The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Seed And Root Of True Love Is The Blessed Family

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 14, 1991
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is The Seed and the Root of True Love is the Blessed Family. It is blessed family, not blessed couple. The meaning of couple and family is different. Do you understand the meaning of the title? We can see that the seed and root of true love exist only within the family; they do not exist separately or anywhere else. The unification of all levels, country, society, and even the world, starts from the unification of an individual family. Of what is a family composed? Man and woman. Therefore man and woman represent all creation, mankind and creatures included. Man and woman also represent the plant kingdom where there are male and female elements and even the mineral kingdom where positive and negative elements are also found.

God represents both male characteristics and female characteristics. Take one couple as an example. They fully represent all things including humankind, found within the universe. When you pull the line of that couple, all things are attached to it. They are the root and they are connected with each other. When man and woman are treated separately, a man will say, "I am I" and a woman also would say, "I am I." They both think they are top, the number one. Isn't that true? That is the way each one of us feel individually; "I'm the top and without me, nothing exists." If man is in the top position and woman is in the top position1 how can there be unity and harmony and equalization? How can those three things be accomplished? The very concept of harmonizing, equalizing and unifying, implies two or more things coming together. If you are talking in relation to things remaining separate, harmony, equality and unity have no meaning. When two things are separate, existing individually with no center, then there is no hope for eternity that they will ever come into unification. They will remain separate.

One might ask, "Why do I need unification? It is too complicated. As fine as I am, why would I need equalization? Why do I have to harmonize when I have the right to live any way I want?" But looking hack at Adam and Eve's time, what did they have, what did they look for? They wanted to find laughter. Centered on what? What was it through which they could laugh? Let's say one exists by himself. How does that person know what he looks like? Does he caress his own eyes, intoxicated by their beauty? Does he spend time thinking that their function is fantastic? What about his nose and mouth? Can you be fascinated by your own face that way? What if there are two men and they look at each other and one caresses the other's eyes saying, "How beautiful these eyes are, how nice this nose is." You would feel terrible seeing that! Does it looks nice to see a man touching another man?

Out on Fifth Avenue, watching so many thousands of people walking by, Father often wonders, "How could I or how could anyone ever put them all into order?" If there was a computer to give people all the necessary commands about what to do, like "Now you do this and now do that", soon, no matter how big that computer was, it would burn out! Then all of a sudden Father remembers, there is man and there is woman and they take care of each other without the other having to say anything. How wonderful! So among the hundreds of thousands of people there, a man will pull a woman aside and say, "Let's go this way, let's go do that" or the woman may say, "No. Let's do that." And then they settle down somehow. But if there were only men, with no women, they could never settle down. It is a great problem if there are men but no women or the other way around. There is no way you can put that kind of situation into order.

In a family, the man goes out to work and comes back in the evening, pulled by the power of love. The wife too goes out shopping and always comes back pulled by love. The children, sons and daughters go to school or go anywhere and they always return, pulled by the power of love. The family is the place where couples, parents and children all dwell in love. Isn't that true? The small grandsons and granddaughters of Father, they too want to crowd around. When everyone is gathered together they are very happy and excited. If they are told to play in a certain place they say, "No". They will refuse to do that and instead go to their grandfather and grandmother and just hang around them. What makes them do that? Of course, it is love. What about the aged people, like a grandfather and grandmother who say, "I am too tired to play with the grandchildren." Would they do that? No, they are even more excited and happy. This is the flower of love. It is the fruit of love so that family is full of all the warmth of love. Looking at that even the cells of an individual's body love it and want to be immersed in it and be intoxicated by it. Isn't that true? Isn't that what the family is all about?

So even though you may have joy and laughter, you don't do so centering on yourself. Centering on someone else you can have those things. Many people work hard for a certain purpose, as an example let's use those who have finally made lots of money. Where does a person go with that money? What can you do with this piece of paper that says you are a millionaire? Can you get joy by yourself just looking at it? That would be insane. Rather, the man with this certificate goes right back to the family, taking the news to the ones he loves most. He confides to his most beloved one, his wife. Then together the couple goes to the grandfather and grandmother, their own father and mother and then all four go together to share their pride with their children. Isn't that true? All want to share together. If their joy is even more overwhelming than that, where do they go? They go to visit the president of that province, and even more than that, if they have more excitement they go as far as the president of the country and even to the world and to God. So if you want to be happy, would you rather be happy with everybody involved or do you just want to be calmly happy by yourself? You want everybody to be in that happiness. When you laugh then do you laugh just centering on yourself, or is it better to laugh to your heart's content centered on everybody in the room? Which would you choose? To be happy on behalf of everyone. When you laugh you cannot laugh forever, just for the length of one breath. As soon as your breath runs out you have to stop laughing. But when you run out of breath, you need somebody to push that air back to you! This is the way you laugh, sometimes you have to examine that. Maybe it never dawned on you before. We always laugh down and then laugh up. We go up and down, "Ha, ha ha". You have to have all four directions though, not only up and down! Laugh in all directions, even circulating too!

If you want to dance, would you want to dance with a loved one or some stranger whom you really don't care about, like a beggar in your neighborhood? Where can you find loved ones? In the family where parents, wife, husband and children all dwell in love. Happy is the person who just by their presence, by walking into a room, brings happiness to others. Even with a room full of old people, you could walk in and just by looking at you, they would laugh with you. Even children would feel this way, laughing with a big smile from ear to ear. As soon as you walk into the room they feel very happy to see you. What is a heavenly family? A heavenly family is where you can walk in any time of the day, any season of the year, and they will welcome you and provide you with all the laughter there is all throughout your life. Like the title says, that kind of family is where there is a seed and the root of true love.

When you are about to enter into that kind of a family, you know you must prepare yourself thinking, "I must make the atmosphere even more joyful. I should never undermine the atmosphere of the family when I walk-in." Prepare yourself. Even though you may be tired, pretend you really aren't so that you can add more to that family rather than take away from it. How about the grouchy person who would just walk in and say, "I am the center of this family. Where are my sons and daughters? Where is my wife who is supposed to greet me and provide me happiness?" He walks in and just demands, "Where is everybody? I am the center, everybody should please me." Is it possible to do that? Is he welcomed by anyone? No, no one will welcome him. What if he walks in and instead says, "I am born to exist for the sake of my grandfather and grandmother, my father and mother and my own sons and daughters and wife." And what if a wife thinks this same way? Those kind of people would walk into the house with their head down, trying to harmonize and be of service to everybody. When they walk in with their head down obviously very depressed, the grandparents will say, "What happened to you? Did something happen outside?" And he says, "No, actually I meant to buy some gift for you, but on the way I forgot, so I feel so terrible." The grandmother would pay back that kind of attitude many times more than if she had actually received a present. She will want to do even more for him than if he had brought her a gift. The same goes for the wife and children. The wife would try to please her husband and the children, even though their father forgot to bring the gift, would try to please him also.

They would still feel they wanted to give something in return. The grandparents, the wife, the children would all bow down to this man. They would lower their heads lower and lower. In the Orient we say "lower your head", which means to feel grateful. His family would say to him, "I feel better than if I had received something. Your love expressed by your feeling like this, is actually better than some material token. I don't need anything because now I know that you have that feeling towards me, so I am just as happy." Then literally, they begin dancing with joy to confirm that love.

Is this your typical American family? [No.] But do we know what a typical family should be? [Yes.] Should be or must be? Must be. You know very well. We know very well but why can't we do this? Until now there was no theory in which we could have confidence. Theory is still as close as we come. We can describe an idea or concept and say it will work. We can draw the final conclusion that this is the way each person wants to live, for the sake of others and not for his own sake or asking others to live for him. Not only now but in the past and future we know this will continue to be true. This is a well justified conclusion. No one can say, "No, you are wrong." Do you agree? Answer clearly. [Yes!]

So now we already know the prototype, we know the basic unit of heaven is the family. The only requirement after that is the extension of the scale. In other words, the country is nothing but an extension of such a family. And the world is nothing but an extension of that country. The whole world and cosmos is the biggest extension of that family. Nothing is different. When God told Father, "Go to America now and save them," he decided to come whether he was welcomed or not. He did what he was supposed to do. Can America exist eternally while opposing this view? No, America must bow down to him and until that day Father simply has to carry out his work. This is what has been done. Even though a record of persecution exists and the history of Danbury exists, in one day when all Americans burn this up and are elevated to a higher place, they will welcome Reverend Moon. All those things of the past will go out of existence.

Unfilial sons and daughters oppose their loving parents who are doing tremendous things for their sake. Because such children don't understand, they do everything their parents don't like, making trouble in all kinds of ways. Sometimes these unfilial sons and daughters repent. All of a sudden it dawns on them that they are wrong so they repent and bow down to the parents. Only in love is this kind of abrupt change possible. By living for the sake of others this phenomenon becomes possible. How did it happen? That is simply the way the power of the universe moves. It is universal fate. The power of the universe will move in the same direction as this kind of love. When an opposing kind of love exists, then the power of the universe will repel it and try to chase it out. When the universe finds true love, it wants to embrace it. God created the universe to operate in this way. Universal fate will protect the place where there are unifying, harmonizing and equalizing elements centering on true love.

You have a plus mind and plus body. How can you equalize, unify and harmonize these two? If you can create a unified position, immediately you will be protected by universal power. No one knows this. This is a law that works forever. How can you make unity on this earth? By centering on true love. All the cells of a body are directed toward one goal, the core of that body. That is what makes unification possible. That individual will unite and come into harmony and equality, centered on an even higher purpose in love. Then all the things of the universe will gather around him. Universal fate will surround and protect him with a true love atmosphere. That person doesn't have to do anything more. His fame is there; his money is there. Therefore don't try to chase money. Money has to chase you. That is Father's way! Actually, until now Father has created no business which has been profitable. Looking back, Father thinks he should have perished a long time ago, but somehow his work continues to become bigger and bigger. Up front you lose money but in back there is more and more support coming to that business. The fate of the universe, universal power is adding to it.

Every power of the universe wants to tag along behind Father. So when Father moves thus, all things move along with him. So even though Father seems to be losing he wants to invest even more. That is the only way he knows how to live. What is the difference between Father's way and ours? Father knows the fate of the heavenly power whereas we don't. Those who don't know take for themselves, even deceiving the church to bring money to themselves rather than trying to give it to other people. They come to a point saying, "Everything is fine, I'm not opposing it, but I must have money from you before I can be happy." This is the traditional American attitude. It is very dangerous. Because of their past history America has declined slowly, but when a certain point is reached this country will plummet down, straight down like going over a cliff. That attitude is a sure way of making a country decline. "Me-ism" is really the death of America.

Who is a wise person and who is a foolish person? What is the difference between the two? One way we can distinguish the two is that the foolish person sees only right in front of him. Today, this moment, is all he sees. A wise man sees a hundred years, even a thousand years ahead. Obviously there are two very different ways of thinking, America's way and Reverend Moon's way. Which way is wise and which is foolish? Since you are American you are probably thinking, "I am wise, I must be on the side of the wise country." The foolish person is now trying to follow the wise person, but he does not follow closely. He wants to follow a few steps behind, treading in the same footprints so he doesn't have to pioneer a new step. There is no way universal power will come to this person's side. If he continues like this, later he will become a charge of the public or he will die. He will become a beggar or he will die. He will become a slave or simply die and fade away. In retrospect we see this is the way history has advanced, always repeating this same pattern. What Father has been teaching is not how to become a great servant or great master but how to be good sons and daughters. This is the principle of the Unification Church; how to become great sons and daughters. How revolutionary, how reforming this is. This is like a revolution allowing grammar school kids to go through a college course. [Father corrects Col. Han's translation saying, "Ph.D. course, not college course."] The interpreter's version is different from mine. The last time Father said something about the different levels I left out the sons and daughters level and other things. It is difficult. We must be able to understand Father's original words.

Why does universal power move in the way Father described? It is like water and soil moving to the seed and the root. When the seed and the root of true love appear then every aspect of the energy of the universal power goes there. Sunshine, water, air, all want to go there trying to foster that seed to grow big enough to fill the universe. That's how the seeds are. So the seed represents love: love of the trunk, love of the branch, leaves and flower. Everything is represented in the seed. All seeds are composed of two elements. Male and female elements, left and right in a circular fashion. [Father draws a picture on the board.] The seed may be small, but everything is in it. All it needs is nutrition and care and then all we have to do is wait for it to develop. Do you follow? This small seed represents the entire universe. It is right that it does and it is no exaggeration, because the seed represents man and woman, male and female elements. Plus and minus of all creation are found here. The two became one and represent God. Here is an Oriental man and a Western woman and they have to become one husk. It's not Western thought, neither is it Eastern thought to do that. There is only one way they can come into contact face to face. What actually does that? Within the husk of love everything, every body unifies.

Now ask yourself a question -- in your own family, is there unmistakably the seed of true love? Your answer has to be either yes or no. If you have that, it means your family has a grandfather and grandmother whom you can eternally cherish. You will never deny that love. You know for the rest of your life and even longer you will live for their sake. True Parents planted that seed making it a true center root growing up to make a center trunk. From the center trunk there will grow many branches. It is a straight line, extending in beauty. Growing up, that will automatically blossom into a flower. The flower has the same purpose: to become a seed.

There are many branches. The seed is the center of the thought or idea of the tree. From its perspective, the trunk and all branches are equal. That is the ideal tree. Now we know the concept. We must know this tradition and purpose of the branch itself. First, we have to recognize where the center root is. My grandfather and grandmother are the true center of this tradition. My father and mother, my parents are the next part, the next connection to the center. And me and my spouse will become the next center and on and on. The center is straight and exactly vertical. We should immediately be aware of that in a family. We have a center root, center branch and center bud. All these things are connected. Which would you rather be, a center root or center bud? Yes, we want to be a center root, don't we? Everyone's desire is the same. The center can only become the center through the vertical. [Father draws picture on the board.] This vertical line is like a shaft. Like a shaft, it needs a receptacle on both ends on which it can revolve. The receptacle on the bottom is the family, something which receives the vertical shaft. And the receptacle above is God. It is the palace of God's kingdom. It is connected to True Parent's family. This vertical core always retains the same value. It is not smaller if the surroundings are smaller. It does not change and become larger. No, this value always stays the same, through small and large as well. We can see cell reproduction. For example, if you take one cell from your body, that one cell can exactly represent your entire body. A cell from this muscle here carries a pattern for the eyes. Not only the cell from the eye has the eyes pattern in it, but a cell from the arm has it as well. Then doesn't it stand to reason that the cell which is connected to true love has a position equal to true love? True love is the seed and the fruit as well. It is the reason and the result. It exists from the beginning to the end.

Why were women born? Did they say, "Well I chose not to become a man, so I became a woman"? Is that a good explanation? That doesn't stand to reason. If so, if that was how you became women, you should do away with the function of women, and take away that sexual organ which is valuable only for the sake of men. Does that organ exist for the sake of a woman herself, or for the sake of man, or for children? It exists for everybody's sake except for hers, right? That means she is not born a woman just because she didn't choose to be a man. Concept always exists before the actual being does. The fact that women came to exist shows that God had man already in mind beforehand. Can we ever assert that women came to exist for their own sake only? That is an emphatic no. They came into being for the sake of man and children. Women have something which a man loves most and children love most also. What is it that a woman has that a man loves the most? Is it her pretty face? It is where the man can rest peacefully the rest of his life; the palace of love kingdom. Only women have it, not men. And also for children, their kingdom is mother. The kingdom of mother is only for children. Should we feed that prince with the mother's own milk or cow's milk? [Mother's milk.] How about American women? American women don't like that. It is because they don't know true love or the reason they are born. We know true love only exists when we try to love other people, when we invest not trying to draw things to ourselves. We know that filial sons and daughters and the patriots and saints all have one thing in common. They live only to give and never to receive. So filial sons are the ones who give for the sake of all the other members of the family. The one who gives the most becomes the center of the family. So all the saints of history, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius and the like traveled around the world and all people of every generation want to worship them. Why? Because they are the ones who gave the most. They invested total love into their effort so everyone is indebted to them. People want to pay it back and that is why they cluster around the saints, even in the spirit world. They are trying to pay them back.

So American women are born for what purpose? For their men and children. American women say, "Wrong, wrong! Reverend Moon's teaching is wrong!" They will make demonstrations saying Reverend Moon is wrong. They make too much noise! They always stir up the whole countryside. But later they will calm down and they will become peaceful! forever. They will have no voice then, so only Reverend Moon will be making a loud noise and stirring up the country. Father is the one who is speaking the most and in the biggest voice now. Everybody else has calmed down.

When Father first came to America he had Danbury in his mind. At that time he was already thinking that he had to be prepared to go to a place like that or even worse in order to save this country. Going through the hell of Danbury, Father came to the position where he is to be welcomed. It couldn't happen before and Father knew that. This power of living for the sake of other people has the power of the atomic bomb. It is not just a small power. It is huge and it lasts forever. It radiates expanding power forever. If one thing is touched by that it automatically melts down. Immediately it disappears. The only reality that remains is that of true love. So Reverend Moon, whom no one understood, has always lived for the same purpose of true love. His own household and family in the remote place of Korea opposed him. Korea itself opposed him. Asia, the whole world and even the spiritual world all opposed Reverend Moon for what he has done. But Father never fell down in any part of his work, neither in his family nor in any part of the whole universe. We know the Soviet Union opposed Father throughout their history of Communism. Father really worked hard to help them gain their freedom. America too opposed Father for so many years. Now both countries find themselves being helped by Reverend Moon. Without Reverend Moon's help, whether it be spiritual or material, they simply would not be able to continue. There is some element Father has that makes these things possible. Once we know what it is, we really should go all out to propagate it.

If we are beaten first, then everything comes our way and we will recover. That is the classic strategy of God. First be beaten, then recover. How can Father win such difficult situations on every level? What is the secret? There is only one simple point. Live for the sake of others centering on true love. Period. It's simple. When Father came to America, he did not come for his own sake. Father came here for the sake of America and the sake of the world. Father knew the victory would be his. And it was his even before he won the victory. Not only in Father's own generation, but this conclusion was already established thousands of years ago when the creation was first begun. He knew and the universe knew Father would be a victor. Universal fate is following behind me. Who would dare strike Father in doing that? No one. For by doing that, that person would have to pay compensation ten times or one hundred times more than the wrong they did to Father. The Principle is so clear that Father knew all these things before he even started. Do we know clearly?

So the fact is that woman is never born for her own sake, but for the sake of everyone else. After finding a truly loving husband who truly loves her, then a woman can say, "God, now I perfected my self." Not before. You cannot go to Harvard and win a Ph.D. and become a world famous scholar and tell God you have become a perfect person. No, no. Only after occupying the perfect love of her husband towards her can she say, "Now I am perfect." In all mankind, Father doesn't care how big the numbers are, or whether they are alive or in the spiritual world, has any one woman become perfect without knowing this principle? [No.] That means there was never a woman who has been perfect. By the same token, what about men? Same thing. Heaven is where the perfect man and perfect woman go to dwell together in love. Since there has been no such a person it means that heaven is empty. There is nobody living in heaven. That is why the savior comes to this earth. The savior comes not to save this decaying, putrid body of the fallen generation. No, that is not the purpose he came for. He comes here to restore and protect the true love.

Why did Jesus have to resurrect and come again? He saw that he could take the Holy Spirit along with him to foster Christianity and to prepare for the next stage to come. This is how he came. He came as a bride to the groom. Women represent the earth and men represent heaven. But when he comes again, he represents the groom. It stands very much to reason that the messiah comes after World War II, at the time the world was unified through the foundation of Christianity. Then he came in search of one perfect woman. And AMERICA is the place which God prepared the most, where He gave all the blessing and where all the Abels of the world have assembled together. The messiah must come to America. After the messiah comes here, he teaches the conceptual system of the new world. The whole world must follow America's wake in search of true love. Father teaches all levels of knowledge to reach that. Father teaches how to make the family, the tribe, the nation and how they can all connect on the world level and attain God. Only Father can teach how to go through every level and finally make the unified world. From there heaven on earth begins.

What we see in our church is international marriage. The blessed family is what we call international marriage. Isn't that true? That's the contents isn't it? The question is, have our families fulfilled that purpose of giving blessing? We have been taught by Father, for the first time in history, that the family we see in America should be different, not a little, but 180 degrees different from the way they are now. There are no two gates to go through, only one gate. We have to find the one historical gate, the one that exists not just for this year or this generation alone.

A patriot is one who truly loves his country and works unselfishly for its benefit. A filial son or daughter is the one who truly loves his parents and the rest of the family. The saints or holy men and these others all have the same elements though to a different degree. They strive to meet God as a victor. No one else had that idea, it was not there. First we need to have the idea before we can achieve that goal. Satan will try to stop people every step of the way. He will try to convince us that whoever is the strongest will win and that love is something we should forget about. He says, "Forget about other people. Look at history, who prospered by living for others? Only those who worked for themselves were prosperous and successful." Then the dumb ones will agree with him. What we're looking for is the T. family, the T. children, T. tribe, T. nation, T. world and T. universe, the T. of everything, all of it true. Even God has to become a true God. In a way the God that has been working up until now is not the true God. He is a temporary God. He has not been able to enjoy anything, He has been only sad. This is not true God's position. No religious leader has ever understood this. No one knew this. Only through our knowing clearly and fully this basic truth can we understand why Father is always saying the final goal is to liberate God. We are the only ones who can understand this idea of liberating God. Until now God has not seen a true anything. He is waiting and waiting for this to appear. God has spent such a tedious time, waiting all through a long history following behind humankind. This has been God's position. He has not been in the center. Why? Satan has been occupying the center. The front line has been Satan's position. But now the top is going down, the bottom is coming up and everything is moving in reverse. After that things will move into their original position. From there a true God can exist.

You are working to liberate God. If I extend my hand to touch something, God wants it to be a heavenly thing. This world has not yet reached that kind of purpose or situation. How can we do that? We need a re-creation education system, otherwise the original world cannot reappear. Do you understand? That is the clear viewpoint of the Divine Principle. It is God's clear perspective and clear purpose.

This sister sitting here is the type who, when her husband tries to love her for her best benefit, she refuses and says, "Leave me alone." It's alright when you are growing up. While you are growing up that is perfectly justified. You have to preserve yourself. But once you grow up then you have to change totally. You have to change 180 degrees. Now you have to become more bold and search for man's love. What is your guess? What Father told us this morning, just even that much, if you trace the root of anybody who lives now or exists now in the spirit world, do you think you would find anyone who is an exception to the way Father has described we should live? [No.] You say "no", but it means 'know.' You know now. We can make a 'know' world into a 'new' world. You came into the Unification Church and now you know everything. It's clear. There is no dark place now. This is a confident lifestyle. People outside the Unification Church are making an overly complicated sound everywhere. You can teach them God's purpose and ideal of creation. After that they can live with confidence their whole life, going in a straight line, centered on love. Our love line should be short and straight, the shortest line. The most straight line is the shortest. Once you know this, is there any enticement or seduction to men or to women among Unification Blessed couples? It is impossible. Even if somebody tries to tempt you, if you know this truth, you would rather die than follow them. Do you really want to have that kind of true husband, not like the average, ordinary kind of American husband we find? And also, you men, do you want to find that kind of wife who will never change?

The topic of today's sermon is the blessed couple which has the seed and the root. Even one seed of a tree represents the whole universe, let alone the blessed families of the Unification Church who also have the seed and root of all families around the world, historically. My seed is my father and mother, and the seed of my father is his mother and father and so on back through history to the original seed. Of course this comes from the duality of God, God's masculinity and femininity within Himself. Connected to this vertical line, all God's family is represented. From there appears that line of tradition, the same form, same prototype, same standard. What is it? True love, the historical true love tradition. Until now it never appeared on the earth. Someone somewhere has to bring about that kind of reality, otherwise there is no hope and no happiness.

Now we know. My grandfather is the seed of my own parents. Man becomes a tree with branches and many leaves. There is only one center in the trunk, absolutely and forever only one. True love's vertical line is one, forever. It is unchangeable. It is impossible to change this root which is the parent's root. Bamboo is a good example. It grows in sections. It has significance, for it is the one tree that grows straight and in a short time. Every year it becomes hard and soft again, then hard, expanding, that is how it grows. So our family has a seed, doesn't it? Our family has a root too, the root is the grandfather and grandmother. Sons and daughters must be married before they can have a seed. So should we or shouldn't we get married? Until now homosexuals and lesbians had nothing to go by, they thought they could follow any lifestyle. But after hearing this truth, they would not only be amazed, but they would have a heart attack! They would realize that they have to change. Even so, they would not be able to walk straight because their shock would be so great and their separation would become so painful. But even if they have to crawl, they should, to follow Reverend Moon's teaching back to their original state. There is no other way for them to have eternal life.

How much money should we be willing to pay for this knowledge that will bring us liberation and ultimately will bring the liberation of God? Literally the entire land mass of America is not enough. If someone had that entire ownership, could he exchange that for what Father teaches us? If someone signed over the ownership of the entire nation of America, would Americans complain? Don't you think that would be a good deal for them? [Yes.] Maybe the Moonies think this is a good deal, but other Americans may think it is a phony deal. Now Americans are experiencing the rest of the world complaining, "Yankee go home. You spread AIDS disease and plant bad seeds all over the world." So "Yankee go home" has become a just and righteous saying. "Reverend Moon go home" is what they shout in America, but they need his help. This country is hell, a land without hope. Father is making it a hopeful place, turning it around 180 degrees. Now happiness can appear and blessings can come, connecting it to heaven. Everything has started here. Satan has occupied this land of freedom, taking everything, and now people live in fear. Satan is against Reverend Moon and has tried everything to chase him out. When Father went to Danbury all Satan's world shouted, "Mansei!" But Reverend Moon didn't die. Father made a reversal in Danbury. The complete opposite phenomena has now come to exist. Father truly loved the enemy, didn't he? To begin with, Father inspired the founding of The Washington Times, ACC, ICC, and many important organizations while he was in Danbury. The enemy put him into jail and then he invested utmost love, spending hundreds of millions of dollars putting everything he owns into that investment. Without those organizations Americans cannot find the way. This is where we are now. We know the reality behind history, not only of this century, but of the entire providence. Even though nobody knows what is being generated in America and why America is about to prosper in the future, you know why. We know what Reverend Moon did. No matter how strong the opposition may be, when we know this we should stand up in defense of Father, in defense of heaven and in defense of everything which represents true love. Then nothing can stop our advance.

[Father draws on the board, commenting on his drawing, "You want to see a perfect circle don't you. If it's a little off you don't want to see it. Now, it's perfect."] Why is the family the center of all things? This is like a compass. If you measure the distance in each of these four sections, each is the same distance. The stable place is where the lines intersect in the center. This becomes the center of the entire environment. The upper arc and lower arc must join, this is what the family is. The right side arc and left side arc join and the result is the perfect sphere. That position is where everything can be connected. This point is the present, in back of it is the past, and facing forward there is the future. The father and mother represent the model, grandparents the past and children the future. All three are connected into one. The same relationships exist in each direction. In each direction of east, north, west and south everything is included in that great sphere. We see the number seven and twelve represented here. The center or core represents all four directions and also the past, present and future; that is the number seven. The three objective purpose of the Divine Principle, which is then further divided into twelve, comes from this very point. The western world is the same model as the East. All men in the future, their racial problems, their border problems, are all solved by Principle.

The family is the nucleus which includes the grandparents who represent all the past. So all the past, including spirit world, is in my family. The foundation is the family. In the eastern world and western world, family has the same meaning. In the South, the black man's world, family has the same meaning. Anything and everything which tries to stop this advance is Satan, is the enemy. Racial discrimination is the real enemy of mankind because it stops people from going to heaven. This is what evil has been doing. It doesn't tell you why but keeps you from going in the right direction. Evil has been stopping the movement of history. The original idea of God and family is this: the grandfather represents God and parents represent the family. Do you understand? Your grandpa represents all that is coming from God. Your parents represent this present world, like a prince and princess of the whole world. The one gathering place, the place which is the center, is the family. How proud you should be knowing this concept! In the future everyone will welcome this family of true value. Do you like that? Do you understand clearly the historic background of the family? This is God's ideal family system.

This is why we have to respect our family. God is represented by the grandpa, so all people should gather in front of Grandpa and bow down to him. Parents should tell the children, "You have to inherit my tradition." The core place is the parents, surrounding them is the grandparents. In the future you have to make children like me. The universe will move to protect that grandpa and his family all over the world. The children have to inherit the teaching so they can transmit the same purpose from one generation to the next.

Now you can understand a blessed couple's purpose. You have to follow the one vertical way. It is recognized everywhere as the right way. No one can deny it. You will be welcomed everywhere: past, present, future, heaven, earth and everywhere. The family is the place which possesses this precious point. Do you understand clearly? God automatically visits that family because grandparents are there, parents are there and children are there. Every king wants to meet that kind of family. All people want to meet that family. All humankind wants to reach that point. That is the savior's concept. That is Jesus Christ's and the second advent's connection to one purpose. One man, one purpose, one family. God wants to appoint one ideal family system. Otherwise God cannot create an ideal world. After the Blessing, how much pride do you feel for this concept? Compare this point to your family system. They are all wrong. From now you clear up the satanic world's atmosphere. From now you have to choose this way, this is the type of family you should strive to create. Those who say, "Father this is still not clear to me," raise your hand. If you live thinking, 'I want to do that way, my nose needs that kind of family, hearing, talking, living, that kind of family for my whole lifetime," then where will you go when you die, to hell or to heaven? You create heaven by living the ideal for the sake of others.

Father gave us a perfect concept. Look at the rest of the world. We see there are three different types of people. One is old people, those who stand in the grandparent's position. The second is people your mother's and father's age, who represent the whole world. Third is small children who represent the future. The family in which we are accustomed to treating these three levels the right way, loving them the right way, is a perfect textbook. Simply extend that to the rest of mankind with whom you come into contact. When you perfectly live like this and go to spirit world, you will surpass any generations before, any amount of families who lived before you, because they all work on the same principle. There we see equality. We find harmony for which everyone is craving. And also there is unification. In taking action, there is freedom. Freedom means that everyone is welcome. All things are welcome whether from the past, present or future; that is the real meaning of freedom. Americans don't know that concept. Do you understand? Any citizen in the world who shouts out for freedom here cannot accomplish that without first establishing that kind of family. That is where freedom begins. The most dignified grandfather, who represents God literally, will even allow his grandson or granddaughter to climb on his head, which is the symbol of his king position. But he lowers his head so they can climb up more easily.

If a grandson says, "Yes I am going to occupy my grandfather and grandmother and put them under my influence. I will challenge him", no things will support him. Today we see all these old people out in the street, in the resorts, wherever, just staring out into space. They have nothing to hope for, they just die miserably like this. This is today's situation. After knowing what Father has taught this morning, is their being separated from their grandchildren and being alone the result of freedom? Is that how they want to live for the rest of their lives? Should they have to phone their sons and daughters before they visit their home? Wouldn't that be the same as expecting a baby to make a reservation to drink her mother's milk? It's exactly the same. If this is a reality, somebody must have worked hard to bring it about and feel very happy that it exists. That is Satan. On every level he made those barriers.

Americans still want to be proud of themselves, but God and universal power cannot endorse the pride that is based on Satan. Because of that since World War II America has been headed down in a steady decline. Not just a decline but tumbling down. American people say, "Don't touch us Reverend Moon." But Father has been applying the brake on this falling down country in order to save it. We can never deny the fact that this truth will not just survive, but it is about to explode and thrive. That means it must be right. Otherwise this way could not survive and thrive while the rest of the world is going down. So with this utmost confidence we know our future is bright and hopeful and the only way the outside world can go is down in decline, even faster. Is this the right conclusion or wrong? It is right in every way. If we fail to see this reality while we're alive on the earth, our eyes and nose and mouth will blame us and say, "How did you do so wrong that my eyes could not see that one day of glory on earth?" The only way they can justify themselves is that the eyes will blame the ears and say, "It is because you failed to listen correctly." And the ears will say, "No, no. I listened right, but you saw it in a different way." All the members of your individual body will fight and that is hell.

Are we going to go to hell or heaven? We have the potential to live in heaven already, but one thing we must do is liberate this heaven from Satan. Satan occupies every level, individual, family, tribe, nation, world, including cultural background in every variety. We have to create a straight line. Liberate the individual level, after that tear down the wall and liberate the family level. Then liberate the tribal level, nation level, world level, spirit world. How can we tear down these walls? By making this highway course. Do you understand "highway?" Every time you're driving down the highway think about that. Every time you look at the Hudson River, it is big like a highway. It is a mainstream filled with much water. America has good highways, but in the world of the American mind there are many barriers.

So those who understand the meaning of the family, the fact that we have the root and the seed, and the fact that this is the most precious purpose in God's creating us, and when we truly uphold this standard and bring our families to this actual pattern, those who can say "Father, I will make. . . " [Father interrupts translation.] You should be able to say, "Our family is like a seed." We are sowing that kind of new seed, so that in the future a good fruit will be harvested. You have that kind of seed don't you? You have to take out the old seed and replant the new one. You go back to your hometown and sow everywhere and next springtime you can see the green fields full in all four corners. How wonderful are they! Think, 'I will plant real seeds and through that extend my realm. I want to exactly follow Father's teaching." [Yes!] Those who pledge that in this moment raise both hands! God bless you!

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