The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

From The Realm Of Death To The Realm Of Life

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 10, 1991
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Please be seated. Can anyone read the title of Fathers speech? Actually I am amazed that I myself have the ability to read this and make sense of it. They are characters with such deep meaning. The topic of Father's sermon this morning is From the Realm of Death to the Realm of Life. Please repeat it with me in Korean. If the Fall did not occur in human history would this concept have come into existence? No.

Isn't it amazing that habits are almost completely different from East to West. For example in the East, you write from right to left, whereas you in the West write from left to right. The two ways should reach to each other and eventually they have to meet. Western civilization is a civilization of science, but they do not understand God. They deal with what they can see and they study deeper and wider. We can classify it as a horizontal civilization. The characteristics of Eastern civilization are that of a vertical nature. Until now throughout history these two civilizations have been in conflict.

All things of the world revolve in a circular motion. This huge universe always revolves. The earth and sun revolve themselves, but the total solar system is also revolving. Like Father mentioned yesterday at the leaders meeting, if things existed in vertical fashion alone, we could see a difference between their heights. They would have different levels. In other words, if things existed only vertically then there would be too much difference from one to another. One would have to look from below up and another from top down. According to the level all height would be different. There would be no average. It wouldn't be equal. Vertical alone would be something awkward and unnatural whereas if you can add this horizontally revolving concept you would find an equalization here. Through the axis which is vertical to begin with, it revolves and gives you the concept of equalization by making a sphere. That way you don't know which one is high or low, everything becomes the same height. If it revolves would it chose an unstable orbit? No. It chooses an orbit where the distance on the horizontal and vertical axes are the same, making a perfect circle. Actually what Father has drawn here is the yin-yang symbol of the Korean flag. It symbolizes revolving by pushing and pulling therefore it revolves rapidly.

If a man by himself, pushes, which way would he go? It is very difficult. But a man with a woman in front of him, standing in such a way as to go in a circle, is very efficient. You can go around with less power, faster. Who would lead that motion, the man or woman? American women say, "Woman." Actually both cannot, so either one has to. If anything, it's the man. Why? Because man is taller and things are supposed to flow from higher down to that which is lower, not the other way. If there is a group of people, like an army regiment, does the leader go on the high place to give commands or stand in a low place and looking up give commands? If God gave women the privilege and said, "Okay, you women lead", then she would stand like this looking up at her husband and for three years try to give commands. After three years she would give up and say, "God, let's change the role." This is a natural formula and arrangement. Tall people looking down on those lower give commands. Sometimes women are taller than their husbands. People will look at that and think, "Oh, bad luck!" Bad luck is the closest translation of the Korean word Father used. It means everything will go wrong. You won't feel good in the morning and you won't feel good in the evening. So you must respect the fact that your husband is taller. That is good for a woman. Do you recognize that or do you disagree?

But then, God's goal is to make husband and wife equal. What makes woman equal to man? Inferior is not the right word, but anyway man is taller and stronger, while woman is less strong and less powerful than man. There are all sorts of differences between them. Men can run faster and they can lift heavier weights. There are many differences and comparatively it looks like men are superior and women are inferior. Men eat twice as much as women; they can't be equal. But when they love each other, there is no superior or inferior. There is no taller or shorter.

A mother is like earth. When we plant the precious grain we plant it on earth and not in the air. Women symbolize earth. So a mother like the ground, receiving the seed from above. Like the sun and the moon, the sun being subject represents man and the moon as object represents woman. It is very striking that women exist in one respect similar to the moon, becoming smaller and larger. Exactly at the midpoint of the month they become larger and become a harmonious object to the sun. That is how the physical function in women is also. We see the monthly movements in women. Everything centers on the sun. The moon revolves around the sun and woman centering on man becomes larger and shrinks back again in the form of menstruation. Isn't that true? This is not a strange thing, it is the way we are created. Through the sun and moon, the Creator is showing us the relationship and when it comes to us we see their resemblance in man and woman.

When women go through this cycle very accurately all throughout their life, is it for their own sake or for the sake of man? Well, it's simple enough. Remember, all exist for the sake of others. When you see the crescent moon, you can remember yourself and think, "Every day until the end of the month I become larger and larger like the moon." Your beautiful face becomes more radiant. According to the changing and size of the moon, a woman can recognize her cycle. These things are all part of the textbook to educate us and our children. All things, like a big tree, grow not from the air but from the ground. It must always see the rays of the sunshine from the father and receive the earth's nutrition and from that they grow in a healthy way. The sun symbolizes father and the moon symbolizes mother. Very interesting, isn't it? It is natural phenomena.

The family is the nucleus of the harmony of nature. It is really the literal center of all things. No matter how small a woman may be and how large her husband is, he cannot gain perfection or happiness in any sense without her. Only through her can harmony come to exist and eventually be equalized. Man and woman are small compared to the huge universe, but still they are a copy, a small microcosm of the solar system and entire celestial system. They are the same, only their size is smaller. Everything comes in the pair system, like the sun and the moon and all the animal kingdom. Even the mineral kingdom exists in the pair system. This is the nuclei, the real center. No matter how small, this is the real center of the whole cosmos.

If there is fighting at the center what happens? How much will it echo? The universe is destroyed if the family fights. All men and all women and all families want the center of the universe, don't they? Would animals feel like that too? Would minerals, plants and the sun also feel that way? It is only human beings that have the feeling that they are the center of the universe. Can that core become the center by itself? By going through motion, balance is attained. If this object is still, it is stationary and doesn't move. If someone appears down here, he will get bored. He may want to move up or move down. When you start moving and move at a very fast speed, what do you do? You aren't even conscious of whether you are up or down. All you have to do is just cling tight, right? If you move, everything is directed toward the center. The faster and more you revolve the more efficiently the nuclei or the core is formed because it shrinks, isn't that true? If you are in fast motion you shrink. What is the fastest motion? Love motion. It shrinks the most and expands the most and it takes power to do that. Love can accomplish that. If we want to own everything, which everyone does, the only way you can do it is through love. If you get love then you actually own everything. You don't want anything else. Also if you want to display everything that you have and want to show it off to other people, you can only do this through love.

When the loving couple shakes hands with each other, do they shake hands like the dead people? How about when men and women shake hands? Should the woman's hand go in the palm of the man's hand or the other way around? [Woman's hand inside.] American women will insist that the man's palm should come into her hand-. But it feels really bad doing that, it isn't natural. The palm is like a big envelope. Women's hands are so soft and flexible that a man's hand will just envelope it tightly. They're so soft actually, that if you grasp it tightly it just spreads out. So men should be aware of that and don't squeeze her too much. Squeeze just right otherwise she will spread out all over. That is natural phenomenon.

This is the way God intended all things to be. Why is it that women grow their hair long and men cut their hair short? How would it be if men grew their hair long and women cut their hair short? Women need to be covered and protected by something always, so they grow their hair and let their hair cover them. Man is the other way around. Women want to dress themselves nicely with all combinations of color, and emit a good fragrance, changing the combinations every day. If you really give this some thought, you discover a good reason. Women's love has a variety of directions, not just a single monotonous direction. There are all kinds of variety and changes within her as expressions of her love. Women express their love in a variety of ways. The center shouldn't be that detailed. If the center changes all the time it will be very difficult for everything to catch up with him. Father could go on and spend hours like this before reaching his main subject, but these kind of things you cannot find in any library. No one has ever studied this. Only through Father can we be reminded of these truths and once we are reminded we cannot live without it. So actually how close are men and women and how close are the sun and earth? As close as you feel to the rest of women and the rest of man, that when you move they move too, according to your direction.

If only vertical lines existed and there were only two, one up and one below, it would be very difficult for them to become equal. This vertical line revolves, but what is the center of revolution? If the center is down here the motion will become very difficult. If you numbered these spots, 1, 2 and 3 on a line, number two is right in the middle. In the Principle the number two has always been a problem. Satan attacked number two. Why? Because it is the center, the most important place. Number two means core and Satan wanted to break the core. That is where God is dwelling on this globe. If Satan cannot get into this core place it means he cannot control everything. Do you understand?

Now comes the horizontal concept or horizontal line. If you number it like the vertical line the numbers would be like this, with two still in the middle. Here too the same concept exists. We can see why man is composed of duality. Within himself, man should be vertical and horizontal at the same time. Your mind acts as the vertical axis and your body is the horizontal axis. Mind is the 'vertical me.' The flesh body is the 'horizontal me.' These two aspects create dual characteristics. Everything exists in this same structure.

Within a tree we can notice the vertical and horizontal. Trees absorb nutrients from the root and also from the leaves. They get nutrients from the soil and through photosynthesis, from the sun's rays and from the air. Through the Divine Principle, we get spiritual nutrition but we also need physical nutrition.

One eye is necessary for the function of sight, so why do we have two eyes? We have never figured out why we have two nostrils. We question having two ears also, even though we can immediately see they make balance. But think, how could we get two different noises into one ear? It would create conflict. But if you have two ears you can control it. One noise will go below and one noise will go higher. Sound moves with a wave-like function. Interesting, isn't it? These phenomena exist in a natural living shape. Do you understand?

There are people who think, "All I need is me." They do not believe in getting married. The whole universe will try to kick them out of the system. Homosexuals and lesbians think they have one way of existence, but that is no way of existence. Would you join in a demonstration against the one who insists on living like that? Because we know the universal Principle we have to protect it.

We have to educate ourselves like this. When we look at nature we can get the simple explanation of why something is so. Then it constantly reminds us. Everyday look outside and remember you have to follow that formula way. No one likes a formula. We all want freedom, especially Americans. Don't you see, if you don't know this Principle then you have no freedom. You are trying to find freedom without knowing this, but the conclusion is that without Principle there is no freedom. Is it free for a man to act any way he wants to? For example; if a man goes to another family and snatches another man's wife, is that free? [No.] If there is a man sleeping alone, can any woman move into bed with him and take control over his family? Can she do that? [No.] Well what is freedom? You're free to do that aren't you? If we have the Principle we can be free and without it we can't be free. The freedom seekers, Americans, you love freedom don't you, but you must understand that without the Principle there is no freedom to look for. Principle means the formula system.

Where do you come from? [Minneapolis.] You're a member there? [Yes.] Father sees you for the first time in this congregation so he asked.

Can you welcome that statement: there is no freedom without the Principle? [Yes.] If you don't understand that you won't like it, and will think, "Someone is trying to bind and gag me." It's not binding; it is true freedom.

Since women are shaped and formed beautifully, then the formula that they have to follow should also be a formula of love, a beautiful formula. How fearful to see the long fingernails, especially painted red. It is very scary. What's wrong with your own fingers, which are so natural and beautiful? Eye shadow instantly reminds Father of an eagle. And some women have a mouth so red it immediately reminds you of a cat which just ate a mouse. It is a standard expression in Korean to say, "That's the cats mouth." God is the king of cosmetics, He is an expert of cosmetics. Nobody should try to compete with Him.

Everything is naturally provided, all you have to do is just take care of it. Father never wore a ring on his finger in his entire life. One time Father wore one and every time Father touched his face it got in his way and he didn't like it. Sometimes they leaves a scratch on your face too. If in the future world all mankind realizes it isn't necessary to wear rings and they donated all their rings and stopped buying rings and wearing them, and instead sent that money to starving people, it would provide enough money to feed them. Sixty thousand people a day are starving. So when someday Father says, "Bring all your rings and we will send the money to starving people," will you comply? [Yes.] So Father will live with hope for that day.

Why is the way of doing things in the East so opposite from the West? For example when the Orientals beckon someone saying, "Please come here" they do it this way. [Moving fingers with palm down.] If we do that here, Western people walk away! We couldn't figure it out for a long time. Then later we found out that in America people beckon others this way. [Moving fingers with palm up.] The Orient being vertical is deeper, so the palm down is a way of giving from up to down. But the Western world wants to receive so they have their palms up. All humankind's action is following natural law. This is result action. The conscious has a certain mystique, nobody may speak about these things, but their actions show them clearly.

History should be prepared to meet the Pacific Era. In giving, you give from an awkward position. When you give, both the giving and receiving side should feel good. The giving person should be excited and the receiving people should be glad and happy as well. Then this motion comes to exist for the first time in history. Actually, listening to Father is fun, isn't it? It is interesting, not dull. Fun is not really the right word, but it's not dull anyway. All the things in nature are fun and interesting themselves.

[Father draws on the board.] Do this vertical line and this horizontal line want to meet each other? Is it correct to say men don't want to meet women and women don't want to meet men? [No.] Yes! [No!] Even Father cannot fight that! What's right is right and you are right. Everything wants to get involved in motion doesn't it? You too always want to be in motion, don't you? No one wants to stand still. Why do you sing? A song is a calling action, beckoning to loved ones. What about dance? A woman dances to please her husband and also to express her pleasure.

Centering on man or woman? Centering on love, because man dances also. Beyond just liking, because of love a woman has a reason to want a man.

What is so great about love? Why do both man and woman become happy through love? You don't know? Because they can expand and multiply through that love action. Through the action of love they can gain a larger family and eventually one country will come to exist. The world will come to be their own. Without love you cannot reproduce so you could not have that. We love so we can expand ourselves. This is the way education should take place. Once you know it then you live according to that principle and formula. If you don't know, then we can see the results; just look at the outside world. They are confused and they just do anything they want.

Where would a man and woman who both want each other meet? What about this intersecting place? [The lines Father drew resembled a cross.] Is this good or not? [No.] It is not harmonized or equalized or able to make a sphere. What is the best place to meet? At the center, which is impartial and fair. In order to reach harmony, the two lines have to intersect with an equal distance at each angle, all right angles in unification. Because this intersecting point is an ideal place, everyone wants to meet there. Even a slightly slanted line means it is not fair to someone. In this way man is the vertical line and woman is the horizontal line, neither one complains because they balance out to the same. Do you or don't you like that? [Yes!] To create harmony and unification, the horizontal is as necessary as the vertical. Man is vertical, woman is horizontal. How should they meet? What about head to head? What about hand to hand and saying they are one and united? [No.] Through where do they have to come to unification? Is there one place or two where man and woman can meet together? [Just one.] Where? [Sexual organs.] Strange place! Strange indeed because man and woman can look at each other, living thousands of years doing that. Those born in the future are also born for that purpose. What strong ownership that is! It's so true that a woman should depend on a man throughout her life and more and the other way around is true too. Men have to depend on women. Without each other they cannot live. You might say, "Oh this is a strange church", because Father teaches this kind of thing in public. The word strange actually has no place here, but what more can you say?

That same place [the sexual organ] is the source of all problems, problems so big they have caused the ruin of nations and kingdoms. Do you understand?

[Yes.] You are a handsome man. Handsome men and beautiful women live with a big risk, be careful! That's the king of trouble. There is no device that can control this place. There is no brake for it. Are you confident you will never make a mistake with this place, do you have a brake you can depend on? No, there is no such thing. But a woman who dedicates her entire self to her husband and doesn't think of anything else except her husband, is safe. She doesn't need a brake. All she has to do is run as fast as she can, no problem. But if you do not have complete dedication like that and you try to run fast, it is very dangerous. The same is true for man. It's the most fearful thing, it is more fearful than a fierce animal. It's even more fearful than a rattlesnake. It's true. A rattlesnake just bites once and then dies. American youth must bear this in mind.

American women are defenseless, anybody can attack them. Seventy percent of the cause of broken families are women, not men. True or not? [Yes.] We must warn ourselves and warn others that this is the one crucial mistake you cannot repair. If a beautiful woman smiles deeply and she doesn't know the Principle, you can imagine Satan is using ten thousand tricks all at one time. One man may even use a beautiful woman to entice another man and gain his goal, can't he? In the outside world they do. For you men, there is only one key, and that key is held by only one woman. Two keys or one key? [One.] There is only one key. This side is yours and the other side, the reverse side is his. The front side is owned by man, the reverse side is owned by woman, just one key. Without the key you cannot open. Does another man have a key to open you? It should not work. No matter what key he brings to open you up, you should not open. It is unfortunate that today it seems to be that one person's key fits everybody else. There is no safety, no sophisticated arrangement that only this one key fits here. They don't have that concept. Any key will fit. It is very destructive. If you look at a key there are many ridges and bumps which make it a key able to unlock only one particular type of lock. Sometimes there is a crude key almost like a stick. The key people have now is simple like that, not even a key, just a stick. Which do you want, the bag of love that only one key can open or the bag of love which any key can open? [One key.]

That means if some woman tries to come and occupy your beloved husband, would you let her? Would you be happy? No, you wouldn't. You should regard that key as absolute, something which can never be reconciled. Never be flexible about that.

Then you can be proud of yourself. Do you want scars everywhere on your body? No you don't. But coming in contact with another man will make a scar, a big scar. It's nobody's wish, but what is your judgment if you look at the average American man and woman today? Are they ready to go to heaven or ready to go to hell? [Hell.] This is reality. Imagine one day you go to Fifth Avenue and you see many fashionable people walking there. If you really know what these people are, what do you feel? Anger? Pity? Something should be boiling inside of you. This is reality, not a concept.

[Father draws a diagram on the board.] We have man and woman and then children. It becomes a circle first then a globe, a sphere. Man alone would be only vertical, he doesn't want that. Woman would be horizontal, but she also does not want to be alone. So together they would become a circle. Both want to make it spherical and in order to do that they need children. That's why both of them need children. Those who do not need children, who think, "I will live without children, it's easier", raise your hands. You're like a flat board, not a sphere, only a flat board. The one who doesn't believe in marriage is this, just one straight vertical line. And the woman is this, a horizontal line, all alone. Is there any happiness there? [No.] How can you achieve happiness alone? No way. You have to have an object, or subject or spouse. Those who say, "I only need one arm, because two arms are too tiresome" raise your hands. Do you want only one leg and have to use some machine to get around? By the same token you should plug up one nostril and cover one eye and so forth. Take off one ear. If that is ridiculous then living alone is also ridiculous. Those Americans who do not believe in marriage always commented on Father, "Oh Father is a male chauvinist" or something like that. The women's lib people say, "Reverend Moon always takes man seriously but never takes women seriously." They have been thinking like this. But when they listen to this explanation like you do now, then they must admit they were wrong. They just didn't understand how small minded they were.

So is it correct or wrong to say that the vertical absolutely needs the horizontal? It is not just nice to have, but it must have horizontal. And horizontal woman must have vertical man. Yes or no? [Yes.] There are even two types of air, thin air and dense air. Otherwise they wouldn't move. Because of the density and the scarcity of air, does air move straight or in a wave like this? If waves did not move the way they do all living things which exist underwater would die. No air would be able to get in. Even though you are not mechanically minded, you know there is such a thing as a shaft. Like an automobile wheel that turns around so fast, in the center is a shaft it spins on. It is made of hard steel, otherwise it would break up quickly. Do you think the receptacle that comes into contact with that hard shaft must be harder than this? No, no this is very soft. Like lead, you know how soft lead is? And the lead will revolve around. Do you know what cuts diamonds? To shape a diamond they use copper, a very soft material.

So when Father matches you, he immediately sees what kind of person you are. He will look and see if a woman has a strong personality or a strong character. If Father matched a strong woman to a strong man, they would break immediately. Occasionally there is a very sharp woman, then Father will pick up one rather dull, stupid man for her. Then that man will never feel pain from the piercing of that woman all throughout his life. Otherwise nobody would survive. Immediately Father sees the character within a person. Father notices the way a person walks. When Father sees someone's shoes and sees which way the sole is wearing, immediately he can see their character. Don't you ever think this is high talk at all. Sometimes Westerners think it's impossible that Father could know so much. There are a lot of things in the Orient that Westerners think are impossible. That's why the Westerners more than those in the Orient need a teacher such as Father, don't we? [Yes.]

We know absolutely that man needs woman and woman needs man. It's not just nice to have, but we must have. The same is true of children. If a woman does not give birth to a child then she cannot be perfected without having to go another, much more difficult way. How many children do you want? Do you want just one child? Or maybe you need two and that's all. Which is better to have, less children or more? [More.] Why? First of all, we have children to make a sphere. The more children you have the more ideal a sphere becomes. The surface of the sphere expands larger because everything is full inside. The more sons you have, the surface becomes more beautiful. Here on earth we have fear wondering how we can feed our children, how can we educate them and all these kinds of things. But once we reach the spirit world the point of view is totally different. What do you think? If you have hundreds of sons in the spirit world, would you be worried about what clothes to give them, where to live, what kind of car to have? Actually spirit world has no problem there. What if Father had as many children as there are people in this room here? Among them is all kinds of talent. One day Father would say, "So and so, stand up" and he would sing very nicely. A crowd of people would come to watch him sing. People would think, "Oh, if I go to that family, every day there is excitement." So everyday they would come to visit and see what the excitement of the day was. Does that make you feel good or bad? Too many children is too many headaches don't you think? [No.] Not in the spirit world. The less children you have the happier you are, true or false? [False.] What about the other way? The more the better. Father knows about this better than anyone else, so despite some reservations Father always wanted to have more sons and more sons. Even if you have one filial son or daughter, is it better to have fourteen or one? With fourteen you have fourteen tastes of love. This is truly so.

What did Jesus do, just pick up one disciple so he had less headaches? Think about twelve disciples. Why do you think Father tried to collect as many Koreans as possible? Do you know how hard each Korean is? They are impossible! They think they are the top and they will never yield to the second. How difficult it is to collect as many as Father did. Nobody could understand how he did it. The nationality with too much pride is American. The stubborn nationality is the Germans. Those who act nice on the outside, but have something different on the inside, that is the Japanese. They never show their internal thinking. It's impossible for Father to try to bring everybody together and make everybody equal. What would Father accomplish, what would Father receive? But once they grow and once we reach the spirit world, the more the better. You can't say "too many" there. Never. How huge, how immense spirit world is. You may be billions of miles away, but it only takes a moment to travel. In the spirit world all you have to do is see someone's forehead, then you understand him. You will immediately know whether to bow down to him or have nothing to do with him. Can you do that here? Everybody walks with their heads down. You can't recognize even those that you should. In the spirit world it is better, much faster than a computer. Immediately you can recognize that person who is rich in love because he gave so much. Then you have to bow down. A woman is always proud of how much her husband loves her. You always brag and boast how much your husband loves you. In the spirit world, the person feels how much love he or she received from God. That is the source of pride there. How much that person received centering on true love. That high level love is what creates our personal dignity. Do you understand?

No living person or person who is now in the spirit world taught love in such a detailed way and so accurately as Father himself. Correct? [Yes.] Unification Church members may struggle now, but when they reach the spirit world how beautiful they will feel. You will be so proud in the spirit world, you will want to yell out, "I belong to True Parents". To carry Reverend Moon's name today you immediately have a burden, but wait and see, more and more, just to mention Reverend Moon's name people will come to respect you. That day will soon be here and exist forever in the spirit world. Do you like the name or do you like the real entity? [Reality.] Do want to see the title or the real entity? [The real entity.] Do you want to touch the name or the real entity? [The real entity.] Anybody can kiss Father's picture, anywhere at anytime, but no one can kiss Father himself, without the permission of Mother. Is any woman here very confident that, "Yes, I can get Mothers permission"? Yes or no? Maybe Mother would give the permission to one Japanese woman. Once that happens do you think Western women would stay silent? Then Fathers cheek could not stay the same as it is. Everyone would want a bite of it! So Father has made sure that you cannot cross this line [edge of the stage]! A sermon doesn't have to be hard and boring, does it?

Even though you might not be able to figure it out, Father's direction still is: the more children the better. Now we know. Listening to this, American women would think it is barbarian or uncivilized. Why does vertical require horizontal? It is so they can realize the ideal of equality, harmony and unity. One is equality, second is harmonization and third is unification. In order to achieve those goals of the ideal we need the horizontal. The vertical needs horizontal to create a perfect sphere. Which globe would you like to form, a real round globe or an oblong one like an American football? [Round.] I don't like American football. The shape is so bad, traveling in a crazy way.

Koreans get blamed for many things in this country, but do you think any Korean man would molest an American woman? Would a Japanese man ever get into a situation like that with an American woman? [No.] But when American men go to other countries, they always make problems. In that sense they are archangels. This is so. Why do we want a sphere? The sphere is very important. The most important part of man is the head which is round. Also, a woman's bosom is round and spherical. That's the next important place to the head. And another important part on a man is also round like the head. The woman has the round shape here, but the man has it lower. Also, a woman's womb is round. The heart is round as well. According to it's importance, things are round. Eyes are round. They all take after the spherical shape. The hands also when clasped together make a sphere.

So a globe rolls around and around and where ever it stops that is the perfect vertical position. And where there is a perfect vertical place there is also a perfect horizontal place. Within that sphere a hundred million lines can dwell, and that individual can say, "They all belong to me. I am the center of this whole power system, vertical and horizontal." At any point where the ball happens to stop, it is equal, the spacing is equal. Any part of the sphere fits right into the idea of the universe. It is a formula form. So we love something which is round and spherical. Now you really understand that you absolutely need the vertical and horizontal and you need lots of children, don't you?

[Father draws a diagram of a vertical and horizontal line intersecting within a circle and numbers main intersections 1 through 7.] Seven is the center, it is the number of perfection. Eight is the surface of the sphere. The number eight is written like two spheres joining together. It looks like a gear that when engaged, one circle moves one way, while the other one moves in the different direction. It can dwell as the center of two different worlds.

Centering on love, first a man and woman like two gears, go round and round quickly. One should go inside of the other and they will make one sphere instead of two. All moving objects have a core and a supplementing body, like subject and object. This formula fits the individual, the family, the country, and also the spirit world. It fits in the family for all three generations, for instance grandfather and grandmother, mother and father and children. We can immediately see all things are coming in to protect subject and object which is the core. Do you understand? The universe is to protect whatever the subject and object have formed. If that subject and object is not formed correctly then all the power of the universe will try to repel it and chase it away.

Already two hours have passed and we can go on, it's a very important topic, but it is time consuming. Father never taught like this until yesterday. Yesterday's meeting was the first time. In the past we might have thought, "What's wrong with the vertical, why does it need the horizontal?" Now we know why. Everything has a good reason behind it. We need to harmonize, equalize and unify. Isn't that true. That is the ideal of creation, isn't it? Can we say man and woman are equal before they come into love? No. Revolving around the true center everything is equal. The universe is created in the pair system, made of male and female elements, right? Women should never be found alone. Right next to that woman, on her right side, should be her husband. And right in front of them should be a son, right behind them should be a daughter. Man or woman should never be alone. They hold the core position in the true love dwelling place. If that part refuses to become a part of the harmony, the sphere has to move and a bulge is created. It's not balanced, but like a flat tire, bumping alone. But a perfectly inflated tire runs smoothly and fast.

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is what? Do you remember? From the realm of death to the realm of life. The realm of death is the lack or absence of this core of eternal life and love. Where there is love there is automatically life and connected to that there is also lineage. So these three are one and one is three. When we love a woman we are planting through her, my love, my life and my lineage. A women receives that and wants to return more than she received to man. It is much like a space docking. When they love there is ovum and sperm which come to join, like docking in space. Life is conceived.

Death has no core of love. The crux of all the concepts of the saints and holy men is love. In the family there is filial piety. We try to become sons and daughters of filial piety. The center is the same for filial sons on the family level, for the patriot on the national level, the saint on the world level and the holy man on the cosmic level. We see the extension of the level but the core is the same. Do they have a common core or not? Yes they do, only the level is different. In order to resemble this structure, we see that within man there is both a mind and a body. If it becomes flat it will be absorbed by something else. But remaining round, like a nuclei it will survive. No one can occupy that, it resembles you only. It remains in the correct shape.

To fit and harmonize and unify with all things within the universe, we are created with mind and body. You are the model of all models and the formula of all other formulas. You can apply your own formula anywhere in the universe and you will find it fits. From the most minute infinitesimal to the huge, biggest structure, it works. This is why your mind always wants to claim, "I am the best and the highest and the center of the whole universe." Horizontal and vertical is the formula and it is right at the core of all this. Since you are like that, you can look at everything else in the universe and say, "Oh, everything resembles me." So you have grounds to say, "I am the top". Every woman wants to feel that way, actually you do feel that way, don't you? It's not just a belief, you actually are the top. All women are the top. The original formula is "me." Man and woman are just a duplication of that, and the nation is a multiplication of them. That's all, nothing else. The world is an even greater expansion of that same basic formula. There is a unity of formula and that is you. So it is legitimate to think, "I am the center of the whole universe." You are the recipient point of that big axis. "God and me. God is the top existence and I am below Him." When God and you combine the whole universe will be drawn to you. You make no noise but revolve smoothly and quietly. The shape of a breast, even though it is big, if it's shaped like this [pointed] it isn't ideal. It has to be round. Both together make a globe.

[Father draws a very funny face on the board.] Who does this resemble? God. It's true, the eyes resemble God. The nose represents humankind, two sides and vertical. You have thirty two teeth, that is four times eight. Horizontal is four corners and eight is the spherical number. When a child is born, the nose is formed at the latest stage of development. Oriental babies always have a flat nose, but their nose comes up as they grow. There are four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Actually in the Orient the seasons are divided into twenty four small seasons. It is symbolic of God's dual characteristics. Twelve months too. And always three stages of formation, growth and perfection. We see that in the body's arms, legs and torso. Another example is the skin, fat layer and muscle. There are two eyes, but there is also a connecting point that makes three stages. Also the nose. The mouth has two lips and the mouth in between makes three. We cannot deny the three stages of the creation. The ideal family should include the grandparents, the parents and the children, all three stages. They are one actually. Is the typical American family composed of three stages? [No.] They are flat.

Which is more ideal? Horizontal, vertical or together? [Together.] That is why the Unification Church is necessary. We unify centering on what? True love. With what do we harmonize? True love. With what do you equalize? True love. Without true love you cannot make everything equal, united and harmonized. We all gather here and unify centered on true love, don't we? By centering on true love we have already solved racial problems and inequality problems, haven't we? The name unification Church itself connotes that by centering on true love everything has been equalized and everything has been harmonized and unified. Each one of us is centered on that. Who is the vertical existence within the Unification Church? True Parents. And all the men and women in the Unification Church form the horizontal deployment of that formula. But when you move in love horizontal becomes vertical and vertical becomes horizontal. So again this is equal.

Grandchildren will ride horseback on their dignified grandfather. The grandchildren will grow up and then carry the grandmother and grandfather who are older and they can enjoy each other that way too. Often we don't like that, but we should. Especially American young people won't like to think in that way, but it should feel good and right to carry your grandparents even on your back. This is the very reason why when a grandfather and grandmother get old they become like children. They return to childhood. As we get old we forget different concepts one by one. They are moving back to the original point. We start at zero and from there grow up to a global level, after that we go back to the zero point. Otherwise we cannot make a completely global pattern.

When the grandchildren are young, the grandparents compete with each other to see which one will occupy the grandson and grand daughter. Also the grandchildren want to compete for the love and attention of their grandparents which is a very desirable thing. Have you ever carried your grandfather or your grandmother on your back? [No.] Have you ever carried your father and your mother on your back? So you are adult only by your head. Your head is very big, but the rest of you is still small. You don't roll smoothly, you roll in a bumpy fashion. America will become heaven when the grandchildren in American families compete to carry their grandparents on their backs just like the grandparents carried them when they were infants. It is the same form and formula, otherwise we cannot make this globe. Those who have never carried your grandparents on your back, raise your hands. Whoever is thinking, "The first chance I get I will carry them on my back", raise your hands. If you're really serious about that, all the grandfathers and all the grandmothers will join the Unification Church on the same day. And your father and mother also because soon they will become a grandfather and a grandmother. This is not just a strategy to bring them into the church, this is something that we should do whether they join or not. It is a natural way. Every person would follow the one who goes in that direction. Do you understand?

If you never served your grandfather and your grandmother and your father and mother actually serve them closely, you will have regret. You cannot create a sphere based on that. It is a Korean custom to seriously take care of your father's and mother's tomb. People attend to this duty more seriously than they do to their own children. Father recently noticed how really wonderful this tradition is and how is it absolutely in line with the laws of creation. How proud you are and how high a feeling you will have when you embrace all the sun, moon, stars and earth and spring, summer, autumn and winter. If you can embrace all these eight elements within yourself, you can be so proud of yourself and your family. Do you follow?

The world which lacks all the things that Father has been speaking about this morning is the realm of death. You have children who always want to climb up on your lap, do you let them? We have to develop a relationship between parents and children where parents can sit on the lap of their own sons or daughters. Independent American youth will repel this saying, "Oh mother, don't sit on my lap." But an Oriental man would never do that. Instead he would say, "Yes mother, sit all day."

Which is closer to the heavenly family system, the Oriental family system or the Western family system? [The Oriental system.] You all want to spend your old age in a senior citizens home, don't you? [No.] You would spend your time from morning to evening just waiting on your son and daughter and grandchildren to visit you. Lunch-time passes and no one comes, evening passes and you have only more disappointment because no one comes. The following day you start the routine all over again until you die. Every day is filled with crying and going more and more down. How miserable that situation is. If someone came in and broke down all the barriers would the grandmother and grandfather be opposed to that or shout, "Mansei!"? Do you really agree? Well at least you know the Principle way. Deep inside that is your wish. A senior citizens home has no place in our family. It's not just what Father is declaring, but what universal form is declaring. If we don't live that way, they will chase us out in the spirit world. How can you not think about loving your own grandmother and grandfather and expect to love the world? That thinking doesn't coincide. If you really listen to Father and your grandfather and grandmother are in a senior citizens home and you did not even think about this, then to indemnify it, maybe you can take them out of the senior citizens home and serve them in your own family. Try it and see what the outcome is. Father says something good is guaranteed to happen in your family in three years. Will you do that? If you don't do that you cannot go into heaven.

In the spirit world do you think your grandparents looked wrinkled and have their old form? Or are they more beautiful than you are? They are more beautiful. That's true. A long, long time they stayed here in training. They created a love atmosphere. If you meet your grandparents in the spirit world will you just react to them as you see them today? In your excitement you would run and grab them and embrace them. All the spectators in the spirit world will want see that kind of excitement. Everyone would want to look at this grandfather and grandson who shout and race to each other. Who is the greatest grandfather? God. If we practice that way of living here on earth, we can dash to God and embrace Him once we reach the spirit world. We learn to do that here. God will be so happy too and He will laugh. Those who never even though about this in their lives, will you do it? [Yes.] What about your wife, will you let her do it too?

You have to carry your wife on your back too because it is awkward to carry your grandmother and grandfather the first time. So practice that by carrying your wife around. Then when you are trained and accustomed to this, you will feel nothing carrying your grandmother. After that, you can carry any grandmother in the street. It's true! You have to take that kind of training course! How can you carry anyone without feeling so free that it comes out of your own heart, not just out of a concept to do it. Actually you want your husband to carry you on his back once in a while don't you? Not once in awhile, but ail the time! Those who say, "No Father I don't need that", raise your hands. No one. Well then, why don't you? Who stops you? Don't wait, you make him do it. How? By being nice to him. Talk him into doing that and he will actually do more than that. After that you do anything to your husband and he won't mind. Well if he doesn't cooperate at all you can volunteer yourself and say, "Please, come on my back." After three times even the least conscientious man will say, "Come, I'll carry you." As your sons and daughters look at you doing this do you think they will blame the parents? No, they will enjoy this and be happy from the bottom of their hearts. Such is heaven, the children will be happy.

This is serious business transferring from death to life so we've got to do something to make it happen, so let's decide today, right here, the actual undertaking! Who will carry who, will the husband carry the wife or the wife carry the husband? Let's decide today, right now! Those who say, "No Father in our family, we won't do it", raise your hands. Happiness is there and there is no jealousy or boredom or resentment. None of those are included in the realm of life. We can go right into that from down here. The spouse who says, "You carry me on your back all the rest of our lives" will go to hell. The one who says, "I will carry you every day" is the person who will go to heaven. How good you will feel knowing if you carry her more than she carries you, you will go to that much a height of heaven. You will be that much closer to heaven. Think that, "I will find the leading course by taking this kind of action." How wonderful they are! Don't you think so? Yes or no? [Yes!] Try it.

Now you know, surprisingly and miraculously to move from death to life becomes so easy and simple! Everyone can do that, it's a wonder we didn't do it earlier! As the result of your carrying action, when you're ready to go to the spirit world, is your family in heaven or in hell? Heaven! You have understood this truth and have taken action. That is a completed foundation. God will welcome you, everything will welcome you. Why not? God will say, "You are more wonderful than me. I bow down with respect to you." That kind of atmosphere would automatically greet you. Those who never carried your husband on your back in your entire life raise your hand, be frank about it. A lot of you have already carried your husband on your back? Maybe physically your husband is like an elephant. He is so heavy, you may be crushed. Father understands that, so if it is your situation, just carry his arm. That is the conditional way.

The ones who are always bickering and fighting over who can carry who, each wanting to pick up the other, would that fighting lead to heaven or hell? [Heaven.] Strange fighting! We know that kind of fighting will certainly carry us to heaven. Not only between husband and wife, but after we have enough training we will carry our parents, our own grandparents and grandparents in law.

The upper and lower hemisphere of a circle can fit anywhere. Also the left sphere and the right sphere are interchangeable. Wherever this goes in, it fits.

That means each one of you must never hesitate or become awkward when your own mother or father wants to be carried on your back or even your father and mother in law wants that or even if the grandfather and grandmother of your spouse want to ride. Don't feel hesitant or awkward.

A woman's own father and mother and parents in law, children too, grandparents too, and herself equals eight, the perfection stage. "I will make that sphere rolling everywhere smoothly." You will become the vertical owner. Have you ever carried your parents on your back? What about grandfather and grandmother? Maybe you have never even been in your grandfather's and grandmother's room. Would you or would you not like to love God when you go to the spirit world? What about your ancestors? Well, if you do then why not love them here on earth? This is good training we must go through. You can be able to carry anybody, everyone on your back. If you really do that and become the topic of the town, they will take it seriously and write about your family in the newspaper every day. Rumors about you will spread all over the United States. After that what shall this country do, go to heaven or hell? [Heaven.] That is the natural way. The absolute conclusion is so. No one can deny it. All of history will remember you and bow down to you. How wonderful it is to make this kind of atmosphere in your family. How about the future of America? That kind of life would lead to prosperity forever. So now you know clearly. Taking the way of talking leads to hell. Father talks after doing and that is the way of Heaven on earth. Is that conclusion wrong or right? Absolutely correct. No kind of dictatorship can control or destroy that kind of victory.

Is it easy or difficult to go to heaven? [Difficult.] And it's more difficult to take care of the kindergarten children because when they go to the bathroom you have to wipe them. You don't have to do that with a grandfather and grandmother. Father even thought, "God really thought about everything" because grandfather and grandmother go to the bathroom, like a baby too. But maybe because they are old, they cannot move. But their stool is hard, not soft and messy like a baby. So all you have to do is just pick it up with chopsticks. So you see God considered everything. As they get old, you can still preserve the parents dignity. It is never messy!

If we go forward launching a new movement taking care of grandparents and parents of any age, the neighborhood will know Unification Church members always visit home, knock on the door and carry their mother and father on their back. If you go to a senior citizens home and do that kind of action, in a minute you will get their attention. In a minute all of America will be restored through the Unification Church. Once you carry that grandmother on your back, she will never forget you. She will adore you for life. In America if you ask senior citizen, "Did you get carried by your grandchildren?" "No." "How about by your son and daughter in law?" "No." You will hear the same answer all over America. Then you can say, "Instead, I will carry you on my back like your grandson or your son and daughter in law." If you do that for all kinds of people, do you think those people could ever come against you? They will never forget you. They will see that America now has hope. How about that? [Yes!]

There is nothing complicated. We have been living too complicated a way. The heck with indemnity! If we carried on like this every day it would be a short cut to heaven. You can explain to them the reason for your action saying, "Reverend Moon told me if I do this every day then I will go to heaven and you will go to heaven too. I believe in that so I will carry you." There is no difficult explanation. And when you do that don't go in shabby clothing, use your Sunday best. Women dress up like high society. Then the newspapers will report, "They are starting something new again!"

Who will do it raise your hands.

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