The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

New Heaven And New Earth Centering On Our Pledge

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 3, 1991
Grand Ball Room, WMC. New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's talk this morning is New Heaven and New Earth Centering On Our Pledge. Can you understand the meaning? What is our pledge? In the Bible, scripture warns us not to pledge. Why? Because once you pledge to something you must carry it out. You should not pledge something that you cannot carry out. This is why the Bible went as far as to say not to pledge. The Bible warns against individual pledge, let alone the collective group or whole pledge. It is 'our' pledge, not 'my' pledge. There are still Unification Church members who think that 'our pledge' is less than 'my pledge.' They think my pledge is something stronger and more valuable than our pledge. That is clearly wrong. Our pledge has every individual pledge within it. It goes without saying that an individual pledge is less great than a family pledge. Family pledge is greater than individual pledge. The tribe's and nation's pledge is greater than the family pledge. And the country's and world pledge are greater still. Someone who is greater than heaven and earth, of course, is God and a pledge to God would have to be carried out no matter what.

Let's stop to think about the pledge itself. What is it, this word pledge? What does it have in it? The pledge is an agreement among men, that means between men and women and between God and man. When we say 'among men', we mean among men and women both and God too. What is it that is most important to both, something that we cannot take lightly? Of course the relationship among men within societies are very important. They're not simple. They are something we have to research and be improving all the time. What constitutes these relationships among many individuals or with a higher group like a nation or even with God? When we look at family for example, the relationship between a mother and father is none other than the typical relationship between man and woman. Father and mother, husband and wife, son and daughter, all of these are relationships of man and woman in an extended sequence. When we say nation, what do we mean? A nation is nothing other than the president and his wife's family relationship. Not only that, but also relationships among the president's own family, and not only that, but the relationship between that family and various other staff members) families. That is what constitutes a nation. The world is the same. A world problem or relationship is none other than: if there is a world president, then his family and its relationship with all the world's other families is the problem.

What is the common denominator or the center, the very essence of this man and woman's relationship? Spirit world is no exception, even though it is far more complicated because just as there are individuals in the spirit world, there are also lots of groups and societies in the spirit world. Their interrelationship is what constitutes the spirit world's matter. What is the center of this world? To find out what is the essence of the spirit world and the core of the physical world, and to connect that, certainly will help make good our pledge. It will help make our pledge possible.

What is the aim of pledge? Once we understand that, we can determine, "I will make the aim of the pledge my aim as well." When we go to spirit world, do you think we will need money as we do in this world? [No.] Have you been there? How do you know? Perhaps we don't need money in the spirit world; what about knowledge, then? Here in this world we need knowledge; knowledge is power. What about authority? Do we need authority in the spirit world? Once we are born as a human being on the earth, misery starts. Until twenty years of age we go to school and observe and seek knowledge and try to establish our own little power. Once we absorb knowledge from a so-called good school, then we apply that to making money. A good portion of your life is spent in the desperate effort to make money. All this will contribute to establish an individual's power and influence. That's it. So, what is it from early through middle to old age that we're centered on, consistently? What is that main flow? What is the center of these efforts? Why do we study in the first place? Have you ever seen animals study? Of course, they study a little, for example, how to hunt better, but not any more than that. To protect their own seeds and species they perpetually try to make their species the best and strongest. And the animal kingdom is the same; they have male and female, don't they? How about man? How about the insect world? And what about the mineral kingdom? They all have the same situation. From the mineral kingdom to the vegetable kingdom, to the animal kingdom to the human world, there is always a center starting from the plus and minus ions, the stamen and pistil and male and female elements in the animal kingdom and man and woman in mankind. Each one of those relationships has a center and if we can connect with the center we have a certain flow.

Why were women born? For women or for men? [Men.] American women answer, "Women are for women!", but that is not correct. What about men, for what purpose are they born? [For woman.] From the very beginning, the moment they are born, they exist for the sake of women. Actually, there is no room for himself. Is it so or is it hard for you to agree? So women, for whom do you have to live? [For men.] And men, for whom do you have to live? Live for the sake of women. "Clinging onto what?", Father asks. We can say love. This leads to a very simple conclusion. Men and women were born for the sake of love. What kind of love? Absolute, unchangeable, forever love. That is true love. It is a very simple and clear conclusion.

The big mass of the universe began with movement. It doesn't stand still but continues moving. Why did this great mass of the universe begin moving? Today, scholars conclude that the universe is made of power. Does power create movement or does movement initiate power? They may seem similar but there is a difference. What is your answer? In other words, did action come first or did power come first? [Action.] Have you ever noticed an action which you can do by yourself or by itself? When there is give and take a sphere is always formed. Action also is never possible by itself, but only when there are two or a subject and object performing give and take. Then, not only the sphere is formed, but there is always power or force created. So before the power exists there should be interaction. The action never takes place unless or until there are a subject and object properly lined up. When we trace this thought and develop it we can see the one thing always in common which we can observe is that subject and object are always present before action and power can take place.

Here is a woman, she is small and frail compared to a big husky man, but she has power. As a result of her mind and body she has small power. Since she has a small power does she want to find a small subject or the biggest imaginable power and person? Because she is small does she want a small power? [No.] Likewise, a smaller man may crave a big woman's power. Why? To balance himself. We seek balance in both the vertical and horizontal way. This is the ideal of opposites. Which is more ideal, a great man and a great woman getting together or a great one and an inferior one who somehow become one and create harmony? Which is better? [The second.] Do you really mean that? You are agreeing to something that is very different from American thought.

Imagine the four poles, north pole and south pole, east pole and west pole. The east or west pole is closer to the north pole, so would they form a better subject-object relationship because of that? The south pole is far away. Which is more ideal, for the north to take the south or the east and west which are closer and easier? [South.] We come to an unquestionable conclusion-that the eastern-western couple is the most ideal. Also, when black and white become one it is ideal. If there is ideal relationship between man and God, not the highest man, the most handsome or powerful, but the lowest imaginable position of man, and God, that would be a more ideal relationship. In all these relationships, what is the center? [Father draws on the board.] If we eliminate love here, everything will die. When love is lacking between the mother and father in a family, the whole house becomes dark and dead. It doesn't matter how much you have in your refrigerator, or if you have enough expense money to cover a year. It doesn't matter. Love is most precious. Even all things on earth are directly depending on love for their existence and livelihood.

Of all actions, there are none on earth which do not have purpose. Everything has a purpose. So when a woman is born she has an objective, she has a purpose. She is not just born. Is there a difference between the purpose of Eastern women and Western women? [No.] What about their director? The Western woman's purpose travels this way, does the Eastern woman's purpose travel the same? Their purpose and direction are the same. What is it that consistently has the same direction and purpose? No one can deny that only real, True Love has a purpose and direction that are always the same and will remain the same. No one can disagree about this one point. Is there one way or two different ways to pursue this purpose? There is only one way. How fast is the speed of love?

Those who are not yet blessed, please raise your hands. You know that man and woman love each other, don't you? Is the way that Western and Eastern people love the same or different? It is the same. Their love takes place centered on the sexual organs.

Can you imagine any source of trouble from all throughout history, any problem, money or whatever, which did not start from this center of love which is the sexual organ? It started a problem so big that sometimes nations were shattered, the whole history is broken down. Problems of that magnitude have had their origins centered on the sexual organs. The mega war begins because of that. The Gulf War is nothing compared to this. It lasted only forty days and then was over, but the war that starts from this sexual organ continues forever and ever all throughout history with no prospects of ending. It continues to be the source of all main problems, year after year, century after century. Is that an exaggeration? Do we think, "Father that must be some Oriental concept? Westerners don't look at it that way." Is that what you say? [No.] Centering on this problem with the sexual organ, all of history has become so complicated. There are all kinds of love that exist now, one type and another.

If we stop to think about it we suddenly come to realize that I am sitting on top of that formidable, fearful organ, yet I'm not even aware of it. I think nothing of it. Even though I can sit here because of it, it can actually put me in any position, upside down or side up or rolling around. Does that mean I can always feel comfortable and good about this sexual organ or should I be fearful and cautious? It is the most fearful thing that I have, but also the most goodness. The best thing can come from it, but also the most terrible. To reach the apex, the highest point is the purpose of love, isn't it? Have you ever seen an interesting and significant movie that does not deal with the love between a man and woman? [No.] Always, without exception, literature, poetry, drama, you name it, anything which draws people's attention and is important has to do with love. And if you reduce everything that has to do with the love between man and woman and take it all down to the origin point, it is the point of that sexual organ itself. We know that is the fearful, formidable point.

If there is a devil in the human world, what would be his target, the place he wants to occupy? The devil would go after the thing that is the source and center of all human life and activity. Today we see the prevalence of free sex in American society. We already discussed and concluded that love has a very clear purpose and to reach that purpose there is a very clear direction, only one direction, not a variety. But in free sex there is no purpose and no direction. We already concluded that the way the Orientals and Westerners love is the same, but the way the Oriental family lives and the way the Western family lives today is very different. We understand that it is supposed to be the same, but it is not. Which way is closer to the heavenly standard? One must be at least one step closer, which is it? [The oriental way.] It is sadly true that the average American has more than four mothers and fathers. There are the original parents and then a step-father and step-mother. Sometimes there are more than four. In this case we could no longer use the Korean words aboji and omoni to describe the relationships. We would use the lower grade words for father and mother: abi and ami. Are that abi and ami good parents or bad parents? The step-mother and step-father are absolutely on Satan's side. Those who want to have two mothers raise their hands. Raise your hands, American women! Do you say you want that? [No.] Those who want two fathers raise your hands.

Let's suppose that a woman really loves her husband; would she like to see him dancing around with another woman? Could she look at that and enjoy it? Would she then want to do the same with another man? Let's be practical about it-suppose she notices and feels that the woman her husband is dancing with is more beautiful than she is; would her heart sink or not? When the heart sinks, do you have a surge of power or loss of power? [A loss.] So apparently it is not good. What is actually behind the custom of social dancing, something which we don't even stop to realize? What do you think is the purpose? Let's put it this way, what would it eventually lead to? For example, you women here, if you are dancing with a very handsome man, don't you want to cling to him and even make love? Don't you feel that? Father knows the background of love in American culture. What is your feeling at that moment? Do you say "just so-so" or "neutral", that there is no excitement or stimulation? One thing is for sure, you will take whatever opportunity comes to you. If some man appears, you will take it. So actually that is the zigzag way of love. When a husband looks at his wife dancing with another man, if he doesn't hate that, he is not really a man. If children do not mind seeing their parents dancing around with other partners, they are not the right type of children. What about the neighborhood? Should they just say, "Oh, that is their business"? Is that the right thing? Or should the neighborhood try to protect that family and prevent any problems? What is the more righteous thing to do? Even the neighborhood should object to that kind of wrong behavior.

There are many other activities besides dancing which stimulate the body and always lead to sexual things. It is very simple and very clear that if you drink a lot of alcohol, it will lead you to eventually search for excitement and ends up mostly in illicit love. Also when you take drugs, you lose your perception of reality, and outside of reality you search for love too. Isn't that true? It is not ambiguous. All these things are eventually centered on the sexual organs. All kinds of invisible strings are attached there, creating the most complicated, unprincipled relationships. It is not at all what the sexual organ was originally intended for. How to solve this problem is the question. We need a revolution, but the most difficult kind of revolution to wage is the revolution of love. That is exactly what we center on to solve the problem. So the Unification Church is actually doing the greatest thing which anyone in human history has ever made effort to do. This is the greatest revolution ever undertaken. Do you follow?

The Unification Church clearly focuses on this source of all problems, in a very clear, unambiguous way. That means each body is now the castle of Satan. We are hopelessly ensnared, like being surrounded by a net from which we cannot escape. We want to get out of it but we don't know where to begin. It is the most important thing for us to direct our love in the right direction, for the right purpose. At the same time that kind of love is what constitutes the cosmos' existence and movement. So consider just how formidable our sexual organ is. You could say it is like dynamite or the hydrogen bomb. But even a hydrogen bomb can be detonated only once and it is finished. But this one within us can be detonated over and over again. We can say that there is not only one devil there, but billions of devils all within that one body. Devils and Satan also like love, don't they? And God also likes love, doesn't He? Is there a difference in the content of the love God wants and the love a devil wants? [Yes.] What is the difference? God wants absolute love. An absolute, one-way love with one purpose and one direction. Satan is different; he has a tradition of variety and no purpose. From that standard, each one has to ask themselves a question, "Are you a true woman knowing this and going in only one direction?" Ask this question of yourself. You know yourself well, better than anyone else knows you. Are you good women or bad? American women are the ones who make the biggest noise about equalization and rights. They don't know what they are talking about. If their direction and purpose of love is not one and steadfast, then they have no value. If bystanders heard what Father was

saying would they understand and say, "Yes, Reverend Moon fearlessly says the right thing to American women" or would they say, "Reverend Moon just likes to chastise American women"? [The right thing.] Does Reverend Moon emphasize these things to make American women perish or to try and save them? [To save them.] Thank you! Unless you stop this wrong love, curb it and set it straight, there is no way for America to survive. It is guaranteed to perish.

Because of the Patriot missile Americans are very confident now. They say, "We are proud of America. No matter how bad a dictatorship comes against America, we can chase them out! We are victorious winners!" But can that Patriot intercept this kind of immorality we're talking about? Right now America is well protected from the visible, outside enemy. They can cope with that. What about the enemy inside? How can we make this free sex concept clear? How can we clean up the drug problem? No matter how powerful American organizations are, they cannot touch these areas. That is what Reverend Moon is doing. Is Reverend Moon absolutely needed in this country or not? Until now, Reverend Moon has been opposed. Has the American government ever helped him, even though you just said Reverend Moon is absolutely needed in this country? You too at one time or another complained, "Oh Father, you are too square. You won't even let us dance. What is wrong with dancing?" You even say, "I'm accustomed to listening to rock music and twisting even in the womb of my mother! Now I come out in this nice world and you won't even let me dance." You must think Father is unfair! Father even forgot what the topic of his morning service is! Let's get back to the main subject.

Even though the Bible understandably says not to pledge, if the order of love was correct, would pledging even be necessary? Imagine the essence of this pledge. What is pledge anyway? What is the most important pledge we can ever offer to God? Between man and God there is only one most important thing. That is true love. Based on true love we must be making our pledge. Even during a wedding ceremony, the minister will ask if you pledge to accept this person and take them as your beloved spouse for eternity. They do that, don't they? [Yes.] Even the wedding ceremony contains a pledge. That means that if the order of love was intact within man, then the relationship between man and God would have been intact and perfect. We wouldn't need a pledge of any kind. Even after making a good relationship with your wife, on many occasions you may ask, "Do you absolutely love me?" You want it to be reconfirmed. When she says "Yes," you feel good and secure. Happiness and success, what are they? If you make no mistake with love and continue on keeping the correct order of love intact, then you are happy and a successful person.

This world where man lives, and the spirit world where spirit men and other spiritual beings live, were originally to be one world. But are they one today? Should we follow God or should God follow us? [We should follow God.] American women too? [Yes!] Not God follow American women? [No!] You always know the right answer! So man's world and the spirit world should be going in the same direction. But what is the difference in the content of purpose of the spirit world and here on the earth? What is the difference between the earth and spirit world? Father will give you a hint. Do we on earth want everyone to love us, or do we want people to have a greater love of the whole and not just of me? We center on ourselves, right? If so, do you think this is an evil world or a good world? Fallen or not? [Fallen world.] What is the essence of this evil world? Each one centers on himself. He takes himself extremely seriously and tries to bring everything to himself, thinking only from his own point of view. That is the essence of the evil world. For example, let's say the world must be led by America alone. Is that good or bad? [Bad.] Bad, meaning it belongs to Satan. But when Americans change their attitude and say, "Even America exists only for the sake of the world," then will America be good or bad? [Good.] Good means America will belong to God.

What about the mainstream of the spirit world? Unlike the fallen world, it is like the original world, so everyone lives and loves focused on one center and one purpose. Everyone goes toward one purpose for the sake of everyone else.

The biggest diamond, which is in a British palace, weighs 516 karats. Would you exchange true love for 100 of those huge diamonds? Would you go into that kind of a foolish deal? Where should True Love be? True Love is in you, but only if no two men have touched your bosom, no two men have ever loved you; just one. Then, just like a Patriot missile, you travel straight. That is where True Love is. Is your True Love somewhere up in heaven or should it be right where you are standing? The man and woman who can never even imagine having a different husband or wife other than his or her own and who stand steadfast in one direction with a straight

purpose, have True Love. The woman who never ever doubts her husband, no matter what he does or where he goes or how many days he is away without sending her a message, and didn't allow even one minute that she doubted his integrity, has True Love residing in her. The same is true for such a man as well. Like Mr. Chang here, a missionary goes to another country and doesn't see his wife for ten years; he never even imagines falling with another woman. He can but he won't. Father is saying: "Mr. Chang you're dozing off; do you want to have an affair with an American woman? Yes or no?" [No.] "Why not? They have nice white color, blond hair, green eyes and exciting action. What if you are sleeping by yourself and some woman comes in? Not just comes in, but what if she sits on top of you? Are you going to make a big sound and kick her out or will you be interested? Or are you going to see who it is first? Are you going to do that or just cry out and kick her out?" That is the way of the Unification Church. Who says, "Yes, Father, I am that way"? Raise your hand. Father says those are thief-like people.

A man has every reason to be immensely proud that only his wife and no one else has touched his sexual organ. Each couple should be like a love king and queen. There are no two kings or queens, only one each. Absolutely only one. You have to keep that kind of order. Those who say, "Father, I have been living that way and I will continue to live that way no matter what; even if I die I will live that way," raise your hands. Why do you smile as you raise your hands? You look like you are uncertain. Why not be straightforward with all seriousness? Those who say, "Yes, I have been living that way and I will live that way the rest of my life" to Father, raise your hands. That's good phenomena.

So now Father has just leveled the ground. He has now made the ground flat so he can build something on it. What is our pledge? In pledge number five there are actually seven pledges. Centering on God, we are proud of one sovereignty. There is only one absolute God. There is only one purpose, one direction, one harmony centering on one God, there can never be two or multiples. First we are proud of one sovereignty. We said one, not two sovereignties. How many sovereignties do we have in this world? There are many, at least 180 independent sovereignties. Among these 180 is even one genuine? No, that is very doubtful. Is America the best sovereignty? No, in fact it is the most troublesome, the most sinful sovereignty. How about in God's spirit world, is there one or two sovereignties? [One.] Centering on what should sovereignty be formed? It is very simple. We should have a sovereignty based on true love. The whole purpose of this sovereignty would be to protect true love in every way. What kind of love is true love? That which exists for the sake of others. Have you really determined whether this statement is true? It is very simple to prove even in your everyday circumstances. In a school there is a classroom. If there is a person of whom his classmates say, "He is a good person," it is because he lives for the sake of those ten people. For that reason everyone endorses him. But if he claims that everyone should love him and live for his sake, then everyone will say they can do without him. The kind of person who lives selflessly, for the sake of others, will have his nine friends introducing him to nine more friends, each saying, "Oh, he is a good person and good friend."

Within a family, whether it is the youngest or eldest son or daughter, the one who lives for the sake of the entire family is the one who will gain the parents' inheritance. It is the same on the level of country. The patriot is the one who sacrifices himself for the sake of the entire country. It is the same for a holy man. He is concerned about the world and he sacrifices himself while trying to educate the entire world and raise them up from ignorance. The entire world will come to appreciate him as a saint and worship him. He will become the center person of the whole world, like God Himself.

The filial son is the one who, centering on love, serves the entire family. The patriot loves the whole nation; he also centers his life on love. The saint and also God love all things centering on His love. Each one on each level becomes the center. Today young people don't think this is practical. They think that living for others is a far-fetched idea. But if we continue living for the sake of others, you yourself will become the center of all in the meantime. You would not be able to deny that kind of action. If you are pressured by the five billion people populating the world, but steadfastly remain in that righteous position trying to love and educate them, then you will become the center of all five billion people. Today even though the world is fallen, God persevered and put in more love, sacrificing Himself. Today God is the center of this whole universe. This is the same principle. Is there any difference between this and the way that we have to live? We are created to be like God, but today we see a very different kind of man. People of this evil world, Satan's world, always center on themselves. They want to strengthen themselves, never making a balance, but just becoming stronger, and they want to sacrifice others for their own well-being. They want to make a sacrifice of other people instead of making a sacrifice of themselves.

In the ideal world of Jesus, he recognized no enemy. It was impossible for him to even think of an enemy. Even that man who pierced Jesus in order to kill him-Jesus did not recognize him as an enemy, but said, "Forgive him because he doesn't know what he is doing." Then God said, "You are My son." When God proclaimed Jesus was His son, then even Satan had to bow down to him.

It is very foolish to be independent and individualistic. You will perish. There is no place in the order of God for an individualistic person. It is hard to understand how, out of all nations of the world, this Christian, God-fearing country became individualistic and lost everything. America has lost everything, the unity of their country, their families, even husband and wife. He is even losing himself now. The only thing most Americans are doing is awaiting death, and beyond that they don't even know what comes.

Is there any country more individualistic than America? The ideal world is ahead of us. We are headed toward an ideal age. Does individualism have any place within that ideal world? Those who think individually have lost everything because their thinking is too narrow. There is only room there for oneself. But when we change our direction and attitude, we can embrace all mankind and the universe because God created man to be able to do that. When Americans open up their hearts like God, all the Arab world will be able to come into America. All the Orient will be able to come in and still there will be room for all of Africa. America will say, "Yes, we welcome you." America is big enough to accommodate everyone. Those who persecute would only be able to last for ten years, so if America could persevere for twelve years against that opposition, everyone would come into America.

Today we see that one by one, little by little, Americans are beginning to appreciate Reverend Moon. They come to like and understand Reverend Moon. In Reverend Moon's church there is no race which is not represented and every one makes himself comfortable. In the white church a black man may come in and find no one wants to sit next to him. But here, we white people want to sit right next to the black people, thinking, "I used to hate black people, but now I want to test myself to see how much I have changed since listening to Father's words. I want to see how much I have come to like black people." So all throughout a two or three hour sermon, he wants to test himself. So deliberately a white person will seek out a black person to sit next to. When someone changes in that way, is that a change for good or for bad? Is it in order to develop or to perish? [Develop.]

But that is not the American way! Right now America is immensely proud, but in a satanic way. They complain, "Reverend Moon is swallowing our American country." If you are swallowed but have the chance to be swimming freely in the midst of love, you won't mind being swallowed. Even though we are swallowed there is no boundary. You are not in a small enclosure. If you are swallowed you will discover a bigger world than the one you used to be in. Father wants to make the white people like brothers and sisters, never a servant. He wants to make a brotherhood using American people. Father may come up and pinch you and grab your nose. Before you couldn't have tolerated that, you would just get up and walk out. But now when Father touches and jabs him, he is happy and proud that Father is paying attention to him. This is only because of love. If Father had anything other than love, this brother would object.

If you really love your husband and he spits on your face when he is speaking to you, you will lick that spit and it will taste sweeter than honey. There is nothing you can call dirty in love. Unfortunately now America is an individualistic country and we see a lot of bad things here, but what made it that way? We can say money made it that way. Father has lots of money that he earned by blood and sweat. Did Father spend that money for the sake of America or did he spend it for himself? [For America.] But America is always trying to pinch something out of Reverend Moon and use it for their own sake at best. When this happens there is no comparison-Father's way will go around and around forever, and this American way will go around and spin out of orbit. Father's way will become bigger and bigger. Money, knowledge and arrogance is what made America individualistic. Americans think America is highest and nothing can go higher. Even the lowest American, and he can be pretty low, even like a dog, wants to be regarded as God. He says, "I am American, I want to be treated like God." Does Father want to be proud and boastful or not? Or is he humble? [Humble.] But Americans call Father the champion of dictators. Is that because Father behaved in such a way or because you behaved in such a way as to make them think Father was a dictator? Can anyone force you to stay in the Unification Church? You are like a bee who once experienced the taste of nectar. Even if someone comes behind you and tries to pull you out and as a result your body separates into two, your mouth is still in the nectar! This is what the Unification Church is all about. We have tasted true love and we don't want to depart. It's because you have found such a good taste here that you stick around and give such a bad name as dictator to Father. How about Father- looking at us, do you think we taste like honey to Father? Once we change, maybe, but today it is a bitter taste.

Still Father is being blamed for no reason and America has to liquidate that. They have to make good their persecution of Father. We invest millions of dollars a month in The Washington Times to bring the right perspective to America. Sometimes you have wished that Father would take that money and divide just a fraction of that money among us so we could live a different way of life. If Father tried to distribute that to you, would you accept it or not? [No!]

Let's put it into action right now. If you Americans had even that much money, let alone all the money invested in this country, and we could reallocate that money and send it to China or Russia where they very much need it, they would really cherish Father. Also, with just a little bit of this money, Father would re-clothe you. He would have you throw away all your old clothes and Father would give you the nicest clothes there are. Father can imagine how beautiful and brilliant you would look. If Father decided to give a pair of shoes to every member of the congregation on Sunday morning, Father feels there would be a crowd of people here. Just for a pair of shoes! You take such pains to come here every week and Father never even says nice things to you. Father always says, "Go suffer." He calls you names and says you are bad and tells you should go down to the dungeon of hell. Still though Father has chastised us, have we and Reverend Moon perished or have we prospered? [We prospered.] No matter how much outside people stir things up against us, we are going up every day. We are moving up to a higher level. In the future all of humankind will feel proud of what we have done. How wonderful it is. Amen!

To resurrect 180 sovereignties and bring the one sovereignty of God, is that an easy task or not? [No.] But God is saying, "You have to do it." What are you going to do? Maybe we can try the proud American way. We can put all bombs down on one city to bring it into unity. How about that? 100,000 soldiers are reported to have died in the Iraqi war. If you count 100 relatives of each soldier, it means that practically there are millions of people who now have antagonism towards the white people of America. These Arab people will remember this country whose main religion is Christianity, who came and destroyed all Iraqi facilities and industry. They won't easily forget this. Israel has a good chance to recover their trust from other people. Israel got sympathy because they were attacked several times, but they did not retaliate, only persevered. And now all the Arab countries sympathize with them. More than 500 Israeli apartments were destroyed and after doing that, the Arabs felt their consciences bother them and said, "Perhaps we did too much against them. They didn't do anything first." Who commands the most sympathy-a beaten man or the men doing the beating? [The person being beaten.] This is a natural law. All religion, especially Christianity, has been beaten. Christianity never did anything wrong, but people came and beat Christians up for thousands of years. If God is here, which side would He take-the side of the persecuted or the side of those doing the persecuting?

We can look more closely and see there are two kinds of persecuted people. One is always yelling out to God for help, "I am being persecuted. I haven't done anything wrong, but these people come and bother me so much." But here is a group which keeps at it, perhaps crying a little occasionally, but they persevere and persevere being persecuted. Which side would gain more of God's sympathy? The silent side or the loud side? [The silent side.] What about yet a third group, or even that group of the silent ones, who later say, "Please do not punish them." Whose side will God take? God's sympathy would forever be with that kind of people.

At the time that Jesus was crucified God was watching and saw that Jesus did not curse even one Roman soldier, but tried to embrace the situation. God said, "I will be with you forever, no matter what." Christianity has really prospered in 2000 years, hasn't it? It is because God was on Jesus' side. By the end of World War II, Christianity had occupied the entire world. So to make one sovereignty here, Father is encouraging 180 countries to come and hit him, come and bother him, challenging them to do more. When these kinds of things are happening there is hope to be able to unify this whole complicated world. We have to come to this logical conclusion that if someone is doing that, it may be the hope for the beginning of unity which we have been dreaming of but which nobody had an answer to.

When we pledge and persevere and withstand all the persecutions and all the difficulties which we face, all the world that comes against us will come before us and bow down one day. They will simply surrender. The Unification Church and Reverend Moon always have done their best to save this country, but their effort has only been met with persecution. When they realize that, what will happen? Will their heads go up and up or will their heads bow down? They will automatically kneel down. That is the natural way of God's providence.

Is there any nation which did not go against Reverend Moon? Until now, people have thought that Reverend Moon was a bad person. Did they think he was number one or number ten? [Number ten.] What about his real content? He has number one content. So what is happening to the number one person? He is going down to number ten. The number one man will take the opposite way. The Muslim world, Christianity, any country of any religious background all came, without exception, to oppose Father and the Unification Church for what it does.

Where is Reverend Moon today? If you ask the average person who is higher, Reverend Moon or President Bush, what will they answer? Everybody knows that Bush and the allied leaders are one thing, but Reverend Moon can go way beyond that and solve lots of problems which are beyond America, beyond Russia and all other countries. Even Gorbachev believes that. In four years Bush has to pack up and leave the White House, but what about Father? Is he going to pack up in four years? Will we pack up in four years?

Even after we die and go to spirit world, still we will want to follow Reverend Moon. Father can almost see that if he goes to spirit world first, you will come and cry out loudly, "Where is Father?" You will even demand for Father to come to you. There Father will know by even the faintest sign that someone is calling. He will know that it is you. When he looks at you will he be satisfied or disappointed, thinking, "Oh, he looks like a mixed color, he isn't pure white"? That's the problem. When you joined the church in the beginning, did you originally come to investigate Reverend Moon and see if he was good or bad? Or no matter what, did you come to sympathize and to help Reverend Moon? You have been going back and forth and wavering while you have been growing up.

Even regardless of us today the world is going towards the direction which Father has been describing. The world is moving in the direction of unity towards one sovereignty. Everyone feels that now, but the Unification Church and Father have been doing exactly that. So it means that the time that we have been pledging to Father is being materialized now. We are in that time now.

What is the second pledge within pledge number five? The first is proud of one sovereignty, the second is proud of one nation. We call it pek song. Pek song means citizenship, subjects, people. . . it means the same as country.

Then we are proud of one land. Kuk to means national territory, which is land. Proud of one land means proud of one national territory. Are we living in God's national territory? No, this is America's national territory and land, isn't it? Is this a heavenly nation? According to a principled standard we need to create God's own national territory. Is this our life goal? [Yes.] We share one steadfast purpose and direction. Are we going towards that one nation? American members don't really think that way. Have you ever thought, "I have a country, but I lost that country and now I have to gain it back"? Can American people have that feeling? The country of God which we used to have, we lost and now we have to recover. We recite this every Sunday morning and every Holy Day pledge, but how much have we really been thinking about the country or sovereignty? How realistic is it? God's main thinking is the establishment of only one country. Gaining His own country is all He has had on His mind for thousands of years. The question is how can we recover God's sovereignty? After the fall, the world came under Satan's authority. How can we clean this up? By making one sovereignty. That is always God's thinking. Do you understand? Compared to God's thought, how much did you think about this? That's the problem.

The Korean nation has been divided and is undergoing the utmost misery. Each half of the country is yearning for unification to recover their lost half and lost country. God has asked Korea to bear the cross of their country being divided into north and south. They have been suffering and suffering. The most serious thing was the division of the Korean peninsula. That is the most heavy cross on the earth. Kim I1 Sung is the worst one on Satan's side, like satanic parents. On the opposite side, in South Korea, Reverend Moon is standing in the True Parents' position. How can unity be made there? That is not so easy. America cannot do that. The Korean government cannot do that. Even if all the strongest leaders of the world's countries combined into one, they couldn't do that. Only Father can unify all of the Korean peninsula, eventually connecting the Japanese government, the American government and China and Russia. He can take these nations of the world's four corners and combine them into one ideal.

Father is the only one who is suffering to bring that unification about. Once Father liberates the communist countries and makes peace with the free countries then Father will have enough of a foundation to bring this unification about in Korea. The worst one to deal with is Kim I1 Sung. He is the worst communist leader. From Satan's point of view the worst one of the religious world is Reverend Moon. For forty years Kim Il Sung has been standing as a king, making a powerful influence all over the world. Reverend Moon has been on the opposite side and until now he was the worst persecuted by the entire world. But from now he is going up and up and up.

How about America and the free world? Even the free world cannot turn me upside down. Now the hopeful way is Reverend Moon's way and the free world is turning around. Look around and you will see that is normal people's perspective. Now Father is going up, up over Japan, over America, over China and over the Soviets. Father is at the center. Kim I1 Sung sees that. He is seeing that though they used to be enemies, all these great leaders are now looking to Father. Father is sending out a frequency to get them moving. They say, "Reverend Moon has good ideas. By combining with him we can do anything. Unifying Korea is no problem." Who can connect this world? Father is now doing that. I connected to the Soviet Union twenty years ago. I invaded there. I connected to China thirty four years ago. Father always has an underground organization all over the communist regions. The CIA didn't know that, the KGB didn't know that. Our members have worked in many of the main Soviet cities. This time when I visited there I saw them. They enjoyed and welcomed Father. They wanted to participate in Father's conference. Father told them "No, don't take that kind of direction." I know well the communist world. If Father's missionaries came to the conference all the KGB would be surprised. They would wonder how Father had organized an underground movement all over the country. They would be amazed. Twenty years ago we were working in the Soviet world. In China, we were there thirty four years ago. America doesn't know that. America didn't do that.

Our pledge is never easy. So we have been pledging that we are proud of that one sovereignty. Are we coming near. to that or not? The Gulf War is big news in America without a doubt, but Reverend Moon has been aware of the worlds situation and working on it behind the scenes. Which is a bigger event, the Gulf war or Reverend Moon's work? [Father's work.] By far. Let God be the judge. He pays more attention to what Father does than to the rest of the world's situation.

We saw the heavy television coverage of the Gulf war. What if the same media brought up the issue of what Reverend Moon is doing to save this country and the world. Even with only half the intensity, in forty days, what would happen to this world? [Things would change.] In what way would they change? Things would change for the better. A workshop of four days and three nights is all it takes for the average intelligent person to understand God's will and follow. With intense focused reporting for forty days we could expect all intelligent people to understand these things they've never even dreamed of in the past. And that day, believe it, is not far away. It is near. We all know that Father established the Washington media center with the utmost best equipment. America's top leadership, top senators, congressmen, Capitol Hill people and Federal officials have attended two conferences already. The second conference included many Soviet leaders. The Soviet leaders were focusing and paying attention to Father. They too need to know what God's world is all about. Everyone who participated said that Reverend Moon's education system is number one. Their attention was occupied completely.

The last time Father visited Moscow, there were two very high officials from the KGB. They escorted Father. Anytime Father could speak to them and they could speak to Father. Now Father can go back any time and speak to them to communicate with Gorbachev directly. Novosti press and television network came to interview Father. Father would not do it, but they would broadcast it again and again if Father gave some critical talk to them.

So all this foundation is made and Father is just waiting for the right time to do it. They know there is a thought superior to communism. They recognize that communism is nothing in comparison to this superior thought of Reverend Moon which is Godism. The satellite countries are the Godism club. There are seven or eight countries separated which have no power. We have to unify them. I recommended to them, I will lead you. Make oneness. Connect to the European Community bloc. After that you can influence the Soviet power. They said, "It's a good idea! Is it true?" But the American government doesn't like that. Reverend Moon has too much power all over the world, more than America. God likes that kind of action.

Are we all the citizens and subjects of one country or two countries? [One.] One race. One people. What kind of race? [Love race.] The true love race, not complicated love. Pure true love, forever love. This kind of love can occupy everything.

One country, one national territory. Will this one national soil come to exist or not? Actually this one is more important. If we have people, the land is bound to come. Once the sovereignty is established, the people can be active and the land can prosper also, automatically. The easiest way is for one sovereignty to turn around and then every sovereignty can turn around. America is that ideal spot because it is a very influential country. All we would have to do is have America and Russia turn around, then every other sovereignty would have to follow in their wake. Until now there was a polarization, but now it is unified into one. That means the top of the world has been unified and all God has to do is lead that top. Reverend Moon will come along pulling like a locomotive. God will pull and those two countries will pull. So America and Russia are competing to see who does more of the right and good thing for God. It is a good competition. Be careful, America, number two can easily catch up.

Until now the Soviet Union has been leading one world organization, not two. Their communist utopia had one purpose and only one direction until now. How about the American way? It is completely a situation of variety. Who has the edge? Just recently 100 people came from the Soviet Union for a four-day conference, where they completely turned around. Compare that to Harvard. If you gave that opportunity to them, how would they respond?

Up until July, 3000 top Soviet students will be coming here to be educated. Professors make up ten percent of each group that comes. These students are recommended by their professors to participate in the program. The professors recommend four students and out of them, we choose one. The first prerequisite is fluency in English. Out of the four people they recommend, Father chooses the one who speaks English best. Imagine: so many Russians speak English fluently. Today, here in America, how many students speak Russian? Almost zero. The Russians have always been making preparation to occupy all of the Western world. Don't you see that? They are preparing to have influence over the American people. They are smart guys and now Reverend Moon is turning them around to God's side. This is an historical event. It is a new era.

We are intermarried, of one origin and one blood, so we are now developing into one race, aren't we? What is the next pledge? Language and culture. What Father is diagramming here is the original world, the original Garden of Eden. [On the board Father has made a list of the first four pledges within pledge number five.] There was no language problem. The one cultural realm was the Garden of Eden; it had to be. But now as a result of the Fall, how many languages are there? Hundreds. What caused that? War and fighting caused the creation of so many languages. The elder brother and younger brother fought each other and the younger brother would say, "If my elder brother calls that 'grass', I'm going to call it something else." So the different languages developed. And when countries fought each other, "Well, I'm not going to go along with them, I am going to start something else." So they start a different culture and a different language using different words.

Satan started all this division. So what Satan damaged we must recover and repair. We have to unify again. What Satan and the false parents divided, the good parents, True Love parents, True Parents should recover and reunite. In which language should we speak? Maybe in the American language? I want the American people to answer clearly, which nation's language should we use as the center language? [Hanguk mal.] The True Parents' language, whatever it may be.

From the false parents everything was separated, but from the True Parents everything will be united and concluded. No one can disagree with this. This is Father's proclamation, the Divine Principle proclamation. How can you deny it? Those who say "Father, I still cannot completely understand why it has to be unified under that language," raise your hand. It is so clear by reason, that is why no one disagrees.

Only the person who speaks that original language can get into the Kingdom of Heaven. Those speaking any other language will be representing the fallen world and its pagan languages. Those who are confident that they don't have to go to the spirit world, that they can live long here on earth, raise your hand. No one can escape this destiny. In the spirit world your ancestors will ask you, "Did you meet True Parents on the earth?" You will say, "Yes, of course." Then they will ask, "Did you use the Parents' language?" What shall you say? From God's perspective the Parents' language is the original language. How can you deny it? Your ancestors will kick you out, saying, "This bad guy. He lived on the earth, why didn't he learn the True Parents' language? Instead of us, he had the chance and he didn't use it!" They will surround you and oppress you. That is a problem. When you go to the spirit world can you announce, "I am an American"? God's world doesn't want that. "I am Japanese," God doesn't want that. In the original heaven there can be only one country. You should feel, "This is my up home." Earth is your down home. That's true, you have an up home and a down home. They are vertically connected. Why home? God is my vertical parents and True Parents are my horizontal parents and both combine. What is your mind? Your mind is "vertical me." From where do you inherit that kind of mind? From the vertical parents, God. Your body is "horizontal me." From where did you inherit it? From True Parents. The vertical and horizontal love must be combined and centered on true love.

These aspects of pledge number five which Father has been describing represent our original home territory. There are no boundaries there and no separate owners. You can go anywhere, anyplace, at anytime. The atmosphere will always welcome you because Parents are the owner. If you are connected as a son or daughter you are part of the line of love, life and lineage. An attribute of True Love is that you can automatically inherit everything. The son can go to the parents' place and be welcomed every time. Day or night, it is no problem.

Those who have learned the Korean language raise your hands. Those who are learning raise your hands. It becomes a problem once you reach the spirit world if you don't speak Korean. You wait and see whether Father is just saying this for encouragement or whether it is true. You can see how much unnecessary waste there is. All you have to do is publish Father's words in one language and that would be it, if we could all read Korean. But now it has to be translated into 180 languages, for no good purpose. You have to do all the work of translating, but still the meaning will never be the same. The problem of one language can only be solved by religion. And not just any religion because Christians have not been able to do that. Only through the Divine Principle can this be accomplished.

Why is language in the fourth order of this pledge? These first four constitute the original world. On this foundation, Parents descend or come to exist.

So the fifth part of the pledge says we are proud of being the sons and daughters of True Parents or one "Parents." This original world must come about first, before the parents can come and before we as children can be proud of one set of parents. We have recited this every Sunday and every Holy Day morning, haven't we? With everything we can give we have got to recover these things of the original world which will allow the True Parents to come.

America is not the country which God developed or loves, not at all. We have to build a more brilliant culture than what New York City itself has to offer at some time to come. We have to build a much more beautiful city, one that God can call His own. Have we ever thought like that? Even at the age of seventy-one, Father is still thinking, "Yes, I have to build a beautiful city like New York." Can Father still think like that or because of his age, does he have to prepare for the spirit world? We are younger so we have to be the ones to build that kind of city, rather than Father.

We have to think like this always. This is the country we have to recover. This is what we must do, showing our pride for our True Parents. Language is our problem today, isn't it? Culture is also a problem. How can you erase this problem? We have to erase our first language and replace it with the original language. But we are still following American culture and using the American language. The original world does not use that kind of language or that kind of culture. They recognize only True Parents language and culture, which is Adam's language and culture. There is only one. God doesn't want all these other phenomena.

We must begin at this one point [the fifth part of pledge number five] to dedicate ourselves and to serve True Parents. That relationship begins here upon this foundation that has four elements. This is why the language and culture are in the fourth position. True Parents should come here [in the first position] because they are the very beginning of the world, but they have to come in the fifth position because the first four must be restored first before the True Parents and True Children relationship can come about. Is what Father says understandable?

You might have a justifiable question, "Why did Father put the True Parents in the number five position?" Because the first four are the original base. I'll remind you again-if, at the end of 1945 Christianity had accomplished all these four, if Christianity had supported Father, all this would have been accomplished. But because they did not follow Father and went against him instead, Father had to restore these things himself, taking forty years to do so.

So are we really proud of being True Children to one set of True Parents? What about the physical parents who gave you birth. Who are they? That is a really sorrowful predicament. You feel, "They are my parents but I cannot call them my parents because they do not know the depth of God." That is why we have heavenly parents and earthly parents. They were never meant to be that way. We, in the position of heavenly children, must absorb the other earthly children and earthly parents which are like Satan's children and Satanic parents, we must absorb them like the nutrition and ingredients of fertilizer.

Be proud of being true children of the True Parents. The only way we can do this is through grafting. Cut yourself off from the old root and fix your self to the new root. When you graft onto something, then the old root decays and it can work as fertilizer. Drawing from that a new bud can begin from the new root. You need to absorb the ingredients and nutrition from the old decaying life, then Satan has no way to come near you or to stay. This is the only way to do away with Satan. You don't know how difficult salvation and restoration is.

We have to have a ready concept and a natural flow of thinking all the time. After we recover one sovereignty and form one race and recover one national territory, then we will unify with one language and culture. When each individual does this, then we will be proud of one parent. Father, like God, has thought of nothing but this since he came to America. Father could think of the American sovereignty as his own sovereignty because he regarded it as God's- which makes it his own. He never thought, "This is America; I should love it less than Korea." Father never thought like that. Instead he tried to love America more than he loved Korea. Father has become a patriot to America, not to Korea. How did Father do that? When Father went to prison, Father loved America so much that he never complained. All the inmates Father met there were really bitter about America and complained against this country, discussing how to destroy it. Father told them, "No, you should not." In the prison people came to realize that though Father had the right to complain against America, he actually did not do that. They witnessed his good attitude for so many months and they wondered, "You have the right to complain and yet you don't." They never saw Father complain. If Father calls those men or writes to them saying, "Please come visit East Garden," everybody would come to visit. Do you understand?

Likewise we Americans should be feeling the same as Father and the same as God. We should sell everything we have in America and take it to Africa and make the same effort to save that country as what Father has done for America. If Americans, Germans and Japanese get together and go out as missionaries doing the same as Father, then the whole world will become one. All the world will appreciate these countries. They will become the leaders, the center. God will bless them. So America should bring all her resources to developing countries in Africa and elsewhere and work to save them just as Father did for you. He poured all his money into America because he felt America was his own country, the American people were his own race, and English was his own language. Father even learned and speaks English. You are young, you cannot accuse me. Father tries so hard to practice English but forgets the concepts every day. Learning English has not been so easy. In the evening time I study and by morning I have forgotten. I must make three times more effort at memorization!

We can not complain to Father, "I am already doing so much work; how can I learn the Korean language?" Within three years you can learn Korean completely, no problem. Do you understand? When we accomplish these four things, we can make a new beginning, the start of a new family system-our tribes.

We are proud of being the lineage to inherit one tradition. This one tradition implies one lineage. What is the regret of God and humankind? Just as Father said, we have two sets of parents. Our regret is the fact that we carry the wrong blood. Within our body we have inherited the wrong blood lineage. Who is the origin of that? It is Satan's inheritance. Satan wants to break down all creation. He wants to destroy the universe. That is the kind of ownership that is connected to you. You are Satan's fruit. Walking, thinking, smelling, talking, touching, all five of your senses are lost on Satan's side. Do you understand? Within you, all your ancestors are like a stock company of bad parents' tradition. We have inherited so much that is bad, we have no place to go except straight to hell. It is so incredibly complicated to recover us, but God is ambitious enough to resuscitate, restore and save these people like us. As we know God can do everything, so why doesn't God just begin the creation all over again? It would be a lot easier. But God cannot, He is committed to saving us. Those who have never spoken ill of others, please

raise your hands. You have looked at the wrong things and you have heard so many wrong things. We go along in life until we reach a certain point and then we come to a fork in the road and don't know which way to go. Now Father has cultivated and paved a middle way, the right way out of all history. We really don't know how to thank our Parents for having done that. In the blessing, we go through the ceremony of changing the blood lineage, don't we? Principally speaking, we have to become totally new people, going in a totally new direction after the day of the Blessing. If True Parents did not come to earth would this kind of thing ever be possible? The path of True Parents was so difficult because everything was crooked. Everything was the wrong way around and satanic. True Parents had to make a way to recover all this.

We have to think about what is the tradition directly from True Parents. That tradition comes from a different blood lineage, directly from God. After establishing the foundation of the original world, True Parents will come. Then I can be proud of the Parents and become one with the Parents. Then True Parents will give us a new tradition and a new blood lineage. Here I am directly connected with the Parents. Do you follow? Even their blood we inherit.

What comes next? What is in the seventh position of the pledge number five? The heartistic world. When all these previous points. are combined together our ultimate purpose becomes the realization of this heartistic world. The one world that we pledge to God to realize is to realize this heartistic world. The heartistic world has the tradition and lineage of our True Parents and connects us, the true children, though true love. It contains all the national soil, all the races, peoples, sovereignties and languages. All things are included in this heartistic world. Everything is connected to this ultimate purpose of all restoration. We must realize this one heartistic world which contains the heavenly blood and lineage.

So from this base [pointing to the first six points written on the board] our goal is here [the heartistic world]. The realm of heart is where we will dwell. In the realm of heart will there still be some heartistic separation between white and black? No, then it wouldn't be a heartistic world. Father is now giving us the training to live together black and white, side by side. In the spirit world do you think there are black people or not? [Yes.] But if we make one, it means black people don't have to be there. White people don't have to be there. Little by little the color of black people will gradually become lighter. People became black because of the long exposure under the sun for thousands and thousands of years.

When our pledge is actually fulfilled, when the result is actually established, a new heaven and new earth will result. One united world will exist.

[Father draws three long horizontal, parallel lines across the board.] Father is drawing the consistent, mainstream flow here. The first line represents unity centered on God. The second is unity centering on True Love. The first point is to unify centered on God and the second is unify centering on True Love. Then third is to live for the sake of others. True Love is the mainstream [in the middle] and these other two points are on the sides. Is unification easy? Why do we live for the sake of others? So we can achieve unification. It is the same thing, it is interchangeable. It is like the front and back of the same person. Like the front skin and rear skin of the same individual. Centering on love, not complicated love but True Love.

So we ask the question, Who am I? I am to unify, I am to live in True Love, I am to live for the sake of other people. In doing that, unification will be achieved. The original mind is the center, the flesh is the opposite side, but will follow the mind as the subject. You think about that. The flesh exists for the sake of the mind. Woman lives for the sake of man and man for the sake of woman. In that kind of concept we can find unification. True love is starting there. From unification we can connect to True Love. At this time Father created trinities, so that you can spread all over the country and go back to your original hometown. How can you save one village. Invest, invest, invest with True Love. After that, forget it.

We are all going in the direction of unification. It is not easy so there are not many people going this way. We go and go and continue to go, gradually increasing in number. When is unification going to be achieved? It is when we put more effort into unification than the opposing force makes against it. That is the persecuting force. If we strive for unification like it is a life and death matter, with little bit of true love added to it, our power will become enormous. You may be small in number, you may be alone, but knowing this secret if you work seriously like life and death, with true love, and you want to love that community more than other people, then that village will come to unification.

In this huge, immense country of America, no one can even imagine changing it. But Father did it. He came here and stirred everything up in a few

years and everything in this country began to wobble and go in a different direction. During this three and a half years Father stirred up all the American territory. Father had a strategy in order to reach out to America in a short period of time. Father used a bad name. If everyone just thought Father was good, not so many people would follow him so quickly. Everybody thought he was bad, but he was good, he only carried the name of bad. It is a very ideal situation. Everyone paid attention to him. Have you heard of the 'M' mafia? Who are they? The Moon mafia. That is what they call us, the Moon mafia. The gangsters of Moon. Our boat, the New Hope, has been investigated and searched over and over because someone had reported to the Coast Guard that we were smuggling opium. Every time they came and searched and searched, but they found nothing.

You know Iran's Khomeini? He was the most fearful man to Americans for many years. Khomeini is a very formidable opponent for America, but now they call Father 'Moon Khomeini.' They are worried, exclaiming, "He is living right in the United States!" All these bad names are associated with Father so everyone knows about Father's existence. The more years they investigate Father the more time passes and the more clear he becomes. Not an iota of that which is wrong and bad can be found within him, but people don't know. Everyone was completely stunned when the IRS put Father into prison for such a small amount of taxes due. No one goes to prison over $7000. America's own IRS sees that Father spends no money for his own sake, but that he spent millions and millions of dollars for the sake of America. They were the first ones to know because they were investigating. Now they have nothing more to say. Congressmen have bowed down to him. One person said, "We want to build a statue of Reverend Moon in front of each state legislature building in all fifty states." One man suggested that actually.

We now have a formula of unification, true love and living for the sake of others. These three are the mainstream of our lifestyle. It is the thought which guides our life. When someone asks you, "What kind of teaching does the Unification Church have?" you can explain this. The first point is unification. Next is creating a True Love race of all humankind. The third one is living for the sake of others. It is simple. Once you live this way and live this way all throughout your life, you will already have a passport to heaven. You don't need any extra ticket to get into heaven.

Now, you women, you were born for the sake of whom? [Men.] Father is right? Then what you have to do is unify between man and woman. Create unification between man and woman. Center your love with true love. You can't just have this concept but make it a reality. That is what the meaning of marriage is. Your body and mind are dual characteristics. How can you unify them? By living for the sake of others. Your mind exists for the sake of flesh and flesh for the sake of the mind centering on true love. This is what you need for happiness. A person who is separated has no happiness, do you understand? The place of unification is happiness. We need all these three, a unified body and mind, you need a true love center and you need to live for the sake of others. Then love automatically connects all the universe and it becomes yours. You want to become a big, big owner, don't you? Using those three things you can take everything and occupy all people. It is a simple conclusion. This is not concept, but reality. Do you understand?

If you live like this, the country will become one, the lineage will become one, the race will become one, the sovereignty will become one. Everything will come into unification. When we pledge this new heaven and new earth will eventually be born. In order for the new heaven and new earth to be born, we continue on pledging. The way to accomplish this goal is to live by these three simple rules. So, as a white person you want to think, "I want to test if I could go to the highest mountain in Africa and make unification by sacrificing myself." Now is a good testing time. Love Africa, but not less than you love your husband. More than you love your own husband and family, love Africans. Why? Because Africa represents the world level, your family is a more low level. You go to Africa, to a place with black people and you love them more than your own family. Otherwise you can't connect to the world base. Do you understand? After that you can have the experience of automatically going up to a higher level. Spiritual world will automatically connect with you. That is how you connect with heaven.

Do you understand this now? [Yes, Father.] When we have a knife and fork or chopstick and spoon, unification should come to your thought right away. You can say to your spoon, "Your name is unification spoon." You must think, "I am a true love center." The way of recreation is investing in that restoration course. It is like centering on God's place. If you have that kind of concept Satan cannot appear in front of you. You automatically escape him.

Are you sure you really understand what our life is all about? [Yes.] What if Father persecutes you now, will you just talk fast and demand that Father stop? If Father gives you several punches do you say, "Father, that hurts, you stop that!" No, instead you say, "Father, strike me ten thousand times!" There is no way Father can strike you ten thousand times, his hands will hurt. We have to bet our life when Father comes to say, "Do this and do that." We have to just say "Yes" and open everything up. One nice place where you can study this pledge is in the bathroom. You can sit in the bathroom and recite all these pledges saying, "Unification, unification." The old thing goes out and new thing goes in. You just sit there and think about it. That is a good place to recite.

We have been reciting the pledge almost automatically or mechanically but we never heard this kind of detailed explanation of the pledge from Father before. Now is the time to pledge, but with knowledge of why the pledge was composed this way. Now we are moving into the master's position in Father's place. So far Father has been doing it, but now Father is going some place else so we can take over Father's position and do what Father has done; Father needs to devote himself to these areas of mainland China, Germany, Russia, Japan and America too.

God is working for one sovereignty, one nation, one land, one culture and world. We have to think about that; it's not Father's life, but our life we have to live in the same way. Fortunately, America is a Christian country. Christianity has no recourse but to become completely one with the Unification Church which teaches about God so clearly. Armed with the Divine Principle we can definitely bring Christianity into one. We can even make Buddhism, even Islam and Judaism, come into one with the power of Divine Principle. They do not know the Bible correctly, that is why they are closed. With this in mind we can be confident with what Father has done.

Father doesn't want you to recite the pledge mechanically. He wants you to speak these words with such a deep meaning as when Father first instructed us about pledge. We should pledge from Father's position, as the one who made these pledges up in a particular way. In that position we will seriously recite this whether you go home or stay here.

How can the one who pledges seriously walk without carrying with him a book of the language he is desperate to learn? Maybe you will sleep on it hoping some words will get into your head. Even doing that at least Satan cannot blame us. The mute, the deaf, how miserable they must be. But we are the same; how are we different? When Father first came to America he could not speak in a communicable language-how helpless he was! But Father studied, though it was very difficult; then Father understood what you were reporting to him. Father goes up to his room very late at night, we know it, that is no secret. But he doesn't go to bed at that time. Father goes to study. Mother would wake up from sleep and see Father studying and ask him what was he doing. Mother saw Father was studying English. Do you follow? How can you take this lightly? It's out of the question that you say, "It is difficult to learn Korean." When there is an official meeting in Korea and the Americans have to come to see Father, Father uses no interpreter. So they have to communicate with what little Korean they understand, otherwise they receive no instructions. There are 200 volumes of Father's precious words we must read before we go to spirit world. At least one time. Are you going to continue to read Father's words in the English version?

Now no separate sermon is necessary. All we have to do is just take Father's words and read them off. If you become a minister you can work for eighty years without even studying, just recite what Father has already told us. Father says that the easiest thing for a minister is to belong to the Unification Church; he doesn't have to prepare anything! Even now everyone is saying, "Father, even though I have been living with you ten or twenty years, I never realized you spoke such precious words." Now they discover Father newly every day through Father's words.

There is nothing to fear, everywhere we go we are the master or center, because we have Father's teaching. It is our hope and our wish that our offspring and Father's own offspring will intermarry, correct? Whether it is white families or black families, it doesn't make any difference. Now there are twelve different nationalities living in East Garden. Of course they are already blessed and they have so many different children with a great variety of language and culture. But when Parents stand in the center then they will all have to follow with no disagreement. Study the Korean language so we can understand Father's teaching more deeply. We need to understand the truth. Many scholars are studying Korean just to study Father's words and life. We are in the children's position; how can we not do it. Father will now present the volumes of Father's words to Gorbachev and say, "Gorbachev, do what you will. Maybe you will have them translated into Russian so they can be put into use to make Russia a better country." Father thinks that Gorbachev will do that. But we have to learn Korean directly. If you don't learn Korean, maybe Father will do the same for Bush. Father will give him the books of speeches and ask him to translate them into English for Americans to use.

Sell Belvedere, sell The Washington Times, sell everything and give this money to mainland China, which so desperately needs money and expertise. How glad they would be! How much they would appreciate it. Americans don't appreciate these things here. What if Father keeps these things in America, even though they are not appreciated? What will happen in 100 years time? People will come on a pilgrimage here. This is one place that doesn't belong to America, it belongs to everyone around the world. This will be a tremendous tourist town; Mecca will be no comparison. This will be a rich town and country because of Father. Do you think the White House is precious? No, the Belvedere carriage house where we sit now is much more precious than the White House.

Those who will pledge to Father, "I will be the new owner of the new heaven and new earth and I do so with both hands up!", please do so.

Thank you. Let us pray.

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