The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

The Dividing Peak Of The Dispensation Of History

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 1991
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's talk this morning is "The Dividing Peak of the Dispensation of History." Are any Barrytown students here? Just one? Are there any 777 couple representatives here? What anniversary will you celebrate this year? You were married in 1970, so this will be twenty one years. Are those attending this morning leaders or those who don't have responsibility for a group or organization?

How many countries are represented here? Korea, Japan of course, America, how about Germany? France? Any other nations? England, Peru, China, Brazil, Australia, Soviet Union, Guyana, Vietnam, Italy. Do these countries have a mixed blood lineage or just one? America, for example is combined. Each race keeps a certain identity then they get together. But still you cannot exactly call it a nation of mixed blood. You can say the Unification Church meets the qualification of being both combined and mixed. Do you understand? In the Unification Church, the blood itself is being mixed and gathered together.

America is a country which is comprised of people who crossed the boundaries of many nations. Religiously persecuted, the early settlers sought freedom and independence for their own belief. They all came to America and formed a country. So America is a country which founded the new Protestant denominations of Christianity. Until then each country had been like a hermit, but America went over the boundary and united based on Christianity. Still, within the United States certain sects or inclinations have been visible. That means the Protestant denominations basically go beyond the boundary of nation, but the churches which have their roots or surroundings in Italy or Germany or even England still retain some of the identity of their origins. They united but they still keep somewhat to themselves. In the background of these faiths there is a strong Catholic influence. Other influences from different nations also have been shaping American faith. Many races have many different backgrounds of Christian denominations. But all those denominations cannot unify. That's the problem.

The true ideal of Christianity, what God and Jesus meant to come about, was a true unity, a true intermingling unity, and that has not been fulfilled.

At the time of Jesus we see that three disciples were antagonistic to each other. They competed and fought. In fact the seventy two elders fought, each exerting themselves. Even the 120. When each country grew they continued to fight and continued to widen the rift rather than closing it up.

Today especially, the Protestant groups have kept their own independence. Today we see the result of that. 120 countries have formed centering on the United Nations. Instead of all becoming one, there are many countries. We can conclude that even though it is in the second born son position, America is supposed to gain the older son's position which Catholicism has. America is to become an elder son and influence all the world. In other words, the first son is supposed to influence the world including the second son, but this time with America its the other way around. America is restoring elder sonship. This is what America was supposed to do. Protestantism is the second generation to Catholicism.

It is true that America exerts a great influence even over the Holy See, in fact it takes the position of elder son though it is the second born. In 1960 Kennedy became president of the United States. He was Catholic-the first Catholic president of the United States. But 1960 was the year of equality, a time when everyone become equal-when there was equality between the elder son and the second son. Until then the second son had been raised up, but from that time they had equality. It was because of the True Parents arrival. The parents cannot arrive until the brothers become one. So at that time in 1960, when the two brothers became one, True Parents were able to reveal themselves here on earth. President Kennedy should have given economic aid to all the world, expanding the horizon of American influence. Instead, since he did not know the dispensation, Kennedy and his administration went the wrong way; they went backward. They decreased aid and contained themselves, saying they would mind their own business and let other countries take care of their own. That was clearly against the way God intended America to be. That is the reason Kennedy met an untimely end. The same happened to the United Nations: Dag Hammerskjold died. These things were the result of non-compliance with God's direction.

America was not meant to be just an Anglo Saxon country for itself. God meant it to grow into a country which does things all over the world for the world, not just for their own country. But since people did not know this was the dispensation they decreased. 1960 can be called the transitional year of all history. That is the decade that the victorious countries of World War II helped the defeated countries become independent and equal . They were to raise them up. This is what happened in 1960. We see very clearly that 1960 was a year when the victorious countries raised up the defeated countries. That was in accord with the world wide direction which they were to go.

But America, which is a mixture of all other nations, should clearly have moved in the same direction-to exist not just for themselves. But that is the trend they mistakenly took. The administration tried to go backwards, to go against this direction. They tried to get together for themselves, not to help and influence other countries.

It is very important to recognize the importance of Christianity in America. If we disregard that element, America has very little meaning. When America won its independence, George Washington was a betrayer to England which was their mother nation. It was not something that could be encouraged or even praised. It was not. How can you tolerate the country which betrayed its origins without clear cause and became independent? America at that time was in the son's position whereas England was in the mother's position. This time the son was not supposed to follow the mother, but the mother was supposed to follow the son. This is the view point of restoration. So God helped America to be born as the first son of the mother, England. The dispensation allowed this situation to exist for the restoration of elder sonship.

Comparing to that, how does the Lord of the Second Advent come? The same way. The second advent will be born of a woman. Do you understand? At the time of the last advent that son occupied all the mothers country, all the mother's people, all the mother's-side traditions. That's what Washington was and did. In Korean, Washington rhymes very well with a word which means 'wash stone.' Stone is symbolic of Jesus and the Christ to come. So wash the stone means make preparation. Clean up the atmosphere. This is the principle point of view. This is the right perspective to look at American history.

As for the matter of the Indians, did more Indians die from illness or from being killed? [From being killed.] There are many problems that can never be solved unless we come to understand the Principle and then for the first time that puzzle can be explained. The owner of that perspective and the principle is Reverend Moon himself. How and why did the events with the Indians take place? In the world arena, Asia is the first born and the second born- America-has to restore elder sonship. Asians are in a first son position. They have such a huge population which means a longer history. The Indians, who were Asians, were already in America. They were the first sons. But to restore the elder sonship, the second son, which is America, came in and God "allowed" them to turn things upside-down, or right side up.

America became a great nation by great blessing. But just like the Indians who shed their blood and sacrificed themselves for the second son to become elder son and to satisfy the dispensational direction, if Americans shed blood themselves for the sake of the world America would remain to become an even greater nation. If Americans had carried that out, sacrificing their nation for the sake of other nations and for the sake of becoming one, then America would never have declined like as it has. Do you follow? If America like a live offering takes itself to the alter and is prepared to be killed for the betterment of the world and to serve the purpose of God, and to embrace the whole world, America would be quite a different nation today. It would be very prosperous, very much loved by God and every nation of the world. But they did not know that dispensation. What they did instead was to try to embrace other nations for their own sake to serve their own purpose. They tried to digest others for the sake of themselves rather than offering themselves for the sake of others. This is how America went against the direction of the dispensation.

America has clearly only one way to go. That is to exist for the sake of other nations. Otherwise there is no way they can get out of the realm of blame by those who have been killed, by those who offered themselves as a sacrifice. In other words, Indians were sacrificed and to vindicate their offering America should have gone the right way. Then America could not be blamed. But because America went against God, they can be blamed.

The way that Christianity must go is clear. First we have to reveal these little understood principles and satisfy the condition of sacrificing oneself for the sake of others. The one who is willing to shed their blood, the one who is ready to die, will live. So even now the only way for American Christianity to live is to connect with that sacrificial deed. Because God helped America, raised America to restore elder sonship, He "let" America kill all the first sons so that they themselves could become first sons. Now that they have done that, it is their turn to suffer and offer themselves for the sake of other nations. We have to do that for American Christianity to continue.

No one can deny through logic and reasoning that the only way for this restored elder sonship to continue to receive blessing is to go backward, the same way as they came to be raised as the first son. We must go the way of sacrifice. Maybe you do not understand this very deeply. Maybe this is the first time you are aware of this, is what Father says really true? Without going through this course there is no way to reach the goal. Has Father been thinking cleverly to come to this point? If this speech were broadcast to the entire nation of America, would they say, "Oh Reverend Moon, you're wrong, it's not so." Or would they say he is correct? [Correct.]

But how many young Americans in reality are ready to shed their blood for someone other than themselves? What about other people, other races, other nations? No. If there is none, in order for America to survive and prosper somebody had to take up this task because there is no other way for America to receive blessings. "Who is to do it?" is the question.

Let us look at those who have gone for many years of training in the seminary, including all the staff members-higher or lower it doesn't make any difference. All want to come and hide in Father's shadow and get a salary from the church and from Father and somehow live day by day. But let Father ask you a question. Have any one of you ever given Father a salary? It's alright that we received one so far, but has anyone ever given one to Father. And when the going becomes difficult those people look around and then pack up and leave. Why did Father create the Barrytown Theological Seminary in the first place? To let the students know this principle, strengthen themselves and carry it out. How can such a person be the first one to escape and flee? Today Father has helped many essential organizations for example, The Washington Times and ALC, which played crucial parts in reviving the hope of America. But after a while they become comfortable and say, "Reverend Moon give us more money, We need more money." Every year they ask for more money instead of saying, "We will support ourselves and eventually we will support you." Things haven't

gone in that direction. Americans say, "It is our tradition. We are the job fulfillers, we are the job people. I do work and somebody has to pay me." That is their mentality. Father, who doesn't even have a country, comes here, sacrifices himself to the utmost, provides money and everybody just asks for more money. In the view of the dispensation the elder son of all elder sons, and the king of all kings, and parents of all parents came to this country and sacrificed everything. Reverend Moon is in the central position, the central son's position, parents' position and center king's position. All those three combined into one center on Father. That kind of man who came to America and sacrificed himself has been persecuted by America until now, day and night. This is the providential perspective. America is losing its elder son's position and therefore its future parents' position and kingship position. Those three things will be lost. Now America is going down, down, down. Who can pick it up? Only Reverend Moon who is centered on the providential viewpoint. America must follow me; otherwise there is no way.

This is why God called Reverend Moon to help America to do the right thing. It is even difficult to talk about in the same mind, but Father actually put the president into his office according to the dispensation, according to what God wants for fourteen years. Can you imagine how difficult it is even to express in words, let alone put this into action and make it reality? Father is not just thinking and talking about it, but doing it. Father didn't even have the language or anything, but single handedly came to America and while Americans were all dreaming, he actually saved this country physically. How difficult it must have been. It wasn't the CIA or the FBI, but Father himself who made the president and we all saw how it went, what Father predicted and what would happen. Looking back we see that everything happened.

The one who is in the position to have a consistent view, those who have had the opportunity to be watching Father for the last ten or twenty years, like politicians and intelligence sources, those people know what has transpired. There is no question that Father did these things: Father came here and then restored the things America did not do. If Father did not do those things America would have gone farther down than it is now. Centering on America, Father made up that foundation centering on leader's rights-on parentship. That mission is the American president's. But he didn't do that, so standing in the center position, Father did everything. 1974 was the year Father officially entered America and got his green card. During the next fourteen years up to 1988, Father accomplished these things. During this fourteen years of intense work solely for the sake of America, there was not one day when Father was welcomed by the American people. Reagan, who is deeply indebted to Father, betrayed Father. He never paid him any attention or gave any support to Reverend Moon. Even though all Americans betrayed Father, including the president, God has embraced Father even more tightly. So it is very clear, if America does not follow the wake of Reverend Moon, following him wherever he goes, there is no way they can come alive. They will perish and decline. America is in the elder son's position to Father because they represent the whole Christian world. Christianity was born earlier than Father. In all perspectives everyone is in the position to praise and thank Reverend Moon, but when they do not, but instead go the wrong way, then their direction will be one of decline. Dispensationally doing what America is failing to do, somehow Father provides the condition and makes good. God says, "Yes, I accept."

Then Father reaches out for Russia. Russia is an enemy too. During this long reign, the dark ages of communism, they along with Kim I1 Sung tried to kill Reverend Moon. Even Gorbachev wanted to assassinate Reverend Moon. But Father repelled that. They cannot beat God. Ultimately, Gorbachev has to bow down to Father.

At the time of the fall, Adam didn't know where he was going. The mother country did not know where to go, the fallen elder son did not know where to go. The archangel, Satan, did not know where to go. The only one who knew was God. Father's time is coming now. In all history-America, Russia, the Christian church, the elder son, the second son, the Eve country, England-no one in the world knew the direction to go. Only the man who centers on God knows. Who is he? Reverend Moon. So Bush and Gorbachev do not know. Just like after the fall, nobody knows. But Father brings them the right understanding. They aren't even willing to go and yet Father brings them. Christianity too is in complete darkness. They can't see even one inch ahead of them. Nobody knows. Other religions don't know either.

What do you say? "Yes Father, I think I can understand" or "Yes Father, I know that is true"? [We know its true.] This is reality. You have to be convinced of this concept. People did not know this kind of history and tradition. Who can solve America's situation? Only by centering on Father's viewpoint. Until now what has been your attitude? Are you absolutely connected with a Principled viewpoint? No. You also have to make a new direction otherwise there is no hope for America's future. Do you understand?

So what is the title of Father's sermon this morning? "The Dividing Peak of the Dispensation of History." That peak divides the fallen past from the victorious future. Has America crossed over the top of that dividing peak? How high is this peak which is the highest mountain of the dispensation? Is it a low hill or a very high mountain? We know Mount Everest is high. Is this mountain taller or lower than that? [Taller.] It is the peak which God Himself could not go over, it is so high. Father knew that it is not the peak which God has to stand in front of and cross. Rather Adam and Eve have to stand before God and go over first . Then God will follow.

The purpose of creation is not fulfilled by God. The planning is all done by God, but the actual achieving of the purpose of creation is done by Adam and Eve themselves. How? To live in the right relationship with God. Living like that is Adam's responsibility. In going over this peak, is it just Adam and Eve and God? Or do Adam and Eve and God make their difficult way, pioneering and pulling, and lead all the rest of mankind beyond the satanic territory by going over that dividing line? Does everybody have to go or just Adam and Eve? [Everyone.] This is one reason God had to send the messiah to the earth. He has to go in front of God and help every one of mankind go beyond that boundary. After that God can follow. That is the order.

America, England and France became the victors of World War II. They united based on their Christian background. They became victors but they did not know which way to go after that. This was the first time unification had an historic foundation- when England (in the mother's position), America (in the elder son's position) and France (in the archangel position) fought for victory. Those three countries made up one unified nation after the second world war. It was the first time in history a religious background made up that kind of foundation. What would have happened if that unified atmosphere united with Father? One world under God would have been established. Elder sonship would have been restored, parentship would have been restored and kingship would have been restored. All these things would have been completed within seven years time. Today we can only imagine it, but this would have taken place. The Protestants, Catholics, Christians and non-Christians, even non-believers would have gone over this peak. If the Holy See and America became one, in essence the world would have been united already. If they became one and accepted Father then the world would already be one, every country not just a few. If that happened Russia would have ceased to exist as a hostile nation. Communism would have melted like snow.

In the last several decades Father has shown us the blueprint of how the free world has to go under God's dispensation. Also he predicted and he taught that communist theory is wrong and he taught the alternative. Father already did that.

Father still wants to cross this dividing peak. What Father could have done easily in seven years, took him seventy years. Since it did not happen as originally planned after WW II, Father had to indemnify all of it in order to go up to the top of this mountain and cross over the peak now. America today has no idea what is in store for them. For example with the Gulf War. If American leaders had intently listened to what Reverend Moon said, they could have found a way around that war. But they didn't know. That alternative would have united Bush and Gorbachev completely into one. They are minimally united now, but not like that. Then also the war would not have had to come.

This world is blind; they do not know what to do. How many Americans are confident they can take care of the aftermath of the Gulf War? The war ended but from here on they don't know what to do. Now everyone comes back saying, "Yes, we won. Mansei for Bush!", but it is not that simple. How do you resolve the consequence of that war? Father knew this would come to pass, so he prepared already by educating the Muslim realm. Father told them God's dispensation. Miraculously, Father worked so hard for them that fortunately they listened. Father has arranged all things with the Syrian Grand Mufti. You saw that they came here and went through the forty days training, learned Father's doctrine for the first time in Muslim history. They didn't understand all the details of Divine Principle, but they have one thing clear-they know the Grand Mufti is their father. He is their father-figure. Now they discovered that here is a new father, and the new father is somehow greater than their father. That much they understand. You know how difficult it is to reach out to the Muslims and try to convert them. They are very rigid and even if they listen to the theory of some other religion they can be executed. But here the top of the whole Muslim community came to listen, so no one is in the position to stop them. No one among them can say, "He is a heretic."

This is the same in the Buddhist world. Just before the war last year there was a religious congress in San Francisco where they decided they would all follow Reverend Moon. The glad fact that Syria did not get seriously involved in this war, that Egypt did not, is due to what Father painstakingly has been carrying out in the past. They have a reason to be grateful to Father.

That is easy to say, and even easier for you to listen to because you sit down. Listening is a much too easy way. You should pay. Since you didn't pay you don't know how valuable it is. So you say, "Oh, Father I understand. Still Americanism is number one." Is that number one or number ten? Not even ten, more like 1000 or 100,000. Americans somehow feel America is the best and you can't shake that idea off. You cannot solve this problem by laughing it off either, only by shedding your own blood can you come to understand where you are. This is why Father started chasing American members out of this country to the world. And everyone who went out to the mission country, were they glad or not? [Glad.] For the first time it occurred to them, "Maybe America is wrong." First they understood they have sinned very much against our Father. For the first time they understood this. Our members understood two things.

First they understood America sinned against Father very much. Secondly, even Unification Church members have sinned against our Father much. Because they always thought, while Father was speaking and doing things, "Father doesn't know America. America's way is better than his." They always thought like this, and by doing so greatly hindered Father's work. Since Father came to America, American Unification Church members joined IOWC and went to the east, south, west, and north. We immediately went around to stir up the country making too much noise and so were persecuted. Everyone asked, "Why are they making so much noise? Why don't they be quiet?" I know that. During three and a half years Father had to turn around America. Father knew that. But Americans asked, "Why don't we just do things in a gentlemanly way? Why don't we just work quietly, which is the American way?" But there wasn't time, so Father had to move quickly during that time, or America would have become an eternal enemy.

The peak was here for Father to cross, but that did not happen. Now Father has to indemnify the whole thing and not go on as an individual. Rather he has to go over as a family. So Father blessed the thirty six couples which is three times twelve. And seventy two couples which is twice the thirty six number. And 120 which represented 120 nations when Christ comes again. When Father gave the Blessing at that time there were 124 countries in the United Nations. There were actually 124, the four additional being included as representatives of those who committed crimes in the satanic world. Father's desire is to save even Satan, so representing the worst Satan four more couples were included. 120 would have been sufficient, but the fact that Father added four more made a big difference. That number could symbolize everybody in the world. For this addition Father was incredibly persecuted, just to add these four to the number. In America they get married and how many days does it last until they divorce? How many hours? You laugh because there is truth in it!

Should we bless the one who has a husband or wife? That wife and husband should lead all their relatives. That means in Korea, that if this man's wife wants to marry another man, he has to lead the way and bless them. Do you understand? It's that difficult, that impossibly difficult. To give the Blessing is not easy for Father. Because Father wanted to save even these four extra couples he has been blamed and labeled as a family breaker. In reality Father tries to save even Satan, but Satan didn't understand and tried to turn it around the other way and so blamed Father for giving the Blessing.

Here in America Father knew well the basic circumstances of this country. How many are virgins on either the man's side or woman's side? If virginity was required, there was no way for the blessing to be given here. It was never easy-the Blessing that you got. Father has been persecuted and has borne the cross on his shoulders because of giving the blessing to unworthy people in an unworthy position. Do you understand? So if you think you're blessed and that it came easy and you are privileged, you should not. And you certainly cannot think it is the same as marrying in the outside world. The average woman has been living with over thirty men; that is the result of free sex. Sometimes 1000. Father really feels such people deserve to be hit by lightning.

Then Father blessed 430 couples. Here too Father added four to make 434. Father extended that into 4300 which includes all the major family names. Centered here everything is attached to Korea. No one can separate from Korea which is the P. That is why Father did that. With this foundation, an acceptable foundation to God, Father proceeded to bless m couples which Father extended to the entire world. So the 777 blessed couples are representatives of all the world. 777 is the number twenty one. That was in 1970. This Blessing embraced more than forty countries. Centered on that Father gave the blessings for holy grounds in every country. After that, as we know, there was the 1800 couples blessing. That is three times six. As we know six represents a satanic number. 6000 couples included all the nations in the world. Even though Father did not yet have one country Father has formed one blood lineage. Like Adam and Eve and their few family members who were alive at that point, they have multiplied to this point. Father here has the same base of starting a new lineage and has brought them up both spiritually and physically and has crossed over this dividing peak.

America has gathered together in number and has united pretty well, but has never really intermingled. There has never been real unity. Whereas we, though we may have a small number now, we are one in blood and one race. By the time it reproduces and expands in years to come you can only imagine! In the matter of a few years the whole world will be flooded by our race. This is why Father has planned and is about to make the Blessings public through the World Cultural Olympics. On this foundation anybody who wants to join Father and our race can come from now on. So American young people and Japanese, even Russian young people want to come and join in. China too.

The boundaries of democracy or communism, are no hindrance; people will come and join from all other countries. All are coming under one intermingled blood lineage. When the satanic world looks at these large numbers of people coming to be involved, how disappointed or desperate it must be. Satan's country is coming to an end now. There is a big tree which has a satanic origin. Father uprooted that tree and Father planted his own new lineage into it, so Satan is desperate and doesn't know what to do.

Religious Americans may have thought they knew about Reverend Moon, since he is working on religion, but Father went beyond what they thought. Many countries, many origins are coming into America and being united. They thought that was pretty good, but now they are really flabbergasted to find out that Father is coming down even beyond that level to mix the blood. They could not imagine that. The word WASP means they are secluded and isolated, and they even thought that was God's will. But here they see blacks and all different races and colors altogether. Not just Western, but everyone is in it. That pure white blonde is willing to accept anyone. What she is proposing is to become the elder son's wife. Men, too, want to become the husband of the elder sister. Just like Abraham was grateful for his blessing, we are eternally grateful for our blessing and matching because we know that we will become ancestors of a unified black and white race. Even white people know that and want to partake in that historical position. This blonde is ready and willing to cross over even the heaviest burden or cross of marriage in interracial or international marriage.

How much has God worked in the past to make our blessing possible and to keep it working? How much has God done? None of us could possibly know how much it has taken to make it to this dividing peak. If we did know we would take our marriage much more seriously. Blessed couples number more than 24,000, and whose tribe is it? Centering on God, it is God's tribe. There are many tribes in the world, and whose are they? Satan's. But here we know we are God's tribe. This is the dividing point we have crossed. Who are you? Are you a member of God's tribe or Satan's tribe? To be in God's tribe means you are part of a special race. What kind of race? [Love race.] What kind of love? [True Love.] The True Love race! Are you the True Love race really? [Yes.] Just think how difficult it is to attain the contents of True Love. Father has always got that True Love content every time, everywhere. But still God couldn't use that. Why? Because He didn't have an object. Father took that kind of position where even his True Love couldn't be fully received by God. But from this difficult, miserable place God's race began. How Satan tried to deny that! It has not been an easy way. You have to know that.

How much God has been thinking all through history, even on the cross, how to make True Love flourish in the midst of the fallen world. All through history He has been persecuted. It is a serious situation. Do you understand? God is my Father, your Father. So you have to take the indemnity course, take that reverse course on the individual level, the family, tribe, nation and world level. God is paying indemnity, carrying the heaviest burden all through history. By paying indemnity we are creating a victorious atmosphere which increases the good atmosphere. Father understood everything going on behind God's providence. He persevered through persecution and after that has made the providential perspective clear. Anyone who connects with the

Divine Principle can immediately understand the Fall. Immediately they can know God's situation. They will see how miserable all history has been. Also they will understand "God is my Father. More than me, He was persecuted all through history." Then they can decide, "At this time I will stand in Father's situation. I will pick up the rest of God's love cross." Going that way is called the unification way. Do you understand? You have to know this position clearly.

Compare this point with your situation. Realistically you cannot compare Father's situation to yours. You would have to imagine a situation ten times, a hundred, even a thousand times more filled with persecution. You can never compare yourself to God's situation. Father clearly understood what was going on behind God's providence all through history, so no matter how impossible the indemnity seemed he said, "I will take it on. I will march onward and upward." He took the progressive way, no matter how difficult. And this course is a one-way course, not two ways!

So have we crossed the dividing peak or not? [Yes.] Who crossed it first? [True Parents.] Now we have reached a point where no one can come against Father. This is a course where even you as an individual and you as a blessed couple or family, as a representative of race or country, can never change our position back to anything in the world. Our position is far too precious. The only thing we need to know is how precious our position is. Ten times 24,000 blessed couples is 240,000. One hundred times is 2,400,000. One thousand fold is 24,000,000. It doesn't take that long. Very quickly we will reach to that level. Does autumn come quickly or slowly? Which is faster, the speed of Fall when the leaves start falling, or spring, when everything turns green and starts to grow and becomes tall and mature and then ready for fall and winter. Which period is faster? [Spring. No, fall.] Who answered spring? There is always an oddball. Maybe Satan is staying very close to him. Satan will say, "In there is my foundation." When you are in a serious examination and you say "No," when you were supposed to say "Yes," or you answer "Yes" instead of "No," it sounds like an easy mistake, but what are the consequences? The difference is like that between heaven and earth.

The world has now become tinted with Reverend Moon's color, hasn't it? America is dropping its opposition and now it is becoming the spring of faith. Father gave his new grandsons and grand-daughters this name, for example Shin Son means goodness and spring. Father feels "Now the springtime is visiting us again. This is the springtime of faith." It is the religious spring into which we are now coming. Father is leading this world into one world, one new spirit. Does it look like that? [Yes.] In autumn Father harvests the fruits, but did Father harvest the fruit on the fallen side of the peak or after crossing over the dividing peak? Did you go over by yourself, or just by following, so that without knowing you find yourself over the top? [Just followed.]

Like the Pilgrim Fathers, we preserved our food and then started planting. They wanted to plant more and more so they could have a bigger harvest. They were working very hard to plant because they knew that this would bring more harvest. That is the Pilgrim Fathers' spirit. They sold everything, cast out everything-nation, family, cultural background, they cast out everything. You too must forget everything you own. Only the seed, this one hard seed is our concern. That is the seed of a new territory. Father gave us a new order didn't he? Father told us to go back to our homeland. When you go to your hometown to witness it is a new land. This is the new settlement of Moonies or the new generation's new age. The Moonie is not really a proper name for us, what would you call those who belong to this world? [Worldists.] We need to build a worldist country. Which is bigger the country or the world? The worldist country has the land in it and man and the sovereignty in it. The name is simple, it is a country, but it includes everything. Do you understand? One world under God, one nation under God-same thing.

So do you want to sell everything and come here over the peak to find a fertile land and plant as much as you can? Do you want to give up everything and forget everything of this land here? You're very light then, you have nothing to worry about. Forget the culture, forget your future, forget everything, but sow just like the Pilgrim Fathers so that you will have plenty in the future. If you do that then when Father says, "Now you come to Korea", you can also drop everything and come to Korea. There you can buy land with the money you gained from selling things here. Would you like to buy land in Korea? Just imagine Korea! Everyone in the world will want to own a piece of land there, and Korea is not that big a country! How high the price will be! Like a Pilgrim Father they drop everything, forget everything, sell everything and they come to settle down in Korea. They will say I forsook England to come to Korea, I gave up America to come to Korea and now I have this proud foundation for thousands of years of my

lineage to come. How wonderful that person would be as an early settler in Korea. Do you want to follow Father to Korea too? [Yes.] Why? Because we have to cross that dividing peak.

Now if we remain here and get richer here and more influential here it is closer to hell, whereas we have to go over this peak and arrive at the other side. No matter how difficult it is, no matter how many elements come against you, you cannot be stopped by that. You have to go beyond. If the person drops here [halfway up the mountain] it's not that difficult, it's not so far to fall. However if you come almost to the top, which is so much more difficult, and then you drop down, you will fall down even further. Even here near the top we've got to make total effort no matter what. When they reach the top and somehow drop back down, that is the worst hell one can experience. So we have no choice except to go over to God's domain. We all saw President Nixon's situation. Nothing happened there and in conclusion he was ousted. You know what it is like to be ousted. Compare how much more important our situation is to Nixon's. Where would we be if we were ousted? How miserable we would be.

Here everything tried to stop Father, no one sympathized or supported him. Everyone thought it was impossible. America did so, Christianity, the Muslims, all the religions and all the nations, communist countries too, opposed Father. But today, what happened? They are all beaten. No matter how many men they had and how strong they were they have just been knocked out. Now Father's plan is to educate the leaders of America and the Soviet Union and not at two different places, but in a unified class. Still many people do not respond favorable to Orientals, but what about American leaders today? Father is saying now you are Unification Church mediocres. Would you follow them on their tail or would you stand before them and lead the way, which one? [Lead the way.] With what? You know well! You have the seed, the new seed. They don't have the seed. You can say, "I have in my pocket many seeds." They will go out but they have no seed to sow. If you go you have seed. You cannot take the result effectively in the future time. If you don't have result, they will spit you out. Don't say then that you are a Moonie. If someone asks you "Don't you have some kind of effective seed?" and you say, "No, I liked only Divine Principle," with that kind of attitude you have no seed. Jesus told Jerusalem about the fig tree. Someone wanted to take the fruit but there was no fruit. Jesus told them immediately, "Get out." Do you understand? What will happen to your profession for God and the nation's future population? That means fruit, that means effective, that means result. What is result? The people of God's nation. Not apples or peaches. You know well. What is fruit? How can you harvest more? The fruit is the people of God's nation. Until then God didn't have the nation's people. He didn't have complete people.

Father told us to become Tribal Messiahs, right? Tribal Messiah means we will represent the world messiah. The Tribal Messiah must contribute to help to save the world. We need manpower, economic power, knowledge power, sovereignty power. Invest everything there. Invest for the sake of God, connected to the world dispensation. Father always got the world foundation. Father's footprints have covered the world. After that he is making the Tribal Messiah center. This is our mission, do you understand? In there, there is no persecution. Going downhill after passing the peak is easy. During ten years to the 21st century, how many will be over the top-we can only imagine. How many countries have completed Father's foundation? So Father really has done more than enough for the sake of this country.

If you have any reason for Father to stay here longer, please mention it now. [We love you.] Love, love, love, but then we have to be reminded, we are not the only ones who love Father. In every other country there are people who love him. Think about it, do you think white people love Father more than yellow people or black people? So that is not a good enough reason for Father to stay. Black people are talking about getting together and making a group, they are saying "Reverend Moon we want to be connected to you and we want to help you." Spanish speaking countries and their leaders are saying the same thing. The South Americans came to be on Father's side when he went to prison in America. They awarded Father a Ph.D. from a South American Catholic theological seminary. Father got four honorary Ph.D. degrees from South America. And you all need at least one Ph.D. degree, don't you? When every nation practically offered Father to give him this kind of degree he said no. Father told them, "You will give me one degree, but you will try to get ten times more than that out of me. Isn't that what your thinking?" That's business sense, not heartistic sense. Maybe Father will accept everything that they offer if the professors and students come and say, "We will become servants to you." They will bow down to Father and then maybe Father will accept.

Your eyes look like the eyes of the CIA. They are very inquisitive. That's the way you look! You may not mean it, but that is how other people see you. Make it a point to keep a low silhouette and posture and try to focus on something immediate, not piercing direct at others.

You too opposed Father, didn't you? Are you great Unification members? No, bad Unification members. When Father said, "Bear your own cross and go suffer. Today do this and tomorrow do that," what did you do? Every time Father comes here he encourages you only to go and suffer. "Oh, Father just says go suffer again" You said that didn't you? Did you like Father saying, "Suffer?" Every time Father comes to the same conclusion: we should receive more persecution. It's true. The outside world didn't know that, but you know me well.

The worst persecution comes from those close by. Father constantly thinks about God, thinking how to take the persecution away from Him. Now you are supposed to be the inside, the most loved ones of Reverend Moon, but still you want to go the opposite way. Why? You have the contents of accusation against God. You want to be embraced and every time love God. Even in the most serious situation Father never accused God. He only said, "I will obey you more and follow you." The only way for you to reach the center is to go the way of persecution. I was thankful every time. One time Father looked back and was immediately embraced. He affirmed, "You are my most precious of my love center. I obey you and I follow you absolutely." Turn back, look at that time of embrace. How wonderful such a place is.

Now Father is in God's position to you. Do you understand. Welcoming you every time and being thankful and proud. No matter how difficult a situation you have, even if no people welcome you, and you are miserable, think, "God understands me. I am most miserable, but God understands me. This is the same as God's situation." So we can be thankful for this situation. After ten years you can look back and say "I am the center of love." You can see that your level at the beginning of those ten years was low and now the level is high. They cannot be compared. That is heaven on earth. Heaven on earth means God visiting love center place. Why? That is God's mission. In there is everything. Money-no problem. Work- no problem. Agony-no problem. Worries-no problem. Why? Because you are connecting with the center of God, immediately. With what? True Love. The True Love attribute has contents that can be inherited. It dwells on every level everywhere, including God's mind and all creatures' minds. Am I unhappy? No, the finest happy. Do you think so, do you like that? Until now you work and act as if you don't like that kind of thing, but the result is good. Do you like that? [Yes Father.] The, "Yes Father, yes, Father," sounds pretty good, but do you take action? American people want to sleep more. Clean up everything. Plant good seeds in the deepest place you can prepare, then cover them. Why? When you plant real seeds you cover them with dirty smelling fertilizer so immediately they can grow up like bamboo. Bamboo grows almost instantly.

Compare this to Father-Father has good seeds in the bottom side. Father is covered with dirty smelly things because he understood that in the future you would need good fertilizer. Eve doesn't have seed, just Adam. But live seeds are planted in there. Is fertilizer a good thing even if it is dirty? [Good.] You know very well it is good. You American women are much too smart!

Now live seeds can be put inside and they will grow immediately higher than Mt. Everest's peak. Look down the opposite side, you can see a green field there and you can move to that side. Now you are to planting new seeds, that is your responsibility. The Unification Church has been surrounded by fertilizer with many dirty things all around us, and we could grow because of that. Now we are budding and bursting-ready to plant. Now we don't have to worry about so many things. Don't worry about whether it will rain or not, don't worry whether you will die or not because you are prepared for that already. Don't worry if there is a war here or a war there. Father is now going to Brazil and Argentina and other countries representing the Summit Conferences. Twenty nine countries in fact will all come to Father and say, "Why don't you visit our countries? Why do you only go to Argentina and Brazil?" They will say that. Father will answer, "If you really insist, then I can send somebody in my place."

Who should Father choose to go? Should Father send someone who was not suffering while Father was suffering? No, that person is slimy like an eel, but that kind of person will say "Yes, let me go ahead of you." That kind of person never became an example of Unification Church, so if he is sent as an emissary he will not be welcomed. But when an exemplary member who always enthusiastically obeyed Father and always dedicated himself whether he would live or die, day or night, living like crazy, if Father sent that kind of person as an emissary then they all will bow down just the same as they would bow down to Father. What kind of category do we want to be in?

That's what Father is wondering. If Father has one missionary who suffered so much, maybe he didn't accomplish anything, but he suffered because he was persecuted so much that he got sick, even maimed, he became lame and he cannot even move because he suffered and got hurt so much, then Father would pick him and send him as a representative. Looking at him and knowing how he became lame, all the country will bow down to him. Even though you may refuse they would build a statue for that person over the whole country.

If Father goes to spirit world do you think that country would build a statue to Father? Every village where Father has been will have one. Now a representative of a state has said that their state wants to build a statue of Father. Father just scolded them stiffly because if you build a statue of a live person, it means he has to go to spirit world more quickly. Someone in Korea made a beautiful monument there. Father asked them why, saying he wasn't ready to go to the spirit world yet. They cannot help but do something in praise of Father while he is alive. So what can you do? Instead of that, we must build a strong and beautiful statue of Father in our own bosom, one which no-one can steal away. Make it better and more beautiful every day.

Looking at this we have gone over the dividing peak of dispensational history. It is truly an amazing gift which Father has given to us in saying go back to your hometown and become the Tribal Messiah. When the Israelites went into Canaan, there was not even a house. They had to pitch a tent. There was nothing to eat, so they stole some of the unrefined grain. Still they were happier than during the best times they had in Egypt where their future was never certain. Now they're in heaven, the beginning of heaven. All they had to do was create it. When Father came to America he had that thinking in mind. Just like Father came with that mind and loved America with no regret, if you love America the same way as Father, this country will definitely revive. It will never die. Father loves America so much and God does so much. Why? Because God set this country as the center of the world and put so much effort and blessing into this country. In two hundred years of history, America has received many prominent guests, but none like Father. He incomparably the greatest. That is the kind of guest Father is. Father came to this country to give and we have received so much from Father. Father never spent even a dollar of America's money for himself. Father never consumed a meal of America's food without paying a price. The air doesn't belong to America and the water doesn't belong to America. If America doesn't do well and behave correctly the air and water will flow away.

No matter what anyone says to Father there is nothing he can be ashamed of or afraid of. Now remaining in Father's thinking is how to close down Las Vegas and Atlantic City and Hollywood and the Mafia world. To deal with them you actually need physical power. Father is always thinking and studying. During Nixon's time Father asked to be entrusted with the drug war. The CIA, FBI, State Department and Defense Department said, "No."

We have to turn around their thinking. They couldn't accomplish anything, but we can. We have to change the taste of American young people. We have to change their habits. They need healthy habits instead of habits which lead to decay. Now they have a free sex habit, drug habit and drinking habit. They try everything to excite themselves but all they find is zero. What America needs is more exciting stimulation, something stronger than drugs and alcohol. Something which would satisfy them and never disappoint them. What is it? The True Love habit. All you have to do is just get a hold of a part of it and hold tightly and you will feel the whole world become yours. You will feel all the world will come to belong to you. If I get a hold of that something and I can't move it alone, someone will come and help me. So I am excited, I am stimulated all the time. That kind of something is what we need to get a hold of. Father will forgive you so therefore raise your hand, who drank after they came into the Unification Church? You were seeking something, so you drank. Do you think that was something nice you've done or something you shouldn't have done? [Shouldn't have done.] Why? It makes you feel good. You can smoke and do whatever you want to do that helps make you happy. Why do we say we shouldn't do that? Because those are the very weapons of Satan. By giving into them, drawing from that and making it a habit, they are the very weapons to kill your own mother and father and brother and sister. Like a spy's weapon, that kind of thing destroys your most beloved family. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are those kinds of weapons. How can we understand God's plan and heart? Free sex is Satan's real secret weapon. Through free sex Satan can bring the end of all nations and all humanity. We inherited dirty blood lineage from our ancestors. How can we relax? Those who took a glass or two of alcohol or even tobacco, are you going to continue that or never even think about that? When you are going up there to the peak do you think you can have a half a pack of cigarettes or a small bottle of wine in your pocket? You need every ounce of energy. Even our ordinary clothing, if it is not holy salted and consecrated, we will not put it on, so how can we carry tobacco or alcohol? Would it become a hindrance at the peak or not? With that kind of mentality you cannot even reach here.

Your eyes are also very formidable. Be careful about what you look at. The eye literally means "I". What takes us down is our eyes. What we see can lead us to the wrong place and position. Your ears also, what you hear is very important. Sometimes what you hear will influence you to an incredible degree. [Father draws on the board explaining the significance of the Korean characters for eye and ear.] Our ears represent all four corners of the world, so you have to listen correctly. How about your eyes? Your eyes and ears are like cousins; they are very close relatives. They are about the same height. Does anyone have ears below their eyes? The character meaning saint incorporates the characters for ear, mouth and king. He is the king of ear and mouth. Eyes are already included in the ears. Do we have any saints and sages in America?

American people like jokes. Do you think saints and sages like to joke? Does joking bear a fruit? The purpose of a joke is to abolish all traditions and it is used as a harbinger, to make better grounds for attacking someone else. With smiling and laughing a man may say, "Oh you are much more beautiful than my wife, let me touch you." That is a joke and this man uses it to check if this woman will fall for it or not. Jokes are used as a bridge to make a personal attack against someone else. It is a disguised weapon connected with Satan. Contrasted to that, silence is far more saintly than joking. If there is a virtue in joking, that virtue is right here in silence. You don't have to use a joke. To contact all the universe and express the confidence that you can do that, this is what silence means. Do you understand? A joke is destructive in any sense of the word. Jokers are much too talkative. You don't have to say anything and in that silence there can be more eloquence. You know Oriental women are small and they don't speak. In the beginning you think they are dumb. But later on you realize they're not. You don't know what they're thinking, from morning to evening they're just listening. The next day they continue, next day same. For one week they follow the same theory. No words, but through that they can completely surround you. That's their clear inclination. Orientals don't talk so much. As a result Japan won over America before America even knew it. All they did was take pictures and they never spoke! And then Americans complain and say, "That's not fair" and blame the Japanese, but no, it's free competition. Why were you deceived, why did you conduct yourselves in such a way that you were deceived? The one who is deceived is just as responsible as the one who deceives.

Isn't it true that the world still does not understand Father? Forget about the world, even we do not yet understand Father's fullest value. These Ph.D.'s still don't know a lot of things about Father and that is why they are still here. If they knew all that Father was going to do they would pack up and go away. That means we have to understand and be submissive to Father. From the beginning we didn't understand Father or truly follow him. Gradually we have begun to understand. A saint is what? Eyes king, ear king, mouth king. That kind of man is a saint. They can represent law and truth. Can any politician theorize about what Father has done here on earth, and discard it? [No.] Can any scholar? [No.] Can any kind of money or power can erase that kind of purpose? [No.] As an individual, Father has done something which a country was supposed to do but couldn't. Father has liberated God Himself, made God free. How can God not follow Father and how can the world have any choice but to follow Father? The only way is to follow Father, both for God and the world.

Father is now bringing together American and Russian politicians. Did you know that? Father brought in many Russian statesmen. Soon the Russian students in the Russian universities will conduct Divine Principle lectures inviting students from Harvard and Yale in the United States. They will deliver the Divine Principle to them from Moscow University with a Russian teacher! How about that? Completely amazing. We take losing face as a serious thing. If that happens America will really lose face. Gorbachev himself didn't know who Reverend Moon was, he just heard what was being said about Father. In his own way he found out what Father was all about and he was surprised. Mr. Gorbachev sends his staff like KGB personnel and political aides. Among the group of seventy that came to East Garden the other day was the Soviet Secretary of Justice, a forty-one year old man. They came and they applauded and when they return to Mr. Gorbachev and give a report do you think they will say, "Oh that was nothing"? Or will they say, "You should listen directly yourself to what Reverend Moon is saying"? Which way would they report? Gorbachev knows that something is going on here. He understands.

[Father speaks to one brother] When did you come from Russia? [Eight days ago. With a group of Soviet students from Moscow State University.] It's about time you are going back, isn't it? [Today] Why did you come here today? [To listen to Reverend Moon.] Reverend Moon is the very one who crumbled communism. It would have come down anyway, but Father made it happen more quickly.

Has Father gone over the dividing peak between this dispensational history, or is Father still going over it? [He went over.] We know holy water don't we? In Korean the words sung su and soon" su are articulated almost the same. Sung su means victory water and soon" su is holy water. So holy water and victory water are almost synonymous. Victory over what? In what sense did you become a victor? We eradicated the satanic blood and lineage. We are part of a new blood and a new lineage. We became a victor in that sense. Even pure bred dogs are highly valued. A pure bred horse is also very valuable. If even animals are like that, what about man? Those in the Unification Church are pure bred or mixed breed? Which is the more pure blood lineage, a white married with another white or white married to a black? [White and black.] Father heard only a few whites here, which is best? [White and black. Whatever Father matches.] That's a sneaky way of answering. In each matching which bears the heavier cross? White to white or white to black? Definitely white and black bears much more of a burden. If white is heaven and black is hell, white has to go down to hell and black has to come up to heaven. So far who lived the more comfortable and affluent life? [White.] Has white been in the elder son's position or the second son's position? [Elder son's.] All of the white people answer very clearly. [Elder son's.] Correct. Who exploited whom? The whites have polluted. How do you feel, white American women? Are American women closer to heaven or hell? [Hell.] Sound is good or not? Bad isn't it? So you have to repent. The word is really formidable isn't it? And the words Father is speaking are not Reverend Moon's own words. Father will take seriously the intermarriage of white and black now and in the future too. Heartistically they are opposite and their task is to unite. How difficult their task is! We have to appreciate that couple. We need a school, we need a house, we need property to provide an atmosphere that can make it a little easier. We have to help them do this. If both black and white have a house we have to sell the white person's house to make it work.

Three hours have passed already. Now we understand. Once you cross this dividing peak, if you cross rather easily, then you want to cross it back! Don't ever do that. [Pointing to the fallen side.] But you can drink here. You can twist. You can have free sex. You can do anything in this free atmosphere. No one will be against you, you will be welcomed anytime, day or night in all four seasons. [No!] Father wants a free attitude here so he can do anything he wants. [No!] No matter how strong you cannot escape that attitude. This climb is a most severe, hard situation. It is hell. I know well. It is so hard to march in one direction but you must take only one way. Do you understand? Never complain. There will be many obstacles, but take one step at a time. If you take that way you will not be defeated. You are a winner. Just go one step at a time.

When I went to Danbury many people fell back behind me. One step, two steps going ahead and third step over. Three steps always over. You know well the truth so this is no problem for you. You cannot go back. If one time you go back you will experience how serious the situation is. You will be surrounded with agony. There is no way to go down. This is not a two way path. Only one direction can be taken. You must march forward. We must decide in our minds that from now on we will march in only one direction and one way like Father has instructed us. Those who have made up their minds and pledge themselves "Father I will go that one way!" raise your hands. Now we also know clearly American history.

Let us pray.

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