The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Liability - The Debt We Owe The Past And Liberation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 1, 1991
East Garden, New York
Translator - Col. Sang Kil Han

Can everyone hear Father? Today is the first of April. It is truly the onset of Spring. The topic for this morning is The Debt We Owe to the Past and Liberation. Individuals think their own lifetime is life itself. In a very narrow sense, one has his parents and his parents are part of a clan and he is born of them. But we have to remind ourselves that ever since humankind fell, mankind has never truly been born. The original ideal man and woman and family has not yet been born.

We still remain in the unperfected stage of being born. We need salvation; we need to be recreated. Everything, political wars and economic unrest, all these things are preparation for this birth to occur. If you can visualize two worlds, one with the sun and one without the sun, you see that today we are living in the world without the sun. It is not just a rhetorical saying. To say that "we are living in a world without sun" is very close to reality.

Humankind has never known the direction it must go, nor even the direction in which it actually is going. If mankind had ever seen a world with the sun, it would be a different story. However, from their birth, they have never seen such a thing, never heard of such a thing. They have nothing to compare to, there is no model, so they keep on living in the dark world and think it is the right world.

Then, who is God and what is God? In this (analogy) God is like the sun. What is Satan? Satan is darkness itself. Man is born in total darkness, but their destination is to go to the world of light and they cannot go by themselves. They need someone to guide them. In each generation, time or age, there has been a leader guiding the people. That guidance was like a candlelight, like a flickering lamp. Sometimes you could see it and sometimes you could not.

You could not see the broad daylight with their leadership. This has not been for just one day or two days or a few generations, but for thousands of generations. Ever since humankind began this situation has been going on and on. Human history has been one of real desperation. They are born into the darkness and they cannot see around. They do not know where they are going and they do not know what is ahead of them.

Their beginning is not certain either. They do not even know where they came from. Adam and Eve at least knew that they fell. They knew what was going on then. However, after that generation no one even knew the fact that they were fallen. Even those people who were religious did not know what they were doing. They never had a clear idea, "Oh, humankind fell, so in order to be restored I must go through this religion to reach to God and my original place." They did not even know that.

Only after the Unification Church emerged did we all know clearly where we are from and where we are going. The parents that we have are false parents and therefore at some point we have to meet true parents and cut all the old ties and make a new grafting upon myself and grow towards God. We know the fact that love is false love and that the false blood of love is circulating in our spirit. All these things was never known by humankind. For the first time, Father is teaching us and now we know.

No one knew the fact that Satan existed. The relationship between Satan and God, no one knew. The relationship between Satan and humankind, no one knew. No one knew the fact that the very root was evil and that we have inherited everything evil from that and we must change that.

All of these things no one really knew. Father has been pioneering this new area and through Father we have been learning for the first time in history where we truly come from and where we must go. No one had any real idea of what hell was. They thought it was some distant place. No one realized that hell started "right in me, myself." Also, they didn't know that heaven could start "within myself." No one had even the most remote idea of that.

No one ever thought, "since hell started within myself, I must erase hell and begin heaven in myself." No one ever made that intention. Even the Unification Church members who know all these things only think about it a few times. Everyday, day to day, they don't think how to do away with hell and remake "myself" into heaven. The clear concept of heaven and hell is not something they think about everyday. It is the most important thing, but many days go by without anyone thinking about it. This is reality.

Furthermore, in our background there are tens of thousands of years of suffering by God. God had to suffer and persevere the pain in order to one day save us and bring us around to the original place. No one even thinks about that much. For millions of years God has suffered like that. Whoever thought that it would take eight stages, from the individual up to God, to bring all the walls down before humankind could be delivered up?

For thousands of years, while no one was ever thinking like that, only God has been working all alone for this goal. How tedious, how painful this work has been. No one is thinking about that. We must understand that from where we are we can go directly to heaven, but it has not always been so. The fall took place in the lowest place, the dungeon of hell.

To fall means to drop down. We went to the lowest place. God, knowing this, has had to come down to that lowest place and pick mankind up. To deliver the people to God we must also go and labor in the lowest place, the dungeon of hell. No one has been thinking about that.

Not only those who do not know, but even here amongst those who know, no one is willing to go down, to find the lowest place and go there to bring the people up. No one is thinking about that. Everyone wants to go straight forward from wherever they are up to the higher place. No one has the idea that they have to go down and then come up again.

Father is not just saying this. Look at his own life. When he was born, could he just start the dispensation from there and go straight up to where he has now reached? No. We all know that he had to go through incredible suffering. He had to find out where the lowest place on earth existed, not only one, but every low place and he had to visit there.

Father's past was not that simple, just go down, find the lowest place and come up. No. When he discovered that Satan was blocking his way, even coming down to hell, he had to struggle and even more on his way back up. Now, we don't have to worry about these things. We go down because we already know to do that.

Satan knew that once Father found his way down and paved the road up, then everyone could come down and back up. Satan did not want this at all. Even going down to suffer, Satan tried to stop Father. Father went through that incredible reality. Since the fall of humankind, Satan has been trying to block the course of restoration, even the preparation for restoration. Satan tried to block every step of the way and has never left mankind alone.

We must understand clearly that in order to work this out God established the Jewish religion and the Christian religion. It was a road or way through which the people could travel back to the right place. However, that totally failed. It did not serve this purpose; it did not lead the people directly to the goal.

Now Father has had to redo the whole thing and we know that history. The Jewish and Christian religion tried to follow the way that God opened up, but they did not know what they were doing because they did not know the final goal.

Today, when Father came to do it all over again, they could help neither God nor themselves. They just continued doing their rituals. Not only have they failed to gain the goal, they have actually served as an obstacle. How incredibly sad this is. They mean to do God's will, but actually they are building obstacles and there are no fruits. They don't know where they are going. All this Father had to pioneer.

The clear pattern for religion is that, even if they don't know the exact reason why, they must first go down and work at it and then come up. This general pattern is always true. Any major or meaningful religion encourages in their teaching that they have to leave home, own nothing and start walking the way.

All mankind wants to go up to a nicer place, this is human nature. However, religion teaches paradoxically that one must go down. They don't know why, but anyway they must go down. And so, while they might go down, they don't know why and they struggle. This is what we see today.

Now we can understand our conclusion that through the course of religion we have to fight the "blood" fight against Satan. We have to fight to the point of bloodshed. It is not just an easy fight, but involves bloodshed, life and death, kill or be killed. Every religious man and woman has to go through that kind of fierce struggle . We must leave every level of the world, from the family and even down to "myself." We have to get away from all of that. We have to realize, "I came to exist because of Satan." That is the root. We must deny that and get rid of that.

We must first give up the world, the Satanic world. We have to then give up the country to which we belong. Also we have to forsake our clan and our family. Then, finally, even "myself" we have to give up. We must go that paradoxical way . Any person of religion who has ordinary arrogance can never go this way. They think, "I want to be the center. Without me nothing can be done. I have to be in it." That kind of arrogance can never ever take them to the lowest place where they should be. It has nothing to do with God.

The structural form of Satan is always captivating us. We have to break out of it. When Satan raises himself up it is always, "I." Satan is always "I must be the center." That kind of self-centeredness is itself the enemy to ourselves.

For example, an American must find and go to the place where no one else wants to go, and then come back to where he started from. First go to that lowly place. Here in America with the highest level of civilization, you rich people must find the most miserable place. Let us say it is Africa. Even the African people don't want to live there. So, if even the Africans don't want to be there, then Satan himself does not live there. From that lowly miserable point Satan separates.

This is reasonable thinking. The Bible says, "If you want to live, you must die." This paradoxical thing may be something we talk about. We might say, "I understand that." Even though we say we understand it, we do not do it, we do not go along with it. This means that we cannot pass that point and we have nothing to do with God's world, God's order. We can see very clearly that even American thinking or consciousness is not internal. They say about themselves, "Oh I am an American and I graduated from a certain university." As long as they think like this, they are under the arrest of Satan, under the net of Satan. They cannot get away from that. We have to clearly understand this point.

What is it that God wants for a fallen person to do in order to be saved? Does God want us to go to a university or school? Is it knowledge that God is seeking? No. God already has knowledge. God does not want authority or power, not even money. Why? God can make anything anyway.

What God is trying to restore is not money or power or knowledge, but love. And it is not false love that God is trying to recover. It is true love, original love that God wants to regain. Jesus emphasized that "You cannot love your wife, your children, your family more than me." He said, "You cannot do that, you must love me with the utmost ability of yourself." It means that Jesus was emphasizing, "You must love God."

When Jesus died on the cross, he emphasized life. Even in giving away his life he emphasized the life in man through the true original love. Jesus died to give life to man. He paid through his own life to give life to other people. Then why does Jesus have to come again? He comes again in order to change the lineage. Jesus could not do that 2,000 years ago.

Life centering on the original blood lineage was something that Jesus could not establish in his lifetime. Did dying on the cross successfully change the blood lineage of each individual? No. In the Unification Church, what do we do to change the blood lineage? This is our emphasis. Father gave us the Blessing. The Blessing was just to make a conditional mark on the individual. It is not the guaranteed or permanent mark. Do you like conditional life, conditional blood lineage, conditional love?

It means, "If you do this, then you live. If you don't do this, then you don't live." Do you need that kind of conditional life? Even though the conditional mark is small, when it grows within the self, as it grows it cannot be taken away. After we receive the Blessing, we should take it so seriously that we would never trade it for anything, any diamonds or property on earth. And we should always protect it and grow it. This is the original way.

What is this Blessing? It is so precious. Even Jesus did not get this Blessing in his lifetime. We have received that precious Blessing. If the parents are not Blessed, how can the children be Blessed? Since, no human ancestor has ever achieved the Blessing, all the major religions have emphasized celibacy, not getting married. However, everyone gets married, but as of yet those marriages cannot reach God. When they go to the spiritual world they remain outside God's domain.

How serious this is as a practical matter! It is like a school you have enrolled in. If you pass, you can become someone, but if you fail you don't make much of life. We are going that kind of a serious course. Everyday we are getting marks, either life and death, literally. Is Father exaggerating? Is this abstract talk or is it so real, so concrete that we know we have to carry it out?

Since we hate the world as a righteous person, we must therefore conclude, "I hate myself." Why? Because we are a part of this world. The blood of Satan himself is flowing through our veins. There are still the marks and scars of Satan's illicit love in us. If you want to get married, do you want to marry a pure virgin, one who has never come into contact with another woman or man? Or do you want to marry someone who has exposed himself to all kinds of garbage? Do you want to marry him? Marry her?

We who are not pure ourselves nonetheless say no to this question. We may ourselves have no contact, but for hundreds of thousands of years our obviously ancestors have not been pure. They did not know. It is like the Americans who now think that the person who has more experience is the nice person to marry. Is the purpose of marriage just for the enjoyable experience of man? No. The purpose of marriage is more holy than that.

Through our sexual organs, a new heaven can be opened, the real heaven can be created. Through those organs the family is born. Then the nation and world will come. That kind of original palace God intended to use to make the nation and world. It is far from the idea that it was meant just for personal enjoyment. The dog may enjoy like that, but man cannot just enjoy like that.

From these parts, the sons and daughters of God are to be born. They have a sacred use. Out of such families, the country would be made up and the countries would make up the world. It is so basic. The holy individual, the holy family, the holy society, the holy nation and holy world was to be born out of the marriage of man and woman.

That is the original palace of love. For all of human history this never existed, but now for the first time in history the holy individuals of the nation are to be born. The true life is to be born from there. It is not that someone follows the great religion and then becomes the holy man of God. No, the holy man of God starts from the original place of love. The holy man is to begin from there. All the levels of greatness begin there.

What are the sexual organs? They are the palace of true love, true life, true blood lineage. Without that, God cannot achieve anything. They are indispensable. Through these parts, man and all else are to be born. It is that important, not just for brief enjoyment. The eternal value of death Satan has been successfully achieving here in America through free sex. Through that, Satan's world is guaranteed. How can true love be found there? How can true lineage be found there?

Who can say that in the reality of America's situation, true man and true woman can come about? It is hopeless and this is not just talking. This is very real. Father is not making up a story. This is cold reality and we must understand it. When we become naked we must understand that this is to be cursed and condemned. We must first understand that. Do you understand? Do you have something to do with it or nothing to do with it? Is Father talking about you or about someone else? Yes, you have to know it is "me, myself."

When that person walks about proudly and says, "I know True Parents and I can go to East Garden," do you think that Satan will let him go respectfully or follow right after him? Satan will go everywhere that such a person goes. You are so vulnerable to invasion by Satan. You have so many strings attached to Satan trailing behind you.

Can you feel that? Are you so clean within yourself that Satan cannot go anywhere that you go, or are you looking for what pleases you now and not thinking of what must be done for the future? Isn't that your reality? Isn't that generally true for you? When have you tried to avert your eyes and say, "I am looking for something which is the lowest?" Is it that Father is worse than us and that he has to go to prison to do something? No. It is because he is more serious.

The debt, the liability, what we owe to history is the topic for this Sunday. The main topic of Father's sermon this morning is how to liquidate this debt that we have incurred within ourselves.

Once we pay back this debt, liberation awaits us. The condition of indemnity, of paying back is essential in order for us to leave the Satanic world and go back to God's world. We can even adopt the concept of bankruptcy. If you owe a certain amount of money in ordinary conditions, you have to pay everything back. If you go bankrupt, then you pay back a symbolic amount, 10 cents for every dollar or even lower than that.

Who sets up that condition? The bankrupt person cannot set their own condition. Neither can someone on their own level set up that condition. Someone higher up has to do that, the government or even the president himself. They can say, "given the situation, no one will object if you back the small amount." Can Satan set up the condition for himself? No. God has to do that because God is outside the situation.

God has to deal with the situation. He may say something like, "You owe this much and you have to pay this much, so let us settle this point as such." There are ways to liquidate debts, but you have to follow them. The only person who can set up the condition regarding the fallen individual and fallen family is someone who did not fall and does not have fallen lineage. That person is True Parents set up by God.

It is a staggering thought of how important is that small condition from God and True Parents through which we can pay back our enormous debt to Satan. Originally the Archangel could not get married. God did not permit that to happen. What are we? Fallen man is the offspring of that angel. How is it that we can get married? How precious this is. Even though it may appear to be small, it is not at all a small thing. Through that condition we get married. How precious this condition is.

We came out from such a difficult place and are coming into such a precious place. How precious is this place that we could never afford in an ordinary time, but now we are here. How fearful it is because if we fail, we fail more than we could ever imagine. Our spouse is too precious to even imagine. We have to be fearful to even think about how precious our spouse is. Then, do you want to go ahead and change your own spouse?

Is it the intention of God and Father to let that kind of ragged person enjoy himself and take the Blessing? When Father gave the Blessing he not only had in mind that individual and his family, but also that good nation and world. Father had the heavenly world in his mind. We must occupy that goal which Father set up before us.

Now Satan occupies the whole world. How can we make the condition and take it back? He controls everywhere, even the spiritual world. Each individual Blessed couple is essential. Through each couple Father wants to turn the evil world into the good world. Does it happen automatically? No. We must first connect with the good lineage, the right blood lineage. And we have to work our entire life to turn around from evil into goodness. You are standing right at the pivot, at the center.

This is exactly what Father is doing. Centering on his family, Father places them like a pivot and makes the turn from the evil world into the good world. Was he free to do so? No. No one let him. Satan always intervened. America tried to stop him from doing that and Russia tried to stop him from doing that. Even the spiritual world has resisted Father's effort to turn it around from bad lineage into good lineage. He is still working on it.

By 1991 all things will be completed. Father has established the restoration of the elder son's position. The first born which is Satan's position has been dominating the world. Now the time has come for the second born, Abel, to take his proper place. To restore the sonship now means to restore parentship. You have parentship so that you can have sons and daughters. You have to have your own tribe, nation and world.

Father now indemnifies the country and the world. To illustrate, from the root up to the top of the new bud, Father has already made this tree. Father then made all of us like the branches. Branch means "tribal messiah's mission."

The atmosphere is now good. No one can stand against us. Why? The center is standing now. It is established. It is a new day! Connect and graft strongly to the trunk. If you can do that, even though the branch once came from Satan, he cannot claim it.

We must have a clear idea and confidence that our blood lineage is now changed into True Parents lineage. It is no longer the same. We are saved, we are restored back to the original root. We have been recreated. It takes great confidence. You have to truly know that inside and out before you can be confident. Go out to the streets of New York city and when you see the prostitutes, say "With my own hands I will convert that situation." We must have that feeling for every single town and village and individual. We have that pledge every single moment.

There are terrorists, gangsters, Mafia people who create evil. We must see that Satan is penetrating a hole into the people every single day and moment. We must be able to see that through our eyes. That is the way that Father must go, that all of us must go. We may have started at one point, but we cannot go straightforward. We have to return to all the extremes and make them good. Then we can come back to our original state and return to God. We cannot go back to God straight away simply because we are Blessed.

Now we know of the Blessing in different terms. What is the Blessing? It is the system through which we can repay all our debt. There was no way we could repay all our debt, but now we have found a way to do it. Even though it is a condition, it is a legitimate condition and it works. Otherwise we are doomed. There is no other way, just die, but through this condition of Blessing there is a way for us to live.

We are bankrupt and there is no way for us to make anything good, so we should just die as a result of being bankrupt. Imagine that we tried and tried but still remained bankrupt. We have no money to repay our debt. We couldn't even find one cent. However, Father has given us a condition and through that condition, Father gave us the money to pay back, so now we have one narrow course of living again.

Look at Father. He started out single-handedly. He was the first one and didn't know all these things in the beginning, but had to pioneer every level from the individual all the way up to the world level. He established the legitimate condition of changing sonship and parentship. Then what should we do? Can we just jump from where we are to the good place? No. Father wishes it could happen that way, however the same course remains. We have to go the same way that Father went. Even though our work is much less than Father's, still we have to follow that same pattern.

How can we indemnify our course? We can indemnify through our clan. Just as Father paid out and indemnified the world to buy us back, we have to pay out and buy our clan. They don't even know this, but we have to show them clearly and help them go this course as well. What must we do?

Even the president of a country, when he comes to understand the Unification Church, has to go through a course and a certain indemnity condition. His condition might be to ask his entire country to eat only one meal a day so that the savings from the other two meals could be collected and spent on restoration. He has to go through that kind of a course as well. He has to feel that he must help the poor and starving people.

There is a condition remaining. We still have a course to go. If we don't do it, what happens? If we don't do as Father did with his own clan and nation, what happens? Satan will catch up with us sooner or later. If we are offered a great deal of money and we have the choice between the money and the Blessing, we have to cling to the Blessing. This is the thread, more than the thread, the rope of life.

You American members are asking Father to pay you a salary. How can we save America this way? Father is dealing with the problems besetting this entire nation. Should he also take care of individual problems? Father is desperate enough to ask that the American members hold him for ransom and sell him out somewhere so that he can invest even that money into saving America itself. Father himself is in that kind of situation.

Father has borrowed a great deal of money to use and invest in saving this country. And then you can say, "Well, my salary is too low and I have to go somewhere else to make more money." What kind of a member is that? Every penny we make we must give to be used for restoration and we should feel that if Father pays a salary that is fine, but if he doesn't that is also fine.

America is a rich country, but these riches never were meant to let you enjoy an individual life. God gave these riches to save the whole world. We have already received so much. Have you ever gotten together and collected everything and offered it back to Father? Have we ever done that? Instead we say something like, "Father you brought me from the easy life to the difficult life, so you should pay me." Is that the American mentality?

Imagine. Look at yourself. Where do you best fit? In the satanic world or in the godly world? You can say it in your own words. Are you more suitable belonging to the satanic world or to the world of God, knowing what God has gone through. Tradition does not exist here in America. It is zero. No tradition exists here in America.

Today is the onset of spring. Spring begins as of today. Now is time to sow the seed. When the seed is sown, does it say, "I will just remain a seed," Or does it say, "I must grow and bud up and become the big tree or the large crop?" No matter how precious that seed may be, the seed decays and rises to the bud. Then the bud flourishes and returns back to the seed again.

If you choose to remain as a seed, the best seed, the most fantastic seed, what good will it do you? Soon you will decay with no bud. Do you follow this? No matter how good Americans may be, we have to give rise to the bud. We must grow up. You might say, "I like to get the Blessing and I enjoy being greater than other people." This just cannot be. If it worked this way, then God would not have had to struggle so hard.

The new seed will give rise to the bud and spread out, going out to all the nations and those nations can be recovered, restored. The new bud is coming out of the new seed. This is the new tradition. That new tradition will be such a high quality tradition that it will flourish and will overflow in America to reach out to the world. It will even reach to the spiritual world. Is America able to do that?

You are proud of being an American. Let that be the manure, the fertilizer. Out of this fertilizer let the real bud spread out. If we draw it, here is a new bud coming out and surrounding it are all rotten things. You have to even cut the root out.

That bud can branch out and as that branch grows it becomes like a tree, like the true olive tree. Here, engrafting takes place. The plant takes a new root by connecting to the earth. God wants to cut away all the old system. It is rotten, but it can be used for fertilizer. God wants to foster the pure bud, but it has to come from the pure root. Then, God can cut away all the old parts and use that for fertilizer. This is our perspective.

The effects of the fall are formidable, staggering to the mind. We just say the word, "fall," and that is it? No. In every area of life it affects us. Father gave the Blessing to us and sent us out as tribal messiahs. America is like fertilizer. If we really grow, then the world can truly see the light of God again. We must understand the new grafting and connect firmly into Father's tradition.

Burn everything, all your past memories and attachments, even old clothing which brings up past thoughts. We wouldn't want to even look at the Empire State building without first building a much nicer and taller building than that. These old buildings will. We don't want to remember the past, not even God wants to remember the past.

God cannot bear to think about his own sons and daughters being kidnapped and molested by Satan. But everything of the past reminds God about exactly that. There is not one thing in the past of which God can say, "Oh, that is truly mine." Think about this in every city to which you go. This is why we have seen Father showing so much interest and giving so much investment into new buildings and creating a new civilization and culture. There is no area of culture that Father doesn't reach, not one. Why? Because he wants to eradicate every trace of Satan.

How much has man been diverted building evil civilizations? How much pain has it been giving to God throughout history? What then is Father's topic this morning? Paying the historical debt and liberation. There are two kinds of debts. Not until we pay everything back and are free and clear can we start working on building the new godly world.

When we fail to demonstrate that we belong to God 100%, Satan can then come out and claim, "That amount is mine," and he will draw us back. No matter how much work you have done, no matter how brilliant it was, if you wrote many volumes of books and each was a wonderful work, but if one sentence stated, "therefore, everyone will go into communism," what happens? It negates all that you have done. The conclusion of your work comes to Satan.

This is why we have to be careful. No matter how much we do, if we make one serious mistake in that way, it is very serious. Secular humanism has a very fearful meaning. It has nothing to do with God. How would you feel if you enjoyed a whole day in a beautiful garden but on the way out you stepped on a very dirty thing? How would you feel? It ruins the day. You lose all the yearning for that day's memory.

We rejoice with the Unification Church, we love it, we cry for it, we repent for it. We have done everything that we could do. We may be proud of all that, but when we make some mistake in lineage, fall with another man or woman, what good will all that do? This fall, doing this again after being saved, is very complicated and Father has always been thinking about this. Can the True Parents bear to see that? Should he look at it? What should he do? What is more principled? If this happens, we must know how serious it is.

We must understand that Father gave everything to America and the free world. If is does not bear fruit, then perhaps the most severe judgment may have to begin in the free world. Because of whom may this happen? Unless you make a living with 1/3 of your means, Father doesn't expect you to fulfill your mission towards the world.

When you earned your Ph.D., you were very happy. You thought, "Oh, it is nice that Father paid everything and I studied and got my Ph.D." When you were proud of yourselves, were you proud of yourself first or did you carefully introduce to others all about what God and True Parents have done, gratefully thanking them first? Were you glad to have a name card saying, "So and so, Ph.D." yearning to witness about God's work and Father's work, or were you glad to have it just to represent yourself as a Ph.D.?

You mostly remained quiet about the Unification Church. You never spoke out about God and the Unification Church. When Father went to prison, he was not ashamed about that, not like we are ashamed. To be ashamed means to go under Satan, not to go above Satan. We all know that in every situation we must go above Satan.

In the Unification Church, do we go straightforward and proudly proclaim the Divine Principle? Do you disguise it and try to do some other way? How about the theory of Victory Over Communism? It is very powerful, but can it ever substitute for the Divine Principle? Can the Unification Church replace the Divine Principle itself? No. We must understand that.

The law of indemnity is utmost. All other things are peripheral. All these Ph.D.s and the connection to that is powerless. The only thing that works is the law of indemnity. There are two kinds of debts. The first debt is the one you pay back to cut Satan away from you. Satan always has a lien on you. The only way to pay back is to have a stronger love than Satan's love. This greater love has to grow from individual to family, from nation to world.

Our love, God's love, has to be stronger than Satan's side of love. That is one debt that we have to pay back. The second debt is this. How much have we made God work in history? How much have True Parents been working? How miserable have God and True Parents been? Giving everything that they have and forgetting that they gave anything at all. Giving and forgetting, giving and forgetting, again and again, again and again. We now know that this is true love.

Even now at this moment we only understand this with our heads. The only way that we can truly understand is by doing this for our own clan. Through our family and our clan we can be recreated. Through this course we can have a true experience. Then we can begin to understand how much God and True Parents have done for us. We have only heard how Father has suffered, but we never suffered like that ourselves.

The only way that we can know is to suffer for our family and clan, and then we shall know. Father was severely persecuted for his work, but today we don't need to go through that kind of persecution. We must understand that our tribe is our ground of life. You can get up in the morning and go to bed righteously with your clan. You cannot lead the heavenly life without your clan.

We have two kinds of debts. The first one is to pay back to Satan in order to get rid of him. How can we pay back Satan's debt and cut off his tie to us? We have to demonstrate and exert a higher and deeper love of filial piety, greater patriotism and saintliness. Even Satanic people express filial piety and become patriots. There are many saints in history as well. Whatever we do, we must do it better and with more intensity. Then, everything lesser, everything inferior, everything Satanic will retreat.

Here in America, Father worked so diligently that everyone who knows it can see that Father worked harder than anyone who ever came to this country or was born in this country. In all the history of this country, Father has given the most, given the best to this country. Father has given the best love to America. Eventually the best love will win victory no matter what court or whatever tries to chase it away. No lesser love can chase him away.

Before Satan can take Father's foundation, he has to work out the whole universe over again. Obviously, he cannot do this. So America will come to Father's way. Already communism has crumbled. Even though Father hated communism as an ideology which ruthlessly denied God, he did not hate the communist people enslaved under that ideology.

The world's pinnacle helping to make communism crumble was Father. He did away with the worst Satan, even in the communist countries. We must follow the same course Father has gone. Of course, each one of us cannot crumble the whole structure of communism, or even one country such as Russia. However, we must do that same thing for our own family, our own clan.

You as an individual are Abel. All the individuals in your family and tribe are Cain. Adam was the eldest son, the parents and the king. But, Satan took God's position. He took the first born position, then the parents position and the king's position. Adam could not be the true son, parent and king because he fell. When the fall took place, it took place in the family, not on the world level.

By doing on the clan level what Father has done for the world, eternal life begins for us. True love begins centering on God. The true tree starts to grow. In order to gain eternal life, what must we do? Father has explained how to cut off Satan. But we must also pay back our debt to God and to Father. This is the recreation process. What do we do?

We must do just as God did and as Father has done. We must work and invest everything into raising up our own family and tribe. When we do this we will experience difficulty. Then we will understand God and Father. How are you to do that? You must serve them unconditionally. They will short change you, but after you give everything, forget it.

Give and forget. Give and forget again. This is the recreation providential work. How about you? You say, "I believe in Unification and worked three years, ten years and I have repaid so much." That is Satan's concept. Invest and forget. I forget everything even until now!

When we say, "I've done such and such in the church for ten years, twenty years" and remember that and want to be repaid, that is clearly Satan's pattern. You may say, "I worked in the Unification Church for ten years, twenty years, where is my future, where is my guarantee, someone pay me back!" But that is clearly Satan. Did Father ever once say that to mankind, to America, to anyone of us? No. He gave to us and forgot, gave to us and forgot.

In the same way we have to do for our clan. We have to invest and we have to forget, invest again and forget. Don't expect anything out of that. When Father bought some property and consecrated it with holy salt, should he ever sell that again to someone else? No matter how much unconsecrated land is placed in exchange for one piece of Father's holy consecrated land, it cannot be compared. It has that much value.

The Washington Times has been an example of Father doing this way. He pays and pays, gives and gives, invests and forgets. He is thinking about giving even more. We are paying millions of dollars every month to support the Washington Times. And some Washington Times members say, "My salary is not enough. I want more to support my family." That's out of proportion. It does not stand to reason. This is why Father taught us about fundraising. Day or night, if you need money to support your family or whatever, do a business like that. Did Father take it easy in the evening as he has worked at restoration history?

After a hard days work, Father would go back to his bedroom at midnight or later and study English. Why would he have to study English, except for your sake? Father understands what it takes for you to go this path. Just as Father has tried to learn English, Americans should be trying to learn a foreign language. Why? Think about it. American people should be thinking about countries all over the world.

Last year, you went out for 40 days witnessing throughout the world. Everyone hesitated. They would have rather not gone if they could have helped it, but they jumped in and when they came back they had such a great experience. This year you will go again. After three years you may begin to understand, "Oh, this is what the world is about. I as an American never understood that."

This is Father's strategy to establish the original tradition of the Unification Church. Father has done this to you to revive that original tradition because there is no real Unification Church tradition here in America. We must understand this point clearly.

Father may never give Blessing again to those couples who broke their Blessing through the fall. Can Father give the Blessing and people fall and then Father give the Blessing again and again? No. The Blessing is not that cheap.

How important the Blessing is. Now we clearly know how to get rid of Satan. We also know how to liberate Father and God. Then, we shall also get liberated. Isn't that the right order? Should we get liberated first and then Father second and finally God? It doesn't work that way. God has to be liberated. Then the parents can be liberated. Finally all the children will see the day of liberation.

This amazing time has never existed before in history. There will never be another time in the future in which this will happen again. One time in history, the only time, in our time with Father all this can happen. If the Christians knew what we know today they would clearly outdo us. However, Father is on our side because we are the ones Father gave Blessing to. Father couldn't give Blessing to the Christians.

Did you know that all over the world and in the communist regions, they are truly crying to see Father, to see True Parents. They are saying, "If Rev. Moon called me, I would get there any time." Where are the Americans? Are they ahead of you or are you ahead of them? Who is ahead? They are in front of the race. The communist countries have been well organized from the very top down to the lowly hierarchy. They have been neatly organized. Is America well organized?

Which kind of nation is actually easier to permeate with a new thought or idea, a life saving idea? America is meeting a challenge and this is why Father has been spending time this morning to give you a clear description, to give you an edge. Father has taught us this morning how to work with a deeper heart than the Satanic world so that you can separate from Satan and be free. Then, you can work as True Parents have in the tribal messiah position.

The tribal messiah position represents God's position. Instead of God, you are there, investing and forgetting, repeating thousands, thousands and thousands of times. This is the religious background. Father persevered through Old and New Testament conditions so that in the future that time could come. That time is the end of the world. What is the end time? It is when Satan is cast out of this world. Then God, with the messiah, True Parents, liberate this world. That's it! That's the same purpose of the providence. Isn't it? It's clear.

You have to love more than Satan's level and go through the historical viewpoint. This is the way to pay back to Satan, separate from Satan. How can you be recreated? Through God and True Parents. God is recreating centering on True Parents, on true love. Invest and forget, invest and forget. That is true love. That is God's position, Father's position, Jesus himself went that way. Satan cannot break this apart.

Father is marching on through Satan's barriers. Father is tearing down Satan's barrier in the family, tribe, nation, world and cosmic world. I am tearing down all these barriers. Why? To make the elder's right position, parents position and the kingship position. All those positions are restored. That is first Adam's position.

First born means the elder's position. He was to be the first parents, true parents, and the first king. Those three positions have to be brought back to God's position. You have everything. Centering on true love, you have God and True Parents. You always have God, True Parents and the true love center. You have, centering on true love, the connection to true life. That connection to life is the inheritance of blood lineage. That is the connection to true live, true love. That means God represents through you the place of love, life and blood lineage.

The messiah is the True Parents position. Father indemnified the nation, world and cosmic world levels. You call Father, "True Parents." Whose True Parents? Your True Parents. It is not for me. True Parents is meaningful when centered on the children. I don't need True Parents. You need True Parents. That means you must represent the position of True Children. Isn't that so? Parents and children automatically center on love. They unify and become one. Equal and one. Unification means one. Harmony means one. Centering on what? Love, true love, true love.

Everyone can do that. I embrace true love everywhere. Everything connects, no problem. The individual base, family base, national base, world base, no problem. Since I came to America over 16 years ago, I have been a foreigner. You are a foreigner to me and I am a foreigner to you, but for one thing. I am always thinking, This is my next country, my next home country. I was born in Korea and that is my country. Centering on my country, I have my home town. I need my home town, my country and my world. After these unify and become one, I can connect the spiritual world.

"This is the principled viewpoint. Until I could cultivate that I went through serious persecution. Everywhere, they shot arrows at me. How can Satan's side fall down in front of Rev. Moon, only one man? The family system mobilized and attacked me. The country system did just the same. America and the Soviet countries also did the same.

In ten years from now until the twenty-first century will begin. Think about it. How much will the Unification Church rise to a higher level? Last year, April 19th, the conference in Moscow took place. In one year's time what has happened to the world? Think about how much Satan's world can be turned around to the other side in ten years.

From now we have the atmosphere to make our position. You know that. Go down and visit every home in New York and even the high level homes in Washington D.C. How famous is Rev. Moon in their minds? Many of them respect me. They may say, "He is an abnormal man. In his own lifetime he made a great foundation all over. Amazing man, Rev. Moon." This is reality. Not fiction. Reality.

You have the atmosphere. Satan cannot accuse you. How can Satan accuse you? He accuses when Unification Church members go their own way, but Satan cannot find a condition against Rev. Moon. He will always fall down. So, with Father, you have a good atmosphere. Father has made every indemnity condition. Why did Father do it? Originally, the fallen parents were the worst parents. The indemnity condition is to take out completely that root from the world. True Parents had to do that. I had to take out Satan's original root. I had to take out the individual root, my own family root, tribal, national, world and cosmic level root from Satan's side. I had to take all these out. After taking out the old root, I made the foundation for the new world.

True Parents replace the first worst parents and make the new root. This is for Blessed families. The fallen family went an individual way. Father appeared in this world making a new family system all over the world. From a few to 5,000 and 6,000, more, the families will spread out. Those families mean I am sending out the tribal messiah. No matter how big Satan's tree is, how rotten, the root is taken out. It is dead.

I made that foundation. Satan cannot attack. You can attack and chase out Satan. It is a different time. This world is separating from Satan. True Parents made for the children a victorious value of love. You can inherit that. How? Centering on true love. That is the original concept. Love has the power to inherit automatically. That is why I am able to give you the authority of tribal messiah's position. You don't know how high of a level that is. Higher than Jesus can stand.

Why? Jesus could not have a family. After the Blessing, you have had families, isn't that so? That level is more than what Jesus Christ could reach. Is it true or not? If it is true, how great is the value! Jesus paid such incredible indemnity and for 2,000 years there was more payment in Christian history. There was blood everywhere, that kind of miserable history.

How can you stand in the tribal messiah position? You received the Blessing and forgiveness. Everyday you have to digest and clean up this world. That is God's position. Just as the Parents did it, you have to understand how much they went through. From that you will find how precious is one family, one nation, one world. You will find God created with a cosmic idea. You have to stand in the representative position. Then you will realize God's position and the messiah's position, Jesus' position and Father's position.

You will clearly understand and liberate God, True Parents, Jesus. There is no other way. How can you stand in front of God and say that you are victorious? You don't have anything in front of God. You didn't know anything about family base and tribal base. Unification members didn't know that. The only one who knew was Father. Mankind didn't know the fallen world situation. The only ones who knew were True Parents.

Restoration comes from parents. The children don't know that. All over this world, even Unification Church members were in the same situation. You didn't know, but you knew that Rev. Moon's couple is the True Parents. If you go to God, you can point them out and say, "That is the real one!" You can understand that only if you know the reality of the True Parents. So, you must take the tribal messiah mission and go to its completion, until it is all finished. This is the last turning point of humankind's history. This is the providential viewpoint and perspective.

This is that time, that age. You stand on the rim. This is the rim atmosphere. You are standing on the edge of the cliff. You cannot drop down, you must not drop down. This is the world's situation. How can we turn the left side and the right side around? I have had to turn the world around from 100 different directions and connect that situation back to God's original viewpoint.

I had to bring it back to the original Adam and Eve, True Parents' concept and position. Then, we can connect a new reality to the kingdom of heaven. No matter what we have to go over. You cannot take one step to the left side or right side. Immediately, Satan will attack you. Satan was always behind Moses like a shadow. The same thing was for this world wilderness course. Father passed over it. The Israelites had to face 7 tribes waiting to attack them. We don't have that kind of attacking atmosphere. We can be completely welcomed.

Your live in your own country. It is not an enemy country. Every kind of people live here. It is like a world level Israel. Do you understand this? Our mission is to make a new tradition. That is the second generation's mission. That is why I made up and sent out the tribal messiahs. What is the tribal messiah position? The fallen tradition does not exist there. Take action. God is giving the power to you. You can stay all over the world and they will welcome you.

Don't inherit Satan's world tradition. Father has made the new tradition. That is the tribal messiah's tradition. The Israelites entered Canaan after 40 years in the wilderness. Think about how miserable their situation was. It was like a beggar's, even worse. In Canaan the people had property and many things. They had good houses, good cattle, good food, good sons and good daughters.

The Israelites looked at that and compared it with their miserable situation. They thought, "I want to marry there and take that kind of house." This kind of problem existed. They went down into Satan's domain. We now have the same situation! American people and society look down on us, but no matter how famous or high level they are, you have to be determined inside saying, "They have to follow me."

Why? The Israelites are in the subject position. The Canaanites are in the object position. The subject position means the center point, the center place. The center cannot move. The center is only one place, not two. You are taking the center point. It cannot move. Once it is set up it must go on forever. Centering on true love, man and woman. After the Blessing there is only one concept. The wife's concept, husband's concept, God's concept, True Parents' concept are all only one concept.

You have to make this forever. No matter how difficult. I don't care. The center point is the forever position. It is only one point, not two places. Is this clear? Stand and digest and absorb everything from Satan's tribe. Centering on God's love, life and lineage you have power more than this world!

True Parents are standing there with their family surrounding them, digesting everything completely. It is one unified place. Surrounding that comes the tribe and nation, then the world and spiritual world. Connecting with that is one world centering on God's true love. No matter how much Satan and the world want to take away or accuse that place there is no way that it can happen.

This morning I have made it clear how you can separate from Satan completely. Stand in the tribal messiah's position and go through recreation by your own activity, experience and foundation. You will understand for the first time how much persecution True Parents suffered. You will understand what God went through.

Now there is a world atmosphere. Satan cannot appear and attack you. Go back to your parents and ask them, "were you once against me very strongly?" They will answer, "Yes." And you can ask them, "Is that good or bad?" Their eyes are clear now and they will say, "Bad." How can they repent? There is only one way. They can follow you.

We have now the victorious foundation of world level persecution for more than forty years. You can understand how God and True Parents went through so much persecution and still gave forgiveness. This is reality. How can you go through the same situation? Is the Divine Principle the true way or not? Shall we have one church or two churches? From the time of Paul many tribes appeared, Cain's church and Abel's church. Without True Parents the children cannot make a horizontal base.

Centering on one place, from True Parents, we can make a circle around four corners. Satan cannot control this space. Centering on the tribal messiahs we make that circle, that space which Satan cannot rule. Then, the spiritual world and God can come down. Your ancestors will come. Like Adam and Eve, your ancestors will protect you from the angelic position.

Now you are tribal messiahs. Connect your family to that. Connect your nation and world to that. Automatically Satan cannot come there. Centering on True Parents everything connecting will automatically belong to God. Originally this world belonged to God. We have to separate completely this Satanic world from God's world. This is the whole purpose of history to come to this one time. How wonderful is this time. Don't forget this precious time.

Now you understand clearly how to pay back your debt to Satan and liberate God and True Parents. Originally you should have gone through the course of tribal messiah, national messiah, cosmic level messiah in order to connect to God's position. True Parents already did that. You have only to do the tribal messiah course. Why? You have a native town. Unification members have a home town. Father also has Chung-Ju, his home town. It is only one place, one special place, one central place.

Humankind is born everywhere and each person has their own native town. How can those places be connected to God's original concept? That is the tribal messiah's mission. Until now the contents of Satan's history has been only false history, the history of bad parents.

You set up the tribal messiah's position and connect that to the original unfallen Adam's position, the national and world level messiah. The tribal messiah's position is Jesus' position. Jesus' position or mission is to raise up Adam's fallen position. Father is standing on the national and world level base, sending you out as tribal messiahs. That you are creating Jesus' position means you are recreating Adam's position.

So then, you can go back to you parents standing in the position of unfallen Adam, horizontally connecting from all four corners everyone from every place. Formation, growth, perfection are three levels. They are all connected. The individual is formation, the family is growth and the tribe is what? [Perfection] Yes, Perfection!

That is the principle of creation. Three levels have to be passed over. Originally the three levels each took seven years. Now they are represented conditionally. These three levels, individual, family and tribe, you connect to the trunk. How can you connect? If the branches are connected to the trunk already, it is no problem. Horizontally you are going out to the country with the messiah's viewpoint. Adam's position is there. Jesus' position is there. True Parents are there. This is you, formation, growth and perfection.

True Parents followed this same system for the nation, world and cosmic world. You engraft that same system. Your home is Adam's position. You are Jesus' position. The national base is Father. Father's life went this formula way. All over the world, Unification members will make this kind of home. By making that kind of home all over the earth, God's nature and power can come.

Where are you from? [Alamo, California]. You make that kind of foundation and you are connecting your country to God's nation, God's native country. Otherwise there is no way. Father has made this concept clear. Now you know your mission, but you have to take action! Immediately take action. After this time you go to the spiritual world. You will be accused there. This is not a concept. It is reality.

Your ancestors will come and say, "Why didn't you learn Korean?" Language is the essence of culture. American people who speak Korean can make connection to that cultural background. That is how we can make one cultural way. It is a problem. Now it's clear isn't it?

There are two ways to paying our historical debt and finding liberation. One is separating from Satan and the other is taking the agonized position of God and True Parents. The only way to do that is the tribal messiah mission. Otherwise you cannot connect to God in a straight position. All nations have to come under God. That's it. That's it.

We must know the path clearly. Do you understand what Father has portrayed up to this point? Father's intonation is difficult. It would be odd if Father could speak clear English at the age of seventy. Father cannot do that. When Father didn't understand English so much he thought he was speaking fairly well, but now Father understands what he is saying. He knows that the interpreter is missing the most important things because in English the most important points are reserved for the last. By the time all the small things are said the interpreter forgets the main points.

In Korean it is not so. The most important things come first. As you go on you might forget, but it is okay, only small things. Here you cannot afford to do that. Father hears the translator and says, "That isn't what I'm trying to say." Father is even more determined that you learn Korean. If you go to Korea and Father is conducting an important conference there, it will only be in Korean. You cannot translate into English the crux of the thought. The truly important things you cannot translate. You must understand Father in Korean.

If you come to Korea and don't understand Korean, you will just sit there like a sack of potatoes. You don't understand and you cannot speak, just sitting there like a bag of rice. So we must understand and clean out the past. Father for the first time now is going to South America. Father has done enough here, more than his share in (North) America. What did Father do here?

In the early 1980s there was a transition from liberal to conservative direction in this nation. They said it would take scores of years, but Father did it in only a few years. In 1975, America retreated from Vietnam, lost the war and retreated. America became an underdog, its pride went down and the world didn't recognize America. That the conservatives came into power in the 1980s was not possible unless Father bore the cross for the sake of America. Not many people know this. Someone did it, but no one knows exactly who, but no one can deny that this happened in history.

If the young people from all these ivy league schools could inherit from Father, they could do for this world many times over what Father has done. It is something that can be learned. Father taught us this morning so clearly, point by point, how to do everything. Then, what is the meaning of Father staying in America all the time?

The conclusion of this morning's sermon is, "Do your tribal messiahship seriously. Make it work. Make it successful." That is it. Thousands of words can be saved. It is the wise person, no matter what is being said to him, no matter what the central person figure says such as "Stay for this and help with that..." who disregards all this and goes to the home country and lives as the tribal messiah.

When you pass your home town and there is a trail leading there, pass that trail and make a monument saying, "This is my tribal messiahship." Go there and hoist the Unification Church flag every day. Sound the bugle and say, "Come, listen to me." As soon as they hear you, even one word, they can be hooked to you, to God's words.

How can you get eternal life elsewhere after such reasoned explanation, without talking just spiritually? What can be stronger than reason? Even the Japanese members do the tribal messiah mission here in this Cain type country just as they would their own real home town. After successfully doing that, they can go back to Japan and finish their tribal messiah work in one week.

Do just as Father has done. Father's first country is Korea, but this is his second country, his second home town. Now, he is going back to Korea to make the unification of north and south. When he needs you here in America, then all across the world we shall come to help Father in Korea. The subject stands in the center and makes a circle. All those points are equal. They connect horizontally to that central place. The vertical place is only one place, but there are many, many horizontal places.

So it is for man and woman too. Centering on eternal true love they can evolve into a stronger and bigger power. Everyone wants the stronger, bigger embrace. Everyone, including me, has that kind of ambition.

Now we know clearly. There are two things we must do before we expect to be liberated. We understand this now. We must separate from Satan and do the tribal messiah mission. Those who heard and understand this point clearly this morning, raise your hands. Your ears are a treasure. You have to bow down to your own ears. How precious they are. You have to bow down and worship your eyes which could trace Father's gestures and expressions today.

All of this effort has been done to make you, one individual, perfect. Even the Gulf war was fought to make you perfect. If Bush is elated, it is actually that he is rejoicing for you. Everything is for the purpose of recreation. This is Father's sermon this morning. Prepare yourself in every way that you can to begin your tribal messiah mission. Until that time prepare yourself. With this kind of heart, Father is giving you this sermon.

In the future when Father has his tomb, would you be buried closer to Father's tomb or far away? Would you be buried in America or Korea, the northern part of Korea to be specific? [Korea] Why? The closer area to Father's tomb is more indemnified area and closer to heaven. That means you would go to die in North Korea. That is theoretically a correct conclusion.

If Father then asks you to go to North Korea, would you go? [Yes] Father might go and sleep in the southern tip of Pusan because of all the people coming to visit Korea. This is how it will be wherever Father lies. And where you lie all the Americans will come to visit there for the first time. In the North Korean countryside, where one American might lie, all the American people spread out all over the world will come and visit and look down saying, "You are the representative for my country."

Do you think this is likely? Would you want to be the man or woman who would lie closest to Father? Who will it be, a man or woman? Many missionaries were sent underground to what used to be the communist countries. Each one of them will someday have a monument in their country and in their towns. They never lived as we have lived for the past 10 to 20 years. They have always feared being chased . They never slept peacefully.

In your own home town, they will rename the town to have your name and they will raise a monument in your memory. Try it. Do just like Father did. Put down your stake and claim, "This is my tribal messiah territory." Go there everyday and they will persecute you, even the dogs will bark and the cats will howl at you. Even the chicken will put his droppings on your feet. Still, you keep going there, don't be discouraged. Eventually, they will bow down to you.

In the same way, Father went through this in America. It is difficult the way that Father did, Father knows this. So, expect the same thing. It is not easy, but do it. Those who are confident, not just because Father says, but because you understand why and how to do it and will do it, then raise both hands and pledge to Father.

Now in this time of spring, when every flower is blossoming, Father is encouraging you. This is the seed planting time. It is time to sow the new seed. In this time, only those who are truly confident to do this, raise your hands. Now Father has one question for you. How much time will you shed tears? How much time will you be beaten up by those who will not understand you? When you do, this is a good opportunity to think about God and True Parents, so don't mind it.

May God's blessing be upon you and your mission. Let us pray.

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