The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Blessing And Resurrection

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 31, 1991
East Garden, Irvington, New York
Translator - Col. Sang Kil Han

God created the world solely for the purpose of true love. We have to bear in our minds at all times that the first reason God created the universe was for the sake of true love itself. We observe the fact, whether it be animal kingdom or plant kingdom or even the mineral kingdom, everything in creation is in pairs. Everything was created centering on the idea of love.

Here we see men and women. For what purpose were man and woman created? The motivation for the creation of man and woman existed before they were born. Before man and woman were created, the concept of love already existed, centering on God. It was not for the sake of man nor for the sake of woman that they were born, but for the sake of love. Love was the underlying motivation. Love cannot be done by itself. That means that man alone cannot love, nor woman alone cannot indulge in love. It is only meaningful when man and woman come together united in love. At that point, the whole creation starts to have meaning. In order to achieve that love, man first has to attain perfection. The same is true for woman. Both must be perfect before they can enter into perfect love or true love.

We must clearly have in mind that all men and women are striving to be perfect. How can they achieve perfection? Only when they seriously pursue true love can they become perfect. Whether it is a man or woman, the situation is the same. Before they come to be perfected in love, they must become perfected both in mind and body as an individual.

At what particular moment in a man or woman do their mind and body become harmonious, perfect and resonant? There are two selves in an individual, a vertical self which is the mind and a horizontal self which is the body. As we draw a diagram, the vertical and horizontal mind and body, each form a hemisphere. Centering on the vertical line, we have a left sphere and right sphere. No matter how you dissect it, every angle is formed, front and back, right and left, up and down.

When the mind and body intersect at a right angle, the ninety degree angle, they become resonant. The different spheres, whether it be front or back, right or left, will resonate only through love. When this happens it permeates the universe.

A person becomes this way so that they can achieve love, so that they can resonate in love with each other. Love does not start by itself. It comes from the other side, from the partner. We can put it this way, "The reason a man is born is to help perfect the woman's love. And a woman is born to help man perfect his love."

When a man and woman unite in marriage, the two are uniting everything in the universe. The front and back come together, all the different forms of opposites come together when a man and woman unite. To form a perfect sphere, the half spheres come together. The sphere above is represented by man who represents heaven and the woman represents the other half. The man is in position to give and the woman to receive.

Man is represented by the right sphere and woman is represented by the left sphere. Man should walk ahead of woman and woman should walk behind man, representing front and back spheres. When they have good give and take, centering on heaven, everyone can share in that. There is no other way for these two to become equal and the same except through love. Only through love can equality between man and woman can come about.

The question, then, is why do the mind and body have to become united? Because of the fall, the mind and body have been separated. Being separated means they have been fighting each other. We must understand clearly why we ourselves must pull together mind and body. Why don't we just let them stay separated? The reason is that we could never accomplish love in that state. For the sake of achieving love, we have to unite the mind and body. Before the fall, man's mind and body was not separated as we see it today. Because the fall has taken place, all the regret of history has taken place. In order to reach the level of perfect, true love we need to unite the mind and body.

Today's topic is "Blessing and Resurrection." Where does resurrection come from? Where does blessing come from? Blessing means that someone gave permission for the mind and body to be one and march towards love. The permission to do that is the blessing. After the blessing, the mind and body as one becomes the resonant body of love, each spouse as one part to the other. That is the resurrection.

Let us take a step back. Because of the fall, the mind and body separated. Not only the mind and body in the individual separated, but the same rule of separation applied to the family. The family has been separated and fighting. Also, the nations emerged and they have been separated and fighting, within the nations and between nations.

Peace, equality, unification: all of these begin within the self. Let us assume that all of these have been achieved and the world has become perfect, but the individual who did not achieve these things would have nothing to do with that harmonized perfect world. What is heaven? It is the world of equality, harmony and unification. Centering on what? Centering on true love. That being the reality, to become adapted to it and accustomed to it, you have to worry about the unification between your own mind and body. Unless your mind and body become united, you cannot make a perfect connection with the perfect world.

The Bible scripture has told us, "What value is it if you gain the whole world but lose your life?" What life is Jesus talking about here? It is the life that can be connected with God. As long as we are born as a man or a woman, we must strive to achieve true love. That is our whole purpose, nothing else. Taking each one individually, man and woman, they are also divided within. The man has both male and female elements and it is the same in woman. Why? All things are divided this way. Starting from that and then becoming one, each individual is composed of both elements in order to fully receive the elements of the other.

Why not be just one piece to begin with? It is more convenient isn't it? Why separate and then join again? There is only one good reason: for the sake of achieving true love. When there is only one solid body, it doesn't make any sound or noise or bang, whereas two separated bodies coming together makes the exciting sound of love.

It is not that man should miss another man or a woman miss another woman. There is no such concept within the whole of creation. Man is drawn to woman and woman is drawn to man. That drawing power is the maximum power. There is nothing stronger than that power. That is the power of love. When our drawing power becomes so strong that it resembles the drawing power of God, in such give and take with God, we conceive our children.

Man springs up on one side and woman springs up on the other and they do not know each other. Man must go the way that he must go. Man goes out to occupy all the creation and connect all the contents of creation. Man's way of going is to understand, know and dominate all things. After he masters that knowledge, he discovers that everywhere he goes, everything is composed of male and female elements. He becomes that large principle.

During this time of discovery, everywhere he goes, he finds this same principle over and over. Even in the flower are these two elements, male and female. Then he realizes that it is for him also to partake of that aspect of God's domain. Then he realizes that his spouse is to be woman and he starts a new journey to search for woman, to find love. Throughout his growing time, he looks all about and observes this pattern again and again. He cannot help but start looking for a woman to make his perfection.

If there is a king of love, that king of love should look for where love is flowering and where there is the taste of love. Wherever there is the fragrance of love in the flower, the king of love should go after that, just like the bee does. Everywhere he goes he smells the fragrance of love and he feels love beckoning to him. This is exactly the state of puberty, the time of the teenager. In the flower is not only the fragrance but also the irresistible sweet honey. Why is the honey there? To attract the man.

What is the honeymoon? It is where the two come together to make even sweeter honey, where the fruit will be born. When the man and woman become harmonious in love with each other and take the same position of God, then God is in the position to share in all these things. Centering on true love, we connect with all the true love within the universe. We are not isolated; we become one.

If someone grabs hold of the vine of true love, all things are connected there. You don't have to pull two separate strings; only one will bring you to God. No matter how far away your object is, if you pull with true love, it instantly comes close to you. And no matter how close it is, if you want to push it far out, you can push it very far through love. Love has that kind of power.

It is very principled when you go to the spiritual world. If you want to see someone badly, all it takes is one moment, one instant, and no matter how far away they are, they will come immediately in front of you. The spiritual world is immense. It is not like this small earth. You have to travel millions of billions of miles, but with true love you can do that in an instant.

That is the reality. If the mind and body do not become one, you have nothing to do with that immense reality. Unification has to start within yourself. Where do we train for these kind of things here on this earth so that by the time we reach the spiritual world we are ready? Where do we do that? That is the family itself, and that is man and wife.

All men and women should form couples, get blessed, married and give birth to children. Why? So that each individual can experience the same heart and circumstance of God creating the human being. Those who do not have children cannot really understand their parents and they cannot really understand their spouse either. The future is lacking without children. Past and present exist, but not the future. Grandparents represent the past, parents represent the present and children represent the future generation. Three generations connected as one is the family.

There is always front and back, right and left, above and below. All these hemispheres exist. Wherever one goes in these spheres they stand upright, vertically. When man and woman grow in the growth stage, they develop horizontally. After they grow and then reach for each other and become one in love, the drawing power of this love is so strong that it will form a vertical line. Not only that, but it will connect all the other lines and angles.

When you have love between husband and wife, do you repel each other or do you draw each other together? You draw each other together. In this way, you extend both horizontally and vertically. Man and woman start in a horizontal way and when they become one in love, the vertical extension begins and through that the future is born.

Originally there was only one, but God made the separation of man and woman. They become one again, resembling God. Life comes from love. Man and woman become married and become parents. This is for them to become one with God. The position where man and woman become one in love is the position where you can rejoice in love with all things, including God.

The nature of love is that when man inherits love, he resembles the same aspirations of God. He wants to love everything, to embrace everything. This comes from God. That ambition does not stem from personal ambition, but comes from true love. We must understand that all the ambition we may have can be justified, not only justified but encouraged, so long as it stems from true love. How great it is. How valuable it is. How precious it is.

In order to occupy that kind of ambition we must first make our mind and body one. When Orientals receive, they always receive like this (with both hands). It is inconceivable to receive something with one hand, especially the left hand. This is because all things reciprocate and it is always done by two, not one.

Each individual wants to be proud of himself and wants to propagate himself. That is because each person is one part of the sphere, one half. That part can never become part of true love unless the person there has a mind and body that become one. We are going along the shape of the principle, but is our content true to the principle? We have to be ashamed of ourselves.

We got married, we had love, but looking back, are we truly in conformity with the principle? We can see that we still need to be saved. Salvation means recreation. We must go through the path of recreation. There was no concept of nationality in God before he created. God did not have the thought, "I'm American, better than the rest." That kind of thought God did not have.

If the one who is to be recreated, remolded in the molders hand, has a preconceived idea that he is to become like this or that, will it help the molder, the recreator, the restorer, the savior to restore and recreate him? This whole process is resurrection. When God was creating and when he is recreating, the only thing that He has in mind is love, true love. All He can think about is true love, nothing else, unlike us. When He is doing that, He puts everything into the task and forgets all else.

When the creator invests in his creation, he puts all of himself into that creation. God put Himself into man and woman so that they were full up. There was no room for anything else. Are we in the readiness line to be recreated? That is the question. None of us knew what resurrection was really all about, what it was. To explain this, Jesus had to say it in one sentence which was simple, but also paradoxical, "Those who want to die will live, those who want to live will die." This is the perfect explanation. That dying place means self-denial. Jesus meant the place where we say, "I don't exist." What did he mean by that?

As a result of the fall, evil went up and goodness went down. So long as evil is on top and good is below, there must come a time when goodness will go right side up. This is what true love has been doing. It has been seeking the chance to go right side up. The time of transition is now. For example, right wing and left wing. The right wing has been down and the left wing has been up, but Father has been rearranging it centering on the head wing. Through the head wing, the left and right can be properly situated.

We have to turn around, we have to come right side up. The only way to do that is for the left and right wing to deny itself, each one. Not only should the left wing deny itself, but the right wing also has to deny itself before the head wing can turn the situation around. Isn't it ironic that neither the left or right wing has arrived at the place they desire? This is because it is not love. For example, communism always propagated the idea of materialism, but they have no material, nothing. They are now looking for the spirit. And what about the more spiritually-minded Western world, the so-called "God centered" nations? They have searched for the spirit throughout their history, but they lost all trace of the spirit and instead came up with materialism. They are completely opposite from the place they sought.

Just imagine the simple procedure of turning around 180 degrees. The people who are seeking for material could find their material and the people seeking for spiritual nature could find the spirit. Communism has abandoned all the old theologies, but if they adopt some new theology which is stronger than what communism was in the past, they will move towards the right side, instead of the left side.

In order for this happy thing to happen each one has to deny himself. When he denies, he will actually receive, but if he only wants to get something, he will lose. When someone denies himself, the world foundation will spring up right in front of him. You must understand that the way they have been coming actually has a purpose in God's historical dispensation so that God could use communism at this time.

Let us use Dr. Durst as an example. When God created all mankind, did he have you in mind? Did he have the American citizen in mind? Was he thinking about the concept of a Ph.D. and the respect due to that position? No. None of these God had in mind. Americans have a strong self-concept. Americans are very strong in their sense that they are Americans. Was this concept in God's creation or recreation? Is there any room for that concept? Actually, it's the enemy.

You have to realize that in the last days, since things are turning about face, whatever is cherished the most will become the enemy to that person. Look at the typical family. A man loves his wife so much, but to go into the kingdom of heaven, that wife may become the enemy to him. He loves the children so much, but they can become the enemy to him. This is because at the end times, it is the time to become zero, ready to stand in line to become recreated. If you are strongly attached to something, that attachment then becomes the enemy.

Your family, your country, these are the closest things to you. Isn't that true? And these become your enemy. That is why Jesus said, "Your family is your enemy." Why did he say that? To recreate we should be completely new. Either we should have no idea or we should have a very strong true love. Either one. Since we do not have the right love, to become zero, we have to give up our concepts.

Those who came to Jesus spoke of their heavy burdens because they loved their wife and children and could not get rid of that heavy burden. Jesus told them that he had nothing to do with that and they should "take up your cross and follow me." Jesus said clearly that to become his disciple, you have to bear your own cross. Why did Jesus say that? It is because we have to pass through the position of being created.

The opposite side of us is the religious side, God's side. Do you understand? To bear your own cross is the material position whereas, as Jesus said, "Love me more than anything else," is on God's side. So now we can understand clearly what is happening. We have to forget everything and give all our priority to God's love. Don't care so much about your family, only God's love. Go for that and you can be qualified to be recreated by God.

Perfection is the way of love. Since parents come in place of God, we do not reach to God directly. As Jesus said very clearly, we go to God through him. It is the same today. Here in God's position, the parents must arrive and we must love the parents more than anything else. All that we are concerned about is the parents and we flatly deny anything else. These two qualities are essential qualities in order to begin to be recreated and resurrected.

The conclusion is that we must love the parents more than anything else. By doing that, we can inherit God's love. To move into the position to be recreated we need to draw God's love. From the individual to the family, up to the nation and the universe, even to God's position, God has been centering on the Unification Church to indemnify the foundation of Christianity. Father has been leading the Unification Church through this. Father is remembering the beginning time and not one, no matter how powerful he claimed to be, is still with him now.

That is the position of no complaint. The fact that they complained means they only have themselves left. Father observed this and had to indemnify all this and wasted so much of his time, his life. Now is the historical moment when all Unification Church members become repentant. We need to wear the glasses of restoration and recreation, but each individual in the Unification Church has only been wearing the glasses of salvation. That meant that they came saying, "Whatever we are, we want to be saved."

Just like that, just as they are, without cleaning themselves or separating from Satan or anything like that, they came just as they are. Father has been building a big tunnel to reach from this place (Satan's realm) to this peak (God's realm). While he has been doing that, complaint has followed complaint.

Father was in a high place, but always God's direction is to go down. So Father went down, going to prison, to the lowest place to which one could go, and then resurrected and came back to God. No matter how severe the road may be we have no choice but to go that way. We must understand how sinful we are. We are wearing the most smelly rags and we think it is pretty good cloth.

The Grand Mufti, after sending his disciples through 40 days training, which was difficult for him, tried to sit right next to Father just like that. Can he do that? It is possible if he were to go back to his home place and work very hard there, then if he came back he might be able to stand next to Father. Can there be two parents? Everyone would follow the Grand Mufti, not Father. He would have to go through all the indemnity and go past what Father did in his life. With Father's permission he could then stand next to him.

The Islamic religion must also go through this rigid course. It cannot just come and expect Father to give it automatic approval. In Moses' time, there were many different classes of people, but they were going in one direction and subject to one principle, one rule. Why did Father bring this topic up this morning?

We are at this same time zone now. Father is showing the American leaders clearly the criteria and what percentage of the passing grade you have, from zero to 100%. The question is directed to Jim (Baughman) and Dr. Durst. This is a serious question that we have to address. This is not Father just saying it. It is the principle. If we are going to enter into the kingdom of heaven, can we still remain with the memories of a past love, an old wife, or any remnant of that? Your clothes are blood stained and dirt stained. Can you expect to wear that into heaven? No. You have to completely wash and change your clothes.

Ready or not we may enter the spiritual world. What if we go to the spiritual world in this state and are not ready? It means we have to go an incredible way around, zigzagging, wasting so much and going through so much toil and pain. However, when we come to perfectly satisfy Father's condition here, selfless denial and complete love of the parents, then we can go straight in the spiritual world.

If that principle was not involved, Father would not have to suffer, but Father did suffer. Why? Just for this. He could not bend the road. Father has already taught us that before you try to control the world, you must first control yourself. Father is not foolish. He does not make a simple thing become difficult. All the Korean people and most of the world population have thought that Father must be dumb, otherwise, how could he do what he does? It is not so. There is a reason for what he does.

Father chose the one way which he knows Satan cannot follow. That is the one thing that matters. Whether that way was difficult or miserable didn't matter. Whatever is bound here on earth has to be loosed here on earth, not in the spiritual world. If we don't do this here on earth, then we have to do it in the spiritual world, which is more difficult.

The trouble started here, so we might as well mend it here and start anew with our spiritual life. If you have a lot of ambition or greed in prayer, it is wrong. "My church, my this, my that" has no place in prayer to God, only His love. In Matthew, Jesus clearly told us, "Don't worry about what you eat or wear, that is the desire of the Gentiles. Just ask for the kingdom and its righteousness." Unification Church members happen to have lots of blessings, but how many received their Blessing through this formula way?

The Blessing was an internal blessing. Father gave it within the framework of the Unification Church, not yet within the nation. We are still awaiting to receive the Blessing on the national and world level. The Blessing you have received is not the final Blessing. As the restoration history proceeds, the Blessing itself has to be resurrected, going to a higher and higher level. Many now think they are guaranteed something as a Blessed member. Unless we become a perfect husband and perfect wife, with God's love residing in us, we cannot expect to enter into the kingdom of God. We cannot expect to be free from Satanic blame. Have we freed our family from Satanic blame?

No kind of temptation should break that blessed family. After joining the church, should the wife push the husband to go to college? College has little or no meaning. It is irrelevant when you go to the spiritual world. It doesn't make much difference whether you went or didn't go. To make more money also is not important.

Should the wife demand to be loved, herself only? God has no part in this. It is very typical of how Satan invades. This is not a personal opinion of Father's. It is a straightforward principle that you will find when you go to the spiritual world. If there is anyone today who is thinking, "Father that may be, but that may also not be," raise your hands. Is what Father saying 100% accurate? Jim? [100%, Father]. Hugh? [100%].

Even Satan, the enemy of love, has to have love. You have to love even Satan in order to save him. The dispensation, God's work of saving humankind, cannot be done without first loving human beings. America has been the enemy to Father and the communist countries have been the enemy to Father. They act like the enemy, they are the enemy, but Father must love them in order to save them.

Father created the Washington Times in the midst of the dungeon of hell and has sacrificed himself so many times because he had to love America. All he does is to love them in the best way, to invest again and again, forget the past and invest again, continually invest. Miserable is the only word you can say for it. If you had been treated just one time like that, you would have packed up. The wife would have packed up, the husband would have packed up.

However, God himself has been mistreated like that so many thousands of times. It is so miserable. There is no resignation for God, no quitting for God, no giving up for God. There is no giving up in true love. The work should continue as long as your life lasts. Americans quit Unification Church without even saying "good-bye" to anyone, including Father. In the Orient, that never happens. When you leave you come and say, "I am leaving." That is basic human behavior.

Can you deny being a parent? Can you do that? Can you divorce from your children? Can you resign from being the parent; can you refuse to be the father, the mother? Once you are the father, you are the father forever to your children. That is the principle.

Starting today, starting from this moment on, when we pray to God, we have to represent the love of Jesus, the love of True Parents. We have to always deny and suppress our body, mercilessly deny our body. We have to raise our mind and denounce our body and begin to wobble into heaven. That means our mind and body must be liberated centering on true love. That means we have to be resurrected, to live again and be liberated.

Ask your own body if it is resurrected centering on your mind in perfect true love? Ask your own body. If we haven't done so, we must go through this path. How difficult it is. Father never said it will be easy. You have to go through life giving your dearest loved ones, your wife, to the enemy, and still never give up hope for that person. That is exactly the situation that God has been through. That is exactly the course God has gone through.

Satan has been demanding and claiming all sorts of things from God. Why didn't God just erase or wipe out Satan? Satan has been saying, "Even though I have deviated, you have the path of principle, God. You cannot deviate from that path of principle. You have to go that straight way." If we don't go the straight way, Satan will always blame us. At some point, even Satan wants to be saved by the straight way. For that reason, God has no other choice.

In order to take back the people under Satan, God cannot eradicate Satan. These people who are under Satan must with their own will, their own realization, say, "I want to follow you, God. I want to follow your love." Then, Satan cannot do anything about that person. At the end of the day we must dedicate as an offering to God everything which is dear to us.

God sacrificed all things in the Old Testament days. God sacrificed his own son in the New Testament age. God sacrificed True Parents in the Completed Testament time. We must recover all that God has lost. All the materials were lost, the son was lost and the parents were given up in these days. Trying to recover that and rededicate that to heaven must occupy our minds fully, 24 hours, 100%. How can we recover that and rededicate that to Father? By doing so, we can become resurrected.

We must revive and resurrect. Within myself first, love must breathe again. Within my family and tribe this must all be brought up. This is the formation, growth and perfection stage and they must all become one. Myself is formation, my family is growth and my tribe is perfection. To Father, the tribal messiah foundation is formation stage, the national foundation is growth stage and the world is the perfection stage.

What happens when we become successful in tribal messiahship? We can inherit all the foundation which Father has made. We can make it our own. Only by accomplishing this can we stand where we are supposed to stand. Through this, we can become true filial sons and daughters, true patriots, saints, all the various levels. This is the beginning of spring.

This is the spring that begins the decade of the 1990s and this decade is so important. Father is about to go to South America. The time is arriving to assemble the leaders of the world, to reeducate them, recreate them. This is recreation on the national level. Father is giving the message to us today that the Blessing has to go out to the extended level. Do you understand?

Western civilization is the horizontal civilization. Its spiritual element has become weak, fuzzy, blurred. The Oriental civilization is religious, spiritual, vertical. All of the four major religions arose from the Orient. In the horizontal position, any place is as good as any other. The vertical line cannot give birth to children by itself. It needs the horizontal line to multiply the offspring and bring them up to heaven.

In the horizontal world, power is the focus. The weak have no place. In the vertical world, it is not the same. In the religious world, the more you know, the more you have to share, give up and give away. God used the horizontal foundation like the animal kingdom. He let the strong nation rise up and lead the way. Through Christianity this often meant to conquer the lesser nations. The church itself may not have shed so much blood, but the nations under the influence of the church shed a lot of blood. Isn't that so?

For example, in the South where the Baptists have great influence, the KKK became very powerful at one time. Eventually, the Western world came down to animalistic action even in love, free sex. What is the difference between human beings and the animal kingdom? If human civilization goes like this, crawling on all fours, they will never see heaven. However, man stands upright.

The scholars of this horizontal civilization know nothing about God, but even they are saying the Pacific civilization will intervene and through that, America will find a new life. We Blessed members know that we are actually moving, going towards the realm of true love. The Unification movement in the western countries must educate western people so that they won't drown in the Pacific ocean, but safely reach the other side of the world.

Secular humanism is rampant here in America, but we know that not only horizontal love, but vertical love as well brings us to perfection. When we practice both, then we become human-like human beings. Now so many are animal-like human beings. The sexual organs are to be the palace of love which guarantee the eternal tradition. This is the palace of true life, true blood lineage. This is the most valuable place of your body. Don't abuse or harm this part of your body. Without God's permission, you cannot open this palace. Without God and the universe acknowledging you, you cannot open this palace.

Does America's love fit this rigid standard? Some animals behave even better than human beings do. For example, one beautiful species of fish in Hawaii mate for life. When the spouse dies, the partner also goes away and lays down to die. That is how chaste even the fish can be. Man should be the representative over all the animal kingdom. For most animals the mating season is once a year, but for humans every day can be the mating season.

There is a small fruit fly that waits for 80 years to hatch and then lives for a short time, long enough to mate only one time and then they die. Love is more precious than life itself. American love is like a dog's love, an impure dog, not even a pure dog. Without this principle, we cannot hope to revolutionize this fallen state of humankind. Imagine the man or woman who had so many come into their life, how dirty, soiled and stained is their love. It is not pure love.

Man walks upright. We cannot give birth to children through power or knowledge or money. Only through heavenly love can true children come about. We should represent heavenly love to all the animal kingdom and the universe. Man should be living like that, displaying and representing God himself. He should not be just like the animals. His own children should not be born through just any kind of love.

Not knowledge, not power, not money can produce this, only true love can. Only true love can multiply and expand what human beings represent, which is God. Don't ever lower yourself down to the animalistic level. No one is thinking like this anymore, except us. Western people express so many things the opposite way around. Orientals bow to each other, making a vertical connection. Westerners shake hands which is horizontal. The common way to write in the Orient is up and down, while in the West it is from left to right.

Should the right hand and left hand become one? In order to do that they have to turn around towards each other and meet at a 90 degree angle. Within the family it is the same. The man and woman have to meet at this exact angle. How can we achieve the ninety degree angle? Unless we know God we cannot hope to achieve this angle. If we don't understand and know how to do this, then neither will our sons and daughters be able to come to this correct relationship between horizontal and vertical.

It is God's intention that East and West meet together. The East cannot refuse it, nor can the West refuse to do that, because it is God's work that they supplement each other. Those who are married interracially have come already to some conflict, but you must overcome that conflict. You cannot evade the problems. You must follow the right path.

In the future, those who will lead and represent the Unification movement are those who have international marriages. Dr. Durst and Jim Baughman, just to start with, have international marriages. It is difficult to become one, but once you do that it is more powerful than anyone who became one among Oriental or Western marriage alone. Do you agree with that? We must understand that this is God's hope and intention and it is also True Parents' hope as well. Father has a high hope for the international Blessings.

Blessing and resurrection comes through the family. Those who understand clearly Father's message this morning, raise your hands. Then live like this and remember this.

Please join Mother in prayer.

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