The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Dispensational Era Of The Unification Of The First, Second And Third Generations

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 19, 1991
Belvedere International Training Center.
Translator - Col. Sang Kil Han

Father's topic this morning is The Dispensational Era of the Unification of the First, Second and Third Generations. In dispensational human history who falls in the category of the first generation? What generation is God? The original, the zero generation? Zero cannot be a start. So we can see that centering on God, the first generation exists. Who is the second generation? Unfallen Adam and Eve become the second generation. Then who is the third generation? [Their children.] Adam and Eve's children. Can the second generation be different from the first generation? No, the vertical relationship with God makes them the same.

[Father draws on the board.] As we have already learned, everything that exists wants to form a sphere and become round. Centering on these dividing lines, there is an upper hemisphere, a lower hemisphere, a right and a left hemisphere and a front and a rear hemisphere. Each one can readily be divided into two, for example the upper hemisphere can be divided into two to make a quarter sphere. So the circle can easily be divided into twelve equal parts. Twelve objective purposes can be derived from this. That twelve can still be divided by two, so altogether twenty four can be formed. The number twenty four can be obtained by multiplying three times eight, four times six or twelve times two. As you know, in the Oriental world we follow the lunar calendar. The lunar calendar is divided into twenty four distinctly individual seasons. Likewise the spirit world is also divided into twenty four, centering on twelve disciples.

This number of twenty four can be derived that way. How can the individual pieces of twenty four be unified? Centered on what can they be unified? That is the question. Knowledge? Can you unify them because you develop your brain? Are there any sons and daughters who do not recognize their parents? Or any parents who do not recognize their own children? Can children deny their parents? Or can parents deny their children? In American culture today, parents take children seriously and worry about them constantly, but children never worry about their parents. They never give any concern. What do you make of that? What is the meaning? It is the result of the fallen world. In other words, the children and their generation are dragged in unknown directions by somebody making the root fuzzy and ambiguous. They are taught, "Forget about the root, don't worry about that." The children are then led in the wrong direction. The result is that they want to go to a certain objective but without the root. This is unthinkable intellectually, but that is what is happening. They are about to arrive somewhere without a root. But if the world had not fallen, what would have been manifested today? Children would be concerned about their parents even more than parents are concerned about their children.

Why is this happening? It is because Satan took the parents' position. In the Western world parents are following in the wake of their children. Where the children are going, the parents are following behind. Whereas in the Orient it is the parents who go forward and the children always try to follow. Since there is no center their sense of proper relationship does not exist. Man and woman exist on each side, but they do not keep the proper horizontal level. Man and woman do not stand around the center as they should. There is no center and no horizontal line because there is no vertical line. Originally they were designed to revolve around the center, but when they are off balance like this, the more they revolve the more confused they become because of the lack of the vertical and horizontal line. They don't know exactly where they should stand. The terminal point becomes very complicated. This is what we are experiencing today.

America belongs to the Christian culture. What is the root of America? You might answer freedom or democracy. Do you think that freedom should be the tradition of America? Does freedom guarantee love and is love an essential part of freedom? No, in the freedom we know, it does not. At best the center of freedom refers only to the individual. Whatever he wants to do he can do. That is the way most think about freedom. What about the environment? That individual just influences the environment as he wills. If he is the center then he definitely needs a good object. So if he is an absolute center then his object should also be an absolute object. He does not have that. So we see historically that humankind started from a God centered concept, then a human centered concept and now it went even lower to a material centered concept. We have already lost the dignity and actual meaning of human existence. So the concept of man and woman is not there. People are holding onto material but don't know where this material centered life is leading to. The concern for the character within a human being is not even there anymore. Character is not there. Is the character of a human being above material or below material now? It looks as if people are even below material. Is that true? Going after freedom constantly people have lost sight of God and humankind. People have descended to live like animals. They eat, they seek physical gratification and don't think about spiritual things. After they become like an animal, character and God do not exist there anymore. This is a result of freedom. This is what the freedom of the Western world has brought.

Hippies and Yippies and homosexuals and lesbians have come to a point of men denying women and women denying men. This is the straightforward destruction of the relations among human beings. All they have is animalistic behavior or satanic behavior. They can't take part in anything loftier than that. Things that a basic human being would never even think about, those things they do without guilt. Then they think, "We are the great nation. No other country enjoys freedom more than America. We are a free people with democracy." That democracy that Americans are fostering, is that democracy in the ideal sense? No, this is a form of democracy that only Americans follow, centering on white people. White people and black people have a considerable difference. The word democracy is directly translated into an Oriental language as "people centered ideal." That is what democracy is. When we center on people, what idea can come about? Only something equal to or less than humankind. Certainly not God or anything higher than human beings.

[Referring back to board.] So, these twenty four divisions, can anyone unify these by means of freedom? Can democracy unify them or can we use a democratic idea to unify them? No, because under democracy these twenty four distinct positions will be thought of as equal. Here, the direction or position is very clear, like up and down, or right and left, front and rear centering on one point. When we say front, it goes without saying that rear is also there. That's a pair which you can never separate, like two sides of a coin. Like left leg and right leg and left foot and right foot. That is the four position foundation idea. Having this center we have to keep the balance or the unit will topple. If that happens then the center goes directly to hell. Hell is where we find the center that has lost its position. Heaven is where the individual occupies the center. When we say man, what does that mean? When we say man, we already have woman in mind. The concept is there. When we say woman, we already have man in mind. The same is true with left and right. So of course this is a philosophical question as to the concept and reality, but without this concept the reality cannot come. Concept is always first.

When we say man, what else do we have in mind automatically? God, yes, that is the way it should be. Where does man come from, who is his parent, who is the origin and cause of the concept of man? Communist thinking says man and material are first. What about evolution? There are male and female beings. Did one evolve from the other? We find plus and minus everywhere, is it the result of evolution? Flowers have a male part and female part. Is there any flower that blooms just from one side? Even the insect world is distinctly divided into a male part and a female part. Could there be any evolutionary process that when carried out a male could become a female or a female become a male? Never! Can a woman become a man? The big saying is that a monkey finally evolved into a man, so how about male and female? From amoebae to a high and complicated being like man, male and female exist on every different level. Could an amoebae become one without the action of male and female? That means that an amoebae could mate with a flower, and a flower could mate with insects? Can they do that? It is definitely the devil that brought this concept. Satan is trying to confuse man.

The most fundamental duty is to keep the dignity of male elements and female elements within animals, plants and even in the mineral kingdom. All of these have to keep their position. No matter how much a strong woman here may exert herself or claim herself, can she ever become a man? Women must always have breasts. That's the way they are and they cannot change it. Do you know why women are shorter than men? It's because some women have thin chests and hips. If her height was tall she could easily be mistaken for a man! It's because of women's breasts and hips that their height became short. That is a very practical explanation for why women are generally shorter than men! Are a woman's bosom and hips just for herself? Then women might really worry about what she has to do with them. But you don't have to worry, women have a path that women should go. Women always notice as they are growing up that their breasts are becoming bigger and bigger. That is a main target of her concern. She becomes concerned thinking, "How much bigger are they going to be?" They are always concerned about that.

It is your privilege and dignity to be born as women. And it is your privilege and dignity to be born as men. We have to preserve that. We should not mix that up. What kind of women can claim, "Yes, I am born for my own sake. Women are born for women's sake absolutely." Those who think that raise your hands. How about American women? That is the surest way to doom humankind to destruction. That means dignity is gone and their value has become lower than that of animals. They are less worthy than an animal, even lower than the mineral kingdom where the plus ions and minus ions distinctly keep their position. Men and women have to make sure to preserve their dignity.

People always ask the question, "Why was I born as a man?" or "Why was I born as a woman?" Those who are proud to be born as women, raise their hands. [Hands go up very slowly.] After you get all the answers from Father you make the right answer but before you are not sure. For women, no doubt, there was a lot of conflict and thinking going on, "Why was I not born as a stronger being? Why was I not born as a man?" Women always struggle with this. Women are built in such a way that they are small so they can fit into something, not fit everything into her. She can't wrap around everything, but rather she can't be wrapped around by something else. Sometimes in an extreme case a woman is standing like a needle with hardly any space and nothing can go on top of her. She won't let it. She says, "Don't touch me, don't come near me." That is a needle-like woman.

Is there any man here who thinks, "I wish I could have been born as a woman"? [No!] Here the men are satisfied, but here the women are not satisfied. It's slanted, how can we keep a right balance? If you go around focused on a center then a balance can be obtained. Who should be the center, man or woman, in order to go around? American women, what do you think? Who should be the center? If you have two pieces or parts and one is heavier and set in place and the other is not, which should be the center? A heavier and stable man or lighter and unstable woman? This is not what Reverend Moon muses about some mornings. No, this is the way nature is. When they go around as they should, then everything is balanced. There is no man and no woman. There is no difference when the two have become one. If you go to a dancing party which is more exciting, the fastest step or the step of a grandma who is just about to die? In the beginning, maybe you start out slow, but as you go on. . . If you turn around like in dancing, do you think you can turn around without the center? Without a center the two will tumble down. What is the conclusion? Should a man cling to a woman and live or should a woman cling to a man and live? I don't know, but you American women know well. Without question the woman should hold onto a man and continue to live. But what about in America, has this been true? Or do men hang on to women and exercise caution and live? That can do a lot of damage to mankind and eventually the world.

Throughout human culture, which country has the highest rate of divorce? America or African countries? [America.] Yes, America. As a result of who's actions, who is responsible for divorce? Man or woman? There are a lot of statistics coming out. Women are at fault seventy percent of the time. [Father draws M over W on the board.] Who is in the upper position? W is deeper and M is higher. M has the protruding part. W has the receiving part. When this [M over W] becomes upside down and stays that way, it is a catastrophe. It's a bad thing. Right here in the center is a zero point, it is level. So long as it is going around fast it is okay, whoever is on top or bottom doesn't matter. But if you do not move and what should be below stays up and stays there, then that is bad. It's an absolutely necessary position to have this right side up when it is standing still. Those who deny this, who disapprove of this and wonder why Father brings it up, raise your hands. When you walk down the street, the man should walk down the center of the road and the woman should stay on either side of that center. That is more normal in walking. Will women welcome that too? That is the optimum position for a man to protect a woman. The man has to stand in the center and when need be he can reach the woman and protect her this way. If the man stands on the side and the woman stands in the center and the man has to protect her on this side, he would have to move all the way down to this way. Everything about the truth stands to reason. It stands to reason that the man should walk down the center more than stand on the sides.

Every morning Mother asks Father, "How long are you going to speak. Father I need to go to a horseback competition." Naturally, no matter how difficult or complicated a subject Father may bring up in the sermon, believe Father, he can finish in three minutes. Already Father has in essence spoken about everything he needs to mention about the first, second and third generation. He doesn't need to linger. But if he wants to or if Father is enthused he can even speak for years about this subject. Not hours, but years. Some highly acclaimed scholar could maybe spend one hour and he would have a difficult time to continue, but Father could go on for a year with no problem. This has always been so, with any subject. Father has to speak in such a way that he can accommodate every nationality's thought so Germans, Koreans, French, English can all make sense of it. Father can put things in such a way that everyone can understand it. So when Father comes to start speaking he is drawn to this subject or drawn to that area and can continue on to make each one understand. One day Father gave a sermon for sixteen hours and thirty minutes. It was about ten or fifteen years ago. One, two, three hours is nothing. Father had enough to talk about for sixteen hours and more. That day Father did not go to the bathroom. How is that possible? Through perspiration the moisture just goes out. So Father doesn't need to go to the bathroom for sixteen hours because his body adjusts and controls itself.

The second generation should be better than the first generation, yes or no? [Yes.] Father never missed a sermon in his entire life. No matter where he went he traveled to a church center and delivered a sermon. Father also ordered every leader to do that, but does every leader give sermons without fail? What if he does not have an environment where people gather together? Then Father speaks to the spirit world. All by himself he shouts out God's name and gives a sermon to spirit world. What is your guess, even though you don't see the spirit world, when Father is about to give them a sermon, do you think spirit men gather around Father or not? [Yes.] There are lots of people, even some so funny looking that others wonder what they are doing at Father's sermon, but they all want to come. It's like an avalanche. If we stampeded like that a lot of people would be hurt, but in spirit world that doesn't happen. Literally millions of spirit people swarm around Father to listen but nobody gets hurt because they don't have bodies. What about the American church? Do American men and women want to make a stampede to come and listen to Father? Someone reported to Father last week that "today everybody goes fundraising so there will be a very small number of people at Belvedere. So why don't you make an exception this Sunday and let everyone go to fundraising?" What about the spirit world? Do they ask for an exemption from the sermon schedule? In the spirit world do we need to do fundraising too? Yes or no? In the spirit world do you think there is a food factory? How about automobiles or clothing manufacturers? What do they do then, they have a million years, not just a few years! What do they do to pass time? There are no airplanes and if you are to dance for all eternity even that would be tiring. How could you do nothing but dance all the time? Your legs would become huge and how unstylish you would be. Think about it, what is the main topic or main theme in the spirit world? It is harmonizing, balancing, unifying. Centering on what? Can you think, "Because I am beautiful like an actress everyone should pay attention to me and harmonize with my beauty"? In the spirit world everyone has the ability to see a real view of each individual. Here we only see the front side, and if your front side is beautiful people call you beautiful, but in the spirit world you can be seen with an added dimension. If you are not beautiful in the front, maybe you are very beautiful from the rear. In the spirit world they look at you and say, "You are very beautiful but elsewhere you are very empty. You don't have any heart or anything." Another woman may not be so beautiful, but she has a warm heart and a round-about beauty. There is such a thing as symmetrical beauty. If you change your angle to view her, you will find the most beautiful view of her. If you boast of facial beauty, it's not so all around. It is flat, you cannot make any more beauty out of it. That's the end of it. But if you're beautiful in heart. . . Once you become flat in the spirit world all you can do is go down, which means go behind. You can never advance. Since everyone is moving the same direction in the spirit world, if somebody kicks you, they kick you ahead, they don't kick you back. This is how the spirit world is. The one who has the round personality never gets mad or aggravated no matter what you do to him. He has a round personality and doesn't pay so much attention. What about American women? So you want a flat personality or a deep and round personality? [Deep and round.] Father is saying "Yes, that's what you always say."

So who is the first generation? [God.] Who is the second generation? [Adam and Eve.] Third generation? [Their children.] Does God have grandsons and granddaughters? [Yes.] Who are they? After the world fell, who could be God's children? Fallen man became Satan's children. There was no third generation. [Father draws on the board three levels of grandparents, parents and children.] So this third position is not married yet, they are boy and girl children. When they get married then the vertical line extends to their level. Then the horizontal line is connected between the husband and wife. All existence is comprised of male and female elements like so. Even this dot in the center is divided into plus and minus. That point is where the vertical line passes through. When we look at all existence in the universe, from where do all things come? They come from dirt, they come from earth, don't they? Finer particles of rocks or pebbles become dirt. Isn't that true? That center, even including man, let alone minerals and plants, from that very origin extends one vertical line. That center comes from God. The origin starts here and it develops like this. After that exactly the same thing happens in the other direction. When that happens centering on God, that is the spirit world. Whatever we have here, we also have in the spirit world. The center of all these and the vertical line absolutely never change. That vertical line is the blood lineage. Should blood lineage change or not change? What can guarantee that unchanging lineage? An unchanging lineage comes from absolutely unchanging love and unchanging life. Plus life and minus life, represented by man's life and woman's life. That horizontal love does not change ever. Living with unchanging love is the realm of indirect dominion or the realm of principle. Centering on that you then reach the direct dominion. Centering on that there is up and down, right and left and front and rear. Those need to be unified, by what? With what can you unify and maintain unity? We say God's love, but that is too ambiguous. God's love is the love of parents and the love of children. We certainly can't attain this with knowledge or power, even spiritual power. We can only do this through love. What kind of love? True love. We should be able to just simply say, "love", so why do we say "true love"? It means that we already know there is false love. To distinguish that we say true love. True love is original love. True love means absolute love. Absolute means eternal, unchangeable, unique love. That's it! Every woman, every man wants that kind of love. It is something we have never seen, but it is what we want.

If someone gives you the absolute right to do anything, would you pick up one of your best girlfriends and live together forever happily? Or would you rather get a man, though not necessarily a handsome man and live happily and beautifully forever and ever? Which one? Another woman or a man? Why? It's simple. That's the way you are created. The origin is that way. Woman came into being certainly not for the sake of other women or even for herself, but for man. Her love and ideal can be found only in a man. There is no way she can find it in another woman or anywhere else. What she wants is a man who has all dimensions, up, down, left, right, front and rear. She needs all these things. By the same token a man needs a woman with all dimensions as well.

What does, "The dispensational era of the unification of the first, second and third generations" mean? Centering on what can we unify? Unification is the key word here. Unification by what? Man and woman will unify, that is the key of all unification. True? When she becomes one with man in all his six directions, you have accomplished your goal. The universe has accomplished its goal. That is the recognition of perfection that each one of us must perfect centered on love. That is what is happening. It's simple enough, isn't it? All throughout the history of mankind no one has realized this simple thing.

A grandfather and grandmother want to follow where their son is going. What about children centering on their parents? Do children want to follow their parents too? Yes, they would. And if there are brothers and sisters, would they want to follow each other too? That perfect model is a family. In the family everything good that Father has described can be found. In that household, you are born as the youngest daughter. You assert yourself saying, "I am representative of my elder sisters." Also you think you represent your own mother. All you have to think is that you are the one who represents your grandmother. Then wherever you go you are all set for the journey of finding love. So when this kind of girl goes and finds her brother and says, "I came in search of your love", of course he will embrace her. Everyone will embrace her and later on even God will embrace her. God will come down and hug and kiss her for the first time. How happy she will be! The same thing is true for man as well. Each one represents the whole family, so you don't care which particular one, so long as he represents the whole family, all you have to do is respect that representation. By loving him, you're loving everybody. All members of the family don't have to speak at the same time. When the grandmother is speaking, she is speaking on behalf of the whole family, even a family as big as Father's with forty members. Grandmother is the representative center of the whole family. You can recognize her at any time. That means each one enthusiastically represents his entire family, no matter how big. Even in our church, if each individual wants to represent the whole family and always tries to adjust his or her angle to God, it is all we need in love.

Father, representing the entire Unification Church family, comes and says, "Let's go!" Let's go where? Let's go suffering. Father will say this to you. But each one of you answers, "Yes" and joyfully follows in his wake. That is where you can find intertwining love.

No matter how much of a good thing you have, there is a limit to it and once you go up, you must come down. Let's say you started here [nine o'clock position on a circle] and you reached up to achieve this goal [twelve o'clock position] then you have to come down to here [six o'clock position]. When you get down here and lose power and cannot go up then you die. It doesn't matter where you might have been before. So you have to continue revolving. You have to find a way to connect to where you first started. Then it becomes a permanent and perpetual ideal. How exactly do you get this kind of training? In the family. Father already told you the family is the training center where we get training to go to heaven. All we have to do is extend that family that Father just described to a bigger realm, because after the family is clan, society, nation, world and spirit world. The nucleus is always the same. We're just repeating the same pattern. Are there two centers or one center? What is that center? The original family. That is the very center where each member of the family wants to dwell. This is the place you can rest, this is where you can be happiest. This is where "I" can be recognized. This is where I can do whatever I want to do and be understood. This is simply the happiest point.

What is the answer to Father's question, should we or shouldn't we love and respect our grandparents? What about God? Should we love God more than our grandparents or not? Why? Because God is the root. Grandparents are the trunk, parents are the big branch and you yourself are a leaf on that big tree. Each part represents the entire tree. Each cell of these parts, no matter where you take it from, the branch, root or leaf, still legitimately represents the whole tree. We all want to become number in the world, don't we? We want to excel. Have you ever become number one? With this concept to represent our familyhood, we can go to America and say, "We must listen to Reverend Moon's teaching before America can live. Otherwise America is doomed to perish." All we have to do is teach this. We should listen to them well and teach them well. That is give and take, as necessary as inhaling and exhaling. [Father demonstrates give and take in the way we walk.] When a man claims that he is more excellent than you, all you have to do is say, "Yes, this man who is my subject is excellent. I am ready for that" and you harmonize with him. That is better than you claiming your excellence as well. That means you will be pulled up and not down. Everybody wants to be on the right side, nobody on the left side. Everybody wants to get in the front, but not the back. In this way, no matter where you search for your happiness, you cannot find happiness. No matter how unfriendly your mission country may be, even if they are a dire enemy, we cannot treat them as an enemy. We still have to treat them with love and even though you may know they are wrong, still listen to them. Still in prayer, you want them to become good people. Even if it doesn't work here, but you carry on your effort here, in heaven it will be a success. Like Father comes into this country and finds a grandfather and grandmother, no matter how they are, friendly or enemy-like, Father wants to love them just like his own grandparents in his own hometown. Who can object to that? Not only grandparents, but if he finds someone his own parent's age, he wants to treat them like his own parents and the same with someone his brother and sister's age. Young people always stand up on the subway and bus to let elders sit down because they remind them of their own grandparents or parents. The universe from all four corners will welcome you. No one will be able to resist you. Do you think what Father has spoken is just overextended imagination or is this reality?

Let's ask a simple question. Do you American men and women, especially women, like grandmothers and grandfathers in the American family? Father would like to see the face of a woman who says, "In the future when I get married, I want to live with and serve my husband's father and mother. I will serve them like my own father and mother." No American woman likes that. Depending on how you feel towards them you can predict whether you will go to heaven or hell in the spirit world. It is obvious. If you do not serve them will you go to heaven or hell? It will be hell because you cannot communicate in love. Hell is a place filled with walls, where you cannot go or advance. With this mind and this practice of life, it doesn't matter where we go, to east or west, Russia or wherever, you don't have anything to fear. Heaven is where you serve those people who lived thousands of years before you just like you would serve your own grandparents. That is heaven. No matter how many people are in the spirit world in the same age group as your parents, you treat them as your own parents. No matter how many different situations you may encounter in your environment, there is still only one pattern which always works. That is the formula that applies everywhere. The ideal formula is family. No one will deter God from coming in. In the center which is the best place, there is one special chair. That is where you will usher God and ask Him to sit. This is not only a good concept, it is true in reality.

Heaven begins in the perfected love between man and woman. That's all. At the place where vertical and horizontal love meet is the place of original heaven.

Can you separate your mind and body? No it is impossible. Your mind is the vertical me. Your body is the horizontal me. Your mind represents your vertical parents and your body represents your horizontal parents. Through you they can become one. Have you seen your mind? Have you ever seen God? The body is visible and horizontal.

We see an almost automatic conclusion; now is the day or the era of unification of the three generations. [Father draws a circle on the board and divides it into four.] I like ninety degrees. How about American women? When American men are excited and elated to see ninety degrees maybe we can have hope. They think, "Father's teaching is good for me, for man." Family is the microcosm of the huge cosmos. Is spirit world inside a physical individual or not? Yes. Your mind represents your entire spirit world. Your physical body is representing the entire physical world. First you must unite your mind and body to create a true love core. That is the ideal individual perfection of a man or woman. That is the starting point to reach completion. So we have the spirit world and the physical world connecting in me. How can we unite those two? With what? True love. What kind of true love? Vertical true love and horizontal true love. We need two kinds of love. The vertical true love which I inherit from God, His love and His lineage and His life are what we inherit. Also horizontally we inherit the same life, love and lineage from the physical parents. To become a core you accomplish this. True love always travels the shortest route. The shortest line is a vertical line. We know mathematically this is true. The straight line is shortest and if there is even a slight degree of deviation, it creates a longer line.

A child starts from here and as they go along they learn that this is the way that life goes. As they grow they see all the happenings within a family. Each one learns the things that go with each age. By the time this child goes around, a girl will find that her purpose is to find a man. At the onset of puberty she discovers that. It's like a balloon that she has just inflated. The world is at her command and she wants to embrace everything and put it into her big bag of love. With that, where does she find that subject of love? She does not find this in her parents or her teachers, but she knows that she has to find a man to become ideal. She knows that this is the point where she has to come after fulfilling in all this other area. This is the only place where they can practically meet. There is only one point where a line can intersect another at ninety degrees. These four elements, man's mind and body and woman's mind and body, will come together following the short route of true love and that is when a new baby is conceived. When this kind of unity takes place in these dual aspects of mind and body, a new baby is created who also has a mind and body. It is the fruit of the unity of its parents' minds and bodies.

Where do they meet? In concept at least we can describe it as the place where all men and God want to meet. That is the one point where we should meet. If there is even one degree of deviation, it is not the right position, not a perfect right angle. Why does this connote something right, while this one connotes something wrong? Centering on this ideal, this is always opposite. It starts from zero. Different languages, the tools of human communication didn't just happen. They all come from the interaction of mind and body. The straight vertical line always passes through the sexual organ because that is the vertical terminal point. That terminal point of the vertical line is God's own hope. It is here that we have to make sure we maintain a ninety degree angle. Until now mankind has not known what mind is or what body is, but now we know my mind is vertical me and my body is horizontal me. Both mind and body is me, but one is vertical and one is horizontal centering on true love. You are the center of the universe because you represent the love of the center of the universe. We should understand, "I am a being of central love with horizontal and vertical combined into one. That is me." Do you understand that? When you say "me" and think about yourself, immediately you represent the entire universe, both the vertical and horizontal heritage. You want to be the top of everything, don't you. Each person should feel this. Centering on love I represent the whole universe, both horizontal and vertical. All things must recognize your claim and say "Yes." Are your ancestors represented within you or not? Your forty billion cells are representative. Since they married horizontally, all the cells of all mankind are represented within you too. Through unchanging true love we can unify that mind and body. Even in scientific research we find a unit and use a formula to do that. Man and woman is the unit to use a formula means to combine into one. This is an absolute formula. That kind of formula has always existed in the universe. It is clear. How can you make that classic theory? From there we can make a foundation. Without a theory we cannot make anything into a perfect reality.

When you know the immense cosmos, do you feel good or only so and so? [Father makes a big shout.] Isn't this the way you feel? Your yell should echo. Your echo and original shout shall echo with each other and go around to form the ideal world of happiness.

Within me, the past is represented as well as the future and the present. [Father draws two more circles connected to the first but they all share one point in common.] This circle is the past, this one is the present and this is the future. In the family, the ancestors are here too. The past is represented by the grandparents. Those who take the root lightly have no way to prosper. The roots of all five billion population are from parents aren't they? They all came from parents that also existed in pairs. The children represent the future. The family is a model which includes the past, present and future. The mother in a family represents the mother of five billion people. Assuming half of the population is woman, that is 2.5 billion representatives. That woman can be the queen of 2.5 women in that position. The first centers are king and queen. All fathers are represented by the king. The tribe holds the future's king and queen. How wonderful the family is! That's true!

So this is the world's number one house, the family of love where they treat the grandparents like God, their own physical father and mother are king and queen of the whole five billion population and the children represent the whole five billion as princes and princesses of the world. This is the greatest house of love. You literally wish that your own father and mother would be king and queen don't you? And you wish your grandfather and grandmother could be equal to God, don't you? There is no place that type of formula does not work; it will work anywhere. To form a kingship family is the very purpose of our blessed couples. When you live like this and you shout out "God, our father", will God answer, "I don't know you"? No, He will answer, "I have been waiting for you. Come this way." God will look at you and say, "You are like me." He will usher us into an embrace. We know that everything mankind wants, their highest ideal and their highest happiness, begins and ends right here in the family. We now know. The purpose of our life here is to find a man and woman. The most valuable thing for woman is man. The greatest and most valuable being for a man is woman. Why? A woman who perfectly wins the perfect love of man and the man who can perfectly win the love of a woman can conquer the world and conquer the universe. No matter what you do in your uncontrollable love, even if you pinch your lover's cheek so that she need stitches, the following morning she would never sue you. Is that true? The stronger your expression of love the better. Even by physical hurting, Father even says maiming, maybe you would lose one arm by doing that, still it would be a source of eternal pride, not a source of regret. In that theory maybe when you die in love, maybe it is even better. Is there any American, either man or woman, who determines to themselves, "I am going to get married so that I can die!"? Does anyone think, "My goal is to die and then I'll be the happiest being" or "I may die in bed, but I'll bet my life for marriage"? Is there such a man or woman in America? Father would like to see just one. What about among Unification Church members? Could Father find one or many? [Many.] So when you are matched and married together you are perfectly handsome and beautiful, but after a while you lose an eye. Then you lose your nose. Would you then say, "Oh now we have to divorce"? Can you ever say that? Do you think that if you lose one eye here on earth that in spirit world you will be without an eye? No, you would have an eye, in fact, a more perfect eye because it is unused! It's like a brand new eye. So when curious people ask, "Why do you have only one eye?", you can answer, "I really tried to educate my spouse as the best bride in the whole world and in the course of doing that I lost my eye." That means you are a champion in the spirit world. He will win the number one prize in the spirit world.

Suppose there was a couple where one of the loving spouses was missing all four limbs, they only had a torso and head but they made a perfect marriage. They will occupy the number one place in the museum of love in heaven. So whatever is difficult here, in the course of principle, will become that much higher a glory in the spirit world. What about Father? He is the man with the record of having done everything to find a perfect woman, and after finding her, made her a perfect woman. And in doing so he suffered more than anyone else. He is a number one man, how about that?

Now we know the theoretical principle how we can bring one, two, three generations into unification. Grandparents are the first generation, parents are the second generation and children are the third generation. They combine into one atmosphere following true love. That is the complete settlement place. That is the ideal. It's clear, right? We should make that accomplishment everywhere centered on true love.

With this clear firm idea in your head, from this morning, from this point on resolve, "I am a queen who is about to set off on the journey to find the greatest king on earth-my husband. I will make him one." How much toil you have to go through to accomplish that! We have to simply determine ourselves that "I will go to the bottom of hell, the lowest place where no one has ever been." Even God will tell you, "No, I can't do it. You go there and become God yourself." God may say that but even to that point, we as Unification Church blessed couples must be ready to travel.

[Father matches his hands fingertip to fingertip with one sister in the audience.] Man is trying to match up so to become eternally connected. Likewise, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, eyes to eyes, mouth to mouth and navel to navel, all the way down we have to align ourselves to each other. The mans arms and hands will form the outer rim and women will be the inner rim. Since it is all men and all women's wish to become like this and live as kings and queens representing the whole world, even to go to the position of God, since this is every single individual human being's desire and wish, Reverend Moon is now showing them the prototype, teaching them the formula to become so. Amen!

Those who do not have grandparents, raise your hands? What happened, did you chase them away? Did you disown them or did they disown you? What happened? What about your own parents, do you have your own physical parents? What about your own brothers and sisters? Unfortunately in America it is all horizontal. There is just the very lonely couple. What position do they represent? If that nuclear couple who do not have their parents, do not have grandparents, and don't even want children, but they just get old and go to spirit world, what happens to them? Because they do not go along with this type of happiness they end up in a shady place where no one notices them.

The fact that we all have eyes, a nose and mouth already tells us that we are all connected to an internal body and that each one of us represents all the world. That fact is announced by the mere existence of our faces. All throughout the body we see the construction of three stages. This is not Reverend Moon's eloquent invention. This is the truth evident in the very existence of the world. But even if Reverend Moon invented this as the greatest invention, I think that it deserves the applause of the entire historical world. No one has come to reveal this before. God is the grand king and our parents are the nation's king. "I" am the modern king.

The conclusion of Father's sermon this morning, of the unification of three generations, already becomes apparent. The answer is right here in itself. Without family there is no way to unify these three generations. With family they automatically are unified. What about Americans? Are Americans the exception? Americans don't have grandparents. Americanism is couple-ism. That means they didn't have parents. Where can they get the parents level and grandparents level? You cannot make those two. Without these factors and ingredients in your family, you cannot make perfection. What if we have an adoption campaign? All the American families who do not have grandparents now-you can even kidnap them by love. We will tell them, "Please stay here in the throne of God's position and the king and queen position in our family."

Those people who are maybe out of a job, those who are at your parents age level, you can bring them in as a parent. You can say, "Yes, you're my grandfather now, you're my grandmother now. Even though you are adopted, I will serve you as my real grandparents and father and mother, even more than my own." If you can say that, any country will welcome you. Even the spirit world will say Amen! So Father is asking again, those wives of blessed couples who say, "I don't care about my father and mother-in-law, or grandparents-in-law, they're not a part of my family", raise your hands. We must be well connected with our ancestors. Father has another question; those who want to eventually live in a senior citizens home, raise your hands. There are polls done in senior citizen's homes. People say they're unhappy, but by secret ballot they say, "I am here as the result of my daughter-in-law." They say, "Because of my daughter-in-law I am here rather than in my own family." Daughter-in-law means American women. After Reverend Moon speaks like this 120 million American women hear about this, "Yes Reverend Moon, you are right. Nobody told us like this, but I will follow your teaching"-then will America flourish or perish? Now it is the darkest hell, but they will see the dawn coming up and it will become lighter and lighter eventually becoming heaven in this country. Dawn and a glorious morning are coming. Will America prosper or perish? [Prosper!]

They have treated Reverend Moon like a spy, like someone who has been trying to hurt this country. Would Reverend Moon hurt this country by teaching this? Now they are beginning to understand Father's standard and turn around, saying, "I am sorry Reverend Moon. We've persecuted you too much." Now they come to bow down to him, the one who knew ahead of time that history is moving in this direction. Now the Western civilization and Eastern civilization are changing roles, centering on true love. Following the teaching of Reverend Moon, this Western civilization will be overtaken by the Eastern civilization, which the West have to follow in order to live in principle. All America should thank Reverend Moon for revealing this truth.

Those who say, "Father I not only received your message clearly, but I will live like this for the rest of my life!", those who pledge this raise your hands.

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