The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Most Important Stripe And The Point Of Origin In Dispensational History - Part 1

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 26, 1991
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The Most Important Main Stripe and the Point of Origin in Dispensational History is the topic of Father's sermon this morning. Can you form your own concept from that title? What is the history of the dispensation? What then is the dispensation? Would the dispensation, God's work in other words, include the original creation as well as re-creation, which is salvation? What do you think? When you say God's dispensation, does it include the original creation of God? [Yes.] This part of the title, "Sung mi sop," means "to have management over" or "to control." We can analyze this. The word, sung mi, which is managing over or controlling, is made of a Chinese character depicting hand and ear. Altogether here there are three ears. That represents the two ears of man plus one more ear on top of the head. The third ear represents God's ear and the other two are man's ear and woman's ear. Up and down is vertical and man and woman is horizontal. The hand has control over that.

The meaning of this other Chinese character is reason. Reason is comprised of the symbols for "king" and "village." And "se" means history. There is no other way to write history. History can be analyzed as the center and a symbol for man. Not just man, but there is a line here that extends a little farther so it is more than man. The Roman alphabet is made up of abstract symbols, just meaningless, haphazard arbitrary combinations to make up the alphabet. They don't mean anything in themselves. But each one of the thousands of Chinese words has a complete concept within it, representing all things. It becomes so apparent, in two distinctly different languages, that Orientals are deeper and deeper rooted, whereas the Western language itself cannot represent the deep side of human life or human thought. Westerners understand only what they see. What they cannot see they cannot understand. But in the Orient, they think, they see and they think again. This is constant so they see farther and they see wider.

How can history be explained so perfectly as it is in this character? There is a center and man and something which extends from man beyond himself which represents what existed before he was born. This whole figure means "history". So knowing Divine Principle we can already see, not only God and not only man, but God and man together. God is the center and we can form history.

This "sang" means "up". There is a vertical and horizontal line and one dot on the right side, not on the left side. "she" means the utmost. It is written with "words", "unify" and "hear" "again and again". So you hear again and again and unify and that makes the core, totally, which means the highest, or in the extreme degree. "she go" means extremely high or the highest. Nowhere in Western language can we see the like kind of expression. This language is philosophical by itself. No one, including the Chinese themselves, know exactly how many words there are in this language. The most words and vocabulary collected in one dictionary is the very dictionary which Father published some ten years ago. It counted more than 320,000 words. It is the largest Chinese language dictionary in the whole world. Not even the most learned scholar can embrace all of the Chinese characters.

This is the word "big." Of course everyone recognizes this as man, and there is one horizontal line crossing the man which means big, unifying. No being is bigger than man except God. Man represents all living beings on earth.

So you see such a perfect horizontal line and such a perfect vertical line, some are short and some are long. Together this combination means "heavy." And this means village. You see seven horizontal lines. A part of this letter, which magnified looks like this, connotes the whole world. This symbolizes God and this symbolizes man. These two connote children. This one has God and children, which are the future generation. All these things are found within this one word which means "important" or "heavy." It is important with God and man to embrace all things, children as well. That is the utmost important thing. This word is "necessary." Put together with "heavy" it means "important."

This is "west" and this is "woman". When you put west and woman together it becomes "very important." So in the restoration dispensation, Western women apparently play a very important role here. They must be very busy walking about because they have lots of work to do. That is why Western women walk very fast. Oriental women are not required to do so much work or walking like Western women. Instead they shrink their feet so that they cannot go far. They stay around. Who invented manicures, Oriental women or Western women? Actually man made that and gave it to women! It must be the American and all the European women who started using this. Certainly it wasn't the Oriental women who started using the rouge and manicures and powders and so forth. Why do Western women favor eye shadow? Can someone answer that? Because their eyes are so big, they become very close to the eyebrow. So you have to emphasize, "This is my eyebrow right here. It's not a part of my eye." You can see that most people without applying eye shadow, their eyes and eyebrows are almost one. It almost looks like you don't have an eyebrow. Here Father can see a good reason why Western women started using eye shadow. They had a reason. But Oriental women just copied that without thinking and that is out of place. On Oriental women that distance is already far and they make it farther and it becomes very unbalanced. It bothers you to look at it. [Laughter.] Will blue eyes and black eye shadow harmonize? No. So they use a shade in between and start with a very dark color and bring it down to light so it balances.

When diplomatic representatives from East and West sit down at a table to discuss something for the future, the Western people are always uptight about what they are going to say. Look at the way Western people and Eastern people present themselves. Western people expose, they want to show everything that they have, whereas Oriental people want to hide everything they have. That is a balance in itself isn't it? Western people and eastern people balance each other in that way. From up to down and from right to left is the way Orientals write their letters. Shaking hands is horizontal too. Western writing is horizontal from left to right. Western love represents horizontal love. Horizontal means four corners, 360 degrees. It is rounded. "Anyone likes me, anyone can come close." That is Western, horizontal love. Oriental love is vertical love. Isn't that so? When you beckon someone you do it like this [palm up]. And when children want to receive something they do this [hold their hands out]. When Orientals beckon somebody their gesture is with the palm down, not up. They want to connect; give rather than receive. All languages and cultures are a confessing agent. In other words they want to speak exactly how they are, so they are confessing to their true selves without knowing it. Even in art, Western artists analyze and analyze and analyze. They come to the smallest divisible element, but by doing so they lose the essence. They try to isolate and by omitting one part they try to compose and look at man in such a way. People come to see the point in the beginning, but later on they become very confused. The way Orientals go about this is completely different. They first try to comprehend the whole. No matter how big

it is they want to see the whole thing and then they try to look for the essence, where the crucial point is. They find the center. That is what religion is all about.

Being religious is to see through something to find that which is absolute. Without that other things don't matter. Without this absolute point nothing else makes sense. There should be a difference between the animal kingdom and the human world. Is love in the Western world better than animal love, or is there not much distinction now? In some Western families you can even find the grandfather living with his own granddaughter. Sometimes, his own daughter. This is utterly inconceivable in the Oriental world. Love has only one point and it has been that way all through the past and it will be that way all through time no matter how many millions of years human history may continue. No deviation is possible.

America's most feared disease now is AIDS. Father thinks that those letters are very representative. "A" means America. "I" represents important. "D" has the meaning of dead. Lots of words like that start with "D"; destroy, degradation, deprogram, dead. And "S" means plural. All things are going to death. This is what will destroy America. Each individual will head down to hell. Did AIDS start in America or Korea? By this spreading around the world, it will spread death. "Yankee go home!" has been shouted around the world for a reason. But this kind of America we have to save. Will rich people do it? No, we see that the only common point all rich people have is that they want to enjoy life more. Will politicians do this? They are no exception. Professors? They ruin their women students too. Who will protect women in America? Who will protect all Americans? There is no profession which is serious to do that now. Only one of all the human beings around the world, Reverend Moon himself, is serious about saving this country and this situation. And what did the Justice Department do? They did everything conceivable to put him down and destroy him. What Father spent here in America and the Western world in general is in excess of two billion dollars, even more. While Father has been doing that, Americans have spit at him, persecuted him, kicked him around and put trim into jail. They did every conceivable bad thing to him while he was working at the cost of his life to save this country.

Why is Father so serious about working in America, which has these problems? Americans represent Christianity, which is the second Israel. When the second Israel dies, the whole world dies.

There is no hope. This is why Father is so serious about bringing the second Israel back to life. The second Israel must bequeath things to the third Israel; if this doesn't happen the world has no future. We know already that the Bible of the first Israel is the Old Testament. The New Testament is the Bible of the second Israel. And the third Israel has the Divine Principle as their Bible. The way we sit here and stand here and work is so extremely important in history.

As expressive as it may be, no Oriental people read or write their own language analyzing each part and word. If you look in a dictionary the symbol for holy man is very interesting and it looks like this. Let's look into what this "holy" means, what it takes to be holy. There are "ears" and "mouth" and "king" represented in this character. Why the combination of ears, mouth and king? When you hear well you can become king. When you speak well, you can also become king. When you hear well and speak well you become king, like a holy man. Man can see only a short distance but they can hear an unlimited distance. We must listen well and speak on behalf of the whole universe: publicly, righteously. This is what it takes to be a holy man.

[Father refers again to the title.] The most important string and the original point. In the Western world, who has more potential to do really bad for the future of mankind (not that she will do it, but she can do it if she wills) man or woman? Where does the greater potential for evil lie? More in Western man or more in Western women? It's rather simple, don't think so seriously. It's woman. Father all the time sees women sitting in the car like a big person, puffing a cigarette and the man is always driving and then running around to open the door for her. Is he a king or slave? Answer me clearly! In this country there is no master, no owner, no center, there is no subject. So here in America Father is educating us to the concept of master for the first time. When man and woman walk, who should stand in front? Should man go first and woman follow or should man follow woman? Woman, like a shadow, should walk in the wake of man. When man walks he makes a normal stride, but women have to walk fast even to catch up with his normal stride. This is why high heels came about. Women have to walk fast. That is a woman's destiny. They should keep themselves busy or else they'll get into trouble. Of course many people have looked into and analyzed why high heels were invented, but Father is confident in his explanation.

Women are so busy walking about so they can say, "My bankbook has got to have more money than my husband has." They are so busy making their own money and their own fortune. When there is a penny on the street she wants to pick it up. When the man is walking she will follow and try to pick it up. She is very busy. The common thinking of American women is that they are busy without children, so they don't want children. They know that when they become heavy they cannot walk around, they cannot run. She cannot keep up with her schedule. No employer wants to hire a woman and give her pay for three months while she cares for her newborn child. No one wants to do that anymore. So in times like that a whole year's pay will be gone. She loses a year too.

Try to find a man who says, "I must marry an American woman." There are not so many now. Not "not so many", but none! Then Father came and said, America women can best be wed to Oriental men." But Japanese are too short for Western women so we need to improve our descendants too. There are not so many places for America women to go. They are tall, so the tall woman should be wed to a shorter man and their offspring will become just right-balanced This kind of arrangement can be made by no one, not even God. No man but Reverend Moon can make this kind of arrangement. So in the typical Unification Church marriage, Father is asking the men, "Do you want to marry America women or Oriental women?" They don't even know why, but for some reason they say, "No American woman; I want to get married to an Oriental woman." Then Father asks an American woman, "Who do you want to marry?" She thinks about American men, but decides on an Oriental man, even though they are short. That is their only shortcoming; everything else is alright because they are trustworthy and dependable. Without their being able to explain why he acts and thinks the way he does, American men favor and prefer Oriental women. Father knows already that the archangel position does not have a spouse, so they are looking for a legitimate spouse. The only such being is an Oriental woman, so their mind goes to Oriental women. This kind of a wind is blowing, without their knowing. They cannot explain this though it is their real feeling.

Those who have international blessings, raise your hands. Those married to the same nationality raise your hands. The latter is an incredibly lower number. The conclusion is clear; who would have more ability to receive an inheritance within the world? We can see that the Unification Church has the most people with international marriages. Here already is the solution to racial problems. If an individual has a black grandfather or grandmother, and a father who is white and a mother who is oriental in one family, centering on love, everything is mixed. How can that person feel separated or prejudiced against any race? He would not want to separate from his grandparents or parents. Automatically he would welcome everyone. So the Unification Church is going about solving this difficult racial problem The racial problem has the potential to be as big as the height of a Himalayan mountain or is it a small problem? It is insurmountably difficult, isn't it?

God hates national borderlines so we must transcend and eliminate them. How can we do that? Exchange in marriage is the only way for boundaries to be destroyed. Germans have to marry French. I did it. Korea and Japan have the same border. In the last wedding Father gave 2,400 couples a Japanese-Korean blessing. Many felt, "I want to be a pure Japanese and marry another Japanese." The ones who insisted on this had to wait until last. So they found that all the best brides and bridegrooms had already been matched to someone else. The remaining people were the remnants, so they were very uptight. They had wanted to get matched as soon as possible. Father never forced this on them, he gave them a choice. Father said clearly, "This is the way God wants it, so I will give first priority to international marriages." Everyone was upset, not just the Japanese but Koreans too because they did not know what Father was doing. But Father was adamant. People from eighty countries had come, who would dare oppose this high ideal of trying to marry people in a harmonious way with the world in perspective? The goal was nothing short of world peace. Father wants to make an unmistakable pattern of that marriage. Who would dare oppose it? This was Father's confident feeling. So the Japanese staff members said, "Father this is too far from being practical." Father said, "Do you think so?" and went ahead and did what he had to do. Those people who opposed Father are like barbarians, they were not thinking in an advanced way. The gentleman is the one who thinks about the future, the peace of humankind.

Who is the king of marriage, who goes beyond the sense of nationality? Reverend Moon. Can the president of the United States marry one or two hundred couples? Can any king of any nation in the world do this? Say an Englishman marries a German woman who doesn't speak English. She is a hard working, stout woman, you know the typical image of a German woman. The two were very skeptical; they thought this was not civilized. But Father assures them, 'You wait and see what kind of child comes between you." Sure enough, they waited three, four years and had a child that was so beautiful. Both knew it was a beautiful child and Father agreed with them too. That is the proof. All you have to do is wait a couple of years and see what your offspring will be like. The future is controlled by your offspring. Listening to this kind of talk is more enjoyable than listening to a sermon, isn't it?

What are Americans doing in their behavior? Is their love any different from an animal's love? No, they are much the same with little distinguishing them from animals in some areas. It is only animal love and no more. Secular humanism sounds substantial but it is nothing but Satan run rampant. Soon on campuses we will see, in broad daylight, men and women naked and running about. This kind of thing will happen. That's how bad the moral situation of university campuses is. Every place is about the same. When we went to Washington two days ago, Father spoke to American leaders for five hours saying, "America has a problem. America has a big problem with materialism, which is typical of communistic type of thinking. That kind of materialistic way will be the most difficult problem and the sexual problem, the family problem, will be another important issue." Father spoke about these three most important problems. The second one is the church problem. The third problem is the family and immorality problem. America should bring the solution to this third problem by it's own hands. This is so important. If Americans do not do this, their future will be completely demolished.

In the Gulf war who protected the Israelite nation? It was Father himself. If America does not understand the meaning of the first Israelites, then the second Israel, America, will never be able to keep its position. So Father emphasized that and taught why the Jewish nation is so important. The first and second Israel made a victorious foundation. Upon that the third Israel could start. During the Gulf war they combined into one. Father developed that foundation. Even you do not know what is in store for America and how serious the situation is. Syria was very unstable. It could have taken the opposite side of America during the Gulf war. If it had, all racial tension would have broken loose. So Father really became serious at that time. Father persuaded the Grand Mufti. He understood clearly where world peace lies.

What if Gorbachev wants to launch an anti-American movement and Father just fanned it, saying, "Yes, go ahead and do that"? What would happen? America would become furious. Father went to South America where there were lots of hard feelings against America. Of course, Father was on America's side and thinking America is much stronger and more important, but the Brazilians were really laughing it off saying, "Brazil is the potential king, not America." They were very proud that even though North America has such a big problem with racial discrimination, there is none in Brazil. They made a conference and gave a big medal to Mother. It is usually given to kings, called something like "The Order of the Family". The Minister of Education brought this to Mother. Not only has America not given Father these kinds of cultural medals, but they put him into jail. But in Brazil they presented two important cultural medals to Father and Mother. In Uruguay, important persons like the president, the head of the court and the speaker of the assembly lined up at Father's receiving line. In Uruguayan history, lots of important people have visited, like the Queen of England and the presidents of large countries. They have received many VIP's, but none in the fashion with which they received Reverend Moon. From the top to the bottom all were excited and took Father's visit seriously. That is unprecedented. Maybe just a few of the important leaders would pay attention to visits from queens and presidents, but everyone was interested in Father. Seeing that, Argentina's representative was really excited. He thought, "Argentina should also treat Reverend Moon like that," so he promised Father that Argentina would receive him on a more higher level than Uruguay did. Father didn't feel good about that. Only after seeing how good Uruguay treated Father did Argentina try to do that. Father decided, no, he wouldn't work at their pace. Father works at Father's pace.

Leaders from fifteen republics of the USSR already visited America and Father several times for training. I gave them clear education. In other words they were taught how important God is in their lives. Now they know. They are all anxious to have Father visit each one of their fifteen republics. They not only want to receive Father and treat him honorably, but also to ask him to speak. It won't be like when Father speaks here in America. His talk will be broadcast on national TV. The entire nation will be directed to hear what Reverend Moon has to say to the Soviet Union. This will take place in all the satellite countries too. Also in South America and Africa. In South America they are asking Father to come anytime. Bush said "I'm interested in South America," so he made a tour.

Behind he was making preparation for the Gulf war, but he proudly said, "From now I will help South American countries." But what did he do? Those people are assessing that already. When the next big guy, Reverend Moon, comes to visit their place, he will proclaim, 'I will do this and this and this." They will look at that and see that Reverend Moon brings results. He does what he promises to do. This kind of talk is easier for you to listen to isn't it?

You'd be very interested to listen to how Washington's political community is talking about Reverend Moon. They know Father was really adamant in exerting, "What do you have against Unification Church? It is not a gang. They are the hardest working group, people who are doing something about America." Father talks very confidently about the Unification Church. Now within these few days the Unification Church will go up with the whole media world. We will now demand from Americans, "Has any one of you worked as hard and as honestly as Reverend Moon did for the sake of America? Can you follow his type of activity?" Reverend Moon worked as hard as anybody here in America, even harder. That is what Father will say, "Did you display more patriotism than Reverend Moon?" You have to accuse them. Hit back. It's clear. Ask them, "Did you read the book Inquisition?" Demand that they read it. After they read it they will forever disappear. Do you understand? From now on we can take a proud position. Do you like that?

Satan has no resting place on the earth. Evil is rolling down forever into the dungeon of hell. How wonderful that is. From now that kind of world is appearing before us. How do you feel, great?

Aren't you hot this morning? Father is out in the ocean breeze all the time now, he feels like he is in a cage here. You cannot go out as you wish. Should we stop the sermon here and get on with the second stage of activity? [Can we go fishing with Father?] I don't know. If I say yes, everybody will follow behind and it's a big problem!

In the future the major source of animal protein in food is nowhere except the ocean: fish farming. Father sees that so clearly for the future. Everybody has to follow this road. No one is now spending any money on developing the ocean so Father is now doing this. He has to raise money through fishing and lots of fishing related ventures like tourist fishing trips. These are lucrative things to do. We should raise our funds through that. Someone should pioneer it. People take two weeks vacation but in three days, you can accomplish everything you wanted to do, like swimming. So what do you do the rest of the time? It is so tedious, you spend most of your time sleeping. But not when you go big game fishing. One time you go out and ride on the sea. You put down the anchor and let out your lines to the bottom of the sea. Soon you get a strike and Wow! It's like the Gulf war!

Next week Father will continue on this topic. It's so important and Father doesn't expect all of you to be able to listen this one time and understand everything. Why don't you at least take one week to prepare about the meaning [of the title] and prepare yourself to listen to Father. Maybe you have to think about this three weeks before Father can give the main text of this topic.

It's historical in itself, no one except Reverend Moon proclaimed this from a pulpit. He just gave us the topic of the sermon and then says, "I will speak about this next week." You've only heard the preface, the introductory part, especially how important this Oriental thought is and what a contrast it is to the Western world. Even if you get the impact of that, you have gotten more than the best forty-five minute sermon of any church in America or the world.

Let Father ask you a question, have you learned a great deal from Father or just a little bit? [Great deal.] Do you really mean that? If so, do you think you've learned more than if you had gone to college for four or ten years? Now at least you know about spirit world, what the world will be like in the future and what position you are in, what direction you are going to. All of these things have become very clear to you now as a result of Father's teaching us. There is nothing in America that you can trust in and live for. You lost everything in this country. You even lost hope that the communist world might have something good in it. Even that hope is gone now because communism perished. Can you find one hope in America for the future? There is nothing. There is no patriotic spirit. They forgot everything; parents and family have been lost. Partnership was lost. Everything. You can't believe in something that is not there. Everything is vacant, vacant mind, vacant place. All is empty. That kind of situation exists among young people. You were in that same situation but after meeting Father, how much you have changed, going up, up, up. Independently you can do everything, combine family, connect to a more powerful action, no problem. You can combine all Unification Church organization's into one. You can get strong power over any nation. How wonderful that is! Father has been walking down Fifth Avenue, hearing people say, "That Reverend Moon is bad. He is a crazy guy."

But now things are changing and the vertical atmosphere is covering the United States and the world. This is not a concept. This is reality. Do. you know what I mean?

Reverend Moon taught everything. The Unification Divine Principle perspective is reality, not concept. The true love concept is reality. The beginning and end is all reasonable. No one can deny it. Take a proud position. You know everything. You will go up. Take a straight course, not the zigzag way. If you take the straight course maybe there are high ups and downs but you have to follow the direct line, not the zigzag line. Now you understand clearly how you can go on in the future. We have a clear idea what our future direction is. Now we know how we can go on individually, with our family, with our tribe and nation. It is clear. American people do not like a dependent position, do they? They prefer independence. Now proudly you can march on in one direction.

Actually we learned so much we cannot digest it all. We need to put it into action first. We have no ability to digest the mountainous quantity of food we have already taken. We will burst. Your stomach is so full you cannot even walk now. Isn't it true? Maybe Father will give you three weeks to digest this. Think about it and prepare. A prepared person can listen to a sermon better.

Those women who want to go tuna fishing this season, raise your hands. [Father draws M above W on the board.] The M has the peak, the W is the bottom. Both combine into one and can roll. In there you can find out the ideal direction. Woman and man who don't unify cannot make the ideal way. Father doesn't usually like English because it doesn't symbolize anything, but Father believes these two letters [M for man and W for woman] were God's giving a special grace to the English language. That is Father's revelation. It's the only part of English that makes sense.

Seriously, let us look to next week for a continuation of this sermon. Those who tell Father, "I insist," raise your hands. It's not a complaint though is it? Father is in the position to complain against you, so be very grateful that Father does not kick you away. Are we grateful now? Does Father need America or does America need Father? [America needs Father.] You know that. This is now the enemy country to Reverend Moon. In World War II who came against me? American missionary power. I knew America's future situation.

Let us pray.

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