The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Bearing Fruits Of The World Of Faith And Strength

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 7, 1991
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator - Col. Sang Kil Han

No one among us has ever seen the mind of a person. But even though we have never seen our mind, there is no denying that our mind continually tells us what to do and what not to do. Who decided to come to Belvedere this morning? Which part of you made that decision, your body or your mind? Yes, it is your mind. So when you say "I," the center of that "I" is your mind.

A country also must have a center, just as an individual has his mind as his center. So a great country, such as the United States, is determined by the mind which that country centers on. When we extend that rule further, we can go all the way to the cosmos. The cosmos itself also must have a center, like the mind of the individual, which guides it. The cosmos must have its own mind, so to speak, as well as its body. This mind of the cosmos decides the way the cosmos moves.

Heaven, earth and man. That is what constitutes the cosmos. In other words, the cosmos is comprised of heaven, earth and man. Heaven has mind and body, and so does the earth. Let us pause to ask, where is the mind and body of the earth? What do you think? The way all mankind has trod, generation after generation, has to have its way and its tradition which we follow. The earth also must have something which is comparable to the mind which guides people. The same point applies to heaven and to man. Then what is the center of heaven? It is the mind of heaven, of course. What is the mind-center of heaven? We know that it is God. The country has a certain historical tradition which is high and which they have built up with a lot of effort. Then everyone is expected to follow that because it is the best way of life. That is the mind of that country. Then what about the world of people? Here on earth there is a center, which is what we call the king. King, Messiah, you might say, that person who is the center of all mankind. Through him the directions are given; the center is found. So all have mind and body relations. Mankind, centers on the mind part, which is the Messiah, and all humans are external beings. This comprises human beings, just as one individual is comprised of internal and external, mind and body. When we say "man," there are only two varieties, man and woman.

For the earth, who plays the role of center, setting the tradition and the way? It is man. When we say "heaven," that too involves man; even though the center of heaven is God. God and man must form a mind and body relationship, the internal and external relationship. So God Himself is saying, "The whole universe is Me." How can He say that? In the same way that I can say, "My mind is me, the whole of me." Of course, I have a body, but since the mind is the center, then the mind can claim to be the whole of the person. The body is essential, but we can understand that the mind is "me." By the same token, God says, "I am the universe." So when I say "me," already that denotes a unified position. When the individual says "me," it includes all his different parts, his torso, his arms, and so forth, yet it is basically his character which is the representative aspect of himself, that "me" of which he speaks. Therefore, all the other members, parts of his body, are centered upon that person's character. That is how his mind and body unite, harmonize and equalize.

When an individual is perfectly united, then at that point he can say that his eyes represent his whole self, and no other member of the body complains. When the eye directs a certain thing, the whole mind and body are drawn to that direction. All other members of the body are unable to see. The eye has the function to see, so the eye sees in behalf of the whole body and the eye represents the whole self at that point. The same can be true of the sense of smell. So when an individual is completely united, when it comes time to smell, the nose represents the whole self and no other part of the body has any complaint.

What is the difference between man and woman? Can a man breast feed his baby? Obviously not. It is only woman who can breast feed the baby, but the husband still says, "That is my baby." Can you imagine his wife saying, "No, the whole baby came from my body, its flesh and every part of it. And after birth, I have been the one to feed it. Therefore, it is more my baby than your baby." Does anybody put up such an argument? Of course, obviously, the husband and wife experience complete unification in love. So whoever says, "It is my baby," it is natural. Of course, the woman nourishes the baby from her body. But by the same token, even though we understand God, that God is great and important. But when a man represents God, just like the eye represents the whole body, in a certain way, then that man can claim, "The universe is me." Here we can see clearly that by coming into unity, by becoming one, the result is equalization. Unity first, then equality.

Everybody who lives in a house says, "It is my house." There may be five or six family members living together, but they don't say, "It is my father's house," or "It is my mother's house." Each person says, "It is my house." That is because the family is living as one unified group centering on love. So when everybody proudly announces "I," it is said on the foundation of unification within that family. Do you agree to that?

Each American claims, "This is my country." Why is that? Maybe they should say, "This is our country." Is the country divided between 240 million people. What does that mean, actually? When he represents the country on the foundation of unity, when all the people are united and he is a part of that unification, then he is equal and everything is harmonized. Then he can say, "It is my country," and everyone understands that. Then someone might say, "This is my universe," meaning, "I represent the universe." When that is said on the foundation of unification and harmony, then the universe will agree, "Yes, it is yours. You are right."

Let me ask you a question, don't each and every one of you want to be number one in the world? Anyone who says, "No, Father, I don't want to stand out like that. I'm different." If Satan can find anyone, it is such people who say they don't want to be number one. How can that be? Through such a person, Satan could really conquer the world. By planting that person's seed, by multiplying that kind of person to become more than the other kind of people. If a country or the whole world is full of people who say, "I don't want to be number one," then Satan could claim that it is his country or his world. Even though these man are under satanic control, and Satan could do virtually anything with them, yet men want to be at the top, to be number one. Here Satan has a headache.

Then the urge to become number one is the greatest and most powerful when each person centering on love wants to be ahead of everybody else and doesn't want to be number two. When that happens, then the whole world will benefit. All people want to be equal, don't they? Also they want to harmonize. The races want to harmonize, black and white together. In equality and balance, and they want to unify at the end.

Now in today's world, the most important issue is that of peace. Someone might say, "I represent the free world," or "I represent such and such a world." But today, when someone claims this, he is not accepted. He is denied and attacked because when he claims that he is the world, he says that in a very much different way-he is not harmonized, unified with others, yet he claims, "I am the leader. You must follow me." Only when one is completely unified and proclaims freedom can everybody go along with that. This is because everyone else covets freedom, too.

Is freedom good and dictatorship bad? Each one will say to each other, "You are bad." Consider this Gulf War situation. If President Bush had acted like a strong dictator and had won the war within four days, then what would the world's response have been? The whole world would have shouted "Mansei!" Everywhere mansei would have been proclaimed in support of Bush, saying "Yes, you did the right thing," even though he would have acted like a dictator, nobody would have minded if in four days he had brought forth a victory.

Once you get into fighting, do you support the victor or the loser? No matter what, you have to win. If one fights representing only himself, no one else is interested. But if that person's fight represents all of us, then all of us are just as excited as he is and give our full support to his effort. So whether it is the free world or dictatorship, the more important point is the background of it, what is involved in it. Once it is completely united, free or dictatorship actually doesn't make a difference.

In Alaska there are a lot of brown bears, which are famous for their fierceness. Suppose you happen to be up in the mountain and you are very tired, panting and puffing, and all of a sudden a big brown bear springs up out of nowhere, growling and threatening. Out of a group of ten people, nine of which have no thought but to escape, one person stands up with authority, acting perhaps like a dictator at that time. Survival is the key point here, no other. So this individual in a dictator-like way goes out and fights and wins over the bear. The other nine people don't mind a bit that he never consulted with them about how to deal with the bear, once that bear is defeated. At that time everyone is fully supportive of that brave individual, even to the point of saying, "Do whatever you want to me, too, because you saved my life." They are that grateful.

Communism, for instance, has a dictator. Almost all the communist countries have a dictator. That dictator says we all need to be farmers and laborers and we will do away with everyone else, such as landlords, owners of factories, and so on. They annihilate those people, so they are not harmonizing or equalizing. There is no one who likes the action of killing others. What if, then, communism through the dictator says, "Now the farmers and laborers will really unite together. Let us liberate and love the landlords and owners of factories." If the purpose was directed there, who would mind?

Freedom and dictatorship as well, if they are dedicated to propagating equality and harmony and unification, then they are necessary, even to many, many years. So in the United States, all this drug abuse and free sex, do these represent the spirit of harmony and making peace for the country? No, these actions are nothing more than self-serving, self-loving acts. That is all the individual comes to care about. Therefore, nobody else has any part in it. It is a crime, a sin, and it is nothing other than Satan's dancing floor, Satan's arena. It means destruction for all, so no one wants to support it. They want to eradicate it.

Then what kind of person is Reverend Moon? You might say, "He is the boss of the whole religious world." You could say such a thing. If you call him "boss," or "head" or whatever, his purpose is to bring down all the walls between religions and even non-religious people bring them into harmony and make them equal and united in a righteous cause. Then that boss is a good boss and everyone should encourage him, saying, "Please do that on my behalf." Even if a strong person opposes that boss because he doesn't agree with him, others would stop him because they could see that he is thinking mainly of himself, while the boss is thinking of the whole purpose.

Some people accuse me, saying, "Reverend Moon just wants to take the whole world to himself." All right, let those people fight me. Don't you want to take the whole world to yourself? Centering on love, we are the same. Everyone else just desires it and thinks about it, but Reverend Moon takes action, bringing everyone into peace and harmony. Who is the winner? Of those who just sit and think about it, and then criticize the one who not only thinks about it but stands up and acts, who will be the potential winner? No question, the one who does it will be the winner, especially when what he wants to do is the right thing. Then the one who just sits and tries to stop him will be the loser.

Right here within the Unification Church we put every effort into our work, like crazy, from youth to middle age to old age, we work to unify the whole world and harmonize and equalize. On the other hand, suppose there is a man who says, "I am a graduate of Harvard and I know what history is like. What they are doing will never work." Even though he may be convincing at a certain time, in the long run who will be the winner? It will be the one who acts. The one who criticizes because he has a certain advanced degree and he knows better than other people, no matter what he may say he will lose to the person who works with conviction, day and night, without even paying him any attention. The hard-working person doesn't even retaliate because he knows that his purpose is clear and consistent with God. That's all he cares about and does. That person will eventually win, no matter how severe the criticism he may go through.

Stop to think about the one who criticizes versus the one who acts, serving and working for others all the time. Is a Unification Church member supposed to stop at a certain point and not do any more? Or are you destined to do more and more, even unto death? Once you are determined to live the second way, will you end up a loser or a winner? So we are gathered here, people of all five colors of skin. Is there any one president who, like Reverend Moon, wants to embrace all the five different colors of skin and can actually make peace and harmony with them? And equalize and bring them into unity? Is there any president in the entire history of the United States who could do that? No, there has not been one among all the forty-one. What about Reverend Moon, is he just thinking about that or is he actually doing that? Then who sits in the loftier position, the presidents of the United States or the True Parents? Now you know the basics.

When we bring it down to these terms, it is so simple. You only need to mention this and everybody can understand, no further explanation necessary. Imagine the parts of an individual's face arguing among each other. The eye would say, "Nose, it is not fair. Why do you protrude so much? Why don't you be humble like me and step back?" Would that ever happen? It is good that the nose is where it is-right out front. If it was in the back, then when the person walks or runs, the nose would have to inhale all the dust he stirs up behind him. Imagine that the jealous eye would say, "Yes, you were so arrogant to protrude, now you are getting all that dust-you deserve it." Would the eye say that? No, because the eyes suffer when the nose suffers, so the eyes will say, "I want you to return to the front." Will the ears or any other members of the face complain? No, they are all harmonized.

Try holding your nose, closing your mouth, and blowing out strongly. You will feel the connection. The ears will feel the pressure, and so will the mouth and even the eyes. All these elements-mouth, ears, nose and eyes-are connected. They are harmonized, equalized and unified. Maybe this is a good way to help you become a righteous person more quickly. Do this every morning in front of a mirror. Make sure to yourself that everything is harmonized and equalized. Doing that doesn't take a lot of time or cost any money.

So everyone wants to become number one. Centering on harmony and equality, you represent others, and you can claim anything you want and do anything you want, and everyone will support you. Everyone and everything would be a part of yourself, so they would support you. Do you now understand?

When you say "Me," that is a unified person speaking. When such a person wants to unify, equalize and harmonize, then everyone else wants that, too. How do you do that? Do you need power, or money, or knowledge? None of these can make that happen. With what are we going to achieve this unification, harmony and equality? Only with true love. Let's examine how we can do that with true love. Here is true love. You show that off in front of the eyes. Do you think the eyes will follow that? Of course, they will. Do you think the eyes will just want to wave at it in the morning for a few minutes? Or do the eyes want to be waved at all throughout the day, the year and all through their life and all eternity? And the same eyes don't mind. That's true love. The nose the same, the ears. This is true love.

If a couple passionately kisses each other, sometimes their mouth slips away from the other and one person's tongue ends up in the other person's nose. Do you say, "Ugh," and then spit out? No, you swallow everything that comes into your mouth from your beloved. There is no part that doesn't go, even the sole of the feet. There is no concept of dirty. Not only the young people in the audience laugh at this but also the old ones. Old or young, love is the key.

In the world of human beings, if you take love away, what happens? If that happens, then we see that immediately there is no need to distinguish between man and woman. Unisex, or whatever. Just one. Why two? If you take the love out of an individual, then a woman doesn't need men anymore and vice-versa. That means no distinction between male and female in the animal kingdom, or the stamen and pistil in the vegetable world. So we should do away with these, also, as well as the plus and minus charges in the mineral world. Then what would this world become? It would lose all meaning. Woman would not be necessary and valuable. Man would not be so attracted.

In philosophy, there is a fundamental question: which came first, concept or reality? This is a basic point and one which I am not going to go into all over again, but the concept of man was there already when woman came into being and the concept of love was first within God's mind before they both were created. The love concept was there before the creation. Based on that concept, man and woman were created-one indented and one protruded-to match each other. So the love concept came first. Then in front of a man, there was the concept of woman, and in front of a woman, there was a concept of man. Love concept first, man concept second, woman concept third. In that order, not the other way around.

So concept first, then reality. But communism has been propagating the belief that reality is first and concept has to follow. Did the monkey evolve into human beings? Think about that. It is a different class of creation from the outset. It is not that the ape evolved into man and they are connected by one blood lineage. No. Imagine that you have a loving wife and then some third party wants to intervene in your relationship. Is there anyone who would welcome that? No, everybody would fight against such an intruder. Is that just a lukewarm no, or is it a most emphatic no? It is an absolute no. This is true of the animals and it is also true of human beings. There is absolutely no room for an intruder. That space is so tight that not anything can come between you.

It is so from the amoebae. Even the amoebae has to multiply through some sort of reproduction, just as the higher beings do. How can a lower animal just spring up into a higher animal? How can it happen that a higher animal just pops up one day? No, it is a different class of creation. Creation itself is centered on love, male and female. The people who proclaim evolution and confuse and mislead so many others even without clear proof seem to be the white people. Maybe they look like monkeys. That's true.

Before thinking about evolution, first think about the concept of male and female, their sexual relationship. How is it that a man has a beard and a woman doesn't? When there is no clear explanation for something in the beginning, why worry about it? When a cell is a white color and exchange it to black. If we can do that and get true love, then we will do it. Is this statement true or false: "I will do anything in order to receive true love." Correct or wrong? Correct. Like this love between man and woman. If black and white can love each other, is not that more precious than the love between two people of the same color? Now you readily answer yes because you have thought about it many times. You immediately know that the answer is yes. And do that, practice that. We try, but we find it difficult somehow, isn't that true?

Suppose you were told, "If you can do something that is almost impossible to achieve, then you will be guaranteed eternal life," how about that? Because true love is difficult to achieve, surmounting all this difficulty has utmost value for your eternal life. Eternal life comes along with true love. And spirit world is like that.

Suppose there are many patriots, all of whom have demonstrated an equal degree of patriotism. There are young and old patriots. Among them, who should receive the greatest honor? The young patriot never even experienced love and marriage, and then he or she died in service to his country and world. Compare that with the older patriot. Everyone sympathizes more with her than with the older person who experienced many things in life and dies for the same cause. Isn't it true that the sympathy of others goes out to the younger person first? But what about this old one who lost one of his limbs? Who should get the first prize in that case? The person who lost a limb, such as a foot or a leg, would be the recipient of the respect of all the others in the country. Then where would the first prize have to go? But when the younger one is injured more severely, then the prize would have to go to him. Maybe the old person lost an eye. According to the severity of the injury, that is where the prize should go. So if all the conditions are the same, because of one more handicap-perhaps one person lost a finger-then that person must receive the first prize. Then no one could complain that it was unfair.

I have been trying to illustrate a point. We are all destined to become patriots, without question. What I am pointing out to you is that to become the greatest patriot you should have more scars and more damage, because that means you sacrificed the most. Can anyone deny that? Throughout history, which religious leader has been persecuted most? If there was a quiz about such things, like an American game show, and they asked this question, "Who is the religious leader who has been most persecuted in the world?" anybody who answered, "Reverend Moon," would be correct. Do you agree with that? Who is the religious leader who was most opposed by the United States? That includes the Christians as well as the communists, Buddhists, and all the other religions of the world. All of these religions opposed that religious leader-Reverend Moon. If I had not understood God's will and had gone a foolish route and been opposed by all these groups, that would be a different story. But I do know God's will, more than anybody else, and I know about the world more than anybody else, yet still I have been persecuted to this extreme extent, more than anybody. Would God put Reverend Moon in the last position or in the first position? You only say first because you are Moonies, isn't that true? (No!) That means you are saying yes representing all of America, the religious community, all humanity? Then you may be right. (Laughs.)

When that award comes from God and then, everybody realizes, that Reverend Moon never smoked a cigarette in his entire life; he never smoked pot; he never drank alcohol; he never disco danced, they will say why don't we let him do those things one time? If I were to drink alcohol at that time, the first time ever in my life, would anybody blame me for doing that? Maybe if I did drink, it would be through a pipe, not from a bottle. Maybe I would have a pipe connected to the other end, as well, and I would just drink and pass water, drink and pass water, all through the day. Maybe people would persecute me for that. But the Moonies, knowing me, would say, "Oh, finally Father has fallen into sin. Now he is becoming an alcoholic." Would you say that, or would say, "Father, no matter what you may do, we understand. We forgive." Why? What reason could I possibly have? Maybe I feel that the only way I can truly forgive drunkards, alcoholics, rather than trying to punish them and make them work extra hard within the Unification Church, is to drink myself. How about that? Then all these smoking people and drinking people, when they end up in that part of hell in spirit world, if I drink and I smoke, do you think they would shout out "mansei," or would they say, "Oh, Father, you became one of us." Which one? Make up your mind.

God, too, would laugh at this because it's something He never thought about. Do you think God would say, "Well, so far you have been good, but now I am disappointed in you." Or would so many Unification Church members say, "God, please forgive our Father," that God would say, "OK, you are right. No problem." So it's up to you! If you forgive, then God would forgive. So even though you may see a crazy act such as drinking or smoking, still that saving work needs to be done. Stretching out your legs like that is commonplace in the West, but it is not acceptable in the East. Are you ever going to the Orient sometime in the future? If you go there, you had better not stretch your legs out like that. especially toward your elders. You have to have the right kind of training. Do you understand?

Now there is no other explanation necessary, is there? Which would be more effective in going out witnessing-the best clothing you have, all the nicest makeup, with stylish shoes and so forth, gingerly walking towards the people and speaking about God. In springtime, like a butterfly, you just move on, wearing beautiful colors, flying from flower to flower, moving this way and that. How beautiful. Or completely the opposite, with clothing almost like rags, not attractive. Almost like a Chinese beggar. Western beggars look good by comparison with an Oriental beggar. Western beggars don't want to look at something so mundane as bread. They want you to give them meat. There are different classes of beggars in the world today. Anyway, imagine that the Oriental beggar-type person is crying out to the people, "Oh, the United States is really in danger," going out to witness. Who would get the better response? Then we urge them to repent. And God looking on at that butterfly-like sister witnessing, or this beggar-like sister witnessing. Which one would be more encouraged by God? Yes, the second one. Perhaps nobody would be paying attention to her, but God is paying attention. God would be able to bring the angels to listen to her. And when they are moved, then God is ready to push all the world into that path, as well as the spirit world. That is what is being done. Have we ever spoken to anyone, given the words of God with tears, with really uncontrollable tears speaking God's words?

After three days of fasting and we go out witnessing and shedding tears; after one week of fasting, we speak the same words; after twenty days of fasting, there is a difference. We know we are destined to dwell in the eternal world. Being saved, being restored means that we will live in the eternal world. In that world are we going to soar upward, or are we going to crawl on, taking millions of years? If you start flying from a high place you will only go up so far. But if you start from here, the lowest point, then you can go that much higher. There is no way of denying the Principle. The lower we go does will be the savior of the whole world.

Jesus taught us that whoever didn't love him more than anybody else, more than their own family members, more than anybody in the world, was not worthy of him. Jesus made one important point there: nobody liked to follow Jesus, but to do something which nobody likes to do, that is righteous. Two people may be contemporaries on the same earth, but there will be billions of years of difference in the spirit world. The righteous one is ahead, of course. So which way should we go? One is the foolish way and the other is the smart way. Am I stating facts, or am I just trying to make you work harder? Then we can evaluate our own position. Are you doing 100% of what Father has been saying for so many years, or are you doing something far less? You are your own judge. You say, "The Unification Church is my church," don't you? What is the difference when Reverend Moon says, "The Unification Church is my church"? Who is more real and who is more false? We must know clearly. There is much difference. Even if I were to fight to avoid where God is, I wou . . . repelling you from God's location. That is a big difference.

You may say, "But Father, you taught us everything. I know it all and I can teach it all, so why is it that you can go to where God is and I cannot?" The difference is that you did not act on it. What is the subject of the sermon this morning? Bearing the fruit of the religious world. Which do you want to be, the fruit or the flower, or the leaves? Which would you prefer, the first, second, or third? You prefer to be the fruit, right? Before autumn comes, the fruit must ripen. The leaves drop off when the cold weather comes, as will everything else on the tree. But the fruit which is ripened and picked will remain. That fruit represents all the rest-flowers, leaves, branch, trunk, even the root of the tree. Everything is there within the seed. What is the fruit? We become fruit-bearing so that when God visits us, He wants to pick us up because we are valuable. The fruit-bearing of all the religious world means not on the Unification Church but also Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and all of the harmonize, unify and equalize all the religious world.

I set up the International Religious Federation for World Peace, didn't I? And the International Federation for World Peace. Those world-scale organizations exist for the first time. The political world and the religious world were antagonistic. Each defied the other. Likewise, science and religion were enemies. All these realms were antagonistic, but now I have brought them into harmony. It was not a white person who did that nor was it a black person. It was Reverend Moon, who happens to be an Oriental. Why did I do that? It is so that everyone will become the fruit which God desires. God doesn't want to retrieve only the religious persons; religious people aren't the only fruits of God. All people. God has said, "I am going to reap Adam and Eve, and their family." God wants to harvest that restored family before the coming of autumn, before the fruit falls to the ground. Do you understand?

Who is Adam? Adam is the elder son of God. What about Eve? Eve is God's elder daughter. They are the parents of all parents. The first parents. So they were meant to be the true parents. They were representing God. It is obvious that such a when many perfect, God-centered family of true love dwell together, they will become a country centered on God. When more of such countries come into existence, they will constitute the world, and become heaven on earth and at the same time in heaven. There is where unity must come. And this unity in this family, and the fruit-bearing is the same. To bear fruit means to become the perfect family.

So in the Unification Church, I gave you the direction to qualify for this-bearing the fruit as a tribal messiah. Now within that family, you can be a dictator and it's okay. The more a dictator, the greater you are as long as you are based on love, with the direction of harmony, equality and unity. Once you are unified like that, the more of a dictator you are, the better, because it will work better. So once you become completely unified, there is only one vertical center. If you have two centers, that's not unified. If there are two captains in the boat, then the boat wants to go in two different directions, but it doesn't work. We need one center. The family atmosphere needs one center-eternal true dominion, standing forever at that vertical position. Who says to me, "You have a flaw in your reasoning"? Raise your hands.

True freedom can be found there. Then even the smallest ones, as well as the grownups, can go up above the parents. Even the whole family can sleep under one blanket. It's okay. If the child bites the grandfather's finger and he says, "why did you do that?" the child responds, "Oh, it's because I love you so much that I can't control myself." Then even if blood drips from his finger, that grandfather doesn't mind. Can you imagine the grandfather wanting to punish the child? The grandfather would say, "Yes, when I look at my grandson I can see that the future of my clan will be very prosperous. Ha-ha-ha." How great a scene it would be if God Himself could laugh because His finger was bitten by His loving grandchildren. Because that love which was manifested there made the grandfather laugh, even though his finger was hurting.

What is freedom? Freedom is to harmonize, equalize and unify. When this complete unification is achieved, it does not matter whether you stand up or lie down, because every side is right side up. Look at communism. I went and spoke to Mr. Gorbachev, clinging to his arm. A few days before that, Gorbachev regarded me as the archenemy of the communists. But then, Reverend Moon and Mr. Gorbachev could embrace one another. Gorbachev was not the center, Reverend Moon was the center. The CIA was saying, "Oh, Reverend Moon is so unpredictable. Now he is about to be used by the communists." But the truth was the opposite. Absolutely there is no other person except Reverend Moon-not President Bush or anybody-who can give the right direction for what used to be the communist countries.

This is the way the world works. If there was a down side, once you turn it around 180 degrees, it comes to the upper position. Every position changes. The last becomes the first. Right becomes left. When this turning happens, everything wants to cling to it and not be separated. But if you spin very fast, then you want to cling even closer to the center. When it is moving fast, the universe has to protect it because there is a lot of centrifugal force.

There is no way to trade the transient life for eternal life. The eternal life is of utmost importance. In order to do that, nothing should stand in the way. Is Reverend Moon a smart person, or do I do things without thinking? I am a smart person. When the Justice Department here in the United States thought they could threaten stiff punishment and I would run away, never to return, they were wrong. Instead, I came right back to this country and went forward, even into Danbury. Jail is the worst place you can ever be within a country. If I hadn't come back, maybe the love I have professed for you would not have been believable. And the way of life I have taught, that of living for the sake of others, would have been something that no one could trust. But as it was, I came and confronted everything face to face. I penetrated the Danbury world. That means that everyone came and clustered around Reverend Moon. I invited all my those people who were in Danbury at the same time as I was to come to my home for a because they knew me in that place.

Father built six organizations to help America while in Danbury, sacrificing the Unification Church. If I had not done that, Reagan would not have been re-elected and certainly Bush wouldn't be in office today. Imagine in 1975 how the United States was suffering, having lost the war in Vietnam. Nobody could imagine that the Republican Party could regain the presidency within just a few years. Even Reagan himself thought it would take at least 20 years for the conservatives to regain power. Who made it possible for a conservative president to be elected in the United States? Paying the right indemnity, Reverend Moon made the conservative administration a possibility in this country. This is historic reality, not just an interpretation.

After losing the Vietnam War, communism was rampant. The college campuses were dominated by leftist thinking. This was the peak of communism in this country. Who could have expected that someone representing the right wing of conservative politics, namely Reagan, could become president in 1980? What is the so-called Reagan doctrine? That Reagan doctrine was coached along by the Washington Times Who was the one who inspired Reagan to proclaim that the devil's representative on earth was communism? The Washington Times boldly said that. Also who emphatically asserted that in the Gulf War, Christianity and Judaism should stay united, never separating? The Washington Times. If we did not do that, the result would have been a religious war between even the Arabic religion there. And there would be division, like between the Western hemisphere and Eastern hemisphere of religion. Buddhism and Confucianism would have taken the Moslem side because they originated in the Orient. This separation between East and West danger which can be averted only through Father's direction.

There is a shifting between the majority and the minorities in America. There is no guarantee that there won't be a deep separation. Who is the one who is holding this together? By reason, by theory, by love? It is Reverend Moon. Gorbachev doesn't know where to go. He needs someone to explain where and why he should go. Who is supposed to do that?

So isn't the conclusion clear? What should be the fruit? What should be the seed? The seed would become eventually the elder son, and then the parents, and then the king. That is what the seed should be. Let me ask Mr. Bleu, who is the father of a member and is himself a member, a question: "Would you prefer to be a president or a king, if you had the choice?" (Answers: Kingship would be the preference. Laughter.) This is not a trick question. The president can only serve for a limited number of years, four in this country. Someone else must take his position, correct? All these elections every four years give rise to a tremendous social evil. Do you think they are completely fair elections? All sorts of vice and crime are given rise as a result of these elections. But now, democracy is held up as the ultimate system here in this country. It is "Brotherism." It is horizontal. That is all.

And when the whole world becomes a unified world based on brotherism or democracy, it will give rise to a tremendous problem which it cannot solve because it is so huge. Then will the black people become the center of that brotherism? If a black person becomes the president, then he would replace all the white people in the administration with black people, perhaps. The center should be perpetual, not changing. The vertical center should be lasting, not changing every four years or so. Every time you change it, it becomes weakened. Does it become more straight or more crooked, if every four years you have a different vertical center? Crooked. Many times slanted like this, even leaning all the way to the ground. Yet, still it is supposed to be the vertical center. That is human history. To and fro, back and forth, all different directions. Not even back and forth, because that motion has a center, but this sort of motion is done without a center. That's haywire, going here and there. This is exactly what Satan wanted, and the people thought, "Maybe that is the ideal." But no.

Did you know that even within this America, which is a first-rate country, there are many people who don't know the name of their president? Especially in the remote country places. The one who does not pay attention and keep up to date will not be able to keep up with who the president is, or what he is doing, or what the government is doing. Brotherism always brought forth antagonism, fighting, bloodshed, never peace. Father-son relationship, even in the fallen world, is not so much the source of struggle. The brothers can travel different ways, representing different values, but the parent and child relationship is a constant one. They cannot separate from each other even when they want to. Just like God is constant in the spirit world, extend this model to apply to the earth, and there has to be one-one kingship, one kingdom to be established. Isiah did say King of Kings and he meant that literally. What does that mean? It means the unified king among all the countries on the earth. Unified parents, unified king, unified elder son's right.

Now here is the seed, here is the fruit, and if you burst open the fruit, there is seed. When Father cuts open the fruit, the first thing he finds is the elder son. He says, "I am the elder son of God." What is so great about that elder sonship? The secular world also has an elder sonship. But the satanic elder son gave rise to disharmony. They use other people and sacrifice others for their own sake. This is what the satanic elder son did. Now this elder sonship is entirely different, trying to unify and harmonize and equalize. The contents are 180 degrees different. The elder son of God wants to follow and serve the second son, not just assert his first sonship the way Satan's first son did. Father sees that as the seed of godly elder sonship. Now do you understand how different is this elder sonship under God, as opposed to the elder sonship of the satanic world?

You women might be wondering, "Why not talk about the elder daughter?" Actually, the elder daughter is not there because whoever marries the elder son and becomes completely one with him also becomes the elder son. When someone calls, "Please send out the representative of your household," who comes out, the woman, the man, or both? It is the American concept to answer "both." If the answer is both, then when you count their shadows, how many are there? But if one person is the representative and he stands in a vertical way, then he and his shadow are one. There is no shadow when the sun is directly overhead and the person is standing straight up. Then it is vertical, unified and equalized.

So a woman must become one with her husband in order to fulfill her role properly. When the husband and wife die, usually one dies before the other. How would you like to be buried? How about one being buried above the other? Imagine. Even though our physical body dies when we go to spirit world, we can enjoy eternal love between husband and wife. Isn't that a joyful thing? In the spirit world, they will laugh and rejoice, not weep.

We can draw the unmistakable conclusion: What I am doing now is what Adam and Eve would have done hundreds of thousands of years ago if they hadn't fallen. Adam and Eve are in the spirit world now. Of course, they have tremendous remorse for having fallen, but when they hear what I am speaking now, wouldn't they say, "Yes, Reverend Moon is right." Or would they say that I am wrong? What about God? Does he agree with what I say? How about you, what do you think? That means you are in a better position than Adam and Eve, and almost as good as God! Yes, the answer is so clear and unmistakable.

So in these three qualifications, you must pass my test, which is also the test of the universe. Three steps: First, you must be the true elder son, recognized by your tribe as surpassing the standard of the satanic elder son. So Reverend Moon has to give you the seal of approval saying that you gained the true elder sonship of God. And you are all kings of your own family. And true parents. If you are true parents, automatically you become true king. We know that the family is the training ground, in fact everything here on earth is preparation for our eternal life in the spirit world. In the family, the children must learn to serve their parents. That is one stage of training. We have to serve our parents just as we serve the king. When we enter society, taking our job or employment, then we serve the king of that country as we serve our parents. Then we move to the world level. Then after that training, we go to spirit world and we are able to live properly in that world. If we do this, then we can orient ourselves in any direction in the spirit world and we are ready to go there. If we don't achieve this on earth, then everything has to be rehabilitated. It is an extremely tedious procedure to go through in spirit world.

If the father and son both should become candidates in the same election for president, then will they have to fight each other? If one is the Democratic candidate and the other is the Republican candidate, they will have to run against each other. But that would be absurd. You have to preserve your family unity, as well as preserving the larger national unity. Father and son could never be candidates at the same time. The system which allows that must be wrong. It is understandable that brothers might fight on the same level, but father and son should never do that. So parentism means the ideology which supports a king.

Coming back to the original point, do you think that with democracy which we see at the present time we can bring the world into unity? No, it is only a vertical way, parentism, which can bring this world into unity. So that is the headwing, neither right nor left but headwing. So in the family, all three are there: the elder son, the parents, and the kingship. That is the fruit of the religious world. Once this fruit is harvested, then the religious world does not need to exist anymore. It has achieved its purpose. So you might say it is the liberation of the religious world.

What about the Unification Church? Would the Unification Church still put up our signboards, or should we also take down our signs at that time? Yes, we too must take down our church sign and become simply the unified family, unified country, world and cosmos. So the family is the training ground from which to compose the national family. Not just that but the whole world family, the cosmic family. So in that order, each one is the training ground for the next level.

In the family are the parents, children and relatives. All these elements are in the family. Of course, there are two kinds of people, man and woman. There are three levels: parents, husband and wife, and children. So each position relates to two other positions. For the grandparents, there are the children and grandchildren. From the grandchildren, there are the parents and grandparents. Then what is the family? The family is the condensed form of history. Starting from God there is just one, one straight line, not many lines, that is the line of elder son. In all the different families, only the elder son counts. That forms the straight line connected to God. And every member of the family must protect that elder son line above all things. Parents can stand only in one upright, vertical position. They cannot move from that. So that vertical line comes down at a 90 degree angle from the horizontal line.

This is our parents right here, which has the same shape which compliments God's position here. (Pointing to the blackboard.) That means if we connect all these with equal signs, they are all equal. So grandparents are the representatives of the inheritance of history. These are the ones who inherited all of history. That means the family represents all of history. So the grandfather and grandmother are standing in God's place within the family. So here on the parents' level all men and women exist. They represent all of humanity. All men are represented by father; all women are represented by mother. That couple stands in the position representing all men and women. So parents represent all families of humankind. And those parents, who represent all man and woman throughout history, combine to become a new individual, creating the concept of myself.

The children are of the same family, except that they represent the future world, all the future generations of men and future generations of women. So they should stand in the position to represent and inherit the tradition of the grandfather and grandmother. Thus the future is combined with present and past. This is the way the family comes to represent all of history, linking past, present and future in the grandparents, parents and children. That these are combined into one in the family means that everything is unified, equalized. That kind of attitude or way of life is welcomed by all creatures on the earth and in heaven.

That seed which eventually becomes one is this parents' seed. The element in that seed. Now we know what kind of fruit we have to become. The blessed couples and blessed families of the Unification Church should become such families. This is the original meaning of family. Now this family, perfected heartistically, well-trained and adapted, stands in subject position to receive the same type of family in the object's position. That means this family becomes the representative of all mankind. In other words, within that family, we must treat all strangers in the street who are the same age as my grandmother and grandfather the same as our own grandparents. Likewise, everyone we see is deserving of our respect, and to treat them the way we would treat our aunts, uncles and other relatives. That is the way I want you to live, and the way I want your families to become, the original family way.

Why do we need so many families to set the right example? Why not just one family to set the standard? No, we need much more than just families. We need an entire country to set the standard. In order for you to become a core, you must have an object. Without an objective body, you cannot be the subjective core. That core position is the elder sonship, parents position and kingship. That is forever, not changing with the times. The parents position represents the kingship. There are three different names, but they are all in one. Kingship automatically represents God. One. So here is the king of the family. As king, he must harmonize, make peace in that family. If we did that, when we go to spirit world, we are ready to dwell there from the first day. Everywhere we go there, we are welcomed, applauded. Suppose you decide to live in a certain place. Everybody around there would unite with you, become one with you.

What if a person doesn't go through his earthly training successfully and remains individual-minded when he goes to spirit world? He will wander and roam around, ending up in hell. This is what hell is. It would be so shameful, we wouldn't be able to open our eyes. That is the eternal world, a very real world. This life we are in now is mere training and preparation for that world to come. Do you understand? As long as we have that true love kingship, we can go to spirit world and throw our arms around God Himself and God will never protest. He will welcome us.

Last week, I had dinner with three women, elderly Korean members who started talking about the good old days in the church many years ago. At that time many people who met me for the first time at the church, whether man or woman, wanted to come up and embrace me. I didn't mind, and it really didn't matter whether they were men or women because everyone was beyond thinking of such things. At that time, if Mother had been there, maybe I would have been held back. Of course, that was before our marriage. Nobody was married in the church at that time. So our elderly guests last week reached out to embrace me, just like in the old days. Mother wasn't there at the time, but if she had been, she might have said, "My, how times are changing." But in the spirit world, embracing between men and women is very different. The unlimited expression of brotherly and sisterly love is very natural. No one tries to stop such pure expression of love.

Now, do you want to follow me to that kind of spirit world, or not? More important, would I bring all of you to the same world where I am going, or would I choose to go by myself, or perhaps take just a few people with me? Wouldn't I take everyone I possibly could? Which feeling would be stronger: I want to go to the same place in spirit world as Father; or is my desire to take all of you to the same place in spirit world stronger than yours? Which one is stronger, your desire or mine? When you say that yours is stronger, that is the American way of thinking. Do you really believe your desire is stronger than my determination to pull you to the best place, whether you like to go or not, dragging you to there? It is typically American to think that you have a stronger desire than I do. If you make a mistake with your thinking like that, where can you end up, except in hell? How many formulas are there, one or two? There is only one, absolutely one.

Even think about the nature of the children's love for the parents, compared with the parents' love for the children. By nature, which one is stronger? The parents' love quite clearly, even by instinct, is stronger. Parents in their home are always telling the children, "You have to study harder, harder!" Even though the children are already studying hard, the loving parents will try to push them more. That is the nature of the parents' heart. Whoever is in a position of authority over you, parents, aunt, whoever really wants to nag at you, even though you are trying hard. If someone says, "No, I'm running away," then that person will become a loser.

Have all you blessed families become perfected families? That is the problem. Your biggest problem, I can tell you, is not lack of money or anything else, it is your lack of true love. We cannot achieve this in the spirit world. We must do it here and only here, so that is why it is so important. You must walk the path of Principle right here on earth, just as I did. There is no printed map for the path of restoration, so I had to find it. That is the way I have been living, finding the way of restoration. But the way I have gone is the path which everybody else has to follow. That path is the way I pioneered, as well as cultivating it and developing it. You don't have to do anything more than follow. Do you understand?

Your lifestyle is the same as mine: wake up, eat, work, sleep, and so forth. But you are following the pattern which you inherited from your grandparents and parents. You must get married eventually, and become parents, grandparents, and so forth. Going this way, we will each and every one of us go to heaven. There are three stages, from childhood, to parenthood to grandparenthood. Ultimately we go that way to God. We all must go through that in this life. Is there anyone who can say confidently, "I know that I am going to live on this earth forever"? Of course not. Everyone must go to spirit world but first he must become the representative of the future world, present world and past world.

If we go all the way up, of course, it is a perfect circle. Now no person is exempt from here. Everyone, no matter where he is, must follow the same pattern. Now we know that fruit bearing is like that. We have to gather that seed, that fruit, then we have to sow that seed in the springtime. You have all learned the history of restoration through my teaching, isn't that correct? You couldn't learn that on your own, could you? So if God chose Reverend Moon, who resembles Him, then I must choose my own children who also resemble me. That is because I need to plant a seed which can give good seed itself.

There are many seeds like this, many fruits like this (drawing on board.) I need an impeccable, beautiful apple here. Suppose everything about that apple is beautiful except for one little dot, one little worm hole. If the apple is perfect, that means it contains the perfected plus and minus. This is like a family. If one member of the family becomes unchaste, commits the fall, then the whole family becomes disfigured, like the apple with a worm hole.

Those who say, "Father, I am just barely going along with our marriage because you matched us. But if I had my choice, I would not continue," raise your hands. Are you absolutely happy with your spouse? Some of you say "yes" in a small voice. Is it "yes" after a long pause, or a strong "YES"? Actually both answers are okay. You must develop that attitude and that pattern, too. You have to be able to look at your wife for eternity and be happy. Can you imagine this: Suppose you were climbing a high mountain once upon a time somewhere in Austria. Would such a man ever begin to imagine himself marrying a woman from some remote country such as Korea? How could such a person ever conceive of such a possibility? Those two could come together to form a different universe. In the beginning, you didn't even speak the same language. What could you possibly have in common in order to become husband and wife, except the will of God? It is truly historic that such a man and woman the beginning, except through an interpreter.

Is that a high place or a low place? It is one extreme to the other extreme. Here are the couples who will never let each other go. They will be happy and cherish each other for millions of years into eternity. If you do that, how different are you from the original Adam and Eve! That is the same, there is no difference. You must remember that Adam and Eve did not even know the things that you know now. They knew nothing at that time, but you have learned everything as you start in the same position as they. Your children are supposed to become even better than the children of Adam and Eve if they hadn't fallen. All these things, thanks to heaven and True Parents, are yours. Do you think that someone labored day and night trying to teach Adam and Eve about true love and how they would have to live in the future? No, they did not have this opportunity. So we must really rejoice and unite and proclaim together, saying, "This is the wonderful revolution which we carry on and on." Think about blondes a God-centered, true love revolution. We must be proud of that.

All you Japanese women who are married to Western husbands, raise your hands, please. I realize that you encounter many difficulties of which other people are not aware. You are very small and have to deal with those big, sturdy Western men. Even before you feel love for them, you want to cry out, "Help, help!" You may laugh even though it's not funny, but the fact that you can laugh is a historically important thing.

Here is Mr. Bleu. The other day, he told me that when his son, who is an American member, was blessed to a Brazilian bride, they couldn't even speak at all to one another. He honestly couldn't believe that their marriage would last very long. But as time went on, they came to understand each other better and better and they gave birth to a beautiful son who turned out to be a genius. He felt that that child was of a completely different seed, different lineage. He was so impressed that he himself decided to join the Unification Church. This is the kind of testimony which people around the world will be able to give. This is what heaven is all about.

For what reason did I give the Blessing? I gave the blessing so that you could bring up your family just like the True Parents' family. Have you ever heard of me and Mother having fierce fights? No, you won't ever hear of such a thing. There is no greater shame than for the father and mother to fight in front of the children. Can they separate or divorce? What more horrible thing, how more could you kill the children than that? But including my own case, can a man and women become so perfectly united in the beginning? Don't you think every couple has their own problems, both large and small? If a man wants to rest within the mind of a woman, he might climb in but his feet will hang out because her mind is so small. But the mind of a man is large enough for several women to climb in, and he has the capacity to tolerate the woman. Whatever she says, let her say it.

Since the woman is in the man, when he feels angry, she feels that way, too, because all she feels is the immediate situation. But the man can look farther out and see not only his wife but everything else. Isn't that true? Women never see beyond right here. They would rather not think about the future, or great and big things. They want beautiful, expensive things like diamond rings. My own fingers may protest to me someday, "Everybody in the world wore rings on their fingers. Why didn't you ever put rings on us?" Perhaps when I go to spirit world, someone will put a ring on my finger. Until that time, I will never wear any such thing. What about Adam and Eve, do you think they wore diamond rings in the Garden of Eden? No, they were naked, so certainly wearing rings would not have been a priority for them. Do you think there were barber shops or beauty parlors for manicures?

Suppose a man has been away from home for a long time and he finally walks in the door to greet his wife. Would the wife say, "Wait, dear, I have to put on my makeup first. It will only take ten minutes"? If such a thing happened, that husband would get really angry. Can you imagine any husband saying, "Yes, I want to be fair, so go ahead and take the time to make up your face"? That is not true love. He would just grab her and embrace her. It doesn't matter whether someone is dirty or even smelly, you want to kiss your beloved before anything else. Afterwards you can wash up. Love is straightforward like that. Isn't straightforward love more genuine? Or is patiently waiting more genuine? In general, men don't have to take so many baths. Like a frog, you can go into the bathtub every day and spend too much time there. I don't think the average man likes to do that.

If some wife demands that her husband wash his face, brush his teeth, even wash his feet before he can get close to her, I don't think that is true love. It is not genuine. I always have the urge to test people. Even though Mother is here, I'm going to say this. (Laughter) I want to test my own wife, my own loved ones, to see if they really love me. So I might become very smelly, you know. The baby calf or ox-do you think they ever take a bath throughout their whole life? Unless the master washes them, they never wash themselves. I am not suggesting that you get dirty and disregard common courtesy; the point is that when you are in love, you can't let a small thing such as that hinder your love.

Do the Unification Church blessed couples keep separate bank accounts? I asked some members that question a while back and someone replied, "The answer is obvious. We don't have enough money to keep separate accounts." That is good. I salute such a situation because it is not good to separate in that way. It is a small thing, but that tells many other things about the couple. It is really unthinkable that husband and wife have two different bank accounts. The value of love is so deep that even one loaf of bread ought to be enough for you to survive on as long as you are united. Here in America, one thing it is very difficult to do is starve to death. Wherever you go, you can find bread which others have discarded, including bread too old to be sold. If you just ate that and continued to serve God's purpose, would you ever go to hell? Who would be more precious, the one who lived an easy life and saved many people, or the person who was starving in this life and also saved many people? Yes, the second one.

We are attracted to the seed and the fruit in spring. Maybe I need to spend another four hours here just talking about spring. But since I can't do that, I will just mention the name "spring." Everybody, whether enemy or friend, will agree that there is no greater family in the history of religion as the family that we are about to become, and which we already achieved somehow. Imagine the existing Christian religion: their goal of salvation is just for "me." "I want to be saved." So the religion of the Unification Church is to save not only "me," but also family, all the clans, the whole society, country and whole world, all the way up to the cosmos and even God, whom we want to liberate too. In other words, we even want to save God. When traditional Christians hear such words, they will exclaim, "No! That is heresy!" But God, who lost His only son and daughter and they are now suffering in hell, can such a God be happy? Since He cannot, then He, too, needs to be saved.

There is no way for children to understand the pain and agony of their parents, as I have said. But if the children want to make ten or even a hundred times more effort to become true filial sons and daughters, then maybe they can begin to understand their parents' heart. Just a short time ago by historical standards, I was the only person who understood God's heart. But now the Unification movement has sprung up, consisting of many people wanting to carry on this thought and tradition of way of life. And God is relieved now because that is exactly what He wanted. Even God cannot let me go. Which do you think is stronger: God's desire to be with Father, God's strong attachment, or your attachment to me? God's attachment to me is stronger. Did God ever commit a sin or fall? No, but your ancestors fell and therefore you did, too. God's dwelling place is in heaven, whereas the only place for fallen man is in hell. So it is you who need me, even more than God needs me, since God is not fallen and you are fallen. God stays in heaven, no matter how miserable His heart. But fallen man is constantly in hell, even though he doesn't even realize it. Therefore, you have to become ten, even a hundred, times stronger in your desire to become one with me, to hold on and never let me go.

There is a collection now of my speeches, consisting of Volume One all the way up to Volume 200. That is the record of my speeches which have been recorded. Before that, there were speeches which didn't get recorded. Those 200 volumes contain everything -- all the words, the blueprints I gave you. Even though there are 200 volumes, if you really understand the contents, they are simple. Become like God. That is all. It has taken me 200 volumes of speeches so far to try teach you how to become like God, but that is the gist of my entire message.

If this teaching would be implanted in at least 180 countries with the same investment as I worked here, then the whole world would have hope and could be restored. You must understand that this is the time of the cosmic spring. Now I can take these fruits and seeds, planting them. Adam and Eve didn't fall just as individuals. They fell on the family level. So the Blessing begins the new families, planting new seeds in a new area. Since this is the springtime, this seed needs to be sown in order for the bud to come out. The seed itself doesn't know anything about this. The one who plants the seeds, the master, knows what to expect although the seeds know nothing. The blessed families have been assigned to a new area with the instruction: become a tribal messiah. Save your tribe. Once you go out and undertake that task of tribal messiah for your own tribe, you must do it no matter what, even to the point of death. Before you accomplish your task, you cannot return to me. Resignation from this task is not possible life and become a new life. This is the ultimate way. In other words, if you fail this way, there is no other way to take to get to heaven.

When I harvest the fruit, then all those fruits-namely, you-must have all the ingredients that I have been looking for so that when your seeds are planted, the same kind of sprout comes up. In order to do that, you have to have everything within that seed. If I sowed that seed, can you harvest the same kind of fruit? How are you going to educate your blessed children? That is the question.

The number 70 means the age of resting, the time of sabbatical. Therefore, this last decade of the twentieth century is my resting time, or time for sowing seeds. What I need to do from this point on is to go about contacting, talking to and educating the heads of countries, presidents and so forth. Then the whole world can find the way to go over from death to life. There is a way. Therefore, I will make a presentation of the books of my words to each national leader. I will say, "Please study this and fulfill everything which this book directs. That is the way your country can find new life. It is up to you to determine how to translate this from the Korean. Once it is translated into your own language, you should broadcast the contents over your own television networks. If you do that, you will find a revival of your nation." That is what I will say. Also I will have scholars endorse my works; let the media broadcast them.

Shouldn't you be reading the texts of my speeches? Listening to me now, you may understand what I am saying, but you need to study the contents over and over in order for the meaning to really sink in and become clear to you. Come to think of it, God Himself never gave such long, arduous sermons as Reverend Moon has given. I have certainly spoken the most sermons of all religious leaders in history. I myself am moved by the words which I spoke many years ago, when I study them. I happened to notice a speech which I gave on February 22, 1971. That was 20 years ago, and at that time, I gave all the directions which need to be followed. Therefore, Unification Church members really have a heavy responsibility to remember my teachings and carry them out. Now I am repeating and expanding on some points which were not so clear before. That is why I am saying them again. But it was amazing to me to see that twenty years ago, I gave a sermon which was essentially the same as the one I am giving to you today.

Do you think it is possible to understand the deepest meaning of the words I have spoken after they have been translated into English? Isn't it much better to be able to read my words directly in the Korean, feeling the heart-to-heart closeness through the Korean language? The only way to inherit that feeling, that original life, is to hear the original language which I speak. Translation is not much more than an introduction to my thought. Exactly when I will go to spirit world is not known by anyone. That is a serious problem. Later, after I am gone, after I spoke to you so many things, you will know that you never obeyed fully. You will know how seriously, how ardently I spoke to you on so many different occasions, and that you didn't pay serious attention and didn't do enough to fulfill.

When I am gone, how are you going to deal with your regret? Imagine. In a few more years, you will see teenagers in high school, middle school children, learning the Divine Principle everywhere in the world. You will live to see that day. Then they will all come to you to ask questions, seriously wanting to understand the deeper meaning of Principle, the meaning of my speeches and teachings.

When you have to reply, "I really can't answer that. I don't know," what a shameful situation it will be. Your own blessed children will ask you, "How much did you follow Father's directions?" They will say, "Father said many times in his speeches that Unification Church members should learn Korean. Why didn't you do that?" Can you say, "I didn't like Korean." That would be too shameful. Think about that.

On the other hand, what if you make every effort to do everything I directed. What a different situation you will find yourself in. How proud of yourself you can be! You can say, "I worked, I wept, I was persecuted at this and that time." You will be able to tell your grandchildren the names of towns where you worked, where you wept in the service of restoration. Your grandchildren will say, "I want to visit the place where Grandpa's tears dropped down. I want to step on that land." At that time, your pride will be in how much persecution you endured and how long you continued. Do you understand? Many Korean leaders have visited America. What do they talk about with the most pride? The past times, how much persecution they endured. They are not proud of earning money, studying, or anything like that.

How much persecution, how much did you sacrifice? This is what puts you in the highest levels of spiritual world. I have known this well. All my life I have taken the hardest way, the way of persecution and sacrifice.

You are planting the future generations now in your families. How great will be the seed you harvest? That is your serious situation. Your next generation follows the elder seed. The seed makes everything. That is the natural way. I have always understood this point, so no matter how much the free world opposed me, my gaze was fixed upon the terminal point. Step by step, no matter what was required. I have never slept very much at night throughout my adult life. God's situation didn't allow me to rest. We have to take the way which is like His. That is the way of filial piety.

How do we sow the seeds? We will harvest whatever we plant. I have done my very best to plant here in America during these past 20 years. Now at this harvest time, you should not disappoint God or me with the fruits of that planting. I know what are the weak points of contemporary Americans in regard to their relationship with God. Therefore, I matched many Oriental women to Americans, not in order for them to follow the American way but rather for them to have a deeper influence, to help Western people become more spiritually influenced. Maybe if the Oriental wife finds it impossible to educate her own husband, then she must concentrate on the children. At least they must be educated in the right way. If the elder people don't meet the criteria, they will become rotten, but the children are the next generation, the future of America. A woman with such a sacrificial mind is a truly holy woman. She took a man from an enemy nation as her husband, dedicated everything she had throughout her life to educate that person. Only a holy woman's mind could do that. Only 45 years ago, the United States and Japan were at war. Now Japanese and American people are becoming harmonized, peaceful and loving each other, giving rise to a new world in the future. This is what I have done.

Especially you American women, you must understand your position. The Japanese members didn't come here to follow American tradition. They have an even deeper mission of planting the root of heavenly tradition and to help their American spouses follow God's way. If that doesn't work or bring forth the desired results, I am thinking of yet another measure. This country was originally settled by the Indians, correct? When I went to Hawaii, I learned something. The total population there consists of 30% Japanese and 28% Caucasian, and the larger Japanese population is persecuting the Caucasians. When I heard that, I didn't feel bad about it. How deeply anguished I am. I almost had the desire to pour oil on that persecution to let it burn even stronger, but I knew I couldn't do that. Instead, I thought about what would happen if all those 28% Caucasians intermarried with the Japanese and followed the tradition of the Unification Church, and come to mainland America. Then restoration could be a quick process.

God desires such restoration. What is meant by the "Pacific era"? Does it include the United States? Yes, and it also includes the continent of Australia. Everything will be connected there, the South Pacific, Japanese islands. Compared with the world's population, one million population is very small. I have already directed those Hawaiian people in that way: Do this so well that the people on the continent will be ashamed. You here in the United States should never be outdone by any new intermarried couple from Hawaii. Do you understand?

We are the ones to make the tradition now. Once we establish the tradition, anyone who joins later must follow it. No one can complain. My portion of responsibility towards America has been more than fulfilled. I have already done my springtime planting. What harvest will I see? That question remains. As you know, Jesus cursed the barren fig tree that he encountered on his way to Jerusalem. I expect that the seed which I sowed will bring a good harvest, namely you. That you will come up with a good harvest when you grow.

I am going to go to South America on April 16 and within about one month, I will go to six countries. I expect to meet with the presidents of each of those countries, and I will give them guidance to fulfill the national level work. I will go around the world and go back there, to see how much that new seedling has grown. I expect to see the top level of leadership, not just grassroots level. Nobody knows at this time which country will be the first one to shout out "Mansei!" for God. Each of you members had some revelation before you joined the Unification Church. This is the same time. Now all those past leaders of those nations in spirit world may come down and work through the current leaders. All they will say is, "Accept Reverend Moon; obey his teachings."

The Korean words for "leader" and "mole" sound almost the same. Would you like to become a leader or a mole of the United States? That is why I have exhorted you to go out and stir up the situation. Speak the truth, do what is right, regardless of whether others like it or not. Eventually people will understand.

Now you have been planted. That means you have been given the Blessing. You are going to give birth to many children. If you have children that are not so good, then you have to quickly educate them well. If you don't do that it will be difficult. We have to teach them how to bow from the youngest age. Teach them from the smallest level about God, about the world. Tell them never to follow the way this big country is going because it is the way of decay. Tell them not to be afraid of being different from other people. You have to teach them all of these things. The main purpose in educating them is to chase away the devil from this country. That means if you give birth to a well-made child, then you don't have to worry about so much. But if your child is not so well-made, then you have to do a lot of supplementing by education. Now the role of Unification Church wives is on two levels. One is to educate the heavenly children, and also to do away with the devil's society.

Those of you who have children, raise your hands. The responsibility is yours to educate them, but actually they don't belong to you. They belong to the world and to God. They are the subjects of God's kingdom, they are not your children. America needs those children, but they are beyond America. They are heavenly citizens. Do you understand? They must grow up with that kind of purpose. Otherwise, in the future, your family will have no hope. Only hell. Do you understand?

You must understand this particular time in history. We have to foster the family which is fit to inherit all the traditions and to be the true ancestors of all the future generations. We must do that by keeping our family in the right way. If we are not in the right path, then we have to move them, transplant the seedlings to the right way, give fertilizer and take out the weeds. Do all the gardening necessary within your own family. You have to pay attention to your own family. Don't just expect them to automatically spring up to become a perfect family. You have to work hard at it.

Now I am giving you, allowing you, the command to look at your own children. Now that I am going over the pinnacle of the hill of restoring the elder sonship, the parentship and the kingship, I am giving you permission to look at your own children so that you can educate them to become perfected. You must establish yourself as the king of your own family. Your family is not supposed to be a democracy. You should be the king. You have to teach your children, too, the way of the future.

Those who pledge, "Between my spouse and me, I pledge that we will grow our family to be this perfect seed which you can give a passing grade," raise your hands. Don't miss this special time in history, make a success. I want all of you to succeed in this endeavor. That is my prayer for you.

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