built solely by Korean hands. Almost ten years ago now Father went into submarine research. Father can actually make submarines. This is the way we developed. After that maybe we have to build something that will shoot like a rocket and take us up to space. All it takes is getting a ten year supply of food and oxygen and go to space, travel around for ten years and then come back to your home town. Actually we are on the threshold of that kind of world. By the time you reach to your hometown everybody is scattered or dead, and there is nothing exciting so you pack up again and go another ten or twenty years, virtually living in space.

All mankind wants to go to a higher end wider place. That is how they accomplish their dreams. During the times of primitive human kind, if there was a river that was only 100 meters wide, the people could not cross it. So the villages on each side would always call each other names. This would go on for ten years and still not be resolved. And they remained as enemies, starting as a child and remaining to old age. They say the human mind is not that persevering so they say, "Either they come here or I go there, we have to settle this thing for once and for all." So they started building a pontoon, a bridge. That is how they started to develop and expand. It was in order to fight in the beginning. The village grew to a country so now the fight is country against country. The separation became wider than a 100 meter river. They started building a wooden boat, then an iron boat, trying to make a better boat than the other. They competed with each other to see who could destroy who first. Then countries tried to cross the big sea to attack another country and occupy it. After that, strong nations built galleys and crossed the Atlantic ocean to try to find America. All of that they did. Human culture and civilization started from the river and then went to the Mediterranean culture and then to the Atlantic culture, the Pacific culture and now the space age culture. Space is like an air ocean. It is the same color, space color is blue, the sea color is blue. There is meaning there, a connection.

Now is a time in history where if left alone, Americans will be clobbered to death by other nations. They are about to die either way. So what Reverend Moon is trying to do is bring them over to Asia to save them. Father is trying to bring Americans across the ocean and to the East to help them survive. We all want to go to Asia don't we? At least you have a place to go, and not just a place to go but a wonderful place to go, whereas other Americans have no place to go. Space exploration was pioneered by Americans and Westerners, no question about it, but with the development of faster and more sophisticated computers, this baton will be handed over to the Oriental people. Wait and see, they will develop space faster and better than the pioneers. That is a future trend. It is already showing. There is more development within the field of electronics in the East. Japan is just behind and following Korea now. Centering on Father there is no problem. We can bring all the Americans over there, of course there is no separation of country. So Father is always paying attention, always checking to see who achieved what standard in electronics development.

Father is also greatly focusing on the undersea world of submarines as well as space. That is the future of our lives. Do you understand Wacom? Have you heard of it? Wacom is unique. It doesn't compare side by side with other electronic companies. They do what other companies do, but they have gone beyond it. They are dealing with emotions through machines which is one step higher. Japan was flabbergasted when they found out. They are proud because this work started from Japan, but they work under the command of Father. They are just talking about artificial intelligence, but they have developed quite a bit in that area. Now when Father says, "Bring that technology to America", they can do so overnight. Or by the same token it can be taken to Africa. They can use it to produce what they need for themselves. Humankind didn't exactly do that. For example North America developed but they never helped South America to become like that. Instead they just left that country murky while wanting to bring their raw materials here and then make lots of money from it.

We will never do anything like that. Father has determined to make Zaire as rich as Brazil. So we're not going to charge them anything. The secretaries and ministers and even the president from Zaire hear about this and come to discuss how they can be aided. All of these things are already taking place. We will help Zaire to become a better country than Brazil and it won't cost them anything. But then of course, the advanced nations are jealous, they don't want that to happen. So they say, "Oh, don't do that. Stop that." But this is the tide of the world and you cannot stop the tide. Russia too. America and the Soviet Union combined into one against me. "How can we reduce Reverend Moon's foundation all over the world?" They are making that powerful investment, but they weren't successful. At last they were defeated. Who was the victor? Reverend Moon. Now the Soviet Union knows that no one can stop Reverend Moon. The Soviet Union was stopped, but not Reverend Moon. High level Soviets are following him. The KGB welcomed me for infiltrating the Soviet area. Our influence is already there.

The change during one year is phenomenal. This is reality not concept. The CIA follows this kind of activity and automatically they welcome it. "Oh Reverend Moon is teaching the American way" is what they think. "Americans center on God. This teaching is America's most high dimension. We didn't know it, but we found out from Reverend Moon. This is the American way." They say this. What a CIA investigator who participated in a training course heard had amazing influence. The CIA's last remaining words are, "That is the American way. This is the only hope for the future of the American world." These were their own words after hearing our training session. The great religious leader, the one who did more and has a larger foundation than a country even though he doesn't own a country or even a village, is Reverend Moon. He has a higher vision than anybody else including the area of industry. That Reverend Moon, who has done all these things, why is he talking about the ocean? Even though we still cannot fully understand what is in the ocean, we still have to take the ocean very seriously today. Why else would Reverend Moon emphasize the ocean?

There is one place where there are hundreds of acres of land where the climate is mild, the water temperature is just right and the clarity and depth of the water is all ideal for fish farming-Cheju Do, the southern island of South Korea. You could put a lot of fish in the water to grow. The area could be divided into many smaller sections and have all kinds of fish. There would be smaller fish in the shallow places. You can control the temperature and environment to make it ideal for raising fish. People wouldn't throw the feed to the fish. Instead everything will be computerized so it is done at the right time. You simply push a button and all the feed will be distributed. Eventually Father wants to hatch all species of fish and distribute them to you in your own country. With one drum can you can literally ship hundreds of thousands of small fry, the newly hatched eggs. The number is staggering. Twenty million people die every year of starvation and malnutrition. That is an average of 60,000 a day dying from starvation and bad nutrition. America ideally, by God's desire would be responsible for stopping starvation. But if they don't do that who will be responsible? The only person remaining is Reverend Moon who is the True Parents of mankind. So he must do this. No one else can do it.

Forty four people were trained for seven years in Alaska and sent out around the world. You didn't know that did you? They are all connected to an American base. When people begin to see their businesses becoming profitable, the world will turn around and come to work with us. Bankers will be excited and will come to see and try to work with us and even for us. Do you understand? Once the people see, it becomes wonderful. In order to do that Father first has to build a strong cadre, a strong center person. That kind of person is not trained overnight. Father wants you to start from scratch to educate yourself as a future leader of the ocean industry. So for example, you may be in a very adverse situation where there are no boats, but somehow you get a boat and takes it out to fight against the waves. Train yourselves in ways such as this.

Catching fish is one thing, and going under water is another technique. CARP has sent an expeditionary team to the Yang Tze River in China, the widest river in whole world. Pretty soon they will go to the Mississippi. The other day Korean television broadcast a story about this and they were amazed that PWPA and CARP had this capability. They were really praising it. Pretty soon they will study the Mississippi. In Japan there is no big river so even the biggest river in Japan is no problem.

In the Mediterranean Father will start to explore and spread to all areas of the sea,. We too should take interest in underwater techniques. In Spain we are already beginning there. The basic idea is that a lot of boats surround the schools of tuna and chase them to a encircled area in a bay. It can be closed off then sectioned with nets. The fish can be fed and raised on this farm. There will be a new tuna farm there. In the off season you can get $37 per pound. There is such a demand for this fish. This is not what we will do, but what we are doing.

In the beginning everybody opposed us because it is not conforming with their way of doing things for the last ten years or one hundred years. But we never succumb to that. In the future they will more clearly see that no other person who has lived, except for Reverend Moon, who stood from the very first day, pioneering this huge concept, not only is making it a reality, but he studied it and proved it by becoming a first rate fisherman. For tens of years in the rough, rough sea, he put in incredible hours. Because of that now we can see what the future of the fish industry will become. Even the fish will all come out and say, "I welcome that for Reverend Moon." They know that Father is the only one who loved fish. Just like Father has done for sixteen years now, first all you have to do is just go under the sun and be drenched in the sunshine. Just get sunburned. Start from there and start leading people. In the beginning, sweat will come dripping down off the end of your nose here, one, two, three, four, five drops. You count those drops and they become the taste of your day.

I am going to many coastal nations and areas, so those who follow in my wake can have lots of hope. "You can start having lots of hope", that is what we can proclaim to the world. When that happens, the Unification Church can be worshipped right in the ocean, right in the boat. We don't need any church building we don't have to be on the land. Those people who will dedicate their lives in the fish industry thinking about Reverend Moon and thank God for that is a perfect Unification Church. That is the church itself.

Do you know that most recently almost two hundred first rate legislators from all fifteen republics of the USSR came to visit Father. The highest rank person was a thirty-two year old Minister of Justice. Now they went back home and they are giving Father the report saying, "Whenever you come to our home area, we will welcome you. We are doing this as you suggested" and things like that. When they ask Father to speak, he will speak, one, two, three hours, no problem. Since they have only one station in their entire country then that station will broadcast what Father is saying all throughout the land. Washing their brain will be no problem! Their top leaders will lift up a banner welcoming Reverend Moon. That kind of phenomena is going on all over the world. This is reality, not concept. You know more than me!

When twenty million people are dying from starvation and God is thinking about this, if our True Parents don't think like God, where do you think they will go? They would be punished by God, isn't that true? True Parents and those who follow them would only be punished if we cannot follow God. Father has already accomplished, that is why he is giving us this conclusion today, but this is about the time where Father has already done this and you ask, "Oh Father if you told me this ten years ago then I would have participated in your activity". You might say that. But the time is already gone. Father is already saying good-bye to this country and the fishing industry in this country. Father is already seventy-two, he cannot go on forever like this. Father has to return to his homeland too, now that he has spent eighteen or twenty years here. This is the one country where Father has spent so much time.

Father has transferred the baton to his three cousins. They are the three actual physical brothers of the Moon clan. Elder Moon has been assigned to the east coast, the middle elder Moon will go to the south coast, the Gulf of Mexico and the youngest elder Moon will go to the west coast. Father has instructed them. "You don't have to catch fish, but be there. Be there long hours even under the sun. Be on the boat rain or shine, rough or smooth. Be there and be the hope and example for other people". That is what Father told them. "Do this, live or die". Fishing activity starts at 5:30 in the morning. When tuna season comes it is three hours earlier. Father has already decided to train all Unification Church members in ocean going activity-all the family, not only the husband but the wives too. This will be our basic training. Those who want to live for a longer period of time on earth raise your hands. If you want to eat long, your staple diet should be fish. You eat fish and live longer. Father doesn't really approve of eating animals of the land like mankind has been doing for thousands of years. It's simply not good for your health. It's too acid and later on these cattle and meat will be ground to make fish feed. They will be fed to fish and we will eat the fish. That's the most convenient way. The best fish is raw, not processed fish. You can have that for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You have to use fire now. Fire makes smoke and smoke makes pollution. Now the ozone layer is breaking, this is a problem for all humankind. Just imagine what kind of madness is going on here on earth. The chemicals have been used so much that it has destroyed a big hole in the ozone layer. This is no imagination, because of this thousands more people are dying. Of course fossil fuel is coming to an end now. Pretty soon, we'll be using electric cars. There will be no more pollution to make a bigger hole in the ozone. The times are changing.

Putting on clothes like this is not good for your health either. The best way is to have loose clothing with lots of air coming in and out all throughout the twenty four hours, 365 days, all year round. Air and water should come freely in contact with your skin. Nylon barriers are no good for your body. That kind of style of life will change. People have already started wearing the minimum covering. It is more ideal. If you really follow God's way of thinking, there is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. It's natural, the way we are born. Once we know it is the most precious thing, we'll obey. When you obey, you don't keep your eyes wide open do you? You just close your eyes and bring your head down and obey. Americans will say, they keep their eyes wide open and bow down, but their eyes will blame them and say, "Do like the Orientals do." When you become humble you have to close your eyes. That is the natural way. Once you really come to know the value of it and respect it, there is nothing wrong or vulgar. You probably will not even open your eyes to look at it. That's true. That's the way we should be. Father is not infusing his own idea here or Oriental thought. Not even Oriental people think this way. This is the natural, God-given way of thinking.

Wherever there is water, hundreds of thousands of fish can be found. Wherever you go then food will be no problem. Fish provide a large variety of taste. You don't have to eat one kind of fish all the time. Do you think it is possible that we plan the population of various species? Everything in the tanks will be computerized so that the different stages and sizes of fish are controlled. Then you can have a steady and uninterrupted supply of a certain amount of fish for each group of people. In other words your food is guaranteed no matter where you live on earth. We don't need a national barrier where you need a passport to cross, or different language. Everywhere you want to go like a bird or animal, you can go. Why can't human beings do that? So Father already planned and proclaimed and it has met with some enthusiasm, the idea of an international highway. The big highway will stretch all the way around the world. You can travel and a few miles on both sides is a free, common area. You can pitch a tent and live there. Japan being an island, their thinking is so narrow, but now they are boring a big tunnel between Korea and Japan so they can come in and out. The island becomes a continuation of land, the continent. That is their dream.

Do you think it's God's idea and that God is happy that here in America people never finish eating what is on their plate, there is so much unused food that a lot is thrown away, meanwhile there are millions of people starving the same day? [No.]

Also very quickly the time will come when you don't have to go to a regular university. You need an education, Father agrees with that, to discipline yourself. But you won't have to go for so many years to school everyday. No, you don't have to go to school. Get a video tape of the most famous professor. Don't go to the third rate professor, but first rate professor. All you need to do is study a video tape of his lecture in your own time and in your own place of choice. Your first lesson you may get on the continent, your second lesson in South America, anywhere you travel you can study. Later you take a national exam. You will get a graduate certificate from the university. That day will soon come. It is mind boggling what you can think about. If you have a specialization you can go to Korea to study. Koreans can go to other countries to study sometimes in exchange. This will bring the level of education up higher. You know the telephone can be used to the maximum. The big telephone directory, each one has a number where he can be reached, anywhere, anytime. You make this kind of classified directory. That way you can answer so many questions over the telephone. That day will certainly come that is why Father is really discouraging you from settling down in a certain place. You don't have to settle down in a one place and become a dead spirit there. Be alive and prepared to move around everywhere and exert a Godly influence. A portable home, where all you have to do is inflate it with air, is a perfect room.

There is plenty of good air. When you are ready you can move out, fold it up and move on. Everybody has a car, so carrying your portable home is no problem. Even better have a bus, why not? A full bus, why not? If you have many children, no problem. A growing family is no problem, you can feed them fish. School is in the bus by video and food comes from your fish farm. Father's family for instance, has forty members, so they will take up a huge bus, but Father will fit everybody in. Father will drive the bus and go anywhere in the world on the highway. When Reverend Moon says, "I am coming" do you think any border will stop him? They will say, "Please come into our country." When Father passes freely, then who can also pass freely? You. You will be able to pass freely. Don't you want that? Do you think Father is fantasizing and this is a dream? No, this is a fact, it will become like that. What if it doesn't become like that? Father will make it happen. When this becomes reality, what is the biggest single problem we have to solve? Language is the problem which no one can solve, not the president of the United States, not the president of the Soviet Union, not even the president of the strongest super nation can solve this. Only Reverend Moon. Are you learning Korean or not? Is Father forcing us to learn Korean or do we think, as a normal human being, "I must learn Korean." It has the deepest meaning connecting the Creator's own concept. We are born following that concept. How can this result deny God's ideal of creation? Even if we want to deny it we cannot, we are born out of it. If we didn't fall, certainly no one would have to make any sermon, we would already know. We would have one culture and one language. We would have one direction in human history, not two. Who made the two? Satan who is God and humankind's enemy. He wanted to make separation so he could reign over it. Satan separated everything into a variety of language. Our ancestors didn't want that. From now we know unification is the conclusion. From Satan's influence bad parents spread bad words all over against Reverend Moon. But Reverend Moon survived that and connected the world that was going down and down to the True Parents concept, making the high level United States and Soviet leaders follow him. True Parents are behind.

This is modern reality not concept. Otherwise there is no hope. Unless you follow Reverend Moon's way there is no hope in the future. High level intelligent people think in their deepest mind, "Reverend Moon is the hope of the future direction of the world." Can America do that? No. The Soviet Union cannot do that. They will only perish. Who can protect this situation? Reverend Moon. Their high level people bow down and say, "Thank you Reverend Moon. We're forever thankful." I am making this kind of foundation. They see it is good, looking for God's perspective. God is saying, "Reverend Moon is good, my child. . . " not children, only one child. "My child is number one, good, good, good forever." No matter how proud Americans might be, making noise over all four corners of the world, that is bad. They will fall down. Now separation starts. That is the "Inquisition" book. That book did it. Do you understand? It completely separated America into two parts. God's strategy has been so great. Look back at what happened through Father's trial and imprisonment. God has made it so that Americans have no choice but to bow down. A new America is about to take off, following Reverend Moon. The New York Times can proclaim Reverend Moon's audacious announcement. New York Post where are you? Why are they keeping silent? When there is a small problem they write it on the first page. "Reverend Moon did bad, bad, bad", they spread it all over the country and the world. But we don't need it. When the fog is thick you cannot see even one inch, but once the breeze comes and blows the fog away they will be able to see clearly for miles. They will say, "That is what Reverend Moon has been doing. He is the most high level, most precious, most fantastic person." They will look at everything and understand. Many intelligent people will have to study Reverend Moon's concept, the 200 volumes of Father's speeches. Everyone has to be able to read it in the original language. The meaning becomes different in the translation. Soviet scholars are now doing that. Korean scholars are doing that too. Think about the future, who will do that? Many Ph.D.'s will research Reverend Moon's concept. Millions and millions of people. Do you understand? What have you been doing until now? "I didn't know Korean. I didn't know the Divine Principle concept. I didn't know God's ideal." You can't afford to say that. But this is reality. We have to think about how can we change the entire intelligent world in only ten years after the year 2000. Father is making preparation for that time so they can receive heavenly fate. Otherwise they will miss out. Now the time is coming to you. So the key is how you can make preparation at this point. You need a foundation, otherwise there is no way to pass through. A tide, like that in the ocean is coming. We have to prepare ourselves along with Father for the oncoming changes in history. Before the time arrives we have to prepare. Otherwise there is no way.

There are salt water fish and fresh water fish. As you already know, it is fresh water where the salmon go to spawn. The shad also, in the Hudson River. Three weeks and ten days, they make the whole transition from fresh water to sea water. What if we brought sea water up to the top of the Rocky Mountains? It would never dry up. All you would have to do is have a huge pipe and a huge pump to pump the sea-water twenty four hours a day, to the top of the mountain. So long as you can bring the sea-water in, it means you can raise saltwater fish anywhere in the forty eight states. This would really equalize everybody in their ability to compete and survive with respect to food production.

In Hawaii Father saw four distinct seasons in different parts. Of course the higher you go up, the colder it is, so it is "winter" there. So you could build a huge, tall fish farm building and according to the "season" you could farm a different way. No fuel would have to be burned. Not even as much as a knife end fork, not even a chopstick would be needed. You can manage by hand. It is that simple. How convenient! Then what would you do all day? There is only one thing left to do-study how to love each other better. Wouldn't that be true? Or perhaps you would study how to eat fish better, how to sleep better and how to live for each other better. That would be it. Five, ten, or even fifteen children would be no problem. Heaven controls how many children you will have, it's not by your control. What is your guess, do you think it is possible or impossible for that kind of world to come? [Possible.]

When such a person with that vision makes sure that the vision comes true, who is responsible except for that person? Who would everybody follow, except for that person who has that vision and who has the ability to perform? Father is already thinking of adding a fish farming class to the curriculum of this new university which Father is buying. Wow! Is this just a wild dream, or haven't all ideals begun with a wild dream, like flying in the sky and communicating thousands of miles without traveling there? Only ten years ago, it was a wild dream, but is what Father is talking about still just a wild dream? This is all possible. For example, a huge computer can now be reduced down to palm size and able to fit in your pocket. Now you need a magnifier to look at it, things are the other way around.

The world where we are destined to go is our heavenly fate. You're going to be a master, no doubt about that, but would you rather be a master of the land or master of the sea? That is Father's question. [Both.] Father asked which one do you prefer? Give one choice. That is the typical American way to say "both" and evade the question!

As a leader, and a religious leader at that, why does Father go to the ocean and catch a lot of fish? Many people never understand what Father is doing and why. But look, this is so that Father can dedicate all these fish as food to mankind, and dedicate the effort to God Himself. What chance does a fish have to grow to maturity? Literally only one in millions of chances. Millions of eggs hatch, but only one grows to maturity in a natural habitat. But with fish farming, we already know the results. A whopping eighty percent will reach maturity. That means eighty times more fish will be available for food. The objective: to create a world where there is no need to fight each other, no need to wage war. To reach that goal is what all humankind wants. In each home instead of a small patch of garden, you will have a fish farm. You will have enough fish growing to supply your needs. The best thing for your health will be to eat raw vegetables and raw fish. You don't need to cook. Your body can use it to the maximum and it can eliminate all the toxins. The average length of life for a Japanese woman is seventy eight and seventy three for men. Isn't that amazing. The question is, why do women live five years longer than men? Because woman innately keep nutrition which can foster another life. So women have more of the very basic source of nutrition than men. This is how they can live longer.

Even giving birth to many children, giving away of themselves, the more you bear, the better. When you give birth to a child at fifty years of age, that means that woman is still like a youth. Look at Americans who don't typically have a lot of children. Even if they give birth it is at a young age and as they get older they don't want to bear any more. Their menstruation ends much earlier and they age more quickly. Some Oriental women who give birth naturally, sometimes even at the age of fifty, go on with their period many years after that. All the indication is that they live longer and healthier. It is the God-like way. So Father sees this as the ultimate goal and secret. Father feels that there will be a lot of medical development in our church too. Women have two ovaries and each month they send one egg at a time. What does that mean? So long as you give this egg out and there is a chance to fertilize it, your life is guaranteed at least for that period. You never get sick. Your life never runs out until your ovaries run out. Do you know what Father is trying to explain? That is the way human being were designed and created. So the more children you bear, the better off you will be. In China today, there is a strange law that allows each family to have only one baby. How sad this is. Why do you think this kind of thing happened? Because they killed too many people. Because of this law, parents kill daughters and continue to have children until they get a son, and then they stop. They're right in one sense, that the son is to inherit. They know that.

Father has lots of grandchildren, now thirteen. Father told them to sing. One shyly came out and started singing. Then a second one. The third one doesn't want to be outdone, so he will do an even better performance. The previous ones then want to come back and try again. They sing the same song but I with a different personality. Father was really fascinated with this. Each child takes the song in a different way. Later it ended up like an orchestra. Father really experienced happiness. The family without children is like a desert. Some say forty family members is a lot, but Father feels four hundred is still not too many. God is a being who can love millions and billions of people. In all the years to come, God can still embrace everyone who will be born. Still God can maintain the subject position centering on true love. What a wonderful feeling so good! This is how God would feel, Father felt that too. The family is the most, most happy situation. Don't you agree? When you dance a really beautiful dance, hundreds of thousands of people will applaud you.

Who typically lives a longer life, American or Japanese? We thought all this time that America, which is an affluent country, advanced country and scientific country, so they have been eating steaks and choice meats, they've been eating highly nutritious meals and white bread. White people eat white color bread. They look at Japanese and despise them saying, "They eat fish and boiled barley three times a day!" But today, looking back, we know who has been the wisest eater. They were healthier people following a healthier diet whereas Americans have been eating destructive diets. We see many people are now trying to imitate the Japanese way of eating. That's what health food is. For the time being we thought Americans were well off and Japanese were poor, but how fair God is. It is fair. In the long run everything is fair and balanced. Once you reach the top, you can only go down. Father has said this hundreds of times. So we should not be afraid of going down because that is the only way we can go so we can come up once more later on.

So you've now caught up with the concept of balancing between the land and sea. That is the vertical heaven. Father worked so hard on land for forty years. Now Father has to work as hard for the ocean to balance this out. In Gloucester they told him, "Reverend Moon, go back home! This is a white village."

You remember that tremendous persecution, don't you? Now they say, "Don't go away. If you stay we will make this your territory." Literally each year, a representative talks to Father, asking, "What can we do for you? Let's work together." Do you understand balance? Next time Western people go to the Oriental side, what do they do? The Orientals will say the same thing, "Yankee go back home! This is our territory." At that time Reverend Moon will intervene and say, "The Western world welcomed me, so we will welcome them on the same horizontal level centering on the vertical world."

What both the Western world and the Oriental world need is the vertical perspective. If both sides complain, they cannot take the vertical view. Do you understand? Think about what Father has written on the board. I am in the vertical position representing God's vertical line. How wonderful to have all humankind and land and sea centering on this. Both follow me. If on the right hand you have land and on the left hand, sea, and when you turn around 180 degrees, they exchange position. That is equalization. That is the horizontal way. Father means we have to equalize the ocean and land. But how difficult is it to do this? To get a taste of it you need to ride on a boat in the winter time. You won't forget the need for vertical balance! You always have to keep a sense of the vertical on a boat, otherwise you lose your balance. Father never loses the vertical, no matter how rough it becomes. I like that. I always want to take the vertical position.

A boat is the best place for training. Sometimes a typhoon comes and blows around everything. At that time you are moving to the left, right, front side, but you stay centered. I like that. Pledge to God ten thousand times, "I'll take this position for the sake of saving all humanity." A thousand times I pray that way. "God this child prays for you, I will keep forever that position on the land in any village or on the sea." How about that? Father is concluding the best training place is on the ocean. It's balance. When Father brings everyone out on the boat he is very fussy about keeping an overall boat balance, not individual balance. So if the boat is slanted, Father will yell out, "There are too many people on this side." Then immediately each individual knows who has to move where. That is good training. Everybody is insensitive, so Father finds himself making balance by himself, but Father wants the members to do it. They don't know how to do it. Father is coming to a deep realization that this is the way the world is. When the world slants, going almost upside down and toppling, Father has to make extra effort to balance the whole world. And Father finds it's not easy. He always has to be busy here, busy there, worried about this and that. That is exactly what Father is doing in the world today.

After Father comes from the boat and has dinner, you can imagine how tired he is. Father sits down and watches the news and one by one other members retreat silently. Father finds himself alone after twelve o'clock. Then Father says, "Okay, now I have to indemnify for those who left early," so Father goes upstairs, spending a couple of extra hours staying up before he goes to bed. At 3:00 Father is up. Heaven cannot but be achieved through that. There is no way heaven cannot be achieved. Father did that.

Americans like to rest, don't they? If you like that, what is your chance of winning in the Olympics? Do you have a good chance if you love to rest? You can't make a record by doing that. Who will set a record in the Olympic stadium, those who take a rest or those who push themselves and work and work?

When Father goes out to the boat, Father really gives everybody a big whack, even Kamiyama. Reverend Kamiyama is already working hard but Father finds strong words even for him. He cannot oppose Father because he knows Father is working harder than he. But here, among America leaders. . . those people who Father sent for Ph.D. degrees say, "I want only to get my degree, I don't like Father's direction as a leader." They only like to hear the "get a degree" part of Father's direction, they don't want to hear anything else. If you maintain such an attitude for a long time, you cannot help but go to the end of the line in the rank and file of the Unification Church. They cannot stay on top, they have to go way down. That is a natural conclusion. It's a truth that the person who works for the sake of one goal steadfastly is the one who will remain as a leader. Not the one who doesn't want to do that. That is the truthful way.

The whole of America thus far has gone against Father for various reasons. Today, they all come down and kneel before him. They realize something that they did was wrong, what Reverend Moon said was right all along. They are coming to realize that. What did Father do to come to this point? He didn't speak, he didn't complain, he just took action. What Father needed was results. No one can take your result away from you. Great results will make, not a victorious person, Father doesn't like that term, but a victor. We must become absolute victors. A victorious person can go in many different directions, but victors will go in only one direction no matter how many directions there are.

The one who suffered the most on the ocean is Reverend Moon. That is the conclusion. He did it to assure the survival of each family and for mankind and their food supply, including the many more to come in the future. Father, is humbly clothed, dark with a suntan and wind worn, and with an old hat. No one thinks he is Reverend Moon himself. Everyone thinks Reverend Moon lives a very plush life with luxury and all that. But Father has been doing this work very proudly, year in and year out. Since Father goes to the boat everyday early, the people around the pier ask our members, "Who is he?" They thought Father was a foreman or someone who Reverend Moon sent to supervise the activity of ocean business. Many times the members tell Father, "They asked when Reverend Moon is coming." They didn't see any helicopter coming, they didn't see any limousine coming to the pier, so they are waiting and waiting saying, 'When is Reverend Moon coming?" Then our members answer, "Oh, he is too busy to come." Never one time did Father say, "I am Reverend Moon." People see him catching so many fish, they certainly can't think he is Reverend Moon. Whether it be tuna fishing or striped bass fishing or fishing for blackfish, they all trust Father's boat now. They watch it and though they can't catch anything, they see that Father's boat is catching lots of fish. They come around closer and closer to Father's boat. Father yells out, "Go away!" because they bother the anchor line. Father moves to a different area and starts catching again, whereas they cannot catch anything.

Father developed a system in tuna fishing. In the tuna fishing profession people know Reverend Moon's system. If Father concentrated on drawing, do you think Father would become a champion in the painters' world? [Yes.] Father says there is a good reason for that. Even though he hasn't painted so much, look at Father's children. Invariably they are good. Not only good, but they take first place prizes in national competitions. Jeung Jin Nim, in her fourth year, won the top prize in her whole school. Hyung Jin Nim too. He is going to a good school where eighty to ninety percent of the graduates automatically go to Harvard. When Hyung Jin Nim was applying for that school, which was recommended as a special preparatory school in Boston, and we submitted all the personal data and that his brothers and sisters all go to Harvard and Columbia, that school was impressed. They wondered, "Is this a scholar's family?" Father has every aptitude.

Do you believe that Father can do anything? Father means in the professional area, not just the common area. One time Father took Dr. Pak pheasant hunting on Cheju Island. Dr. Pak specialized in the area of the M-1 rifle in the military. He was an instructor; he taught all instructors about the M-1. As far as the M-1 is concerned he is supposed to be the top. He and Father went hunting. Father never studied about rifles or shotguns; in fact this was the first time that he had shot one. Father shot twenty-seven in one day, around seventy in three days, and Dr. Pak got only six or seven in one day.

Do you know how this happened? Father's concentration and reflexes are far, far superior to Dr. Pak's. Father has never been to war. If Father were in a war, lots of people would have been killed! [Laughter.]

When Heavenly Father picks out someone who does the gigantic work for mankind, do you think he would choose a scholar who can do nothing besides reading? No, He will choose a champion of all champions. Everything Father has proclaimed from the podium has happened. If something didn't happen, at some point Father later made it happen. It's true! We must understand now that this is the foundation which Father created for the sake of the world and for the sake of America. The last frontier for America, when they are having difficulty with everything else, is to go to the ocean. When they do, they will become successful because Father already made the foundation there. Father disseminated and distributed all the boats which he built here to South America and Europe. The foundation has already been spread. Father has already established this as a fact. There is no question that one person, Reverend Moon, spent more time on the ocean and made more dedication for the ocean, more prayer and thinking and planning for the ocean than anyone else. No one can top Father and he knows that. Of course we don't need any explanation about Father's work on the land. Father worked for forty years. Father survived the formidable, impossible situation of the North Korean jail. The extreme cold, which no one can survive for even a few days, Father survived for years.

Out of the l 20 holy grounds that cover the globe, how many are in the United States? That proves something. Father already knew from the very beginning that this would be the fighting ground. This is where Father has to make it or break it, right here in America. That is for the future of mankind, not for the personal level. Did Father win victory here or not? [Yes.] So Father became a world wide and country level victor. You on the other hand are expected to be victors in your own family, correct? In your family and village. The only goal for you to follow in the future is to go back to your hometown and throw a big feast, a big party. All you have to do is lead them.

Father is now embracing all the important people on the land. And Father will embrace all the major species of fish. That is all Father needs to do. [Father writes on the board.] Do you see how close these two words are? This is Father's original name. "Moon" means "letters" or "literature", "scholar". The character has an altar and God, and Adam and Eve, the four position foundation. The word "father" is written this way. You see how close it is to "Moon"? When you write it quickly in writing style, it looks just like "Father". So people can't tell, "Is this "Moon" or "Father"?" Just a slight change in the letter makes the difference.

"Sun" is written like this, in two parts. Isn't it amazing that this part means fish! One hundred percent that is what it means. There is no way of interpreting it differently. The other side is sheep. Fish and sheep together becomes "Sun"-brilliant, light, fresh, all these meanings. Father is saying all these qualities need to be sacrificed on the altar. So "Moon" is literature; that means truth. "Myung" means bright How do you write that? Only with the sun and moon together. There is only one way of writing sun. This is truly the interpretation of Father's name. It has a minus and plus position. Sun and moon, which is "Myung", Father's third name, is plus. And "Sun," which represents all things, is minus. Together they form a minus to literature, which is "Moon." Truth is plus. How balanced this name is! It is very significant. If someone planned a name this way, it couldn't be better. Moon represents the spirit side, mind side and the name Sun Myung represents these flesh side. They balance not only the entire world, but the cosmos. His name says that. It is all in his name. We already discover within Father all the specifics of the unification which Father has been working on, including the unification of the land and sea. The whole world came against him to attack. The name "Moon" is literature. Because of the result Father has made, they had to retreat. But everybody gave their best shot to crack him. Everybody tried to destroy him. No matter how many so called top people there are in Korea, there is no one in comparison to what Father, as an individual, has accomplished on the world wide scale. So Father can expand quickly and embrace everything other people did, too. And they know that. Father was all alone, all by himself from the very beginning. Father was alone to find out the secrets of human history and God. Father was alone to safeguard that and so was persecuted all around the world. Father was all by himself to make this happen and when Father accomplished this now, the sun is rising up.

The sun does not rise up from the East like many think; the sun rises from the center. The sun comes up from this axis orbit. There is no dark spot around the sun. Whether it is immediate or far away or angled, it shines every place equally. Every place becomes light. Similarly, there is no area the Divine Principle does not cover. It can explain everything in a natural way. Such a precious Father and teaching. Even God himself wishes He could be one of the men under who, under Father, can learn this fantastic truth and give the solution to the most difficult world. "Such a fantastic thing I would like to learn from him. Love too." Even God is thinking this way towards our own Father.

Look at the facts. In New York, there is the New York City Symphony. Who is the owner? Reverend Moon. Everyone knows Father fostered that project. In Washington there is a ballet troupe in connection with the Kirov, a world level ballet. Father is balancing these two in order to maintain the American performance culture. The whole world will follow our path here. White people are looking at that and they feel ashamed. They lost everything, but the one whom they hoped would perish gained everything and is now actually occupying the top of the performance world. Do you think that kind of person could destroy America? Look at the history of America where there is such a long history of education. Now they are trying to bail out. Universities are being sold. What is Reverend Moon going to do with a university? Throw it out as trash? No, Father wants to revive the university. Period For the sake of the world, not for the sake of America That way America can be able to live along with the rest of the world. All of us know Father can do that. All he has to do is encourage the CARP members to go. We will fill up that school's 5,000 or 6,000 seats, no problem. The school can become a first rate profitable operation.

On the land, so-called scientific technology, economy and thought exist. Already Father proved he is the king of thought. We know that, the world knows that, even communists know that. In economy too, Father has the only viable economic concept in the world. The individualistic economy is no more. In the field of technology, hard technology, through computers Father is on top of the future. In the ICUS, all the professors that Father gathered together many years ago steadfastly went for the same goal. There we find scientists, economists and men of thought. One of them raised a voice, "The Nobel prize should go to Reverend Moon." Father does not want it. "I will give the "Moon prize" to other people. I won't receive a prize from someone else." Who is subject? Let's get it straight.

What we need is "chun bit" It means preparation. We have to perpetually, continually prepare ourselves for one day to come. Father made preparation for the land. Father made preparation for the future of the ocean. America cannot destroy the Unification Church . The marine authority cannot take us away. But all Reverend Moon would have to say is, "We stop today." That's all it takes. Who has more power, the country of America or Father? [Father.]

When the Bush administration heard about the changes at the Washington Times, they were worried that we might stop its publication. They don't want us to stop. We have been spending seven million dollars every single month, on direct and indirect expense for the Washington Times. How much of that did you fundraise? Maybe two or three million at the most. And the American government wanted to get Father for taxes due on the amount of seven thousand dollars! Father didn't know anything about tax laws and didn't have any time to care either. What Father did was his very best to recover this country. Saving this country was the only crime he committed. Besides this seven million Father spends on the Washington Times, how much more did he spend elsewhere? Now we are ready to make this known to the world. Now America had better compensate for the damage they have done. Father doesn't expect the government to pay him back What they owe to Reverend Moon, Father is encouraging them to pay back to the American Unification Church. If you are going to be entitled to receive that compensation, you had better stand on the same foundation as Father himself. Otherwise how can you qualify yourself? If someone wants to give lots of benefit to you, but how many people actually stand on the firm ground where Father can say, "He is qualified"? How many among us are like that? That is the main point. One has to pass at least a minimum test to reach this qualification.

Centering on the Unification Church, Father prepares for the land as well as for the sea, completely. Recently the American government came up with a set of laws about marine activities. Father already saw that the main points included things Father has already arranged before them. In an overview, they now have the world in mind first; until now, they didn't. Do you top Unification Church leaders think that your Ph.D. is going to qualify you to receive the streams of people coming in the future? No. A Ph.D. is not that well respected, it's not that meaningful. It takes more than that. How much will a Ph.D. title represent in the spirit world? Not anything, but you say, "I have that title." Father has done all the preparation, the question is whether the Unification Church and its own members have made any preparation. That's the whole point. You haven't but you'd better start from today. Starting today, prepare yourselves. Father had all the proper forms, all the necessary fundamentals.

We'd better stay very close to Father and follow in Father's wake. Forty or fifty top leaders from Yemen's Muslim community, including the Grand Mufti himself came for forty days training. They were humble to Father and they came to understand their own religion much better, and certainly they developed an understanding about Christianity. Now they have hope, so they went beck. The Muslim world is the most simple world to cope with thought-wise. Eventually, even though they understand the forty days workshop, they just barely understand the basics. They cannot teach it to others yet. So they are asking Reverend Moon, "Can you please send us some teacher or leader who can educate our people?" Who should Father send? Japanese members, Korean members or American members? What do you think is Father's idea? [American members.] Now like Father predicted many years ago, we are virtually getting into physically to the time where you, appointed as representative by Father, go as an Ambassador to Yemen or some other country. You talk to the Ambassadors in the American embassies themselves and teach them like primary school students the very fundamentals of what the future world will be like and how America should adjust. You should teach them. Is the American embassy in a higher position or are you in a higher position? You are. You represent the mind position. America represents the body position. You are the center. You are high level. If it is upside down it doesn't work. When Reverend Moon okays someone, people will decide to trust his representative.

America doesn't believe in Father so much or Unification so much, just as the Japanese may not, but Russia does. From a very objective point of view they know we make much better sense than anyone else. Do you know that the president himself invited the new editor-in-chief of the to a White House luncheon? The same day the president of Germany asked him for a dinner appointment. The Washington community was in an uproar. They were really surprised. The luncheon didn't happen in a simple way with just a simple phone call. It didn't happen like that. President Bush himself found out there was a transition at the Washington Times. He was concerned about how things were going. He found out that there was a new editor-in-chief so he personally asked for him to come to lunch. That message was not received by the new editor because he had departed for his home for a short leave. He was on an airplane, so even though the White House and the Times tried to get in touch with him, which eventually they did, he couldn't come right back. It took three days to arrange. The president waited for the day and on the third day the editor returned and they had lunch together.

They met at the editor's convenience, not the president's. This kind of thing is very rare in the White House. Usually high ranking people stand in line for months or even years to get an appointment with the president. But the president himself wanted this appointment. What Washington and the president of Germany both found out flabbergasted everyone, including the Washington Times members. They thought, 'indeed we have grown big without even knowing it." "Moonie" is no longer a disdained name. People will ask, "What's wrong with Moonies? What's wrong with being a Unification Church member?" We can express wonder. They understand there is nothing wrong. Today Father invited all of them, including this new editor-in chief. Father thought it was an appropriate time to give them an overview of the foundation on which general direction they had better go for the sake of the whole. Now America will have to prepare concretely not only to survive but to prosper into the future. We have to prepare. It doesn't come automatically. Father prepared his portion, now we have to prepare ours. Father prepared so much against the event of a communist leader coming in. Through VOC, which was a main part of our activity, Father prepared for this one day to come for ten, twenty, thirty years, teaching that communism is wrong. Father has been teaching this to all the world, even though communists seemed to be on the top of the world. Now with that preparation he can deal with any leader of communism. By the same token Christianity needs the same overhaul, the same thing. Christianity in America alone will never amount to anything and they know that as well as we do. We have to revive them.

Ron Godwin, Robert Grant and Donald Sills and Dr. Pak formed a revival group. They all agreed. Last Friday, Father went to Washington and persuaded them. Each one understood. They will lead the revival of American Christianity. After that is problem number three, the fundamental solution for deteriorating American families. As of the first of July, New York, Washington and San Francisco are the trial cities. We will have a big revival meeting. The main theme is, "We did not know about Reverend Moon correctly, therefore we went against him with no reason. Now we repent and now all the churches would like to receive Reverend Moon's teaching." That is the main theme of the revival. We will ask them, "Have you read the book Inquisition, where all the details of what really happened have been revealed?"

Yong Sun Moon, who is the eldest brother of Father's three cousins, has been appointed as the responsible person for the east coast ocean activity. Let us give him a warm welcome. The second elder Moon will go to the south and the youngest of the three brothers will be assigned to the west coat. It represents how things were developed in this country. First people settled on the east coast and made a great foundation. That was disseminated to the south and that's how the south and the north came to fight each other at one time. Then from there America went west. From there we will return to the east, back to the Eastern world. Let us give them all a warm welcome. [Applause.] Father instructed them, "You hardly have to do anything, I've done everything. You just stay on the boat from day to night and be there." That is what Father told them and that is what they are determined to do. And they will teach about Father. They will talk about Father's own village, about how Father spent his boyhood and young days. We need to know these relatives and about all these episodes before we can actually return to our own homeland. They are in the perfect position to teach us. You have to know the relatives surrounding the True Parents. After that you can connect your own tribal messiah thought completely into one. You will know for sure where true history is headed. In a way we can ask many questions of them, more easily than we can to Father. Father made the because it is directly linked to the survival and well being of America. That is Father's portion of responsibility. From this time on, the next important point is the revival of the Christian church. Father does not regard this as his own responsibility. This is America's responsibility. To support that Father created the Washington Times. So even if Father decides to stop the he still would have fulfilled his own portion of responsibility more than required. What if the same amount of money spent on the Washington Times every month, seven million dollars, had been diverted for the sake of the Soviet Union? How much the Soviet Union could benefit from that! In America people do not realize the value of money because they always had plenty. In the Soviet Union they really understand the value of money. We could achieve much more there. Defending all the free world from communism, Father took responsibility for many, many years. But from this time on, from reviving your own church to reviving your own country and solving the family problems, this is the members' and America's own responsibility. It is not Father's direct responsibility. This is how Father regards this effort. There is an incredible amount of wealth in this country, in agricultural goods, even the ocean resources too. Father feels seventy five to eighty percent of the total marine resources of the world are in the waters of the United States. Seventy percent of that eighty percent are all in one area, Alaska. So Father is thinking about going to Alaska because that is the main center.

When Father established Tong I1 industries, the machine factory, he started out with one person and one lathe. They moved to a distant place but still Father went there as many as three times a day. Each time Father went back and forth he spent three hours on the trip. Father put a lot of heart into that. What did Father do? He didn't work there as a machinist or anything like that, but Father put all the heart there is into the effort. Today it is a huge, gigantic company. Also, with Barrytown. There was hardly a day Father didn't go there. Everyday Father went there. Went there and what? Talked to the members. Did they understand? No, but Father still talked. Father did this for three years making a foundation there.

[Father writes "preparation" on the board.] What if Father didn't prepare the Washington Times? What if Father didn't activate the theological seminary? What if Father didn't do many of the things which he has in preparation? What would we be able to do today? There would be no foundation and no preparation. Now, what we are asked to do, what we are supposed to do, is duly inherit that. Is it easy? Yes it is, but it is also very difficult for America. Why? For one reason only: you cannot inherit anything horizontally. That is for sure. That is the best they could think of. Vertical comes first, this is why it took so long. The tradition of preparation is your duty, not Father's. The preparation for America is up to you, it is not Father's responsibility. Now the question is the same: are you prepared, are you qualified, to inherit this precious inheritance? How about Dr. Spurgin? How about the staff members here? [Yes, Father we're ready.] You are ready or you will be ready? [We are ready.] Have you always been ready in America? [No, not always.] You'd better be serious in answering this and very exact too. If you say "yes" it means automatically you will be in the position to lead the ocean activity just like Father has been leading it. Otherwise you are not ready. Father made some ninety eight organizations. Have you ever been to each and every one of them? Then you are ready. If you didn't do that, how can you say you are ready? Actually Father cannot be happy, we haven't even actually shown enough concern in what Father has been doing, let alone saying, "Yes, Father I am ready. " From now on Father will never continue to give support or aid to these business activities. Until 1992, those areas that do not turn out a profit, become a burden. Father will just disband them. Whether Father likes it or not, he has no choice. Father has to go back to Korea and stay there. There is nobody in all of South Korea who can deal with North Korea or Kim I1 Sung. No one. Father is needed.

Please realize that you are not prepared, but make haste and prepare yourself very quickly. The Unification Church embraces not only land but the ocean too. You already agreed with Father that you will buy boats, did you not? [Yes.] You have to compete to receive boat number one. You send money to Mr. Kamiyama and register, 'I will take the first one." You have to make a deposit. We will let the world know, all the Unification Church members will buy at least one boat and prepare and we'll have group training. Imagine if you do this very well, buying a boat and becoming successful with the boat, you can invite Father on the boat. Father will visit sometime. You have to make complete preparation with your whole family. The wife should be the driver. The husband has to arrange everything, all the fishing gear and tackle. How wonderful! When I visit you we can go out to the ocean. How about that? If I ride on that boat one time, after one century, how much will that boat be worth? Think about that. It will be a hundred thousand times more valuable. What number do you want to get, boat number one or two or number one thousand? [Number one.] It sounds good, but it's not easy. It is most difficult. After we finish here, you can run to the office of Kamiyama and say, "I will pay the deposit." Whoever gets there the fastest can make the down payment for boat number one. Will you do it or not? [Yes.]

You will buy a boat or not? [Yes.] You have to grow your children in a good way. They are not yours. They are True Parents' children and heavenly children. After they grow up they will be famous in every variety of ways. They will be men who can do everything, going out to all four corners like Father. They can go to the sea and immediately become fishermen. They can go to the mountain or become a university scholar. Do you understand? Your children are good. God will use them in the future. This is parents' most hopeful point isn't it? You know well.

So we need preparation. Step one is to buy a boat. Next, inherit tribal messiahship. When you go to land and visit your hometown, you will become their first ancestor. They are like sheep, just waiting for you. You need to occupy this position. This is restoration tradition, clear. Father has everything, the professors' world, media world, summit club world. Father can use high level people, no problem. Do you understand? In the future, your generation will inherit this. This is the way to make prosperity. Otherwise we will be going down. This is the natural conclusion. Do you understand? We have to represent the authority of the Unification Church power. Those who will never fail, but will for sure become that kind of a future leader in the Unification Church, raise your hands. Wow! It's a beautiful sight.

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